Must Watch: Compelling FBI statistics that show 50% less violent crime than 20 years ago

Amidst The Noise has put together a compelling video on violent crime statistics that has been going around for a little over a week now and already has almost 500k hits. His main point is that politicians are cherry picking their statistics to push gun control agendas that simply don’t match reality. Here’s a quick summary but you really should watch the entire video (via The Blaze):

  • Between 1992 and 2011, the violent crime rate in the U.S. has fallen by almost 50 percent (from 757.7 per 100,000 to 386.3 per 100,000).
  • The murder rate in 2011 rate was 4.7 per 100,000, down from 1992’s 9.3 per 100,000. That’s a 54 percent decrease.
  • In metropolitan areas where the population is greater than 250,000, the violent crime rate is double that of the national average.
  • In metropolitan areas where the population is greater than 250,000, the murder rate is double that of the national average.

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  • BlueGood

    WOW…but you know FACTS are confusing to Liberals’ agenda to disarm the masses…..they will ignore & have perpetual hissy fits until they shove some totally useless
    & ineffective plan down our throats!

    • CalCoolidge

      As Alinsky said, the organizer never defends his position on the basis of facts and logic.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Excellent video – very persuasive. I would have loved some sort of correlation with gun ownership… but that may have been too difficult to get.

    This should be on national T.V. – even the braying jackasses wouldn’t be able to refute the readily available government data in this report.

    • CalCoolidge

      It is not that hard to imagine or procure the results. The metropolitan areas with crime rates double the average include all the cities with the “toughest” (read: stupidest and most unconstitutional) gun laws.

      • Sober_Thinking


  • skyemantaray

    Waiting for the mainstream media response…………..
    Yeah, not holding my breath.

    • skyemantaray

      What the left refuses to acknowledge is that banning guns will not reduce violent crime. February will mark the one year anniversary of the murder of my parent’s good friends. They were 74 and 72 and killed alongside their 50-year-old son. Three lives destroyed in one night and no guns were involved (sadly their fate was much worse than being shot).
      Can “Musket” Morgan and Diane Feinstein really look my parents in the eye and say that their friends wouldn’t have lost their lives if guns had been banned in this country? Of course they can’t. The utopia gun grabbers seek has never existed and will never exist anywhere other than their imaginations (or their campaign brochures).

  • tinlizzieowner

    “In metropolitan areas where the population is greater than 250,000, the murder rate is double that of the national average”.

    Here’s another little tid bit. These metropolitan areas that we have been pouring billions into for decades have almost exclusively been run by Democratic Administrations. Yes, there are a few exceptions, but Democratic administrations have almost always been the rule.

    • ten most dangerous, ten poorest cities across the board democratically controlled for decades

  • Nukeman60

    I am so sick of these liberals telling me it’s my fault there is so much crime in the world, because I own guns. We don’t have a gun problem, we have a gang problem. Every country that has banned guns has proven to have higher violent crimes after the ban than before it.

    Why is that? Because that allows the criminal element to run rampant. If they can waltz into your home unobstructed to rob you, why wouldn’t they? No need to worry whether the homeowner is armed. In Scotland, it is actually against the law to carry many items that might be used to defend oneself against an attack.

    The government can’t save us from criminals. Only we can defend at the moment of the crime.

    • cabensg

      It’s common sense based on truth backed up by statistics and this is why we can be sure it will be ignored by liberals and the kiss Obama’s a$$ media.

      • Nukeman60

        If the word ‘facts’ enters the conversation, you can bet the farm, the liberal elite will totally ignore it.

    • sjmom

      In my comment I talked about the other night at a local mall where one group of teens was caught beating on another group. The police are now in search of the guilty, but there were no guns, and hands and feet were the weapons of choice. The problem is not guns, but ungodly people.

  • colliemum

    Well, here’s another inconvenient fact:

    ‘gun control’ as making semi-aout arms illegal = the left/dems “New War on Women”,


    • Sandra123456

      If they ban semi-auto pistols the only thing left is revolvers. I wonder if the Senators realize this? …They probably do.

      • colliemum

        All the dem gon control freaks, from Senators to Hollyweird people to the Bloombergs and the rest of them have one thing in common: they enver need to think about self-defense, they are defended by hired guns.

        The article I quoted addresses the self-defense of women. Take away their right to arm themselves, and watch the murder rate shoot up (pun intended).
        Remember the wife who defended her children just a few days ago? Dems and lefties and the Feinsteins seem to think it would’ve been ok if she just had died, or worse.

        That’s why a ban on semi-automatic weapons is = war on women, instigated by the left.

        I’m cross because we don’t have that right ehre in the UK, and many elderly women are attacked in their own homes, beaten and robbed. I wish I had a gun or two!

  • Sandra123456

    What we have is the MSM and the politicians dumbing up the low info voter. They have got enough low info voters now that they can lie to about firearms and get the support they need to get their anti-gun agenda.

    I keep advocating term limits because I see no other way to try to prevent what is happening now. For the last 30 years plus I’ve seen the Feinsteins and Schumers of the Senate rushing to microphones after every tragedy blaming guns for everything. Either term limit these hacks out or have national elections for Senators or return them to the way our Founders intended, (and the way they were until 1913) appointed state reps to the Federal Government.

    What’s next? Will there be weight restrictions on autos? Heavier autos kill more people than lighter autos. Maybe all autos should weigh the same. Help save more children. Liberalism has to be a mental illness, as it is practices now..

    • Jay

      Hybrids for everybody! Except the rich and priveleged, of course.

  • According to the National Self Defense Survey conducted by Florida State University criminologists in 1994, the rate of Defensive Gun Uses can be projected nationwide to approximately 2.5 million per year — one Defensive Gun Use every 13 seconds.

    Among 15.7% of gun defenders interviewed nationwide during The National Self Defense Survey, the defender believed that someone “almost certainly” would have died had the gun not been used for protection — a life saved by a privately held gun about once every 1.3 minutes. (In another 14.2% cases, the defender believed someone “probably” would have died if the gun hadn’t been used in defense.)

    In 83.5% of these successful gun defenses, the attacker either threatened or used force first — disproving the myth that having a gun available for defense wouldn’t make any difference.

    More stats here:

  • tinker_thinker

    Thanks for this….

  • stage9

    Guns are the new shiny thing people are chasing. Last year it was the economy. They said, “Fix the economy” and America will be great again.”

    This year it’s guns. “Get rid of guns and America will be great again.”

    All of this is pure nonsense.

    America abandoned its moral foundations and that ALONE is why America is collapsing. Gun violence only reflects the nature of the moral pulse of the culture. It reflects how modern man deals with a world unhinged from moral absolutes. It’s our behavior that’s dooming us. It’s our refusal to acknowledge the moral decay inherent inside of us. It’s no one else’s fault I choose to hate, murder, live like a dirt bag. It’s not the government. It’s not hollywood (though they try their best to encourage bad behavior); I alone make my own choices.

    And so long as we have the godless and the gutless governing over us we can expect more of the same downward spiral.

    Until we acknowledge what the real problem is ourselves, and get THAT component right, Americans will continue to blame the next big shiny thing, and NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING is going to change. period.

    Forget all the stats and studies and background noise of the relativists of our day; get back to fearing God as a nation and the rest will be history. It’s that simple. And aren’t the simplest solutions always the least popular and the last ones tried?

  • sjmom

    Violent crime comes from angry people and a perfect example is what happened the other night in a local mall. Two groups of teenagers were caught on camera fighting in the midst of the mall, it was caught on video and now the police are looking for those who not only started it but were beating on the others. There were NO guns involved only hands and feet knocking down on the floor and punching and kicking………….all supposedly because of a girl.

    My question is since one child was treated at the hospital are we going to outlaw hands and feet? Maybe the answer is not banning guns but putting God back in schools.

    PS. This mall is one of the most popular in the area with beautiful shops and stores, and the incidence of something like this occurring there is rare.

  • Per capita – i.e. when you discuss it HONESTLY, Piers MoreGun-s, US is faaar behind other countries….UK crime went UP, just different tools were used.
    Want to stick to gun deaths? Then we’ll stick with car deaths. Make them illegal, you brainless oaf!!!
    Inconvenient facts:

  • Smith Smith

    This guy needs to stop being so logival….Liberls heads will explode…lol

    O wait, take that back, go ahead and keep being logic, a few less of them will not hurt our country.

  • Boris_Badenoff

    Sound to me we need to Ban 250,000+ Metropolitan Areas…

  • Let’s not confuse the issue of stripping the 2nd amendment out of the constitution with cold hard facts! What are you trying to do??? Let a perfectly good crisis go to waste? God, I hate it when people use common sense and TRUE facts and it just blows my argument out of the water. Man, there has to be an executive order here somewhere for me to do what I want. What about MY right to be the Messiah?


    The Messiah-In-Chief

  • Conniption Fitz

    Except in Obama gang lands and other Democrat high crime and union conclaves…and where gun control laws are most stringent.

  • Jay

    The truth doesn’t fit the leftwing agenda, which is total power and control under the guise of a benevolent nanny-state.

    • factsobill

      You give them too much credit. Benevolence is not part of O’s Agenda!

  • factsobill

    Good facts, good ammo in the war of words.!


    too much logic for the msm

  • How do we start the Recall prosess of elceted officals ‘ for braking there oath to uphold and protect the Constatution By cleary tring to undermind the Second Amendment Not to be infringed

  • How do we start the Recall prosess of elceted officals ‘ for braking there oath to uphold and protect the Constatution By cleary tring to undermind the Second Amendment Not to be infringed

  • YusufTokgoz