Nanny Bloomberg rejects idea as ‘nonsensical’ that armed citizens could have prevented deaths

The Hill reports that Yesterday Louie Gohmert suggested that if there had been audience members armed in the theater that it could have saved lives:

“It does make me wonder, you know, with all those people in the theater, was there nobody that was carrying? That could have stopped this guy more quickly?” Gohmert said. “I mean, in Tyler, Texas, we had, in my hometown, we had a shooter come in over a domestic matter and just start shooting people, and it was a guy with a concealed carry. He got killed, but his shooting at this guy caused him to run and no doubt saved a lot of lives. He was a real hero.”

But Nanny Bloomberg completely rejects that argument as nonsensical, saying that fewer guns means fewer murders:

“You know, to arm everybody and have the Wild West all the time is one of the more nonsensical things you can say,” Bloomberg said in an interview set to air on CBS’s “Face the Nation” when asked about Gohmert’s argument. “I don’t know what his motives are, I don’t know him and I’m not here to impugn him or anybody else. It just does not make any sense. The bottom line is if we had fewer guns, we would have a lot fewer murders.” …

”Do you really think that you’d be safe if anyone in the audience could pull out a gun and start shooting? I don’t think so,” Bloomberg said.

This guy is a complete joke. If this idiot ever found himself in a similar situation with someone shooting people at will, I bet he’d give anything for someone to have a gun who could protect him.

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