MUST WATCH: Lara Logan’s explosive speech on the resurgence of the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan

This is the explosive speech that Lara Logan gave the other day contradicting the White House spin that the Taliban and Al Qaeda are on their heels and you can watch it below:

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  • At the risk of sounding crude, it took getting gang raped for this reporter to wake up, much like Ozero and his supporters have raped the American people, and they too (americans) are waking up to the fact that Hope and Change was a fraud. Like Slick Willy Clinton said, “this guy’s the biggest fairy tale ever.”

    I genuinely feel for this beautiful woman and rejoice in her recovery. She is the face of Mitts statement that Hope is not an effective foreign policy. I would support this woman anytime in exposing the failures of the Obama’s epic failure of foreign policy.

    • las1

      Agreed… I can’t help but be cynical… especially when she said that “journalists don’t like being lied to”.

      Huh!…. How about journalists, eighty five percent of them, lying to themselves to keep this fraud Obama in power.

      Sorry… I’m just not feeling it there Lara. You are only waking up now! I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt however even though the point of our message is not totally clear.

      • Yazz55

        Its a holy principle of religion of the lamestream media.

        Its ok for them to lie to you. Especially if its for a liberal cause. The end justifies the means.

        But its forbidden for you to lie to them.

      • welltempered2

        Each one of us matures, or as Ms Logan has that epiphany of truth, and stops living in the make believe world of the Left. Some live their whole lives in that fantasy land. She was always a blame America first, more sophisticated because she was foreign born, kind of reporter. I’m stunned, frankly, that her eyes were opened. And happy for her.

        • las1

          She is simply recognizing the obvious.

          I do have respect for any journalist who puts their life on the line to get a story. She is very brave and the Tahrir square incident is not the only time she risked her life.

          My real gripe is that she is considered so controversial and brave in the face of the establishment media. When she starts aiming her criticism at her mainstream media confreres, the Democrat Media Complex, and at this subversive President for being subversive… then she deserves real recognition.

      • WordsFailMe

        Something she said triggered a thought for me. That is, the America Main Stream , Sycophantic Media is very much like ARAB Media. Al JazeerA will parrot anything the jihadists* say as the truth.

        You know, like Matt Lauer, Ed Shultlz and Rachel Mad-sow .

        (*Irony note of the day: Spellchecker doesn’t like the word, “jihadists.” It suggested that I replace that word with the word “sadists.” I had to think about it for a minute.)

        • Your spell checker is wise! 🙂

        • Steven Malynn

          The sad thing is Al Jazeera is actually more honest than the US media.

      • NJK

        I’ll take any voice, even if it wasn’t from the beginning.

      • Laurel

        I have to agree with you. Her epiphany is a tad late since she was complicit in feeding the ego of the man that has created this mess. That ego was fed to such an extent that he now believes he is untouchable. I’m glad of her opening her eyes but let’s see if she acknowledges her part, and 60 Minutes played a big part and has for decades.

      • Yes, when the Pam Gellars of this world are recognized as the long-time truth tellers they are we will be making genuine progress. That would be a good interview for Logan or someone else on 60 Minutes, no? Certainly these New Yorkers have seen the Poster Wars in the subways.

    • WordsFailMe

      I think the same will be required for the american communists.

      • NJK

        Some people only learn the hard way. If the media like Soledad O’Brien are the victims of an attack, they may change their tune also. What amazes me about these people is, they have children, living in NY. Do they feel their children are safe? If I lived in NY, I would never feel safe. I remember when they flew that plane over NYC, right after Zero usurped the office. That wasn’t a photo op. It was a bunch of deranged people who took the plane over to scare Americans. To have some sick fun. Right, Barry? Yes, that’s right, I know that’s right, because you work for the Muslim Brotherhood and Weathermen. It’s right up their alley.

    • kong1967

      Yeah, that was pretty crude.

    • joedoakes202

      A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged . . . in this case raped. I’m for hanging the rapists. Whose with me?


      . . .

      March 31, 2011

      Dear President Obama,

      Is the idea to abandon your liberal socialist base by attacking Libya, keeping Guantanamo open, and keeping the war on Islamic Radicalism running in Iraq and Afghanistan; then expect citizens like me to vote for you while your demoralized liberal base stays home? Because if that’s your plan I’d start packing your bags today. In the wife’s case I’d hire some help. Do not for one flat second think that you can earn our vote by this decision. My recommendation was to whack Gadaffi. Not send in the boys with the dark sunglasses, and the checkbooks.

      Look. I know you are circling the political drain. You know you are circling the political drain. But have a little pride. It is only going to get worse. As much as I think you are the wrong man for this job, and so does the voting public. I live in “Obama Country” and those stickers with that funny logo are almost all gone – even from the Toyota Prius’s, and you know how those people are. The American people know that you are the kind of guy that can detail out some useless legal theory, or you can give us the nitty gritty details on how to get a sweetheart mortgage from Mr. Rezco, or how to best market a Senate seat, that you used to occupy, and not get prosecuted for it. Or accomplish most of any number of nefarious activities right under the nose of a press corps that reminds me of the front row at a strip club. All that is missing is the pole.

      Ever see a play called “Annie?” Now that I am older I listen to the propaganda songs in it and I am truly nauseated. I can’t help, but think of you as FDR at times, promising all kinds of things, but delivering nothing but a constant stream of destructive uncertainty. Kind of like you. When you were elected, you had three jobs that I can discern from your campaign speeches. I’m throwing out lowering the ocean, considering what has happened in Japan. You were hired to repair the economy, fix the housing market, and end the war. While I disagree with the end the war part. You spoke, and the people decided. Mr. Obama you had an obligation to keep your word to those people, and you broke it. “My word is my bond.” Didn’t someone ever teach you that? Right now there are an awful lot of people hoping you keep it in Libya.

      As for 2012. I think you can kiss that goodbye. From what I hear the tracks are being laid to run you out of town. The only question they need answered is which direction? I recognize there is still the possibility Republicans end up with a nominee that is not significantly different form you. If you are betting on that, you and the rest of the liberal democrats are spending too much time in your bubbles with Mr. Friedman. Obamacare has made this very personal and people are very, very, upset. You’ve lost your base and now you are going to lose your office. I will not be surprised in the least if President Carter comes back from Cuba with a piece of paper and waves it and he says “Peace in our time!” All wars start with a failed politician proclaiming peace.

      As if paper was somehow bullet proof.


      Joe Doakes

    • Susitna

      I don’t wish anybody to be brutally raped, so I kindly ask you to reconsider your statement. It is not the moment to make cruel or rude remarks. Nevertheless I understand that all of us are angry.
      I think that Mrs. Logan needs to meet Romney as she has valuable information that would help us to get rid of our home made Muslim in Command.
      When I heard about the murder of the Ambassador and the other three brave Americans on 9/11 my heart felt down to the floor, as this murder was not only brutish but coward, as an Ambassador is not trained like a soldier to defend himself and because the murder happened on American soil (technically seen). I immediately thought that something was fishy and understood that the administration had let this guys down. Ambassador Stevens was for sure on the famous Obama’s list. We need to do some research here and find out if Mr. Stevens was doing what Obama was expecting him to do, or if he went rogue. Maybe Stevens had another way or another strategy for the conflict in Lybia as Obama and Hillary. Furthermore the Ambassador’s requests for more security were not welcomed in Washington because they proofed that Al Qaeda was alive and kicking more then ever. Obama didn’t want anyone to discover his failures in Lybia before election day. What happened after the assassination regarding the cover-up by Hillary and Susan is something that we all know now. Obama and Hillary have to pay for these assassinations.Mrs. Logan has confirmed my suspicion.

      • I would never advocate any woman, even the most vile Liberal (Debbie Wasserman-Shultz or Stephanie Cutter ) be raped. But since it happened, Im sure this reporter has had an epiphany and joined the ranks of the common sense folks. It’s like a 2nd ammendment hater who is victimized by crime. All of sudden the hater joins the NRA.

        • What she said in this video didn’t surprise me in the least. Had you followed her reporting for years you’d know that she hasn’t had a sudden epiphany. But don’t let the facts get in the way of your narrative.

    • joedoakes202

      God created man, John Moses Brown made him equal.


      • cbunix23


        • joedoakes202

          Thank you . . .

    • xjesterx

      Yes, when this happened I truly wondered how someone could think as a blonde American woman it was in anyway safe to be in that square among thousands of shouting Muslim men. These reporters have believed their own lies about that religion for too long, promoting to everyone that its just like Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, etc. “They’re all the same…!”

      Well they’re not all the same. It breaks my heart what she had to go through to learn the truth. The same for the ambassador who was killed, only he didn’t survive to tell the world how backing a far left liberal can end everything you hold dear.

      I hope she really has seen the truth.

    • H.E. Katz

      Not only is your comment crude, it’s also ignorant. Logan for years has been one of the best reporters on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the views she expresses in this video don’t amount to a sudden reversal of opinion. Anyone who knows something about her years-long work overseas would know this.

      She also reported from Tahrir Square knowing what risks she faced; she’s been in many life-threatening situations before, and unfortunately this time she was attacked (by the way, dozens of male journalists have been killed, raped and/or tortured when taking the risk of reporting from these brutal areas but I’ve never seen such “I told you so” and “what were you doing there, honey?” gloating and grim satisfaction as in the response to Logan).

  • notebene

    Finally…a journalist that is speaking the truth! Sad that she is not respected by the lamestream, who are immediately bashing her for doing so. She paid a very high price to speak the truth. It nearly cost her her life. There is a vast difference between real journalism and the garbage propaganda that our lamestream is pushing. Real journalism could make us informed in order to save our way of life. The lamestream garbage will destroy us by believing the ignorant, evil lies they are pushing. Keep fighting, Ms. Logan!

  • toongoon

    She said she doesn’t know a journalist who likes getting lied to. Gosh, I can name several, and they like lying to us as well.

  • Wow…
    If only the White House had the common sense of foreign policy and peace through strength that this one lady has in her pinky finger, then things might be all right now…

  • Bert Payne

    Wayne your comment is indeed crude. To my knowledge, she has never made excuses for the enemy. It may be true that her producers skewed her reports for their agenda. That she let this happen for years is a shame. All of her reports simply put up in your face the nature of the enemy. However, her reports never concluded with: “this enemy is vile, perverse, inhuman, and must be destroyed”. But you can only lead a horse to water.

  • stage9

    WOW! This was very good!

    Where is she delivering this speech? Is this a CBS event? I noticed the CBS logo on the podium. I can’t imagine that this kind of talk would be well received by all of those radical leftist journalists in the room.

  • This woman reminds me of Christopher Hitchens. I don’t know if how she leans politically but … that does not matter.

    This aint about conservatives and progressives. There are no righties and lefties in foxholes, there is only SURVIVAL… If I was in a foxhole with Christopher Hitchens we would be arguing politics as an idle way to stave off boredom between attacks.

    Al Quaeda could not care less about our “political spectrum.”
    Al Quaeda is like those Martians in the movie Mars Attacks…
    They could not care less about what we think, they just want us dead.

    • stage9

      Isn’t Christopher Hitchens dead? It would be a one-sided argument.

      • If he’s a ghost would he be arguing that he doesn’t even exist?

  • iaintlyin

    First off, for very much of this video you can substitute the words Al quieda and Taliban with “this administration”. Lara stated, “its too dangerous for westerners to travel alone”. Have we (the US) taken the appropriate steps of setting more stringent regulations to prevent any influx of those (who want to kill Westerners) people into this country. The answer is NO, look to our southern border, it’s not only Mexicans coming over, and actually they’re (the Mexicans) probably the least dangerous. She was told “we’ve killed all the slow and stupid ones”, hence, does that not let you think the smarter ones are spreading out and indoctrinating more slow and stupid ones (both there and HERE).

    General Allen expects it to be his last job, if that’s the case, this guy is a true hero (finally), guiding our troops like our lives and country depends on him. I’ve got a burr in my seat about a dude like Petreaus, very unsettling to see a guy who in his former position always agreed with his political boss and ultimately wind up in a position within that administration. I understand he couldn’t publicly contradict the Administrations fairy tale but, he could have resigned as soon as he became aware of what Lara found to factual. You have to assume ranking Military people knew what she was reporting far ahead of when she put it altogether. A nit wit would know that when we pull out the bad guys will back in.

  • Bert Payne

    We should not assume this speech is some revelation for Logan. It is just an unusual forum, where the point of all of her reporting is finally stated plainly. All of her reporting reveals starkly (if one has eyes) the vile nature of the enemy. Here she simply states “the enemy is vile”.

  • WordsFailMe

    I thought she was supposed to be traumatized, paranoid and agora- and male-ophobic. But “Retribution?” (19:00) That doesn’t sound like your typical liberal, “forgive-the-ignorant-criminals-for-they-are- incapable-of-escaping-the-white-racism-which-characterized-their-childhoods,” type of female. I kind of respect this lady.

    Maybe if she is assaulted at an OWS event or a Town Hall meeting in Sheila Jackson’s district, we’ll have another vote for Romney.

    You must listen to this vid.

    750: “that gut feeling that tells you when someone is full of *** and when they’re not.”

    10:20: “the story that the Taliban of today are moderate, peace loving and want women’s rights”

    12:00 begins: “…in your arrogance you think you think you write the script but you don’t…”

    13:40: In our war against the Taliban in Afghanistan we have only, “…killed all the slow and stupid ones…” (Ryan Crocker, fmr Amb.) and ” …there’s a major lie, I don’t care who’s in power in the administration (US)…”

    14:20 list of US Generals interviewed and the one that refused.

    16:00 “Al Qaeda changed the nature of journalism completely”

    17:30:”The Taliban was the government. They don’t see themselves as insurgents…If you lie about who they are, I don;t see how you can have the right strategy….”

    18:20 “it’s almost like Ground Hog day (for the US in Afghanistan), Chalrlie Wilson’s War…”–prophesy?

  • WOW!! I wish I could have heard this in person!! I have profound respect for Lara Logan!

  • Compare that video and Susan Rice bulling the UN with complete lies and propaganda. Rice should be out of a job, so should Billary and NObama should be in prison for treason.. But at least we have Nov 6th to begin to put things right.

    • NJK

      The problem we’re facing with people like Clinton and Rice, we know who Zero is already, is that Treason laws are not being enforced. How long has it been since an American in govt. was tried for treason? If this doesn’t qualify, I don’t know what does. Unless we get people in the govt. who take the law seriously, and won’t stand for traitors hurting millions of people, it won’t stop.

      Everytime we hear about treason, it’s an underling somewhere who happened to hack into some information and sell it to the enemy, but the most dangerous are those who have the most information, and they need to be prosecuted and made examples out of, if it ever is going to stop.

  • Bert Payne

    Stop making light of her assault. You sound like a liberal. They were the ones that blamed her. They blame our troops too, when they get killed by an IED. And what did they say about Daniel Pearl…

    • Who are you addressing your comment to? Isn’t your “reply” button working or something? Try using Firefox, the reply button works fine and you can reply to the exact comment you wish to.

    • toongoon

      Unfortunately, too many of those who have the responsibility of giving us the truth have become stenographers of what they think is the peaceful majority of Islam. They are not capable of distinguishing fact from fiction. It takes a violent act against themselves personally by the savages to even begin to understand the lies.

      I do not wish harm on anyone and I am sorry for what happened to Logan, but the scoop she got from her experience just might be the wake up call for the media.

  • Sober_Thinking

    She’s VERY brave and stoic. I appreciate all that she’s gone through and all that she’s done to get to the truth.

    This is what journalism looks like.

    This is very powerful. I pray that God protects her and that the truth continues to get out.

  • 911Infidel

    What is this trend I’m seeing? Laura Logan and CBS newsers actually telling the truth about this administration? Shades of the waning Carter years. To me it looks like Romney has gained some serious ground against Obama. That some in the media are willing to speak a little truth, is a good indicator that the Messiah has run out of pixie dust.

    • iaintlyin

      I’m taking Lara at her word (ahem) that this project was in the works for years. (ahem). Regardless, lets call this her apology for previous mistakes. Unlike former 0 supporters who just change their vote as if they were choosing vanilla or chocolate at a ice cream parlor. Those ex 0 supporters should be apologizing for the harm and danger they put this country in, based on four words that they didn’t demand specifics on, hope change and fundamental transformation.

      • 911Infidel

        I think her views are more related to her experience with all those “peaceful” MB-types in Tahir Square. Since that time she has really changed. Only an idiot like that “Mona” whatever would stick to a dellusionary meme on that part of the world.
        Reality is a hard taskmaster.

    • NJK

      Maybe some in the media fear they might be at the next ground zero? It’s a serious concern. Are their children at the next ground zero?

      • 911Infidel

        If you mean that some are beginning to wise-up….probably…yes.

  • iaintlyin
    I posted this link on the John Bolton video link of RS also.. If your interested in reading a detailed expanded version of Laras outlook and Radical Muslim thoughts I suggest this 15 pages as a starting point. The explanation of its origin are in my original post under the John Bolton video link provided by The Great Right Scoop.

  • WI4Walker

    OK, totally OT, but who is that “person” the camera zoomed in on at 5:29????

  • StrangernFiction

    The Obama administration is lying to us? The hell she says.

    Blind squirrel finds acorn.

  • tshtsh

    Let’s send the coward-in-chief to lead the charge (talk to his buds) in Libya. After all he denied the Ambassador security and thought nothing of denying it. It is too late for a swift response so a deadly one will do.

    • Orangeone

      And leave the Secret Service and Air Force One in the US. Drop him and Moochier out of a cargo plane with parachutes.

  • When you get flies in your house do you run outside with a fly swatter and try to kill them or do you put screens on you house to keep them out?

  • kong1967

    I’m going to take a leap and say she’s the best investigative journalist out in the field of battle that I have ever seen. For her to come out and take on the WH (regardless of who is in it) and point out the lies they are telling takes a tremendous amount of courage and strength. I salute her and she is a true patriot and honest journalist without political bent. Extremely rare in journalism now.

    CBS is helping hand the election to Romney. Of course, they aren’t handing it to him because all they are doing is their job. Obama is handing Romney the election because it’s being revealed just how much of a corrupted liar he is…and is willing to put us in danger just so his Marxist a$$ can get re-elected. How much respect does that show for our troops or our intelligence officers? Absolutely zero. His election is more important than their lives.

    The POS President needs to go.

    I wonder how many CBS reporters are very angry about her doing this, and very angry that CBS is letting her do it. CBS gets 10 stars for this.

  • “Your deadliest enemies on the Afghan battlefield have completely freedom of movement inside Pakistan with the blessing of the Pakistanis. And every commander that’s sat in your shoes has had to try and build a relationship and go through the same motions time and time again. And the effect on the battlefield remains exactly the same: American soldiers continue to die because of the support Pakistan gives to America’s enemies.”

    “You just stated the truth.”


  • Coming Apart

    For me, when Lara Logan speaks, I am still saddened. The following is Lara Logan speaking on the Charlie Rose show 9/13 on Iraq; Government Officials, “Iraq handed on a silver plate to Iran” at 14 min in & 16 min into interview.

  • NJK

    I just happened to turn on FOX with Martha yesterday, which I never do anymore, but for a minute I watched. I guess I wanted to see if they were telling the truth or lying by ommission which they do. She had someone on about this, and low and behold, she spoke about this, but she left out the part about Americans being “lied to and misled.” They purposely left it out. They have enabled this disgusting human being, Obama since day one, by ommission, or feigned ignorance. This is why I never watch FOX anymore.

    Thank you Lara Logan. You are a beautiful human being for doing this. Beautiful inside as well as outside. They didn’t return. They’ve always been there. Since the founding actually. Why would they go away now? Simply because Obama graced the world with his disgusting prescence? He thought he won the debate, merely by showing up too. FOX, you are not fair and balanced. You give a forum to liars.

  • jdbaird

    Real reporters aren’t conservative or liberal. The thing is, is that when you dig for the facts and tell the truth you come off as conservative because what we stand for is in fact the truth. Obviously that sounds biased because I’m a conservative, but who is it who’s always hiding the real story? The liberal media. As a counter example, because it’s one I’ve read a lot about, the Duke Cunningham bribery scandal. Not one conservative news outlet tried to cover that up or downplay it to make him look less guilty, we’re appalled by corruption no matter which party is involved. The liberal media and the people who follow them on the other hand are complicit in a slew of cover-ups which we see unfolding daily, voter fraud/intimidation, Benghazi, the real unemployment and Obama’s job creation numbers, green energy cronyism, illegal campaign donations etc.

  • NJK

    I disagree with her on one thing, though. The dead soldiers were put there by all of those groups, but they were also aided by a person or people who have no business being in our govt. They were put there by people like General Dempsey, who should be tried for treason, who seems to blame our men for offending terrorists, by perhpas showing the bottom of their shoes? He’s not a general, he’s a traitor. We need to start enforcing our treason laws, if we’re ever going to get a grip on this.

    God Bless her.

  • Dodoforever Canspell

    Wow !! A star is born. All I knew before this vid was that she was a journalist who was raped and almost died at the hands of savages in Egypt.
    She is so right about what she says regarding Pakistan. If Pakistan is taken out completely without a shred of mercy, BOOM … Al Qaeda, the Taliban and 80% of the world’s terrorism will disappear there and then. It’s a totally failed country and is dependent on Saudi Arabia and the other Wahhabi Arab nations for their upkeep …. and that upkeep entails that they have madrasas and training camps for suicide bombers and terrorists every few blocks. The other billions they get from you Americans goes into the Swiss bank accounts of their corrupt government.

  • God Bless her. Thank God Almighty he saved her that dreadful day she was gang raped covering the Arab Spring
    . She lives today to tell the real truth and wake up America!!! God be with her! We have been dupped as a country and continued lies coming from the President!

  • Dodoforever Canspell
  • DebbyX

    What a wonderful speech. Three cheers for Lara Logan for standing up and telling the truth that most of us already knew. But that sadly, many turn a blind eye to. If Obama thinks the war is over, perhaps he and his lovely family should vacation there really soon. I’m suspecting, they’ll have plenty of time to do so come January 2013!

  • 12grace

    Lara Logan was brilliant. The real question will our government do anything about it or allow obama to continue to put America in danger?

  • mikulin

    Connecting her assault to a personal epiphany is wrong. She has been covering this story honestly for years. She is by far the one of the bravest reporters on this story ever. Her connection of the Pearl murder to faux journalistic ethics of impartiality was brilliant. Maybe CBS will rescind Couric’c Cronkite award for the Palin interview and give to Logan for her body of work? You think?

  • mikulin

    Connecting her reportage to her assault is wrong. She has been on this story for years. One of the bravest reporters on this scene by far. Her link of the Pearl murder to faux journalistic ethics of impartiality was brilliant. Maybe CBS will rescind Couric’s Cronkite award for the Palin interview it give to Logan for her body of work? You think?

  • LeonidasOfSparta1957

    “the American people are being lied to..” Amen and bless your heart.

  • costume

    I have to say that some of the comments here about Ms. Logan are pretty repulsive. She’s been putting herself in the middle of war zones for over 10 years and although I thought her troubles in Egypt were partly a result of stupidity on the part of whoever put her in the middle of that mob, she’s obviously an intelligent woman and independent thinker. I don’t know her politics but if we disagree on that, she’s still got my admiration. most men wouldn’t dare place themselves in the kind of danger that she’s lived through.

    • ryanomaniac

      You are spot on. People who make disparaging remarks about her have no idea what they are talking about. The woman has been going against the grain to a degree that I wondered how CBS would keep her on. They aren’t tolerant when it comes to views like hers. Great comment and all the other folks here that crap on her are ignorant.

  • If you actually want to make things better, welcome the latecomer to your side rather than keep her out because she wasn’t as much a genius as you were, yesterday. You win by including people, not excluding them.

    Maybe she just had a belly-full. Maybe she has reasons to like Obama but on this one she saw red. Whatever.

    Grow up.

  • costume

    For those who’ve been dismissing her as a latecomer to reality, here’s a reminder of something from 2 years ago

    “Michael Hastings criticism
    Logan was criticized in June 2010 for her remarks about another journalist, Michael Hastings, and her view that reporters who embed with the military ought not to write about the general banter they hear. An article by Hastings in Rolling Stone that month quoted General Stanley A. McChrystal and his staff—comments Hastings overheard while traveling with McChrystal—criticizing U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden and other officials, after which President Obama fired McCrystal as his commander in Afghanistan.[12] Logan told CNN that Hastings’ reporting had violated an unspoken agreement between reporters who travel with military personnel not to report casual comments that pass between them.[13]
    Quoting her statement, “I mean, the question is, really, is what General McChrystal and his aides are doing so egregious, that they deserved to end a career like McChrystal’s? I mean, Michael Hastings has never served his country the way McChrystal has,” CNN’s former chief military correspondent, Jamie McIntyre, said that it was indeed egregious, and her comments reinforced the worst stereotype of embedded reporters. He went on to quote Admiral Mike Mullen’s statement that military personnel are required to be neutral and should not criticize civilian leaders.[14]
    Glenn Greenwald of Salon wrote that she had done courageous reporting over the years, but had come to see herself as part of the government and military.[15]”

    This is not somebody who’s been kowtowing to the liberal mindset.

  • Actually the Viet Cong DID care what Americans did in America. And they most certainly DID have a worldwide struggle of which VN was simply one front. Logan has either never heard of the Commintern or has fudged it’s significance. That war also had plenty of traitors and soft-diplomacy types. John Kerry is the most prominent surviving turncoat from that conflict and should have been hanging from a well-worn noose long ago. But baby steps. She does recognize the Global Caliphate which is hey! Glenn Beck stuff! I hope everyone doesn’t have to get gang raped to figure out what is going on. We absolutely ARE at war with Islam. And we should be.

  • forget the “being lied to” and listen to her message. those who focus on that comment are smokescreening the issue of what is really happening. just listen to this administration who would have us believe the bad guys are on the run and dwindling in numbers. be real folks. our foreign policy is a shambles and our economy a disaster.

  • Lizzie Morningstar

    This speech should be watched by every American adult, even if their “Dancing with the Stars” attention span may make it painful for them to sit through the whole 20 minutes. The speech shown here is one big nail that will be pounded into the coffin in which we will bury the incompetent and duplicitous Obama presidency. Kudos to Ms. Logan for her candidness. She puts her meek apologist shill colleagues to shame.

  • Lara Logan holds no punches as she tells the truth about the Taliban and Al Qeda in Afghanistan and other Islamist countries. Where is the Obama administration’s position on this? According to Ms Logan, the White House has lied and deceived our country which should not be political–because politics will not keep the US safe from these radical organizations. They have one goal in mind and that is the destruction of the US and the implementation of world radical Islam!