NBC News: Paul Ryan BALLOONED the deficit by voting for “the Bush tax cuts”

Misinformation has apparently become accepted truth over at NBC. Tonight they were reviewing Paul Ryan’s record, noting the things that were contrary to his reputation as a deficit hawk. But one of the specifically caught my attention:

Of course they included the Afghanistan/Iraq wars, both of which I still agree with. But the Bush tax cuts? What is this the Marxist News Network? The Bush tax cuts, despite what Obama and the Democrats say, did not balloon the deficit. To suggest it did means that they think all money belongs to the government who lets us Bible-clinging red-necks keep some of it. But that’s bullcrap.

In fact what really happened was that revenue to the government increased after the Bush tax cuts as jobs increased. Were it not for meddling Democrats in the 90’s, we wouldn’t have had the sub-prime mortgage crisis and all of these toxic loans which lead to a collapse of the housing market. It’s TARP and other bailouts that ballooned the deficit, not to mention the biggest spender in this history of the known universe, Barack Obama.

Which brings me to my next point, that Biden also voted for TARP, the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and you know he supports the Auto Bailout because that’s what they are running on.

Look, I don’t have a problem with them looking at Ryan’s record, but it would have been good for them to put it in context with the current VP. But I do have a problem with lies and misinformation, and to suggest that the Bush tax cuts ballooned the deficit is absurd.

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