New RNC Video: Joe Biden says what he means

A nice RNC ad exploring Joe Biden’s comment last night that he always says what he means:

Consider this an open thread.

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  • hey scoop would it be possible to get the morning joe clip at the end of the ad up?

  • 911Infidel

    And check out this vid:

    “Remind me again how this rude, belligerent, disrespectful jackwagon “won” the debate last night? He won it in the same way your drunk, ill-informed buffoon of an Uncle wins arguments at Thanksgiving, everyone just gets sick of listening to him. And this guy is one heartbeat from the Presidency. Not that the bar is set very high by the current empty chair. Vote, and make your friends vote too. Hell if Biden can be VP, then your pets are qualified to vote, so get them to the polls as well.” Uncle J – Blackfive 10/12/2012

    • NJK

      He didn’t win. He was rude to Paul Ryan, and rude to the people who tuned in. He lost, and they’ll lose the election.

      • 911Infidel

        Yeah, we know that. Uncle J is a friggn wordsmith. Always a hoot.

  • westernhunter

    I said last night I hope they turn it into a ad and wal-la here it is – great.

  • Awesome


    Romney / Ryan 2012 vs Obama / Biden 2012
    … it is over with just 25 days remaining before November 6th, ROMNEY / RYAN 2012 ticket will be declared with out question, ‘VICTORIOUS FOR THE CAUSE OF LIBERTY’ the new President & Vice President of the United States of America. 330 electoral votes for Romney and 208 electoral votes for Obama . ”

    • ObamaPelosi

      How are you getting to the 330 electoral votes for Romney? What are the 2008 Obama swing states you think Romney will get this time?

    • Susitna

      I agree with you. This election is about recovering our freedom. Without freedom no recovery of the economy will be possible.

  • michael carpenter

    I like the pretty music in the back ground. Innocent. Positive.

  • sjmom

    The ad speaks for itself. This is pure Joe Biden.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Brilliant – love it.

  • Orangeone

    Priceless! Only Biden could be campaigning this hard for R Squared!

    • kong1967

      Can I ask a stupid question? What do you mean by “R Squared”?

      • Orangeone

        Romney and Ryan.  Squared is more powerful than a single value alone, i.e. 3 Squared = 3*3 or 9
        Just a fun way to refer to them. It must be catching on because Romney is now selling an R 2 button!

        • kong1967

          Math was my area of study, lol. I’m out of the loop. I missed this catch phrase.

          • Orangeone

            No prob, I’ll get you up-to-date.  I coined this nickname for them the day Ryan came onto the ticket!  The two of them together are greater than either one separately so it just made sense.

            • kong1967

              You came up with the “R squared” phrase and Romney is using it? Am I talking to someone that’s connected to important people?

              • Orangeone

                I’m not sure where they got R 2 on their button but hopefully they are monitoring Scoop and all of our great ideas, comments and suggestions.

                • kong1967

                  I’ve heard political figures do monitor the sites.

                • Susitna

                  If someone is monitoring……please ask Mr. Romney to ask Obama during the next debate why is not running on Obamacare if he is so proud of this bill.

                • kong1967

                  I know, and he only mentions the good parts that will go away if we repeal Obamacare (such as pre-existing conditions). In reality, that’s not a good part because there’s a big reason why the “pre-existing conditions” clause exists. Take it away and watch the health industry unravel.


    As Election Day nears, Romney crowds are surging!!

    Yes TRS nation….AP reports that Romney Crowds are SURGING everywhere…from the fields of Iowa to the Towns of Ohio to the state of Virginia….People are waiting out in temps below FREEZING to catch a GLIMPSE OF ROMNEY….In Ohio over 50 percent of one city…went to see MITT!! 50 percent!! He is drawing 1000s and 1000s everywhere he is going!!!!!

    Yes TRS Nation…I know when Romney was here in Florida….it was PACKED!!!!!!!!! I have met the man twice and I know how great it is to be there to meet him or see him…Same with Paul…who I also met!!

    And with Biden’s Meltdown…Good Grief….Oh check over at Instapundit…THE CLINTONS AND OBAMA TENSIONS are rising and getting worse…BILL is furious about Obama trying to pin Benghazi on Hillary!! Oh this will get nasty…Bill Clinton is one of those people when you spurn him or Hillary…WATCH OUT!! POPCORN ANYONE?? I know Benghazi is a disgrace…but can you imagine after that ELOQUENT DNC CON JOB Bill made up about the Marxist to think the Marxist will throw Hillary under the Bus….Oh Bill will come out vicious….Remember the Clintons do not like Obama anyway!

    • LeonidasOfSparta1957

      I was thinking the same thing today– Obama, Carney and Biden are pushing Hillary under the bus. That will not turn out well for this Regime. The Clintons are quite vicious. I’ll bring some kettle-corn and Dr. Pepper.

      • It would nice nice if someone like Rush got on the air and said ” go ahead Bill i don’t think you have the balls to go up against Obama”. How nice that would be if it worked.

        • LeonidasOfSparta1957

          And Rush is the perfect one to throw down the gauntlet. Hehehe operation chaos revisited.
          Hilary Bryant
          Sorry for any misspellings

      • badbadlibs

        You know Dr. Pepper too? 😉

    • wodiej

      great news about the crowds.

      as for the Clintons, they sold their soul to the devil so she could be the SOS. There is a price for everything and you don’t want your debtor to be Satan.

      • pdxlady

        I think that her position as SoS was her consolation for being forced to step down so that Obama could have the Presidency. She had the votes and the super delegates to be the candidate, and was forced to give them up.

        Being SoS also gave her a position that would enable her to (literally) distance herself from this bumbling White House.

        Hillary Clinton is not going to allow anyone to throw her under the bus. I think she is already planning her retaliation for both Biden and Carney before the election; but not Obama until after he loses this election.

        Never underestimate the Clinton’s. They have one goal in mind…to take back the White House…and they are not going to let the punk-in-chief stop them.

        Just my opinion.

        • ObamaPelosi

          With the scene happening overseas, looks like the Obama administration are already throwing her under the bus. With all that has happened, I don’t think Hillary can ever get the white house back.

          • pdxlady

            That may be so, and I agree that it looks like the admin. is trying this; but I know the Clinton’s, and I remember all of the bodies, so I don’t believe that she will allow this to happen to her.

            The Clinton’s know too much about the real Obama, and just a few words out of Bill’s mouth could utterly destroy the 0.

    • joyfulgiver

      I can almost bet that the Clintons will not be voting for O. He has already destroyed her possibilities of running for President in 2016. Just heard Clinton is “lawyering up”.

      • ObamaPelosi

        Then why is Clinton on the stump for Obama acting like they’re best friends? Obama people basically called Clinton a racist in 2008 and Clinton is now supporting Obama’s re-election.

  • LeonidasOfSparta1957

    Great ad! Biden and Obama can’t open their mouths without indicting themselves. Every single thing they say is 1) an outright LIE; 2) obfuscation; 3) diversionary tactic; 4) hate.
    The ONLY thing they can NEVER be is honest. Ever. But they always mean what they say!

    • Amash

      Debate Tuesday and then one more. At some point Eyecandy will have to address Benzighate. Romney will have to bring it up. Moderators are all libs and in the tank for the loser.

  • keyesforpres

    5 in 5 jihadist agree…vote Obama bin Biden!!

    • conservocop

      LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right. One is both the same.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Ol’ Joe usually puts his mouth in gear before his brain has had a chance to think about what he’s going to say. Then again, maybe his brain DOES think it over, and he decides it sounds clever and smart to him so he says something totally stupid, inane, and worthless.

  • Biden is such a liar.


  • anyonebutbarry2012

    we already know biden is a incompetent fool, barry is a narcissist agenda pushing commie.
    we need to vote out boehner, cantor and countless others who did nothing about this disgraceful administration, they have been allowed to get away with their behavior.

  • Joe Biden is the gift that keeps on giving.

  • 12grace

    Blittering joe, does it again!

  • Joe


    ————————————–for this debate FOR SIX (6) DAYS !

    (What did he do for six days? – Sober up?)

    • Betsey_Ross

      Well, I guess he just sat there and practiced laughing and being a jerk. He got really good at it.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        He likely was well-practiced before the preparation started.

    • pdxlady

      He had a facelift and got new teeth.

    • SineWaveII


  • StrangernFiction

    They left out my favorite:

    What is the opposite of liberation? Ah yes, Joe says what he means, and he and his ‘rat comrades mean to enslave us.

  • Paul Ryan was the grown up in the room. He was honest, knowledgeable, respectful, and confident unlike Joe Biden who was just a creepy liar. During the debate, Joe Biden was acting like the rude uninformed, obnoxious, drunk jerk at the end of the bar who everyone hates. The drunk guy who gives you a headache and doesn’t keep his hands to himself who also follows you all over the bar…who never takes no as an answer or will get lost after repeatedly being told to go away creep. Lying Joe first said that the Intelligence told them that it was the protest against the video that started the attack on Libyan Embassy that killed Ambassador Stevens. Then, he said that there wasn’t any request for adding security prior to the attacks. Lying Joe then said that, “he was there” and voted against both Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Biden voted for both wars.
    To the idiots on the left who are comparing Biden’s rude interrupting behavior and saying Romney did the same thing are wrong. Romney didn’t interrupt the President… all Romney did was not let the moderator cut him off when he was making a point. Romney was very respectful to both Obama and moderator and never interrupted anyone unlike Biden who throughout the debate wouldn’t let Ryan make his statements without either Biden talking over Ryan or his creepy laughter trying to drown out Ryan. You idiots on the left will say anything since Obama’s performance was like a limp noodle and it is his fault that he under performed and not because Romney bullied him. Just face it, Obama was limp, lifeless, and full of juice or he premature ejaculated at the beginning of the debate.

    • white531

      Good comment, but I could have done without that last part.:)

  • Nukeman60

    I’ve always said the ‘gaffes’ that Biden spews are not accidental. They are intentionally made to distract from what Obama has up his sleeve for the next few days. It’s nice to hear Biden himself confirm this notion that everything he says, he means.

    From now on, we must not allow the media to say Biden’s words are ‘gaffes’. It’s game on until election day.

  • Diana Laraby

    I SOOO love this ad!!!!!! Nothing better!!!

  • Diana Laraby

    With Obama’s dismal debate performance last week and Biden’s child-like antics last night, is this really the best we can do for our country???????

  • NJK

    Very powerful ad, especially the end.

  • conservativemama

    To borrow a line from Evita (and change the pronoun)…………..”He didn’t say much but he said it loud.”

    Nothing was more infuriating than his laugh when he didn’t want to hear what Ryan was saying. We’ve all suffered that person, the one who uses that fake laugh to try to diminish us and what we’re saying because he/she knows that what we’re saying is true. I really hate that.

    Biden’s bizarro routine just reminded lots of people of the unpleasant people in their lives.

  • kong1967

    That was funny.

  • colliemum

    Excellent ad – I hope everybody is sending this to family, friends and all who are still ‘undecided’.

    Great news about the surge for Romney and Ryan – but that doesn’t mean we can now give up and rest. The Obama admin will cart the dead to the polling booths, there will be massive fraud, so every vote counts.
    It’s not over by any means!

    On the bright side – throwing Hillary under the bus must count as the worst unforced error by Obama and Biden in their whole campaign.
    There will be an October surprise – coming from the Clintons.
    You betcha!

  • I wonder which is the dumber: the Obama fools that buy into all of the liberal lies or the so-called “undecideds” who keep waiting for a sign from above because they either don’t live here to see what is going on or they do allot of sleep walking.

    • AlabamaPatriot2

      To me, an “undecided” voter is a fence-sitter, waiting to see which way the wind is blowing on November 6. These people are a blight on our society when the picture is so clear and obvious.

  • Rocco11

    This moron is unhinged, somebody needs to order an emergency psych evaluation on the 40 year government worker.

  • Rocco11

    His dad would say,”Joey, you done gone plum loco boy!”

  • Joe Biden, in the pocket of the Duponts, since 1972.
    Joe Biden, making Billy Carter look good.

  • How do you know Biden is lying? His lips are moving. I think this just shows all Americans how desperate the Obama team really is. Ryan looked presidential, while Biden looked like he was either drunk or off his medication. Either way, I don’t think Biden did Obama much good the other night. And THAT is the best thing he could have done for Romney.

  • It’s almost like he just doesn’t care.

  • Rosebud

    Put this bird brain out to pasture along with his Marxist wannabe dictator boss.

  • DebbyX

    Joe needs to get himself back to the kid’s table………he’s not ready to sit with the grown ups!

  • WordsFailMe

    and yet Joe Biden would make a better President than Obama

  • 1217Chic

    It was like a Mr. Potter and George Bailey debate……And like the movie, George won (:

  • Yazz55

    Romney doesn’t need to run negative attack ads. Just look at all the useful material being provided by the regime for Romney’s ads.

  • JoelDick

    Why didn’t they highlight the “chains” statement?

  • BobRohner

    Biden Says what he means !!!!!!

    Lying to Get a Job: Nine Famous Fibbers
    Presidential Candidate, Joseph Biden Jr.
    Biden claimed he attended Syracuse University College of Law on a full academic scholarship and graduated in the top half of the class. He actually received a partial scholarship based on financial aid and finished 76th in a class of 85. This incident, coupled with charges of speech plagiarism, resulted in Biden’s termination of his 1988 bid for the presidency. As we all know, his 2010 campaign had a different outcome.

  • That’s really good!

  • Hilarious…Biden is a disaster!

  • keats5

    That’s hilarious.