MUST WATCH – Blockbuster mini-documentary on the Obama admin and Israel: Absolutely Uncertain

This must watch mini-documentary by Right Change puts everything together on how the Obama administration is just hot air when it comes to supporting the state of Israel. After watching it, my mouth was agape. It already has over 650k views in just three days:

A new, 18-minute mini-documentary follows the journey of Irina, a 23-year-old liberal, Jewish New Yorker who voted for Obama in 2008. Yet as her connection to Israel has grown, and she has learned more about the President’s policies across the Middle East and towards Israel in particular, Irina has come to realize that “when the chips are down,” the President may not “have Israel’s back” as he says.

(via The Blaze)

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  • tshtsh

    We know he does not have Israel back because he doesn’t have our back as demonstated by his deliberate failure to protect his own ambassador. The bump in the road is U.S.A. the road is islamization of the U.S. and our overall destruction.

    • StandProudNow

      So wished I could argue with you, but unfortunately you are right on.

      My only wish now is that enough Americans get their eyes open to the truth.

      God Bless The United States of America!!

      • BlueGood

        This very well compiled flick is a succinct synopsis of O’Buma’s true colors.

        I suggest you all take the time to send out the U-Tube link to all on your email list and ask they do the same!

        No doubt you are aware Canada has made it’s commitment to Israel very clear, and I would l hope that you good folks would encourage others in the U.S. to get beside Israel.

        O’Buma Must be VOTED OUT!

    • kong1967

      He’s got another thing coming if he thinks the U.S.A. is a bump in the road. We’re more like the biggest IED this world has ever seen.

      • Hey kong1967 what is IED (I’m sorry for being a dunce)?

        • Improvised Explosive Device.

        • kong1967

          Roadside bomb….goes with the analogy of a bump in the road. Not to imply that we are terrorists, but more to say “try walking over us you traitorous a-hole!”

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Okay by now the entire world should know that obama doesn’t like, respect, or care for the country of Israel. He leans heavily toward the muslim side on all issues in that region. He has been highly disrespectful of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on several occasions, which embarrassed the United States on the world stage. So if Irina still has any doubts as to whether or not obama has Israel’s back, maybe she should watch her own video again!!!!

    • kong1967

      But she said she will not vote for Obama again. Doubt is enough to not put the future of Isreal in his hands.

    • CO2isGood

      It has been self-evident for so long exactly where Obama stands regarding Israel, and his personal politics, but still so many seem shocked and surprised. I can understand the naiveté of youngsters like Irina coming fresh from the propaganda churning meatginders we call universities, but these older American Jews that are still not getting the message really have me baffled. I always gave them credit for not only high-intelligence, but a righteous paranoia that was once tatooed to their arms. Apparently, I was wrong!

      • Betsey_Ross

        That is my assessment of the video. These folks seem so naive’. I don’t understand why they can’t figure it out. Why aren’t they hopping mad? Obama has been playing them all along. Where is their righteous indignation?

        Ed Koch seems to get it. He’s always gotten it.

  • kong1967

    Wow, she is a stunningly beautiful young woman. If only I was 20 years younger, lol.

    I think many, many people that voted for Obama have gotten a shock they were not expecting. They voted for a President that was supposed to be a uniter, was going to stamp out corruption in government, was going to be open and transparent, was going to cut the deficit in half, and on and on and on.

    He has been a completely different leader than what he presented himself to be. This is what happens when the media never vets a candidate and praises the ground he walks on. They ignored all the warning signs and still try to bury any story that shows Obama does not have America’s, or Israel’s, best interests in mind.

    I just have one wish. On January 21st of 2013, I would like to fly the traitor to the border of Afghanistan and push him over the line. Call the Taliban and let them know where to find him. Is that a little strong?

    • Sandra123456


    • conservative58

      Excellent idea Kong!
      Maybe we can send a few others to escort him to the border.

      • kong1967

        Do we have enough money for that many jets?

    • Patriot077

      Not too strong at all. Take the whole corrupt administration over there and make them parachute out. Let him get a taste of a little “Green on Blue” perhaps. I just listened to part of Laura Ingraham’s show where she interviews the father of a 21 year old Army Specialist who lost his life on Aug 27 when a trained Afghani opened fire on him and his partner.

      The national security person says that these “friendlies killing our troops” are just a small, small fraction of the thousands of “interactions” they have with the natives.
      Not when he’s your child, you heartless idiot. And in this case, Mabry Anders happened to be their only child.

      • kong1967

        That’s similar to Obama’s bump in the road comment. My heart goes out to them.

        I personally give up on trying to help any of the people over there. They don’t want freedom, they want tyranny. That’s all they know. Freedom to a muslim is being able to practice the entirety of their religion, which includes their state being an oppressive theocracy that participates and allows beheadings of Christians and other infidels.

        • Patriot077

          You’re right, Kong. Just another bump in the road. Goes to show you how little they actually think of us. Take our money and despise us all the while.

        • keyesforpres

          Agreed. Pull and and then start beaming in the Gospel to them.

          • kong1967

            Pull? It kinda went over my head, lol.

            If we radio it in they will wear ear plugs. If we “pull” using a sling shot to toss the Bible in, they would eventually run out of matches.

            On a serious note, we don’t have time for the religion, if that’s what you want to call it, to mature, grow up, evolve, or whatever. Stockpile weapons and ammo to the teeth is all I can think of.

            • keyesforpres

              LOL, I meant to type “pull out” as in our troops.

              • kong1967

                Oh, and I thought I was missing something obvious, lol. Now it makes perfect sense.

    • texasgirl46

      I’m perfectly fine with that idea….

      • kong1967

        Lol, but you’re from Texas…the toughest state in the nation. Go Texas!

        • texasgirl46

          I grew up right….

    • warpmine

      In fact he became the uniter of those that would bring down the United States and the West.

      • kong1967


    • proudhispanicconservative

      Yeah she is gorgeous, and I am glad that she is seeing the light.

      • kong1967

        If she has doubts, others do too. Let’s just hope it’s wide spread.

    • trouble06

      No! Not strong at all! This is strong. How about we round all Progressive Liberals the enemies of our USA and drop them on a desserted island somewhere surrounded by sharks! Of course we won’t be callious, we’ll give them parachutes! Maybe with holes in them? Nah!

      • kong1967

        Lol, now that’s harsh! A lot of people are extremely misinformed and could change their minds if they actually got the truth from the media and a party that uses facts and results instead of tugging at people’s emotions and causing division.

        Destroy the corrupt Democrat party and the MSM, expand on conservative outlets, then we’ll see where we are at with the people.

    • FreeManWalking

      From your syntax it almost sounds like you would land before pushing.

      • kong1967

        Lol, yes….that’s what I meant. I guess we wouldnt’ have to bother landing.

      • keyesforpres

        We think alike!

    • keyesforpres

      Why bother even landing?

      • kong1967

        Good point. Ok, don’t even bother descending.

  • conservative58

    Scoop – I know we say it over and over, but THANK YOU for all the hard work in bringing us such awesome videos! I don’t know where you find all this stuff.

    This is an incredibly powerful message, which should remove any doubt of Obama’s stance with Israel.

    This is one video that needs to go viral!

    • kong1967

      Sounds like it already has gone viral with 650,000 hits.

      • conservative58

        OK — Viral on steroids then!
        650,000 hits is a good start.


        • kong1967

          Lol, there ya go.

        • proudhispanicconservative

          The girl’s beauty helps you know 🙂

  • Glad some people are opening their eyes. I don’t think anyone should vote for this man but NO Jews should vote for this President.

  • They need to run this doc everyday from now to Election!

  • 911Infidel

    Anyone who bows to the King of Saudi is sumitting to his rule. Anyone who does so is no friend of Israel. The future belongs to the followers of Christ. It does not belong to Islam.
    Isreal is God’s land that He gave to Israel in perpetuity. Who in the eff is Obama to dictate to Israel what they should do in their own homeland? Everything that Obama does or says is rhetoric. His rhetoric is getting people killed. His stupidity has set the Haji world on fire.

    At least one liberal has a brain. You go girl. Shalom.

    • keyesforpres

      Anyone who bows to the Saudi king IS a muslim. Only muslims bow to the Saudi King because Saudi Arabia is the home to the islamic holy sites.

      • 911Infidel

        “suzerainty” comes to mind. That’s what Obama has subsumed himself to. Only a slave bows to a King other than Jesus.

  • mike3e4r7

    If Obama should, God forbid, win re-election, what are the odds that Israel attacks Iran the very next day?

  • celestiallady

    Post and share this everywhere

  • Jim Verzani

    Wake up America! Vote for Israel. Vote for Romney. After Obama said Israel should go back to its 1967 borders, the very next day, or withing 24 hours of his saying that Joplin Missouri was devastated by tornadoes. Any time any US President has gone against Israel disaster has struck us. It is all documented – strongly documented in the book “Eye to Eye”. All congressmen and senators have been given this book to read. If Obama is re-elected America will regret it never knew him- because we don’t know him.

  • SaraPFan

    Wow. How charming Obama is. Take his interview with Charlie Gibson for example. He was asked point blank his position and Charlie even asked him whether he had thought it through. Obama reveals his true heart with a smile. He told Charlie he did have an opinion but he didn’t think it was expedient to share on “Charlie Gibson Show”. Then he has this conniving grin. Why can’t the President share his opinion and thought process to the American people? So many people are being duped by this man and they only have to listen to the words he tells us.

    • detectivedick

      Within this film, just watch the LIAR….he has total contempt all over his face. Obama is a very dangerous and evil person, plus why at the UN the other day did he have to say he was a Christian? maybe because he is a Muslum in a custom suit!

    • conservative58

      SaraPF… ‘Why can’t the President share his opinion and thought process to the American people? So many people are being duped by this man and they only have to listen to the words he tells us.’

      He’s waiting until AFTER the election when he’ll have more ‘flexibility’ and won’t have to lie any longer to his ‘duped’ followers. God help us all that he NEVER gets that opportunity!

  • armyvet10

    I took the time to watch the entire video and couldn’t agree more. Here is a self professed liberal woman who has done her own investigation and came to her own conclusion. With intelligence she asked herself tough questions and sought out her own answers. I have never believed that Obama ever cared about Israel and he has done nothing to change my mind. The way Carney and others within the Obama administration tried to answer the question of what city is the capital of Israel, only further indicates Obama’s dislike and disdain for Israel. Yet the same man would bow to the leaders of Saudi Arabia and go soft on leaders like Ahmadinejad and the sanctions he is giving only lip service to. Obama said he wanted to be the great unifier, yet we as a country seem more divided. Obama claimed he would save the economy but has only managed to save the unions. Obama brags that he saved the Auto industry, but has only managed to put GM on life support with tax payer money. Obama said he wanted to make health care affordable and has only helped skyrocket health care costs. It seems that Obama only achieves doing the exact opposite of what spews forth from his upper orifice.

  • Spartan4Palin

    It’s been four long years for these people to see it? But judging by the way she kept saying ‘I don’t think’ at every instance that has brought doubt about his gestures towards Israel? I don’t believe she STILL sees what we all see?

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Maybe she’s doing it to try to keep liberals watching. Once she thinks she’s made the most convincing case she can, she says Obama won’t have her vote this time.

    • Watchman74

      maybe not yet, but it’s a start!

  • texasgirl46

    Excellent post, sharing this with others..

    I just hope that Israel knows that the people (most) back them even if this administration doesn’t…

  • That was excellent. I hope it’s shown to as many Jewish democrats as possible.
    This is what they get for towing the party line and always voting “D”, muslim loving marxist. Wake up people.

  • sjmom

    Obama is not only anti Israel but pro Islamist terrorist as seen by his relationship with Morsi. Obama has thrown Israel under the bus and as earlier stated has cursed himself, as written in Genesis 12:3. As far as I’m concerned anyone who votes for him has also cursed themselves. I truly believe he will be defeated, not because Romney is a great candidate, but because God is good and is not finished with America yet.

    • keyesforpres

      I pray every night that you are right!

      • PAWatcher

        mom is always right, don’t ya know keyes…… mom taught me that! I’m praying right along with you for sjmom to be right and our Father to lead the way for US.

  • i’ve said it before and i’ll keep saying it, Obama hates Israel because they are enemies of islam…he sees them as colonialists…he’s an anti-colonialist to his core and he hates Israel…as long as he is president, we and Israel are in danger…

  • The one thing that really struck me when watching this video occurs at about the18:55 mark. This is where on December 1, 2011, Senator Bob Menendez-D states the published reports say we have about a year before Iran has nukes. Iran is making 12-12-12 a self fulfilling prophecy I am afraid. I’m not a believer in the whole Mayan calendar mumbo jumbo, but I think Iran just might be. Ug.

  • 12grace

    One of my Jewish friends actually accused me of being a racist when I told her that obama hated Jews and would be no friend of Israel. We parted ways and I’ve yet to hear an apology from her, etc.

    I will send her this link.

    • detectivedick

      Some USA Jews will only vote for a Democrat. Obama is a Progressive and hates the Democrat Party, just witness the 2012 Convention of Progressive freaks!

  • Sober_Thinking

    I’ll watch it when I have time…

    Israel is that nasty little nation that’s been a thorn in Obama’s side. Obama’s a pathological liar. He’s had terrorists and Muslim Brotherhood goons at the WH. He still wants to send milions and billions of tax-payer money to radical Muslim nations. He’s gutting our military. He’s cooperating with Russia and China. He doesn’t know what the capital of Israel is. He disses Bibi on more than one occassion. He won’t draw the red line. He hasn’t visited Israel as pResident. He can’t even utter the word: “Terrorist”.

    The math doesn’t add up. Obama’s lying regime is beyond crooked… it’s actually evil in many ways. Obama is a lying fool.

    • PVG

      Fool is too good for this narcissistic liar!

      • Sober_Thinking

        Lol! I’m running out of things to call him. I’d get banned if I called him all the names he’s earned and deserves. 🙂


    I pray everyone votes. I pray for this country.


    Please everyone vote!!! I pray for our country.

  • Yazz55

    After seeing this video, I am still perplexed as to how Obama will still get a majority of the Jewish vote.

    ….. Is this possibly a peek as to how Hitler came into power 80 years ago?

    • keyesforpres

      I know, it makes NO sense. Heck, all one needed to see was the sermons he listened to for twenty years. Someone listens to that garbage for 20 years, they believe it.

  • Thanks for posting this, Scoop!

    I have never been a huge fan of Beck, but I’m really glad his channel is doing this hard work. (I think this is the last time I’ll bother to qualify my mentions of him, too.)

    As I wrote recently, the Anti-Zionist Jews need to wake up to the fact that they have just as big a target on their backs as the people living in Israel. This isn’t about ending Israel, it’s about the core of jihadist Muslims who want to wipe out every. single. one of the Jews.

    Look at the table at the link, above. The Jewish population of Arab countries is now LESS THAN 1% of what it was in 1948. This isn’t because the Jews just happened to feel like moving someplace nicer.

    • K-Bob, check out these anti-Zionist Jews embracing Ahmadinejad, praising him and even giving him a token of appreciation!

      • THAT is disgusting. I have a token of appreciation for Mr. Ahmadinejad. It travels at around 1000ft/sec, though.

  • bobnc57

    Never, ever, ever listen to what Obama says…watch what he does. In Obama’s case his actions speak much louder than his words and his actions don’t portend that he is anything but an enemy of Israel and an enemy of the US Constitution!

  • Very good documentary and I hope all Jews, and Americans too, see it. But we may be approaching a point of no return. Obama MUST lose in November if Israel is to stand a chance of defeating what’s about to happen to it. Iran is going to get a nuclear bomb under Obama, and if he’s re-elected, that will be a certainty. I don’t think the bulk of the American people understand this, let alone know what that would mean for the rest of the world. We are fast approaching a major day of reckoning and, at the present moment, we are NOT ready to confront it. Only voting Obama out of office will give both Israel, as well as the United States, another chance at survival in a very terrible part of the world.

  • 12grace

    Please pray with me and others to save America so that we may help our spiritual sister, Israel.

    John Haee 40 days of prayer.

    Day 3 – September 30, 2012

    Target: Freedom

    Psalm 119:45
    And I will walk at liberty, for I seek Your precepts. I will speak of Your testimonies also before kings, and will not be ashamed. And I will delight myself in Your commandments, which I love.

    The Founding Fathers knew that America could only be a great nation if it was founded and sustained on Christian values:
    “The Christian religion is the basis, or rather the source, of all genuine freedom in government. I am persuaded that no civil government of a republican form can exist and be durable in which the principles of Christianity have not a controlling influence.”
    – Noah Webster, Founding Father, “Schoolmaster to America”

    Lord, we often hear the call to “take America back.” As a nation, we need to once again embrace the wisdom You gave our Founding Fathers. May we implement the changes necessary to return to righteousness. We pray that our nation looks to You for guidance, the Chief Cornerstone. May we be the catalyst for change in our country, enabling us to once again place the Ten Commandments in our classrooms and courthouses and regain the necessary luxury of public prayer. We repent for our wrongdoings as a nation, so that we can return to our former glory as one nation under God. As we turn from our wicked ways, Your Word promises that you will begin to heal our land. In Jesus’ name, we ask for a great healing from top to bottom. May the revival to take back our land and our liberty spread like wildfire throughout our nation, and may it begin with me. May the freedom our country once knew reign supreme, that the God of Israel be glorified in all that we do. Amen.

    • trouble06

      Amen, Amen and Amen!

      • 12grace

        Thank you, t06.

        Only G-d can save us and America.

  • NJK

    The “Black Muslim,” Jihadist in the White House is killing someone elses children everyone. He and his other henchment Clinton, Rice, and Dempsey. This is how he’s diminshing our military. It’s part of the stealth Jihad.
    Attack kills 2 Americans, at least 2 Afghans

    Associated Press

  • bobemakk

    The young voters and the Jewish people in this country MUST see this video. I will post it on my facebook page. Obama is the worst nightmare we’ve ever had in the White House. Take the link above the video and copy and paste it and send it to the world. I’d rather die than see Obama re-elected. God Bless the USA!!!

  • Orangeone

    She actually thinks O’Bambi desired to unite the world? She still needs to get her head out of the sand and wake up. His plan is to destroy the United States and be the world’s Muslim’s leader. She needs to watch Bibi daily!

  • WordsFailMe

    Anyone who voted for Obama, please, for the rest of your lives remember howyou felt when you pulled the lever for him.

    That was what a lie tastes like. Remember that taste, that feeling, for ever and you will never waste another vote.

    If your vote does not have a bitter taste, you have been befooled.

  • keyesforpres

    How any Jew could have voted for a guy, who listened to antisemitic bilge for twenty years could not figure out that he’d be an enemy to Israel and the USA, is beyond me.

    • A_Truism

      What I don’t understand (and I’ve posted this on Scoop before) is how they continue to support him when it’s blatant that his attitude towards Israel is “To hell with them”, and while he shows compassion and leniency towards the Religion of Perpetual Offence. And typically, Jews are intelligent people……………


  • A_Truism

    “It seems like…”, “I’m not sure…”, “I think…”, “It looks like…”

    WTF does it take for Jews to SEE THAT IT IS A HUGE, FAT, “BITE ME!” from the O admin?!!!!!!!!

    During the Holocaust, many Jews, a huge majority, remained in denial that there was a people who would actually wanted to extinguish their race from the face of the earth, that their lives were in danger by men who HATED them – while they were in the concentration camps, living the satanic nightmare!.

    So late in the hour and still so many deluded. It’s seriously breaking my heart…

  • To trust Obama or his admiration in any respect is a fools errand fraught with danger evidenced by 3 1/2 years of lies and failure.

  • LiberalBoycotter

    She is having second thoughts now, do these jews not understand that Barry, was representing the same ideas that Hitler had when he took over power in Germany? 2008 is what happens when you have people voting for someone without actually looking at the history of the person running.

    McCain, and the MSM got Barry, elected, in 2008 and they are doing the same thing this time. Only the MSM, is doubling down and has become a political advocate for Barry, and is now suppressing news of the attacks on our embassies in foreign countries, and is not reporting that Barry, lied regarding the attack killing four of our countrymen. MSM continues to tell the lie that the attack was not a planned attack, it was a riot that got out of hand based on a movie, that no one has seen. This is a lie to get a person elected, and as Pat Caddell, says the MSM, is now an “Enemy of the State”..

    McCain, is a political advisor to Romney, and is telling Romney, to not attack Barry, and to say Barry, is a nice guy, which we know is a lie. The one thing that bothers me is that Romney is listening to a Rhino like McCain, who lost the election in 2008, cause he wouldn’t tell the truth about Barry, and GD America Rev. Wright. How many people still don’t know about Barry, sitting in a church for twenty years listening to a Rev. spew hate for America, and the white people of this country?

  • DavidRobertson

    Obama’s stance on Israel is one of the most stark examples of how this man and his administration will sell one idea while acting the opposite. I’ve never seen such a disconnect between what is said and what is done in almost every issue as I’ve seen with this circus in the white house today. It defies common sense that so many Americans just want to hear words and pay no attention to action.

  • MiketheMarine

    He’s a frigging hajji, Irina. You should speek with some Israeli Jews more frequently and you may have learned this BEFORE helping to elect this Anti American, muslim President.

  • m0r0

    Sadly she didn’t include the detailed ‘leaks’ from the White House about how Israel would go about attacking Iran if they were forced to proceed on their own. Including the use of military bases in Azerbaijan. That was a clear and deliberately vicious leak by those in the White House and/or Intelligence Officials and of course the president knew.
    As a Jew I am disgusted that any fellow Jew would cast a vote in support of this hateful man.