Netanyahu to Obama: Israel must reserve the right to defend itself

This exchange is interesting. Netanyahu, speaking to Obama, is echoing Obama’s comments that Israel must be able to defend itself, by itself, emphasizing that as a longstanding principle of Israeli sovereignty. However, I don’t believe for a moment that he wants to use military action without the aid of America, especially considering the vulnerable position they are in with the Arab Winter. However, I believe he is emphasizing it this way to show the world that America and Israel are inseparable partners, as a show of strength, because as I said, I believe he very much wants it this way.

Obama, on the other hand, means it for an entirely different reason, that we will actually let Israel defend itself, by itself, because he is a Palestinian sympathizer. He’s made that clear throughout his administration, and though Netanyahu is attempting to change that perception, I’m sure Bibi’s enemies are well aware of Obama’s real position.

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  • Obama’s body language says the whole story… You can see the ample amount of dislike he has for Netanyahu, from both his posture & the look on his face…

    Can’t wait to get a President into the White House that not only respects America but her allies around the world as well!

    • NYGino

      So right Professor Why. I spend the better part of my life in sales and I can see the “I’m Not buying it” posture.

      • destroyer_of_moonbats

        while bibi was defending his country from terrorists in his youth, obambi was attending commie meetups.

        • librtifirst

          Apparently, Breitbart was about to release videos of Obama in those commie meetings, and on the day that he died. Hmmmm.

      • capelady

        Obama has been shown up repeatedly because Bibi is a true leader. Not only his speech to Congress after Obama threw Israel under the bus with his 1967 borders nonsense… but when he went out of his way to visit the tornado victims in Joplin to express his concern and sympathy, and Obama stayed in England making a fool out of himself at that Royal dinner. I think that no only does Obama hate Israel, he resents Bibi Netanyahu because he is a natural leader when Obama struggles to lead from behind!

    • He looks like a petulant scolded child – it’s like he knows he’s in the presence of a real statesman, not a liberal post-modern relativist and opportunist like himself. This is what happens when an empty suit meets a real man, when hollow words are confronted with clear, firm substantial speech.

  • NYGino

    Our unfortunate President is going to abandon Israel at the drop of a kufi (Muslim hat).

    • Sober_Thinking

      Too true… and God will turn his back on the nation that turned it’s back to Israel.

      This sucks so much…

  • Maxsteele

    TRS, they have done it before. Attack on Iraq reactor, Syrian nuclear program all done by Israel without aid from anyone. They fought every war against the Arabs by themselves as well usually with the condemnation of the world at the UN, including the USA.
    These wars and times of risk to Israel are usually associated with a weak president in the white house and history is repeating itself. Evil loves a vacuum and attacking weakness.

    • Sober_Thinking

      At least God stands with Israel. 🙂

      • Maxsteele

        I must say that with the history of warfare, terrorist attacks, constant threat of war and the constant condemnation of the world over and over again I wonder sometimes if that is indeed true. Don’t the Jewish people deserve some peace for once in the last thousand years?

    • I didn’t meant to infer they wouldn’t do that if it is necessary. But let me remind you that Netanyahu asked Bush in 2008 about invading Iran. Bush said no because we ran Iraqi airspace and it would look like we were involved.

      At worst Netanyahu would like our cooperation. At best he would like our assistance.

      • Maxsteele

        Yes, you are right. Of course they would like co-operation but they have to do what they have to do so it is easier to ask for forgiveness in a situation like this then ask Obama for permission. The moment they alert this US administration is the moment Iran finds out.

    • capelady

      Israel has never asked for troops on the ground… they just want to buy the weapons they need. It was a miracle that they were able to survive in 1948 when it was illegal for them to arm under the British Mandate (the penalty was death) and the five Arab nations who attacked them within hours of declaring statehood were armed by the Russians. Harry Truman made it possible for them to declare statehood, but they had to win their war. Just as Nixon came to the rescue with supplies during the Yom Kippur war… but the Israelis had to win their war. They are not asking us to fight for them – they just need our support, and until this man was in the White House there was never any question.

      Perhaps it is a good thing that this is an election year – Obama wants the Jewish American vote, so he may respond differently that he will if he wins re-election. I have no doubt that Bibi is well aware of Obama’s nature and he doesn’t trust the man any more than we do!

      • Maxsteele

        Hello Capelady, excellent post. Obama truly is a tragedy of a president when it comes to foreign policy. The world truly is a much more dangerous place with him in the office then any time previously since WW2. Yet, he is far from the only president that hung Israel out to dry. You mention Truman, who indeed was supportive of the Israeli statehood, yet would not sell Israel arms. It was actually Czhechzlovakia and France that sold Israel most of it’s weapons through the black market that saved it during its war of independance. It is sad that you say Nixon saved Israel by sales of weapons because it was Nixon who, by ordering Israel not to make a pre-emptive strike against the Arab nations at its borders that cause the tragedy of the Yom Kippur war in the first place. Israel had the means and desire to pre-emptively ensure there was no war. Yet, the Nixon administration said it would not support Israel at all if it pre-emptively attacked. So the Israelis had to sit and wait for it’s enemies, who are bent on its complete destruction to attack first, and they almost got what the arabs desired.
        Then we should not even talk about Carter and his anti semitism but the true president that has brough the world to where it is today is Bill Clinton. Prior to Clinton the position of the USA, Britain and Israel were to never negotiate with terrorists. It was Clinton who pressured the UK to negotiate with the IRA and at the same time forced Israel into negotiations with the PLO. If you recall, due to Clinton the Israelis made the most generous proposal ever at Camp David to Arafat. Arafat not only refused but then ran back to begin the 1st intifada. Since then the Islamic terrorists have never looked back as they know, sooner or later, there will be another weak president who will pressure the Israelis or any other country suffering at the hands of terrorists to sit down and negotiate. Just as Obama has done by attempting to force the Israelis into concession after concessions while bombs are dropping on thier schools and homes. The Islamists have been waiting,patiently, for centuries to build a new caliphate that, this time, will rule the world. All it takes is for them to just keep waiting for more weak democratic presidents to give into their demands out of fear and lack of a spine.
        What America, Israel, and the world needs is a strong US president that will stand up to and punish the bullies and evil perpetrators in the world. What we all need is a Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum as president. Period.

  • The contempt and disdain that Barry has for Israel and Netanyahu is palpable. The look on that smug, arrogant, malevolent narcissist’s face is something I DO NOT WANT TO CONTINUE TO SEE FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS! Anybody but Obama…….. and I do mean ANYBODY. Israel is lucky to have a man of such integrity, class and reverence at it’s helm. Thank God for Netanyahu. Thank God for Israel. They will both continue to prosper *despite* the assclown in our White House.

    • Sober_Thinking

      I couldn’t agree with you more!

      Netanyahu is the leader we should have had. And “assclown” is too nice a term for the current traitor-and-chief.

      Great post!

    • capelady

      Amen! God fights for Israel.. with or without the USA. The sad thing is that the vast majority of Americans support Israel and once again, Obama does not represent us. I think Bibi understands that. I am a member of CUFI, and for anyone who supports Israel, I highly recommend supporting that wonderful organization!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Maobama is NO friend to Israel. He’s a traitor to the U.S. and Israel and he will throw us both under the bus in a second.

    Here’s an interesting note made by Thomas Sowell:

  • stevenbiot

    This is one issue that has to keep Obama up at night. If Israel attacks Iran, and Obama does nothing, Obama will be viewed negatively by the electorate. Undoubtedly, his 1st amendment trampling, the individual mandate issue in the Supreme Court this summer, and neglecting our ally, Israel will all three assure Obama’s one term presidency.

  • stevenbiot

    You can tell that me, me, me, Obama hates being lectured to by Netanyahu. Why hasn’t Obama bowed to him yet?

    • NYGino

      He’s not a Muslim, that’s why.

      • stevenbiot

        Why cant he make an exception? That would be so multicultural of him.

        • NYGino

          To a lefty multiculturalism only means something if they have something to gain from the concept. Like votes.

    • Now that would be a picture. It is an interesting question, though. Obama has bowed to every other ME leader except Israel…..hmmm.

  • GOP leaders are also saying the right thing. The problem I have is that they have never stood their ground against Obama for some strange reason. I just do not know if they will be willing when one of our greatest allies will be in need of our help.

    Knowing the recent history of Israel, they will probably be just fine. However, it would be good to know that the US has your back when you need them.

    • NYGino

      AS long as our impostor in chief has the helm don’t count on it.

    • las1

      Well Newt is standing with Israel and called Obama the most dangerous US president in recent history.

      Now what’s that again about Newt being part of the beltway insiders?

      • Well, I am glad that Newt and the rest of the Republican field stands with Israel. My concern is with the GOP leadership in congress who say they will prevent Iran from having a nuke, but are unwilling to stand up to O on virtually everything.

        I am unsure of your question being on topic with Israel.

        • las1

          My question was rhetorical… and honestly even I don’t know what the heck I was saying… oh yeah… now I know… Newt is touted as the typical beltway insider, yet you have Boehner and the usual suspects talking a good game about Israel, but Newt is the only one who grasps the game and understands it well. And he’s willing to full-out say who and what Obama is and the danger he poses to America… yet the Romney and belt-way types refuse to say it. Yet the GOP establishment who actually are the inside-the-beltway gang attached to Romney tar Newt as the pin-up-boy of the insider-beltway. Go figure!

          Hope my muddle was clear enough… or maybe I just haven’t had my supper yet.

      • librtifirst

        I wouldn’t say that Newt is lying about his position on this, but I also recognize that every president I have ever seen campaign has fallen far short of doing what he said he would do. Campaigns are where politicians lie to get power. Trusting in these guys will only bring disappointment and pain. (in many ways)

    • librtifirst

      God made a promise to protect Israel. Torah prophesy even describes birds of fire just falling out of the sky as they go to attack Israel. I believe it, and don’t think that God needs us to keep them safe. In the end, even the US will go against her. That is just biblical fact. Iran will never destroy Israel, no matter what we do.

  • Sinsonta

    Israel better defend themselfs because Obama will not move a figer to help. I hope Netanyahu will not be counting with Obama because if he does, Israel will be lost.

  • Notice how often Barack smiled.

  • tvlgds

    I hope Bibi doesn’t trust this lying POS!

  • welltempered2

    Obama thoughts: “This is an election year so you better be saying, with sincerity, what we rehearsed in the Oval Office. I need that jewish money and vote. After I’m re-elected I deal with you, BIbi.”

  • If Newt or Santorum or maybe even Romney (ptui) wins, then on Nov. 3 Israel bombs Iran and tells still POTUS Hussein to eat it. That is, of course, if Hussein hasn’t sold Israel down the river by then.

    • sara holy land

      what’s the Meaning of the word potus.
      God willing, we will win.
      Without “help” of Husan.

      • NYGino

        Sara, POTUS, President Of The United States.

        • שרה אנדג’קו

          THANK YOU
          I do not know how my name is changed.
          And I can not go for previous

          SARA HOLY LAND

  • las1

    I’m only at 42 seconds into this clip and it makes me sick to my stomach to see Netanyahu trying to plumb the depths of Obama’s traitorous depravity, to dredge the effluent tributaries of Obama’s hate and contempt for Israel, and to try to haul to the surface in a net any thing resembling the Obama regime’s “undying support” for Israel. Netanyahu is hope and strength itself.

    My heart breaks for Netanyahu and for Israel that he has to even sit beside this execrable criminal in the White House.

    God Help America.

  • Watchman74

    Last time they were together Obama gave Netanyahu the icy stare of death, this time is not much better.

    • las1

      It’s different this time… it’s obvious… it’s totally different.

      It’s the deathly stare of ice.

  • Trust1TG
    • las1

      Oh man… that’s hilarious… love it!

      I’m still snickering.

  • sara holy land

    Stutter – because he knows, Netanyahu does not agree with him and probably did not take Obama’s remarks as an option.
    Thank God – I believe Netanyahu and trust him.
    Should not be trusted on anyone as it is. actually our existence.

    • sara holy land

      I think that indeed Hussan want to show that there is mutual consent.
      But, from Netanyahu’s remarks emphasizing that we are responsible for our security and he will make the decisions.
      Netanyahu looked him straight in the eyes – and he said ,with no words I can not trust you and I do not believe you.

      • virginiagentleman1

        We don’t trust Obama either, Sara.

  • NYGino

    You could see the animosity in Obama. If Netanyahu wanted to talk to America he should have been looking at the camera, at us, not the American traitor sitting next to him.

  • Cindy09

    Make no mistake about it, while the whole issue centers on Israel and the looming Iranian threat; reality is, it is more about where we stand in regards to Israel. I have no doubt and the Bible does mention that the moment the Israeli people are back to their homeland, they will have G-d’s protection over their lives. For one thing, G-d’s promise to keep Israel and to protect her is very valid. If and when the world will leave Israel isolated, G-d will still keep His promises and will intervene whenever necessary. Where does that leave us? We have to keep standing for Israel! We are blessed when we bless Israel! But we know that at the end, our own people will turn against us thus ushering us into great persecution. At the end, Jesus will do just what he says and that, removing us from this world. But He will protect to Israel to the end until she says “Blessed He who come in the Name of the Lord!”

  • virginiagentleman1

    What a contrast between these two men. The Israeli Prime Minister has a pair. The other guy, President Dufus doesn’t.

  • NJK

    Gary Stein, the founder of Armed Forces Tea Party, was under fire again from the Marine Corps for comment made about Obama.

    Posted by Gary Stein (Diary)
    Monday, March 5th at 4:24PM EST
    1 Comment
    Early today we reported that Gary Stein, the founder of Armed Forces Tea Party, was under fire again from the Marine Corps for comment made about Obama. He is officially being investigated for “making disloyal comment about the President”. The comments in question were made by his personal Facebook profile during a discussion about “NATO allowing the trial of US Troops for burning the Koran” on a Facebook Group and since been deleted. At this time he does not have a copy of the screen capture, which was sent by a Senior Enlisted Marine to his command. Although he has seen it and it was not a capture of the whole discussion just of a portion of it. The direct comment in question was on how he will not follow the orders off Obama. What was not give to the Marine Corps was the rest of the discussion which he further explained what those orders were unlawful orders and why. He went on to explain in the discussion that he respects the office but to the person. He has expressed that he does not mean disrespect to the office of the President, but he does not agree with the polices the Obama administration continues to press upon the people. He has since contacted Camp Pendleton base legal and was advised not to talk about the case. Also he will not be given a lawyer by the Marine Corps until his command give him a piece of paper stating what his if being investigated for. He is now back at work and filling his duties. This is an unfortunate event that stems from Military members that are not correctly educated on the 1st amendment. Members of the military have the right to say or to write what they think, up to a point. They can’t say things that encourage violence (other than as part of authorized military operations) or urge others to violate military regulations. Our military leaders need to understand and respect our rights. They need to realize that civic-minded engagement by our fighting men and women is not a sign of military weakness, but rather a sign of military strength.

    I would think he needs to get involved with Sheriff Arpaio, and others. Obama is a foreign born usurper. The evidence is right there for anyone who is honest, which apparently doesn’t include the entire treasonous Congress of The United States. I hope the parents of the Navy Seals and other soldiers have gotten information about Sheriff Arpaio’s findings. They need to find out if their children died under a usurper.

    This is from

  • Rush was right about one thing. The tenor of their statements was quite different. While Obama mugged for the cameras, between “uhhs”, he managed to get out a ‘We got your back, home slice! Chill out! I got this!’, while Bibi said ‘Israel reserves the right to defend itself by striking Iran’. Its almost like they never spoke to each other, and, in a way, I guess they didn’t.

  • PFFV

    Netanyahu is a fearless and brilliant leader unlike our Community Rabble-Rouser/Divider in Chief. Netanyahu “Barry Soetoro, Israel will be the man you would never dare to be. We will take out Iran’s nuclear facilities when we decide the time is prudent, despite your empty rhetoric.”

  • NYGino

    Israel presents to us an intelligent man of the world, a true national leader with the wisdom, experience and desire to do what is right for his country and we are represented by someone who does not even know or understand what we stand for or have fought for from the Revolutionary war on. Think about this.


    You can trust Obama to keep his promise. Just ask Cardinal Dolan, and everyone who’s going to get to keep their original healthcare plans. Did he write a Presidential directive like the one he gave to Stupak?


    Netanyahu is a war hero, a proven patriot, a man of deep conviction,integrity,and resolve. We have Homey the Clown, a self indulgent egomaniac, lacking integrity, completely dishonest, a professional spineless hypocrite. Which one do you believe and trust?

  • Yes! Finally someone who will stand up and fight for his/her national security, and against obama! The Republicans won’t do it, for fear they will be called racist or too extreme, never mind America is more at risk everyday under the current administration.

    Viva Israel, and America may be calling for you to help “US” very soon!

  • Mensaman62

    Look at 2:26 into the video, right as Bibi says “we are together” O pulls away and looks like he wants to run….very telling of his true feelings.

    I stand with Israel!

  • Shorter Bibi: “Sorry dude, we ain’t going down like that.”

    I live in Israel and I am not prepared to live in a world, or this region with Nuclear Islamist Theocracts dictating terms or events to anyone. Nor can our lives hinge or march to the election timetables of Barack Obama, and rightfully so. We are going to do whatever we have to do, irrespective of what anyone has to say about it. These are sorry times indeed that an American President is so distorted in his vision and worldview he cannot see the world clearly. Over 70% of Americans support Israel, we may need it shortly. So thank you.

    • librtifirst

      Eventually, the world will be in such bad shape that you will live in the safest place on earth. You have God’s promise of national preservation. Nobody else does. You will be the last ones standing.

    • PFFV

      This patriotic American supports the Great Nation of Israel and its peace loving people, NOT our Liar in Chief and Anti-American POS POTUS. God Bless Israel!

    • Constance

      Many, many of us support Israel. We would support Israel doing whatever is necessary to protect herself. The sooner the better, in my opinion.

  • W.

    Netanyhu will be speaking shortly (from 8:30pm EST on) live stream here:

    • W.

      Warning, Mitch McConnell is about to speak, then comes Nancy Pelosi.
      (shudder – why did they ask her?)

      Looks like Netanyhu will be speaking around 9:30 pm EST.

  • 1vote

    These are desperate times, indeed!

  • librtifirst

    Israel has been voicing their sovereign right to defend themselves, and this is directed at the US. There is a reason for this, as the US prepares for war with Iran. Israel leaders have cautioned against it at this time. Israel may very well see the flaws in doing it as we did in Iraq. Their interest is only in hitting their nuclear facilities, and ours seems to be an Iraq style invasion and take over. Israel’s leaders may very well see this kind of conflict as being increasingly inflammatory, and creating an even bigger problem for them in the middle east. When factoring in Russian and Chinese posturing on the subject, it becomes even more risky. A US invasion would destroy the trade agreements that these two countries have with Iran, which is not a strategic advantage that they would appreciate losing. It is likely that Russia and China are already fighting proxy wars with us in them middle east, and therefor they may just step it up. This would likely get even more of our troops killed.

  • GiantM

    In this story:

    Obama states: “I’ve got Israel’s back”.

    This is how interpret those very words. Picture a political cartoon of Obama greeting Bibi, shaking his hand and then patting him on the back as he enters the White House through he back door once again. However this time around, the pat on the back leaves a distinctive mark. It appears Obama has left a bulls-eye target and clearly marked….”aim here”.

    A cynical point of view? Of course! But the very words he stated clearly contradict his actions towards Israel ever since he became President, I don’t for a moment beleive that he has Israel’s back.

    Just as Congressman Joe Wilson so boldly said on Sept 10, 2009 [minute 1:28] the same remains true today!!!

    Don’t be fooled folks, as I’m sure Bibi is not.