MUST WATCH – RNC Speech: Condoleezza Rice delivers powerful speech

Condoleezza Rice delivered an amazing speech – so amazing that I felt bad that Paul Ryan had to follow it. It’s just that good and you can watch it below:

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  • brendawatkins

    Girl, you rocked the house tonight!

    • poljunkie

      Actually brought my husband to tears.

      • brendawatkins

        A lot of people on twitter got teary eyed.. it’s sweet. 🙂

      • I had a fairly big lump and a little mist myself…….

      • ConnieConservative

        My hubby and I compared goose bumps.
        We both got chills listening to her. Wonderful!

  • carolt2

    Thank you, I missed on television. I was busy.
    I am watching the FNC crew, they have to fire the dem shrew Chris Matthews.

  • chatterbox365

    What an amazing lady. Wish there were more speakers like her at the convention.

  • Joe

    Sec. Rice was UNBELIEVABLE

    —————— I pity the fool who debates her!

    Frankly I am amazed at ALL the TALENT that was displayed at the RNC


    ——————AND – will we hear from them again?

  • msverde1

    Peace through strength. Why would you and your neighbor erect a fence between the two of you if you do not desire to protect your privacy and individual, God-given rights for freedom…and, ah yes, peace?

  • MaxineCA

    She has always amazed me. What a great speech!

    • PVG

      Absolutely amazing!

  • proudhispanicconservative

    She was amazing, but scoop I think Ryan was the best …..
    Scoop:Condoleezza Rice delivered an amazing speech – so amazing that I felt bad that Paul Ryan had to follow it. It’s just that good and you can watch it below:

  • she is so powerful and eloquent

  • FreeManWalking

    She was Absolutely Fabulous!!!

    Ryan is a shining Star, and I thought he gave the best speech I have heard so far.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    I am sorry condi at first I thought your speech was boring , I know bad me. Your speech evolved into a wonderful speech, was impressed listening to you.

  • Condi just showed UTTER CLASS what else can you say! She knows how to hit without ever being nasty…what a gift!! She laid out American Exceptionalism and Dreams about as good as you can! It was stylish, intelligent, powerful, heartfelt, real, informative and moving!! She touched on America abroad but as well as at home!! When she mentioned as a little girl not being able to get a Hamburger at the Woolworth but her parents dared her to dream and she became the SECRETARY OF STATE!! WOW!!! I mean this is what the GOP has the dreamers, the doers, the builders, the owners, the fighters, the people of yes you can!! YES CONDI you are soooo right people come from all over the world here for a reason!! FOR THE CHANCE AT A BETTER LIFE!!!

    Condi is right we must remain the Most Powerful country in the world…PEACE COMES FROM STRENGTH!!

    Excellent….A PLUS A PLUS and another A PLUS!!

    By the way Susana Martinez from New Mexico…you were wonderful when she talked about two Republicans invited them to talk and she thought she would go for the meal and then leave but then listened to their ideas and issues…she realized my god I AM A REPUBLICAN…I loved it…and how she referenced her and Mitt coming from different backgrounds but sharing the same beliefs…BAM another HOME RUN!

  • Waiting for Ryan thread Scoop……need to heap praise on the MAN…lets move it!!!…LOL!

  • denbren52

    Condi did great but Paul rose to the occasion. What a great 1,2,3 punch!!

  • 911Infidel

    Where does America stand? Currently? Well that’s easy to answer. Currently they stand against our friends and have thrown their support to our enemies. They support the Ikwan and are dissing our friend Israel. They support CAIR, the MSA and any other civilizational jihadist movement dedicated to the destruction of the US and the west. They support Putin’s version of communism. They kowtow to China and Saudi. They tie our troops hands with ridiculous ROEs that incorporate the idiotic philosophy of multiculturalism and dhimnitude in the moronic hope that somehow our enemies in Islam will not kill us anymore. All of their foreign policy ideas are short-sighted, ignorant and traitorous. Its that simple. Our entire government from the top on down, to include the leadership of the military services needs to purged of these foolish people.

  • MaxineCA

    She’s on Greta right now.

    • Were the “media” outhouses ballsy enough to switch to commercial when she spoke, as they did with Mia and Artur?

  • serfer62

    Now that was a “feel good” speech!

    God Bless you SecSt Rice

  • Compare her to Maxine Waters or Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or Cummings…god the difference between conservatives and liberals…WHY IN GOD’s NAME WOULD ANYONE WANT TO BE A LIBERAL??? I know MENTAL DISORDER!

  • As expected, Sec Rice gives a great Conservative Reaganesque American speech of wisdom, insight, hope, truth, and inspiration for the future of America and Americans. Well done Sec Rice, well done !!

  • Stupendous!

  • carolt2

    Condi belongs in politics even though she doesn’t want to be. I am white and never suffered from Jim Crow Alabama but I”m so happy that Condi’s parents told her she could be president!

  • She gave the kind of speech no one left in the Obama admin could give. Not one.

  • searchingforsanity

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have been CRAVING to hear a speech like this..she did a wonderful job. I had tears in my eyes…wow, just wow!

  • FreeManWalking

    What Class and Delivery, she can give a 1,2,3 knock out punch without raising her voice to the ear shattering grating shrill noise like our current SOS.

  • keyesforpres

    I wonder if she’ll vote for Obama this go round?

    • p m

      Have to admit, had the same thought. Will never understand her supporting zero, nor how she and Powell couldn’t have known who and what he is.

      But, this speech was moving in many ways and very inspiring. It was heartening too to see the delegates give her such a welcome, and show that her achievements and contributions are appreciated. Just one word for this speech? WOW.

      • nibblesyble

        She voted Obama?? I had no bloody idea….I knew the turncoat Powell did, but not Condi.

        • Me too. 🙁 Someone should ask her if she will continue to support a failure or vote for R&R.

          • keyesforpres

            Yeah, if she’s voting for him again, then she had no business speaking that our convention…no matter how great her speech was.

    • I think her speech said it all.

  • actionsspeaklouder

    Rice is a class act and her speech was fabulous. BUT(!) I think that Susanna Martinez’s (Gov. New Mexico) speech, in her own way, was better. Rice is an intellectual, serious, seasoned political class “thinker”. She is not comfortable being “animated”. Her words are sincere and her delivery is good – but, like Mitt, she still has a hint of stiffness. The “when I was a little girl and was not allowed to have a hamburger at the counter at Wolworths” moment was powerful and she delivered it perfectly. Kudos to Condi. I think Martinez is more natural. She was on top of her game. Relaxed, and a story teller. Anyone could relate to Martinez. Any woman, any man, anyone with ambition and love for what America has to offer. Hispanics everywhere should be so proud of Martinez. She is one smart gal and she knows how to deliver and how to relate with a natural, conversational appeal, as if she and you are chatting over a salad at the local deli. Her story is inspirational and it is obvious that she had the support and the ambition to excel – and, she did. Her political savy (sp?) is evident and her confidence and inner strength comes through loud and clear. Both women were phenominal. With these women, I don’t know how the democrats can possibly convince an electorate that Republicans are against women. With Mia Love in the mix, their propaganda and rhetoric look ridiculous – as they should.

    • donavon pfeiffer jr

      I have to agree. Condi is a deep thinker and has a lecturers delivery. Martinez is a natural speaker of the after dinner variety.

  • Would be great Secretary for Education!!! wonder if thats what she was positioning herself for. would do a fantastic job with her academic experience.

    • michael carpenter

      I hope she goes back to secretary of state. Who better to deal with Russia?

  • bindare

    Rice has a vision of America that is strong and clear. Every point she made was right on the money. I especially liked her singling out the education crisis in our cities as “The Civil Rights issue” of our time. How pitifull and small the Democrats look with their issues of gay marriage and the phoney war on woman next to Rice’s laser-like pinpointing of an issue that should be on our Nation’s front burner as a priority.

  • michael carpenter

    Amen, and Amen!

  • Steven

    This is presidential! Too bad Condi would not run for president. She was impressive and inspiring. I hope she does get into public office in CA. I think she could turn the state around! We have a deep bench conservatives and GOP! We must unite to turn back the liberal/socialist tide! We started it in 2010 with the Tea Party. Let’s continue the job in 2012! We CAN DO THIS! Ryan/Romney 2012!

  • Rob_Bryant

    Damn son, I got choked up on the personal note portion. This is actually the first time I’ve heard Condi give a speech. Gotta say, I loved it!

    • nibblesyble

      me what a speech!

  • kong1967

    Wow!! Fantastic speech!!

    She is probably the smartest and most articulate person I have ever seen in government. I wasn’t too thrilled about her supporting the Arab Spring, but I would still vote for her as President in a heartbeat.

    Thinking about her dealing with foreign leaders with confidence, intelligence and knowledge is a much more secure feeling (with pride) than it is thinking of Hillary doing it and leaving us with a feeling of weakness, ignorance and shame. I can only imagine what foreign leaders think when they meet with Obama or Hillary. They are surely laughing at them for their ineptness and weakness. No admiration results from weak leaders. Only embarrassment.

  • donavon pfeiffer jr

    I wonder if Chris Matthews and his ilk will understand what she did to Obama tonight. If anyone has the right to grab the mantle of “the Black Civil Rights Experience” it was the girl who lived with the fear in Birmingham and went on to become Secretary of State not the man who claimed his birth was based in a march that happened years after said birth. The truth vs the lie. Stick that in your dog whistle and blow it, Chris.

  • WordsFailMe

    I hear that Obama wants Al Sharpton to do the rebuttal

  • khenn75

    Great speech. Real GOP values. I would definitely consider voting for her. Unfortunately Romney / Ryan are Tea Party idiots. Maybe in 2016 the GOP will return to it’s roots and put a candidate on the ballet we can vote for.

  • Ryan did well, but Condi’s speech made me wish she was running.

  • Spartan1975

    awsome speech by Condi, I hope she gets a cabinet position if we defeat the boy king aka Maobama!

  • GRITSMama

    The most powerful speech!! Should be required viewing in every class in America!

  • layne22

    In my opinion, the speech of the night. She touches on all of Mitt’s 5 points (energy, trade, education, taxes/finances, regulation) in the context of global issues and the United States’ role in the world. Amazing woman!

  • What a fraud. Endorsed Obama Who is the real Condi Rice? Well she claims to be as republican, and somehow people think
    she is smart. She created the present Palestine issues by getting Israel to leave.
    Here she is on Jay Leno dissing Dick Cheyne for correctly attacking Obamas; Policies

    Her statements of having a black man as President come off more racist than anything.
    Is it not much more important having not only a qualified Black man than just a man?
    What about his non-qualifications and total lack of accomplishments, coupled with his socialistic ideas
    that have failed and are failing? She is a racist based on her words. here she is giddy over
    Obama taking over. Her speech at the Republican Convention was fraudulant.
    Here she was

    She is a snake in the grass and a disaster

  • Fripton

    Thank you Condoleezza.

  • Fripton

    Thank you Condoleezza.

  • She brought tears to my eyes. Go Condi!

  • She brought tears to my eyes. Go Condi!

  • There have been rumors on our local radio shows here in California that she is seriously considering a run for Governor of California and she has quietly been putting togehter committees. My state has hope!!! Let’s hope she runs,

  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    After listening to her speech, I cannot believe how energized I feel. Real estate has been in the toilet where I live and because of her, I will not give in. I will not fail. I will continue with a new vigor to make my business uber profitable again.

  • Were you paying close attention? Ms. Rice echoed President Obama’s vision for America.
    FYI: Slavery is NOT a birth defect as Ms. Rice so eloquently stated.

  • If they didn’t want the specter of GW coming up to bite them in the ass, I cannot for the life of me understand why they would trot out the yes girl for him.

  • Madam Sec. Condoleezza Rice: ‘No country, no not even a rising China, can do more harm to us than we can do to ourselves’… unquote

    This says it all !! Outstanding Speech !!

  • Great one- Condi!

  • Great one- Condi!

  • rationalinnm

    Condoleeza rice needs to run for president in the future. She will have my vote. Suzanna Martinez needs to run for president in the future. She will have my vote.

  • Hazel43

    WOW!! This is one terrific speech! Literally gave me chills!!