NC Black Pastor records radio ad: Let’s say ‘no more’ to Obama’ for supporting ‘homosexual marriage’

Black N.C. pastor Dr. Patrick Wooden recorded a radio ad for the National Organization for Marriage encouraging the black community in North Carolina to vote against Obama because of his newly adopted position on gay marriage:

(via Washington Examiner)

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  • Back when I had TV, I watched Patrick Wooden’s show The Upper Room on Sunday mornings. He provided a great combination of Pentecostal enthusiasm and teaching deeply rooted in scripture.

    I’m very encouraged to see Black leaders like Wooden take a stand on important policy instead of clinging to alliances based only on race.

    • Patriot077

      I hope more of his colleagues will join him in preaching that message!

  • drphibes

    So, he won’t get 96% of the black vote. He’ll get 94%.

    • And that might be enough to win!

    • Haywoodjbl

      The “black vote” which frankly is a “racist” statement will not come out and support him….no more hope and change. He had his chance, and his true colors showed I am sure that is a racist comment) and it isn’t red, white and blue.

      • sno_warrior

        why is the term ‘black vote’ racist and a the term ‘white vote’ not racist??? Curious minds would like to know. 🙂

        • 3seven77

          Just guessing here – Because “black” refers to skin color and everyone knows white folks don’t have any “color”?? 🙂

    • keyesforpres

      I have heard that 20% of the black vote in NC might go to Romney. I pray some of them are waking up.

      • WordsFailMe

        and that someday all of us wake up


      Exactly….but it could dwindle.

  • GeorgiaPeachie

    Very well done Pastor Wooden! I believe obama’s stance on homosexuals will hurt him in the polls. They might not vote for Romney, but they just won’t bother to go out and vote.

  • Joe

    BRAVO Pastor

    The “LIGHT” is getting brighter and brighter and ZERO the conman

    is being uncovered!

  • Betsey_Ross

    So does saying NO to Obama mean they won’t vote for him? Just a few percentage points down and Obama loses.

    • Orangeone

      Great point.

  • sDee

    No one listened to Pastor Manning’s warnings about the long legged mack daddy.

    • Patriot077

      I did. But I have to be honest, I don’t know what a “mack daddy” is. Do you?

      • sDee

        a pimp

        • Patriot077

          How apropos! Thanks for the education 🙂

      • keyesforpres


        • Patriot077

          So, between you and sDee, I have ascertained that Zero is a synonym for “pimp”. That sounds about right.

          • keyesforpres

            He’s a pimp alright!

            • Lmglove99

              And your a racist alright. And if your not then name five pros that Romney will do for you and name five cons Obama have not done for you. I am by no mean a homosexual marriage supporter but I don’t feel that is the only issue I can rest my vote on.

              • keyesforpres

                I’m no fan of Romney. I just pray he will overturn everything o has done.

                Here’s 5 cons from Obama:
                1. He is going to have direct access to our bank accounts shortly after the election is over. It’s either in the Frank Dodd bill or the ObamaNOcare bill.
                2. We are going to be charged a 1% tax everytime we deposit money into our bank accounts, transfer money, or withdraw money. I would guess this would also mean we will be charged that fee everytime we write a check to pay a bill.
                3. We will be forced to buy insurance or face a fine (mulims are excempt as are 1500 or more groups that donated to Obama, and democrats exempted Congress and the Pres. from the bill.
                4. I will have to get permission from the death panel to get live saving treatment. If they say no, that is it. I can’t get the treatment. Doctors will face a stiff fine if they ignore the panel. The second time they ingnore the panel they will go to jail. Over half the doctors say they will quit. Doctors can no longer build hospitals. Around 40 were in the planning stages….they have now been canceled. Existing hospitals cannot expand without the gov’t’s permission. Tell me, do you think those things will make it easier to get medical care or harder? A couple of years ago the gov’t panel suggested women not be allowed to get mammagrams until they’re 50. If they decide to make that the law, then you won’t be able to get a mammogram until you are 50. Many women will already be dead from breast cancer by then. Black women get breast cancer at an earlier age (on average than white women). Many black women will be long gone by the time 50 would roll around.
                5. Obama won’t let us drill for oil and yet he’s sent billions to Mexico and Brazil to help them with their drilling. His illegal backdoor amnesty. Over 90,000 Americans have died at the hands of illegals since 9-11.

      • MLCBLOG

        I google everything. This came up. From the Urban Dictionary.

        1. Mack Daddy
        ultra pimp5 girls in one night?! You’re the mack daddy!buy mack daddy mugs & shirtsby Bungalow Bill Nov 27, 2001 share this add a video
        2. mack daddy
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        3. Mack Daddy
        Mack Daddy- A Male of supperior looks. A player of players. A romantic lady killer. One of many model looking girlfriends. Comes from old American dating back to early High School days of 1990’s.

        P.S. Doctor Manning is fabulous!!

    • Is_Sense_Common

      You posted it. I watched it. I shared it. That’s how it works.

      Keep up the good work sDee!

      In fact, I’m thinking you might post it again?!

      • I missed it the first time it was posted, so thanks for posting the video again.

    • Lmglove99

      sDee you must be a serious racist.

  • I can think of nearly a million things to call out dear leader on and say “no more”, but this is a start at least. This pastor must be a racist.

    • Yazz55

      racist=one who judges a person by the content and quality of their character, not the color of their skin.

      • NYGino

        Nowadays a racist is someone who disagrees with Obama or criticizes him in any way.

        • Lmglove99

          No a racist is a person who dislike someone based on their skin color. Maybe you should ask Pastor Wooden for some money to send you to college.

    • NCHokie02

      was going to say the exact same thing ABC. Love it.

  • MaxineCA

    I’m starting to see a very positive trend. I saw David Webb (Tea Party 365 & radio show host) on one of the Fox shows this a.m. promoting a new film that is out in theaters now. “Runaway Slave” I think is another movie we should support. There are statements in the film by Herman Cain, Allen West, Thomas Sowell and many other good black conservatives speaking about the impact of welfare in black communities. Here’s the link if you want to read more about it and watch the movie trailer.

    Obama has poked the sleeping giant way too many times! Thank you dear leader for waking up our country! That is the only great service you have done since taking office.

    • sDee

      ….poked us in the eye

    • Patriot077

      Yes, this movie is another must see but it isn’t as widely distributed as 2016. It has only played in a few cities in the South so far.

      C.L.Bryant is a wonderful advocate for freedom – for all of us. One of the powerful lines I remember from the trailer was that you don’t need to be in chains to be enslaved.

      I don’t know what it would take to get it into more theaters, but I wish some well heeled conservatives would put up some money to gitterdone. Seems like the rich guys are donating to the enemy.

      • MaxineCA

        I don’t think it takes cash to “gitterdone”, I think it’s the voice of We the People to spread the word. For those that participate in social media, you can spread the link and contact your local theaters and request they show this movie. 2016 started out pretty small at first….. now look at it.

        I noticed this statement at the bottom of the homepage.

        For questions, comments or to get involved in this movie, contact here

        This is where it takes you. [email protected]

      • Rob_Bryant

        I have not tried this out, but I have seen people successfully get a movie into their local theater in another online community I frequent. They used something called Tugg:

        Might be worth looking into.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Maxine always adds something constructive and positive,thank you from a fellow scooper.

      • MaxineCA

        Thank you. There are many days I don’t post comments unless I feel I can add to the debate. Otherwise……. I just click on the like button to show support for my fellow Scoopers’ point of view!

  • rreidc

    God Bless you….Pastor Patrick wooden.

  • yhxqqsn

    Wow. That took some guts.

  • Landscaper

    Dear Prez, would you like a cold pack for that “Zinger” that just b*tch slapped you sir?

  • 12grace

    G-d bless this brave Pastor.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Another african american hero, god bless you and your congregation.

    • Lmglove99

      Ha if you think his congregation feels the same. They might smile and nod for the cameras but they are going to vote how they feel. Not everyone is driving a different Mercedes ever Sunday or employed their entire family at the church over paying them for work they’re not even qualified to do. People aren’t stupid if they just want to base it off religion then at least Obama is a Christian and not a Mormon. You people are all jokes because your falling in the trap to vote for someone who worship a false God. And for what because he’s black. And if you all are wondering / assuming I’m not black. So guess what people we’re all not racist.

  • Nice to see someone standing for traditional values in the Black Community. The fact is people support marriage between a man and woman…plain and simple….alter nature and alter your existence. Political pandering and posturing like the Marxist does shows he could care less about traditional family values. It is about tolerance??? Really then tolerate people’s love for traditional marriage…and stop shoving your manipulated and twisted form of tolerance down our throat! Gay Marriage is a loser and this Pastor touches the core of what most Black Preachers talk about from the Pulpit!

    So stand for your beliefs and not just the color of your skin!

  • wales777

    Only a true blue Marxist could alienate one of the strongest voting blocks. His own….


    This is what happens when people don’t use their “heads” to vote in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bayway48

    Another American Hero. Leadership “trinkles down” to the masses. I feel that there are many more that know that the heart of our country’s values have been ripped out with a stake of vengence and want it stopped. This is an absolute sign of leadership.

  • hbnolikeee

    I wish I heard him say vote for Mitt. Being angry and where you cast your vote are not even close.

  • dabbobean

    A man of principal…..Who also apparently believes God’s word.

  • It’s nice to see and hear someone who doesn’t suffer from political correctness and will not be cowed by hate speech.

  • hongryhawg

    No, Barry. You can’t marry Reggie.

  • aZjimbo

    Ok now bottom line: Vote for Romney Pastor.

  • Dr. Patrick Wooden just took a major risk. And I would like to say Thank You to him. If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

  • WordsFailMe

    The people who voted for Obama are not the first to be turned out by a slick black pimp from Chicago, then sold a year later to a different pimp in a worse neighborhood. Green River Democrats.

  • deeme

    Wow a prayer has been answered..

  • stage9

    I keep telling folks, it is the African American community that holds the key to defeating counterfeit marriage.

    Well done Pastor!

  • bobemakk

    His former supporters are awakening…good riddance Pres. Obama.

    • Lmglove99

      Wooden was never for Obama

  • I guess Dr. Patrick Wooden decided NOT to be a useful IDIOT like the NBA players.

  • NCHokie02

    Only thing I wish he had commented on more was the fact that its Christian values. Obama says he’s a Christian yet he wants same sex marriage. How does that work? God is smiling at Pastor Wooden for taking a stand with Him and defending what is right.

    • Lmglove99

      So is Romney a Christian? Just wondering?

  • I commend him for taking a stand. A brave thing to do with NObama in the office. I know the expression much wants more, but I wish he’d gone even further. Because this issue is so fundamental to all Christians, I wish he’d drawn a line in the sand. Along the lines of: “You can vote for the Word of our Lord and God, Jesus, or you can vote for NObama! – You cannot, in good conscience, support both.” Or something like that. Drive the message home that this IS important that NObama has betrayed all Christians with his embrace of homosexuality.

    • Too bad 99% of his congregation will still vote for Obozo.

      • You might be right, but I hope you are wrong. For the Nation’s sake.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I’d love to see clergy and Pastors across America, unite against this current persecution of Christian morals and values… and as a side result, that would also be an indictment of Obama’s attack on religion and American traditional values.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      The sad part is that during the convention, the war on religion was not a topic and they would’ve been a lot of points right there for the taking.