MUST WATCH – Islam: What the West Needs to Know

There appears to be a lot of people who know little about Islam leaving comments, so I’d like to challenge them to watch this movie, and everyone else for that matter. It runs 98 minutes but is very well done and explains exactly why Islam hates the West – not just Israel, but America too. This video is especially important in light of all the events that have occurred this year in the Islamic world. It is quite frankly a MUST WATCH. Heck, I think I’ll probably watch it again tonight before I go to bed as a refresher.

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  • Have you seen Iranium, The Third Jihad and Obsession? Be glad to send you a copy…read The Terrorist Next Door…that’ll keep you up

  • Anonymous

    Someone said “the day we turn our back on Israel, God will turn his back on us”. (I think it was Joel Rosenberg). My prayer is that never happens! Oh Lord, No!

    • Anonymous

      Joel Rosenberg is a Watchman as written about in the Bible. His story is pretty incredible.

    • Anonymous

      You are living in fools paradise.

    • Anonymous

      We’re damn close to turning our back on Israel right now. This is the first President to ever be on the wrong side of the fence.

      • Anonymous

        Read “if American knew” God bless you.
        You will be enlightened.

        • Anonymous

          I did a search and what I got was a website that’s anti-Israel. I’m not interested. Israel is surrounded by Islamists that want to destroy them and always have. I will not hold it against them for doing whatever it takes to protect themselves and to survive as a nation. Lefties and the likes of Hezbollah use propaganda to twist reality. For example…..firing rockets from the top of people’s houses and when the house gets bombed they use video of the destruction to make Israel look like agressors. They fired hundreds upon hundreds of missiles at Israel and when Israel advanced to put an end to it the left went nuts claiming Israel was attacking peaceful people. Yeah, I have no interest in leftist propaganda.

          • Anonymous

            May God bless you.
            People see and believe what they want to see and believe not more.

  • Two excellent books to read would be Unveiling Islam by Ergun Caner and Light in the Shadow of Jihad by Ravi Zacharius.

    Thanks for re posting this Scoop. There is no reason for people not to know the truth about Islam. Stop being ignorant people.

    • Anonymous

      Love Ergun Caner!!
      And Walid Shoebat’s “God’s War on Terror” – very insightful book!

      • Yes! Walid and his videos also! And Bridgette Gabriell, Pamella Gellar among others. But I like the folks like the Caners, Shoebat and Gabrielle who actually grew up in that climate. It makes what they say more real.

        • Anonymous

          And Zacharia Boutros (Egyptian Coptic Priest), whose head is priced at above 60 million dollars… God bless them all!

    • Anonymous

      Another book is “Son of Hamas” by Mosab Hassan Yousef. He is the oldest son of the man who started Hamas and has now become a Christian. The man is an inspiration. Want to know what’s inside the heads of jihad? Read it.

      • I’ve heard of that, and I’ll look for it. Thank you.
        One more I can think of which I’ve not read yet, but read about it on WorldNetDaily a while back is “The Blood of Lambs: A Former Terrorist’s Memoir of Death and Redemption” by Kamal Saleem.

        No shortage it seems of people who are warning us, but a shortage maybe of those who want to learn.

      • Anonymous

        walid shoebat came out against Yousef because of some pro islam comments Yousef made in a few interviews. Its worth looking up.

    • Anonymous

      The best way to know Islam is to read the Koran, read the bible and compare.
      Islam is for everyone to follow.
      God gives knowledge to those HE wills.
      There is nothing to hide. God hates the ignorant.

      • I have read the Koran and part of the Hadiths. I know the Bible, and read it regularly. I have studied religions and comparisson for half of my life. The other books are suggestions for extra reading.

        • Anonymous

          That is good May Allah bless you

        • Anonymous

          Read Genesis 34.5
          Exodus 32.27, Joshua 8.24, 1 Samuel 17.57. 19.5,
          1 Kings 18.13, Ester 3.6 and 9.5 Jeremiah 41.2
          God bless

  • Dittos Scoop…

    As you wrote above in the intro sentence –

    “There appears to be a lot of people who know little about Islam leaving comments … .”

    I noticed the lack of informed substance about islamic shariah and islamic jihad on your post, “Ron Paul: ‘Flawed’ US policies led to 9/11”, and I jumped at the opportunity to dialogue with the Paul supporters about islamic jihad and the “how-to-be-holy” book as the source of hate against Israel and USA, but, no go… but later is coming.

    I wonder if Ron Paul has watched the video, “Islam: What the West Needs to Know”?

    I wonder if Ron Paul supporters have watched the video?

    I would watch the video again, but I am listening to Caroline Glick on her YouTube channel as I type.

    The title of Caroline’s comments is, “Iran & Israel, After the Bomb” –
    >> part 1 –

    “The Center for Security Policy’s Senior Middle East Fellow Caroline Glick recently spoke on the subject of Iran at Moses Montefiore Anshe Emunah Synagogue in Baltimore, MD.

    “She offered a very sober assessment of the Obama administration’s policy of appeasement toward the Mullahs– and what happens next.”


    • Caroline Glick is extremely knowlegable on this subject. Thanks Art for putting her name out there.

      • Dittos…

        I understand your point about “… putting her name out there.”

        So, I’ll do it now again… and again… and again…

        Caroline’s blog, is where she posts her Jerusalem Post columns, such as –

        “Our World: Defending Israeli Democracy”
        11/14/2011 23:12

        “Israel sorely lacks the checks and balances that are the norm for other Western countries and would protect this country from radical left-wing groups.”

        >> JPost -

        And, from Pamela Geller at AtlasShrugs –
        >> Caroline bio. -

        “Listen to my dear friend, Caroline Glick, lay out the facts.

        “Glick backgrounder:

        -Caroline Glick is the deputy managing editor of The Jerusalem Post
        -Worked in the IDF’s Judge Advocate General division during the First Intifada in 1992
        -Co-authored an IDF-published book, Israel, the Intifada and the Rule of Law
        -Following the Oslo Accords, she worked as coordinator of negotiations with the Palestinian Authority
        -Retired from the military with the rank of captain at the end of 1996
        -Assistant to the director general of the Israel Antiquities Authority
        -Served as assistant foreign policy advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
        -Master of Arts in Public Policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, in 2000
        -Author, Shackled Warrior: Israel and the Global Jihad

        “She knows.”


    • Anonymous

      Here is a link for Caroline Glick after the bomb in 1 part. 50:56

  • Anonymous

    Too long for my internet, but just added to my Netflix queue. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I know that there are lots of people who do not want to face the truth about Islam. But there are just as many people who do not want to face the fact that our government has been bring this problems to our shores and putting our way of life in danger for the last century. Buying oil from the middle east and enriching muslins with our money only for them to turn around and use that wealth to kill non muslins around the world. The government continues to bring these religious fanatics to live among us and undermine our laws and our free society. The government has lied to the public and continues to lie to us about the dangers of Islam. Our biggest threat is a government that does not provide the public with the truth so that the people can properly protect themselves. Instead our government is enabling the spread of the Islamic hatred.

    • “… truth about Islam” Dittos…

      Even the part about “… our government has been bring (sic) this problem to our shores … .”

      The dhimmi US State Department, yes, ALL administrations, “dhimmi-crat” and “dhimmi-can” are all complicit.

      Pres. GWBush was influenced by Grover Norquist and his cohorts on the right who gave Bush the “Islam is a religion of peace” advice that brought into the power structure of the US State Department and Justice, the FBI for example, radical fundamentalist jihadistic and shariahistic” Muslim Brotherhood moles.

      See also Robert Spencers short post –
      Ron Paul: “Flawed” U.S. policies caused 9/11 –
      >> “Here he goes again” –


      • p m

        Great posts Art, specially about the brilliant Caroline Glick.

        As for Norquist/Norquisling this guy was accurately fingered for his islamicist sympathies by David Horowitz, in public, in David’s keynote speech at the 2011 CPAC event.

        Now Norquist is messing again with the reps. in Congress who were dumb enough to sign his ‘no tax increases’ pledge. The aim of the pledge is not dumb, but the job of the congresscritters is to represent their constituents, not one single-minded crusader. Same goes for all the other pledges from special interest groups. They seem to be as bad as lobbyists – both subvert the will of the people in their own ways. Course, the critters should be above selling their votes for any special interests, and therein lies the rub – the low quality of some representatives.

  • Racism is the cardinal sin above all to silence any effective debate….hmmmm…sound familiar

  • What global jihad has on it’s side is simple minded commitment of millions of people…that was quite the quote at around 1:32

  • Safe – Safer – Safest…

    Wow – Ron Paul is, uh, safest – by Bosch Fawstin –
    >> See the cartoon –

    “Safe & Safer (….& Safest)

    “Ron Paul further validated my older cartoon below when he said in last week’s debate that he’s fine with a nuclear Iran.

    “With Islamophiles like Bush & Obama, who needs Ron Paul?

    “The cartoon originally ran in in Sep. 2010.”


  • Roots of Ron Paul’s views…

    From comments section –
    >> Roots –

    Here is part of the comment by RonaldB November 20, 2011 4:49 PM – reformatted for quick scanning –

    – – – – – – – –

    “The roots of Ron Paul’s views are becoming clearer.

    “Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad is a Muslim academic and Libertarian (?) who served formerly as a Ron Paul adviser in 2008, and perhaps later:

    >> Ahmad –

    “… Palestinian American scholar and the president of the Minaret of Freedom Institute, a libertarian Muslim think-tank.

    “He also is president of the Islamic-American Zakat Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt religious and charitable organization which primarily serves poor and needy Muslims in the United States.”

    >> Minaret of Freedom Institute –

    “Among other articles rationalizing Islam, Dr. Ahmad has written about the US actions which he claims caused al-Qaeda’s aggression towards the US:


    “Among the reasons are 6 reasons listed below.

    “The quotation is taken from Dr. Ahmad’s article:

    “Our leaders say he and his followers hate us because of who we are, because we have early primaries in Iowa every four years and allow women in the workplace.

    “That’s nonsense.

    “I don’t think he would have those things in his country.

    “But that’s not why he opposes us.

    “I read bin Laden’s writings and I take him at his word.

    “He and his followers hate us because of specific aspects of U.S. foreign policy.

    “Bin Laden lays them out for anyone to read.

    “Six elements:

    1-our unqualified support for Israel;
    2-our presence on the Arabian peninsula, which is land they deem holy;
    3-our military presence in other Islamic countries;
    4-our support of foreign states that oppress Muslims, especially Russia, China and India;
    5-our long-term policy of keeping oil prices artificially low to the benefit of Western consumers but the detriment of the Arab people; and
    6-our support for Arab tyrannies who will do that.” (emphasis added)

    – – – – – – – –

    There is more at JihadWatch.

    So, could Ron Paul, who sounds like Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, a 2008 adviser to Ron Paul, simply be regurgitating Osama bin Laden’s political points passed on by a Muslim adviser?


    • Anonymous

      To summarize the six points, we are thwarting the Islamists’ wishes in the world.

      1) They wish to destroy Israel, we are Israel’s ally.

      2) They wish to build an Islamic caliphate in the Middle East, we oppose that with our military presence because we believe an Islamic empire would threaten world peace.

      3) They wish to overthrow existing governments in Russia, China, and India, we don’t support those destabilizing efforts.

      4) They wish to plunder the West with high oil prices, we resist.

      5) They wish to throw the Middle East into chaos of faction and tribe against each other, we don’t support those efforts.

      Many who take the “blame America” view seem to assume that the goals of the Islamists are legitimate and good and thus America is wrong and evil to deny them what they want. I personally don’t think it is any more wrong to thwart the goals of the Islamists than it was to thwart the goals of Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, or the USSR during the cold war.

      • Ditos…

        I wonder if Ron Paul has read the Qur’an?

        Who would Paul blame if he was aware of the source of the heart of hate of Islam?


  • I’ve linked to it already. Your link about islam which is about 98 minutes I believe is very useful. I teach this stuff to students all the time. For most who did not already feel that Islam was a threat are hard to convince:

  • With too few exceptions, the “peaceful” Muslim merely awaits their warriors.

  • Anonymous

    Totally worth the time .
    Thanx a hugzillion for posting it TRS.

  • Anonymous

    The movie “Obsession” is another good one about islam as well.

  • Anonymous

    Pleasant dreams RS.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    I had always struggled in weighing the opinions of those who argued that Islam is peaceful and those that said that it is violent. My nature wanted to believe the former. Unfortunately, after reading a translation of the Koran, I have no doubt that it is the latter. Although there are some good and peaceful messages in the Koran, an absolutely central theme is that anyone that does not believe in Allah is the enemy and should die. It is clear and unequivocal in making that point. If you have any doubt, please read it yourself.

    I purchased my translation at a used book sale for $1. It is very old and yellow and obviously written decades ago, and therefore I believe it to have been written without any agenda, either way.

    I have zero doubt that there is absolutely no way that this can end well.

    • Not all muslims read the Hadiths, but that too is where much of the “radical” stuff comes from.

      • Anonymous

        You’re right, I’ve heard that the Hadiths are even worse than the Koran. Since the Koran gave me enough information to draw a very clear conclusion, I have no need to look any further.

        My conclusion is that we have to face the threat head on and that “peace through strength” is our only choice. Unfortunately, negotiation will be of little to no value. It’s impossible, not to mention suicide, to try to “Coexist” with a religion whose holy book clearly commands its followers to kill anyone that doesn’t believe in Allah.

        I wish people with that bumper sticker would fly to an Islamic country, rent a car, put that sticker on their bumper and go for a drive. They will quickly see who doesn’t want to “coexist”.

        • Anonymous

          Spread peace and harmony, same message as Jesus (peace be upon him)

  • Anonymous

    I’ll make sure I watch today.

  • Anonymous

    I just watched this and it affirmed my own research of the Muslim faith. Too bad information like this isn’t required viewing or reading within the political class. Too many members of Congress have this idea that our actions and policies are the source of the enmity from the Muslim world. When in fact it is our existence and refusal to become subservient to Sharia Law that drives this hatred. Until our political leaders understand that the Care Bear Stare, Fairies with Pixie Dust, and hiding under rocks or across oceans, will not stop this scourge of 7th century barbarianism from destroying our culture and very lives. It will take direct confrontation and continuous defeat of these enslaving hoards of misogynist, worshipers of war and infidel killers.

  • Anonymous

    my dear americans, how can this be considered a religion? if me must conclude this to be a religion, then i must state it a satanic religion. hey you muslins, i am armed and ready. armed with the gospel of peace of my LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS THE CHRIST

    • Anonymous

      Its great that people have read the Koran and interpreted it in correcly.
      Read the bible there is so much hatred and killing in it, Koran is no where even close to it.
      Do your home work read the bible
      You all are Islamaphobic at best.
      Islam is a religion of peace and will remain so.
      Islam believes in Jesus (peace be upon him) the Messiah and messenger of God,
      For they knoweth not what they do or say.

    • Anonymous

      Jesus (peace be upon him) IS THE MESSIAH AND MESSENGER OF GOD.
      Read the bible and you will relaize how much killings are mentioned in it.
      Do your homework -read the bible.

    • Anonymous

      There is no place for hate in this world. Talk and think PEACE

  • Anonymous

    Islamaphobic galore on the site.
    Read the Koran and understand it. Its not the hate book people make out to be.
    Its Islams holy book, God bless you for your understanding

    • Anonymous

      I’ve read it thanks, and I know it’s a book which sanctions and mandates warfare against all unbelievers (9:5) and that this one verse alone abrogates all the peaceful/tolerant verses which were “revealed” earlier than this verse, and that this verse (among others) has been used as the primary justification for all the conquests, mass-murders, enslavesments and subjugations of entire countries of unbelievers, ever since the 7th century.

      Islam is not just a hatred of unbelief; it is also a book of commandments which sanction and mandate warfare against all unbelievers, for all time. Islam is primarily a political ideology, much like Communism, which seeks to dominate the world.

      • Anonymous

        Islam is the best of the religions. This video is Islamaphobia.
        The Koran was revealed over 40 yrs and revelations came as needed.
        Remember that and things will work out when you read the genuine Koran
        9.5 is a verse which allows to kill the combatants not the ordinary people.
        This was a dispute when the residents would not allow the messenger of God to go to to Mecca inspite of the treaty (this is the condensed version)
        9.6 the next verse says it is better to forgive that kill.
        Then it goes on to say that if they ask them for forgiveness escort them to a safe place and look after them.
        Islam has spread without, the sword was used by crusaders to kill thousands of innocent people in Jerusalem. And best of all condoned by the then pope.
        People like you go to mideavel times, look at it today without a pope Islam is spreading like wild fire(on its own) its because the messages are clear.
        One God , Jesus (peace be upon him) is a messenger of God .Mohammed was the last of the messengers, we believe in all the messengers before that Adam , Moses, Noah and other holy prophets.
        The Koran is the holy book which corrects the wrong thoughts of people.
        Take it or leave it.
        May God bless you and your family I do not want to offend anyone. To you your belief to me mine.

        • Anonymous

          You’re right that the “revelations” came as needed: Early on Muhammad needed peaceful verses so the Jewish tribes in Mecca would not kill him for being a threat, but later on he needed violent verses so that he could actually kill unbelievers, both in self-defence and aggressively. Knowing that this would cause contradictions with the earlier peaceful verses, he “revealed” 2:106 which allowed him to cancel out (abrogate) the contradictory peaceful/tolerant verses such as 2:256.

          Muhammad’s revelations were “revelations of convenience”. If he wanted to do something and it seemed to contradict an earlier “revelation”, then he’d suddenly get a new “revelation” (almost at the same moment that he realised that he couldn’t do something) that allowed him to do whatever it was he wanted to do. It was completely made up as he went along, but Muslims are gullible idiots to say the least, so they went along with his claim that he was getting them from the invisible “Gabriel”.

          You say 9:5 is a verse which allows to kill combatants and not ordinary people, but you have to understand that within the historical context, not only of the verse, but also of its implementation since the 7th century, Islam ONLY considers Muslims to be ordinary people (or “innocents”) and all non-Muslims are combatants (or “guilty”). The fact that non-Muslims lands are referred to as “dar al harb” (the land of war) and “dar al islam” (the land of islam), with the whole world divided up into war or islam, proves the point.

          I laughed when you said that “Islam has spread without the sword”, because that is the biggest fattest lie EVER. You’re either REALLY ignorant about the history of jihad, or you know better and are engaged in total da’wa.

          You say that “Islam is spreading like wild fire(on its own) its because the messages are clear”, but I would argue that it has less to do with its “message”, and more to do with high birth rates, aggressive da’wa campaigns and forced conversions. The high birth rates are mostly to do with how Muslim men treat women as a field (tilth): “Your women are a tilth for you (to cultivate) so go to your tilth as ye will” (2:223) – Which in itself is an instruction to Muslim men to BREED like crazy, which is exactly what they go and do. Furthermore, one big factor is that Muslims consider conversion to Islam as ONE WAY, since apostasy is punished with death, and that is what has happened to countless victims (of Islam) who committed the “crime” of leaving Islam. What a vile, disgusting ideology you follow.

          Furthermore, many Muslims are grossly ignorant about what Islam actually sanctions and mandates. If you ask them about abrogation, or the Islamic history of Jihad, they have blank faces because they just aren’t told about it all, and many seem to have this rosy image of Islam, which you undoubtedly have too, which makes it seem all lovely and peaceful, when the reality is that it is an inherently violent ideology which sanctions and mandates warfare against all unbelievers.

          Here’s a good article on abrogation and jihad for you to read and learn from –

          • Anonymous

            I am happy to see you are reading the Koran.
            I know where you are coming from like the author meforum
            There is nothing the article can teach me, its full of lies and insinuations
            May Allah make you understand the meaning in the Koran.
            God bless you.

            • Anonymous

              You say that article is “full of lies and insinuations”, but I would point out that it is fully referenced, and you have not done a damn thing to refute a single word.

              Personally, I’ve studied the doctrine of jihad within the Islamic texts, Islamic jurisprudence (all schools), and throughout Islamic history. I know that you’re damn ignorant about it because you deny the past 1400 years of warfare against unbelievers. I mean, did you even know that Muslims tried to conquer Europe twice? Once in the 7th century, and again in the 17th century?

              Even if you discard any “interpretations” that there may be in the Islamic texts, the Islamic jurisprudence is very very clear about jihad being warfare against unbelievers for the sake of establishing Islam over the entire world (all schools say the same thing), and Islamic history is very very clear about Muslims being in a constant state of warfare against unbelievers, with the worst atrocities being entire cities massacred, with blood running through the streets while Muslims systematically behead the surviving captive unbelievers. Islamic history is disgusting in its barbarity and conquest of unbelievers and their lands.

              Now, as I said before, you’re either dead ignorant, or you already know all this and are just here to engage in da’wa and taqiyya. Which is it, because I don’t want to waste my bloody time on the latter.

  • Anonymous

    This video is full of mis-conception asumptions and lies.
    Islam is the best of the Abrahamic religions, believes in Jesus(peace be upon him).
    Read the Koran and understand it yourself .
    Read the bible its full of hate, killings etc

    • Anonymous

      support your argument with facts point by point. this posting by TRS should be used as an example. i will not submit to your satanic economic government. Jesus is the one and only way to truth and to the Peace that passes all understanding.

      • Anonymous

        Your reponse id so full of hate.
        You cannot even think straight.
        God bless you

    • the Bible’s full of hate? really? actually Jesus LOVED us all so much that he sacrificed Himself to the the punishment for our sins. that is the ultimate love.

      Jesus is the son of God, and at the same time, Jesus IS God… remember that.

    • Anonymous

      Islam has been conquering, mass-murdering, enslaving and subjugating entire countries of unbelievers, ever since the 7th century. Islam has an entire history drenched in the blood of unbelievers, documented in detail even by Muslims themselves who are PROUD of the fact that Muslims did these things. So don’t come here acting like Islam is good and peaceful – It ISN’T and never has been. It is the most disgusting and evil ideology ever to exist.

      Don’t come here and castigate others for “hatred”, when we know that the real hatred is in your own heart, as it is for all followers of Islam; a hatred for all unbelievers, especially Jews.

  • blackbird

    Scoop thanks for posting this video I am downloading it and will watch it later.

  • One could say that many of the points made about the Koran and its believers are also true of Christians and the Bible. For example, the later Biblical texts are more tolerant (loving, forgiving) than the earlier texts (the law). Also, in the earlier texts, there were commandments to kill all heathen (taking no prisoners!). Throughout the Biblical text, there is an implicit understanding that unsaved will go to hell. Christianity is also a belief that does not embrace or tolerate other beliefs. There is only one way to God, according to fundamental Christian theology. Fundamental Christians also support their own agenda without a respect for separation of church and state, just as Muslims do. Christianity also seeks to convert unbelievers and believes that unrepentant are bound for hell.

  • Anonymous

    TRS: “There appears to be a lot of people who know little about Islam leaving comments”

    You’re just realising this now? Man, every time we get a foreign policy related video I have to spend a good 30-60 mins posting replies to counter all the ignorance of Islam, especially from Ron Paul supporters.

  • Anonymous

    Islam is NOT a religion – it is a totalitarian political system wrapped in religious clothes.

    The nation-state of Israel in the mid-East is NOT the “promised land” God promised to Abraham. The biblical Jesus is the true Israel of God and in Him all the promises are God are complete. Abraham rejoiced to see Jesus, though through a glass; he was looking forward to a city who’s maker and builder is God – not a bigger piece of mid-eastern desert.