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Newt’s new ad is both negative and positive, comparing Romney to Obama and then giving the voters a choice:

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  • Josh

    I really expected him to say, “I’m Newt Gingrich, and Mitt, my boy… you done messed up.”

  • Anonymous

    It was a pretty good ad, a bit of a soft touch on Romney, but I guess he has to be careful not to come across as “angry Newt”. I think the next one needs to be harder hitting; but a good start.

  • Maxsteele

    OOoooh, he called Mitt timid, which was a quote from the wall street journal. How negative. After what Romney did in Iowa how could anyone call this negative??? It’s just stating fact, backed up by outside sources, unlike Romney’s smear campaign.

    • Anonymous

      Yes indeed. Newt said he, “reserved the right to tell the truth.” I like this ad in that it’s truthful but not hateful.

  • David Purpera

    i’d compare Mitt to Scott Brown, you just can’t trust a northeast moderate

    • Anonymous

      we can start by calling him a MA LIBERAL, a RINO, a PHONY…those terms are better

      • Anonymous

        M J S if we put it all together we would end up with something like PHONY LIBERAL MATT RINOMNEYHOLE

  • Anonymous

    How about this for an ad for Newt against Romney:
    “Ron Paul would choose more Conservative Supreme Court justices than Romney”
    That makes you think doesn’t it?
    Ron Paul can be relied on to nominate more Conservative Justices than Romney, justices who would not be activist and who would stick to the Constitution. Believe me, I am no Ron Paul fan, I think his foreign policy is nuts, I just want folks to think of the long-term repercussions of Romney.
    (And I know, Obama would absolutely nominate even more lefty supremes, but this is still the primary, so we should fight for the most Conservative candidate). As I said before, when-holding-the-nose-time comes, I will vote R with the rest of you.

    • Anonymous

      How about this… Newt Gingrich would abolish 9th Circuit activist judges who cross the borders of the Constitutional mandate.

      (voice over by NEWT) “if you had judges that were so radically anti-American that they thought ‘one nation under God’ was wrong, they shouldn’t be on the court…. Like Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln … (edit out FDR) I would be prepared to take on the judiciary”

      • Anonymous

        Sadly, the states already have the right to impeach federal judges, but none of them have the intestinal fortitude to do it. It would be the right thing to do, however.

        • cabensg

          This is why having a president who is willing to stand up to the press and liberals is vital it gives others the intestinal fortitude to do the same. It’s called leadership.

  • Anonymous

    I find it amazing how the media on the right and the GOP establishment are pushing so hard from Romney. To the point of blasting Newt for even trying to compare his record with Romney by telling the truth. And, to defend the negative ads in IA as the norm, even though they were false. Many have said they were lies – Palin, Rush, Mark Levin, etc. There is truly something wrong with our political system and it isn’t going to change unless we stop the machine. It’s a choice, continue to tow the line or we organize and ensure the right candidate is elected.

    Do NOT for once accept that Romney is the person we need to defeat BHO – because “they” say he is electable. He is not electable! It’s incredulous and disingenuous to see these pundits and the MSM continue the narrative in the hopes that the American people will finally cave in and accept Romney as the nominee. They control the message, but they don’t control our lives. What happened in IA should have never happened.

    Think folks – Why do you think they turned on Newt? Was it because they were afraid he’d win the nominee? Why Newt? Did you see them feel threatened by Cain or Bachmann? Santorum? They want to destroy the Tea Party and any grassroots effort to elect conservatives.

    We need to control the narrative, by telling the truth and being honest. Let your neighbors know – family members – coworkers. If they are not well informed, we’re doomed. Use twitter, facebook or whatever social media. As that African American lady said at a tea party rally. All you have to do is talk to one person and let them know the facts. If they agree they will intern tell someone else.

    Finally, I’m not stating that Newt if your man, because he’s mine. What I’m saying is that we’re down to only Santorum and Newt (maybe Perry) – and one of them has to be our next President.

    We did it in 2010 and we can do it again in 2012.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree,furthermore let’s STICK IT TO “THE MAN”,all these so-called elites and GOP and the Media trying to force their choice of RINO Romney on and telling us to be good little children and obey your masters!

  • Anonymous

    I’m new to the site so maybe this simple observation has been made before.
    In my opinion people like Mitt and Huntsman are who Democrats SHOULD be running. Not crazy leftist kooks like Pelosi, Reid, Debbie “Was-a-man” Shultz, and Obama. JFK would never get a second look in today’s Democrat party. As conservatives we should reject these spineless, squishy, moderate, cowards who will simply go along to get along becasuse they lack the ability to stare down Matt Lauer and detonate the liberal philosophy with common sense conservativism that allows citizen to help citizen, and stop govt from diminishing the simple concept of personal responsibilty that allows us to take care of ourselves, and each other.
    You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.

    • Brian Jones

      Well said sir!!! The ONLY reason they’re running on our platform is because they still believe in this country, unlike the Democrats of today who do not. And the Democrats of today won’t vote for a PROUD American Democrat…they want an apologist.

      • Anonymous

        I’ll finish your sentence for you… “they want an apologist against America”. A true apologist defends, but Zero… not so much. I’ll be an apologist for America anytime (in fact I am) much like C.S. Lewis is an apologist for Christianity. That’s our role, friends, stick up for your country and defend her with argument.

        • Anonymous

          Some of us use more than an argument, but darn right otherwise.

    • Anonymous

      Right on.

    • Scott Chelman

      I think you are correct. Those two would be Demsocrats of the like my parents and grandparents would have supported. I suppose this is why my parents are now Republicans.

    • Anonymous

      Your observation is very well founded.

      The drift is always left. The Founders knew that central government always devolves into tyranny. That is why they created a Republic and knew that only the people, not the politicians or the government, could protect it.

      People in America generally do not know the principles on which our freedom is based. We have been conditioned to always look to government to solve all manner of our problems – even when it is the government that caused the problem.

      The Staists know this. They are organized, well funded and ideological driven. The same money that funds them controls the media and academia. We the People are not organized and foolishly think our politicians represent us.

      The political process in America is two steps left and then one step back to the right. This leaves all politicians one step further to the left than where they started. When a candidate true to the Republic and limited government comes along, they are of course “extremist” when measured against this west bound train.

      As my cousin in Europe wrote me in 2008: “Don’t you Americans know you have a Marxist running against a Socialist?”. The answer of course is no, and therein lies our problem.

      • Anonymous

        Defund the Dept. of Education. Stop the dumbing down of America.

    • Anonymous

      I echo that as well EchoMike… and you are welcome here.

    • Anonymous

      welcome EchoMike,
      “WAS A MAN ” I really thought so too, lol

    • Steven Valdez

      Awesome, you are right on with that point about how mitt and huntsman are who democrats should be. LOL Was-a-man.

      Your point about rejecting is what needs to be done but conservatives are split between three candidates right now Santorum, Gingrich, and Perry. Conservatives could crush GOP establishment chances of nominating Mitt Romney if they rally behind one candidate

    • Anonymous

      I think we should not put our trust in politicians but in solutions. If we return to the adherence to truth and very basic societal principles, then we can come up with revolutionary solutions. Here are some of the out-of-the-box solutions that jazz me up:

      1. Iran must be prevented from getting the bomb through all means necessary.
      2. Build a fence along the Southern Border. [Even President Bill Clinton last month on O’Reilly said: “If you really think we ought to build the whole fence that’s about the only way to security it.”].
      3. End both progressive taxation and loop-holes in the tax code.
      4. End the capital gains tax and switch over to a national sales tax [the 9-9-9 Plan].
      5. Do horizontal and vertical cuts in each federal department.
      6. Unborn babies who have a heartbeat should be considered persons under our constitution.
      7. Reform and restore balance to the judicial system.
      8. Curtail monopolization and foreign influence in our media. [10% of Fox News is owned by the Saudis.]
      9. Bring competition into the education system. For instance, children should be able to attend schools across jurisdictional lines.
      10. End our foggy foreign policy. Ron Paul’s anti-Israel views are not isolated. The State Department is populated by people with similar views and too much of it becomes U.S. policy. [Example: A Palestinian State would be suicidal for Israel, but it 2001 President Bush allegedly agreed to a Palestinian state under Saudi prodding, as documented by Bob Woodward.]
      11. The Republican nomination system is flawed. All too often the most conservative candidates are eliminated before the majority of people have a chance to vote for them. A nation-wide closed Republican primary held on a single day would be better than the current method, since there is no rational reason why Iowa should be given the first bite at the apple.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Welcome to the Scoop, Echo. I think you’re gonna like it here. :)

    • Anonymous

      Welcome……strong post!

  • Jake Bourgeois

    mccain didnt work vs obama, why would we throw out another moderate like romney for round 2?

    • Anonymous

      Because we let the media and the Republican establishment shape the narrative. Because we do not send enough money or spend enough time working for true conservatives. Because we fail to have faith in true Conservatives when they come along.

    • Anonymous

      Because Soros has said too. Why is Soros still free to wander our streets? He hasn’t broken any laws we can lock him up for?

    • Is_Sense_Common

      RNC still uses the same stupid rule book – Next Loser in line wins. And then loses again.

  • Robert Mahoney

    I loved at the end how he said HE approved that message. Unlike Romney who said he couldn’t tell his PAC to do anything. Gingrich, inlike Mitt, does his own work and lifting.

    • Anonymous

      And his smirk wasn’t bad either!

  • Anonymous

    This ad’s a start. A shoulder punch…

    For all the bloviating one hears in the consensus media, you would think Newt was done washed up. He was bitter… they say. He was angry… they say. He was petty and peevish… they say. He was a sore loser after Iowa. Iowa! Whom they trashed as flyover hicks and religious nuts. Funny! They didn’t say that when Obama won Iowa.

    Newt’s behaviour after Iowa is exactly what we should expect from a strong POTUS. The principle… don’t start fights… but if a fight is started against you… then finish it. That’s leadership.

    Fight on there Newt… fight on and render some KO punches as well.

    • Steven Valdez

      shoulder punch? lol yeah i’d go with that… that timid remark about mitt might sting for a while

  • Anonymous

    It was just reported that Goldman Sachs has shifted their campaign contributions from Hussein Obama to Mitt Romney.

    Need any more signs that Obama is a one term president?

    Romney (like Scott Brown) is the chosen one, and this makes crystal clear that the enemy of the People is now Mitt Romney.

    Game on indeed. Will the People rise up, wise up, and reclaim our government?

  • NickDeringer

    It’s the baggage, Newt, it’s the baggage.

    • Anonymous

      I DON’T CARE about the “baggage”. Everyone has baggage. Even you have baggage. Just look behind you to your own past.

      I want someone who can get things done. Newt’s the only one who’s ever changed anything in Washington DC.

  • Anonymous

    as I mentioned before, Romney & Scott Brown are living and breath from organs donated from late Ted Kennedy(RIP)I duck !

    • Anonymous

      Funny that, healthcare kennedy was done in by a surgeon who nicked his intestines.

      • Anonymous

        ouch !

  • cabensg

    Good ad.

    It’s time to start looking further forward than just the next election cycle. When Bush left office he had no successor so we got McCain. There’s more to it than that but I only point it out because of what it means in the future.

    If Perry or Santorum win the nomination who will be their VP. I’m assuming it will be another novice like themselves. Like Perry picking Santorum or vice versa. If Gingrich wins the nomination he’ll probably pick one of those two for VP. Because Gingrich doesn’t have much of a learning curve the Plans and policies he’s outlined in his 21st Century Contract with America should bring a very fast economic recovery. In four years or eight we’ll have a fully trained Republican VP to run on a successful recovery against any piece of crap the Democrats can dig up (literally). We really need a continuity of conservative ideas and boldness going forward. We can’t let Democrats take back the Congress or White House to undo all that’s been accomplished. If the plans and programs are successful, which I think they will be, we’ll keep the socialist out of power for a very long time. Then we can just concentrate on keeping our elected representatives honest instead of replacing them with American hating commie Democrat politicians.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty good ad. This is not an attack on Newt because basically all of them do it….but I kinda laugh when they talk about creating jobs. All I want them to do is get government the heck out of the way and stop creating a hostile environment.

    • Anonymous

      Wait, there is a Presidential debate coming up this Saturday. It is going to be interesting to see the two of them spar….

      • Anonymous

        Oh, I’m glad you told me because I didn’t know. What channel and what time?

        For some reason I can’t get enough of these debates. It does get annoying when they get asked basically the same things over and over, especially when there’s so much that isn’t mentioned and is important.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      I KNOW!! Newt keeps talking about how he, in govt created all those jobs when everyone knows that the govt never creates jobs! Frustrates me!!

      • Anonymous

        Well, they actually DO create jobs, but the only ones they create are a drain on the economy and has to be paid for by the private sector. I want the government to fire half it’s employees (not teachers, cops, and firemen, or military, but useless agencies like the DOE). The less drain there is on the private sector the better.

  • Anonymous

    Its true that it takes a bold man to take money from Freddie Mac = taxpayer dollars.

    It takes a bold man to cheat on a wife twice.

    It takes a bold man to support healthcare mandates, and then throw Mitt under the bus for doing the same.

    It takes a bold man to sit with Pelosi and proclaim global warming.

    It takes a bold man to declare he is going to be the nominee.

    It takes a bold man to call Paul Ryan’s plan “right wing social engineering”.

    Newt is bold, but only to promote himself. He is not principled enough to take a stand for anything that will diminish his power.

    Why put 2 guys in office with enough baggage for Obama to play with? Jobs Jobs Jobs!!! Rick Perry in Texas created Jobs!!!

    Newt-Romney are the same. Santorum is a good man but he cant win against Obama in a general! Rick Perry is the answer.

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