New Restore Our Future ad shows a different side of Mitt Romney


This is a story I hadn’t heard yet and I’m glad Restore our Future put this together. It features a double amputee who served in Iraq telling how Romney helped build homes for disabled veterans. I know it’s an ad made for TV, but I kinda wish it was longer because I’d love to know more.


UPDATE: Here’s more on Peter and how he was used in Michael Moore’s film:

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  • Orangeone

    Let’s tweet and ask if they have a longer one for the internet.

    • p m

      Checked out the site yesterday, couldn’t find a longer version.

      • Orangeone

        I tweeted to Romney, et al and asked if they might do a longer one for viral use.  Doesn’t hurt to ask I guess.

        • p m

          Great idea!

    • canscrap

      very touching…. we need to chick-fil-a obama in this election.

      America, we’re in the home stretch…… time to sprint to the finish

      donate, volunteer, vote (make sure your vote counts), pay attention


    …it is very simple America get out and VOTE 4 : Romney / Ryan 2012 .”

    “The TRUTH shall set us all FREE”

  • jedward1000

    This man, the soldier, is a bad ass. So is Mitt for that matter. Please God, let Romney win.

  • SpikeT

    Romney is on a mission.

    • PVG

      Literally and figuratively!

    • anotherworriedmom

      All of the Romney men, Mitt included, have done missions for their church. And he continues to give. Gov Romney will be one of our greatest presidents ever.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        Doing missions for their religion is not helpful to people’s souls/spirits when it comes to eternity however.

        With his record, I do not believe (unless he becomes a Christian) that he would be one of greatest presidents, but I think he would be a definite improvement in many ways over the current President.

  • TexasEnforcer

    obama is too selfish to think of anyone but himself. Future President Romeny may have a lot of money, but at least he gives a lot back to good causes. obama is only generous with our tax money to his loser base. He’s got to go. R&R2012.

    • p m

      I know what you mean, Texas, but you can only give back what you’ve taken in the first place :). Romney is giver, pure and simple…not a lib pol who got rich by being a lib pol!
      R&R 2012 for sure – it’s going to be a blowout.

  • theresaaa

    Compare to the Obamas right after he took office they stopped by a HUD house to “help” They were there long enough for a few pics and then they laid down the paint brushes and left.

  • toongoon

    I never see ads like this about Ozero. Surely he must have some concern about military veterans…..I mean American military veterans.

    • PVG

      And you never will!

      • toongoon

        Maybe someday we will see one where a few disabled veterans get a hold of him with while the SS watching to make sure no one interferes.

        • StandingGround

          Now that would be a dream come true, Toon! Someone needs to at least beat the [email protected] out of him!

          • toongoon

            Right on, right on!

  • Another member of “Bumps in the Road for Romney/Ryan” speaks out.

    A new group is forming: BCPs for Romney/Ryan 2012.
    * BCP = Bus Chassis Prisoners

  • For those who don’t recognize him, this is the same veteran that Michael Moore used in Fahrenheit 9/11. He included footage of this man without getting his permission and he sued him. Watch him discuss it in this great clip:

    • armyvet10

      Straw man, I wanted to see the story of Michael Moose being sued by this veteran. Personally I have never seen a Michael Moose film and never will. He tends to bend…well lie. Here is the news story about the law suit as reported by CNN (not that CNN is my first choice). The amounts this SGT is seeking is substantial and would in essence wipe Michael Mopore out. The fear for me is that the liberal justice system that Obama has worked so hard to put in place will never agree to bankrupt Michael Moose, all though it would be nice to see Michael Moose forced to actually work with those he consistantly walks on (but that would be excessive punishment for us common folk).

      • The judge sided with Moore… which is appropriate… fair use and all that. Moore should have at least sought permission though and preferably compensated him for the usage. It was one of the most powerful moments in the entire pathetic movie.

  • 911Infidel

    Gee I don’t see that kind of support for wounded warriors anywhere in Osama Bin Lying’s BIO. Hell, he can’t even take the time to protect 4 diplomats under seige. He’s too busy playing the odds in Vegas.

    Big shout out to all wounded warriors everywhere. It would appear that Romney understands Lincoln’s 2nd Inaugural Address idea that we as a nation and as individuals should be a people whose treatment of our military should always be “…to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan….”

  • IwjwI

    Romney is a good hearted man who gives without wanting to gain political points. Others have to tell these stories, or they wouldn’t get told.

    Much better than the CiC who uses and abuses our military and Veterans for political gain.

  • Coming Apart

    I am so, so glad to see this type of ad, because service of this type is not spoken about by the giver(anonymity is true service)…….Romney is a good man!

  • MominNV

    HA! You will NEVER SEE the marxist mooslum occupying The Peoples’ House doing this. “it”, [email protected] OUR Military Men & Women.

  • sjmom

    Another great story about Mitt Romney.

  • Joe

    Romney is way too humble

    I bet there are MANY MORE stories like this

    I hope they come out ASAP

    I am actually pretty angry they are not coming out

    He is a role model to be looked up to

    (I am sure ZERO hasn’t come close to caring about anyone but himself )

    • badbadlibs

      Contrast this to the mess in the WH, who “used drugs enthusiastically”, has left his half brother to wallow in poverty, an Aunt living here on welfare and Gov. Romney’s life of service and success.
      How on God’s green earth any one with a mind that semi functions could vote for bo will stump me for the rest of my being.

      • Joe

        It’s a mental disorder –

        I really believe that – considering all the people on “medication”

        You can’t figure it out – and I understand why they like him

        If you understand why you like him – You better check yourself in!

      • Their minds function as they were programmed to function. These people are the fourth generation of a chemical attack on their neurological systems. This chemical attack is one that was perpetuated up until this day and includes being immunized with destructive neurological toxins and scientific concoctions that alter DNA. When their DNA is altered for multiple generations in such a way as to deteriorate their brains to where their mental state is synonymous with the effects of generational incest, their “minds” have been so manipulated as to be easily programmed for the purposes of the State. They become children in an adults body, who cannot function in an environment of critical thinking, and they have just enough awareness of this situation to rebel against society in a destructive manner, and are then compounding the problem by procreating with other people who watch day time television.

        They don’t just drink the cool aid, but they also drink the carcinogen fluoride in their tap water, which is just such a compound as Hitler used to control his prison camp populations. These people are the new mental prisoners of society who cannot handle freedom, and believe that the box they live in is for their own good, and therefor seek to imprison everyone else by using the force of government against us.

        The only way that we can rid ourselves of this growing mental scourge on society is to rebel against the establishment that propagates and carries out this attack on free minds, and return this country to the liberty that was so brilliantly penned in the supreme law of our land. If this is done, then neither mental illness nor ignorance can prevail against he who is free in his heart, or free in deed. If a man is free, then he is not subjugated by the State in such a way as to be forced to support this mentality, or those who have fallen in the war against the minds of men.

      • KentPerry

        Let me tell you morons something, “Mitt Romney was making money off abortion clinics worldwide.” Now Copy paste that to google and do your own research.

        “Mitt Romney exposed in crypto pedophile matix bombardier Corp”

        Google that and do your own research and then,

        “Mitt Romney subsidized sex change operations on children as young a four years old.”

        Google that and do your own research.

        The fact he would have signed the NDAA is all anyone needs to know to make him a no deal candidate. These paid endorsements are made to illicit the very responses I see being posted here. Congratulations

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        John 3:19, II Corinthians 4:4

  • Theconservativechic

    Whenever I see a solider in uniform or a veteran that shows they were- I shake their hand and thank them for serving our country & putting their lives in danger for “our” freedom. God bless them all. Every single one of them!!!!! Without them, there is NO American freedom.

    Let’s pulverize Obama. Get his — out now!!!

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    Barack Hussein Obama Does not give a shit about any American let alone military personal…. Barack Hussein Obama believes the human beings that make up the military personal are the equivalent of Pawn pieces on a Chess board… Barack Hussein Obama plays some very sick/wicked game with all human life…. For the youth “wicked” is not good or cool when used in the above sentence…. It’s Very Very Bad……. And the funny thing is people think he’s a great guy and that he cares….. Millions of people in this country losing everything and Barack Hussein Obama and family spend millions of other peoples money on vacations – trips etc… Yes he is so distraught that he only spends millions on these vacations – trips and not the billions he would if he just did not care so much…..
    W A F J……..

  • John3_3

    There is another side to Mitt Romney. A side that you won’t hear about. A generous, loving side. A caring side. The reason you won’t hear about it is because the media will not look for that side and if they did, they wouldn’t report on it. Also, you won’t hear about it because Mitt Romney is humble and when he does give he doesn’t do it to be seen of men. He does it in the right spirit.

    I am really starting to like Mitt Romney. He and I don’t agree on everything but he is a fine, decent man. A good man. And in this day and age we live in, a fine, decent and good man is hard to find.

    Him and Obama are two opposites.

    • Joe



      That was easy!

    • KentPerry

      Wow You don’t know Mitt Romney at all what if I told you he was the subject of a child sex trafficking ring that is worldwide that was first exposed by a TOP SECRET black ops mission called “able danger” and that Barack Obama was the attorney that helped Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital do an illegal leveraged buy out of Bombardier Corporation. That Israel pulls Romneys strings and that they are NOT our friends. In fact Benyamin Netanyahu was part of a Mossad spy ring stealing Nuclear Arms components and triggers from the US.

      That this testimony and more is currently an ongoing investigation much of which can be seen on C-SPAN.

    • canscrap

      In the last debate obama tried to show the contrast between them by pointing out that Mitt had a fundraiser when he was in Israel….. however, obama has been campaigning since day 1….. Also, when has he ever done an honest day’s work…..

      Rid our great country of this disgrace….. liar…..

  • ChicksLoveRight

    Mitt Romney helps when no camera is around.
    Obama helps BECAUSE a camera is around.
    Day and Night! Difference is clear! GO VOTE!! (and persuade a soft leaner TODAY!)

    • toongoon

      ….and only as long as they need for a good pose.

  • p m

    Obama has ice in his veins, versus Romney who cares and gives when no-one is looking. Who was it they said relates so well to people? Mr.Ice. How ridiculous.

  • marcellucci

    You can’t make this stuff up……unless you’re O’Bama….

  • white531

    Michael Moore is a walking piece of garbage.

    These Veterans represent the greatness of America.

    You can’t read it any other way.

  • white531

    Where are all of the Liberal Trolls on this one?

    Mysteriously absent.

    Why am I not surprised?

    • After watching that second video, I say bring on the trolls. I am ready for a fight.

  • Michael Moore is a disgrace to the citizenry of this country, and the media gives him the platform for this disgrace. The media aids and abets the crime against humanity that is “Michael Moore’. Psychological terrorism is what they engage in, and they should be tried in the court of public opinion, and I am here to testify.

  • Larchmonter

    Romney learned humility from a terrific father. His dad was sterling, also. He’s the sort of public leader we all yearn for, and now we can get behind with our money, get out the vote efforts, and spreading the word of his decency.

    God bless the vets who have done so much for America, who have safeguarded us here at home, and to whom we need to remember each day and honor with whatever support they may require.

    The best thing for them and for our country is to make certain we elect Senators and Romney-Ryan to go clean out the trash who are destroying our nation.

    • I believe you to either be ignorant, or simply disingenuous. Your monologue is one that is steaming with praise that goes beyond that which I can easily accept as grass roots sentiment. Many here are supporting Romney because of Obama, but your praise of Romney is simple beyond the fray of any pure form of intellectual honesty. If you are not a paid employee of the Romney camp, then you are as delusional as those who have been gulping down the Obama cool aid.

      Edit: I just want to say sorry to everyone here for this critique being so brutal, but “leader”, and “yearn for”? I don’t want a leader, and I certainly don’t yearn for one. I don’t think most people here do either, as it is all to reminiscent of those past “leaders” that people in poverty “yearned for”, and which the people of those countries suffered massive pain under.

      • 80s_kid

        What a ridiculous comment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Many people support Romney not because he is the lesser of two evils but because we genuinely believe he is a man of strong integrity and leadership, something pretty darn lacking in the political landscape today. I’ve been rooting for Romney since the ’04 primaries, he has always been my first choice. And yep, if you wanna use the word “yearn”‘ yes I certainly do. What are you?? The sentiment police?? You are entitled to your opinion as well but there’s no need to belittle and denigrate others.

        • I don’t believe that I did belittle anyone. Ignorance is simply having a lack of knowledge. I have referred to myself as being ignorant when I lack knowledge of something.

          His statements were those that would directly represent the sentiments of someone who was trolling for support of a candidate.

          Why would we give him our money, when the Federal Reserve is giving plenty of free money to Goldman Sachs and the rest, who are donating huge piles of it to the Romney camp? You see, that is our money, because we are on the hook for it. We are being forced to fund his campaign already, because all of that money just helps to destroy our currency, which causes us to pay higher prices for everything we buy. So in essence, we will be paying for Romney and Obama’s campaigns for years to come. It is no wonder that Romney supports the Federal Reserve system. He won’t have to worry about being able to afford to feed himself when this system collapses due to his support of a huge government and the banking cartels, because he will have all the connections, knowledge, and wealth to hedge himself against the destruction of our money, and the collapse of our society.

          He will be immune to persecution under the Patriot Act and the NDAA that he supports. All of our dear “leaders” in D.C. are immune to prosecution under the laws that they create without the people’s consent.

          Don’t worry, your boy will make it in. He will win by a couple of percentage points to make it look like he won a competitive race. You see, Obama burnt up all of his political capital, so the establishment needs fresh blood in there to keep pushing their agenda.

          Give it a year or so into the next administration, and if you are any kind of a conservative that honors our constitution and enjoys your liberties, you might just wake up.

      • Larchmonter

        Libertarian theory is an early stage maturation. Most of us pass through it like we all pass through puberty. Some get stuck and never mature, remaining in a world of self-gratification without ever accommodating a bigger view of society where synthesis of the clash of ideas and variety leads to growth and prosperity for more than a few.

        I don’t have time to wait for you to mature, but I wish you well on your journey.

        • I see now that I may have been wrong about you. My conclusions were made in haste, as to your possible motivations. Your subsequent response to me is much more revealing, as you have decidedly laid out a foundation of sorts for your political philosophies.

          It is good to see that you have a political philosophy, because most people make choices blindly based on external influences, rather than purposeful thought. Now that I know that your statements are deliberate, and informed, I can exchange with you ideas of reason. The question is, how have you come to your conclusions, since you believe that Libertarian “theory” is an early stage of some process of maturing that inevitably leads to different conclusions altogether?

          I can tell you that I started out on the other end of the spectrum, and matured toward where I am today. As an American Christian, my opinions were formed primarily based on Christian conservative influence. It was not until recently that I decided to think for myself. In doing so, realized that our modern form of conservative ideals are absolutely inept in addressing, properly, the fundamental principles of liberty that our founders based their actions on in the late 1700s, which afforded us such liberty as we have had, an subsequently relinquished regardless of the founder’s warnings.

          So, I then researched Libertarianism and put it side by side with my Christian beliefs. My conclusion was that the principle of using the force of law to change behavior was not biblical, and has never worked, according to history. A man cannot force his wife, children, brother or sister to do anything, and retain the respect of others. This principle applies to all of humanity, as it is by design that it works this way.

          No government can use force to control the actions of an individual, a group of people, or another country, unjustly, and retain the respect of the world, or its own people. When a government does not dispense justice equally, it will not be respected. Unequal justice is not justice at all, but manipulation, and manipulation eventually leads to rebellion.

          If you wish to accept that socialism (the greater good of society) is more important that individual liberty, then you have to accept the lessons of history with it, or perish under the monster that you have helped to create. It is all under the guise of the greater good that governments enslave societies. It is always this premise that leads to authoritarianism, and then totalitarianism.

          Prosperity only comes to the people when they have liberty, and only a few prosper under socialism and communism. Our so called “conservative” political factions in power today have done much to build a socialist and communist society. Where has that led us? Our prosperity is evaporating, along with our liberties.

          Is this the road that you wish to continue on? What will you tell the next generation who is enslaved by tyranny, and has no hope of prosperity?

          “If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy” -James Madison

          It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood.
          James Madison

          No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.
          James Madison

          The loss of liberty at home is to be charged to the provisions against danger, real or imagined, from abroad.
          James Madison

          Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
          Albert Einstein

          As Republicans and Democrats have abandoned our supreme law, Libertarians have filled the void. Now that the establishment is becoming so overtly tyrannical, many are joining the ranks of liberty minded individualists.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Perhaps you were assuming all on this site are on the same page?

      This sweeping statement made is actually not true with the word “all” in it.

      “He’s the sort of public leader we all yearn for, and now we can get behind with our money, get out the vote efforts, and spreading the word of his decency. ”

      However, electing conservatives to the Senate and defeating Obama and his administration are desires I think you and I can agree on!

      • Larchmonter

        You don’t want a leader like that? Surprising that you don’t see the value in character.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          I have seen a record of his values- demonstrated in his record as governor. And I did not like what I saw. If he had chosen someone with a similar record to his own, I could not have voted his ticket. But he did not and I was glad to vote against Obama.

        • We don’t want a leader at all. We want a president who will execute the orders given by the legislative branch concerning foreign policy, and who will simply do his job in protecting our borders and making sure that government is run efficiently. Servants don’t “lead”, they obey. You know who has leaders, third world countries who are downtrodden by their dictators. Hitler was a leader. Stalin was a leader. Mau was a leader. Che’ was a leader. We don’t want one.

          Character? What kind of character supports abortion? Is this his new character? Based on what you initially said, his father helped form his character. Does that mean that his father taught him that it is good for government to use the barrel of a gun to mandate everything under the sun concerning the people’s personal lives? Did his father teach him that our bill of rights is just something to wipe your butt with?

          He supports the continued abolition of the fourth, seventh, fifth, and first amendments of the bill of rights. The Patriot act and the NDAA effectively do that.

          Some people recognize that he bragged about passing legislation in Mass. that was some of the strictest gun control in the nation. Do you think that conservatives are so stupid that they think he supports their second amendment right to own the guns of their choosing?

          Do you think that we are so stupid as to totally ignore his crony corporate history, and his connections to and investments that led to him profiting off of the bailout money?

          Do you think that we are so stupid as to totally miss the election fraud that he and the GOP engaged in during the primary, and all the vote counts that got flipped for him. He is the establishment’s pick, and they went to extremes to get him the nomination, and then changed the rules at the convention to give the “presumptive nominee” dictatorial power in republican primaries.

          Subverting free elections, profiting off of tax payer funded bailouts, buying into investment companies who own voting machine corporations, forcing people to buy a private product, taking away small arms freedoms, supporting baby killing, and many more things are not what I would consider acts of someone who has impeccable character.

          Go sell your propaganda somewhere else, because many here are voting for him anyway, because they fear the last fraud that the establishment put in power “over” us.

          If you want a leader, go to Venezuela.

  • Notice how the left views this man as an opportunity to sew hatred and fear in order to score political points and the right views this man with compassion and pride and asks “how can I help this man who gave so much?”

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Michael Moore is a miserable human being….pathetic and disgusting.

    Mitt Romney is a compassionate, caring human being….the type of person we need to lead our nation out of the present wilderness that obama has created.

  • Romney has character, honor and integrity written in his DNA! He does so much… And not because there is a camera about for a photo-op, but because he actually cares about people!

    Where are all the videos of people telling us how NObama showed them compassion and helped them when there were no cameras about and when it was of no direct benefit to NObama himself? Nowhere, that’s where to answer my own question. Because NObama is a selfish taker, not a compassionate giver that’s why!

    God, Please oh please let Romney become our next President! We have never needed a man like him more than we do now!

  • Romney shows that he takes his religious beliefs seriously. That shows, honesty, integrity, and character, which is what we so desperately need in the White House right now. THAT is why Romney will win this election, because he is all the things Obama is not.

  • 2besusie

    The expression on Mitt’s face as he embraces Peter speaks volumes.

  • 80s_kid

    I’d love to see the look on Michael Moore’s face as well as Candy Crowley, Chris Matthews, Valerie Jarret, the Clintons and a host of others when Romney wins.

  • bobemakk

    See the movie 2016 and you will hate Obama even more. I just saw it. The last 1/2 hour is the best part. His associations with all his communist and socialist friends throughout his life is most disturbing. He IS the Anti-Christ!

    • I saw an ad on TV saying it was out on sale as a DVD now too.

    • DebbyX

      After you see that movie you feel like you’ve GOT a duty to tell others to watch it. I know I did!

      Quite revealing, isn’t it!