New 2 minute Obama TV ad argues for “new economic patriotism”

I’m not gonna lie to you, this ad looks good, sounds good, and feels good. It doesn’t matter that it’s based on a foundation of lies because the people this ad is targeting aren’t really paying attention. It’s 2 minutes long and it will run on TV in the battleground states.


If there was ever a time for Romney to rise to the occasion and draw sharp lines between he and Obama, calling out the lies for what they are to dismantle this fairy tale Obama has put together, the time is now. We are less than 6 weeks away from the elections there isn’t much time left. The debates start next week and may have a large impact, but ads like this could have a large impact as well.

I want to feel the momentum of victory and I’m just not feeling it yet.

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  • daisy_mae

    I want that feelin too RS, sure do! I want my hair set fire with passion calling out this enemy of freedom who has no respect or love, whatsoever, for our wonderful unique history and our nation’s finest, the men and women of the military!

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Romney is NOT going to generate that kind of wholesome political warmth. It ISN’T who he is.

      • smmy33

        Give me a break this is the EXACT same campaigne he ran 4 years ago, he even did a 2 minute spot , you could find this same add .

        It’s as if he hasn’t been President for the last 4 years and hasn’t had the most power of any President in 75 years to ram any and all the polices he wanted with majority proof House and Senate.

        Why aren’t more ads and talking pionts that Obama and democrats had the ability to do anything they wanted, and did, credit cared bill, Obamacare, the triliion dollar Stimulus , student law governemnt take over, reordering Walllstreet with Dodd/ Franck, cash if clunkers, their mortgage relief, all failures all have made things worse and spent trillions of dollars doing it.

        • E. Lee Zimmerman

          Because that, my good friend, would be “character assassination,” and Mitt don’t play there.

  • rsox1

    This is similar to an ad Romney put out recently, laying out his plans for his first term. It isn’t bad, but at 2 minutes is way too long. The question people NEED to be asking themselves when they watch this is, why didn’t he do any of that the last 4 years? We’ve been losing manufacturing jobs, and someone who wanted to embrace all our energy resources would’ve approved the Keystone pipeline.

    The record doesn’t match the record, and I hope people don’t buy into it again.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Plus, Showbama’s already shown up the vote for people who don’t think when they vote. At this point, I’d imagine he’s only influencing his base.

  • If I draw a unicorn, that doesn’t make it exist. If I write a law saying cars have to get 80 miles to the gallon, that doesn’t make it exist either.

    • This ad is targeting people who aren’t paying attention. All they will see is the photo drawn in front of them. It’s up to Mitt to expose this so they see the truth.

      • The propoganda machine is strong…I’m not sure how Romney can fight it, especially since you KNOW 90% of all political ads run by MSNBC/ABC/CNN/NBC/etc. are going to be THIS ad (and others that are similar), NOT Romney’s rebuttal ads.

        He’d better get really creative, because I too am not feeling the fire yet…and I REALLY want to be…

      • Does anybody ever notice that s— never sticks to this bozo the clown?

        • E. Lee Zimmerman

          That’s because the MSM flushes it once it’s out the arse. It doesn’t hang around in the bowl the way the MSM let it stink up the place when Bush was in office.

      • StrangernFiction

        It’s up to the opposition party…….oh that’s right we don’t have one.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        No, no, no. It’s targeting people who are and will remain ignorant of history. This is very similar to what he promised four years back. How can we re-apply the money to fund a war in Afghanistan WHEN WE’VE ALREADY RE-APPLIED it to pay for ShowbamaCare? His ‘promises’ have no basis in reality, and he’s only appealing to voters whose consciousness matches.

        Sure, it’s pretty, but his voters already showed us they’ll vote for ‘pretty’ six days a week and twice on Sunday. Don’t fall for it.

    • freenca

      Sal, there are cars that get about 80mpg in Europe. Can’t buy them and import them though as that is illegal HERE. Not enough gasoline tax in it. A tax issue, not an energy issue, follow the $$$$$ and find the answers.

  • ryanomaniac

    Opinions are like a$$holes, everybody has one but Romney has to respond to each lie on the spot. Call it a lie. Not misleading or false…a lie. What I would do if it were me is take a huge flat screen everywhere I went and use Obama own words against him. There is plenty of material. Use himself to club himself. The Guy has said so many contradictory comments. Show what he said about this and that and how he has dismantled his own arguments. The president said what? Well lets check out what he said a couple of years, weeks, days ago…..cue tape!!!

  • maxntulsa

    Lib Speak –

    Economic Patriotism = High Taxes

    Patriotism for Libs means loyalty to Government, not Country!

    As Libs worship in the chapel of government, this is liken to a pastor challenging the flock to pay more than the tithe!

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      I think of it more as Economic Patriotism = Free iPads for the Poor.

  • He is a LIAR and the FATHER OF LIES.. with a wave of his hand, he will cause automobiles and trucks to double their fuel efficiency… with a snap of his fingers he will create 100,000 manufacturing jobs. He will produce more oil and gas by refusing leases at a record pace.

    He will make everything better by force of his will….

    Disgusting. Dishonest. Unfortunate.

    Re-elect this liar and you will be witness to Biblical prophecy come true. Bank on it.

    • kim

      Your opening phrase says it all…. which is why I refuse to watch this.

    • StrangernFiction

      Dude is pure evil.

    • Volkswagen produces Passat here, which makes about 75 miles to the gallon….
      FuBar Ack does NOT let to sell it here – because of huge taxes we pay at the pump…
      And then he lies about “saving gas”, advising idiocies like putting more air in the tires……what a naive oaf.
      BTW – gove takes more $$ in taxes than oil producers make…

    • Oh wait… I was wrong… it was 1,000,000 jobs! Why go small when you can LIE BIGGER! That’s a new Obama phrase… LIE BIGGER

  • Platitudes, generalities, a bit of BS that can be easily countered. Mitt can simply say– President Obama offers a top down government centered plan for every aspect of your life and rather than being a patriotic rescue of our economy his plan only offers a continued path down the road of less freedom and less prosperity. America doesn’t want or need the President version of a socialist’s utopia. We have already seen where the successful implementation of his first terms policies of expanding dependency have brought America, to the edge of financial ruin. Obama isn’t working, we can do better.

    • That’d be great, but so far, I can’t imagine Romney saying stuff like that.

      • las1

        Yeah… if Romney is still saying “Obama cares about the middle class” I’m not convinced he will call the liar a “liar”.

        • I agree. Good points las1 🙂

        • E. Lee Zimmerman

          FYI: having dealt with plenty of Mormons in the workplace, my experience tells me that ain’t as “nice” as they would have you believe. But, otherwise, I agree with you. Romney — like McCain — wants to embrace Showbama for the historical nature of ‘the first Black Presidency.’ Hogwash, Mitt … either man up, or get the frak out of the race. You’ll eat your own but not the dog-eating Kenyan? Show me you deserve my rabid attention, and I’ll fight on your behalf. Otherwise, get off my lawn.

      • well for the moderate version add a line about the president being a nice guy, drop the pharses socialist’s utopia and expanding dependancy

        • E. Lee Zimmerman

          Or try it like, “He’s a nice guy who wants to bankrupt this country. How’s that for Economic Patriotism?”

  • daisy_mae

    Perhaps Romney is using the slow boil strategy then come final debate time the kettle is at full boil.

    • Chevypowered

      God I hope so, because if Mitt doesn’t turn up the “heat” we’re “cooked” as a Republic!

    • It’s taking way too long to warm up if that’s what he’s doing.

      • las1

        I think Newt needs to get on his cell to Romney and say, “Mitt, Newt here…. about that campaign I hear you’ve got going there… let’s talk”.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        That’s what she said.

  • johnos2112

    Tax cuts for everyone you jackass! Produce more American energy? You mean the stuff under our feet idiot? Reduce deficit by 4 trillion? You said when you were elected in 2008 you would cut it in half! I agree with Rush. Mitt or someone in the super pacs needs to call this man out for the liar that he is. None of this is even close to the truth!

    • StrangernFiction

      Mitt or someone in the super pacs needs to call this man out for the liar that he is.

      It isn’t going to happen. The Repubicans want to win, but not at the cost of sounding like Hobbits.

      • johnos2112

        The super pacs are calling Obama a liar.  Come the debates I pray that Mitt just says enough and goes after him.  Obama is a cold hearted SOB that does not give a damn about about anyone!

  • hbnolikeee

    I’m a lying sack of excrement and I approve this message.

    • las1

      Ha.. love it… I’m still snickering.

  • Again…the TRS falls for the it looks smooth, sounds good and feels good. Again just like the Clinton Speech what it is with Conservatives. IT IS FRICKING BS!! To say that is sounds good is amazing, then it is up to MITT to debunk what you are feeling TRS? BS….you need to do that yourself. If you cannot see what this is then you are lost. Mitt needs to focus on his stuff…not some political stunt. First NO ONE will sit for 2 minutes watching a commercial…heck most people change the TV the moment a commercial comes on. What this is: GARBAGE AND FANTASY…and what you are living is not based on what a man flying around an paying 35 million dollars for a home in Hawaii cares about.

    But what bugs me again…here is the conservatives falling for the smooth, sounds good and other BS. NO TRS you are responsible for the spin you fall for. It is not Mitt’s job to make you feel good because you are so easily conned. This ad is rubbish…Feels GOOD!! What a pathetic remark. Tell that to the millions unemployed, the millions that lost homes, the prices for gas, energy, food, bills, healthcare and more. I cannot believe that we have people on our side that still fall for that 2008 BS persona with a 2 minute ad.

    No TRS people undecided will not sit for 2 minutes and watch a PERSONAL LOVE FEST!! So it is not Mitt’s jobs to pull the wool you put over your own eyes. This is nothing but another attempt of Obama to say I LOVE ME YOU SHOULD TO!

    Mitt needs to focus on what he will do and how through his plans that would help America…not address a 2 minute lovefest.

    When will some on the right get GONADS and stop acting like Obama is this mesmerizing figure..he will sound good to people that want him and love him already!

    • It’s politics. It won’t work for Obama, I think. It would for Clinton. It could for Romney.
      There needs to be both a sense of urgency and a message of optimism.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      I really don’t think Scoop is mesmerized by Obama’s BS… I think he’s saying there are a lot of people out there WHO ARE, like people in the middle, who WE NEED.

      You are not being realistic if you think people in the middle, who are barely paying attention to politics, are going to come to TRS for information. Scoop is making commentary to like-minded people — other political junkies.

      When it comes to messages to audiences at large, Mitt DOES need to counter these ads. The gullible — the sheeple — don’t exactly see things through YOUR eyes.

    • “undecided will not sit for 2 minutes and watch a PERSONAL LOVE FEST” You’d better hope not, but so far, swing states are showing more of these ads than anything else.

    • las1

      Michael… I’ve been critical of many of the Romney ads Scoop posts here, but Scoop’s only the messenger letting us know what’s out there. Scoop is simply engaged in fair comment. And he (or she… not sure which) is right… it’s a smooth ad. No one here is falling for it, only commenting on how the ad will appeal to Americans.

      So while I understand your passion (and God knows the Romney campaign could use it) try to understand that his comments were only stating the obvious. It doesn’t mean he agrees with it, he’s surmising how the ad will be viewed by the general electorate.

      P.s. I don’t mean to speak for Scoop, but that’s what I took home from Scoops’ comments.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Well said. I’ve often struggled both here and over at Breitbart for the incessant desire to behave like RINOs. Showbama’s been reduced to a carnival barker; the only folks watching him and his schtick at this point are the brainless masses who are already going to vote for him, even if he claimed, “A vote for me is a vote for life everlasting.” We — and by ‘we’ I mean ‘Conservatives’ — should stop re-posting the “feel good” crap of our mortal enemies and stand up like the 300 did in the days of old.

      Of course, it’d be nice if we had a Leonidas to lead us and not the lovable but duplicitous hunchback.

    • You really don’t bother to read very closely before firing off these flame-fests of yours. This is the third time in two days I’ve caught you flaming away at something someone wrote that you incorrectly understood. Not merely incorrectly, but usually totally opposite of what someone wrote.

      Your entire meltdown here is based on your assumption that Scoop, or anyone else is somehow “falling for it,” whatever “it” is. To believe something that fantastic, you’d have to ignore everything Scoop has ever written here. It defies credulity.

      I don’t care if you want to keep making assumptions based on your own imagination, but you must stop the flaming here or you’re done.

      Look, the only reason I haven’t pulled the plug on you already is that MOST of the time your comments are fine. You seem to be a solid conservative, and that is usually good enough for most of us. This is one last appeal to you to stop with the personally-directed comments. Stick with the ideas and facts, and stop the abusive, personal comments.

  • UGH!!!

    OK Romney- this is the time to fight back using his own words. Dear leader talks about creating manufacturing jobs and keeping jobs at home- use dear leader laughing about shovel ready jobs and showing how his buddies at GE shipped jobs to china. He talks about getting the nation off foreign oil, show the stats of his denying drilling permits, denying and telling Canada NO to Keystone, and like the ad I just saw, with his saying coal companies wanting to start will go bankrupt.
    Wind, solar? Like solyndra?
    And as for his so called promise to reduce the deficits use the following:

    That took me less than 10 minutes. There’s more there. USE IT!

    • marketcomp

      Oh this was such bs. I am just pissed off now. As Mark said we are going to hhave to drag Romney over the finish line.

  • johnos2112

    I would place an immediate response with Romney talking about all the lies. Have him do it just like this joker did! The difference is Romney can tell the truth!

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Why bother responding to the boy king?

      • johnos2112

        Because he needs to be called out!

  • BHliberty

    Are you kidding me? Has anyone looked at the report today for the Q2 GDP @ 1.3. Hahaha! Patriotism isn’t going to push that number up and if people believe this BS, then, well……we deserve this lack of leadership another 4 years.

    I’m with Mr.Levin who said that we will not coerced by the media to drown out this miserable non-recovery! It’s time to kick some, (well you know), A((((…..!

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Nice job Scoop. Those who try to ignore evil are destined to succumb to it. Mitt needs to tear this sucker apart. Ruin the name, Obama!

  • I want to feel the momentum of victory and I’m just not feeling it yet.

    Here’s some momentum:

  • I can’t watch it. However, I have the DirectTV football package, and the past couple weeks I have watched some games televised out of Ohio, both Big Ten and NFL. During those games, it seemed like there was an Obama or Clinton ad running every commercial break! Not one Romney ad did I see. On the one hand, I thought maybe that’s a good thing, because who in the heck wants to see a political ad during a football game? On the other, I had to ask myself if it wasn’t a smart move on the Dhimmi’s part.

    • NJK

      I read a post last night from someone in Ohio. He said he’s so sick of having his football games ruined by this guy. He had to keep the remote in his hand to change the channel quick. When I listen to talk radio, as soon as the propaganda news comes on, usually every half hour, I mute or turn down the volume. For at least three years, every single segment would open with, “president Obama, this, or president Obama that.” I think they were just feeling noble to call him that, since he was half black of course. Remember they want everyone to pat them on the back and say, you’re so noble, calling the black man president. What a bunch of crap.

      The guy’s just disgusting, he looks and sounds like he climed out of a sewer, and he needs to go back.

  • I am Barack Obama, and I am a bankster shill.

    Why didn’t he create a million manufacturing jobs and do all of these other miraculous things three years ago?

    • kong1967

      He was too busy passing Obamacare, then he went on a rampage to raise the taxes on the rich. If I was unemployed, I’d be pretty pi$$ed about Obama’s priorities….screw the people, big government and liberal power come first.

      I think people are smart enough to laugh at this ad….or at least I hope.

      • People like us might be smart enough to laugh at this ad, but Scoop is right…this will appeal to a lot of otherwise decent people.

        • kong1967


          “I’m voting for Obama!! He gave me a free phone!! Romney sucks!!”

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      He hadn’t yet signed the bill requiring the jobs to be created.

  • RocklinConservative

    This is Obama’s and Bill Ayer’s plan for education and it’s scary. When/if implemented, sounds as if it will have a devastatingly negative affect on the education of our kids. It’s long, but eye opening. And it’s in the works.

    • kong1967

      Obama won’t get the chance. We are going to take both houses and the Presidency.

  • Kordane

    If Obama “sat down in my living room”, I’d give him to the count of ten to GTFO before I shoot him for trespassing on private property.

    Honestly, that’s what I’d do, since he wouldn’t be invited.

    • NJK

      That’s funny. Oh, to dream. I can see him running away with buckshot chasing him.

    • LOL! Best and funniest post so far today! Thanks for that! 🙂

  • 911Infidel

    Last I checked, no incumbent since FDR has gotten re-elected with a lousy economy. Its still the economy stupid. like Carville said. To me, the word “patriotism” and the words “Obaminite commercial” are oxymorons.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Sorry I just cant listen to this idiot, i will read the comments here to get what he said.

  • Looks like they’ve taken in his jacket at the waste and pinned it behind his back as befitting a queen like him. Notice the folds under his rib cage on the right pulling backwards.

  • MiketheMarine

    New Economic Patriotism? Sounds like a fancy word for communism that the ignorant sheeple won’t understand. Pathetic…..

    • las1

      New Economic Patriotism

      Is that what he said? I didn’t catch that. Darn you Mike… now I have to go back and listen again. You’re a cruel man.

      • MiketheMarine

        I do what I can. I have been difficult my entire life and beating me has no effect. Sorry, my Friend. LOL

        • Oh crap, you just described my boy! LOL, but I like you, so at least I know he’ll grow up right 😉

          • MiketheMarine

            Nothing better than a boy/man who thinks for himself and has the………..intestinal fortitude (how’s that mom) to back it up. Are you aware that the Marine Corps takes Canadiens.


            • LOL. It’s a chore- you’d better go apologize to your mother right now! LOL! And while it’s cool that the Marines accept Canadians, the boy is a US citizen eh! 😉 God Bless you myMarine.

              • MiketheMarine

                I’m not overly concerned with where he is a citizen. Quite frankly, if November goes poorly I may soon be a Canadien citizen. LOL, funny, but true, true, true.

                • las1


                  So you want to live in Quebec do you?

                  Are you not sure you mean “Canadian”.

                  There are more Obamabots in Quebec than in Illinois. And they’ve got only 8Million to Illinoi’s 13Million.

                • MiketheMarine

                  AH, the nuances I’ll have to learn. Who has the better hockey team that isn’t playing this year? Whomever is better, that’s where I’ll go. No, I would probably pack my 782 gear and move to the wilds of Alaska. I’ve considered doing that ever since my arctic training. Not many people are tough enough to endure that so I would left in solitude.

                • The Canadiens might be better at hockey, but they still suck. Maple Leafs baby! This is their year! ROFL! Last time they won the cup, I was 2. I think they’re due.

                  That said, don’t you DARE move up there. I’m here, gonna stay here and expect my boys to stay with me! 🙂

                • MiketheMarine

                  Aye, Aye, mom. I mean, Ma’am. LOL

                • lol knock it off! 😉

                • las1

                  Growing up in the north in Ontario, there were two things I wanted to do when I was a kid. I wanted to go the the Toronto Santa Clause Parade and see a Leafs game at the same time. I’ve still yet to do it.

                • las my friend, I don’t think the Santa Clause parade would be quite the same. Neither would going to a Leaf’s game now that they don’t have the old Gardens anymore. Sigh. So many things have changed in my old City, I don’t have a whole lot of desire to go there anymore. My sister told me the other day that Sam- from Sam the Record man died- I don’t know if you know his store on Younge Street, but that place was like NY Times Square to us, with the big neon record. I didn’t know they’d gotten rid of that too.
                  I have so many great memories of going downtown to Simpsons (before the Eaton’s center was built) at Christmas time, seeing all the toys and lights and stuff- do you remember getting Simpson’s Catalogues at Christmas? They were as thick as phone books and you could spend hours looking. I liked hockey and went to many games with my folks, but my love was baseball and my dad. That was our special dad/daughter times.
                  Maybe it’s still magical there at Christmas las, and you can still get down there at least once- but for me, that old adage, “you can’t go home again’ somehow rings so true.

                  Where DID you grow up if you don’t mind me asking?

                  PS- thanks for making me smile with memories my friend. It’s good to remember once in a while. 🙂

                • las1

                  It used to be called Toronto the good. It’s not often we went to TO, but when we did it was so special and awe inspiring. I grew up in the mining town of Kirkland Lake and it was an 8 hr drive to TO. Do I remember Simpsons and Eatons’ X-Mas catalagues? Wow! I would pour over them like I hadn’t eaten for a week. And you are right there my friend, you can’t go home. It’s not the same. In the 1960’s my hometown was small but awesome. It had the largest highschool in Ontario because it was a collector school for the region around it, and it was vibrant… no cell phones, no internet (of course like everywhere) it had the winter ACT (Associated Canadian Travelers) festival. My dad always worked on them. Forty below was common, tons of snow all the time in winter. Skidoos would go up and down the streets at all hours of the day, were never banned off the streets. And in the 1930’s and 1940’s it was the largest gold mining

                • Wow las! One of the things I wish I could have done before I left, was to travel more around northern Ontario. A good friend of mine from back home, his dad had a place up at Kirkland Lake! He gave me a photo, and I made a painting of the sunset sky reflected in the lake. I still have that painting! I wish you were on facebook and I’d send you a copy of it.
                  The furthest north I ever made was to Minden. I always wanted to go farther.
                  It must have been a great place to grow up, my friend! I grew up in the suburbs (Mississauga) until we moved to a small town when I was 15. I loved going into the city, but I SO loved living up in the boonies, the town had a whopping 500 people, and it was a great place. I’ve been a country girl at heart ever since and can’t stand town life.
                  Yes, I do still have much of Canada in my heart! I miss some places, my family and old friends, but my life is here, and I love this country as if I was born here.
                  You and I both have had some happy memories, and I’m glad. 🙂

                • las1

                  I’m in Ottawa so it’s the Sens natch. But even though I was born in a snowbank, on the side of an ice road… in Northern Ontario, I ain’t much of a hockey fan. But that’s like heresy here… so don’t tell anyone.

                  But you know what… as much as I love America, I wouldn’t trade living in Canada (except maybe for the weather). And I really appreciate it much more after having lived in Europe for a number of years. Coming back here was like being able to breathe again. But the weather sure stinks on ice, except for the two weeks we get of summer (I exaggerate). But oddly enough Canada is an oasis of peace in a very crazy world even compared to the US.

                  But you guys better hurry up and boot the imposter-in-chief out on his ear, or we are all sunk. I hope you and ABiC and all the others get on that… all I can do at this point is cheer youz guyz on from the sidelines.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Maybe we should counter this by calling his first term “Economic Rape”?

      • MiketheMarine

        National sodomy, or, I really believe it is Treason. Just imagine what we will learn aboutwhat actually went down in about a decade.

  • odin147

    I have no time for defeatists on our side, this has less to do with Romney and more to do with the grass roots organizations, we need to talk to people and get them to change their vote on the ground in the battleground states, every conservative in these states should be on the phone or should be talking to every non conservative. Tell them you do not need to change your idealogy or your party, we are not asking for that we just need you to not vote for the one because he does not represent your party. He represents something else we do not need to know about.

    • Jaels_Song

      I have registered my son’s friends right here in my home. I picked up voter registration papers, keep them here at my home. Talk to my son’s friends (they are struggling in this economy) who are in their early 20’s (also my neighbors) and have them register as Republicans or Independents who will be voting for Romney. Obama is NOT popular and many times people are not sure how to register.
      Anyone can do this, right from their home. Go to your local voter registration office, or local party office, grab some of these official forms. It is perfectly legal. Trust me, people across the spectrum want to vote Obama out.

    • BHliberty

      Well said! I’m working on family members. Some say they will not vote but I’m telling them that it is so important to vote this election since the U.S. might not be the same if Obama gets a second term.

      I think the debates will be important though for those on the fence (unbelievably)!

    • sDee

      I agree!! I find the calls and going door to fun and rewarding. We have to get out the vote. If I manage to get even a hundred people to the polls who may not have I have done more than my donations ever did.

      It really easy… just go to the website of a local conservative or any conservative you like. Most of them have browser based “robo calls”. Just supply a little bit of info and you will be talking to great people all across America within minutes!!!

  • NJK

    They might not be paying attention, but are they living here? Don’t they buy gas, even if it’s with someone elses money. I can’t look at him. He’s so smarmy, he makes my skin crawl. It’s like looking at Ted Bundy.

    • If NObama and Bundy were in the same room when you said that, I know which one would be offended more and it’s not ears.

    • Patriot077

      Perfect description of my own reaction to him!

  • Jaels_Song

    You know, I can’t watch this. I am the widowed mother of five sons. Three, in their early twenties, who are trying to establish themselves as adults. This Obama economy has been another cruel blow to my family. I just want my son’s to have the opportunity that their father and I had when we were their ages. The thought of Obama getting back into office for four more years is an dreadful fear that is wearing me down.
    I know if he is elected, America will never be the same. Obama is dangerous Anti-Social who is unworthy of the office of President. He is ever bit as evil as King Manessa of OT who led Israel into idolatry (Ramadan in the WH), child sacrifice (abortion) and severe judgement (selling us out to our enemies).
    I’m sorry, I tried, I just can’t watch Obama’s lying murderous face. I have to stay strong and focused. I pray, that Romney musters all the love in his heart that he has for America and Americans and comes out fighting skillful and fierce for survival of America returning her precious families back to normalcy and opportunity for prosperity once again.

    • sDee

      You are not alone. My father immigrated to America to escape exactly the sinister socialism we now face – socialism that preceded Nazism. Our 4 children, also in their 20’s, work very hard, earned all they have and took nothing from the government. Now they struggle and pay a price for not getting on the leftist “bandwagon”. They pay a price for their conservative, self reliant values at work and with friends. I tell them to not give in – Obama’s marxism and deceit has strengthened their resolve.

      We cannot let them get to us. Thank you for all you are doing. Please stay strong – I trust your sons will draw from it and each other.

      When the stark reality of losing ones freedom smacks us in the face all men must choose sides. The natural slaves who follow their masters, and, free men. No one is coming to save us – it is up to us. Our greatest strength will be with our families.

      • Jaels_Song

        Amen. All the are Conservative voters. We do rally together and remain strong.

  • kong1967

    I am so sick of Obama and the left blaming the bank crisis on Bush and his policies. Bush’s policies had nothing to do with it and the libs got away scot free from what they did to cause the banks to go haywire.

    This ad should not help Obama. He has had four years and he has not seriously addressed jobs up until this point (and this is just an ad, not reality). If I’m without a job and I’m watching this ad, I’d be asking what the he!! he’s been doing for four freaking years!! The answer would remind of what he has been doing and it would make me sick to my stomach.

    He has done everything hin his power to shut down oil production here and he promoted it in Brazil where Soros has his investments. Obama, we’re going to slap your pathetic lying a$$ down in November!! Man, he really pi$$es me off with his blatant lies. Anyone who listens to him is a freaking moron.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    The ad works in a vacuum. Otherwise, it’s a bed of gibberish.


    When did he switch parties? Must of been during the terrorist attack a couple weeks ago. This guy is full of crap. He would have done all that these last 4 years if he believed in those policies. A vote for Obama is a vote for a liar and the end of America as we know it.

  • AbdulBX

    RS has a point. The one thing that was striking about the QPoll that came out yesterday, was that Rommey and Obama were tied in Ohio with voters who are paying close attention to the race. Romney needs to be on his game in the debate next week. Plus, he could easily dissect this ad with a 2 minute one of his own.

  • sDee

    This phase of Hussein’s marxist takeover should not be a surprise. It is of course highly sophisticated but it is what socialist/marxist tyrants do after they give out land, food, housing or other free stuff to the populous. They create the vision of the new order.

    All the things we see as incompetent, stupid, irresponsible (like trivializing the middle east, playing golf, hanging out with JayZ, going on the View and calling out the Prophet of Islam at the UN) are calculated plays to his base.

    Romney is running by pointing out Obama’s lies, policies, the debt and his record. This is no typical political opponent. Obama is a dangerous anti-American marxist. All Obama’s “failures” are actually marxist successes. Romney should be running against Obama’s marxist ideology, not his popular tactics.

    Reagan successfully attacked Carter by taking the high road, showing to America what socialism is and where it would take us if we did not remove Carter. Romney has been afraid to show America where Obama’s far more dangerous marxism and islamic supremacy is taking us.

    • pdxlady

      sDee, I wish you were an adviser to the Romney campaign.

      You are so correct that 0 is “no typical political opponent,” and that he is a “dangerous anti-American marxist.”

      Romney must have this knowledge, that he is not running against a ‘nice guy.’

      0 is a political enemy like no other political opponent in our history; he’s not even human.

      • sDee

        Thanks. But even the local GOP folks never invite me back to meetings 😉

        Romney must have this knowledge
        He’d damn well better know it – quite literally he holds the futrue of the Republic in his hands.

        America is the last stand. I wish that was an exaggeration.

        • pdxlady

          You are so right.

          It is extremely sobering to know that this election and this person, Romney, that we have selected to be our leader (behind our true Leader, the Lord Jesus Christ) holds the future of our very country in their hands. I trust the Lord.

          I pray that the Lord will still find favor on America and bless us richly.

  • Jaels_Song

    I have registered my son’s friends right here in my home. I picked up voter registration papers, keep them here at my home. Talk to my son’s friends (they are struggling in this economy) who are in their early 20’s (also my neighbors) and have them register as Republicans or Independents who will be voting for Romney. Obama is NOT popular and many times people are not sure how to register.
    Anyone can do this, right from their home. Go to your local voter registration office, or local party office, grab some of these official forms. It is perfectly legal. Trust me, people across the spectrum want to vote Obama out. This keeps me feeling positive about this coming November.
    P.S. You can also download registration papers from the Internet, have people fill those out. Provide them with the envelope and stamp and make sure it gets mailed out right then and there. =)

    • odin147

      My suggestion would be to go online and get the registration forms in ohio, florida, virginia and other battleground states and send them out to anyone you may know who lives in these states. If you live Texas and know someone who lives in a battleground state just go online and download the forms from that state, and send it to them and tell them we are not asking you to change parties or idealogies, if you are a liberal you can stay liberal just don’t vote for the one in this particular election.

    • Landscaper

      Jaels_Song, That American flag on the house dosen’t do “jack” if people don’t get involved. Great job !

  • Jim_McCarty

    In 2008 Mr President was going to cut the deficit in half. 10.6T – 1/2(10.6T) = 5.3T
    In 2012 Mr President says that he going to cut an additional 4T. 5.3 + 4 = 9.3T
    At this rate out 16T deficit will be cut to 7T by 2016.
    Please forgive me if I say that some number above 20T is more likely.

  • I know it’s hard not to feel victory – thanks to the recent “bias” polls! DO NOT ALLOW the media to deflate us! Anyone who is buying Obama BS are going to vote for him anyway!

    Keep in mind. according to Rass and Gallup, our base (who are more enthusatic) is fully behind R&R and they are carrying Independents!

    No time to get wishy-washy.

    • sDee

      Never! Getting wishy washy is impossible when fighting for one’s freedom.

      I have always felt it was Romney’s to lose. But I also would never underestimate this cabal and the propaganda media. They are very dangerous – this is live or die for them too.

      If millions of Americans know this guy is a post-American marxist, and that the media has launched a full blown propaganda campaign for his ascension. So, the Romney campaign must too?

      • I hear ya sDee – Romney campaign has to get more aggressive and I believe he starting to do just that.

  • Sorry, but 37 seconds is all I could take. That’s 30 seconds more than I usually give him as I reach for the remote control to change channels.

    • marketcomp

      I felt the same why but RS said to view and so I did. My blood just started boiling because I know we had candidates that would have ran a better campaign and called him out on this dictator like ad like Rick Santorum. I am just sick now!

  • Landscaper

    I see a 180 from this if he wins. Damn man lies constanly !!!!!!

    • It’s the only thing he’s good at.

      • sDee

        great point. It is all he has done his entire adult life.

      • marketcomp

        But, he may get this marxist re elected! This will be a sad time for the Reublic and America.

    • …lies constantly and lies well.

  • Boom, that performance should deserve another Nobel Peace prize right now!

  • Plenty of jobs here, no unemployment, no money for terrorists!!!
    We all know the answer – drill!!!
    USA has more oil than U. Arab Emirates!!! Romney, Ryan — PLEASE TALK ABOUT THAT!!!

  • marketcomp

    Mr. President you are such a liar! Mr. President you are responsible for the 23 million being out of work! How can anyone blieve this garbage! This is why Romney doesn’t tell his plan because of Barack Obama coopting his ideas and making them his own. Does anyone really beleive that Barack Obama, with all of his 11,000+ pages of regulations, will either stiffle or bring to a halt the economy is interested in economic growth?! I mean the only growth he is interested in giving cell phones to those already getting government checks including the elderly. I cannot help thinking that he reminds me of Castro, Chavez, or pick your dictator. Romney has to counter this and remind people that we are living Obama’s enonomy while he acts like he had nothing to do with this economic diaster!

    • NJK

      Well if enough Americans are this stupid and vote for this Jim Jones clone, they deserve destitution. And then we have two choices, secede from the union, and I don’t give a darn what Abraham Lincoln said about secession, or leave the country.

      They aren’t Constitutionally permitted to do any of what they’re doing, so we will need states to reject the Federal Govt. leave the union, and tell them we aren’t going to hell with them. It’s either that or just willingly go. Why should we, they’re breaking the law, and I’m not going to let some moron judge sit there and try to dictate to millions of people that we can’t. Watch us.

  • WI4Walker

    This is all just garbage. Not sure why you think it is good, Scoop.

  • sjmom

    Manufacturing jobs- by sending them to China? Investing in more Solyndras? Higher taxes? Gut the military? These are all in this ad and the GOP needs to counter every claim in it.

  • patriotbens

    He’s acting like he was not in charge of this mess for the past year! Wasn’t he the POTUS for the past 4 years? Not one word about what he’s done during his time in the White House!…Romney can’t let him get away with this. Pin this economy and the Mid East crisis to his lying ass!!!

  • jlbs

    Arrgghh !! I got through about 45 seconds of the ad and couldn’t take any more of his lies. He’s had 4 years and he talks as if he is just starting out and we should all give him a chance. He pulls a 180 every time. Says he will do ‘this’ and then does just the opposite. Anyone who still falls for his lines……well, I don’t know…..guess there’s no hope for them. I can’t stand a liar.

  • I wonder how much all that will cost?

  • GEDouglas

    Such double speak; made up words, phrases, and concepts…ORWELLIAN. We now call war OCO (Overseas Contingency Operations), simply disagreeing with someone is RACISM, up is down, and 2+2=5. Just what the hell does “economic patriotism” mean? More gobbledygook from BO. Like most everything else out of his mouth…worthless and untrustworthy.

  • Obama just opened himself to another ad like this: