MUST WATCH – ZoNation: Don’t let liberals elect the first woman president!

This is an excellent monologue by Zo, who says we have a lot of work in the culture to do to keep Hillary Clinton from being the first woman president, that the ground work is already being laid to paint Republicans as the party of old white men. Case in point – this last election. And despite how much he likes Marco Rubio and Allen West, he says if we run them for president it will guarantee Hillary Clinton a victory in 2016. But we can’t just run a woman and expect her to win without taking on social issues and dealing with the culture.


One of the most beautiful documentaries done on Jerusalem and its position in Biblical prophecy, click here for details.

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  • white531

    I like this guy. l like him for a number of reasons. They are all good reasons. Number one, he doesn’t talk BS. BS is is not part of his vocabulary.

    Number two, he doesn’t waste words. He gets right to the point. He will never be a Politician.

    Number three, he understands the political arena, and the forces that drive it.

    How great, is America? Here you have a street wise, black American, telling the Grand Old Party, what they are doing wrong, and damned if he isn’t dead on right!

    They had better start listening to this man. He just finished telling them what they are doing wrong.

  • PVG

    For the love of God………NO!

    • Cindy09

      God’s love is for everybody….! Just sayin’! 🙂

    • crosshr

      For the Love of God and Country, let me boldly state my utmost choice belief of the 2016 Run , Sara Palin is a proven refined productive product of our modern day’s Conservative warriors’. Yes she’s been knocked down a couple times, in case we did never paid attention for her, she’s never been knocked out, and has managed to victoriously conquered quite often most matches she’s picked. Her Love of God and Love of our country and Her constitution is second to none.

      Some of us call out the situation she can’t rule her house in order, excuse me, hypocrite that much, she never applied for pastoral stage to run a church. Her kids do managed their own soul even unto the day they will face the ultimate JUDGE, Palin and their father have no responsibility answering for their children even if they offer to.

      Palin is a “WE” leader type, not an “I” sort. She is fearless and methodical in dealing with monsters of any kind, political, same party, co-workers, family members even if it ‘s hunting down a wild animal of the wild. I can’t foresee any sort of wild behavior animal in her way she can’t handle. The only thing that can stand in her way are us Conservative that are so Heavenly being mannered. Our Holier than thou mindedness !
      That behavior even stand in the way of Newt Gingrich, Between these two warrior, they are the voice when echoed through the air will make many devils in Hell( White House and the Liberal Obama water carrier ) jump to their feet defensively in search for a fake or a lie or a twist answer to screen off the public. I sure include Allen West.A very principled and God loving warrior.

      So, 2016, West/ Palin, Palin/West, Newt /Palin, Palin / Newt, West/Newt, Newt / West. There is your winning formula ! I will now go and remain in prayer !

      • To all the naysayers about Palin…..I’ll simply give you this mantra.

        (insert GOP name here) can not win because of the liberal MSM smear machine.

        In the case of Romney, he didn’t even want to run much less put up a fight according to Mitt’s eldest son:

        In an article in the Boston Globe, Tagg Romney reveals that his father Mitt Romney had very little desire to run for president and really wasn’t interested in the job. Therefore, Mitt Romney wasted millions of dollars in donations and everyone’s time by running for president. Did this shock us conservatives? No. Tagg Romney’s comments in this article confirms what most of us conservatives knew about Romney already. A important prerequisite for running for president is simple—you must want the job and also play to win. If the republican party does not clean up its act in the near future it will be over as a political party.

        Even now, the smears and mantras on Palin continue. I suspect some are from “fair weather fans” while others are GOPe sympathizers who want an establishment person to fun for 2016 (Jeb Bush comes to mind).

  • JeffWRidge

    “It’s as if they want to be seen as smart according to liberal standards”

    I think that is exactly what it is. That, and they’re terrified at the thought of the Old Media attacking them, or of being a punchline for Jon Stewart. They might find that if they stand up to the media and speak truth to power, that the American people would rally behind them.

    Personally, I would love to see Sarah Palin as president. She could have Allen West or Marco Rubio as her VP. We could use some common sense in the White House.

    Unfortunately, I seriously doubt that the Republicans have learned anything from the last two presidential elections. Their recent history doesn’t fill me with confidence.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      all the signals coming from the republicans is pointing to them not learning, instead blaming the tea party for their horrible choices.

      • crosshr

        You are right, the republican party blaming Tea Party for all the trouble happens to the right, including the general election loss. 2010 mid term election,Tea Party took back the House majority, in the hands of the republican, almost took over also the senate. This happens because 62 % of conservative stood together toe to toe on principles regardless which side they were on. Only to screw up by Rinos in the right that have one thing in mind that is to play along to get along. I see that as an elitist mentality that I hate and disgust me to the core

        I hate it more that the Rinos already attempt in picking who to run in 2016. Obama win 2nd term was never a conservative loss. When Republican stuff their pick down on every one else throat, right then in there, we already loss.

        I don’t feel much strength from any candidate to run on conservative Christian principles beside a few like Palin, West, Newt. One of them will be my choice candidate for 2016. I would even encourage 3rd party too if rinos don’t behave.

        • “Obama win 2nd term was never a conservative loss.” Yes. Yes it was a loss for conservatives he got another term. Made many of us nauseous he actually won, probably not legitimately.
          But if you mean was Romney a conservative that would be no if that’s what you mean.

    • Orangeone

      Rubio is an amnesty guy. No way do I want that in our WH, again.

      • JeffWRidge

        That is my one big problem with the man.

        • I remember reading a Yahoo article saying he was considering gun control.
          We don’t want that.
          It was one sentence w/o a link and haven’t heard more about it to clarify, but that’s still not a good thing.

      • KSEMBB1

        Rubio is also not Constitutionally eligible to be either Prez or VP,

        • Orangeone

          He’s already campaigning.  Barky Boy isn’t either and that didn’t stop him.

  • CPAguy


    Allen West = President = 2016

    I’m willing to risk a demographic disadvantage to Hillary Clinton

    • Orangeone

      Allen West / Jeanine Pirro

      Allen West / Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL folks, thoughts?) She was heavily involved with the release of Jon Hammar

      Allen West / Tim Scott

      • I LOVE Ileana Ros-Lehtinen!!! She was one of the first to work on getting Jon Hammar home.
        She’s not my district, but she’s authored quite a few bills, a couple having to do with getting money overpaid to the U.N back and Transparency, accountablity and reform of the UN.
        She’s very pro Israel- can’t stand Castro, Chavez and other dictators.
        As far as education, she’s pro school choice, charters and vouchers.
        She’s kind of a greenie though on energy- doesn’t want drilling off Florida, and is more for renewable stuff.
        She’s against and voted to repeal obamanationcare- is for tort reform, free market and insurance across state lines.
        Voted numerous times for budget reforms in Congress, and budget cuts.
        Her husband is a Vietnam vet, Army Ranger, and is pro Veterans and Military.

        • Orangeone

          I knew the FL experts would have the insight 🙂  Sounds like she might be a good match with Allen West!  What do you think sis?????
          I love ZO but I think a female VP before P is more apt to win.

          • I love Allen West for 2012. As for VP, as much as I love Sarah, I just don’t know that she’d have as much support as she once had. I love your idea of Jeanine Pirro. I don’t know her much, just what I’ve seen here on Scoop, but the woman is brilliant.
            My dream ticket, since you’re asking though- West/Bachmann.
            I know she’s not as popular either, liberals and rinos hate her (which is one of the reasons why I love her!) But as far as being spot on about the most important things which effect us now, muslim brotherhood and islamic sharia- we couldn’t ask for a better duo. And to think of the steam coming out of the GOP’s ears to have the two individuals the GOP did their best to destroy be the ticket… gives me shivers to think about it.

            • Orangeone

              I would love West/Bachmann too but like Palin I think that time has past and they are both best served in Cabinet posts.  Jeanine Pirro was one heck of a DA and passed strong domestic abuse laws. That will launch her far against the libs WaronWomen claim.  I think the Dems are going to try and run Amy Klobuchar. She seems to be staying the the background surfacing only when safe like now on gun control.  It would be a disaster for this country especially since she covered for Ponzi schemer Tom Petters and thousands were financially ruined because of it, yet she was re-elected.

              • SineWaveII

                Scott Walker/ Nikki Haley 2016

                • Orangeone

                  Great suggestions!!!!  I like Scott Walker a lot and border his state and he has proven he can balance the budget w/o raising taxes.  I also like Nikki Haley.
                  These two are great for early vetting by We The People!

                • BikerHoop

                  No! You can’t have him. He’s or Governor and we need him right where he is. 😉

            • KSEMBB1

              Bachmann does not have the accomplishments and executive experience that Palin has. Palin’s experience even includes CinC of the Alaska Nat’l Guard which she deployed several times. As for Palin “not having the support”, I don’t believe that. Furthermore, I refuse to vote how the Left wants me to vote. If they hate Palin, that’s who I want. She’s the most vetted choice available. They have scrutinized her so thoroughly, even digging through her trash cans and emails and finding nothing. There’s nothing new they can pin on her and they know it. That’s why they talk her down so much. Don’t fall for it. Before you disregard her, do the research on her accomplishments.

              • I don’t let the left tell me anything. I love Bachmann for that same reason that the left and rinos hate her. I like Sarah too, but I think a lot of people who were counting on her this past year have cooled toward her. Maybe I’m wrong, and that wouldn’t be a bad thing 😉

        • Orangeone

          Where has this woman been hiding???? And are there more gems like her around the country????

        • capelady

          If she is from Florida, you can’t run two candidates from the same state… it will never fly!

          • I know it. But I’d rather her be in a cabinet position somewhere- my top choice is still West/Bachmann

      • badbadlibs

        Allen West/fred flinstone, a can of tuna…I don’t care who is second on the ticket if he’s first! 😉

        • Orangeone

          Great one!  Fred Flinstone and Charlie Tuna would get a lot of liberal votes :):):)

        • crosshr


    • section9

      Sorry, but if you’re going to be elected President, you should be able to hold your district. I love Allen, but he needs to move up first.

      • badbadlibs

        Allen West was the victim of the RINOs. He had to be redistricted to loose his seat.
        Fight fair with that man and he wins, every time.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I appreciate what he’s saying – like always. As of right now, I can’t see past Allen West. Bachman or Palin are fine if they’re in the mix… But West is who I’m glued to at the moment.

    Zo is right in that Republicans have consistently blown it since the turn of the century. I still hope they can eject the waste in their party (Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, etc.) and bring in and elevate conservatives (for example: Cruz)… but honestly, I don’t see that happening right now. The GOP is bullied and demoralized by the corrupt media and the questionable re-election of the beast… not to mention, they aren’t standing on solid Constitutional principles at all.

    Get rid of the wasted career politicians and establishment idiots and the GOP may rise again. But honestly, I’m all for a legitimate, conservative, God-honoring 3rd party in 2016. If we can get one up and running and sell our message to the American people… and couple that with the wasteland this nation will be in 4 years… there’s a chance we may succeed in side-stepping traditional political corruption and despots in current Washington. We might have something (someone) to believe in again… And America might still be able to pull out of the nose dive. Lord willing.

  • Nukeman60

    The Democrats will never be beaten by a group that searches for ‘the most electable’ candidate and then bows to the whims of the media for any tidbit they can grab. Only a candidate that stands on principles and ideals, voices that to the American people without fear of repercussions, and throws the liberal garbage right back in the faces of the media – will win this election against the Democrats.

    Gee, Sarah Palin does come to mind. So does Allen West. Let’s put them out there and see which way the wind blows.

    And the Republican Party? They can keep sucking the liberal teat, for all I care.

    • Orangeone

      Sarah Palin cannot get elected because of John McCain Michele Bachmann ran and lost quickly. Allen West needs a strong VP. I frankly don’t think that the black community will vote for Hitlary. They came out for Barky Boy because of skin color.

      • SineWaveII

        They will vote for any democrat, just not in the big numbers.

        • Orangeone

          I think you are right, dems will keep the freebees coming!

      • If we wanted a principled conservative President, why did we abandon Michele Bachmann so quickly anyways?

        • Orangeone

          We? Do you have a mouse in your pocket?  I supported my home state candidate when she did anything in MN, which was VERY RARE, even though Herman Cain was my candidate of choice.  The MSM chooses the RINO candidates not the American people.

          • A mouse in my pocket? I’m not talking about everyone. If you stuck with her that’s great. I’m talking about our side overall, including most of our media, turning on her. Sometimes subtly, sometimes overtly indicating they were tired of her.
            Even if she’s not in MN much, I think she still cares about her constituents more than most do.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I refuse to be put into a little box, the men, women, hispanic, middle class,rich,african american,etc that the liberals have put us in, I call for a conservative that can explain conservatism, and can be articulate and confident, that will fight when an injustice is said about him, or her, that will not have two positions on issues and is not afraid to make known his, that will remind people that this is America and what we stand for as americans, and call the media out and turn them into your enemy, that will not use consultants to run his or her campaign. I call for the republicans to unite in a message, and stop having mixed messages. It does not have to be a woman, just a conservative with a clear message.

    • Exactly. Identity politics is for the birds, or liberals anyways. What we need is a clear, concise conservative.

    • tvlgds

      Amen and well put! Why we have to pander to particular demographics instead of trying to represent ALL conservatives, I will never understand. We are AMERICANS and I’m sick to death of all the hyphens that divide us!

  • I hope the GOP leadership is listening to Zo.

    • section9

      They’re not, which is why they need to be purged.

  • marketcomp

    OK-Palin/West 2016 or Palin/Cruz 2016, either one. I’m fine with that!

    • Orangeone

      We need a winning candidate and that is not Sarah Palin. She should be in the background and reserved for Sec of Energy.

      • Like Romney? I bet you don’t like Tebow either.

        • Orangeone

          Hello to you too.  Romney was not my candidate of choice, Herman Cain was.  Last I heard, Tim Tebow wasn’t being considered for POTUS so don’t get your point there.

          • tinlizzieowner

            “Romney was not my candidate of choice, Herman Cain was.”

            Mine too. Col West for Sec of Defense. Sarah Palin for Sec. of State. 😉

            • Orangeone

              Hummmm SOS would be good for Palin as well. I like her for Sec of Energy too.

              • Her starpower is way too big for Secretary of Energy. It’s like demoting your star quarterback to a minor role. Besides, like I said below, it’s one of the Departments we need to abolish anyways.

                • Orangeone

                  Sarah Palin is a patriot but she will always be tied to McShame.  She did fine in 2012, not stellar and I’m following the Tea Party.  I only recall her getting behind Ted Cruz. Yes he won but this country needs A LOT more in the Senate. The Dept of Energy, if run correctly and efficiently, would be the one-stop shop for permitting and oversight.  The EPA, on the other hand, may well be disposable.

      • marketcomp

        O, you know I respect you tremendously, but who says that Sarah Palin should be in the background? It appears that you have bought into the media hype about Sarah Palin and perhaps you need to work on that. Palin is more than capable of being President because she can connect with people which is lacking among the RINO establishment and Hilary Clinton. Afterall, she has been a Governor and Mayor which is something that Hilary Clinton cannot claim. Besides I am not sure that she would even be interested but the point that Zo is making is that we have a chance to elect a women who is a staunch Conservative and unapologetic and a chance to rid this republican party of having the stigma of being controlled by men only. Yes we know that the democrat party is controlled by old white liberals but we have a chance to show the Republican Party as the party of opportunity and articulate that which is outlined in the Constitution. Whatever you say we all know that Sarah Palin is the epitome of Conservatism but so is Allen West or Ted Cruz.

        • Orangeone

          I respect your opinion as well and your posts always provide great intel and reason for additional thought.  My opinion has nothing to do with Sarah Palin’s qualifications. She is a good patriot but she defended John McCain WAY to many times.  It’s tough enough to get men (no disrespect to those on this site) to vote for a woman, let alone one for President, and the likes of Sandra F1uke don’t help get over the “social issues, emotional issues” meme either.  And with McCain now backing John Kerry for SOS isn’t helping.
          Palin also left the Governor’s office before her term was over, whatever her reasons, the media will drone in as quitting and that she would do the same if President and the going got tough. The Repubs keep giving us candidates that cannot win and I fear Palin would fall into the same category.  I’m personally disappointed that she did not help Allen West or Michele Bachmann in their re-election campaigns.
          Her true strength is in the background supporting Tea Party candidates in the Senate and House in 2014 and 2016 (no one does it better than she does) and then a cabinet position where she can put all of her skills to great use. We have to get ahead of the media not fall into another trap that we can’t dig out of because they will keep the story where they want it.
          The jury for me is still out on Ted Cruz although I like him and financially supported his campaign.  He hasn’t been sworn in yet.  I look at the disappointment with Rubio and hope that doesn’t happen with Cruz.  I personally like Jeanine Pirro, upstanding strong, well-educated woman and defender of women for decades.
          We also have Ileana Ros-Lehtinen from FL. As ABinC stated (in part) in another post:  She was one of the first to work on getting Jon Hammar home.  She’s authored quite a few bills, a couple having to do with getting money overpaid to the UN back and transparency, accountablity and reform of the UN.  She’s very pro Israel- can’t stand Castro, Chavez and other dictators.  She’s against and voted to repeal obamanationcare- is for tort reform, free market and insurance across state lines.  Voted numerous times for budget reforms in Congress, and budget cuts.  Her husband is a Vietnam vet, Army Ranger, and is pro Veterans and Military.  I think she is worthy of a look!  There are also many other solid female candidates.

          • PicklePlants

            I really appreciate you writing my exact feelings for me, Orangeone. I can agree wholeheartedly and simply add that I believe Sarah Palin would lose in a head-to-head with Hillary Clinton simply because of the low information voter factor. They will be manipulated by the Dems and MSM exactly the same way as they were in 2012. I love Alan West too, but the fact that he didn’t carry his district is worry-some to me.

            BTW – I think Hillary may have had a small stroke. Her weight (blood pressure?) has been up, and it would explain the lack of public appearance. She could be doing some intensive rehab to hide the symptoms from the camera and avoid the taint of ill health in 2016.

            • Orangeone

              You bring up a very interesting point.  A stroke would have caused her to fall too.  She has been looking very, very bad in the last few months and the stress from the Benghazi murders just might have tipped her over.  Seems like Billy Boy has gone quiet as well.  Very interesting that they won’t release her medical records either……

          • marketcomp

            Orangeone, I am not one to buy into anything from the media says and their characterization of those who stand for the Constitution and Conservative principles and values. But I know that most are not like almost all on this site. In fact we are probably in the minority according to the most recent election results. I do understand your point about Sarah Palin and how republicans like Rove and the RINOs along with the democrats have allowed this character assassination of her and her family. I like fighters and especially those who stand for America and the principles that made it and continue to make it exceptional . Now, Sarah Palin was put into a precarious position to support the man who was instrumental in giving her a vehicle to present her Conservative ideas. Let’s not forget that before she was selected to run as McCain’s running mate she had a 80+% approval rating in the State of Alaska and it was not until Barack Obama and his knee jerk media cronies that the barrage of character assassination began. But, I think that we can all agree that there is not a woman on the face of this earth who has with stood the continual onslaught of demeaning and humiliating character assassination of their persona as Sarah Palin and she just keeps on going.

            Now she obviously has tremendous power when she throws her political weight behind a candidate or it would not sought and asked for. I mean let’s look at some results here. When Barack Obama throws his political weight behind a candidate the results are negative. In fact we can comfortably say that he runs to the rapist, Bill Clinton, when he wants political support. Right now Sarah Palin and Jim DeMint are the only people who can garner results when they decide to support a candidate. John McCain supported Scott Brown, epic fail. So to your point about her supporting John McCain is something that people like Rick Santorum has also fallen into with his support of no child left behind and other RINO policies of George W. Bush. Many times as people are rising through the ranks they do sometimes compromise a little and this happens in business all the time. But you decide what to compromise on and then go from there. So I do understand why Sarah Palin supported John McCain because she really had no choice and would have been mischaracterized for that. Plus she has said many times that she truly respects his service and the sacrifices made on behalf of our Country. I think all of us have fallen into that with John McCain and we all have paid dearly for it because every chance he gets he walks across the aisle and compromises with his gang of whatever number . I hate that as much as anyone! And yes, he later called the tea party hobbits and really has shown much disrespect for her and the tea party along with the disturbing comments from his family about her. But she has shown tremendous class and grace in that situation.

            Moreover, let’s not forget that she did support Bachmann in 2010 and perhaps Allen West too. I mean do you think there was some reason that she wouldn’t support them in 2012? She is a tough lady and she sacrificed her career to save the State of Alaska from her absence and the continual fighting of frivolous law suits to an estimated tune on several million dollars plus. Being the Governor made her a sitting duck for Barack Obama and the media whose only interest is making life as difficult and arduous for her as possible. The question for you and many others is has Obama and the lame stream media succeeded in their goals? Well according to your assessment, maybe.

            • Orangeone

              I truly admire Sarah Palin for what you’ve said and more.  We have been dealt with MSM-selected RINOs in the last two pres elections.  All I’m saying is we have to select a candidate early and it has to be a candidate that can win.  With everything that has occurred, I don’t believe that to be Sarah Palin.  Do I think that’s fair, no but I do think it’s reality.  I admire Michele Bachmann as well and believe too that her time for possible pres has passed.

              • marketcomp

                Well Orangeone, in my opinion, the jury is still out on SP. I was disappointed in Michelle Bachmann for my own reasons in particular her negligence in not understanding vaccines and commenting on what a person walked up to her and said. But we solider on and continue to find the right candidate.

                • KSEMBB1

                  I for one will not shy away from a candidate just because the media tells me to. The liberal media has an ulterior motive for putting out their opinions on potential candidates. Why would anyone follow their recommendations?!

            • I understand why she supported McCain. He picked her to be his running mate. What bothers me somewhat is her support for Orrin Hatch.

      • Secretary of Energy? Let’s face it, that’s much too small a position for her. Have we ever had a Secretary of Energy with her name recognition? Only State, Treasury, Defense, Justice, and Homeland Security can even get someone who’s profile is high.
        Besides, Energy is one of the departments we need to abolish anyways. ^_^

      • There is no one else as trust worthy as Sarah Palin to be who she say’s she is her record proves that. She has been through the fire and stands. no one else has stood like her and very few would. There is not another leader as qualified as her to lead this nation.

  • Don’t worry Zo, West won’t ever win the Republican nomination for president. But it might be nice to see him on the debate stage though.

  • Joe

    This liberal stuff MUST stop

    All of these “people” admitted to voting Straight Democrat

    These are the people the Republicans should appeal to

    OK – Now shoot me! –

    Never mind – I’ll do it myself!

    • Rshill7

      R.I.P friend 🙂

      If you do shoot yourself, please use a squirt gun. Don’t hurt our Joe.

  • 2016 is going to be interesting. It depends on who the Republican’s run honestly. If they run another wishy-washy moderate Republican, then I’m not sure how it’s gonna go. The Republican’s need to seriously fight back against the left and stop kicking the fiscal conservatives out, really enough is a enough.

    • Spending increases have to continue to maintain the economy. If they actually cut a bunch of spending, they will crash this economy. Both democrats and republicans know this. We will see them continuing to pump up the system with new money, as inflation grows, federal benefits get cut, and taxes increase.

      This is the shutdown of the country, and is how it will happen. Democrats and republicans will make sure of it. The US will fade into history as a sovereign nation after the collapse.

      • In that case, cutting spending would still be worth it. Pumping up spending over and over is going to make us pop using a balloon metaphor.

        • Its just a matter of how fast. The balloon will pop one of these days. Hopefully, it will take a while.

  • crosshr

    Republican has to be a party stand on principles that build this country, Her constitution and Her faith. Majority of God ,Gun and Country loving population have eyes and ears and sound mind . They make good decision, they don’t sail on Titanic voyage. At least I won’t.

  • blackbird

    I am praying to God that the next president of America is Sarah Palin. For all those who dismiss Sarah as presidential timber, please go do some research on her accomplishments and her positions on the issues facing America.

    here are 2 links to get you started:

    • crosshr

      I like you blackbird warrior, yes!

      • blackbird

        Thanks crosshr.

    • badbadlibs

      I would vote for her in a heart beat, her qualifications are second to none.
      What makes the likelihood of her not winning is the relentless propaganda machine out to destroy her. They succeeded, sadly and all to their shame.
      That same propaganda machine, aka the press and every other entity on God’s green earth other then a true conservative, would go full tilt if she expressed any kind of desire to run.
      Her family barely survived the attacks that are still on going, by the way, so I doubt she would ever consider another run for anything.
      I would actually fear for her very life should it ever appear remotely possible she would run.

      • blackbird

        What you say is correct badbadlibs. Even now at this very early time when we see polls asking about Presidential hopefuls, Sarah’s name is not even offered up and that is from our side.

        The second link I posted, because of all her accomplishments it’s her upright steely character to server the people honestly that I admire the most.

        Thanks for your comment badbadlibs and here is an excerpt from Sarah’s speech at Colorado Christian University:

      • TModelTom

        Please don’t underestimate Sarah Palin! The liberal press and the obama machine literally shredded Romney, he was a weak candidate at best and refused to fight back. I can’t think of another human being on the planet that I respect more than Sarah Palin. She puts love of country first and foremost, she is way more qualified for the job than many realize and man will she fight babk! Enough of this pussy-footing around, politically correct nonsense, go get ’em Sarah!!

        • badbadlibs

          I don’t underestimate her nor her qualifications. However, as I said: I would actually fear for her very life should it ever appear remotely possible she would run.
          I highly doubt she will put her family thru anymore then they have been thru. IF she should ever run, she would have my vote…joyfully.

  • blueniner

    Sarah Palin 2016………

    • crosshr

      I like you much too blueniner, like the last part part of your name too. niner ! what ever it means

  • MiBones

    The 2012 elections was lost in the primaries. The Conservative wing of the Republican Party should have had their own candidate first and then stood behind that person throughout the process. We allowed the Rino’s to manipulate us so that we were divided between financial, fiscal and social conservatives and they conquered with Romney. Figure out how to pick one or two for the primary and let them slug it out. I want a fighter. We have got to stop deciding who is viable, or not, at this time. Circumstances change and who knows what candidate might be the best. Let all candidates fight for our support and then we must fight to support them in the primary.

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      As long as the GOP is controlled by RINOs and establishment types, they will continue to foist their version of an ideal candidate to run for President. They will guarantee a Democrap victory for years to come unless they can be leached out and eliminated. Until then, they will continue to promote failures and we will suffer for it.

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    Which party is Zero affiliated with again? Who is Zero trying to get chummy with in the world? Who in this world wants to subjugate women and demoralize them? Didn’t they have some sort of vote in a certain country in the Middle East that now allows for Sharia law to be incorporated into the law of the land? These are the people who Zero bent himself into a butt-kissing pretzel for and he continues to smooch their posteriors at every opportunity. Now who is promoting a war on women? Let me see….

  • colliemum

    You can’t just love this guy – you’ve got to admit that he makes a hugely important point in all his videos: about getting to grips with the liberals in their preferred vehicles: mass culture, pop culture.
    And with this video he hits the target. There are far too many conservatives, not just RINOs, who have fallen for the poison the left and their meejah henchpeople inside the Beltway have spouted about Sarah Palin.
    That has to stop: the facts about her are easily found on the web.
    Zonation is also spot on about having Allen West standing against Hillary Clinton, and just like him, it hurts me to say so.
    So get cracking on working to have a proper, conservative female candidate for 2016!

  • Who does Zo think should run if not Rubio or West?

  • 1vote

    Sorry Zo, but, we got to run on policies like:
    Health care: No premiums no deductibles including infanticide and euthanasia.
    Open budget: No more pesky debt ceilings telling us to curb spending.
    Military: Unilaterally disarm to level the playing field
    2nd amendment: Let’s disarm the population while we are at it
    Fair share: Anybody that produces should be taxed out the wazoo.
    Energy: Shut down oil, coal, and gas and buy energy from our buddies.
    Marriage: Equal opportunity for any and all creatures.
    Education: No more tuition etc.
    Oh wait, hmmmm

    • las1

      Facetious much?

      I’m still snickering.

  • armyvet10

    To all good morning, Orange_One, White531, freenca, Sober_Thinking, Nukeman60, AmericanBornInCanada, Rshill7, Picklepants; and all here on TRS. Sorry to be late to this discussion, between my current hernia, and all the snow I have been shoveling I have been slow to peruse TRS until now. I would like to add a name to the possible women candidates that some may like, while some may not, but her character is solid. Now this woman has stated she isn’t interested in the oval office but I think she would do fine.

    Condaleeza Rice. She is smart, articulate, faithful and loyal to her principles. She showed great courage and resolve on that horrible day when life in America changed instantly. She speaks with a sure voice and sound mind. She is highly educated, motivated and compassionate. I think a party lead by Rice, Palin, Bachman, West and Love (and it doesn’t have to be in any order) would be a sound ticket and would have America’s interests at the forefront of everything they do.

    Now liberals will be quick with accusations of ancient thinking on subjects like women’s rights, environmental issues, the poor, and being in the bank for big business and the military complex. But if each subject is diffused before the liberal media can make an issue out of it, like Mr. Rachel points out, I think a real turn around in this country’s thinking could happen.

    Few people want to be the first to tell the king he is naked, the easy route is to go along with the majority, (the Kings New Clothes), but how foolish does anyone want to be viewed when they find out that the one who called out the king was right and everyone else was wrong. And here IMHO is the real problem in a pop culture where most of the media is leading the charge in telling the King that his new clothes are fabulous. Most of America doesn’t want to trust their eyes and tell the King he is naked, they will cower to the pressure of going along with the media refusing to tell the truth and staying in step with the rest of the kingdom perpetuating the lie.

    You may be called a fool for telling the truth, but how foolish will those that followed the lie feel when they see they are naked as well?

    Please enjoy any festivities you have planned for New Year’s eve, and be safe.

    • las1

      Of those on that list you presented, how much you wanna bet that the establishment types will run away scared muttering the same fetid objections which the liberals and the media feed them about those very same people on your list.

      Until conservatives and Republicans start thinking and acting independently in politics and in the public space, they will always be saying “how high” to the liberals’ demand to “jump!”.

      • armyvet10

        las1, I think what you are articulating is what I inference in the Emperor’s New clothes. Many, way too many people are afraid of standing out and simply go along. Yes I agree completely that the “establishment” will either, openly or secretly be afraid of rocking the boat and will run away from the fight, leaving only a select few brave souls to defend themselves. We had seen this in the debates with Bachman, Cain, Perry and a host of others. As for any baggage Newt Gingrich may have, he was spot on when telling the Republican Party that infighting must cease and true leadership shown. It only takes a handful of people to lead, but we must make sure they are leading us down the correct path. As for betting against you; no way. I agree with you that in its current frame of mind, the Republican Party has become immobilized with fear. It is like the first time you tell a person that you love them. Waiting for the response you want can be more scary than facing your demons.

        Thanks for the reply and have a great day.

  • las1

    “… it ain’t gonna matter if Palin or Bachmann runs if we don’t do the groundwork to promote conservatism in the culture.”

    Bingo! And that’s why the Republicans are so screwed under establishment RINO/GOP leadership

    • ” in the culture.” ?
      those of us with “the culture” were marginalized, the free loaders have no culture, no manners, no honor.

      • las1

        The culture of the free, the mannerly and the honorable juxtaposed with the culture of the free loader, the unmannerly and the dishonorable.

    • colliemum

      Zo’s argument was that the dems would picture any male candidate running against Hillary as a bully.
      It doesn’t take much imagination to predict how they would paint Allen West, should he stand against Hillary! And him a LtCol to boot …

      Mind – while I do accept Zo’s arguments, we can’t predict the future much.
      So I somehow don’t see Hillary running in 2016. Whom I can see running in 2016 with not a huge stretch of the imagination is ……. Moochelle.

      In any case, I think we should take his advice and stop falling for the leftie arguments from the dems and the meejah, and from the RINOs and the GOPe against conservative female politicians. The poison sits deep, and I find it hard to forgive them for the way they have been treating Sarah Palin, both during and after 2008 and since 2010.

      I’d really like to know why they kept her out of everything during this election – and I would especially like to know why, if Romney didn’t really want to run, he didn’t throw his weight behind her before the primaries. The suspicions so many of us had that the GOPe wanted to lose this election look to have been right.

      • las1

        If what you say is true about Zo’s rationale (and I think you are correct) then the rationale contradicts his basic assumption about the demagoguery of the Democrats. If he hates the demagoguery, then why comply to it’s dictates by NOT running a “bully” like West. It just makes no sense. Why give the Democrats what they want? Any candidate will be demonized and demagogued by the Dems. If the Republicans were to run Bill Clinton as a Republican candidate, then Bill Clinton would become the biggest fascist since Hitler. (I exaggerate, but you get my point)

        It seems like the old Soviet tactic of calling someone’s mother a whore enough times and the victim will begin to believe it. That’s where conservatives and Republicans stand at present. And I’m sick of it. I really wish conservatives and Republicans in particular would grow a spine.

        • colliemum

          You make a very good point – that there is a contradiction in what Zo says.

          And I do agree with you: if conservatives will be blamed/painted as bullies if/when running against a ‘female’ candidate, then why not go the whole hog and become as black (sorry about the pun) as they’re painted – which means Allen West as 2016 candidate.

          Oh yes: it is time for conservatives and republicans to grow a spine, before time runs out on them.

          Thanks, btw, for showing me where I went wrong in my thinking!

          • las1

            It’s funny how our default reaction tends no longer toward common sense, but toward equivocation and checking our PC meters. And it looks like Zo is no different.

            • colliemum

              Yep, agree – it is rather frightening how much PC dross we have already internalised.

              As for Allen West: flaming transvestite – no chance, his wife would have something to say about that, and she looks like a lady even Allen West would not mess with, LOL!

              What he ought to say is ‘here’s the Constitution, I stand on it, I defend it, I’m a Republican – deal with it’.

              • las1

                Yeah… I threw that in for effect… but you gotta admit, Democrats wouldn’t know what to do with that one.

        • PhillyCon

          (Politely butting in) Therein lies the problem, the goal posts are constantly moved by the Left. We are playing by their rules.

          Its almost futile to play chess their way, b/c they control the chess board.

  • bongobear

    Couldn’t agree more. Unless the GOP changes dramatically they will do just what they did this election…and lose again.

  • Arrrggghhh

    I think that what Zo and a lot of people are missing is what is going to happen to this country over the next four years. The economic outlook is catastrophic. Our credit card is just about maxed out. Obama has done zero to control spending and will continue to do nothing. He has also buried businesses in regulation and tax uncertainty – that has made growing our way out of this mess virtually impossible. Obama knows that.

    The key to winning in 2016 is to have someone who starts now in articulating how conservative principles and fiscal responsibility can fix these problems. Am I sure it will work? No, but the alternative is to become “democrat lite” and that is a certain path to disaster – even if the Republicans win the election.

    • “The economic outlook is catastrophic” ? THAT’S the plan – to ruin the economy, then most of the people will run to the gove for help. BHO clearly informed us about his plan to totally change our country
      We are in the process of becoming another Cuba.
      People in Europe know the curse of socialism/communism, Americans don’t.
      Imbeciles like Flying With Hitlary say “we’ll do it better”. I’ve heard blacks calling radio shows saying: “socialism is gooood”.
      Parasites did reelect the “giver”…..

      • Arrrggghhh

        I absolutely agree that that was the plan. Every single person of influence in his life (mother, father, grandfather, Frank Marshall Davis, his liberal professors, Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers and many others that we don’t even know their names) has hated America and has wanted to take it down a peg. Mission accomplished.

  • section9

    One of the reasons Palin stayed out in 2012, aside from serious family concerns (people underrate that with Palin, but it’s really important with her), is that Palin gets what a corrupt racket the national GOP has become.

    Romney was going to be the nominee two years ago. The fix was in for him. They moneyed bundlers just needed to make sure that Mittens had enough money and enough vig to firebomb anyone who challenged him. Palin saw that it was a fixed Bushbot Game and stayed the heck out, unlike Gingrich and Santorum.

    Now the Establishment has disgraced itself by losing to one of the most damaged incumbents in our time. This is Palin’s opening. However, the Establishment will use it to run RINO stalking horses like Rubio and Ryan. Their intention is to force Jeb Bush down the Party’s throat in 2016. You heard that here first.

    If Palin is serious, she will have to start organizing soon. Her enemies are already in the game.

    • colliemum

      Agree, section9 – and another point: if the GOPe really had wanted to win this election, for the sake of the country, they would have had Sarah Palin on the stump morning, day and night!
      They didn’t, they even allegedly told candidates that they’d get no more money if they had Sarah Palin appear with them.
      So our suspicions a year ago, that the GOPe actively wanted to lose this election, so Jeb could run in 2016 seem to have been validated.

    • poljunkie

      I agree S9, and your insight on 2012 was spot-on.

      Bleech, with the election just a month+ behind us, I cant believe I am typing this:

      But —In my view, Gov Palin has to stand up and formally say she is running for office of the PRESIDENT, if she wants to. There cannot a guessing game this cycle.

    • keyesforpres

      She stayed out because Bachmann jumped in. That bus tour Sarah was doing was getting her attention and excitement. Then, Bachmann jumped in and Sarah abruptly canceled the rest of her bus tour.

    • PhillyCon

      Palin also figured out the general was rigged as well. She pointed this out many times regarding a corrupt media on Obama’s side.

      Frankly, I am starting to wonder if anyone could have beaten Obama. This is what Palin might have been thinking as she said, “no thanks.”

  • section9

    BTW, I can’t say enough how much I like Alfonzo Rachel. This guy gets the primacy of culture in spades. He also gets Palin’s importance to the Conservative Movement and why the left attacked her.

  • demographicallychallenged

    Given two choices what do you think 50.1% will choose: 1)if it feels good, do it 2)personal responsibility, accountability. (hint they already have answered twice and their numbers are growing.

  • BikerHoop

    I don’t think that gender, ethnicity or whatever makes all that much difference. What WOULD make a difference though is to run someone who not only understands conservatism, but is not afraid to ‘walk the walk’ as well as ‘talk the talk’. I still believe that if conservative principles were presented consistently to the public and the candidates didn’t waver from those principles that conservatives would be elected regardless of their skin color or whether they had bumps in their sweater.

  • jrt1031

    Republicans need to pray more that God will intervene and expose the liberal corruption for what it is. Obama has been able to take advantage of hurricanes, mass shooting, and the chaos that has come about because of social liberal loss of values. Only when America sees it needs to get back to basic good traditional values can it begin to stand against radical socialism that is only there to control the individual.

    • Kordane

      What traditional values are you talking about?

      Statism can be defeated by fighting for its antithesis: Capitalism.

      Traditional values = Capitalism? I don’t think so. It may be one of them, but what are the other ones, and how do you reconcile their irrelevance at combating statism?


      You pray all you want to……we need to start taking things into our own hands.

      • keyesforpres

        We must do BOTH.

    • MiBones

      2 Chronicles 7:14 says “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” This scripture is talking about believers. One of the problems is the church and it’s corruption of the gospel message. Start with those who profess their faith and find some prayer warriors. Throughout the Bible are examples of what happened to Israel when she turned her back on G-d. We are there.

  • Conniption Fitz

    No more Clintons, Bushes, Kennedys, Romneys or other ‘permanent political class’ crooks running for President.

    NO MORE ILLEGAL ‘president’ Obama.

  • MadAsHellJack

    The current give me free stuff electorate will vote for any democRat the DNC puts up for president. I think they are so ignorant they’d elect Moochelle Obama. I am not sure how any republican can compete, especially with the state run media maligning a republican candidate at every turn and step of the way?? My only hope is Obama and the democrats have such a catastrophic turn of events all Americans see them for what they truly are, TRAITORS. One more reason we cannot let Benghazi or Fast & Furious go.

  • Sunnny1

    As the parent of several white men, I am sick of them being used as a swear word.

    Many of us voted for an uncompromising candidate, Michele Bachmann, and instead got a wimpy candidate completely incapable of stating his position (perhaps he wasn’t sure what his position should be as of yet?)

    Sarah Palin has to find a way to get her own children to reflect her values before she can rule over mine. We need an articulate Margaret Thatcher-like candidate, unapologetically conservative, past the parenting stage, strong, outspoken and unwilling to compromise. Honestly, I don’t see her (or him for that matter) out there right now.


      Seriously?!? You’re not too judgemental are ya?

      Most of her children are grown adults now with families of their own. Last I heard, they’ve broken no laws and committed no crimes.

      • Sunnny1

        Gov. Palin’s children have repeated set a bad example for the youth of this country. There has been one “shotgun” wedding and one out of wedlock birth, plus a divorce after one year of marriage. These are facts. Nothing reveals our character flaws (in this case perhaps shortage of time spent exposing children to positive values) quite like the mirror of one’s children. Character flaws matter because they affect decisions made that will be part of the lives of millions.
        Though it is completely hypocritical of the immoral media, they will identify this flaw and use it against the GOP. They will not point out that the pres spent more time with his golf buddies last week than with his own children, but the media/enemy will point out Palin’s family problems. We got a small sampling of this in 2008 where her life was paraded out for all to see even though she was only running for VP, whereas the other presidential candidate’s immorality was hidden as if it never occurred. We have to put up our best, articulate, inspiring, moral candidates.
        I listen to Gov. Palin speak regularly and appreciate the role she serves in that capacity. Unlike 99% of our recent GOP candidates, she is able to articulate her position with passion and conviction. In that capacity, she sets the pace as a statesman that many men in the GOP would be wise to imitate. She has a valuable role to play, maybe more valuable than running for office. TENCOLE, it is not judgmental to point out facts. You’d have to be ignorant to refuse to look at the facts of someone’s past record. In fact, refusing to consider one’s character is exactly the kind of ignorance that got us the great O.

        • keyesforpres

          Sunny, the press tried to make Bachmann look bad with her foster parenting too.

          • Sunnny1

            Keyesforpres, they tried, but they were hugely unsuccessful in this area. It is easy to make the foster system look bad, but hard to make most fostering families look bad. She really didn’t have much for the media to work against her with.

            • keyesforpres

              No they didn’t, but they still tried to make her come across as “crazy”.

    • keyesforpres

      I don’t want Sarah or anyone, “ruling” over me. They are supposed to govern.

      • Sunnny1

        Me neither, keyesforpres. I was merely reflecting the current situation. =

        • hrh40

          Reagan’s kids were such paragons, weren’t they?

          Oh, wait.

          • BHliberty

            HaHa! Didn’t one of them have a drug problem? I know one of them has a liberal pronblem!

            • BHliberty

              Oh wait, two of them have liberal problems, Patti Davis (who refuses to use her father’s name) and Ron Reagan! Ugh! Oh yes, I would say they are such role models for the conservative cause!

          • PhillyCon

            This is what I meant about nit picking. We set up the strangest goal posts sometimes.

          • Sunnny1

            Yes, but , like it or not, the primary responsibility of raising children rests on a mother. Society thinks it is better for refusing to accept that responsibility, but any observation of our history bears that view out as false. You may not like the premise, but the truth rings clear.

  • Republicans will never elect a woman President unless they can beat the media. Liberal women, especially those in the media, are women’s worst enemy. Until Republicans know how to turn the tables on liberals, nothing is gonna happen in the culture war.

    • PhillyCon

      Well said. I don’t think it even matters who we run at this point. We have the convergence of some dangerous forces in this country: the media, the Democrat party, the Leftist inner city complex, Hollywood/popular culture, and some parts of the sports world. It scares the living day lights out of me, b/c I don’t see an effective opposition.

    • Zo said it best….if the GOP can’t get it’s act together, then it won’t matter who they send.

      I agree with Sec9…..Rubio and Ryan will be stalking horses to help Jeb Bush.

      If it’s Jeb, I’m sitting it out and will only vote down ticket (helping my state offices).

  • Yazz55

    Not so fast Zo.

    There’s lots of time until the next Pres election cycle and lots can happen between now & then, which could change everything.

    As I recall about the end of 2007, beginning of 2008 primary season, liberals were saying pretty much the same thing about Hillary. Recall at the time she was the carpetbagger liberal extremist senator from Uber liberal NY. They were ready to coronate her their queen. In the minds of many liberals it was a done deal. No republican could beat her. They had already handed the the democrat nomination. Hey, there just wasn’t any competition. And this Barack character was only beginning to emerge. Few had heard of him at that time. He wasn’t going to be any competition for queen Hillary. Obama was just a nuisance distraction to keep the primaries interesting.

    • narciso

      Hillary is a corrupt party hack, who never earned anything on her own, she was virtually handed the New York Senate seat, where she did nothing of note, except possibly bow and scrape to the butchers of Beijing,

  • Conniption Fitz

    GOP has nothing to offer the voter or an honest male or female candidate, because it is the party that (now) stands for nothing:

  • wodiej

    “Republicans for the love of God…”. Sorry, but Republicans are the party of old white men. Has the party ever nominated anyone but that? NO.

    Gov. Palin had a great shot at it this time. She waited until October to opt out while advisers did research for her on support. It wasn’t there. Republicans aren’t just the party of old, white men. They are also the party of stupid.

    While far right conservatives are convinced abortion and gays are the epitome of all that ails America, the majority of voters don’t agree. And for the record, Gov. Palin is a solid conservative however she shows love, compassion and tolerance for ALL even though she disagrees with some of their views and that includes gay people. That is the hallmark of a true Christian. She doesn’t just talk the talk. She walks the walk. She has experience including city councilperson, mayor, Governor, and oil and gas commissioner. Her successes are numerous and it’s all posted each and every morning over at C4P by ZH100 early in the thread. If she’s not good enough, than no one is.

  • BHliberty

    He’s right, the GOP message needs a clear, strong message and a messenger to make the case. Who that will be is anyone’s guess, (Palin is definitely a contender)! But it could be that the entire landscape of this country will have changed in four years, a lifetime in the politicial time zones! Right now, the country is teetering on financial collapse with no budget, endless monetizing, shakey stock markets, and an upending of foreign policy. And yes, it takes a lot of ground work to promote change! But I believe in the upcoming years, the Democrats will lose clout just by default only because they overplayed their hands! JMO!

  • MiBones

    Talks on the presidency aren’t going to matter if we do not elect more conservative people into the House and Senate. The president can’t do anything without their support. We need to vote more conservatives in for 2014. Then for 2016, we do our own vetting, pick one or two candidates to support and run them against the Rino. And nobody is taken off the list at this time. This is war and we shouldn’t limit our options on whom we would consider for a presidential run.

    • keyesforpres

      We also MUST stop the cheating by the dems….voter id’s in every state and people watching the poll watchers!

  • narciso

    the 2010 election was a proxy for what we would see in 2012, the Clique as one perceptive analyst dubbed the establishment, Rove, Forti, Madden, Rollins, threw more elbows at the tea party backed candidates then they ever did against Obama,

  • johnos2112

    I would love for a WHITE GUY to stand up and say the following: “I support traditional marriage between a man and a woman. I am not anti gay because that is a separate issue. I want the American person to be free. That means free to protect themselves by all LEGAL means necessary. I believe this country was founded on Christian principles and the evidence is in Washington DC to this day. I support the right to life. I want people to embrace the rich and instead of saying they need to redistribute their money to me I would ask that Americans find out what made them wealthy. I support the American family to be the unit that makes people the best they can be. These are just a few of the many cultural characteristics I support as the CIC!”

    The RNC needs to tackle these issues and not run away from them anymore. Take these people on and explain why conservative values help EVERYONE!

    • DebbyX

      Didn’t Romney say all that? I know it was his out of touch delivery of just about everything, but those are his values, they just didn’t connect with the voters. The media tore him up so badly I expected to see scratch marks on him. The Left hates us and we have to find an in-road to the younger generation. Those points don’t mean anything to them. Half of them come from broken homes and resent others who have more than they do. We need an anti-brainwashing pill to thwart the affects of Letterman and John Stewart because that’s where they get their news from. I don’t know how Conservatives can fight against this vast Left-wing conspiracy, but we need to find a way.

      Nod to Hillary on the “vast conspiracy” thingy.

      • johnos2112

        Romney did not embrace his wealth.  As a matter of fact he was ashamed of it.  Romney did NOT make the points that needed to be made.  What else needs to take place is to call out the left for who they really.  Socialists, marxists and big govt people.  These leftists are not challenged enough.  We need the TEA party principles to take over the RNC or we are finished.

        • DebbyX

          All true………though our bumbling candidate Romney……….towards the end, conceded the fact that he had an elevator for his garage 🙂

          I still can’t believe we lost the election and I don’t see much hope on the horizon of winning in 2016 either. The future looks bleak from here and the mountain feels too steep to navigate.

          I guess I’m just discouraged right now. But you are right, he was incompetent.

          • johnos2112

            In order to win you need a Bill Whittle type.

            • DebbyX

              Can you try recruiting him? Lots of people would love you forever!

              • johnos2112

                Bill did say he would consider it if nobody steps up to the plate!

          • For Pete’s sake, stop writing 2016 off. What if the Democrats did that after they lost in 2004? Who do they blame if they lose? They blame the Republicans. They blamed their opponent’s so-called “dirty tricks” and election fraud, why can’t we? They don’t trot out self-defeatism and predict they’ll never win again. Bush was polarizing then, and by 2007 he had very low numbers. His unpopularity got Obama to win. Do you really expect people to want more of the same of Obama in four years and even more scandals?
            No disrespect intended, but we really need to cut this rooting for defeat in 2016 out immediately.
            And we can’t claim most Americans share our values and we’ll never win an election again at the same time. I actually believe neither. A lot of people are sheep, but Independents are going to be sick to death of Obama after four more years of scandals and a bad economy.
            I was surprised we lost too with all Obama’s done these years. Four more years and people will be even sicker of him. If it can happen to Dubya, it’ll happen to him too.

          • johnos2112
          • johnos2112
        • In an article in the Boston Globe, Tagg Romney reveals that his father Mitt Romney had very little desire to run for president and really wasn’t interested in the job. Therefore, Mitt Romney wasted millions of dollars in donations and everyone’s time by running for president. Did this shock us conservatives? No. Tagg Romney’s comments in this article confirms what most of us conservatives knew about Romney already. A important prerequisite for running for president is simple—you must want the job and also play to win. If the republican party does not clean up its act in the near future it will be over as a political party.

      • johnos2112
      • johnos2112
      • johnos2112
    • Ooh! Ohh! Bob McDonnell! He’s pro-life and evangelical, even though he’s lacking in charisma.

  • deTocqueville1

    We can always count on Zo! Palin 2016!

  • cabensg

    Newt is on it and believe me he’s not going to mince words or actions when he comes up with solutions. Everybody but the establishment will be invited to put their two cents in. This is a study and preparation to be conducted over the next 4 to 6 months to find out what went wrong and how to correct it. He brought the Republicans back from the dead once I’m counting on him to do it again.

    Here’s the first 2 paragraphs introducing his memo:
    I wanted to share with you the following memo which I have written at the request of Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, and which he has distributed to RNC members this afternoon.

    This is the beginning of a four to six month project considering what the Republican Party must do to become competitive in all 50 states.

    Read the whole thing. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. We do not want Shrill for president.

  • PhillyCon

    Just read through the entire thread. We can’t even agree amongst ourselves on who should represent conservatives.

    There’s way too much nit picking on our side … its really our down fall, IMO.

  • WordsFailMe

    He is so right on this one. Republicans are so greedy, prejudiced, stupid and weak.

    What is the angle of approach beyond “obtuse?”

  • No offence, but Palin is NOT the answer. If she is, we might want to rephrase the question. I can’t support her. And I know MANY who can’t either.

    • hrh40

      MANY, huh?

      Uh huh.

      And I know just as MANY who can support her. And can give you the facts, figures, records, positions, and policy reasons why they can support her.


      Whose MANY is more MANY?

      And whose MANY is more informed?

    • BHliberty

      Wait….Palin isn’t the answer and you won’t support her. Okay, but maybe give some kind of clue as to why. The former governor is as conservative as they come. Right now, the country is far to the left on the political spectrum and we need to bring it back more to the right. Palin could certainly help in this cause as would a lot of other people willing to take the heat in an election. I can think of others, Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer and Governor of New Mexico, Susanna Martinez, etc.

      But I’m just curious why you wouldn’t support a conservative woman. Or are you more moderate?

    • name your person for 2016 and I can give the same board mantra. to me, Palin is the “canary in the coal mine” and after a lot of “conservatives” ABANDONED HER after the bogus ethics complaints and Gifford shooting, (not to mention snubbing her at the 2012 convention) i’m not so inclined to listen to your comments. the problem with certain “conservatives” is that deep down, they’ve been so battered by the pop culture they’re suffering from stockholm syndrome

      • If they won’t stand up for her after being maliciously and shamelessly accused along with talk radio of inciting a Congresswoman’s shootings, they won’t stand up for the first amendment or anything on our side.
        Even if they didn’t like her, they should’ve gotten over it if they cared about free speech.

    • JRD1

      Then you are broadcasting to everyone that you don’t know anything about Palin’s reform work and furthermore you haven’t done any research on Palin and just are intimidated. It takes great self-confidence to be a Palin supporter. Palin IS the REAL DEAL.

      It’s time for you to do your homework. Jump in. Palin is a seasoned executive with past reform experience. She is exactly what the corrupt Bush crime family doesn’t want.

    • We don’t need Bill Maher’s vote anyways.

  • MiBones

    Everyone should be on the table. Including Sarah Palin. It is too soon to be worrying about 2016. We need to support the conservatives we have now in elected offices. This will help to embolden them to keep fighting for the conservative cause. At this time, we need to find conservatives to run for office in 2014. Forget the Republican Party. They are going to fight us every step of the way. That is why we should do our own vetting in primaries and support the one best conservative candidate.

  • I promise I will be voting West in 2016. Write in if necessary. That’s a done deal.

    I love Palin, broken glass, etc.

    West 2016

    • Besides, Zo is wrong. Obama still isn’t the first “black” president. He’s just another typical leftist who happens to have one parent of color. Like that’s some sort of accomplishment.

      • I thought Bill Clinton was the first black president 😉

        • I think he was the first feminist president, too. A two-fer!

          • Clinton’s utter respect for women really had no equal…lol.

      • conservativemama

        How lucky is Obama that his DNA painted him black instead of white? He’s been passing for black his whole life. Tell me that his resume with a white face would have led to the White House. No way at all.

        • Yes. He wouldn’t have gotten into any college more selective than community college.

    • Write-in? But…I just think we should vote for somebody who runs.

      • That’s a political calculation. We’re on a war footing now, so a war calculus is called for. We must bypass the party machinery to save the party (or create a new one—but we can’t create the new one first; it’s too late for that).

        • If he runs then power to you to vote for him on the ballot since he’d be a fine choice.
          If he doesn’t pick the non-establishment candidate of your choice on the ballot unless you think all the choices are bad in which case, that’s when to make a write-in protest vote.

          • That’s an after-action, pointless act. We need to push this now, before the clamor for mush begins again.

    • How is Palin comparable to broken glass?

      • Haven’t heard that one

        • You said you love her, broken glass, etc.
          You mean how the media’s damaged people’s image of her?

          • Oh, I get it. No, I was using snarky, AoSHQ-style shorthand for “I would crawl over broken glass to vote for her.”

            So the full, undamaged phrase would expand to “I love Governor Palin—as a potential candidate, and would crawl over broken glass to vote for her”

            Sorry I didn’t understand the question. I can be a little slow, sometimes.

  • hongryhawg

    I’ll take heat. I am for and always have been for Sarah Palin. Besides the obvious reason; those that have stated so eloquently by other posters, the left explodes when she is mentioned. That one fact tells me more than any campaign can. You don’t see that passion from the msm when West, McCain, Rubio, etc. are mentioned. You hear negatives, but you don’t hear passion. The left is AFRAID of Palin and what she will stimulate. Romney failed for many reasons, not the least of which is his not being a TRUE Conservative. We all knew that going in. But we took him because he’s what the Republican Party put out there for us. And that’s where the Republican Party failed us. Not themselves. They’re in it for other reasons too numerous to list. But, they are not in it for us. That’s why Palin wasn’t allowed to run. They fear her also.

    • She was allowed to run just fine like everybody else did. Nobody blocked her from running, she chose not to, probably for her family’s sake. You’re thinking of how she was blocked from speaking at the RNC.

      • hongryhawg

        I disagree. I truly mean no disrespect when I say your response is naive. If you look into the deeper politics of the matter, Alex, it will become clear that the decision was not hers to make. It’s the RNC’s. That’s why your only choice, if you are Republican, was Mitt Romney. The political parties choose who will run. The primaries are paint to make John Q. Public feel like he/she has a say in the outcome. We don’t. The candidate is chosen and the winner is chosen. Really, elections have very little, if anything to do with it. Everything happens behind the curtain. EVERYTHING. If the playing field was truly level for all candidates, she would have spoken. But it’s not. She is the monkey wrench. She cannot stand because she is right. Even the Republicans fear her because she will upset the feathering of their nests. Wake up, Alex. And please, again, I mean no disrespect to your comments. But, that very complacency will destroy the Conservative movement. Study. Pay attention. Turn off your television news. Arm yourself with knowledge. Thanking you in advance.

        • I mean no disrespect but how, exactly, was my remark complacent, unknowledgable, or naive? She could have run just like Newt, Cain, Santorum, Bachmann, Paul et al chose to but she didn’t. I think the way they kept attacking her family when she wasn’t even in the ring must’ve been discouraging. I know technically Romney was the boy they wanted but she still could have run if she chose. Again I mean no disrespect but you’re putting words in my mouth to form a strange narrative and jumping down my throat because of them.

  • I’m sorry, I’ll say it. I don’t believe in affirmative action, we should run people on their credentials for the office.
    But I don’t think we should let them have the first female President too. It’s not just Hillary’s gender but also the machine she runs and the undeserved credit she gets even though she’s got bloody hands. You know, we had our chance to elect a female President with Michele Bachmann, who had no liberal sins on her record. What did we do then? When the going got tough we abandoned her.

  • mediaaccess1

    Exactly what I’ve been saying.

  • Jay

    Think Hillary will recover from the Immaculate Concussion in time to run in 2016?

  • sd12569

    unless it is already a set up for her to win, who says she is even a candidate?????

  • Could Hillary beat Michelle Obama? Can you imagine the Primary viewership on that one? It’s not out of the realm of possibility…

  • jrt1031

    Newt 2016

  • I agree. Hitlery and her husband were the biggest liars in history. Now she will testify under oath about the Benghazi incident, after her “Immaculate concussion,” has healed (given that name by the beautiful Kimberly Guilfoyle of The Five).

    We need a powerful man or woman with true conservative values who care about their constituents and are not self consumed. Happy New Year.

  • JDOlson

    I give this guy credit for focusing on the heart of the problem with the Repubs and this country. But Sarah Palin has always been the answer. It’s not a gender thing. We abandoned her and we abandoned the country. We don’t deserve to win until we commit everything to her candidacy and the resurgence of conservatism, show her we’ve got her back, and devil take the hindmost.

  • pmb88

    I would like it to be Palin cause then it would show the media that she cant be taken down easily.