Neil Cavuto takes on Occupy Portland protester

Occupy Portland, trying to targeting the ‘one percent’, shutdown a shipping port yesterday because Goldman Sachs is a stakeholder in one of the companies that uses the port. Cavuto had an Occupy Portland protester on his show and for the life of him he could not convince her that the actions of her Occupy group were hurting far more people than just this mythical 1% that they are trying to target. He finally tells her that she’s a waste of time and ends the interview:

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  • Anonymous

    Look Neil had a revelation. Kidding, of course whe’s a waste of time. Her education was an indoctrination and a serious waste of tax payer and probably family money. Par for the course. They have a point to which we agree but unfortunately they;re protesting the wrong entities. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Anonymous

    Liberalism as a Mental Disorder on display…

  • Wanna protest Goldman Sachs in one very highly visible place, try the White House.

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t that a hoot!

  • Anonymous

    Waste of time was the word of the hour here….these people are thugs.

  • Anonymous

    Ows = stupid anti-American communist caulk suckers, nuff said.


  • What a brain dead ditz. All she can do is regurgitate idiotic class warfare and Marxist dialectic. I sad thing is useful idiots like her are parroting Marx w/out realizing it.

  • If the military operated in the way these “occupiers” are operating, those same “occupiers” would be calling for War Crimes Investigations on us. How can they possibly justify SCREWING 100% of America in order to get to the so called “1%”? What happens when the “1%” no longer make profits? Do they really believe the “1%” would continue to employ ANYBODY when there is no longer a reason to do so?

    Again, if the military bombed the hell out of 100% of Iraq to get to the relatively few terrorists (1%), we’d ALL be on trial in Geneva. Why is it okay for the “occupiers” to use that very same tactic? Is there really such a difference between alienating American citizens and destorying their livelihoods, and carpet bombing us. “Give me liberty or I’ll kill you” (I revised the quote a little :-D).

    • Anonymous

      Can you spell s t u p i d. They can’t and that is why they don’t know what they’re doing. Useful idiots is such a descriptive phrase. (I don’t like the taxes taken from my check, so I think I’ll burn the whole check. That will show them!!!)

    • Excellently said Brian!

  • Anonymous

    Another product of the left-wing moocher society trying to occupy all of our wallets. She doesn’t have the first clue about economics or freedom. The gift of being an American is that we have the freedom to work as hard as we want to, to achieve what we aspire to be. There is no polit buro telling us what job we should perform, or how much we should get paid. We have the freedom to do more, or less, as we choose. There are so many opportunities here to improve your life situation by going back to school, or opening your own business, or just being happy with your current situation. But she, like the other liberal idiots think that they know better than the rest of us, and they will steal from the producers and give to the taker society and we will just sit back and comply. As Margaret Thatcher so aptly put it, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money”.

  • Anonymous

    This is like DWS saying that unemployment has not gone down since Obama has came into office! Worthless!

  • Anonymous

    Such a smart move, they will shut down businesses so businesses will fold and as a consequence of businesses folding, there will be little to no tax revenues distributed for welfare or student loan funds for this and other moronic “useful” protesting, idiots.

  • Anonymous

    She had her 15 minutes of fame so now she can slither back under the rock of ignorance she crawled out from.

  • The poor girl shares not only ‘hair’ with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz; she shares a brain!

    • B-Funk

      I wonder if they fedEx it back and forth, or if they just split it down the middle…

  • Anonymous

    Another political suicide bomber, hurting her own side.

    This is kinda’ like saying hey, I know you’re hogtied, but I need some breakfast.
    Why don’t you fry me some eggs? Or like giving Obama, the job arsonist, another torch.

    In this corner weighing in at 52 IQ points (when graded on a curve along with split-rail fence posts) OWS and the public defecation squad…and in this corner, union rabble, weighing in at approximately 12% of the US workforce. Ding, ding, ding. Let’s get ready to rumble!

    What a pair of sites. Parasites.

    • Anonymous

      Now you are getting out of line…

      You give all fence posts a bad name with that kind of rhetoric.

      (Get it? Fence? Line?) <= I just crack myself up sometimes. LOL


  • Linky1

    Cavuto is right-what a waste of time. She never had the courtesy to listen to his questions, defend her position, only read from the script. No wonder I fear for the future, when the youth of America has been so brainwashed.

  • Anonymous

    These self proclaimed occupiers are some of the most annoying obnoxious people ever.

  • These OWS kids are disrupting a Union operation?

    Femurs and jaws aren’t being broken?

    Where are all the thugs?

    Something doesn’t click.

  • Anonymous

    Why do I feel like I’ve lost some brain cells after listening to her. I want my brain cells back. At my age, I may not have that many left.

    • Anonymous


  • Wow…..I’m speechless. Some people are beyond help. Thankfully our right winging wommiz and easier on the eyes than the OWS crowd in addition to being much smarter.

    • B-Funk

      Much, MUCH, smarter!

  • MichaelLee1

    This country is in trouble. Big Trouble!!

  • Anonymous

    “You are a waste of time.”

    That sums them up perfectly.

  • The more Occupy Insanity people are interviewed the more voter blowback there will be in November 2012.

    • B-Funk

      Obummer and the Demagogues- er, uh, Democrats- have all shown support for these fruitcakes, haven’t they?

  • Anonymous

    Listen to this woman, then listen to other occupier types, seems they all have the same pedantic sing song intonation in their voice, kinda wierd.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, and also kinda annoying!

  • Anonymous

    Hard to find a woman this ugly on this inside as much as she is on the outside.

  • You’d expect these communists get it…

  • Anonymous

    This LITTLE PIGGY looks as if from the big plate of captalism she has eaten more than her fair share.

  • B-Funk

    Morons… /facepalm It’s like talking sense to a 2-year-old

  • Abysmally stupid. WTF does this port have to do with Goldman Sachs?!

    Like Cavuto said: she doesn’t care. Nobody else matters, in respect to what they want. They are out to hold out their hands and demand they be filled, and they will inconvenience anyone and everyone that stands in their way, whether they do it intentionally, or not. Quoting Howard Stern, when he was listening to the OWS idiots:

    “Spoken like a true child.”

    Like a child, they have no real concept of the value of a dollar. They only know they can ‘buy stuff’ with it. They don’t know how a dollar is made, meaning they have no concept of the value of WORK. They claim they’re out to get the government to get them jobs. That right there shows they know nothing of government, or the Private Sector, nor how either functions. They refuse to fill out job applications, when presented with them, offering up excuses for everything. This shows that they don’t really want to work, anyway. What child would want to do chores for a dollar, when they can just throw a tantrum and aggravate their parents into giving them one, for nothing? This show of lawlessness — illegally blockading a port — is just what I called it: a tantrum. They’re throwing a tantrum, looking to force and aggravate everyone else into providing for them, even though they really don’t know what they want, in the first place. Just as failure to lay the rods a few times to your kid’s ass is a failure to instill discipline when they step out of line, the government failing to oust them by any means necessary, wherever they congregate and cause mayhem, is a failure on the part of government to do anything other than perpetuate the lack of instillation of discipline in these poorly-parented, unruly, undisciplined, unwashed, unmotivated, un-employable, undesirable punks.

  • Anonymous

    Big Statement on Political Correctness in America: Our economy is in a shambles and yet the Port Authority and Local Gov’t decided to tolerate this meaningless “protest”.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, she got free pizza outa’ the deal. Free is me!

    She really should switch to salads.

  • Way to go Neil Cavuto!!!! Great job in showing exactly what kind of narrowminded spoiled brats these Occupy people really are….

    They are such a waste of space and air!

  • Love Cavuto’s suit.

  • In a “wouldn’t it be nice” moment, I was wishing that every responsible patriotic American adult could find and purchase a little item called, “The Liberator” (yes, it did exist at one time, look it up!), and for the sake of the country, stand next to your local “ows-twit”, and apply this little machine!

    Of course, to my current knowledge, I do not recall such a little machine existing for retail purposes.

    Long live the Republic!

  • Anonymous

    Some dock worker says ‘Hell, ya. I’ll stay home and drink beer on Union wages for the day’. Suddenly, this moron claims that all the Unions are behind her 100%.

  • Anonymous

    Next time he should interview a broken record. He would get further.

  • She “owned” poor old tongue tied Cavuto. Pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    They should be forcibly removed from the docks. Where in the first amendment do they have the right to interfere with business and international trade?? They may have a right to peacfully assemble and address their grievences with the gov’t but they do not have the right to stop others’ business and day-to-day activities of running those business’ because they believe that one company who owns shares in a shipper is too rich.


    • Anonymous

      I agree. I shouldn’t be able to come over to your house and stop you from going to work for a week, simply because I think you make too much money. What is wrong with these twits.

  • Anonymous

    I saved this video to watch when I feel pathetic.