MUST WATCH: Major leftist DEMOCRAT makes the Conservative case for Ted Cruz

Robert Reich is normally someone that I can’t stand to watch. He’s a far left Democrat that loves Obama and Hillary and probably even Bernie Sanders if I had to guess (no, I’m not really interested enough to find out).

Reich has created this video on why Ted Cruz is more ‘dangerous’ than Donald Trump. But what’s interesting about this video is that Reich is indeed making the conservative case for Cruz and he doesn’t even know it.


In a similar way to Jimmy Carter, Reich basically says the same thing about Trump, that he’s malleable because he doesn’t have hardcore principles. He’s not a conservative and even the leftists know it.

On the other hand, Cruz is dangerous to these leftists because they know he is what he says he is, a strong and principled conservative. Cruz is a serious threat that they don’t want to deal with because Cruz will tear down the structures put up by the left to ensnare this nation in everything from social justice to diversity to political correctness.

Thanks Robert Reich for this video. You’ve indeed outlined the very best things about Ted Cruz!

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