New Perry ad – Romney & Obama: Carbon Copies

This is actually a good ad by Perry hitting Romney right where it hurts with his past history of governing based on global warming:

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  • Lots of RINO fights ahead.

  • Anonymous

    What is good about hitting Mitt this way is that it doesn’t give Obama ammo to attack Mitt if he is selected to run as GOP candidate.

    All the candidates should only hit each other about policies that duplicate Obama’s policies. It allows the debate without helping Obama’s campaign.

    • Anonymous

      It does help Obama’s campaign by keeping Republicans home on November 6, 2012 if Romney runs against Obama, and at the moment, that is looking like the most likely situation.

      • Anonymous

        I disagree. Only a fool would sit home and watch things continue on this path. We must rest the powers from these people and ANYONE on that ticket will do.

        Yes there’s much to fix and getting a perfect policy aligned candidate would be ideal. But sitting home will do nothing even if the alternative is not optimal. You realize that I hope?

        Actually if Newt didn’t have trouble with his zipper, he’s really the most qualified and would destroy Obby in debate. Note how no one goes after anything he says among the other candidates. Check out What Newt needs to do:

        • Anonymous

          I would guess that half the people on this board would simply not go out and vote if it was Mitt Romney.

          That might not be such a bad thing considering that Republicans will still win in states like Texas even if it’s Romney.

          Where it really makes a difference is in those swing states like Florida, Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.

          Romney is popular in Florida, and Obama is unpopular there, so Romney will most likely win. Ohio and Indiana have a bit of a mix between hardcore right conservatives and Northeastern style moderates, so it’s hard to know if Romney will attract more moderates than extremists that he will alienate. Pennsylvania (and likewise NH) is even trickier to predict because it is a Northeastern state, but it’s always close, so if hard-cores don’t come out, the moderates may not be enough to tip the scale in favor of the Republicans.

          Overall, I think that Romney does have the best chance of guaranteeing a win against Obama, but that’s not a reason, as Bachmann says, to compromise on a candidate that is not a true conservative.

          Personally, I like Cain the best and think he would have appeal in those swing states, even Penn. Having said that, it is my opinion that Romney is indeed a true conservative, and I think he would make a great President.

          Another issue that is important is the more long term consideration of what happens not in 2012, but in 2020. Bush Jr. was a great president, but it was in large part because of him that public opinion was turned against the Republicans in 2008. Nixon, as good of a president as he was, tainted the Republican name until even today.

          I am afraid that with Perry, there is the risk of the pendulum swinging back in favor of the Dems in 2020. Romney, on the other hand, as a moderate, might attract more Americans to the Republican party, and ensure another four or eight years of Republican rule. Here again, Cain shines through as having the potential of being the next Reagan, who was a true conservative, and left a great legacy.

          • Anonymous

            It is a mistake to throw out your vote by sitting home. We need to choose the lesser of two evils perhaps, but to sit home is to help the opposition. I hope you’re wrong that half the folks here would stay home.

            We need each others’ help to make sure we resoundingly get it done!

            • Anonymous

              If you don’t want Rmoney they you best go out and campaign for a true conservative like Herman Cain and be sure Romney gets nowhere near the nomination.

              • Anonymous

                Agreed. However, whoever gets the nomination, needs your vote or we’re certainly doomed.

            • “Choose the lesser of two evils…” that’s exactly what happened with McCain and look where we are today.

              • Anonymous

                So you’re saying that we would have been in a better place if you stayed home and did not vote?
                McCain was a lion with no teeth and we cann’t have that again, that’s all. Anyone that can debate and attack the crap is what was and is needed.

      • Anonymous

        Anyone that sits at home so that Obama can be re-elected is no fierce advocate of private property or liberty. Sitting at home will make these Wall Street Protests looks like nothing. Trust me. Without a re-election to worry about, Obama will freely destroy this country. Your kids will only have you to blame.

  • MS

    I am not a Romney fan but in his defense, and I wish he would have put it like this in the debates to deflate the others on stage that kept hammering him about his Obama style plan – Romney may have done a similiar plan but he did it at the STATE level and not forced from the Federal Government. If you don’t like the things a state is doing you move to another state.

    We can have 50 experiments to try to solve problems. Then, after a period of a few years have gone by the states that are not successful with their solution have 49 other test cases to look at and then pick one of the winners solution to try.

    When it comes from the Fed it is a one shot deal as the likelyhood of a Fed program going away is pretty low.

    Lastly, because he did to the plan at the state level even if it was an perfect copy of the Obama plan, it does not mean that he would push it from the Federal level.

    FYI – I am not voting for Romney, just annoyed by people railroading each other.

    • Anonymous

      MS, please list the Conservatives from Mass. ? I can’t find the list, I only find people like Teddy, Kerry, Markey, Frank. So point to the State level but I say No Rino Romney!

    • Anonymous

      It’s still mandated health care and it was the model Obama used and still is forcing people. No good!

  • I don’t like Perry, but I sure like this ad.

  • Anonymous

    Perry attacks Romney for saying “I will not create jobs… that kill people” but wasn’t it Perry who said “I will always err on the side of life”?

    • Anonymous

      Well isn’t the point that suggesting creating jobs kills people is a bunch of crap?

    • Anonymous

      What he meant is that he is pro life. It never ceases to amaze me about the communist left. They think they control the climate, and want to tax people for the air, as if the air belongs to them. I heard they fined an oil company the other day for the deaths of 28 forms of wildlife? Those windmills are killing 4000 Bald Eagles a year? They’ve seized our God given natural resources as if they belong to them, to tax. They don’t. Those are our resources, and they don’t belong to the government. Nixon started that rogue agency the EPA for clean water. Time to shut that department down. These alphabet agencies are nothing but money laundering schemes of the CPUSA, formerly Democrats.

      Wind Turbines Blamed for Mass Slaughter of Protected Golden Eagles

      Does anyone remember back when Jimmy Carter was President, the “Acid Rain?” This was before they changed their scheme to “Global Warming.” They had people thinking if they went out in the rain, they’d melt like the Wicked Witch of the West. Where did the “Acid Rain,” go?

  • Anonymous

    I wish they would use this energy to get obama impeached and imprisoned and throw out his leftist Czars.

  • Anonymous

    So is he accusing Obama of being a black carbon copy of Romney? Racist! — at least as racist a rock that was painted over in 1984. The libs are probably all too young to remember carbon paper copies and probably won’t get it.

  • This video does nothing for Perry but solidifies my support for Herman Cain.

  • Anonymous

    Romney: X (cap and trade)

    Perry: X (tuition for illegals)

    Bachmann: A+

    • Anonymous

      Please tell Bachmann to quit screaming all the time. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome, Romney is Obama-lite! He is a CHAMELEON LIZARD,CONSTANTLY CHANGING TO MATCH HIS SURROUNDINGS! WE NEED TO KEEP THE SPOTLIGHT OF TRUTH ON HIM AND HIS POLICIES! This carbon tax is nothing but massive conjob of a tax that will cripple the Economy into the DARK AGES! He still hasn’t recanted from ROMNEYCARE a clone of Obamacare,he foolishly thinks he should be trying to be MODERATE,and that will spell his DOOM politically.

  • Anonymous

    I COULD NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, vote for Mitt Romney. He’s bought. Trent Lott who works for a big lobbying firm had the gull to say, Romney is going to be the nominee. We need to remind him, he’s only one vote. Lott’s firm represents GE and Lightsquared, both crony capitalists tied to Obama.

    Mitt Romney implemented socialized medicine. I have serious doubts about him removing it. Mark Levin said it also. He also said he believed in man made global warming, before he said he didn’t. This is all I needed to know about him. I couldn’t trust him after this.

    He never attacks Obama. I think during a debate with the Kenyan born impostor, he wouldn’t even question him about his past, or Fast and Furious. I want someone who will be a pit bull with Obama. Although I’m hoping he’s removed prior, for being an accessory to the murder of over 200 people.

  • Since nobody else has said it, I guess that leaves it up to me.

    Carbon copies? Rick Perry is a RAAAAAACIST!!! and has been reported to Attack Watch. /

  • Joe

    I hope the candidates don’t rip each other up so it hurts the overall cause

    Republicans tend to implode – I pray it doesn’t happen – Pres. Zero must go!

    Help GET THE WORD OUT – Send
    to FIVE Republican friends today

    (please don’t bother with Democrats – they obviously won’t listen anyway
    besides being annoying)

  • Anonymous

    Gov. Perry needs new handlers. Free yourself Gov. Perry and just be yourself at the next debate. Down here in Texas, we are wondering what happened to the Rick Perry from 2008? Hey Rick Perry, be Rick Perry. Come out swinging and quit fumbling all over yourself trying to please your handlers. Mark Levin has a great montage of Obama gaffes. Quit worrying about being PERFECT. Just be Rick Perry!

  • Anonymous

    I forgot about that and I live in MA. Good ad. I don’t want Mitt as our nominee. Good ad.

  • Anonymous

    Romney is Obama-lite. He is not a true conservative. That fact, along with his history of abusing animals, Is why I won’t vote for him.,8599,1638065,00.html

  • Anonymous

    Brilliant ad!! And Cain can’t support PERRY?? He’d better think again.

  • Anonymous

    Clever – and disturbing.

  • Anonymous
  • Rick Perry is the best choice for America!