New Rick Perry Ad: Politically Correct

I really like this ad in which Perry asserts that there are just some things you can’t say in Washington, like the truth, and he’s right. That was crystallized for most of us when Pelosi beat her minions into submission and got all the votes needed for ObamaCare in the House.

Rick Perry asserts he’s an outsider who will speak the truth and overhaul Washington. I believe that because he’s outside in every one of his ads. That just dawned on me when I was watching this one.

But seriously, I’m pulling for Rick Perry because he is one that could easily be my choice for president. I’m hoping real hard that he can gain ground in the polls and start to do some damage to ‘Newt Romney’.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m praying he gets in 3rd, but it may be too late

    • poljunkie

      I’m with you.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe it is. But at least Iowa is a ground game that needs organization to get folks out to the caucus. Sounds like Perry’s team is setting up shop there pretty well right now. Praying myself.

  • Anonymous

    TRS, very good linking Rick Perry’s outside the establishment with his outside (outdoors) enviroment. I still can’t quite vote Rick Perry over Rick Santorum but it is so close I feel like a ping-pong ball going back and forth between them.

    • I hear you, but Rick just doesn’t have that retail appeal like Perry does. This comes across even in the debates where Rick sometimes appears to pout or roll his eyes. The reality is that we need and attractive, likable candidate like the left has in Obama to beat Obama.

      One other thing that needs to be mentioned (but never does) is that Perry served in the Air Force. None of the other candidates have military experience. The charge of ‘chickenhawk’ will come back on Newt or Romney should military action be required.

      • poljunkie

        I also wish that the fact he is an Eagle Scout would come up from time to time. It is a serious accomplishment.

        Not a big deal you say? Ha. Try helping your kid through a year of Webelos!

      • Anonymous

        How ’bout a Rick/Rick ticket then?

  • Too cutsey for my taste.

  • Maxsteele

    I think I am a bit sick of hearing politicians say they are an outsider that is going to clean up washington. We heard that enough from Obama and what the insiders warned is what happened. We have a president who has no clue on how to create an atmosphere of bipartisanship and has no idea on how to build concensus.
    I think it is the height of arrogance and niavity that someone thinks that they alone can come in and clean up Washington. It will take a republican majority in both houses and a republican president for the next two voting cycles to even come close to doing so. The more tea partiers the better.

    • Perry is a Washington DC outsider. He is consistent. Try looking at his record, strongest in the field and at the executive level. He is the perfect candidate for me, cuz i live in realville, and he is about as close as u can get. Is he perfect human being? No,and none r, but he admits his mistakes, learns from them and he is faithful.

      • Maxsteele

        Okay Kevin. I respect your decision as I hope you will mine in not deciding who I think should be the nominee yet. In all due respect, you did not address my points though.
        For me, I think that the true conservatives in this race are Bachmann and Santorum. The progressive candidates are Romney and Newt with Newt being a bit more to the centre. Not sure where I stand with Rick Perry yet. I respect him as a man but not sure yet, if he should be president.

        • I was commenting partly on your “outsider” comment. The rest was just a bonus for ya 😉 Perry is a DC outsider, Bachmann and Santorum are not. If u want to support them that is ur buisness. I respect that. As far as working with folks without compromising principle, as an executive, Perry has that experience. Bachmann and Santorum do not have the executive experience. I’ve never heard Perry say or suggest that he can do it all alone. On the other hand, Obama thinks he can do it all alone, and wants to. Obama has made mention of being tempted to bypass congress. One more thing, Perry is a conservative too.

  • Anonymous

    Gov Perry hits it out of the park again!
    Perry/West 2012

  • Anonymous

    Serving in the Air Force is a big deal to me especially the fact he piloted those giant C-130’s. I spent a considerable amount of time riding in those web seats and have the utmost respect for those pilots.

    • Anonymous

      They scared me so bad, I jumped out of them every chance I got. 😉

      I still do not understand why anyone with a perfectly good parachute would not jump out of one of those death traps.

      PARARESCUE! Because even the Navy Seals have to call 911 sometimes.


      • Anonymous

        God bless you crazy lunatics. My support of our war fighters was done with a keyboard and a mouse. If it sent or received a signal we owned, took it over or burned it out. I have the up most respect for you guys who took to the seas, fields and air placing your lives on the line for our nation. I pray god keeps all our soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen safe in the palm of his hand. May we find the peace that allows our brave sons and daughters to return to us happy, healthy and with the honor they so richly deserve.

        • Anonymous

          …and God Bless you as well.

          My heroes were (and are) the people who kept us flying. Sometimes when we got a break, they were out there in any weather making sure we could go again and get back.

          Everyone who serves, serves. There really is no distinction for job description. We were just given more phrases to use. LOL

          Thank you for your service. Welcome Home!


          • Anonymous

            I spent my time at gunner anex Marshall air force base Montgomery Alabama. No need to welcome me home brother. They kept the geeks like me behind the screens. So to speak. While I am certainly proud of my contributions if we meet for drinks brother they are on me.

            • Anonymous

              You must have smelled the mud on my boots. We went through our medical training at Gunter AFB, Montgomery AL. I don’t remember Marshall, but I did get to “visit” the hospital at Maxwell.

              Good memories.

              Again, thank you. I hope all is well with you and yours now.


            • Semper Fi!

          • Speaking for us guys, who not only fixed the planes, but then, had to fly them too, we thank you all. If your own life depends on repairing a .50 cal. machine gun, you can bet, they all got the same loving care. I really felt sorry for the desk jocks. I would have had ulcers.

        • We used to sing a hymn in military church, every Sunday, that said about the same. I haven’t heard it for years. It did not include returning, just blessings. God bless you all, that have been there. A grateful nation thanks you.

      • Ha ha ha, fellow traveler. We, aircrew, thought you were nuts to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Still, we loved you, like our brothers. They made me jump a few times, no big deal, but then, no one was shooting at me. Semper Fi!

  • Anonymous

    Great ad…he is still my candidate.

  • That was a good ad- kind of hard to watch after the bad lipreading one though 😉 I’m really liking his ads, but I’m still waiting for Bachmann and Santorum to get with it and make some great ones too.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry… wrong post there ABC

  • I’m not voting for a guy that was chief of staff to Al Gore, or Gingrich who is a progressive liberal leaning moderate or Romney who is a flip flopper and the creator of what was the basis for Obamacare. If people want real change, they should vote for Ron Paul. He is the only true Constitutional conservative in the Presidential GOP lineup that would truly bring about positive change to this country and the world.

    • Anonymous

      Rick Perry was never Al Gores chief of staff… Really where do you people come up with this crap? If you are going to refuse to support the man with the best economic, job creation and conservative governing record in the field which is really sad considering the state of our nation. Then at least do so based on the merits of Perry’s background and vision. I would imagine Perry has enough flaws that you shouldn’t have to invent issues, if not perhaps you should reconsider your position. Just sayin…..

    • Anonymous

      Frank, I used to be a Democrat. Ronald Reagan was a Democrat. People change. I kick myself for ever believing the lies these people spewed. Thank God for the internet. The ironic part about the internet is, it was created by leftists. Double edged sword for them, I guess.

  • Anonymous

    He has been doing very well in the ad department. As a native Texan I can vouch for him here, he has never been PC about anything.

    • Anonymous

      I like him. I appreciate hearing it from someone in Texas. PC is destroying our country. It’s the lefts way of crushing free speech, and I’ve had enough of it.
      Lobbying is bribery, they just like to use a prettier name. Accessories to murder in Fast and Furious is called a “Botched sting operation,” instead of what it is. Theft is called “Stimulus,” or loans to “Green energy.” We all know what it is.

      I’ve come to the sad conclusion that Washington, DC is full of murderous thieves. You can dress it up anyway you like but they’re guilty of trying to frame Americans in Fast and Furious, they’re guilty of murder in Fast and Furious, and they’ve looted the Treasury. Babies that aren’t even conceived, some their own grandchildren and great grandchildren will be footing the bill.

      I remember from my days in a Catholic grade school, Jesus going to the marketplace where they were stealing and looting. He ended up throwing over all of their goods. It wasn’t that they were selling items, it’s that they were corrupt. I wait for that day, when the mighty hand of God reaches down, and makes sure those directly involved in the crime in Washington, and those that didn’t stop it are punished. When they sit by and don’t stop it, they then become as dirty as those committing the crimes directly. I guess they’ve forgotten “Thou shalt not steal,” and “Thou shalt not kill.” I don’t think God is going to distinguish between those who do this in Government and those outside of Government. They will be punished at some point. I just want to witness it when it happens.

      P.S. God isn’t going to give a darn about Zero’s black half. He will be held accountable regardless of that.

      Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.
      —Dietrich Bonhoeffer

      • Anonymous

        Great post….

  • Joe

    WHO is this guy?

    Where have I seen him before?

    Let me put my FOIL HAT on for a clearer picture

    RICK – Where have you been???

  • I really believe this man is the “real deal” as far as being a principled conservative. If we really believe that our country is in trouble, economically, morally, and militarially, and we believe that only conservative governance will turn things around then we can’t afford to go with anyone but a true conservative.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds a little bit like a Texas Ranger there. That’s good. I like your reasoning about Perry being an outsider, too, Scoop.

    I recently saw a comment by another blogger saying that he “knew” that Perry would “secure the border”. I replied, asking him what gave him that belief, since it was an important issue to me. He never responded. Scoop, do you have any info that leads you to believe that Perry will secure the border, and not just make PR gestures in that direction?

    • Anonymous

      The fact that he has spent considerable Texas dollars to augment manpower on the Texas border tells me he means business. That’s money that could be spent on others services for Texas citizens, but has been diverted for the good of all citizens due to a negligent federal government.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, texabama.

    • I will reply to this. Only Texans like Perry, even understand the border war. I do not say secure the border, because it is a misnomer. Trying to explain it, is like trying to explain to heat stroke to a Eskimo. You have to live there, see it, and be involved. I was. So, how can I make you see? Believe Mexicans take a group of maybe 30 people, take their money,and leave them on the desert to die. Some agreeable aliens, will carry dope, just to cross, only to die in Texas. They haul drugs in semi’s. They shoot anyone who interferes. Some swim thru bobwired rivers, just to escape. Aliens are just trying to survive. Then, if you catch one, the Feds just bus them back to Mexico, no penalties. If you arrest a coyote, the cops put you in jail. If there, you just try to avoid it. Several times, a group of Texans have assembled, and tried to go change things, forget it. The Mafia, the drug lords, the Chicago mob, the Muslims, our POTUS, and many congressmen want this, it makes them rich. Perry will shut down the illegal part, and allow the legal border dealings to continue. All the while, he will, as proven, change Ob’s EO’s. and challege them in court. This is just book one, verse one. Maybe, you can see a little, now.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks AP, I just copied your insane vomit of words. I’ll be pasting it on a few choice progressive sites as an example of the A-typical teabagging whack-off job. You may even see it in up coming campaign ads. Again, thanx there is no way I could have made up some crazy $hit like that on my own.

        UP the OWS rebels!

        • Anonymous

          Your response is typical of the ignorant left. “A-typical” I assume to be a play on Allen Poe’s first initial, because “atypical” means “NOT typical of”.

          If you could communicate as clearly and as on-point as Allen Poe, you might have a reason to open your foul mouth in public. It’s comforting to know that, as you admit, you’re not capable of originating coherent speech, but like a typical left-winger, can only mock the truth you hate. If we Right-wingers had to deal with truly intelligent people, we would be in a much worse position.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you, Allen.

  • Great ad! I have doubts about the ”outsider” claim but a well made ad never the less. Kudos Team Perry.

  • Anonymous

    Perry has another new ad called “Momentum”. Not sure how to link it are I would. It’s really powerful.

    • poljunkie

      You’re right its great. I just found it on youtube.

      RS I didn’t want to put it here without your permission.

  • Anonymous

    I like Perry also. I hope he can relax and start convincing the conservative base that he is the real deal. I would vote for him over everyone except Bachmann and Santorum. They remain as the most Conservative candidates in the race in my opinion. No question Perry is much better than Romney or Gingrich the establishment centrist Repube-licans.

  • “I’ll say politically incorrect things, and now I’ll prove it by saying focus group-tested lines that aren’t particularly controversial among Democrats or Republicans.”

    How about he says something truly politically incorrect that needs saying, like the fact that the immigration of third-world peasants, legal and illegal, threatens to destroy the country? I guess that would be heartless.

    • I guess arguing this is pointless. Perry knows about a 1000 times more than you about the border. $400 million is a drop in the bucket. A single drug lord makes more than that in a year. A burka, or burnose is common on the border, If you cannot tie the two together, the Muslims are flowing across the border, with drugs. Like viet Nam, they tie bombs to babies backs. People from everywhere are flowing to the border drug business. They shoot each other so often many never make the paper. If I, a local, knows all this, how much do you think a governor knows, from other border residents? I speak spanish. I have talked to aliens from most south America countries. So much is going on, and believe me OB does all he can to facilitate it. Sadly, some of these are GOP POTUS candidates. Twist and turn all you want, if he had no heart, Perry would be machine gunning these animals. If you had a heart, you might actually feel for the children caught up, in this war. You might even do aomething about it, like vote for Perry.

      • I have no idea what that was supposed to mean. Try being coherent for a change.

  • Eve

    Great ad and couldn’t say he was wrong about PC either. The truth is always being fluffed to sound good or a flat out lie. I just wish he could be more articulate in the debates. I’ve liked Perry since he announced and I think he will be tough on immigration and getting rid of Obamacare.

  • Anonymous

    Funny thing, my scriptures say that when you play with and mock* God, he will turn you over to a state of confusion.

    Observing the current state of the Repulsive party candidates, once again he has justified my faith.

    * keep mocking him a$$holes till every thing you have looks like burned out Texas.