MUST WATCH – Allen West: If we allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons we are staring at World War 3

This serves both as a great primer on the state of the Middle East and a reality check on how dire the situation there has become for Israel. Allen West spoke yesterday at a Town Hall after the announcement that the Muslim Brotherhood had been elected as the new president of Egypt and gave a very serious talk on what we are staring at in the Middle East, tying together different strands to show the consequences of different policy decisions from the UN no longer keeping peace in Lebanon to Obama choosing to ignore four-star Generals who said we needed to keep around 15k soldiers in Iraq. In fact he says that if Obama is elected for another 4 years, it will be felt 50 years from now just as we are still suffering from Carter’s unwillingness to back the Shah of Iran. But the theme of his talk can be summed up as he notes that we are witnessing a battle for the next hegemonic power in the Middle East.

I’m calling this one a Must Watch:

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  • Stoneyjack

    Allen West is beginning to get so full of himself his eyes are swelling shut but his mouth keeps flapping. Time for his sedative, before he steps into traffic.

    • 12grace

      Allen West is a man of intelligence and integrity. He is a patriot.

      It would be better if barry took sedatives for a long while so that we could ensure barry would have less time to apologize to his shari’a lovin countries around and globe. Also, a sedative takin barry, would have less time to subsidize Iran with our tax dollars and give away our military secrets to Iran and other the enemies of America.

      Alas, barry won’t ingest sedatives, he is having too much fun on the golf course, taking lavish vacations ( on our tax dollars) and install Fascism in America.

      • Nukeman60

        Don’t forget the ‘Drone down the Terrorist’ video games he’s playing in his study night after night.

    • las1

      Quite the fine substantive, incisive and in depth analysis you’ve got going there. I particularly like how you destroyed West’s analysis and position on the Middle East and blew it out of the water. Good job… look forward to hearing more.

    • WordsFailMe

      Have you already acquired a taste for muslim a**? No matter, you will.

      • Nukeman60

        May he rest in pieces.

        Edit: It appears he couldn’t even get his ’15 minutes of fame’. lol

      • 911Infidel

        LOL. Gee and I missed all the fun. Rats.

    • Goodbye Troll.

      • WordsFailMe

        I almost wish you’d have let him swim for another 20 mins, you know, long enough for the smell of blood to permeate these waters lol

        Thanks scoop.

        • FutureOnePercent

          Yeah, I missed all the hubub… can someone paraphrase what I missed?

          • las1

            I paraphrase of course, but something like Allen West is a blabber mouth and should take some drugs or something and step out in traffic.

            [sarc. on] They’re such sweet and caring individuals. We’re all much more informed by sharing the same cyber-space with them. [sarc. off]

            This is why I like RS… while someone can dissent here, Scoop keeps a tight ship and I am grateful for the vigilance.

    • stage9

      If liberals hate him, then he must be right. He’s got my vote!

  • When can we expect high minarets on the four corners of the white house?

  • WordsFailMe

    How is it that this man cannot get a bigger stage? Are there no conservative organizations who could sponsor him to speak at state and national gatherings and frequently? What am I missing, cons?

  • detectivedick

    Ever notice the lack of women in the Arab/Muslim “Brotherhood”?, I guess EEO, Affirmative Action and Diversity has not reached the the Arab Sunset. The USA needs to weaponize the Arab Sunset with Hillary, DWS, Braun, Waters and Pelosi. Millions of BroHood falling to their knees in laughter.
    Col. West understands, but does LIAR Obama?

    • Patriot077

      I do believe the brotherhood has an affiliated branch for the Muslim sisters. Huma Abedin’s mother heads up one such unit in Saudi Arabia. It doesn’t seem to do much for women’s human rights, just assists with civilizational jihad from what I’ve read.

  • marketcomp

    There is no question that Allen West is a Great communicator and educator. Col. West gives the entire picture including the financial situation which is also a national security threat. None of those on the short list for VP, including Marco Rubio, Condoleezza Rice, John McCain or Paul Ryan, can explain and communicate the threat and dangers that are upon us with Iran. I would venture to say that no one even understands the severity of what this failed President has created including the fast & furious situation and articulate the disasters like Col West. I am even most convinced that he should be VP, no question.

    • sara holy land

      Best, Secretary of Defense ! :))))))))

      • marketcomp

        You got my support on that one! Somewhere the Romney administration would be fine with me. Romney needs someone like Allen West to bring real world advice and solutions.

  • Nukeman60

    Rep. West gives speech after speech without the use of a teleprompter or reading from the podium. He read from his blackberry here only to ensure that he got the statement word for word. Why is it that he needs no teleprompter, unlike our ‘unlustrious’ leader, who can’t sneeze and get it correct without one? Because he believes wholeheartedly in what he’s speaking about. He speaks from the heart.

    A rare find, indeed, in politics. God, I love this man.

    • kong1967


  • wodiej

    and we have a muslim running our country. PRAY FOR GOD’S INTERVENTION QUICKLY.

  • I would support this man any day of the week and would trust his judgement to speak the truth. I believe Colonel West will play a huge part in the future of the United States. You can tell that God is really guiding him.

    • kong1967

      I agree, but we’ll have to see how much marginalization (by the left) will hurt his career. Trent Lott and others can attest to that.

  • steprock

    I appreciate how he said that sanctions don’t work when the ruling power of that nation doesn’t care about its people. Good insight.

  • 911Infidel

    Awhile back Eric Holder made a statement that he would not prosecute his people (the voter intimidation case in Pa). Don’t ya think that Obama is taking the same tact in the ME?

    Lost in all of this excellent intel, is the fact that God is not unaware of Isreal’s precarious position. Matter of fact Isaiah 21 has never been more clear. Nor has Joel 3. A burdern has arisen against the entire Muslim world. Elam (Iran) has been appointed to slay the Babylonian whore. Then all of her sons and daughters will be judged in the Valley Of Decision and will be no more. While Israel will still stand tall forever.

  • kong1967

    Exactly why we need to stop treating Iran with kid gloves. If we don’t take care of it now in a serious manner, the whole world will pay the price. Sanctions don’t work with a hell-bent religious nutjob.

  • Here is something to consider … an opposing conservative view:

  • The right man for the whotehouse!