New Obama ad: It’s a scary time to be a woman with Romney running for president

Here we go, back to the stupid scare-tactics from earlier this year:

Divide and conquer.

How about if we sprinkle a little truth on the above ad:

Really though, it’s a scary time to be an American with Obama as president. It’s a scary time to be a small business with Obama as president. It’s a scary time to be a minority who wants a job with Obama as president. It’s a scary time to be an Israeli with Obama as president. And the list could go on and on.

This president is a disaster through and through and we gotta kick his arse out of office in November.

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  • 911Infidel

    So Romney wants to overturn Roe V Wade? That’s the first that I heard of that. That he is against the murder of the unborn…well so am I. The woman above is a delluded POS.
    The murder of the unborn must be stopped.

    And I have never seen this many unemployed people in my lifetime. I heard about this sort of thing from people who lived through the Great Depression. But not in the years since that time…until the academic twaddle that is Obama came into power.

    • steprock

      “Mitt Romney doesn’t want open access to have an unborn baby ripped limb from limb from your womb. Clearly, this man can’t be trusted.” Isn’t that it?

      How is it that “women’s rights” means “abortion”?
      And how is it that men have no say about having their unborn child slaughtered?

      • warpmine

        You have so hit the nail on the head. Only in the diseased mind of a progressive could women’s rights be confused with a murdering the unborn. Under this president, more and more babies are wishing they could be deferred until after this PoS is gone.

      • 911Infidel

        The rhetoric is obvious Dhimirat doublespeak. What I’m looking for is proof that Mittens has the position that they allege. When he was running for Gov in MA he acknowledged that Roe V Wade is law and did not indicate that he ever had any intention to limit the murder of the unborn in any way, shape or form.

        So if the Dhimiratz want to make a salacious allegation, I’d like to see proof.

        Cause that Dhimi commercial is all about talking shite and barking at the PC moon god.

    • freenca

      If Roe V Wade is overturned, the issue becomes a state’s issue to decide. The Dems would abhor that they would not have the power to enforce it nationally, so they will fight it tooth and nail, to retain POWER at the federal level. Hence the scare tactics they use to demigogue this issue to the max.

      • 911Infidel

        I still haven’t heard a thing about Romney being in favor of overturning Roe V Wade. I get the tactics, I want proof of the allegation.

        • freenca

          Me neither infidel. I hope that the question will come up in one forum or another so that he can make his position known clearly at the political level. Ads like these may force the issue to be addressed soon though.

          • 911Infidel

            I do know what his position was when he debated Markey when he was running for governor in MA. He stated that Roe V Wade was law and he had no intention of stopping anyone from getting an abortion. So my question is has his views changed?
            I have no metaphysical certitude from him that they have.

            • freenca

              Wouldn’t it be a lovely thing if the voters could proffer up their Yes/No questions for a couple of hours in a National forum, with truth serum applied, in the name of honesty, to get to the heart of these guys! NO misleading or gray answers. The voters could then vote on their true convictions. Alas that won’t be the case and we’ll have to vote for close to sounding right, but not clearly right.

              • 911Infidel

                Well now there is a unique perspective. Fat chance of that happening. But I believe there is one thing that will get voters to vote their true feelings in November; and that is the state of their pocketbooks.

                • freenca

                  That’s what my Mom always said! Voters always vote in accordance with their pocketbooks. Let’s hope that they realize that next year will be the biggest tax increase of all time, along with all the fees and regulations that this administration have put in force, that it will be ecomomic suicide to leave this aministration in power!!

                • 911Infidel

                  Your mom is a wise woman. Lets just say that 30% of the registered voters that actually vote will always vote for a Dhimirat. Everyone else will check their bank accounts and then decide who to vote for.

                • freenca

                  Yeah, she was. I wonder what she would think and say, were she still here to see what has happened in the last three years. It’d be likely that she’d be mad as a wet hen and as outspoken about it too. She didn’t like liars or cheats.
                  Have a good day Infidel!

                • 911Infidel

                  I think I love your mother too. :p). You have a good day as well.

  • johnos2112

    How about this for a Romney ad: It is scary to be a catholic with Obama forcing catholic colleges to require covering female contraception. Or being a Jew. Obama says that Israel should go back to 1967 borders. Or being a small business owner from what Obama said on July 13th. I would also add this: It is scary to work in the public sector because without providing necessary revenue these people will not have a job. Fight fire with fire!

    • p m

      They seem to have woken up and are doing that pretty well at present. When he’s allowed to use his donations for the Presidential campaign, it’ll get even better. Right now he only has the rest of his nomination campaign funds to use, until he becomes the formal candidate. (Campaign rules.)

  • OH MY GOSH!! We’re all gonna die because we can’t have sex whenever we want and have free contraceptives!!! Because we can’t murder our lumps of fetal tissue!!! Oh the humanity!!!! Save us dear leader!!!

    Yes, I am so worried because I don’t have any other worry in the world other than keeping it legal to murder babies and provide free contraceptives to women. I mean, I don’t have to worry about the economy, because we’re unemployed and don’t watch tv. I don’t have to worry about terrorists in the whitehouse because big sis reassures us that the terrorists only want to talk and find common ground. I don’t have to worry about crime because dear leader has promised not to take our guns away even while he and hillary are working with the UN on small arms control. I don’t have to worry about social issues as long as homosexuals can serve openly in the military and parade along with their buddies in their pride parades, proudly prancing beside those dressed in nothing but dog collars and spiked boots. Don’t have to worry because women can still get abortions, can still get birth control. I don’t have to worry….. thank you dear leader!

    • Sober_Thinking

      My blood is boiling.

      • Mine too. :-/

      • steprock

        I have to walk away from TRS because that’s all I think about sometimes.
        Gotta focus on voting. I sincerely HOPE that Mitt Romney understands how to clean house.

        • warpmine

          I have the unpleasant whim to type thing I shouldn’t and simply must walk away before I lose it.

        • Sober_Thinking

          I hear ya… my wife has demanded I turn off the computer and T.V. for just a day to cool down and regain some composure… I think I’ll do just that.

          If we clean house in the Senate and keep the House – in fact add more solid people there too… Romney will have no choice but to straighten up and fly right. (pun intended)

          Hang in there my friend.

          • warpmine

            If Ted Cruz becomes the nominee and wins election in the fall, we’ll have another good guy in the Senate. Unfortunately, the hopeful complete takeover of the Senate awy from the communists and the RINO faction will be as slow as the movement of Alaskan glaciers.

            • Sober_Thinking

              Agreed. But steps forward don’t make us go backwards… you never know who can rally those with common sense and values in the Senate. Ted could become a catalyst.

              I’m skeptical too… but every small victory leads to winning the war. 🙂

    • steprock

      And let me add this, ABC. How SEXIST is it to imply that what women really care about is their reproductive health? That’s it? They’re just wombs on legs, huh? What about their faith and values, their contributions to society?

      No. Just reproductive health. Short-sited, sexist, self-destructive, baby-killing – OH!!!! Blood-boiling, indeed!!!!

      • warpmine

        In the progressive playbook, that’s the point…separating yet another segment of society to exploit. We’ve all seen their twisted sense of morality in recent years, haven’t we?

      • I’m old enough to recall when, for the most part, men put women on a pedestal; when taxes were still low enough that women didn’t have to work. Why the heck would a woman want to be “equal” to a man? For the most part, guys are still gutter dogs, as they always have been; although, to be honest, we’re wired that way by nature. I’ve always fought hard to not be that way, and I’ve been quite successful, but it’s never done me any good. Sigh!

        • It’s doing you good, you just don’t see it yet. Keep positive Shwepp Mimeo 🙂

    • 12grace

      Love, your post ABC.

      I agree with you, 100%.

  • Joe

    Incredible commercial by the Catholic Church >>
    When churches start running commercials…. this election is going to get hot.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Brilliant ad, Joe. Very moving!!!

      Thank you.

      • Joe

        Thanks You– BUT

        All I want to see MOVING

        is ZERO moving out of the White Peoples House

        • Sober_Thinking


    • steprock

      Huzzah! Great ad.

      “Your votes are recorded in eternity.” That’s right folks. Your faith MUST inform your votes, or else you build in vain.

    • Joe

      Let’s keep the heat on

      AND –

      MAKE ZERO TOAST in November!

  • stinkprogress

    Its a scary time to be a fetus with Obama as president, scary to be a white man, a black conservative, a heterosexual, a christian, a worker,
    Its not scary if you sodomize, leach, or are a useless welcher.

  • This is one more open example for the reason the Democrat Party is better known as the party of death, now we have more evidence into their callouse disregard for human life.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    why are the dem women scared? scared their abortions won’t be paid for ? makes me sick the lot of them. nov 2012 change is coming

  • Sober_Thinking

    I won’t watch their propaganda and lies.

    Just another distraction from what this monster is really doing. Here’s a couple recent antics:

    1) No longer deporting most illegal aliens
    2) Letting captured illegal aliens out of jail if they have a dream or a GED
    3) Exercising Dodd/Frank to coerce banks to give money to unqualified blacks and latinos
    4) Coming out of the closet before a huge gay fund-raising event
    5) Giving Israel 7B and hugging them with BFF status right before Romney visits Israel
    6) Increasing and making it easier to get food stamps
    7) Diddling with college loans and telling teens and youth to keep their end of the “bargain”
    8) Attacking voter ID laws in states – blocking voter role sanitations
    9) Attacking states who want to protect themselves from an illegal alien infestation
    10) Sicking the NLRB on companies who aren’t helping his beloved unions
    11) Crucifying the coal industry to help his buddies in the “Green Industry”
    12) Illegally reformed welfare to make it easier for parasites to get hooked

    I could go on. This is dirty politics, period. All the “pResident” is doing is trying to get re-elected… while destroying America in the process. Spreading the wealth… lying… Business as Usual. God forbid that President duties get in the way of his campaigning and fund-raising.

    • p m

      He’s out of control now. What about the lame duck sessions? He’ll be a freaking maniac. What can be done to stop it? Jim DeMint has an idea, but it relies on Boehner and McConnell, worse luck.

      • Sober_Thinking

        As long as we can unbo what he has done, we’ll be okay. Boehner and McConnell are worse than worthless… so I hope we can block BO too.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Thanks for the link.

        • p m

          YW – but weren’t you supposed to turn off the computer just now?

          • Sober_Thinking

            Lol… touche’

            Unfortunately I’m addicted to my obsession. However, I did get roped into a Yahtzee marathon while watching the Olympics. 🙂

    • pdxlady

      To continue your list; F.A.I.R. (Federation for American Immigration Reform) has done a very disturbing and excellent job of detailing a step-by-step Timeline of president 0’s Record of Dismantling Immigration Enforcement. Beginning on January 29th 2009…from the get go! It is sooo beyond nauseating and unbelievable that he has gotten away with it. But…like death by a 1000 cuts…it is killing the US.

      It is quite eye opening…F.A.I.R’s website is, and the PDF file is here,

      It will make you sick and furious. We the People must stop this mad regime in November or we are no longer a country.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Thanks for this – I really appreciate it.

        I’ll forward it to all my friends and some family too.

        You rock!

        • pdxlady

          Thank you S_T. Please do pass it on….it is so succinctly documented date-by-date by FAIR.

          I heard Roger Hedgecock talking about this on his radio show the other day, and was so upset, I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to share it with everyone (I printed it out for my 88 year-old mom (she is so politically savvy, but not computer savvy)).

          Roger used to substitute for Rush Limbaugh a few years ago, and he was one of my favorite subs. He has his own syndicated radio show from San Diego on M-F from 3-6pm PDT. He is not on a station where I live, but everything on his website is free!!! So, I always listen to his podcasts online @ He always brings out things that are not discussed elsewhere and are just mind blowing. Sometimes when listening to his show, I feel like I need a tranquilizer just to calm down; it causes such anxiety to know what is and has been going on. I could just step away from the computer, but I am compelled to listen because…hey, it’s happening!

          I was just stunned to read that Obama watched GWB try to pass the Amnesty Bill as a big chunk and saw how opposed to it We the People were. So, he learned (novel thought) that we wouldn’t go along with him trying to pass it the same way (probably on one of the only days he was ‘present’ in the Senate), so began his incremental process that no one would notice. Well, I’m thankful that FAIR noticed, and we’re wide awake now, and pretty much aware of what he is and has been doing to destroy our country…by a thousand cuts. He and his evil regime must be stopped!

          • Sober_Thinking

            Agreed. And thanks for Roger’s information.

            I feel the same way when I listen to Glenn Beck… it’s shocking and makes my heart sink. How could so much evil and corruption exist in our Government?

            So, I’m trying to trust God more and lean on His promises… which are indeed coming to pass.

            Again, thank you… you are a wonderful resource. 🙂

            • pdxlady

              Thanks Sober…I really believe that we “go from strength to strength, every one of them (us), in Zion” (Psalm 84:7).

              We are so deluged daily by the constant barrage of overwhelming information of evil and corruption…it is hard for us to comprehend, and we may be stuck in the ‘normalcy bias.’ I know Glenn Beck has talked about this in the past, but a quick search didn’t bring up anything for this subject by him. Because of the fact that we have never witnessed or experienced anything like this coming from our government so quickly and blatently in our past…we can’t believe anything like what is happening to our country is really happening.

              This is why we need every voice and every resource joining in this conversation …knowledge is power!

              God bless you and yours. Lean on God’s everlasting arms…Deuteronmy 33:27

  • jovan1984

    Obama has it right. You, on the other hand, has it wrong.

    More than 2,500 misogynistic laws/proposals/regulations – all targeting women since January 6, 2011.

    And guess who did NOT support, introduce or sign any of them? Answer: President Obama and the liberals.

    The GOP did all of that in what…778 DAYS!

    Looks like you are upset that Obama is exposing the divide and conquer tactics of the GOP.

    • welltempered2

      2500 misogynistic laws since January 6, 2011? Really? Did you count ’em all? Every one? Just wondering because you probably ran out of fingers and toes to count on.

      • jovan1984

        I didn’t count ’em. Women in alternative media did. And they are pretty darn close to being correct.

        • Nukeman60

          “I didn’t think. Women on alternate media thought for me. And they are pretty darn good at doing that, so I don’t have to. But I like it.” – ?

    • Nukeman60

      “You has it wrong”??? Another product of public school indoctrination.

    • Nukeman60

      If the liberals didn’t support them, then Harry Reid (a Democrat) would not have introduced them to the Senate and therefore they are dead. If Obama didn’t sign any of them, then they didn’t go into law. I think you might want to be more aware of the 5,000 laws/proposals/regulations that target idiots. It would be more disconcerting to you.

      BTW, 778 days from Jan 6, 2011 is Feb 23, 2013. Hmmm… Public schools, again.

    • sDee

      Perhaps you might take a perspective on you legislative history long enough to realize that Federal laws, rules and regulation have done nothing but strip your liberty and create deeper problems.

      Women have always been the soul, conscience and humanity of all great nations. Politicians, their decay.

      It does not matter if you look to a donkey or an elephant to govern you, either path leads to control and enslavement. Freedom can only found when we are left to govern ourselves.

      • jovan1984

        And you don’t women to even govern themselves. You only want to enslave women. Just like the typical pro-lifer.

        • sDee

          you know nothing about me.

        • What is enslaving women when one is pro life?

    • What?!

    • pdxlady

      Thank you moderator!

      • Nukeman60

        Just when I was starting to get underneath the psyche of the patient. I thought I could have saved him, if only given a few dozen years, chemo, and shock therapy.

        After my dozen or so confrontations (and reading some of his posts on other sites), I had come to the conclusion that he wasn’t just pro-woman, pro-abortion, and pro-Obama. He was anti-childbirth. Seems pretty far out there, since, if you stopped all childbirths, you cause species extinction. Go figure.

        He stated on another site that he could beat any conservative in a debate. The one thing he forgot to realize is, in a debate, you have to have rational thought. You can’t just make up a bunch of garbage and call that winning.

        Oh, well. Better the moderators take care of it, than us wasting our time.

        • pdxlady

          😀 This one had everyone going…the moderator came in @ 03:15 and removed this bonehead; and he/she came back as “Guest.”

          BTW, 0 just makes up a bunch of garbage and calls it winning…and remember Charlie Sheen? Must be something in the dna of the left that makes them delusional.

          • Nukeman60

            Yep, left wing loons are one thing, but imagine if you tried to have a conversation with someone who insisted that the sun rose in the south every morning. Yeah, you can 1) walk away, or 2) just tell them the truth, then walk away, or 3) try to understand why they say what they say – and then walk away.

            • pdxlady

              I know what you mean, but after a time of trying to have a conversation with someone who refuses to even hear another point of view, it’s like banging your head against the wall. It seems to be getting worse too; to the point of complete irrationality.

              I barely have any friends left that I can even talk to. It seems like everyone is so touchy that they won’t listen to anything that is not in accordance with their narrow view…they get mad. It is actually funny, if it weren’t so sad.

              But I know the reason…”the god of this age [the devil] has blinded their eyes” and they are unable to see things clearly. It is only by the Grace of God that has opened the eyes of our understanding that we can see the truth. So, thank the Lord for the grace, and prayer is probably the best hope for these unfortunate blinded souls.

              • Nukeman60

                …”the god of this age [the devil] has blinded their minds and eyes” and they are unable to see things clearly‘ – pdxlady

                All the more reason for us to be strong in our convictions and trust in the goodness of the Lord.

                You always have friends here on TRS to talk to, btw. We may not all agree, but the discourse is civil and respectful, save for a few trolls here and there. 🙂

                Have a Blessed day.

                • pdxlady

                  Amen! and thanks Nuke; enjoy the Lord this day as well!

  • jovan1984

    The GOP says that they are for liberty. Everything that they have done exposes the conservatives are the biggest threat to women’s liberty.

    • Nukeman60

      Another pro-death advocate for babies. Where do you guys crawl out from under? Do you realize that map you showed indicates the biggest liberal states are all states you call anti-women? How about Constitutional rights for all the babies you want murdered? Got a map for that?

      • jovan1984

        Pro-life is PRO-DEATH. Pro-life is pro-death for women. Pro-Life is pro-death for girls. Pro-life is pro-death for children.

        Pro-life is, simply put, pro-death.

        • Joe

          Correct – Call it was it is!

          • Nukeman60

            ??? Joe, you want to explain?

        • Nukeman60

          Wow. Not wanting babies murdered is killing women, girls, and children? Did you chuckle when you typed that, or are you actually a little off the deep end. Sorry, rhetorical. You already proved it.

          Free speech doesn’t mean you can type anything you want to, no matter how stupid it is. You might want to do a little research. Try google, but ask Mommy first.

          Such a sad, sad commentary.

        • Rshill7

          Does insanity run in your family? It’s a legitimate question 🙂

        • sDee

          Have you ever seen the miracle of 2 week old premature baby saved by the sheer humanity and dedication of docotros, nurses and modern technology?

          Have you ever witnessed the savage and brutal disembodiment of a 23 week old baby by the primitive tools of an abortionist?

        • Rshill7

          Here you go. Learn what abortion does to many women that have one. This a partial list and tells a little about each women who is no longer alive due to botched abortions:

          If you can’t sleep tonight because of it, join the club. If you can, you might be a monster.

          • jovan1984

            More propaganda from people trained to lie. Learn what FORCED childbirth TRULY does to women and their families. I’ll give you a hint because a thunderstorm is approaching: it does NOT promote families.

            • Nukeman60

              You might be wary of that thunderstorm. It may be seeking you out.

            • Rshill7

              My experience is that children promote joy and happiness. We have several of those rascals as well as a grand rascal. We love them more than self. We would do anything for them. We would deny ourselves everything for them too.

              What children do is cause family, they do not inhibit it. Someone aborted the grey matter you were born with and replaced it with argon gas or something. It might be wise for folks to learn how babies are made. If they don’t want babies, there are many, non-murderous ways to bring that about.

              Hopefully you have a suction tube in your mouth which collects the green slime oozing from it. If not, seek out an exorcist or a qualified dentist. Either would suffice. One would be a much more permanent solution to the malady.

            • Consider, most abortions are done because of convenience or feminist rage. I find it amazing that in less than 40 years over 50 MILLION Americans have been denied life and liberty. Hmmm…. was it yours who might have provided the cure to breast cancer, or been the next Einstein? (No.. obviously…. forget that example.)

        • I’m fairly certain that what you are describing is the end result of about 50% of abortions: pro-death for girls, yet you choose to stand with those who agree with that. People stand and shout with righteous indignation against the forced infanticide in China of most female babies, and yet here they defend it as “choice.”

          The Supreme court got it wrong more than once, and in this case they didn’t understand what “right to life” truly meant.

  • steprock

    Be afraid…vote for Obama out of fear of Romney. He eats kittens…and likes them.

    If Obama HAD a record to run on, he would do so.

  • marketcomp

    We have a record number of single women who are heads of household and due to this lousy economy many are out of work and as a result are either at or below the poverty line. So does anyone really think that these women are concerned about contraceptive or overturning Roe v Wade when, as a single women, you cannot put food on your table or generate income? The person who is out of touch is Obama! For him to think that the only thing that women care about is contraceptives and Roe v Wade is insulting, demeaning, and a disgrace! The Obama administration, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid are so hypocritical in the administration and within each leaderships office the women are paid less than men and a book has been written saying that the administration ignores and routinely disrespect women, which is typical for muslims, especially Middle Eastern. That advertisement is deceitful, deceptive, full of scare tactics and lies which is typical for the democrat party and in particular dear leader!

    • jovan1984

      Not all Middle Eastern women are subjugated, although a good number of them are.

      And American women are being subjugated almost as badly as women in the most radical of Middle East nations.

      • Amy

        And American women are being subjugated almost as badly as women in the most radical of Middle East nations.

        That has to be one of the most hyperbolic as well as ignorant posts I’ve read in a long time. Thanks for the laugh…

        • Nukeman60

          Read the rest of that posters comments. They all match pretty well.

          • Amy

            I’m thinking a cute little Truth teamster – yes? They always seem to pop up on these types of threads. I laugh, but wearily because I really find them so very tiresome, ignorant and increasingly foolish.

            • Nukeman60

              This one won’t last long, with the outrageous things s/he is saying.

      • Rshill7

        Sometimes a liar just needs to be called a liar. This is one of those times. You are a liar, and a really dumb one at that.

      • marketcomp

        That is utterly ridiculous and if a women is subjugated in America then it is by choice and not force!

        • sDee

          Casting one’s lot to depend upon a self serving politician instead of one’s self, is self-subjugation.

          Just look at this ad. Since when do women need to be afraid? Since when do women need to crawl in fear to fat-cat politicians for protection, favors, special treatment and handouts?


          • marketcomp

            So True, sDee!

        • p m

          Unless they’re muslim…

      • sDee

        Islam subjugates and abuses women. It is required and enforced by sharia and sharia is inseparable from isalm. Our government embraces islam. It has nothing to do with the Middle East. Take a look at the plight of muslim women across the globe. Your are badly mis informed.

        If you embrace muslims, you embrace islam and you embrace sharia.

  • Rshill7

    I was going to skip on into this thread and type what was on my mind only to discover that Scoop had already typed it. It has indeed been a scary time for everyone since Obama was elected. If he is reelected though, it’ll be a horror movie we’ll all have to try and live through.

    Is it at all scary that Planned Parenthood is helping women selectively abort girls? Is it scary for an individual or a business to try to express their first amendment right of free speech in this country? Ask Chic-Fil-A. How about the Catholic Church’s right to Freedom of Religion?

    Islam is as anti-gay and anti-women as it gets. Has anyone heard a peep from Rahm E. of Chicago about that? NO! He has welcomed FaraCon into Chicago with open-arms! But “Chic-Fil-A does not share Chicago values”. What values? If I wanted to visit Illinois’ last two Governors I’d have to go to prison to make that visit wouldn’t I? Oh, prison values. Got it!

    I think the left are just fang-dripping, hate-mongers against anything at all remotely Christian! If those Christian haters they cozy up to have other traits and/or beliefs that are against gays and women, I suppose that is secondary to what they really love, which is anything anti-Christian. Right Rahm? Right Obama? Aaaaa shaddup.

    Dear Lefties, do you need to look up the word tolerance? Obviously you do. The word should never exit your rabid mouths. While you’re in the dictionary look up the word hypocrite. The definition is quite mild at describing what you are.

    • marketcomp

      “fang-dripping, hate-mongers,” right on, Rshill7! You, my friend, hit the nail on the head with that post.

    • jovan1984

      Christianity is also as anti-woman and anti-gay as Islam. They are responsible for 17 OB-GYN deaths since 1982. Terroristic bombings of hundreds of women’s clinics since 1982.

      Islam and Christianity are one and the same…for now. A real Christian here coming to take our faith back from the radical misogynistic right wing.

      • Rshill7

        Ok, once more. You’re a liar. Not a good liar. Not an intelligent liar. Just a duncecap wearing dirtclod whose cranium interior no doubt registers 29.9 inches Hg or thereabouts 🙂

        Mother Jones has to be done cleaning your cage by now. C-ya.

        “If you’re happy and you know it clank your chains.”

        • jovan1984

          The only liar here is you and the rest of the misogynists who agree with you.

          I gave you the proof. Here is a detailed version of that proof: Scott Roeder. Not one serious condemnation from the misogynistic radical right of what he did to Dr. Tiller in 2009.

          • Rshill7

            I do give a great massage. Is that what you mean? Learn a new word.

      • Joseph Ewing

        I’m guessing you don’t want to discuss the tens of millions of babies killed since Roe V Wade?

        If the media weren’t so tied into the phrase “A Women’s right to Choose”, they’d call it what it is….genocide.

        • jovan1984

          How about the hundreds of millions of women murdered during pregnancy and childbirth by pro-life since 1776? Care to explain any of those deaths?

          Pro-life is pro-femicide.

          • Joseph Ewing

            You brought it up. You explain it. My citation of millions of abortions is well established, and not even the Pro-Choice movement denies the numbers.

            Cite specific examples please.

            “Femicide”….pretty funny, since more than half of all abortions are of female children.

            • jovan1984

              Abortion has killed 0. Forced childbirth has killed hundreds of millions of women. If those women who were killed by pro-life laws were still here, our population would be close to 375,000,000 now and 300,000,000 would have been hit in 1990.

              • Nukeman60

                Abortion has killed 0‘ – j

                That proves it. Certifiable.

      • sDee

        “”Islam and Christianity are one and the same…for now.””

        In another comment I was obviously mistaken when I suggested you were mis-informed about islam. Given your statement above, I cannot even consider it ignorance. You know nothing about either Christianity or islam which makes your statement simply bigoted and stupid.

        • Nukeman60

          I think that pretty much sums it up.

  • 3seven77

    It’s really quite simple. The first “choice” a woman has is whether to wear her ankles like earrings or not. Make the right “choice” then there’s no worry about free contraception or abortion.

  • CaseyGeorge

    “If you don’t have any fresh ideas, then you use stale tactics to scare voters. If you don’t have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from.”
    Barack Obama, 2008 Democratic National Convention

    • jovan1984

      The GOP has been doing that since before I was born. Mad that O is taking a page out of their playbooks?

      • Rshill7

        You’re such a lie magnet you can walk out in public buck naked and not reveal any skin whatsoever huh? Wasn’t it Stalin that coined the phrase, “useful idiot” or was it you while giving yourself a pep talk in the mirror this morning?

        Either way, it fits.

        P.S. I think you should demand that your insurance pay for others to give you those pep talks. Don’t you? You could call them pep smears if you like.

  • Orangeone

    Time to vet this Jenni. The ad is filled with lies. We should all send her the insurance bill for her birth control. I don’t need it and am unwilling to pay for hers. Step up Jenni and we will take care of your child bearing permanently. Snip, snip.

    • jovan1984

      Obama was vetted. UNLIKE Scumney and Paul, the two big misogynistic elephants in the room.

      • Nukeman60

        ‘Misogynistic’, did you just learn that word today? You seem to be stuck on it. Explain just how Obama was vetted. Try not to use generalities like you have been doing, but give some specifics that maybe, just maybe you might have researched and not just let your 3rd grade teacher tell you. Explain to me all the past history of Obama you know all about, in spite of the fact that he has spent millions to keep hidden.

        • jovan1984

          He was attacked for his supposed associations with Bill Ayers when he was in 3d grade, mind you!

          Yet, there are a lot more dangerous people who ally themselves with Romney and the GOP – and that has NEVER even got mentioned in our so-called ‘liberal’ media.

          • Nukeman60

            He was attacked for his supposed associations with Bill Ayers when he was in 3d grade, mind you!” – j

            3rd grade? What are you smoking? You really don’t know much, do you. Obama kicked off his presidential campaign in Bill Ayers living room, he sat on the same board as Ayers, Ayers penned one of his biographies. All this in the 3rd grade. Brilliant.

            • jovan1984

              I am talking about the attacks that the Weather Underground committed. THAT occurred when he was an 8 year old kid!

              That is not vetting, that is slander. To associate a person with someone he never met until long after the deed was done!

              • Nukeman60

                Good. We’re getting somewhere now. You do admit that Ayers is a terrorist. It’s a start. But critical thinking hasn’t quite developed yet, so we need more therapy.

      • Rshill7

        If you mean he once drove a cor-vette, that doesn’t count.

        What happened to his law license and why? What happened to his wife’s law license and why? That would be a start. If you can handle that, please then refer us to one paper he wrote while in college…any college. Who paid for his college, and why?

        See, he was not “vetted”. He still has not been vetted. You have been duped though. Does that count for anything?

      • Orangeone

        Obama was NOT vetted.  He is a Muslim-loving Christian hating individual that has spent millions hiding his past.  Breitbart is doing the vetting and the dirt on O’Bambi is rising to the surface and your boy is sinking in the mud.

    • Rshill7

      Many of us would also take care of the child, if she would only let that child live.

      • jovan1984

        No you would NOT. That is a bald faced lie. Pro-life have NOT taken care of children since the movement was officially founded in 1973.

        • Rshill7

          No it isn’t, and who is this Pro-Life you refer to? I am referring to people. You wouldn’t understand people. You are a much different species of creature.

          Look up the word ‘adoption’ and see what it says. Use a dictionary. It’ll be towards the front of one. If you start from the front, you’ll get there quicker.

          • jovan1984

            You must not have seen the CBS Evening News late last year. They exposed a scam that was being run by the adoption industry.

            And yes, I know what it means. You likely don’t however.

            • Rshill7

              I don’t watch news from Obama’s campaign staff. Feel free to explain it. If explanations are your achilles heel, don’t worry your empty little head about it.

          • jovan1984

            The pro-life I refer to is the pro-life that calls itself mainstream. All pro-life are misogynistic extremists, by definition of their actions.

            • Rshill7

              Why not just type that one”M” word over and over? It’ll save you time. Do you realize that of all of the stupid lefties that have entered this place, you are the dumbest, least knowledgable, hyperbolic, dupe of them all? Congratulations!


          • pdxlady

            Oops! replied to wrong poster…so sorry…can’t delete.

          • celestiallady

            Do you know how hard it is to adopt a child legally in this country? I do because my son and his wife recently adopted a 12 year old boy through the state system. You would not believe what they were put through and the requirements they had to fulfill. Adoption needs to be a better process. For example: they live in a small town in Maine, had a wood stove for winter to help with heat if the power went out and to save on fuel costs. they have monitor heating as a back up. The DHS required them to put in a pellet stove, it runs on electricity. Now they don’t have back up when the power goes out. Which is better – tell me? The temp gets below zero. That is only one example. It’s crazy.

            • I agree with you; the problems always arise when government get’s involved. They have to somehow try to justify their paycheck, and “the people” are the ones who pay the price.

        • sDee

          Where did you gain this great gift of reading minds via WordPress?

        • pdxlady

          Hey pal! You don’t have an audience here, crawl back under your rock…Shoo!

  • I didn’t know Obama was campaigning for Mitt!

  • p m

    Whether they’re real dem voters or just actresses hired for a job, it is disheartening that our sisters demean themselves by defining their existence as the opposite of all that motherhood epitomizes. Murder of their own children.
    I’m ashamed of my own sex when I see these frightening women.

  • RestlessLegs

    It’s a scary time to be an American with Obama as president.

  • deeme

    To this day not one word of Tonya Reaves and her death from a botched abortion..I guess that would be two deaths.not to mention the millions of babies that will never be women..not one word to this day of the women who will never have children from having bad this day not one mention of breast cancer caused by abortion and not one word of blood clots and embolisms that known doctors have reported fromt he use of birth control pills.. so someday when you want to be honest lets talk about women’s health..not a big business..Too bad these women aren’t even told what it is they need to be really scared about.

  • I’ll tell you what is scary….to think of having Jenni as your wife. I’d call that a nightmare! #BARRYOMUSTGO Ps…Nice spelling on the name Jenni. Is that a Mao thing?

  • sjmom

    The second is a much better ad. The woman in the first commercial has no other thought than abortion. Says a lot about the Left’s mindset.

  • B-Funk

    Scare tactics is all he has left. He can’t run on his record ‘cuz it su-ucks! Besides, the way Ann Romney has obviously been treated tells a different story about women in an America where Mitt is Prez. Ann has been treated like a queen, as every woman should be.

  • wodiej

    Many conservatives still don’t get it. You can’t claim to be a Christian but also be judgmental, intolerant, and have a self righteous, holier than thou attitude. I shouldn’t be forced to pay for contraception but I also shouldn’t have to pay to raise someone else’s kids. My property taxes fund public schools, their sports, extracurricular activities, free breakfast and lunch. free transportation to and from school, free tutoring-you name it.

    If people would mind their own business and families better, you wouldn’t have time to judge your neighbor. In essence, I’ll leave that to God.

    • Te Beau

      Wow. Are you really unaware that Americans are going to other countries, mostly China and spending thousands of dollars to adopt children, because the babies here are being slaughtered? Thus, making them unavailable to loving homes that would provide for them. Take your head out of the sand, please.

  • freenca

    If that little girl wants to have her choice then she should keep the dime between her knees. If she just has to have her right to an abortion then she can pay her own darn way. No government subsidies for her SEX-LIFE whatsoever. It becomes everybody elses business when they have to PAY for YOUR F*** *ps!!!

    • Like I posted earlier, 95% of abortions are done because of convenience or feminist rage. So sad!

  • It’s a scary time to be an unborn woman….. has been for 40 years.

    People are more honest when talking about their pets: “yep…. we had to put down our dog the other day…” But for infanticide, they call it “choice.” I’m pro choice… and I choose life!

    Roe V: Wade is just plain bad law, and if it was overturned it would not be the end of abortion. It should be a states issue, not centrally planned in Washington.

    Don’t forget to spay and neuter your liberals.

  • Isn’t it odd that most of the women who want/get abortions are the ones most guys wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole? …. or is it just me?

  • You should be scared of the possibility of having to do things for yourself, seeing your handout gravy train crash and wreck, watching your protected status vanish and having your ‘right’ to murder children revoked. Yeah, you should be on suicide watch, right about now.

  • texasgirl46

    I absolutely hate winter months….but this is one year, I can’t wait for November…

  • You can literally smell the desperation wafting off this ad… smells like victory!

  • As the world melts around us…

  • ConnieConservative

    I agree with The Right Scoop. It is a scary time to be an American with Obama
    in office. And I agree with Schwepp Mimeo, it is a scary time to be an unborn
    woman. Or unborn man for that matter. Also it is a scary time to be a strong
    Conservative woman. Libs take it for granted that they get a free pass to verbally
    abuse us in any obscene way they choose. No calls from the President for us.
    I think the war on women and America is from the LEFT.

  • RKflorida

    What’s to be scared about? You can always get to be one of his wife’s “sisters” and enjoy the benefits of Mormonism.

  • It seems that the Obama team keeps trying to portray Romney into something that allot of us conservatives actually wish he was – more of a conservative. And of course liberal women don’t like conservatives, but they can support the Muslim religion–go figure.

  • lainer51

    so what is wrong with stopping the murder of children? Hello?

  • guppymanster

    Obama————————> YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT

  • Hologram5

    With Obunghole as president, it’s scary to be a taxpayer…

  • RenoGal914

    Ideal = both men and women should abide by their respective codes of morality, and pay for their own contraception, should they choose to limit the size of their families.

    Reality = making it difficult for poor women to get birth control won’t stop them from having sex (or the men they have it with) nor will forcing women to bring unwanted fetuses to term.

    Reality = if men could have get pregnant, birth control would be available in vending machines on every street corner.

  • Obama and his ill management of the economy is leaving America’s women without home and without the ability to support themselves, but now Romney wants to take their right to abort/prevent pregnancy away? How are all of these impoverished women supposed to support themselves with the additional burden of a child? He’s trying to ban abortion in cases of rape and incest? Isn’t there a higher chance of mental and physical development issues when a child is born from incest? Those “poor women” won’t be able to afford to medicate and provide for those children with their additional needs. This doesn’t make sense!