***[UPDATED]*** Netanyahu slams US: Those who don’t set red lines for Iran have no right to keep Israel from attacking


It is clear Netanyahu is beyond fed up with the Obama administration, as he has upped the rhetoric pretty high now:

TIMES OF ISRAEL – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday said that countries that refused to set deadlines for Iran to give up its nuclear program have no right to tell Israel to hold back on taking preemptive military action to thwart the regime’s nuclear ambitions.

His comments constituted an explicit and bitter rebuttal of comments made by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who said on Sunday that the US will currently not set deadlines or give ultimatums regarding Tehran’s refusal to curb its nuclear program.

“The world tells Israel to wait because there is still time. And I ask: Wait for what? Until when? Those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before Iran don’t have a moral right to place a red light before Israel,” Netanyahu said. “If Iran knows that there is no red line or deadline, what will it do? Exactly what it is doing today, i.e., continuing to work unhindered toward achieving a nuclear weapon.”

Reacting to Netanyahu’s demand for the US to set red lines — which, if crossed by Iran, would prompt US-led military action — Clinton said on Sunday that Washington still considers sanctions the best way to get Iran to abandon its nuclear ambitions. “We’re not setting deadlines,” she said.

On Monday, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland reiterated Clinton’s statement, saying setting red lines was “not useful.” She added: “So, you know, we are absolutely firm about the president’s commitment here, but it is not useful to be parsing it, to be setting deadlines one way or the other, red lines.”

UPDATE: This is ridiculous:

HAARETZ – The White House declined Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s request on Tuesday to meet U.S. President Barack Obama during a UN conference in New York at the end of the month.

An official in Jerusalem said that the prime minister’s office sent the White House a message stating that although Netanyahu will spend only two and a half days on U.S. soil, he is interested in meeting Obama and is willing to travel to the U.S. capital specifically for that purpose. The official added that the White House rejected the request and said that at this time Obama’s schedule does not allow for a meeting.

The White House’s response marks a new low in relations between Netanyahu and Obama, underscored by the fact that this is the first time Netanyahu will visit the U.S. as prime minister without meeting the president.

His schedule doesn’t allow it? Really? How freaking insulting! Netanyahu should just go ahead and attack Iran. Forget Obama.

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  • Galatiansch2vs20

    It’s quite evident Obama does not care that he puts not only Israel, but the United States in extreme danger as well!

    • Sober_Thinking

      Agreed. Israel might put a damper on his re-election bid. What a selfish moron.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        I imagine he wants to keep from offending the anti-war faction in his base as well as not caring about the national security of Israel and the U.S.A.. Iran wouldn’t care if they blew up his re-election bid in his face.

        • las1

          That P.O.S.OTUS is less interested in his anti-war faction than his mohamaden masters. After all he already demonstrated that he could care less about any anti-war faction when he unilaterally without Congress decided to attack and further destabilize Libya last year.

          He can’t pencil Netanyahu in at the end of September!

          What a p.o.s.

          (sorry folks… I have no more civil words for this fake other than words that fittingly describe who he is.)

          • BS61

            I can totally relate! Even as a former uninformed Dem, I supported Israel and our troops! So from now until election day, I’ll be prefacing Obama with Jew-hater.

          • bobemakk

            It doesn’t matter, you are 100% right.

        • BS61

          You are so right!

      • MaroonRepublic

        Hey! There is no greater friend to Israel than Obama. Just ask him. Don’t pay attention to his actions just his rhetoric. If you don’t believe zero then just ask DWS.

        • Sober_Thinking

          Lol… I was relying on Cutter and Axelrod since I thought Jay Carney was giving me the runaround. 😉

        • lilig

          As I was reading, this is just what I was going to say! You beat me to the punch!

      • T4Ut

        What do you want to bet that if it were announced that Romney were going to meet with Netanyahu when he is here, suddenly Zero’s schedule would open up too.

        No time to meet with Netanyahu, but plenty of time to do an interview with the ‘Pimp with the Limp’??? Absolutely disgraceful.

        Meanwhile, inside Barry’s brain….


        Meet with Netanyahu to discuss Iran having NUKES on behalf of the country or work on MY reelection by doing that cream puff interview….

        DIng, Ding, Ding! Work on the reelection of the most important man in the universe wins hands down.

        Oh look, today’s Sept. 11th. Hmmm that reminds me of something….

        Oh yea, I need to send that thank you card off to my Pakistani friends.

        Opps, It’s almost time for golf, I better get going.

        • That is both funny and sad at the same time… And yet it’s accurate. NObama… NO time for Israel or the people there, plenty of time for golf. What a loser!

        • Sober_Thinking

          Seriously true…

          It would be a HUGE move if Romney were to meet with him. Man, what a MAJOR smack in Obama’s face!!!

          Brilliant idea!

      • BS61

        He’s a Jew-hating selfish moron!

    • keats5

      Obama claims he reads the Bible. Evidently he didn’t even get as far as Genesis 12:3.

      • 12grace

        Yes, exactly.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        Obama is not a Christian and does not value God’s Word.

        I Corinthians 2:14 KJV “But the natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”

        • sjmom

          Obama is discerning but listening to and being led by the voice of Evil.

          • Galatiansch2vs20

            Obama is not discerning of the things of God.

            II Corinthians 4:3-4 (KJV) “But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this age has blinded the minds of them who believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.”

            • sjmom

              Exactly. Obama wouldn’t know the “things of God” if a Bible jumped off of the table into his hands. Satan is leading Obama by the nose right down the path of perdition and what lies at the end is very hot, very very hot.

              Obama is only hearing one voice; he thinks it is his own but it is not. However, there will come a day when he sees his puppet master and who has been pulling his strings.

              • Galatiansch2vs20

                If he doesn’t repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, you are absolutely correct!

                • PFFV

                  Obama thinks he is God. He knows more than anyone, he is above playing by the rules. He is already displaying the actions of a dictator by bypassing procedure and the laws already in place. The Affirmative Action President will get away with crimes just because he is black, at least in appearance.

                • Galatiansch2vs20

                  Obama is arrogant, a usurper of power, has failed to uphold his oath of office, and I believe has committed treason. If he thinks he is God, he is obviously wrong about that.

                • PFFV

                  His actions speak loudest. He clearly thinks he is above the law and our political system (by appointing unelected and congressionaly unapproved Czars) by bypassing procedures and signing executive orders into law.

                • Galatiansch2vs20

                  Which shows he knows how that type of government works and does not agree with our type of government he swore to uphold.

      • sjmom

        One of the verses Obama overlooked; it’s probably not in the Koran.

      • unclesamnephew

        i do believe the title of Obama’s bible is “Koran”

      • conservocop

        It would be easy to prove his Christian status; just ask him impromtu the names of the four Gospels. For sure he has never had his face in any of the gospels.

    • BHliberty

      Yes, that is what I thought! I recall a charge was made by Iran that if they were struck by Israel, Iran would attempt a strike on us. (Not sure if they are even capable of this but I wouldn’t take it lying down.)

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        If they aren’t, they are slated to be very soon if their nuclear arsenal is not destroyed soon. And the Obama administration does not have the inclination to try to do something to actually stop Iran from finishing development of the weaponry to attack us with.

    • PFFV

      The only nation Obama and his ilk hate more than the USA is Israel. Obama and his criminally corrupt national mobster media hide the truth from the drones that only watch the national news to form their opinions. Obama is as Anti-American-Anti-Israel as he can get without blowing his cover. The informed people know what I am saying is the absolute truth, all others are brainwashed fools.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        I think he has been largely unmasked to many, though there are still some with blinders on and likely some as well who are as anti-American and anti-Israel as he is.

        • PFFV

          I believe half of our population have their heads up their collective asses and believe Obama is better than Romney. The Food Stamp President Obama vs. The Jobs President Romney I will take a job thanks! 🙂

  • librtifirst

    Why not take Iran up on its offer to be regulated and inspected in exchange for taking away economic sanctions? We haven’t tried that yet. Why are sanctions, then war, always the only answer?

    • sDee

      Because islmaists lie (taqiyya) and in the end will do only do what leads to destruction of Israel, The United States, and anyone else who does not submit to islam.

      The longer any civilized nation waits to to destroy this self-avowed mortal enemy called islam, the more death and destruction we face.

      • Guest1776rcp

        Which begs the question: Why isn’t Israel doing anything about it? BiBi knows Obama isn’t going to help so Israel needs to act like a sovereign nation abd do what needs to be done. The rest of the world is going to whine about Israel no matter what just like they did when Israel took out Saddam’s nuclear ambitions.

        • 12grace

          Israel will do what is right for Israel. She understands that obama and the world will not come to her defense.

          All Christians must pray for peace in Israel and the Middle East.

        • sDee

          Rope-a-Dope? He is dealing with one helluva sinister dope though, ya know?

        • Nukeman60

          Who says Israel isn’t doing something about it. Bibi is not Obama, who tells the enemy what day he’s going to remove troops. They are working under the table, in secret, and won’t divulge what they’re going to do until it’s done.

          It’s one reason why Obama revealed Israel’s plan to use bases in Azerbaijan and why they leaked the info on the nuclear plant computer viruses – both attempts to stop Israel at all costs.

      • Islam is practiced in this country, isn’t it? The aroma of the great melting pot is starting to emit an odor that I don’t recognize. Didn’t immigrants leave their country to come here and be citizens, fellow Americans? And when they become citizens, don’t they pledge allegiance to our flag, our Republic, one Nation under God, you know, Christianity? As evidenced by the DNC’s omission of God and Jerusalem in their platform, we’re in an identity crisis and it would appear that we’ve lost our way. Will it go down in the annals of history that Obama had an opportunity to avert the impending battle between Israel and Iran but couldn’t make time in his schedule? Hope not. What happened to the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag? One nation under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all? If that’s not your pledge, go back where you came from and practice your country’s pledge in your country, not mine.

        • WordsFailMe

          I don’t think its really like we are having an identity crisis. To me it’s like a people recovering from a 60 year case of amnesia.

        • steprock

          Thanks Wendy. I say it is because the Muslim rule of taqiyya permits them to say whatever they want, including lying about a pledge to the US flag. OR, they are citizens who later convert so they never took that pledge.

          Islam, we must understand, is not simply a religion; it is a totalitarian lifestyle that demands adherence 24/7. Sharia law is not in sync with US law, and to suggest that you can be a Muslim in America and submit to US law is, I think, not possible.

          Even in the Bible, we are told that if it comes down to man’s law vs. God’s law, there’s no question you have to follow God’s law. The difference is that US law is essentially founded on Mosaic (Biblical) law, whereas Sharia law is not.

          Islam will grow and keep their own enclaves where they practice Sharia law and become ever more stringent. Then, they’ll become more radical. Radical Christianity leads to preaching and serving others. Radical Islam leads to mass murder.

      • librtifirst

        From what I have seen, it appears that the people of Iran are only nationalistic as it applies to being a sovereign state. Then you have the insane governing system. I don’t think that most of the people in the country share their leader’s ambitions.

        With that said, is it possible that their leaders could be taken out, and a full on war be avoided? It sounds to me like Israel has the ability to pull off this kind of operation.

        The IAEA report from early this year said that they had an open nuclear program prior to 2003, and they knew that they had no weapons program prior to that. Iran closed out regulators when we went into Iraq. Since then, they have offered to open it back up in exchange for lifting sanctions several times.

        If there is no history of deception or hidden programs, then why not work with them on it. I have no doubt that we have that entire country covered with spy satellite coverage, and know where every possible site is. If they decide to open them up, then so be it. Why so quick on the war issue, and why are two separate administrations from both sides of the political spectrum unwilling to work with them on this? The UN is right there with us.

        I can’t ignore the fact that Iran has refused to give in to the IMF and world bank. Libya was the same. The countries that we seem to want to take out all have this in common. They have sovereign currencies, and don’t sell out to global banking cartels. They actually use their oil revenues for infrastructure. The people are not rich, but they are content when left alone.

        These bankers have taken down a lot of countries by strong arming their governments to sell out to them through debt. The UN has sent in NATO troops to create havoc to this end.

        I thought that war, especially when Russia has vowed to back Iran, was supposed to be the last resort. It just doesn’t seem like this is the case anymore, and there seems to be other motives for going to war.

    • Josh

      Well, the reason why “sanctions, then war” are the only answers is because Iran does not honor deals with infidels. You do not seem to understand this concept either. Should we allow them to continue just to have them revoke inspections when they get to a point that they do not comply? What happens then? Sanctions? War?

      We can skip the part about regulations and inspections because they won’t allow inspections NOW. They are building “hidden” facilities in the cores of mountains because they know what they are doing is WRONG and EVIL. Pull your head out of your liberty before you get us all nuked.

      • sDee

        Libertarian principles of non-interference harken back to the foundation of our nation and can be argued to have merit especially when combined with a doctrine of superior military strength.

        They apply however to sovereign nations and become wholly suicidal when we fail to recognize that the adversary here is not a nation, it is islam – an eternal mortal enemy, that despise our very existence, and will not rest until we are destroyed.

        Jefferson realized this when he read the Koran to understand his enemy – he realized America had no choice but to take the fight to the Muhammadens and destroy them first.

        • Josh

          Well spoken, sDee.

        • Don

          “Jefferson realized this when he read the Koran to understand his enemy.”

          The difference between Jefferson’s time and what is happening now is Jefferson was a Founding Father helping to establish the greatest country in the history of mankind and Obama is the bigest hoax in our country’s history dedicated to destroying what our Founding Fathers created. You are right,sDee……. BIG DIFFERENCE.

          • sDee

            Yup – the citizens of our fledgling Nation were quite bright enough not to put one of those damn Barbary Pirates in the White House. And if they had, it would not have taken them too damn long to figure out what the SOB was up to.

          • librtifirst

            We haven’t been fighting Islam. We don’t even target the right enemy, so how can we win a “war on terror”?

        • librtifirst

          I have no problem with fighting Islam, we just haven’t done it yet.

      • librtifirst

        They have been inviting inspections in return for lifting sanctions. Multiple times since they shut out inspectors in 03′. Prior to that, they had an open nuclear program.

        The problem with our wars is that we don’t fight for the cause of destroying Islam. The net result of our wars always ends up with a more fundamentalist Islamic government. Such is the case with Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and soon to be Syria. Our actions in Pakistan have forced the people there into the hands of militant Islamist groups, which puts their government in a really bad position, and creates chaos throughout the country.

        If you go by results, it appears that our goal is to secure and fund fundamental Islamist rule in the middle east.

        As a citizen, I have to consider that our government is inept when it comes to achieving the proper goals and results, and in fact has a long track record of doing the opposite of what they say they are doing. I tend to think that the globalist running these wars have an entirely different agenda than they present to us.

        We have helped to create a situation where Israel is now surrounded by her enemies. If I were Israel’s leader, I would wonder whether the US was an actual ally or not. We fund her enemies as well as Israel. This isn’t just an Obama thing either.

        I say “no more war until our government can prove that they are fighting the right war, and are competent enough to achieve it”.

        • Josh

          They certainly are inviting inspections. The problem is that they are doing so with the wrong attitude. When the IAEA inspected and showed evidence they were moving towards weapon creation, Iran came back with the middle finger and said “So…” You are looking at the world through rose colored glasses if you think that the findings of the international community mean anything to these people. Again, you are thinking that leaving them alone and being nice to them will make the world peaceful.

          You can learn this lesson in elementary school. A bully does not respond to weakness or appeasement. They do not respond to punishment from others. The only thing that they understand is strength. Weaker kids do not MAKE bullies. They exist. While I agree with you that wars need to be well defined and the President should follow the law when using military assets, I can not and will not ever agree that we should allow a foreign power to be left unchecked.

          • librtifirst

            Put them in check, yes, but if they shut out inspectors because of our invasion of Iraq, then offered to open it up again after sanctions ensued, why wouldn’t we take them up on it first? My point about the IAEA report was that it said that they had no suspicion of that Iran had a nuclear weapons program before they shut them out in 2003. We backed them into a corner, they relented, and now we just say “kill them all” no efforts for peace first. This is the kind of thing that causes others to call us Imperialists. I am not saying that, but it doesn’t look like we want to work with them at all, and it does look like we just want to take them out no matter what. If that is acceptable to someone, then so be it. I just disagree. We have to make the effort to solve it peacefully first. If we do the right thing, then the Iranians might just throw out their radical leaders.

          • librtifirst

            Hey Josh, consider this video. It is quite good.

            • Josh

              Nice propaganda film. May even be partially factual. However, the idea that the U.S. military is being used to “crush every Middle Eastern state that threatens the dollar” is ridiculous. Not to mention that it does not even mention the genocide that these leaders were doing to their own people when we went in. Or, maybe that was just a lie too. I don’t know for sure. Without military clearance, none of us civilians will ever know.

              • librtifirst

                These leaders are being taken out by Islamic militant groups that are backed by the UN and the US. The “rebels” massacre a bunch of civilians and blame it on Al assad, Qaddafi, Mubarak, whoever they are taking out. The western media reports it, and our government supports the insurgency because “they are killing their own people”. They did it in Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and now Syria. This is a pattern that should not be ignored. They have been building up the fear factor in the US over nukes in Iran for a long time. If you watch the government/media, you can see them pushing the issue, then backing off, then pushing it, etc. Israel’s leadership is part of this NWO, and they will work the media blitz with the western establishment to reach their goals as well. I’m not dissing on Israel, just their globalist leadership.

                It really is a simple scheme that they play over and over again. The Syrian population was about 35% Christian, and they are leaving the country because they know that the country will soon be 100% Muslim under Sharia Law, and they are already being killed off. Look at Libya. Al Qaeda is now flying their flag on government buildings, and 40 thousand blacks were immediately killed off when they took power. Where was the western media on that one?

                Our government doesn’t care who dies over there, as long as Libya, and others, give up their sovereignty to central banks and allow western oil companies to run their oil operations. Iran has been strong armed to sell out to global bankers and oil companies, but hasn’t given in yet. Nobody would care who was in charge if Iran played ball. The problem is that the people will get behind Islamic freaks when their nation is in jeopardy. When their economy is good, due to not having sanctions, they tend to rebel against the Islamic freaks. This is history. We have helped to insure that Iran stayed under Islamic rule with a puppet president for a long time, but since the Shaw left, they haven’t been following orders well.

                A brief timeline history:


                That video describes it pretty well. Since we are achieving the opposite of our stated goals over there, Americans need to ask “what the hell is really going on here”?

      • librtifirst

        By that reasoning, we should kill all Muslims in the US. No need to search their homes for bombs, or work with their leaders to keep the peace. Just skip the details and kill them all.

        • Josh

          I would rather ask them Sharia or Constitution. Then they get to live by their selection. Sharia = Deportation. Choose your country. My reasoning is sound. We know that they will lie to us, so don’t believe them. Your jumping to the conclusion that I would advocate wiping out Muslims in the US is not logical.

          • librtifirst

            Here lies the major flaw in our war policy. Our government tells us that we are fighting terrorists that want to come to America to kill us, and because we are free and prosperous. If you believe this, and that the terrorists are Muslims, then you have to conclude that we are fighting Islam. If we are fighting Islam then we need to get rid of all of the Muslims, because they won’t just listen to our advice to abandon their religion. If we are fighting Islam, then we need to kill or kick out all Muslims in the US to solve the terrorist problem in the US. Why deport them? Is it just so that we can go to the countries that we are sending them to so that we can kill them there?

            Our policy has been to conquer Muslim nations, put fudamentalist Islamists in to power, then leave, or just stay and fight people in caves who come out to kill us. (endlessly)

            So far, our government has told us that we are not fighting Islam, and that it is a peaceful religion. If you don’t identify Islam as being a religion of terror, how can you ever win a war with them? You won’t. If our real goal is to kill Muslims, then we are doing ok at it, but not good enough to stop the religion, because we keep putting them in power and funding their Islamic governments.

            The whole thing is a joke, but lets say that we decide to actually fight Islam militarily. Sending Muslims to other countries doesn’t make any sense, because we will just have to travel thousands of miles to kill them on their home ground. If we want to be effective, then we need to carpet bomb all of their towns and cities, and level all of their houses, then leave. Instead of sending American Muslims overseas, we just make them renounce their religion, and if they won’t, we kill them on the spot. Any that we think are lying, we just kill them as well. Any suspicion would warrant instant death.

            Hey, this is war against a religion. You can only win it one way, and that is to kill them off.

            Of course we will always have those weak minded Christians who think that God can do anything if we follow His way of doing it, and let evil destroy itself, while spreading the gospel throughout the world.

            Personally, I think we just need to kill all religious people who won’t renounce their antiquated dangerous beliefs. Then we will only have evil that is not religiously motivated.

            Maybe the globalists who want to kill off 6 billions people to save the earth are right. Get rid of all of the people, except those who will serve the elite.

            Evil is evil and it must be killed off. There is no other way.

    • Amy

      Because evil exists. It’s that’s simple.

      • Don

        It really is that simple, Amy. Very good point. If the progressive movement that is destroying every fabric of our way of life is not stopped, then life as we know it will cease to exist. If Americans don’t see this as evil, then our survival as a free nation will not continue. Evil wins if more stupid people vote than intelligent people. That is Obama’s only hope.

      • StrangernFiction

        And it exists in a very pure form in the White House.

      • librtifirst

        When we decide to fight evil, rather than support it, I am all in.

  • What do you expect from our muslim brotherhood-in-chief? God bless Israel and her continued existence in this world. I cannot convey my feelings on Iran without resorting to colorful expletives… ::GRIN:: So I’ll end it here.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Appreciate the refraining from expletives- but I’ve got a guess that if you gave it some thought, you could come up with many colorful descriptive words without resorting to the expletive variety.

  • Sober_Thinking

    These people in Washington are complete boobs! There is without a doubt, “no confidence” that the man/child on America’s throne is completely incompetent to deal with this situation. Not to mention the fact that there are now appearing to be several Muslim in-roads to the regime under Barry… what an outrage!

    God has Israel’s back. God will protect His people. God has already won the victory and He will get the glory.

    Let the Poser-and-Chief hide behind his selfish campaigning and let him send up offerings to whatever “god” he serves as he prays that Israel does nothing until after the election. And if Obama should lose… kick his sorry butt the heck out and let’s get on with backing up our friends around the world again.

  • Josh

    Netanyahu should meet with Romney and Ryan. Maybe have Allen West there as well.

    • Yes he should! That would be great… The adults meeting, while the manchild is left int he playpen.

      • Josh

        Put Obama at the kids table and give him some Democrat Kool-Aid and McNuggets.

    • Joe

      GREAT IDEA !

      Then you’ll see how fast ZERO would set up a meeting!

      That’s funny right there !

      • T4Ut

        Exactly what I was thinking Joe!

    • MaxineCA

      Fantastic idea! Have you gone to their election websites and made the suggestion yet?

      Oh, just the optics would be priceless!

    • Keep the meeting secret until the day Bibi and Romney meet! Then watch the BO administration look like idiots trying to get him to meet. Then Bibi tells them, “No, now I can’t fit it in my schedule and besides, I’ve got all the support I need for 2013 and beyond.”
      that would be awesome!

  • What a cowardly disgrace of pResident NObama truly is! He has the courage of the cowardly lion, the heart of the tin man and the brain of the straw man! Only this is real life not the land of Oz, though with NObama in residence, sometimes you have to wonder!

    Israel… Do what you have to do! To hell with NObama and his getting upset because it might adversely impact his re-election chances… Not that he has a chance, but you know what I mean.

    • Rightstuff1

      He has the courage to treat our allies Israel and Britain like crap. He has the courage to bankrupt the nation and of course he has the courage to kill babies….the courage of these convictions that are close to his heart.

      For shame that this person should be our President.

    • 12grace

      Well-stated, W.

  • obama is evil. you can’t deal with someone like him. he only cares about golfing and campaigning. israel should just ignore him.

    • 12grace

      Yes and the American people should ignore him as well. Get him out of office.

  • Rightstuff1

    The country of Israel hangs in the balance. A nuclear weapon going off in Israel? Obliterating the country and causing potentially millions of deaths. Israel pushed to the edge by a President that doesn’t give a crap about their continued existence or the literal survival of the Jewish people. All summed up in a few words – “….Obama’s schedule does not allow for a meeting.”

    Where is the witch DWS??!!! Where are her lies? Where are her mealymouthed words of derision?!!! No greater friend to Israel than Barack Obama? Yeah right. A great friend that cannot/will not find time to discuss the greatest existential crisis facing Israel since 1948 and his schedule doesn’t permit a meeting. Some friend eh DWS? Or is this another example of how he loves Israel? Would love it and the Jewish people to disappear more like.

    • 12grace

      No, Christian would treat Israel, like obama has treated them.

  • Joe

    I heard that the meeting would interfere with a scheduled round of GOLF




    REPORT: Spent 412 hours in economic meetings, 600 hours on golf course…



    The ONLY Solution to this problem is

    To get ZERO – OUT of the White House

    ZERO has no clue and is proving himself every day to be a friend of ISLAM

  • Ok Mitt here is your hanging curve ball, knock it out of the park

    • Orangeone

      Super PAC needs to put out an ad today! Then Bibi, Romney, Ryan and West need to show up at an Obama fundraiser or rally in Florida and demand a meeting. Wouldn’t that be fun to watch.

  • Amy

    The only reason his schedule doesn’t allow it is because he’s too busy shoveling a load of bovine excrement at his possible voting base in order to keep his job.

    Isreal should take the gloves off and look out for her own interests. While the American people (for the most part) are solidly behind her, our government is not.

    My prayers are inbound for our Isreali friends that post here.

  • Im_Rick_James

    owebama must have a fundraiser to attend or something

  • This is infuriating!

    Breaking News…

    Israeli official: White House declines Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s request to meet with Obama – http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/white-house-declines-netanyahu-request-to-meet-with-obama.premium-1.464328

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Thank you for sharing- I imagine the lame stream media won’t be reporting this story! I hope people with share it with all the U.S. Jews they know.

  • Smith Smith

    He can schedule meeting to talk about his favorite song, but why talk to Israel about life and death kinda stuff.

  • Israel wants to go to war with Iran, we do not and Israel wants our support. I don’t blame President Obama’s administration because the focus is on the economy and the safety of our men and women in uniform first and foremost. This is how former President Bush bankrupted our country; needless and senseless wars.

    • maynardb50

      You need to get over George Bush!

    • Josh

      Are you really so ignorant of history. It is “needless and senseless” to save Israel from nuclear war? Isolationist scumbags were the ones who allowed the first holocaust.

      Obama’s administration is not focused on anything but his next batch of beer.

      Israel does NOT want to go to war with Iran. Israel wants PEACE. The only reason they are being forced to act is because under this limp noodle president we have lost all respect in the international community and have shown no support for any of our allies. Today of all days, you are treading on thin ice here with your “warmongering” BS. Please leave.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      If you think preventing Iran from using a nuclear weapon on the United States as well as lending support to a country we should be friends with constitutes a needless, senseless war, you are woefully and sadly duped, ignorant and mistaken.

      Iran’s leadership hates America, considers the U.S. the great satan. Israel is concerned about her survival and we should be on her side also.

      Please see my reply to JG on this topic:

    • you will have blood on your hands jus like that man child in the white house you suport. You and anyone else that backs Obama and his war on isreal are nothing short of murdreous traderous cowards. Isreal is our sworn ally and you would turn your back on them in their hour of need. This is why the left can not be trusted. They have no loyalty to any one or any thing but the failed idiology of controlling the masses. People like you gave us Hitler and world war two and now you are giving us the destuction of Iseal and World War Three. Focus on the economy? the only thing that Butt head in the white house is focused on is himself and his reelection. Just remember once you have this kind of blood on your hands is never comes off. UYou will be a murder of innocents for all of eternity. Oh and Isreal is just the first stop we are next in line, how are you going to spen it when we are hit by the bomb that Obama refuses to do anyhting about? Blaime it on Bush or the republicans? That is what liberal do

    • Watchman74

      If Israel wanted to go to war with Iran they would have a long time ago, they have waited patiently for negotiations and sanctions to work, 10 long years worth. If they go to war it’s because it’s the last resort.

      If Obama administration cared so much about our troops they wouldn’t be leaking sensitive information that put our troops at risk. Secondly the national debt has grown more in 4 years under Obama than 8 years under Bush.


  • Benjamin Netanyahu made the mistake of scheduling a meeting during sportscenter. Barack can’t miss sportscenter. Barack cares about you and the economy that’s why he spends more time golfing than in economic meetings. He care about the Jews that’s why he won’t meet with Netanyahu and he care about you and Barack thinks about you when he is golfing. Barack and Michelle feel your pain that’s why the vacation on your dime because when you feel that much pain you need to party.

  • p m

    PM Netanyahu does not suffer from moral relativism, thank God, and is absolutely correct that the cowards of the West have no rights regarding Israel. All they have ever done is impair and retard Israel’s defenses and military victories.

    Zero doesn’t want to upset his good friend ahmadinejad. That SOB is going to address the UN General Assembly. Word is he’ll be saying Iran is ‘willing to negotiate’. Taqqiya anyone? What is it with libtards and islamicists that they think we’re all fools? Oh, right, the cowardly, gullible leaders of the West.

    America has the headquarters of that arabist nest of vipers, the UN, in its own backyard. Why?

  • WhiteGuy2


    Dont talk about it, just do it!

    You are starting to sound like a Liberal who wants the government to pay for their birth control. You don’t need Obama’s approval. Just do what you have to do and get it over with. The sooner the better, about two weeks before the election would be great. Thanks

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Israel is a small nation and would like the support of the United States. I think it’s difficult for the prime minister the extreme callousness of our President when it comes to Obama’s empty promise of having their back.

      • WhiteGuy2

        I agree , Israel has been succesful in the past when they bombed Iraq’s nuclear facilities and again in Syria. WW3 didnt break out, and Israel is still standing. They can do this on their own if they really want to.

    • Rightstuff1

      I agree but for Israel to go it alone, and yes it might have to, without any support from the USA is beyond the pale. We are abandoning them to the muslims, the enemies of humanity.

      • Orangeone

        I wouldn’t count the US out just yet. The military only has to obey legal orders and protecting the US from enemies foreign and domestic is required. So if the military is told to ignore Iran’s attacks and view that as a foreign threat to this country, someone just might have the courage to ignore the WH. I truly believe other nations will assist Israel.

      • 12grace

        It is heart rendering what obama is doing to Israel.

        Pray for Israel and peace in the Middle East.

  • Obama is pro-Mullah.

    Facts are stubborn things. Look at his actions not his words. No support for Green Revolution. Removes Israel’s capital from platform. Declares the so called ‘Auschwitz line’ — the 1967 boarders — as the de-facto starting point for negotiations with Hamas which he will not list as a terror group. Supports Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and has US Embassy who was stormed TODAY and had flag desecrated that we support those who stormed our own Embassy over the free speech rights of Americans who make films!

    Obama may not BE a Muslim (cough) but he ACTS like one!

  • Arrrggghhh

    I’m not alone in wondering why Obama still gets the majority of the Jewish vote. What I really don’t understand is why Netanyahu doesn’t publicly call out Obama on his anti-Israel policies and behavior. Am I wrong in assuming that Netanyahu would hold a lot of sway among Jewish voters? Wouldn’t this be the ideal time? NY is a lost cause, but it seems like even a small shift in the FL Jewish vote could make a difference in November. I can’t help but think that I’m missing something. Anyone? Anyone?

    • Josh

      It really makes me wonder what the Jewish community here in America really thinks about the Promised Land. How can you ignore this? I am stumped as well.

    • My no-holds-barred answer to this is that many Jews have put their Judaism second behind their faith in Liberalism.

      (The same can be said for many Catholics, of which I am one, who say they’re Catholic, and then embrace Big Gubmint despite things like the contraception mandate, gay marriage, abortion, taking God out of the public square, etc..)

      Liberalism is a disease — like the kind that eats the flesh in the brain — these people can’t help it.

  • Netanyahu appears to be all hat & no cattle. Somebody needs to tell him the Nixon-Kissinger days are gone.

    • Obama is an empty suit with no loyalty to our allies some one needs to tell him his days in office and power are numbered I think that number is about 56 days now after that he will lame as in lame duck

  • Patriot077

    Meanwhile, check out what 9-11 message is being sent by the oval office occupier:

    I’ve heard Bibi’s I.Q. is above 180 and I wager the manchild quakes at the thought of a meeting with him. The thought of a discussion with Bibi must make him suicidal.

    • p m

      If only.

  • 12grace

    obama has shown his disdain for Israel from day one. If obama were a Christian he would understand that he has put a curse on himself and all those who believe and follow, obama.

    Pray for Israel and peace in the Middle East.

    • sjmom

      “He (the Lord) shall cause them that come of Jacob to take root: Israel shall blossom and bud, and fill the face of the world with fruit”. Isaiah 27:6

      Israel is not going anywhere but those who come against her are. I will be very surprised if Obama is re elected for the very reason you mentioned; he has cursed himself.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Obama, “We’ve got Israel’s back.”

    Hillary, “Barack, Netanyahu’s back.”

    Obama, “Tell him I’ll be back.”

    This pResident is a national disgrace. He hasn’t done his job almost from day 1 and especially since he’s been campaigning (almost from day 1). He’s insufferable.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Barry comes home to Michelle every night and is still harboring a hope for those unlimited virgins in the promised land. Thinks he can get away with those pork roasts he so enjoys. Typical narcissist.

  • poljunkie

    Obama refuses to meet because he will be too busy fund raising, or on the campaign trail.

    What an outrage.

  • But EVERY conceivable measure, Obama is a DISGRACEFUL leader – probably because he wasn’t experienced enough to be dog catcher!

    He constantly spikes the football, his thugs threaten pollsters that they don’t like, he snubs ANYone who has the audacity to disagree with him, he belittles hard working, God-loving folks, he petulantly whines and cries about all the problems he inherited ON A JOB HE PURSUED, he childishly claims “I Won!” in an attempt to stem compromise with the opposing political party, he attacks the other candidate(s) PERSONALLY, he thumbs his nose at the suffering of the American people and jet-sets (and the Mrs. is just as guilty here) all over the globe, he constantly divides us and pits us one against the other, he ignores (or outright condemns) our allies, and makes apologies ON OUR BEHALF to people that would just as soon see us dead and rotting…

    At this point is anything — ANYTHING — this man does or says a surprise anymore?????

    Netanyahu should PUBLICLY (and I do mean PUBLICLY) tell Obama to go F*!K himself, and take care of business with that pathetic excuse Ahmadinejad himself.

  • They’ve already shown that sanctions aren’t going to affect them-they have Russia, and all the rest of Islam on their side. It’s sickening how Obama acts toward Mr. Netanyahu. Shameful.

    • WordsFailMe

      Latest poll shows that, following the loud NO votes to God and Jerusalem, now only 59% of American Jews favor Obama, down from 78%.

      Which means that a higher percentage of Non-Jews in this country back Israel than cultural Jews. As a statistic, I think that’s interesting.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        I think it’s also sad.

        • WordsFailMe

          Sadly, it would not be the first time the Jews rejected their God, and ours. What will His punishment be for these, modern day Jews? Will He destroy Israel? Send the Jews back into slavery? He’s done both before…

          How will American Jews vote in the upcoming election?

          1. You are born to the people of the covenant, you are raised with the covenant. Within the lifetime of your parents, you have experienced what happens when the chosen people reject the covenant.


          2. You’ve got an apartment in Queens, foodstamps, an EBT, a monthly check, you attend CCNY part-time paid for by a poverty program and all your gentile friends are libera and assume that you are.

          • 12grace

            According to bible prophecy from my understanding is that even though Israel will win in the end as G-d will be their protector, part of Israel, will be under Palestinian rule and the Palestinians will be brutal to Jews. And the wars to come, will be devastating.

            So G-d will refine the unfaithful Jews as well as those who have turned their backs on G-d and those, like obama that are the enemies of the children of Christ.

  • KateNE

    But, Debbie Whatshername-Schultz says Obama has a stellar record on Israel!!! And she NEVER lies!

  • WordsFailMe

    Israeli brinksManship answered by the feminine and weak Obama style of brinksWomanship. He is so pathetically predictable! Amateur!

    Obama again sends a woman to do his job then, like that last Temp Employee you took from that employment agency before you fired them, he hides and whines and delays and obscures and, in traditional fashion, “MAKES EXCUSES.”

    I am totally flummoxed that Obama or one of his little butt-licking white boys hasn’t accused Netanyahu of racism!

    Yellow, filthy commie pimps and ever present Democrat party whores. Let’s see how these panicked coward commie Democrats react when a man stands on the other side of the table. “Better get Valerie’s cell phone number on your one button speed dial, President Stupid. You know you can’t handle anything without a woman holding your tiny and bouncy, little preying-mantis-like fore paws.”

    If the Obamerrhoid thinks he can finagle the Israeli’s into a conflict which will allow him to cancel or delay the elections, he’s got somebody else to worry about. “You’ve just been given your red-line, Dung for Brains, and it’s Nov 6, 2012!

    For my money, his announcement of an election problem will be the Word, the last word. We should be thinking about likely local targets for the outpouring should it become inevitable.

  • Randy Truthtime

    This is the last insult that Israel should have to endure with President Obama. It’s shameful that we are turning our back on Israel and it’s people. Let’s hope we get a new President in November that honors our relationship with Israel. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that Netenyahu will wait until then to take care of this…but apparently that’s not a concern for President Obama….Psalms 109:8: “Let his days be few and let another take his office”

    • 12grace

      I am greatly saddened by obama’s treatment of our precious friend, Israel.

  • This just makes me shake my head not in anger or disbelief, but in grievance. Why, oh why do we have this guy, our so-called president (there is NOTHING presidential about him) representing the US? I hope Netanyahu understands that WE as Americans do not think the same way as our dear president. And I pray that he will be able to have his support in Romney before its too late.
    Netanyahu, do what you need to do. It’s obvious you’re not going to get the help or support you need from this administration. AMERICA DOES have your back, not Obama!

  • carmtom13

    This is what we have as president, a foreign dignatary wants to meet with BHO and he has no time I bet if it was the Muslim brotherhood he would have time. A real leader makes the time. BHO claims to stand with Israel he sure doesn’t act like it. BHO is no leader he is what he is a community organizer.

  • louisiana_mom

    Obama could care less about a entire country’s fears of utter annihilation, he’s desperately trying to save the most important thing to him – his job!

  • mike3e4r7

    A cardinal rule with any military operation is that you never broadcast to your enemy when you plan to attack. And yet, I believe we are beyond that now. I think Israel is more concerned by far, at this point, with how the West, and the U.S. in particular will react to an Israeli attack. They probably have a workable plan that they could pull off as long as
    they are not sabatoged by Obama. While they risk tipping of Iran with
    all this talk, I think they are not as concerned with that as they are with trying to prevent sabatoge or even worse from their biggest ally, the United States.

    • I agree with this wholeheartedly!

      Netanyahu is a BILLION times smarter than Obama. Quite literally.

      He’s seen our own White House leak intel in an effort to bolster Obama’s image as a hard ass. He’s seen, first hand, how Obama treats anyone he doesn’t agree with (Netanyahu himself, the Dahli Lama, etc..). He’s seen what Obama did to Poland. He’s heard, as we all did, Obama begging and pleading with Medvedev (and, by extension, Putin) when we all know Russia and China are helping Iran in its efforts. He’s also dealing with his OWN people, Israelis who fight him on asserting Israel’s right to protect herself (granted, it’s a smaller-in-scale fight than he’d have with American Jews). And, as a leader himself, he’s probably sensitive to the fact the we have an election in less than 2 months, and anything he says and does can affect the outcome (and depending on WHAT he does, it could literally make things worse for him, and Israel, if it ends up in a re-election for Obama)…

      But, at the end of the day, he’s going to put Israel first. And rightly so. If things come to a head, I contend he’ll do what he must, consequences (to himself and the US – and our relations) be damned.

      • mike3e4r7

        I agree. You make excellent points. This is an incredibly delicate tightrope that Netanyahu is walking right now. I think he is trying to lay some political ground work for the aftermath of any Israeli action. He is probably also trying to influence the election by forcing Obama to show his hand now (who can blame him?). The worst case scenario for Israel is if Israel waits to strike until after the election AND Obama is reelected. If they wait till after the election (assuming they can afford to), and Romney wins, they would be in much better shape but might still face serious problems from Obama between election day and Romney’s inaguration in January, should they feel they need to strike during that time frame.

        May God grant Netanyahu the strength and wisdom to navigate this difficult course.

  • sDee

    Israel: Where US Vets Come to Heal

    “”The pressure sleeve on Harrison Manyoma’s arm relieves the physical wound he received in combat in Iraq. For relief of his emotional wounds, he came to Israel.

    Manyoma is one of 10 former soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or traumatic brain injury (TBI) visiting Israel from August 30 through September 9 with the American charitable organization Heroes to Heroes.

    Founder Judy Schaffer of New Jersey explains that Heroes to Heroes Journey to Israel is designed to educate, motivate and stimulate discussion and bonding between American disabled veterans and Israeli peers, as a springboard for emotional and spiritual healing.

    “It’s a way for them to hash out their experiences with people who understand them and are basically fighting the same war but on a different front,”

    Participants aged 25 to 42 are visiting holy and tourist sites, memorials and facilities for disabled veterans. They talked with Israeli leaders – including an unscheduled half hour chat with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who wrote on his Facebook page, “I met today with a group from Heroes to Heroes that arranges encounters between Americans and Israelis who were wounded in combat. In the course of the meeting I told them: ‘This for me is a very moving moment because you are the greatest freedom fighters. You share the same experiences, defend the same values and face the same threats.’”

    read it all here

    • 12grace

      G-d bless, Israel for helping our soldiers.

  • Spartan4Palin

    I like how Netanyahu is boxing him into a corner!! If crapweasel attented his intelligence briefings, he would probably know how bad things were in the Middle East? Maybe he would know that Iran is testing distances with their warheads? Perhaps he would know that Yemen killed the second in line to UBL? That he would know that MB took over an embassy?

    If the American Jewish community can’t see what the Democrats have done and what this president has done to and against Israel, then they truly are blind and ignorant!

    Pressure should continue from Bibi against a guy who has CHOSEN to ignore the leadership and threats against Israel.

    • Spartan4Palin

      The other thing that irks me with this failure, is that it’s been reported that he hasn’t met with his economic council since January, he has forgone his daily intelligence briefings and that he has rarely met with his cabinet?

      What the hell? There’s only one conclusion. Campaigning and golf is all this guy wants. Voting present is his MO until the issue presents itself as photo op or poll point! Otherwise, it’s someone else’s fault!!!!

      • Don’t worry, the media will be on it any minute now. This is the kind of stuff that the media would ride from now until election if this were a Republican administration. As if the scandals and corruption weren’t enough.

    • Learnedsmtn2day

      I would contend that its Bibi that got backed into a corner, and when you trap a bear it has no choice but to pounce.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    his campaign schedule won’t allow it ??
    sickening what this corrupt administration is.

  • sjmom

    God Bless Israel and her leaders! Would that we would have some who had the courage they do. Unfortunately, I don’t think either party in the US has the chutzpah needed to stop Iran, so I say for Israel to do whatever is necessary to protect the Jewish State and may God grant them victory!

  • stevenbiot

    Netanyahu is better off not meeting with Obama. Obama doesn’t like Israel. If Netanyahu understands that and carries on with business, we will all be better off.

  • stage9

    This is an utter disgrace!

    Genesis 12:1-3
    “And I will bless those that bless you and curse the one who curses you. And in you shall all families of the earth be blessed.”

    If this doesn’t change, you can kiss America goodbye. Forget the election, forget your pocketbook. None of it will matter if we side against God’s chosen people. He will lift His hand and it will be lights out for our civilization.

    God help us for our arrogance and disgrace.

  • headline says Those who don’t set red lines
    should that be deadlines?
    don’t want to get seo all messed up 🙂

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Yeah, what’s the point of stopping Iran from getting nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them to Israel and the United States? Those that think the people in charge in Iran won’t attack the United States if they get powerful enough rockets, had better think again. They would destroy Israel and the United States even knowing that Iran would be totally obliterated…that’s how much Iran hates Israel and the US. We need a leader that will assist Israel defend itself, not someone who talks and talks while Iran continues its nuclear program. Sure it’s a tough, delicate situation, but presidents are expected to handle tough and delicate situations.

  • ben
  • ben
  • ben
  • GiantM

    Hey mr president: Whatever happen to the phrase spoken to Israel “I’ve got your back” ??

    His true colors are now showing and Bibi has had enough. I’m not worried for Israel though if they do attack Iran. I am however worried for this nation. As our leader continues to literally deny Israel, the good LORD is not going to let this go unanswered.

    HE just won’t.

  • brendawatkins

    It seems to me that this man OBAMA is doing his damnedest to bring the WRATH of GOD on this country! I for one do NOT want to be in the path of God’s wrath! Obama’s GOT TO GO!

    • michael carpenter

      No shiz! On the day (911) that the muslim brotherhood chooses to poop on us, obamanation decides to poop on Israel. What are we to think? This guy is evil!

  • PM Netanyahu needs to realize that our Dear Leader has priorities… and those don’t include the good people of Israel.


  • TheRedLeaf

    ‘Great relations’ they tout up and down the election aisle but Israel is more then just a morale compass, it also shows the top country’s willingness to do nothing, and if enemies don’t have to worry about retaliation for usually horrendous actions… then why stop? This administration is doing far more damage to the world in both short and long term like never before.

    Hope, change, forward? It’s all headed for a cliff and nuclear disaster. If in the future America never votes for blacks, then i will remind everyone that ‘2008 was a year of disaster’

    To my neighbors in America, when you vote, remember history and what future those past decisions have made; patriots, its time to clean house!

  • conservocop

    Does anyone in their right mind doubt for one second that Hillary is an Alinsky protege ? This is a nasty lady !

  • LiberalBoycotter

    2008 Barry, told everyone what he was going to do, he was going to talk to Iran, he was going to change this country. No one believed him, but as you can see he has done, exactly what he said he was going to do. He also said, he was going to make sure energy was going to sky rocket.

    Guess what everyone who voted for this POS got exactly what they voted for. If you want more of the same vote for this guy, if you do there will be as he said in his speech at the DNC going to be even more of it. See 2016.

  • GiantM

    Oh sure, the prez has time for this: http://tinyurl.com/cqan5ve

    But no time for Israel.

  • BS61

    Tweet or write to the WH about our Jew Hating Prez! I’m disgusted, and it’s time for both left and Israel supporters to stand up before it’s another Holocaust!

  • Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Pray for Israels Prime Minister Mr Benjamin Netanyahu.

    May God Jehovah bless the United States Of America.

  • chatterbox365

    If this doesn’t piss off the most left leaning Jew, I don’t know what will. We do need to pray for Israel. They are an island surrounded by a sea of sh*t.

    • I fear that today’s Progressive American Jew is more a Democrat than a real “Jew”. Real American Jews would be all over Ozero about his treatment of Bibby and the close and present danger that Iran poses to the region.

  • It has been clear for a while. Ozero is a Muslim sympathizer and is hedging his bet with radical Muslims over Israel. What will it take for American Jews to wake up and see they are being played, just like Blacks, Hispanics and women. Absolutely shameful.

  • To Netanyahu: Light ’em if you got ’em.

  • hy are u guys so poor in your judgements. do u guys know how schedules to meet the president is designed? do u mean that cuz netanyahu is israel PM so he can just come in at anytime to meet the president like his laborer? just imagine. did this PM even make a formal arrangement.when we are thinking of resolving economic issues, u guys beat the war drum and call this faith in GOD. God have mercy.

  • bobemakk

    Cut off all aid, every single cent that we give to every country that talks against US and send it to Israel and let them bomb the hell out of Iran. Case closed!