MUST WATCH – An ominous warning from Canada: Gun registration WILL lead to gun confiscation

Sun News Network news anchor Brian Lilley warns Americans that if we allow our government to create a national firearms registry, it WILL lead to gun confiscation. He explains how registration led to confiscation in Canada and how a man who recently defended himself with a gun is now being prosecuted by the government.

This is a must watch:

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  • LOVE Brian Lilley and Sun News! Thank you Scoop!!

    • BlueGood

      Brian, Ezra Levant, Charles Adler and the rest are excellent at bringing news that the LSM are afraid of….

      You’ll love this “Slap up side the Head of Elitest Leftoid Newsgroups”….

      • That was great! And SO right!! Thanks BlueGoodbrother! 🙂

      • Patriot077

        I really like Michael Coren too!

      • las1

        These NYT readers…They’re not even the sort of intellectuals they pretend to be sitting in a salon drinking burgundy… they are solipsistic college students… their papers read like juvenile blog posts.
        Gavin McInnes

        He’s Canadian btw… you can tell by his accent and his scowl.

        Is it solipsistic in here or is it just me?‎


    • kssturgis62

      I am also a MENZOID FANATIC !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Of course you are- you’re practically a Canadian! 😉

        • las1

          SUN is in the fight of its life. The CRTC hearings are in April to determine if they get full “must carry” rights on basic cable… like the other “Canadian” broadcasters automatically get… CBC, CTV, GLOBAL.. heck even Oprah… for pete’s sake.

          They need this status otherwise no one gets to see them as the cable packages charge extra to get SUN and they are way up the dial on channel one-thousand-gazzillion. As it stands now they are in a competitive regulatory disadvantage by our own regulating “Canadian” body.

          So Sun has an online petition One of the SUN guys goes to my church and I asked if Americans can sign… he said no… only Canadians… ratz!

          But luckily I will be one of the intervenors for SUN at the hearings. I just wanted to observe… but I’m in the deep end now.

          So all you Scoop Canadians… get on it … sign the petition… and what they really want is you to send a snail mail letter supporting SUN…

          Send to

          CRTC –
          Ontario K1A 0N2′

          1 Begin your letter stating either:
          i) ‘I do not request to appear at the public hearing’.
          ii) ‘I request to appear at the public hearing’.
          2 Write your letter and include reference #2012-0687-1
          3 Mail your letter before Feb 20, 2013

          • I’ll sign it las1. I remember linky1 told me Sun was fighting- it’s pitiful. I’m still officially Canadian- so you know I’m there signing. Thanks for the link!

          • I’ll sign it las1. I remember linky1 told me Sun was fighting- it’s pitiful. I’m still officially Canadian- so you know I’m there signing. Thanks for the link!

          • Tweeted it, and will also facebook it!

          • Tweeted it, and will also facebook it!

  • toongoon

    Obama can not win on his ideas, he can only win by destroying his opponents. Those who defend him now will soon be his opponents when he starts taking things from them and they start wanting justice.
    Of course, by that time, they will have helped Obama destroy those whom they would have allied with.

    Liberalism is a state of mind, not an alternative form of government.

  • LadyMacKeltar

    We know gun confiscation is the ultimate goal of this government. That is why we became members of GOA and NRA. With God’s help, we will hold on to our guns and our 2nd amendment.

  • Obama and his liberal minions have been wanting this for years. But I really do think that this would be a tipping point in this country and would lead to open rebellion. It would almost be like prohibition. Sure, you could have the law on the books, but what if nobody paid attention to them and just ignored them? Is the Federal government going to try and put the whole country in jail? And who is going to enforce this law? What if local law enforcement agencies refuse to enforce it? You could have an open rebellion here and it will not end well. The United States is NOT Canada and they do not have the same Constitution we have. This will be the last straw and Obama had better come to grips with that before it is too late.

    • A lot of sheriffs will NOT allow the 2nd Amendment to be infringed upon by the feds and more are speaking out- here’s mine (LOVE him!)
      And many sheriff’s associations are coming out with these:

      Besides, it will be the federal government who are the law breakers, not we the people.

      • TexasPGRRider

        And their collective justification is simple: A law against our 2nd Amendment Right is against the law….

      • creeper

        Interesting news-press article, ABC, especially in light of the fact that they’re a Gannett paper. Gannett isn’t known for its conservatism but there was no criticism of the sheriff in that article.

        • Yeah, the news press isn’t my top list of reading because it’s not conservative, but sometimes the paper is pretty fair. Mike Scott is well liked down here too, so that may have something to do with it.

    • NJK

      They should be ignored. We know it’s not Constitutional. We can read. We’ve lived in America long enough. Any Supreme Court or other courts that would say otherwise, is corrupt. It doesn’t make it a valid or Constitutional law, it only means they’re corrupt.

      Obama is a Muslim. His puppet masters are the UN, think treaty, the Muslim Brotherhood,and Weathermen. Ayers goal was to murder 25 million Americans, who couldn’t be changed into the “new way of thinking.” This is why they want to first register guns from law abiding Americans, and then confiscate them.

      I hope someone……Obama……I better not say it.

    • clockwindingdown

      ” Sure, you could have the law on the books, but what if nobody paid attention to them and just ignored them? ” You mean like our boarders and immigration?

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Well if some proposed action or legislation is bad for Americans, you can bet your last dollar that is exactly the course of action obama’s corrupt administration will take!!!!!!

  • jleinf

    Gun registration leads to gun confiscation which leads to this:

    • OneThinDime

      Yes it does. And they went willing into that dark night.

      • 12grace

        My family comes from a Communist country, I can tell you what happens when the government has ALL the guns and the people are unarmed.

        • OneThinDime

          Thank you for your voice here so others can learn from your family’s experience.

  • NJK

    This is where the Governors need to step in, and exercise their X amendment rights. If the rogue justices on the Supreme Court feel otherwise, they are not acting constitutionally, and should be ignored. No national registration. They’re already violating the I and IV amendments, with Zero’s health care seizure, and at airports. No more of this.

    Is Rand Paul or anyone going to read the cop killer’s manifesto in these Soviet hearings on gun confiscation? The manifesto where he praised Feinstein, Obama, Colin Powell, Brain, “I look at my grown daughter naked,” Williams, MSLSD, etc. while murdering cops?

    Amendment X

    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

    Vote Cucinelli for Governor of VA. We need him.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    This is no Canada, then again I also thought that this was no Venezuela, and we got our own Chavez here, I never thought that this country was going to elect a Marxist and we did it not once, but twice.

    • aPLWBinAK

      And anyone who doubts his intentions to facilitate the destruction of our great Republic, should take notice of who he’s nominated for SecDef and CIA director….

    • 12grace

      It seems most of the time, the citizens never think things like this could happen in their country- but it can and it does unless the people stop it.

  • Maxsteele

    The problem with a gun registry is that it will never go away. The conservative government repealed the gun registry law here in Canada and ordered all records destroyed but the left wing nut jobs in our provinces (akin to your state governments) are creating their own provincial gun registry now, which, is actually against the law. But they are doing it anyway. Forcing our national government to take them to court. It’s a huge mess and a huge waste of money.
    Don’t do it America!!

    • physicsnut

      To all those who think it is not advocated here – check out the DailyKos article, the NY Times editorial by the nut from Australia, and The Economist articles. They say that registration precedes confiscation, and the GOAL is confiscation. I don’t care what Biden says – he lies like a rug. Those articles SPELL OUT how they want to do it, and ‘strike while the iron is hot’. Then NPR interviews them. Then the Journal News shows what they do with the information.
      But they will think differently if we step on their rights the way they want to step on ours. It is clear that they want to turn the USA into England ( or Brussels ).

  • XPatCanuck

    This is a must watch for anyone that thinks “universal background checks” are acceptable. Seen it happen in Canada growing up. NEVER in the USA must this happen!

  • Joe

    The gun show loophole might be a good thing

    No background check – No records kept

    ‘just sayin

    • Patriot077

      Makes one wish there was some truth to that canard about gun show loopholes, doesn’t it Joe?

  • ryanomaniac

    I say it again. This whole gun control thing is going to blow up in Obamas face. All of their faces. I know a lot of democrats and almost all have guns. The ones that don’t almost all those don’t mind guns. This is as a hot button issue as you can get. Obama is going to hit a brick wall on this one and I personally hope he’s doing 120mph on a riding lawnmower when he does.

  • clockwindingdown

    Gun registry will be like obamacare. The point of “O”care is too take control and force people into a one payer health system, it is happening.

    Gun control (people control) will be the same thing, registry, then ban on certain types, then all out confiscation. Fool me once…, fool me twice…, we know what their goal is and how they are going about it.

    While “O”& Co selective choose to enforce our laws as they see fit, we then must be allowed to selectively comply with our laws as we see fit…

    • aposematic

      If gun registration will be like Obumanocare it would soon make owning a gun so expensive that only the elite, those the Admin. would issue exemptions (like Islam), and the criminals would be left armed.

      • clockwindingdown

        Seems to be a growing number of criminals…

      • clockwindingdown

        Seems to be a growing number of criminals…

  • TickedWhiteDude

    They’re in for a special treat if they come for guns….Just try us.

  • Remember when they first allowed the police to confiscate vehicles when drugs were found in the car (no matter if the actual owner didn’t know the drugs where in there). THAT was touted as a way to seize the assets of drug money too! It quickly turned into a shopping spree for the police department. The cars are seized without benefit of due process. People have been stopped and had cash seized because it was deemed as “drug money” even though no drugs were found. And fat chance they’ll ever see it again. Now we see where it leads in Canada.

    The government ALWAYS uses a situation to come up with a “solution” to an alleged problem. BEWARE government solutions as they always lead to government INTENDED consequences.

  • Larchmonter445

    Everyone who has a registered gun should buy another, lose one, report it lost. The government is the Enemy Within.

    You will see them come for the guns very soon.

    All Liberty began with weapons at the throat of the King. The Magna Carta was coerced by weapons. No King, no government gives Liberty. The People claim it with weapons.

    Your weapons are your birthright. Our Founding Fathers knew this and enshrined our Rights in our Constitution.

    Never believe the Cult. Free men stand tall with long guns and pistols.

    Arm yourself, your children, train well and prepare for the repression of Liberty. It is the only way they can rule and spread their tyranny.

  • Saw this one on facebook last night…. and tweeted it

  • vinny

    see…I knew there were still come conservatives up in Canada!

    • 1endtimes2020

      Conservatives got re-elected with a majority. If socialists and liberals formed one party, it could be the demise of conservative governments—-for a while, until the voters found out they made a big mistake.
      It is said ‘sex sells’, and you can believe ‘getting something for nothing, sells too. Both end up costing more in the long run.

  • vinny

    Here’s the same thing in Australia..

  • Conniption Fitz
  • This is a no brainer.

  • TexasPGRRider

    Ain`t it funny, or maybe better said sad, how common sense is slowly becoming uncommon ???

    • 1endtimes2020


  • Sober_Thinking

    Imagine that.

  • kssturgis62

    YES BRIAN LILLEY !!! EZRA LAVENT !!! Michael Coren is okay, but when he thinks he is attacked on Twitter he runs to piers morgan. I know I have the Convo to prove it !! LOL

    Brian Lilley is AMAZING and let me tell you I watched the Vote when they got rid of the Long Gun Registry and IT WAS A GREAT DAY !!! THAT LONG GUN ARM REGISTRY WAS DESTROYED BUT QUEBEC WAS FIGHTING IT. GOT TO LOVE THEM SOCIALISTS. It was turned over in 2012. I love Stephen Harper, and People better pay attention !! Because Justin Trudeau is a WHITE OBAMA and he wants power. His father enacted many things up here and ruined so much. But Trudeau is very very dangerous. He will go along with the NDP’s who are more Communist Marxist than he is, and Canada will be ruined.

    I get scared up here and not being able to defend myself. I was told that by an RCMP member when a guy was looking through my window. I was so scared, and I yelled at him for it out my window. My Husband was on his way home from work, and it is a mess. But when i said I could defend myself at home, here I would go to jail.


    there are three Conservative parties up here, One is the PC’s they are Progressive, then there is Harper’s conservatives that is moderate, basic conservatism, then there is the WILD ROSE party that is CONSERVATISM ON STEROIDS !!!

    • Stephen Harper is the greatest Canadian PM since Diefenbaker.

      Trudeau makes me gag just looking at his metrosexual, wimpy face.

      G-d help us if he EVER gets elected into anything other than a PTA meeting.

  • Marridge

    Yes they want to disarm us because then Barack Benghazi Obama can force islam down our throats.

    Well good luck with that. Eighty million armed Americans aren’t having any of this.


    …isn’t TYRANNY GREAT ! NOT .”(period)

  • madnessofjack

    ….Ruger has a “take action” page to send a message to our representatives that gun owners take their gun rights seriously and wont stand idly by as the “progressives” seek to cripple the 2nd amendment.

    Please help and spread this around

  • aZjimbo

    Man oh man are we headed for a big time confrontation with our government if this ever came about.

  • Quote- “Of the 140,000 Jews who had lived in the Netherlands prior to 1940, only 30,000 survived the war. This high death toll had a number of reasons. One was the excellent state of Dutch civil records: the Dutch state, prior to the war, had recorded substantial information on every Dutch national. This allowed the Nazi regime to determine easily who was Jewish (whether fully or partly of Jewish ancestry) simply by accessing the data.”

    This is an example of what govt controlled registration of every citizen’s private information can, and will lead to. In this case, gun registration information of each and every person if the country.

    “It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government.”
    ~ Thomas Paine~

    “Those who give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty, nor safety.” 
    ~Benjamin Franklin~

    “There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.”
    ~Charles de Montesquieu~

    “The Republic was not established by cowards, and cowards will not preserve it.”
    ~ Elmer Davis~

    • NCHokie02

      awesome quotes there. Always loved Ben’s quote. First time I’ve heard the rest. Elmer Davis’ quote is fantastic.

  • What happens to those that refuse to register their guns ? How will obammy gun grabbers know ?
    I think the g’ment will offer rewards for turning in those that don’t adhere to this regimes demands. Sounds like Germany in the 30’s huh ? Funny [ not really ] but Germany did not stop with just gun control – if my study of history serves me well – the ‘ crimes list ‘ soon included religion – interfaith marriages – wealth – etc – lets see it was finally ended by those that HAD guns.

  • OBAMA’s CAMPAIGN is currently making phone calls for gun control support ….I told them what they could do with his gun control measures…..

    the number is 202-249-7646, once it answers hit 3 to get a LIVE PERSON……

    Lets tell what we really think about their wanting to limit our 2nd amendment RIGHTS!!!

  • NCHokie02

    The strongest opponent the national government would face would be states who nullified any gun registration or ban. Local law enforcement who don’t enforce it. Thats where the battle needs to be won. If the states agree with the gov’t in dc we are done for on this issue.

  • here is the truth folks (fellow Americans)…it happened in Germany in the 30’s, in Russia in the 20’s, in Australia and the UK in the 90’s…and in Canada….the truth is that gun registration always leads to confiscation….refuse to allow it, call your senators and representatives weekly to refute it….no confiscation or registration… Larry Uloth

  • chhelo
  • BarnumWasRight

    From his lips to God’s ears!
    When are we going to stop the carnage?
    Isn’t shoting people one-shot-at-a-time sufficient?