MUST WATCH: Bill Whittle on what it would be like to have a candidate who really believes in conservatism

This must be one of Bill Whittle’s better speeches as he demonstrates what it would be like to have a candidate who really believes in conservatism – even one who is wealthy.

Watch and learn:

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  • Joe

    I wish Bill would run for President!

    • Whittle/Zo 2016 ?! Mornin’ Joe.

      • Darkbella007

        I thought of Zo too when he said popular culture 😀

        • Zo’s COOL isn’t he! 😀 love him!

          • Darkbella007

            Been watching him for quite some time, way before Pj media. My favorite is the Star Wars skit.

            • lol- I’ve never seen that one. Only been following him as long as Scoop’s shown him. 🙂 Night Darkbella007 Have a Blessed Sunday!

              • Darkbella007

                You as well. G’night.

    • jrt1031

      not every conservative needs to run for president. Only the ones that can destroy liberaism. I voted for Newt in the primaries and I still think he would have the brass nuckles needed to fight the left. At this point its a battle and if the right doesnt stop blaming itself we will go no where but down and out.

      • Zeda

        Who ever that candidate eventually is may very well win on talking points from our point of view, but I am afraid that there just are more liberal thinking voters now days. I agree with all (or most of) the election fraud claims, but I have heard several Republicans as well as many Independents say that they approved of the legalization of pot…in addition to some other liberalism, and I believe as time progresses that the number of those people is going to increase. In addition, as long as that decree is in effect there is nothing the Republicans can do about the election fraud (which is not going to stop now) issue. They are like children, the more they get by with the worse it is going to get. The Republican’s are going to have to take a lesson and next time, promise the voters everything they want and like (BS and fabricate their butts off) just like the Dim-wits do and see who can out BS each other. They are going to have to change the name of the party affiliation to get through the whole fraud (decree) thing as well. I am re registering as an Independent and I would suggest that the rest of you do as well. Otherwise we are just going to keep having a repeat of what just happened.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      If he won’t run, can’t we at least get him to be a top adviser?!

      • colliemum

        Media spokesperson!

        I’d love to watch him shred Soledad live on air!

    • Lee

      Honest politicians don’t win, but I agree with you that he would make an excellent president.

    • I don’t know if he should be president but he definitely needs to be a campaign manager for someone!!!

    • Patriot077

      I would love the chance to vote for him!

      But he responded to that question on one of his Stratosphere Lounge segments and said he would be unelectable due to his lifetime struggle with depression. In this day and age, that is probably true.

      In Abraham Lincoln’s day the people responded to his words and his passion on the critical issues of their time. He struggled with “melancholy” all of his days, which I sometimes believe is the curse of an uncommon intellect.

      If we didn’t have a corrupt media Bill could wage a fair race, even today.

  • celestiallady

    Does he not know Sarah?

    • He knows Sarah and he likes Sarah. I also think he thinks that Republicans were aholes for not standing with Sarah from back in 2009 onward.

      I was thinking the other night about how ridiculous the whole imagery created about Sarah Palin by the left really is… think about it… Sarah Palin had 3 days of all day long interviewing by Couric that was edited down to less than 30 minutes and the highlight for the left that was blown up was the answer by Palin about what she read. Do you know how ridiculous that really is? Are you aware of or do you remember the brilliant answers Sarah gave Couric about abortion? Go back and Google them… there was no outcry over them. Because she handled the abortion issue really well. But no credit for that from Republicans… no… we all have to talk about something totally irrelevant and ridiculous as what Sarah Palin reads.
      And to add to the stupidity of it all, we all know that she did read… and probably a lot of different publications…. but, Republicans ALLOWED the left to smear Palin with that.

      What a bunch of pussies the Republicans and the right are…. just as Whittle says… don’t even believe in their own message and philosophy enough to defend it.
      And did not defend Sarah Palin…. and they even complained when “Palin supporters” defended her… called them names.

      Sarah Palin is and was the only Republican politician who was true to Conservative ideas and values and after all the digging and smearing by the left over 5 years, NEVER had any legitimately terrible thing come out. Nothing.

      • celestiallady

        Are you asking me if I know or remember or are aware about Sarah? Why would I ask such a question if I didn’t know about Sarah. I don’t understand your post to ME – it should be posted where those who do not know can read it.

    • Sarah who?

      • Sarah Palin I expect.

    • 1water

      He has for sure read and heard about her because back in 2009 he spoke in this video: PJTV: Bill Whittle on the Sarah Palin Haters
      Whether he has already met her, I don’t know.

  • I’ve seen this Scoop, but it is such a worthy watch. Thanks for putting it up!

  • Joe

    I have to admit

    I am very upset about ZERO getting reelected

    I wish a movement begins to rid us of this parasite

    Anything goes – The BIRTHER issue – Fast and Furious – Benghazi – whatever works

    The PRESS must be unbribed

    Can’t the Republicans up the anty and pay the PRESS MORE money than ZERO does?

    There is so much available to convict ZERO with

    How do we start?

    • It starts right here Joe:

      • sjmom

        No need to wonder who; it was David Barton. Are you familiar with him? Mailed at the post office this morning. 🙂

      • 4Hoppes2

        Excellant video ABC.

        • Thank you 4Hoppes2! I’ll be making more as I can get some time 🙂 Hopefully they’ll get better as I go!

          • Looking forward to seeing them! Please post when you make them! 🙂

    • The republicans are just as corrupt as the media and the democrats. (And the Supreme Court who upheld obamacare…the whole lot.) Stop putting your hopes on anyone but the American people. It’s YOU. You and I are the only ones who can stop this juggernaut. We are the “New Founding Fathers” and our actions will decide our fate and the fate of the United States of America. Do not doubt that.

    • Get rid of scarey Harry Ried

    • lanahi

      We need to have a conservative TV network to reach those who work all day and then come home and plop themselves down in front of the TV for the rest of the night. They don’t surf the web, they don’t listen to conservative radio, don’t read newspapers…they get all their news from the TV talking heads.
      Why don’t we start a conservative network of our own?

  • badbadlibs

    If Gov. Romney would have spoken like Whittle suggested, it would have been worth just watching the heads of the Crowley’s of the world explode.

    • tinker_thinker

      We would have won.

  • Outstanding!

  • …….

    I know this is never going to happen but i just gotta say it once….

    Bill Whittle 2016!!! (whether he likes it or not) 😛


  • This was magnificent. Who would the perfect candidate be? Allen West. He would be right in your face like Whittle was and would not apologize for it. West could do it. And West can motivate people, too. Any man who could motivate people to follow him to go into actual battle can motivate people to vote for him, too. He suffered an unfortunate defeat it is true, but remember that Ronald Reagan also lost his first attempt at running for president against Ford. West can do it.

  • jrt1031

    THANK YOU BILL….. now that is positive. The only way the conservatives can will is to stay positive and stop blaming conservatives for the evils of liberalism. Until we can expose the lying cheating that goes on from the left we will always lose the battle. Start with the media and work your way up!!!

  • A guy who really believes what he says about conservatism?


  • Bill claimed to make the case against the viability of his candidacy, but he would easily get my vote.

    • sjmom

      Mine too.

  • Is_Sense_Common

    President Whittle. I like the sound of that!

    Awesome speech!

  • I am in love with Bill Whittle!

    • PVG

      Me too!!

  • It’s so refreshing to hear a Conservative talk about Conservative values. Right from the heart, with his brain totally engaged! Love this guy!

  • His comments on Benghazi brought tears to my eyes… Just thinking about what it would have been like if we had an actual AMERICAN (in heart and mind) President! Not the shadow of a poor excuse of an empty chair of an Occupant we’re stuck with now.

    • Constance

      Oh, I know. Can you imagine a response like that in Benghazi, and a stern warning to the world that one more wrong move, and they are toast? Instead of lies and coverups and the disgrace of our citizens left to die?

      • Sigh… I can imagine.. It’s a shame we have to imagine it because the useless excuse for a pResident won’t do it. 🙁

    • aposematic

      If only that “empty chair” were really empty…that “empty chair” is over flowing with tens of thousands of anti-Americans…

  • 4Hoppes2

    After reading all the comments so far not one person has had to reinterpret his passionate clarity of concrete convictions. Mr. Whittle has the characteristics of a leader who says exactly what he means without a stutter, pause, or stammer and it is clear he is the type of person that does exactly what he says. What an inspiring speech!

  • Lee

    This is what real men sound like. This is what is needed in Washington today.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Sadly, regretfully, Whittle is wrong here.

    First of all, Romney is not a good and decent man underneath his Mormon Bishop, sweet face, humble pie, aw shucks, sheepish smiling exterior. He did not govern by conservative or Christian principles. Romney’s tactics in the primary were hard-core Alinsky and in Bain business dealings were slash and burn ruthless. Romney’s wealth and even the bail-out of the (Mormon private investors’) Salt Lake City Olympics was done by procuring billions of taxpayers’ dollars.

    Romney was not ever a conservative. EVER. His governorship was the model for Obamacare and overriding the law/constitution to enact liberal agenda objectives, such as gay marriage.

    Romney governed left of Ted Kennedy…and that’s far left.

    Neither were any of the Bushes conservatives, not Senator Prescott, George HWB nor his son.

    Boehner has nearly wet his pants to join Obama and resume the insane, irresponsible, obscene spending congressional spree that began in 2008.

    We The People are victims of the DC political class who believe their office guarantees them a right to government, “of the politician, by the politician and for the politician”.

    Corruption in DC did not abate after the conservative backlash of 2010. Not in the least.

    • deleted – nevermind, not going to get into it now.

      • Conniption Fitz

        Truly, I hated to say it, but the truth is the truth.

        • All I’ll say is that ANYONE would have been better than a NOBama second term! I”m a Catholic and I would take a Mormon who loves the country over a Muslim who would love to destroy the country any day of the week! Romney may not have been the “perfect” candidate, but Jesus wasn’t running and Romney is worth 16 trillion NObamas!

          • Conniption Fitz

            I voted for Ryan – Romney just happened to be on the same ticket.

          • PVG


  • sjmom

    Glory to God! What a speech with so much clarity and right to the point. God bless Bill.

  • Bill, you’re what we call “A Manch”

    • RonaldusMagnus

      Mensch, Mazeltov.

  • Constance

    Damn! Brilliant! Made me smile ear to ear this morning.

  • Wow! Plenty of standing-O material.

  • colliemum

    The next conservative candidate fro President to come from the Pop Culture?

    Who might that be? Any suggestions?

    And no – I don’t think Zonation will run …

  • Sober_Thinking


  • proudhispanicconservative

    Absolutely brilliant, this guy’s just so damn good and smart. I would love to send it to Mark Levin and let him play it on his show.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Scoop, can you please play the Michele Bachmann speech, are heard Bill whittle mention that she was in the audience and she was going to be speaking. THANK YOU

    • Seconded. Would love to see it too, thanks.

  • Susitna

    All is good and wonderful and I love Bill Whittle, but we need to understand that we have a technical problem here! Even if we have the best conservative seeds, but the liberals control the running water, how in heaven can we grow anything at all? We urgently need a reform of the voting process, voter ID’s and voting machines that cannot be manipulated. Why is this so hard to understand????
    I feel like the ship is sinking and we are worried about getting a new recipe on how to bake cookies!

    • GOOD COMMENT! We DO need to reform the system before the next election or we’ll see the same outcome. The RNC should be all over this, but no. We have to drag them along AGAIN!!!

      • BikerHoop

        There are currently more states with Rep legislatures than Dem. Conservatives need to push their state houses to pass voter ID legislation. My state (WI) did, but it was held up in court by an activist judge until after the election. Since the SCOTUS already upheld Inidana’s law, I’m sure it will hold up. Email, snail mail, or better yet, go to your representatives office(s) and talk to them. En masse pushing is the only thing that’s going to make it happen.

        • All good advice, thanks.

      • Patriot077

        It seems to me that we will never fix election fraud if we stick with the Republican party who signed the agreement Not to prosecute violations in minority areas. That’s exactly where the trouble is coming from.

        They agreed to this about 30 years ago and it has been repeatedly renewed (without objection?) ever since.

  • conservativenews

    We have a very strong bench, but we always nominate a RINO. Bill Whittle would win against Obama. He is solid as a rock and articulate.

  • PVG

    Bravo Bill! Thanks Scoop.


    …excellent, excellent, excellent a must watch by all .”

  • Rshill7

    I finally got around to watching this in it’s entirety, and must say, I haven’t seen a conservative speech this good since…ever!

    Wowee! Love, love, loved it!

  • ecosse

    People, it is vital that we make the MORAL argumant for conservatism and Mr. Whittle says as much in a way few others can.

  • Yes Rmoney is a moral person…so was Dubya. but it begs the question how moral are they?

    It is not moral IMO to confiscate the earnings of hard working people and give it to those who won’t work to save their own lives.

  • Kordane

    Romney’s $250 million is nothing when compared with the estimated (in today’s money) $600 billion that Rockerfeller created, or the $400 billion that Carnegie created.

    I just thought I’d put that out there.

    • reportedly Oprah is worth a couple billion but she has never been condemned for it,,,and probably would not be even if she ran for prez…

  • capelady

    Awesome… this message is exactly what we need but with the RINOs firmly entrenched in the GOP and floating Jeb Bush as the next “chosen one” I just
    don’t see that they will ever get it.

    So, I disagree with Bill that the next president will be a Republican and a conservative, barring a complete miracle from God… I think we may need a
    whole new conservative party based on CORE conservative principles and
    everything he said in this speech, and let the GOP go the way of the WHIGS!

  • Thanks RS

  • Szary1

    Why are we conservatives always left licking our wounds because we’ve been had by the establishment a$$wipes, and why can’t we nominate and elect an eloquent man like Mr. Whittle to the highest office in the land????
    He is someone I would sell one of my kindneys to see run against the next slime ball the libs run!!

    • Well, I believe that conservatives do try to run, but that the liberals and the liberal media tear them down before they even get a chance. Allred did it to Cain for example. They did a good number on Palin who at one time has a 90%+ approval rating in Alaska. She didn’t change. It’s the media that attacked her. That’s the only thing that was different.

      I believe it’s getting better. Republicans are starting to defend their candidates a little more. Unfortunately, it also means that it leaves the party a little more divided than before. That’s one thing about Democrats. They’ll back the winner no matter what. I still believe that Obama alienate some of the older Dems, but I don’t think they care about that. They’re looking for the new generation of voters. Republicans need a way to defend false accusations of affairs and such quickly. The liberal media does anything. I think Republicans should keep certain juicy items like that as well and put the fear in liberals next election.

    • freeperjim

      2012 primaries were typical….

      1. Multiple conservatives splitting the vote.
      2. Open primaries for ‘rats to crossover and vote for 1 RINO
      3. RINO wins from the splitting and the open primaries
      4. Conservatives and America are screwed again

      …and if Obamski (rhymes with Alinsky) grants amnesty to 30 million ILLEGAL CRIMINALS, the DNC/Marxists will have a permanent voting majority.

      Ain’t Executive Orders grand for dicktators!

  • mrcombi

    What Romney SHOULD have said and done. Romney SHOULD have wipe the floor with the anti-American usurper but that wasn’t the case for these rinos. Wake Up America, the game is a sham.

  • He’s the BEST!

  • kong1967

    Fantastic speech and I agree with what the message should be, but I disagree that it would succeed. It might, but I’m skeptical.

    We have to remember that half the population doesn’t have the same vision. They view American strength as “unfair” and imposing our will on others. The same reason people think Israel is a terrorist nation. They are defending themselves in a deadly way against a gnat that can’t do any damage to them. These people also believe that the money the rich people have should be taken in order to spread the wealth out of fairness.

    Conservatives already believe in the message Whittle gave, and presenting it “hardline” will not win any of the freeloaders over to our side. I really believe that our country has become a taker nation. People don’t believe in earning any more. They want it handed over, and if that’s the case going “hardline” will make us lose even worse.

    I still think this is the message that should be sent, successful or not.

  • I agree that the GOP has not had a good nominee since Reagan left office. That said, I don’t care how much Bill Whittle likes Romney personally – I never did. I voted for Romney solely because he wasn’t Obama, not because I ever trusted him. He’s spent years as a flip flopper.

    Oh, and by the way, on account of election fraud, it doesn’t matter any more how many of our fellow countrymen we can persuade to vote one way or another. Here’s my take on what we’re up against in 2012/2013 and beyond.

  • klaffner

    Bill Whittle is a national treasure.

  • Tellin it like it should be,,,we do not need an apologist for president

  • why did you not try super duper harder? Romney’s fault as a person, I think, is he’s too naive…about the evil capacity and the shrewdness and at what extent people would do to achieve a goal. The Republicans were outsmarted, again. Thanks for the smart talk…but its a little too late!

  • iHeartLife

    Okay, okay. I will vote for you Mr Whittle. You have absolutely convinced me. Hehehehehehe…

  • Charm4sure

    Excellent! Would love, love, love, love to see a president pull a handgun out to explain the 2nd ammendent to the vacuous press.

  • I do not know him this is the first, but I really enjoyed listening to him.

  • this should be watched by all.

  • freeinaz

    Talk about being on fire, WOW does this guy get it. Sure wish this would go as viral on You Tube as some of those other videos which get millions and millions of watchers.

  • He is going to make a great virtual president! Can’t wait until his inauguration.

  • Now thats a speech I would vote for

  • Watching this again. It’s so good.

  • skspls

    It doesn’t get any better than that.

    • dontdrinkthecoolaid

      Yes, it does get better. Now we have to find a conservative politican that can speak and believe the way Whittle does.

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  • THIS is the problem! Here we have a man who can clearly, passionately, and unapologetically deliver the reality of what conservatism actually is and means…

    …and in the same breath says “I won’t run for office”.

    That is the problem and its why we are losing. They put there best in office…we put ours on blogs, on the speech circuit, in the conservative publishing world, and on radio and fox talking head shows.

    • Bill Whittle has a past that he does not want brought up in the national scene. It’s not something unusual, but I completely understand why he wouldn’t want to run.

      To everyone else, here is Newt’s speech which I think is quite revealing as well.

  • Jean_A

    Whittle’s first mistake was pointing out Bachmann. Bachmann’s only purpose in running was to stop a conservative from getting a push. Bachmann who thought if she attacked all the conservatives that Mitt the Flip-Flopper would look her way. What a freckin joke she turned out to be.

    As long as you have traitors in your mist like Bachmann nothing will change.

    • TMZ2

      The real traitor was Newt Gingrich not Michele Bachmann. Newt whined about Paul Ryan in May. Then after the debates gave him momentum; he was not aggressive enough and lost Florida. So he whined again. Once it became clear he had to step aside and let Rick Santorum win, all he did was drive a wedge thru the tea party and conservatives by attacking Santorum and staying in. That traitor had skeletons in his closet too. Newt supported Government run health care mandates and Amnesty. Newt was in love with a crazy man named Alvin Toffler who wanted to destroy the American form of government. Go google Alvin Toffler. Newt also praised Hillary in a joint presser in 2005. Some conservative he was. Time for Newt to step aside.

  • TMZ2

    Our best and brightest is never nominated. Need to do the right thing and get a good person nominated or create a new party that will nominated good candidates.

  • Samuel Ward

    A very good talk, you seemed to forget about George W. Bush as being our “Last Conservative President” and don’t forget what his VP told him, that “Deficits Don’t Matter”.

    You did such a good job saying what you would do about Benghazi, then you would have really done a GREAT job on 9/11 advising our inept President of the time.

    Last but not least, conservatives have always been sound believers of calling for de-regulation of Wall Street. Lets look at the failings of Wall Street & President Reagan on the Savings and Loan bail out (too long ago to remember) then lets try more recently with the insurance bailout of AIG (George Bush).

    My God bless President O’Bama and guide him like he guided Bill Clinton and hopefully Hillary Clinton in 2016….. thank you

  • Samuel Ward

    A very good talk, you seemed to forget about George W. Bush as being our “Last Conservative President” and don’t forget what his VP told him, that “Deficits Don’t Matter”.

    You did such a good job saying what you would do about Benghazi, then you would have really done a GREAT job on 9/11 advising our inept President Bush.

    Last but not least, conservatives have always been sound believers of calling for de-regulation of Wall Street. Lets look at the failings of Wall Street & President Reagan on the Savings and Loan bail out (too long ago to remember) then lets try more recently with the insurance bailout of AIG (George Bush).

    May God bless President O’Bama and guide him like he guided Bill Clinton and hopefully Hillary Clinton in 2016….. thank you

  • Samuel Ward

    A very good talk, you seemed to forget about George W. Bush as being our “Last Conservative President” and don’t forget what his VP told him, that “Deficits Don’t Matter”.

    You did such a good job saying what you would do about Benghazi, then you would have really done a GREAT job on 9/11 advising our inept President Bush.

    Last but not least, conservatives have always been sound believers of calling for de-regulation of Wall Street. Lets look at the failings of Wall Street & President Reagan on the Savings and Loan bail out (too long ago to remember) then lets try more recently with the insurance bailout of AIG (George Bush).

    May God bless President O’Bama and guide him like he guided Bill Clinton and hopefully Hillary Clinton in 2016….. thank you

  • Join the “Draft Bill Whittle for President” Facebook page!

  • Join the “Bill Whittle for President” Facebook page and then spread the word!

  • Bill needs to run for president!!! How refreshing this speech is….

  • Bravo! This is the kind of man we need to lead our country!

  • Holy Friggin Crap. Just one of these speaches would have put Romney in the White House.

  • Excellent speech!!

    But, you need to replace your video….
    FYI: YouTube now has it.