New Mitt Romney ad: The Choice

I really like these debate ads the Romney team is putting out. He’s very good on his feet and it comes across very well. And this ad lays out what this election is about:

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  • To me he is most convincing in his desire to get in the oval office and perform ER on the economy and the books. He keeps stressing the fact that he knows how to do it and is fit to do it.
    I also like the fact that he is not making false promises on supporting non-immigration from the Third World he knows we can’t afford it.

    • BlueGood

      You are right Magnet, and it seems he can’t wait to get there to save the patient… but a DEATH PANEL like from ONTARIO HEALTHCARE is holding him back…..

      YOU don’t want a system like ours!

    • Orangeone

      Gotta disagree on the immigration point. Romney clearly stated he is not going to intern and return 12 million illegals. That means they stay here and continue to reproduce are we the taxpayers pay for their kids education, medical costs, crimes, imprisonment, and on and on and a “pathway to citizenship” for the anchor babies. More drain on our taxes, social security and medicare. Once “citizens” they can bring all family members to the US to receive more handouts.

      Romney is Mr. Amnesty. He is putting the burden and penalties on employers for the illegals that share identity papers. eVerify is a joke. The employer is not told the same person is working 5 jobs but we are sanctioned and businesses shut down because of the illegal acts of the illegals. Trust me, they now well how to scam the system and there is an open border from them to slime across knowing they will get amnesty from O and R.

  • Obama is a hood rat, and he fights like one (e.g., falsely accusing Romney of lying about oil and gas permits on federal land).

    • 3seven77

      I thought that remark was childish at best. But I’ll bet that’s not the only thing of Obama’s that’s not as big as Romney’s…

  • The Choice:
    Free Stuff (that really isn’t!)

    Ask yourself…
    Do you want to be a Freeman, in charge of your own life, or a kow-towing slave dependent on a Government/master to serve and grovel at it’s feet, completely dependent on it’s “generosity” just to keep on living?

    Are you a fisherman or a man that sells his soul for a government provided “free fish”?

    • Orangeone

      Romney just gave Medicare and SS to the illegals in this country. Free stuff for Hispanic votes.

      • Remember that bit I wrote many times about holding fee to to fire… I remember it too… But first… Get rid of NObama… then we’ll *make* Romney do the right thing! 🙂

        • Orangeone

          I know Wolfie but Romney shot himself with that statement and told the 23 million unemployed they have 12 million more now competing for jobs.
          Romney’s response should have been: “My responsibility and requirement as the President of the United States is to uphold the laws of our country and the US Constitution” and I will comply with those responsibilities in all respects, including immigration.

  • colliemum

    Another nice ad – but I do hope there will be some attack ads, showing the lies Obama got away with, thanks to that biased moderator.

  • TexasEnforcer

    Good ad, but I think the Romney campaign needs to go for the jugular this close to the election. They need to air ads about what obama hasn’t done right and what he’s done wrong. The only thing is that there is so much material to choose from. R&R2012.

    • Orangeone

      Agreed but they won’t. Romney is playing nice guy and is ticking off his supporters. And it’s because he will pick and choose what laws to enforce just like Obama.

  • 2besusie

    Good grief. Mitt is tearing apart Obama’s record, and the fool sits there with a grin on his face! He is not a serious man. He needs to go.

    • Stephanie T

      I agree, but Obama’s grin as Mr. Romney spoke the truth about his failed presidency is a tactic. Similar to Biden’s smiles and laughter, Obama’s grin is his slick way of saying to his unwavering supporters, “Get a load of this guy.” And no matter what he sells, those same supporters are buying, even if it leads the entire country down the drain of failure.

  • I hope the independents like the ads.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Agreed… very well done.

    These are straight forward and “common sense honest”. Even lemmings ought to understand them.

  • Susitna

    I am sure Obama was on “something”. Watch his sleepy smile and his eyes almost getting closed like falling asleep. And like Biden, he was laughing all the time about his bad record and you know why? Because this so called “nice guy” has done all this on purpose and not because he is inept. America needs to understand that Obama had and has still a plan to destroy the Country. Check out the economy, auto industry, energy, education, health care, our lost AAA, the subordination of the Armed Forces to the UN just to mention a few critical issues. All these failures had to be planned!!!! Some Jews left Germany on time because they could foresee what was going to happen. We are now behaving like frogs in a water pot not jumping out although we know that the Commander in Chief will soon turn the heat on. The debates and the polls are distracting us from a big mean plan that has been cooked in the White House and many years before.
    So jump out of the pot and fire Obama!

  • WordsFailMe

    That is really polish when you can take the words and the footage of the man, unedited out of the debate and make it into a commercial. Can you picture any 30 seconds where the obamaerrhoid was off prompter that could be used to further his career??
    you…you…didn’ that….(looks puzzled, then…)Somebody else,,,,,,(Oh-oh, Now what do I say?…)…,made that happen.

    The man is…intellectually…(struggles for the ugliest word he can think of…)… bereft.

  • joyfulgiver

    I would like to see an ad that starts with O’s own words,

    “I will not raise taxes on the middle class…”

    Then follow up those words with the fact that his policies have affected the middle class severely.

    Mr. Obama, your policies have “Caused energy rates to necessarily skyrocket.”

    “I will not raise taxes on the middle class.”

    Mr. President your policies have caused gasoline prices to inflate from $1.84 on the day you were sworn into office to over $4.65 and in some areas of California it’s over $6 a gallon (nationally it’s about $3.85).

    “I will not raise taxes on the middle class.”

    Mr. President my grocery bill has increased from about $80 a week to over $125 a week.

    “I will not raise taxes on the middle class.”

    Mr. President our household is paying over $5 a month toward O-phones, when we can barely make our monthly phone payment. And we have to support those that refuse to pay for their own phone?

    “I will not raise taxes on the middle class.”

    Mr. President, your policies have caused businesses to shutter their doors and lay off workers. Causing those workers to lose valuable benefits (healthcare, vacation) and income.

    “I will not raise taxes on the middle class.”

    Mr. President, your policies have caused banks to stop paying interest on savings accounts and increase fees on those same accounts.

    “I will not raise taxes on the middle class.”

    Then end the ad with,

    Mr. President, maybe you haven’t “raised taxes on the middle class”, but your policies have done so much damage to our economy, increased “fees” in all aspects of our lives and have affected the middle class in ways that are destroying families and their livelihood.

    Mr. President, you are out of touch, your policies have specifically affected the middle class and you don’t deserve four more years to “make it right”.

  • Orangeone

    With Romney’s pro-illegal alien position, Medicare and Social Security can never be saved. The kids of these illegals are draining us dry and multiplying like rabbits.

    • famouswolf

      One thing at a time, I guess.

      At least they are primarily Catholic, conservativish and might be good fodder for future citizens. Wish they would learn English though.

      (trying to look on the bright side a little this morning)

      …and, what to call the new third party? Party of Freedom, Constitution Party, stay with Tea Party?

      • Orangeone

        I like Tea Party actually but I’m biased because I am largely a Brit by heritage and a tea drinker 🙂  All kidding aside, the Tea Party is our true Constitution Party and the mission is to prevent another tyranny and I’m afraid we are already there with the biased MSM and the countless Executive Orders that give O’Bambi power over everything.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Good ad…I voted for Romney/Ryan yesterday, and it felt GOOD. I think Romney/Ryan are the best hope to turn around our country; four more years of the incompetent obama will change our country forever and not in a good way. We need a LEADER, not someone interested in tearing down our nation like obama.

    • CitizenVetUSA

      I’m filling out my ballot as we speak and waiting for this moment has been like a child waiting for Christmas morning!

      Now we have to wait for the moment Romney / Ryan take charge of America to remove the tarnish from the Shinning City on the Hill.

      • Army_Pilot1967

        I totally agree with your comment about removing tarnish from the Shinning City on the Hill.

  • Romney is going to win. I believe that more than ever now. Last night I saw a defeated president who was out of ideas and who didn’t have a clue on how to grow this economy. Romney was the only one supplying ideas, let alone answers. That’s why today so many people are moving towards him. I think the debate last night is going to convince a lot of people that Romney is the last hope we have of keeping this country financially and militarily strong.

    • Stephanie T

      After watching again when Governor Romney asked the President point blank to confirm that he called the murders in Benghazi terrorism in the Rose Garden on September 12, the President brushed off the question saying, “Please proceed.” He is incapable of answering a direct question of any substance. He is the Great Deflector, deflecting inquiry, responsibility, accountability, and requests to simply own his own statements. He’s an embarrassment.

  • My new Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan yard signs just arrived (I got the 3 pack for the $40 dollar deal) and I’m writing to say they are top grade! I recommend you ALL get those yard signs (if you, like me, haven’t already) and put *2* of them out on your yard!

    Now I live beside a major road between a major freeway and a major train station into Boston… So my signs are seen by MANY people each day (Many from NH based on the car tags in the local train station)… So I’m proud to put out my ROMNEY signs to let those people passing in their cars, but are not internet connected, that they are NOT alone! That it’s OK to support Romney! It’s not RACIST… It’s using your BRAIN!!!

    Heck, even while I was putting them out a car passing beeped in agreement with me! 🙂

    Now I mentioned above, putting 2 of the 3 signs out… That’s because of the news I read about Libtards destroying/stealing Romney signs… Keep one in reserve to defeat the Libtard incursion on your property and stealing our property… Unless you catch them in the process… then lock and load buddy!

    God Bless…
    Romney, Romney! He’s our man!
    If Romney can’t do it…
    No one can!!!

    Vote Romney….. Save America! It’s that simple!

    • joyfulgiver

      We also live on a very busy highway, our sign is high on our fence with little American flags on either side. It looks great and it’s VERY visible, that’s the back yard. The front yard has a sign with a larger flag next to it and the real deal American flag flying in the background. Our street has a Romney sign in almost every other ard, it’s great. We also have a poll down the street from us so it’s sure to be a lasting impression.

      • Good for you!!! God bless! Onward to Victory! We save this nation!

    • Stephanie T

      Wolfie–Please tell me how long it took for you to get your signs. I ordered my buttons, decals, pins, weeks ago and they’re still not here.

      • Hi Stephanie, Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I ordered them last Monday week (The Monday before last Monday)… I got a email response acknowledging my order and a message saying I’d be informed when it was sent along with a tracking number. By that Friday, I’d heard nothing and I emailed them again. Saturday I got a new email apologizing for the delay and by last Monday, I got an email saying they had sent them and gave me a tracking ID for UPS. Weird thing is the UPS went to my local post office and US Mail delivered it. I don’t know if that’s common with UPS deliveries.

        I would contact them again if I were you. You should have gotten your stuff long ago IMHO. Good luck. If they don’t answer your email in a couple of day, get on the phone and you might get some response.

  • wodiej

    I like that he just keeps hammering him about the economy and jobs. Last night he just ticked off one bullet point after another. Lower unemployment-not done. Fix medicare-not even submitted a plan. Immigration reform-nothing.

  • dk_in_tn

    P O W E R F U L

  • msverde1

    Now, this is what effective and efficient “fast and furious,” if you will, is suppose to represent, devoid of prevarication but deluged with hard cold, irrefutable and undeniable facts!! President Obama doesn’t have a leg to stand on, and as I paraphrase in the words of one of your patrons on this website, it is a shame that we cannot vote now and delete the misery precipitated by a failed policy during the past four years. Calmer heads and rational people realize that one does not need a megaphone (aka yelling, screaming, speaking over someone during the course of normal conversation or debate, etc.) to make a point, restate or quote the FACTS. Just stick to the facts, for they are damaging enough!! Enough said!

  • bobemakk

    This is why Romney WILL WIN. If all the politically uneducated learn more about him and what a great man he really is, he will sweep this election. AND, lets stop with the liberal news media commentators at these debates.