MUST WATCH: Allen West gives fiery speech at Lincoln Day Dinner

This is the most incredible speech, ever. Allen West comes out swinging hard against the left and doesn’t stop until his speech is over. He hits the left over their collectivist ideology. He hits them over their collectivist policies. And he encourages Republicans to “find the enemy and fight them wherever they are” just like American paratroopers from the 101st and 82nd airborne did the night before D-day. He said Republicans must be like sharks that smell blood in the water because, as he puts it so well, we don’t win playing defense. We win on offense.

I’m telling you, this man is a serious force to be reckoned with and he’s just getting started.


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  • No teleprompters .

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      …and…he can go on indefinitely. Like he’s “taking dictation” or something [to borrow a line from the movie, ‘Amadeus’].

      • rick0857

        More like dictating a policy or position.

    • rick0857

      As a former instructor in the Army I can tell you that all military personnel if they are instructors, are required to know their content front and back and be able to answer any and all questions asked. He gave that speech the same way I taught all my classes, never lose eye contact with your audience. It causes them to lose interest. Allen West is a great speaker and would make an excellent VP. I hope he’s choosen but if not I know he will be an asset on the campaign trail and Romney should take him everywhere he can. Also give him a spot at the convention, a BIG spot!!!!!!

      • BarbaCat

        Someone needs to get in Romney’s face – without losing eye contact – and tell him that this is his man for VP.

        • aPLWBinAK

          Continuing your theme, I’d also as that somebody (maybe West?) needs to get in Romney’s face, maintain eye contact, as they tell him “Obama is NOT ‘inept’, he is 100% Anti-American”

          • BarbaCat

            Right! And O’s NOT a “nice guy” either.

            • aPLWBinAK

              You’re right, let’s hope Mitt doesn’t act like McCain in ’08 who sounded like he was campaigning FOR Obama. We need some fire-in-the-belly campaigning! Obama is evil, there is no end of things to go after him about, stop with the prissy ‘Obama’s in over his head’ nonsense…..wouldn’t it be sweet if millions of people emailed West speeches on video to Mitt?

              • BarbaCat

                I email soooooo much stuff. This clip went out to everyone today.
                We’ve got to be conduits.

        • For V.P? Romney should step aside and let West be the top of the ticket!

      • He already has been chosen as VP…by our next President Sarah Palin. Palin/West 2012

  • Ken_H

    Great speech. It is a crying shame this guy was not our first black President.

    • and it’s a crying shame he’s not our pick to go against dear leader now.

      • BarbaCat

        Ditto this ‘un too!

      • Is_Sense_Common

        Can you even imagine? I mean really – think about it! Bwah ha ha ha ha. I would absolutely love to see that!

        • it’d be awesome!

          • badbadlibs

            If West is the VP candidate, wouldn’t it be fun beyond words to see him in a debate against dumber then a box of rocks, Biden? Biden would leave crying, after he exploded and showed the devil that he is…just saying, 😉

            • Is_Sense_Common

              I’ll be surprised if Barry keeps Joe as his VP.

              • badbadlibs

                Who do you think he would pick? Whatever liberal robot he chose would still get their clocks cleaned by the Lt Col.. 🙂

                • Is_Sense_Common

                  If he has a brain, he’ll pick hillary the horrible. Who knows what will happen or if she’ll take it, but I could see him doing it.

    • maybe he will be the first fully black pres… obama’s only half black. sometimes i forget that!

      • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

        “Half breed, that’s all I ever heard…” [Cher]. Rush Limbaugh’s new theme song for Elizabeth Warren news.

        • keyesforpres

          That’s great! Although, he should call it one thirty second breed.

          • My ancestors hundreds of thousands of years ago were Africans. Does that give me enough black ancestry to make me an African-American by Elizabeth Warren’s standards?

            • keyesforpres

              Why yes it does!

            • Is_Sense_Common

              Actually, I’m related to Adam & Eve. Anybody know what race they were?

              • Right v. Easy

                Human race.

      • keyesforpres

        Well, if Allen West were to be our next black president, he would be our first African AMERICAN president.

        • rick0857

          I don’t think Congressman West uses the term African-American, I could be wrong but I think he thinks of himself like Herman Cain does as a Black American.

          • keyesforpres

            He does. I never use the hyphenated American either, but there was a reason in this case….notice I put the emphasis on AMERICAN.

            • badbadlibs

              Just noticed your name, “keyesforpres”….love that man! I supported him in 2000, his prolife stand is an inspiration…

              • keyesforpres

                Yeah, I have yet to disagree with any of Keye’s stances. He was one of the only ones that had the character and kahoonas to call O out on his ineligibility BEFORE he “won” the election.

          • BarbaCat

            I like Black American better too. I’m a white American, not a German American…

      • Akabosan

        …possibly he will someday be our first fully American Black President. Who knows?


      • mj712

        Barack Hussein Obama is not half black. He is the first Arab-American President, not the first black President. Barack Hussein Obama is 50% Caucasian from his mother’s side and 43.75% Arabic and 6.25% African Negro from his father’s side. While Barack Hussein Obama’s father was from Kenya , his father’s family was mainly Arabs.. Barack Hussein Obama’s father was only 12.5% African Negro and 87.5% Arab (his father’s birth certificate even states he’s Arab, not African Negro). Go to:

        4-3-08 Article ‘Obama was ‘quite religious in Islam”

    • BarbaCat

      Ditto that!

    • M_J_S

      Actually he could be, Obama is our first mixed race “President”

    • capelady

      He may very well be our first REAL black AMERICAN President!

  • This is our leader. He’s my leader. THIS is what all the RNC ought to sound like. Lord have mercy, I love this man, and we need more of them.

    • freenca

      Wish We here in CA could cast our votes for this man, Am jealous of you for that. May we get to do that very thing real soon! Just think what will happen with 100 like Col. West getting to capital hill after the elections in November, to fill the congress and the new administration!

  • He’s darn right, we have to go after them relentlessly. Politicians like West are far and few between; most of them show little courage in dealing with the left. If only we could clone that man.

    • conservative58

      I hope West will inspire upcoming politicians to show more courage in dealing with the Left. Unfortunately, until now, we have only had a ‘soft’ conservative base that is non-supportive to those who show courage and take a stand. I’m sick and tired of seeing the conservative base cave to the Left and turn against anyone who does take a stand. Maybe, just maybe, the conservatives have finally had enough and are ready to stand up against these socialist liberals! I think Palin and West have definitely opened the door for others!

  • What a great VP candidate he would make Mr. Romney… hello… RU listening???

    • And when they WIN, I would have to put ear plugs in. The sound of donk heads exploding would be deafening!

    • carmtom13

      Romney will never pick Congressman West because Governor Palin said on Hannity that West would be a great pick for VP. I would love to have a Palin/West ticket, they would be the biggest threat to the elite GOP establishment and their chosen candidate as well as BHO. They would be a winning ticket for sure. There is still time and we can still hope.

  • A future President of the United States! Dare we hope?

  • Spartan4Palin

    Can you imagine Sarah Palin going to Florida and making a speech before she introduces this guy at an event?

    Oh the future that SHOULD BE!!!!!!

    Palin/West 2012

  • las1

    There must be a rule out in the ether that says: when making a video of Allen West, make sure the video is shot from the back of the room, make sure peoples’ heads get in the way occasionally, make sure there is the sound of clinking glass and make sure that a resounding echo will be the audio standard for posting it on YouTube.

    I love West so much but it is sure torture getting through the audio for a man I desperately want to hear.

    • porightscoopfan

      Hey, if you’re motivated enough to hear someone who is speaking the truth…….
      ……well,some people will climb sycamore trees to get a clear view.

  • conservative58


    I loved it when he said, ‘I hate losing.’
    Now is the time we conservatives must stand strong and take back our beloved country! He may not be our nominee, but he can still be our LEADER!

    I’ll bet there aren’t too many half-empty auditoriums when Allen West speaks….

    • keyesforpres

      You mean like the over half empty stadium for Obama the other day? LOL.

      • conservative58


  • unclesamnephew

    Hey Obama! are you listening? go back to the american history class being tought by mr West. you might just learn the correct history of America, and as an aside you might pick up econ 101

  • Is there a mad scientist somewhere who can clone this man ASAP?

  • conservative58

    I think the Sleeping Giant is starting to wake up!!!! Let’s go kick some liberal butt!

  • He’s the man!

    It was a fantastic speech and he’s a great speaker.

    • sara holy land

      He did not speak. He expresses his belief.
      So is convincing.

  • Yes, yes and did I say YES!!!!!! This man is awesome!

  • How do you judge a person which gives great speeches Or his actions.If you go by speeches, you ‘re a fool,if you go by actions you’re a well informed person.West gives great speeches but his actions seemed to contradict and his voting records will prove it.I must admit being a military man,he is a subaltern to the leader of the house,he should be above him

    • keyesforpres

      Yeah, it’s my understanding West voted for the Pigford legislation. Is that true? I did read a number of months back that he only gets a 70 out of a hundred on his conservative ranking based on his votes. That is very disappointing.

      • he said later on that he made a mistake on voting for pigford. i am so tired of people bringing this up. NO ONE IS PERFECT.

        • keyesforpres

          Didn’t say I expected someone to be perfect nor will I agree on all their votes, but that one is a big one. It didn’t seem like he would have voted for that.

      • KenInMontana

        Allen West explains his Pigford vote;

        Allen West retrospect on his Pigford vote;

        Search features are a wonderful thing.

        • keyesforpres

          I am well aware that he regrets his vote. I respect him for admitting he made a mistake. I am entitled to my opinion that I am disappointed in his vote on this, ok?

          I am also well aware of search features.

          • KenInMontana

            You asked if it was true, I gave you links to stories we’ve done on this issue. Never said anything about your opinions one way or the other, on this thread. However no one has to agree with your opinion either, and if I see something I know to be incorrect or “mistaken”, I will exercise my prerogative to point that out, ok.

  • GiantM

    Eyes straight forward 99.5% of the speech….the other .5% he was merely looking down to reflect for a second. The guy is incredible.

    Whata pep talk! Now let’s go raid the Lib blogs with truth!

  • CG patriot

    God Bless Allen West, I just love this man. My dream ticket: Sarah Palin Potus, Allen West VP and Newt Gingrich as Speaker. Of coarse it wasn’t in the cards, but I’m still holding out all hope for a contested convention. It’s still a very real possibility, RP is kicking Willard’s behind gathering delegates. So’ at this point it’s anyone’s guess how this primary will play-out.

    Trying hard to keep the faith, Allen West truly inspires– the Tea Party did a fine job electing this man.

  • keyesforpres

    How about an Allen West/ Alan Keyes ticket!

    • rick0857

      Not a bad idea, most people have forgotten about Alan Keyes.

      • keyesforpres

        He’s actually better on the issues than West. Although, I do love West too.

    • You describe a ticket that would have so much honesty, common sense, and American way of life (the old school kind) thinking it makes my head spin. You are being cruel to even temp us with the idea.

      • keyesforpres

        Not to mention the left would go ape s*** over us having two black men on the ticket. They’d say it showed how truly racist we are! They were actually saying that when Cain rose to the top in the polls.

    • You’ve got to be a long lost sister of mine. Did I ever ask you that? 😉

      • keyesforpres

        Great minds do think alike!

    • carmtom13

      How about Palin/West they would be a great ticket and very difficult for BHO to beat.

  • rick0857

    HEY ROMNEY ARE YOU LISTENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!??? HERE’S YOUR VP PICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BikerHoop

      We all need to deluge Romney’s campaign headquarters with emails strongly suggesting he name West as his VP candidate. If he sees how many want this it could become a viable option.

    • dlg1956

      I will be shocked if Mittens picks anyone but another East Coast, Ivy League educated RINO.

      As for me I will write in for POTUS and vote the most conservative from senator to dog catcher. RINOs are as bad as ‘conservative’ democraps, and Mittens is legislatively not one bit different than Obama.

    • dlg1956

      I will be shocked if Mittens picks anyone but another East Coast, Ivy League educated RINO.

      As for me I will write in for POTUS and vote the most conservative from senator to dog catcher. RINOs are as bad as ‘conservative’ democraps, and Mittens is legislatively not one bit different than Obama.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Nope – no way Mittens picks West. West scares the bejeepers out of him. He’ll pick someone more vanilla. (not at all speaking in skin-color terms)

      West needs to be Speaker of the House & send Boehner packing.

      • I see him picking Chris “i picked a sharia loving judge and you better shut up about it” Christy. That’d be more along mittens groove.

  • sybilll

    It just doesn’t get any better than this, friends.

  • 911Infidel

    I wanna piss more of the socialists off too. Up north. Down south. East, west, midwest southwest and southeast. You win on offense not defense. You win when you play the political game according to Sun Tsu’s rules, not the Marques of Queensbury.And one can’t help having an abiding respect for a tough hard-nosed no-nonsesense former combat commader over the feckless community agitprop merchant in DC. What a contrast.

  • Col. West is both Brilliant and Savvy. No wonder he scares the Sh*t out of Liberals.

    At 14:00 in the video, notice how he hinted that “Forward”, the Presidents election slogan, had sinister roots, but didn’t actually explain what they were? Savvy. He knows he is being watched and his every word used as fodder against the conservative movement. Always deny your enemy ammo when possible.

    How far gone is our political class that when one of them gives a great speech, speaking from the heart without having to rely on notes or a prompter, that we find it amazing and worthy of praise?

  • Rshill7

    He’s so cool. He’s a conservative’s Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis all rolled into one. I was hoping to hear more of that Andrew “Old Hickory” Jackson speech at the end. West plays those chords we love to hear.

    I thought he said Stonewall Jackson, but that wouldn’t be right, he wasn’t even born during the War of 1812. He was born in 1824. I’ll have to listen to that last part again.
    Lots of great comments on this thread. Folks like to gather ’round a winner. West is that.

  • ernst1776

    Palin/West. Patriotism and honesty are back in vogue.

  • Nukeman60

    There are very few on our side that get the left to scrambling every time they speak. Rushbo, Levin, Newt, Sarah Palin, and especially, LTC West all fit the bill. We need more like Congressman West to send the message –We will not back down, so get used to it. It’s game on from here on out. Our country is depending on it.

  • PVG

    AMAZINGLY, AWESOME, ALAN! Not from notes, not from prompter, FROM THE HEART!

  • wodiej

    I like West but frankly, I am tired of speeches and talk. I am tired of conservatives always blaming liberals when the voters have elected buffoons like George Bush Jr.who ran up our debt, did nothing about illegal immigration, nothing about energy independence, nothing about entitlement programs and led us into a war that has went on for years where there is no viable solution.

    A real conservative would have been a President Sarah Palin or President Newt Gingrich. But once again, conservatives bought the BS the establishment fed them and got duped into splitting their vote so Romney could wrap it up.

    Talk is cheap, it doesn’t take guts and it certainly does not put much at risk. The real courage comes from people like Palin who for 4 years and still going, been trashed, had her family trashed, called stupid, a MILF by bow tie wearing Tucker Carlson who conservatives got hyper about because he got called a “white boy”. So what? What has he or most other so called conservatives risked or endured like Sarah Palin, Gingrich, West has for the love of this country? Not SQUAT except a well paid job on Faux Fox news to blabber his opinion which doesn’t amount to much.

  • tinker_thinker

    This man commands attention. He’s great!

  • sara holy land

    Although I did not understand total,(unfortunately), West is always talking with a lot of empathy, and exciting. Says the Supreme Truth. He patriot soul. All my descriptions do not describe it enough. HE Is the greatest !

    • Can you imagine Allen West and Bibi talking on the same stage?!

      • capelady

        Great leaders and statesmen stand out today because there are so few of them.

      • sara holy land

        Obviously, they understand each other, even without talking.

  • rapidcraft

    Great speech by a Great American!

  • porightscoopfan

    Did you catch the significance of the last 30 seconds of his speech?

    He quoted Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson from his farewell speech to his brigade when he was ELEVATED TO GENERAL by Robert E. Lee. To his brigade he said, “you will always be first in my heart”. Then Allen West said to the Broward county attendees, “Broward County will always be first in my heart, and I will never forget you.”

    Is he indicating a ‘CALLING UP’???


    • I did notice that….

      But West is far superior to Romney in every way. Romney is a liar and a Liberal. I can only imagine that West would be honor bound to be loyal. I would hate for such a good man to be obligated to defend such a bad man.

      • PVG

        To put a positive spin on this possibility, West could make Romney a better man, leading by example. Isn’t that why we are here?

        • porightscoopfan

          There is no changing Romney. He can only be constrained with hard accountability. This is why he wants a clear primary victory. If it is contested, he will be forced to concede some power and he has no interest in doing so.
          He will not choose Alan West for VP. There only way to control Romney, that lying equivocator, and that is with a veto proof congress. (which will not happen in one cycle)

        • nibblesyble

          Good comeback!

      • porightscoopfan

        Sorry, I meant to imply that Palin would call him up.
        I don’t know how, but I’m still holding out hope.

        He made reference in the speech to the paratroopers role in the D-day invasion….to cause confusion for the enemy. Since I know he and palin consider all political progressives in Washington to be the ‘enemy’, combined with the fact that the D-day invasion was a surprise attack. I would not anticipate that we will know his/her battle plan until the right time.

        Remember, the European invasion had to be a surprise attack because the Germans held ALL OF EUROPE. The attack had to be sudden and relentless, but maintain the element of surprise.

        When Palin declined to run on Oct 5 and went ‘radio silent’, the establishment had to spread their forces to ‘cover the entire waterfront of Europe’ in the political sense. We sent General Patton to command a Ghost Army at Calais, while the real invasion force was preparing for Normandy.

        Palin and West are potential candidates for the Commander-in-Chief. Palin is the executive and West is trained in military history and operations. I have hopes that they have devised a strategy and are enacting it.

        • porightscoopfan

          Newt Gingrich is an ugly Patton, but he did fit the placeholder somewhat decently.

        • porightscoopfan

          Newt Gingrich is an ugly Patton, but he did fit the placeholder somewhat decently.

    • Rshill7

      Didn’t he say it was the War of 1812? Stonewall wasn’t born yet. If he was talking about 1812, and I could’ve sworn he said 1812, that would have to be Andrew Jackson, not Stonewall Jackson. I would watch and listen again and verify, but I can’t just yet.

      • toongoon

        Rschill7 you cynic. You had me worried there for a second and I had to listen again. He did make the distinction, he was talking about two different subjects. Excellent speech though eh.

        • Rshill7

          Ahh good. I would’ve forgiven him anyway 🙂

          My wife is watching a movie in here so I can’t rewatch the video. I would use headphones, but I’m watching the movie too. Thanks.

        • you said “eh”. 😉

          • toongoon

            Uh-oh. Could it be that I might end up canadianborninamerica? This is Twilight Zone stuff.

    • KenInMontana

      What he may be referring to is his shift to a different district after they re-gerrymandered his current district.

    • capelady

      Allen West is running in a new district because of recent redistricting… so it may be that this speech was given to the people he has represented since he went to Congress in 2010.

  • BarbaCat

    This man is profoundly awesome!

  • Jude O’Connor

    Audio is terrible and the women screaming and whooping mask much of the speech.. Too bad.

  • Allen West is my first choice for everything. God Bless him!

  • Dodoforever Canspell

    If Mitt Romney picks Allen West as VP, there will be millions who will vote for Romney only because of that. He would be very foolish to pass up on this guy….. and will live to regret it.

    • WILLARD’s a dishonorable man, and West is not. End of story. West, when asked about it, didn’t seem very eager to work with a ‘man’ like WILLARD, and that’s understandable. WILLARD’s not a Conservative, and a to the bone RINO. Why would West want to work with someone like that? When Palin ran with McRINO, you know that that idiot never would’ve listened to her input, just as a leftist liar like WILLARD certainly wouldn’t. He doesn’t seem like the kind of man that can tolerate free thought, especially when it isn’t in synch with what he’s thinking.

    • WILLARD’s a dishonorable man, and West is not. End of story. West, when asked about it, didn’t seem very eager to work with a ‘man’ like WILLARD, and that’s understandable. WILLARD’s not a Conservative, and a to the bone RINO. Why would West want to work with someone like that? When Palin ran with McRINO, you know that that idiot never would’ve listened to her input, just as a leftist liar like WILLARD certainly wouldn’t. He doesn’t seem like the kind of man that can tolerate free thought, especially when it isn’t in synch with what he’s thinking.

  • Alborn

    What a great American. I will vote for this man for anything on the national level.

  • panchita

    people have a short term memory. remember when west voted for pigford. then the boehner bill.

    he is totally in the pocket of elitist big government types.

    i hope a true tea party patriot primaries this fool.

    • You are very disingenuous, and an obvious troll. I don’t know if you’re just uninformed, hear what you want to hear, or if you’re just a flat out liar. I’m thinking you’re just a liar. West, more than once, has expressed regret for Pigford, stating he incorrectly read the bill. He has said this repeatedly, and has outright stated in an interview that he regretted that vote, and wishes he could take it back. If you’re not a the liar you certainly look to be, then you’re just a fool, which is just as worthless. You have to be a fool, if you think you’re going to find a perfect politician. There isn’t one, there hasn’t been one, and there never will be. West, himself, would say that, but obviously, you think you are. Maybe you should throw your name in the hat, for your little primary, and see how you stack up against him.

      • panchita

        hi mrs. west. tell your husband instead of making speeches he should show us some actions.

        what has your husband done for the people of his district?

        • More than you have, Mrs. Anderson Cooper. How’s your adoption going? Do they allow that in your state?

        • WordsFailMe

          Pathetic–Are you about to do that I’m rubber and you’re glue thing?

          More like this. Please! LOL

    • You are very disingenuous, and an obvious troll. I don’t know if you’re just uninformed, hear what you want to hear, or if you’re just a flat out liar. I’m thinking you’re just a liar. West, more than once, has expressed regret for Pigford, stating he incorrectly read the bill. He has said this repeatedly, and has outright stated in an interview that he regretted that vote, and wishes he could take it back. If you’re not a the liar you certainly look to be, then you’re just a fool, which is just as worthless. You have to be a fool, if you think you’re going to find a perfect politician. There isn’t one, there hasn’t been one, and there never will be. West, himself, would say that, but obviously, you think you are. Maybe you should throw your name in the hat, for your little primary, and see how you stack up against him.

  • I laugh at all you people that say he’d be a good VP for a worthless coward like WILLARD. You really think someone that hasn’t any understanding of Duty, Honor, Country, who has no Honor could have a man that LIVED Duty, Honor, Country, and epitomizes Honor. West is a LEADER, not a second fiddle to a man that’s barely a man, and has never once served his country, while West has gone to the most dangerous places on Earth to do so. WILLARD is no better than Obama; they’re both cowardly draft dodgers that come up with every excuse in the world to explain why they ran from service. West is not a man that comes up with, nor accepts, excuses, and seems to have no desire to do anything BUT serve his country, one way, or another.

    • WordsFailMe

      I know what you’re saying but I want this man in anywhere. I’d prefer him as our SBP but we probably need a Romney at this moment, to re-work the economy but we need to keep this man in our government, at any cost.

  • damn, i really REALLY want this guy to be president… a leader i can actually trust and admire….. those come rare now-a-days.

  • Leonie Alemann

    The Republican Firebrand ticket: Palin/West in 2012!! They are coming to burn down the socialist edifice and let the Constitutional Republic rise, phoenix-like, from the ashes. America enters her trial by fire and is reborn newer, cleaner and more like what the Founders intended.

    If only…

    • Agreed… But for now I’ll settle for Romney/West. I think Rep. West would put Romney over the top, no question.

  • PFFV

    Allen West is our next Ronald Reagan, maybe better. Liberals and Progressives (Some Republicans too) are the problem. This nation is broke, $16 Trillion owed and much of it to our enemies. Spending is the problem not lack of revenue for their wasteful entitlement programs they create. What a shocker that our problem is simply to live within our means. Our Government is spending money like irresponsible young adults that need to have their credit cards taken away. Govt. is The Problem, CUT Spending NOW!

  • marymichaels

    Allen West for VP!

    • Agreed and who knows! Maybe once Romney is elected and is about to give his victory speech, a meteor might “accidentally” land on Romney and then West would be president elect! Always look on the bright side!

  • aZjimbo

    A true leader. A true Conservative. A true American. All unlike barry hussein nobama.

  • badbadlibs

    I believe that BO so hates this country, so hates all that it stands for and was established upon, that he would indeed want to increase the national debt, what better way to finally destroy her without having fired a shot?

  • badbadlibs

    His knowledge and grasp on American history is fabulous. Biden can’t read well enough to know it and BO may know it, but he hates every last bit of it.

  • Jim Gilman

    The funny thing about the truth is it can’t be put on a teleprompter nor would it need to be.

  • allen west for vp ,we need him

  • Enoch73

    If you have a believing bone in your body, pray for this man.


    Palin/West…not soon enough.


    Really, Mitt, show us some REAL courage!!!!

    This “other” is from Florida and mega TEA party Favorite.

    He is tough, he is MILITARY, is a leader , Excellent role model and is READY.

    HE IS just too good for congress, and I don’t want him slimed up by the others there.

    I am sure he would serve if called, and if he can pass the vetting, WHY NOT!

    He could take on BITE-ME and O indebates, he just won’t back down.

    He would make sure the military gets what it needs and the vets would be served, not exploited.

    I think it would go a long way to healing the Romney attacks on Little Ricky and Uncle Newt.

    I hear Newt and Rick are going to join the Mitt team and maybe have jobs in HIS admin.

    COME ON MITT, show us what a leader you are!!!!!

    Bring us all together, and those folks (voters the DEMON-CATS abuse and use) that would be upset if 2 white guys beat out O-BLAME-O with REAL votes, maybe we could inspire some of these kids loose on the streets doing flash mobs and turn them into wonderful militarty (if they want) experts to pay for their college.

    I could see the independents and a lot of military families love the choice.

    We NEED doctors, border patrol agents, IT personnel. Heck, I will train some Programmers
    for free, if they ask me instead of fighting over people from other countries.

    BTW, how come Google and face book etc, need 300,000 “IT” workers right now. How come they won’t train them themselfs, and have the workers pay the companies back?

    You know, like one of those “NEWT” job programs no one on OBLAMES team can come up with BECAUSE they are so busy trying to tax the Millionares and Billionares.

    WOW, our first BLACk VP, what a wonderful moment for AMERICA (and the constitution) that would be and the progressives (commies/marxist) movement would be set back about 100 years and GLENN BECK could retire and stop scaring the old folks like me.

    I am going to pray on it RIGHT NOW.

  • Mike

    The more I learn of Allen West, the more I love this guy. If Romeny were to pick him for his VP slot, I’d be motivated to vote. Same as what Palin did for big govt McCain.

  • I don’t do man crushes, but I absolutely love Allen West. West for VP !!!!!!!!!!

  • Arrrggghhh

    We’ve got to get thais man in the White House. It’s like he can eloquently verbalize exactly how I feel. If he’s on the ticket, I’m all over it. If he’s not, I just may just have to write him in.

  • Man has my respect and my support unless he endorses Romney and embraces the status quo RNC who has usurped the Republican Party in a manner comparable to Obama and the federal government. Allen West would make an excellent vice presidential candidate to Ron Paul, or other candidate who embraces the Constitution. But Mitt Romney … just a bleached out Barack Obama.

  • drphibes

    I propose testosterone transfusion – from West to Romney.

  • WordsFailMe

    I would follow this man to hell.


    I have a small issue with those that say West gives good speeches but does not have action to back up his speech.

    From what I have seen he has done what he can, he is a lot more limited in CONGRESS to real action…..Mostly explaining his viewpoint.

    I can not say I liked all his votes, and I do not know all of them either.

    And those that say he is TOO honorable to team up with Romney? Now I thinnk that is a crock, and maybe so, but if we can improve Mitt and the re-pube team some, I think it is a good idea. Giving your PRESIDENTIAL TICKET more honor is a VERY good thing, don’t act and sound like a liberal on this and try to see it from some of our view points here on RS.

    I think the comparison to Bite-Me is a no-brainer, and to see him (stand on stage or in commercials) up against O-BLAME-O is worth my vote.

    Just the way I feel, I am not military, but have many in my family, and I think is West has a hand in it, he can explain the military position for Mitt, and take care of the details for the VETS, which is IMPORTANT to me to do !

    I also think he makes Mitt/re-pubes (adding real conservative) look better, and smooths out the obvious rich guy persona to me.

    We know he can play attack dog, which is the biggest job of a VP.

    For any former or current “Liberal Progressive Demon-crap” Military posting here stinking things up…. THANK YOU for your service, but let it go please if you don’t like the firm manly officer type. Let us have at least a warm thought of having a MAN with manners some how within ONE heart-beat of the presidency.

    If you are just big time military, and it seems beneath you and military to let WEST serve now.


    O-BLAME-O and elites will not take credit for ANY of his mess !

    Don’t know about you, but this is BAD, BAD, BAD, and needs a dose of accountablility, right away !

    Something about a REAL smart tough HONEST black MAN, turns me on becaue we are suffering.

    Hair cut is not bad either !
    I thnk that Flat Top scares the food stamps out of Nancy and Debbie, and I like it !

  • msverde1

    Facts, facts, and more facts are the best strategic offensives against tyranny and subjugation, and this man could not disclose them any clearer or more precisely. Thank you, Colonel West, for setting the record straight about the difference between reality and self-delusions of grandeur that is the calling card of the left!

  • I hope Mittens has watched this. Because if he fails to meet the expectations of conservative Americans in his first term in the White House, there’s always Allen West.

    There’s an old Klingon proverb (seriously!) that goes: “Great leaders do not seek power. They have it thrust upon them.” That describes Mr. West to a tee, and what the American People will need to do to ensure his leadership.

  • mj712

    West/Rubio!!!! What a ticket that would be, huh? I love those guys!!!

  • Colonel West DOES speak for me! Thank you, sir, and please continue to do so at every opportunity!!!! You are good for America!!!! We need more brave members of Congress to lead our country back to its greatness! And most definitely we need Allen West as either Mitt Romney’s running mate or a member of his cabinet…Secretary of Defense would be an excellent fit. Someone would have to be blind and deaf to not see the difference between the current vice president’s discombobulated message delivery and Allen West’s. We MUST have this patriotic American in the next administration!!!

    By the way, in Massachusetts, the EBT card is used to purchase lottery tickets and get cash from the ATM for BAIL and pay for manicures! All things that the hard-working Americans don’t find $$$ for in their budget! While we shop frugally at the grocery store for healthy low-cost meals, it is disheartening to stand behind someone with an EBT card purchasing very expensive items…and of course, getting CASH at the end of the purchase…so they can go across the street to buy their wine or beer or put gas in their car. All at the expense of the HARD-WORKING TAXPAYERS!!!!!

    It is time for a return to when food stamps were used only at food distribution centers for food staples such as dry milk and cheese – NOT alcohol/cash/gas – FOOD ONLY!

    • nobama_goAmerica

      I think we’re all preaching to the choir here. We need to get away from patting ourselves on the back and start posting well-thought and well-worded rebuttals with FACTS and references on the liberal sites and blogs (e.g. CBS, NBC, ABC, etc.). Don’t necessarily target far left sites, you’re unlikely to convert or convince those people. Instead, try to talk sense to those who don’t yet realize just how biased the main stream media is. None of us need convincing, lots of others that drink the kool aid from the main stream media need educated as to what obama’s true agenda is.

      You’ll get lots of replies that essentially say “Don’t bother me with facts, I know what I believe” – and much worse. But stay calm, focused on the facts, logical and civil. Name calling won’t win minds, which is what we need to do…and no better time to get started than the present.

    • Over 50% of legal and illegal immigrants are on some TAX PAYER paid program –WIC, Welfare Food Stamps. It is bankrupting our country. When millions are out of work, why are we allowing millions of foreigners to come in? Why are we not regulating who is allowed in based on our country’s needs and whether they have special skills? Why are engineers, doctors and nurses waiting in line while gangs, criminals and unskilled flock in? Other countries have stricter policies. Mexico has their military at their southern border. They can’t take care of their own let alone other nations’ citizens. It’s time to stop Venezuela from allowing Iran to have a military base and OTM (Other than Mexican) from invading our country. The terrorist cells are here already and just waiting for the signal. Check out Rumors Of War III on and

  • The collectivist mentality/vision/ideology; brought to minority America through civil rights laws, and rooted in the 17th Amendment. If you are looking for that “ONE” thing to fight, it is the 17th Amendment, which is the bread and butter for socialism in America. It is that one thing that makes Obama and all his liberal predecessors .. legal and with standing.
    To “hit ’em hard,” you have to hit the 17th.


    What a terrific role model WEST could be and help UNDO what O-BLAME-O is doing has done !

    THAT alone is worth my vote and would drive the PROGS crazy.

  • Spain will be counting our votes unless we stop it. No donation required, just your voice. Update: Spain developed the security software, we just purchased it. Our votes will still be counted by Americans.
    Below is an excellent article by Michelle Malkin on the subject:

  • Patriots, it’s time to roll. Please print off this flyer and distribute it at your local libraries, at street fairs, tea parties, on cars at parking lots, Lyons, Rotary, club house, parks, day care, parks etc. Use your freedom of speech while you can. Obama just signed more Executive Orders to limit free speech and go after churches for daring to do what “Rev” Wright & Farrakhan do from the pulpit. Tell the congregation how to vote. It’s time they lose their tax exempt status. Stand up while you can and use your freedom of speech or we will be serving these new world orders Commies on our knees. This was covered on Fox. Obama signs bill ‘in secret’ making FREE SPEECH ILLEGAL!

  • Buckroo

    Allen West has got it right. How the left can be so blind or stupid is a hard thing to understand. All we Conserv. want is a limited Goverment. If to take the money from the rich job owners all you’ll have is a country full of rich politicians. There will never be equal pay, someone is always going to be skiming of the top.