New Romney ad attacks Obama for not standing up to China

This is obviously a response – and a good one I might add – to Obama’s latest ad that Romney won’t stand up to China:

Honestly, I never thought China would be that big of a deal in this election and I still don’t. I don’t think very many Americans are going to be voting on this issue whatsoever. But hey, I could be wrong. It’s just that I don’t think of China when I think of our terrible economy. I think of Obama.

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  • Sandra123456

    I am not liking any of these recent Romney ads.

    I think Obama should be put on defense. Instead of days on end of the MSM talking about what Romney said about campaign strategy, get the MSM talking about a charge Romney has made about Obama. Change the national conversation from putting Romney on defense to putting Obama on defense. That should be an ad goal.

    On a side note I think they should punch up the end of every ad where Romney says “I approve this message…” The way Romney is speaking is without passion or conviction. Punch it up.

    Also I hope the Romney strategists are not doing what McCain’s people did in ’08 and writing off states like New York State where I live as solidly for Democrats and therefore unwinnable. I think that would be a big mistake because there is a huge resentment of Obama I think in all states. I think they are doing this because I have yet to see a Romney ad on TV here. I don’t watch much TV but I do see the Obama ads.

    So I am not to impressed with how Romney’s campaign is going right now and I am scared to death of another four years of the Muslim in Chief.

    • You are spot on! Romney seems to to always responding in ads. He should be attacking. You’re right again that the tag line at the end “I’m Mitt and I approve” sounds like it was recorded at 2am in the morning, about 4 hours after Romney ran out of coffee. I’m in MA so I can empathize with your desire for Romney to run a 50 state campaign and not write off any of them. I still think we will win though. Despite the media, the momentum is with us.

    • las1

      Romney and the economy… again… a one trick pony act.

      If Romney wins, it won’t be thanks to his campaign.

      • SineWaveII

        So what should he be talking about? Bear in mind that he has to win the center at this point, (he already has the right or at least as much of it that’s he going to get)

        • las1

          Agreed, but i will say that Romney is simply left with the centre to woo because he didn’t define Obama and go after the soft Obama Democrat. He could have had a double constituency to win over… but I think now that all he is left with is just trying to get the independents.

          I’ve stated the alternative messaging on another posting. But I’ll state it here. He needs to expose Obama’s murderous and dangerous connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and bringing the MB into the White House; Bill Ayers, Wright, Frank Marshall Davis etc. He needs to expose Obama’s connections and radicals in his administration, people like Samantha Powers, Cass Sunstein and many others, Irene Dunn. He needs to expose his Muslim Outreach. Needs to hammer at his failed Foreign Policy. He needs to attack Obama for his anti-colonialism and anti-Americanism and should attack him on his apology tours and for apologizing for the YouTube clip. … all this can be put in ads. But these are defining points that Romney should have placed on Obama long ago… because these work on the same marketing principles of building a message and hammering the message until people get it in their heads. These messages are not for the right, and not necessarily for the indepenents. These messages are intended to put doubt in the hearts of the soft-Obama supporters who got caught up in the Hope-and-Change miasma. If they really knew who Obama really was, even they would be shocked.

          This is all offensive war… but Romney’s campaign is not doing it.

          • SineWaveII

            I think you’re making the mistake that a lot of people make. You’re assuming that the voters are glued to their tvs trying to glean every bit of info about the candidates so that they can before they make up their minds on who to vote for.
            The reality is that a large section of the populace isn’t paying any attention at all to either of the candidates. They are tuned out and unreachable, fortunately a lot of them don’t vote.
            Of the remainder, most of the voters have already made up their mind. You point out that Romney needs to win over some Obama voters. Your’e right. But remember these people voted for Obama. They aren’t going to take kindly to being made to feel stupid. To your point that Romney needs to win them over, I suggest you remember one thing. A record number of people now identify themselves as “republican, conservative or independent” while a record low number ID themselves as liberal, or democrat. That tells me that most of the work that Romney needs to accomplish is done, he just needs to hold on to it until election day.
            This final point is probably the most important one of all. People will vote for change if they are unhappy with their status-quo. I have no doubt that most people are unhappy. Obama, the left, and the news media are living in a fantasy world, and therefore can’t see what’s affecting voters the most. But the voters know what’s affecting them because they live it every day. Remember how wrong the news-media and the pollsters were about Wisconsin and the Scott Walker recall. And that was in a traditionally strong democrat state. The fact is people are going to vote for change when they are unhappy, and this time that means voting Obama out of office. Add to that Obama’s complete foreign policy failure on top of his economic failure and he’s pretty much toast.
            Like James Carville said “It’s the economy stupid”.

            • las1

              Thanks sinewaveii…I like your post. This was a very good read. Can’t disagree with much here. And you are absolutely right that most people are not politics-junkies like you are I… so I have no illusions there.

              My main point is about marketing a message. Marketing takes a period of time and repetition with concise information combined with compelling messages against Obama. The Romney team simply has not used the resources available. And that is a great pity.

              I like your bit about who identifies as Dem, Repub, or Indi. That is reassuring. But I’ll be biting my nails all the way through Nov. 6.

              • SineWaveII

                I hear ya friend, I’ll be biting mine right along with you.

    • Romney has no chance at winning New York and a limited budget. You won’t see any Obama ads in Texas, nor, for that matter, will you see many Romney ads in Texas, because its already in the bag for him.

      I agree that his ads have been disappointing, though.

      • BHliberty

        If Obama has California allegedly clenched, then why is he running Ads here? I don’t know this but, is Obama running Ads in NY? It seems to me that the Obama campaign is running scared and they are throwing anything at the wall to see if it sticks. And that is what you won’t hear about in the media outlets!

        Sure Romney won’t run Ads in Texas. My thinking is he is more strategic in is planning (unlike seeing what sticks methodology) and will target those markets where he can make gains. He doesn’t need to make gains in TX!

        I just think this election will be close and I think this go around there might be some surprises!

      • Josh

        I am wondering if Obama even has to run ads. I bet MSNBC and the other networks do it for free and write it off as a charitable donation…

    • LibLoather

      Sandra, wait for the debates. The first one is Wed. October 3, and Romney better f*cking bring it!

  • I’m guessing we’re lucky if half of the registered voters could find China on a map, so I have to agree with you, Scoop.

    It’s even less likely that many voters on either side have been following the bad economic news out of China. This means most ignorant Dem voters still think of China as “that place where they eat chicken feet, and where Obama gets his money from, so he can give it to us.”

    But I like how Team Romney is hitting back, fast on Obama’s attacks. I just hope they are also continuing to hit “front” by striking first on issues while Team Obama (AKA Creepy Hands Person) is busy covering his failures in dealing with Al Qaeda’s explosive growth by being all over the map on Romney’s tax returns (he didn’t pay any…he need to show his returns…his returns aren’t enough…his returns are doctored…he didn’t pay enough…his returns show he’s not smart enough because he paid too much; and round and round the balls whirl and the lights blink in confused splendor).

    • las1

      I’ve noticed on the news-crawl that they tell you how much Romney paid in taxes, compared to his gross, but not how much he paid in charity… 3 to 4 times as much.

      • why would expect anything else…here is an idea instead of raging on Romney how about defending him and attacking the MSM as much as you attack Romney. It may be more helpful. No matter waht Romney does it will never be enough for people here….it is amazing

        Obama has attacked Romney since May with over 130 million in ads…and they are tied in skewed polls…yeah those attack ads have done wonders for Obama.

        • las1

          Ads are crucial and extremely important.

          I get the idea of supporting Romney in his drive to oust Obama, but Romney’s campaign is frustrating his supporters. What is it going to take for the campaign to open their ears and listen to valid and legitimate criticism.

          The complaint against Romney is the same complaint Mark Levin has. Levin’s complaint is that Romney’s campaign is not on the offensive and it’s sputtering. And it is not true that Romney can never do enough. But he has to be more multi-dimensional in his ads than just repeating the drumbeat about the economy.

          We heard from Sununu that the campaign would ramp up after the convention. Well it hasn’t. These ads of his are exhibit A. Romney’s campaign and ads must define Obama, but that all should have been done long ago. I’m hope that ship has not sailed. And they are not defining Obama. Instead they are putting out little fires making little ads in response to Obama’s ads defining Romney…and that is a defensive position.

          Gingrich navigated this really well… and it’s stunning that the Romney campaign has not taken a clue from Newt. I blame his handlers. Obama’s malfeasance and connections and anti-colonial anti-americanism and hard-left radicalism as well as his enabling of Islamism is pure gold for the taking… and Romney’s campaign is not doing it.

          But it is most certainly true that the MSM will never shout any Romney message from the rooftops, but I am a little heartened that the Romney tapes were an opportunity for him to double down about the 47%. That’s a message that is getting through somewhat because instead of the MSM winning at smearing Romney with it, he took an opportunity to educate the MSM on conservative principles… and in doing so some of the message is getting out.

          More controversial statements by Romney just may be the ticket to educate the electorate… but focusing on the economy in the ads alone is risky. And the Romney crew is only going after independents and are not planting doubt about Obama in the hearts of soft Obama followers… and that is a marketing task that should have been done long ago

          This is not Romney bashing, but sounding the alarm that he has to realize that he is at war and to conduct his campaign like a war campaign.

          • I don’t consider what you wrote “Romney bashing” at all, more constructive criticism! Sometimes your best friend is the one that tells you you truly suck at something that “everyone else” says you’re great at, but secretly know you suck at but aren’t good enough a friend to be honest. Your heart is in the right place, your comment is aimed at helping, not hurting. And you made some great points too.

            • las1

              Thanks. My guy was Gingrich… I even named my dog after him. But boy do I ever want Romney to win, but there is a cordon-sanitaire around him by his campaign handlers which is unhealthy and damaging imho. And good voices out there are being rejected.

              • OH I agree! That Mother(F’r) Jones “leak” video I saw done a HECK of a lot to ease my minds about what Romney thinks about things! We shouldn’t have to depend on leaked videos to show us Romney unplugged. Romney should be like that in EVERY video and interview. Telling it like it is, no varnish, just the facts… er, m’am! 🙂

          • SineWaveII

            “Ads are crucial and extremely important.” I wonder how true that is anymore. Everybody I know has been advertised into numbness by the sheer volume of it. They all hit the mute button as soon as the ads come on. That is for the people who still watch ‘free’ tv. I for example, only see the ads if they are on the internet, since I only watch tv through Itunes and Amazon.

            • las1

              I hear you. You are so correct, but people like you and I are politics junkies, it’s the average folk who struggle to make a living who get their information from the TV whom we are trying to reach… and it seems that since the MSM is a propaganda outfit… ads are all we have left.

        • You might want to re-read what las1 wrote. You just claimed what las1 wrote was “raging on Romney,” which was doubly incorrect A) it wasn’t “raging”, and B) it was pointing out that the media missed the fact that Romney paid a lot in charity.

          It was not an “attack” on Romney at all. Quite the opposite.

      • Nukeman60

        It’s the entire reason why they wanted 10 years worth of tax returns, so they could nitpick little things to make them big things. Two years worth isn’t nearly enough fodder to glean the motes of wisdom that 10 years could. My God, he paid less in taxes than I did. Baloney. He gave far more in charity than I made in my career. God Bless him for his giving.

        • las1

          Agreed… this ten year’s worth of tax returns is a trough to which Dems will return again and again. Romney should say, “screw you… you got 2 years worth… now deal with it!”. In fact… I think he did say that.

        • NObama hacks at Romney but meanwhile in NObamaland:

          According to a Wash Post article I found:
          When then-presidential candidate Obama released his tax returns during the 2008 campaign, it was revealed that he began making significant gifts to charity after he started making serious money from his books — and after he decided to run for president.

          Here’s what the numbers look like:

          2005: $77,315 to charity out of income of $1.66 million (4.6 percent)

          2004: $2,500 out of $207,647 (1.2 percent)

          2003: $3,400 out of $238,327 (1.4 percent)

          2002: $1,050 out of $259,394 (0.4 percent)

          The disparity between income and charitable contributions in 2002 is striking—less than half a penny on the dollar.

          • Nukeman60

            This is typical of liberal politicians. They give ‘generously’ when they think people are looking and whether or not it helps their campaign effort. Not much surprise here. I would say that, if you ran back 20 years in Romney’s life, the charity would still be a large part of who he was.

            It says a lot about Obama. But many of us knew that, didn’t we.

            • Absolutely. True Charity is giving when nobody is looking and nobody knows about it. That comes from the heart. NObama gives, not out of goodness, but what it might get him in return. That’s not charity at all, that’s just evil spreading it’s wings.

      • It really is everywhere you look. All media, all the time. In headlines at Yahoo right now: “Does Romney want a war?” and ‘Romney says his tax rate is “fair”‘

        Note the scare quotes around “fair”. They could have quoted more words, like “tax rate is fair”, but No0Oo0.

        Every possible place they can hit you, there’s more crap about Romney’s “bad week” and “faltering campaign.” But Obama, who’s had a totally horrible month, especially the last eight days or so (complete with Dead Americans and destroyed embassy compounds), is not mentioned except in fluff bits. Like his thoughts on Michelle Obama running for President.

        The media must all be squashed like Obama’s brain on drugs.

        Hey, a good ad: “Here’s Obama’s brain (empty chair). Here’s Obama’s Brain when he’s out of camera view (chair on fire)”

        I’m K-Bob, and I approve the f*ck out of this message.

        Man, I’m in a bad mood today!

        • las1

          Bad mood… just what the doctor ordered.. three times a day through November 6th. After that we’ll see if the condition clears up or gets worse.

        • AmyInWI(formerly just Amy..)

          Me too. I swung by my favorite donut shop only to find out this will be their last week. They simply can’t sustain their business in this economy. I’ll be in an even fouler mood next week without my maple bacon donut. I HATE politicians, the media and brain dead libs today…

          • las1

            What? No Donuts?


            When will this madness end?

            Oust Obama! Oust him now!

            p.s. Come up north here Amy… plenty of maple bacon north of the 49th.

            • AmyInWI(formerly just Amy..)

              MMM.. And you guys have awesome maple as well 🙂

              The hubby & I are donut fanatics – we work out hard so we can splurge on those little yummies. Now… we’ll have to settle for super market ickies. Bleck.

          • Small business: the enemy of the state.

            The fact that it’s doughnuts is as bad as someone drowning kittens in a sack.

            Obama must go.

  • If we don’t start re-energizing and investing in our manufacturing base, we’re done. We have to start making stuff again, and a lot of it, if we’re going to find jobs for the 23 million people that are out of work. If we are going to “grow” this economy, we have to start manufacturing things and not send everything out to China to be manufactured. It must stop, or we really are finished as a world power. If that means some protective tarriffs, so be it. We have to start doing something to show the Chinese that we are serious about defending our economy, or what’s left of it. The first way to do that is by standing up to them and reducing our debt to them as well. But Obama would never even think of doing that.

    • People here need to understand in Ohio, Michigan. Wisconsin and other areas China is a big deal with manufacturing.

      People here just think Mitt has billions and billions to say this and that. He does not.

    • las1

      I think Romney has it right about China’s deliberately devalued currency. That’s a good place to start.

    • SineWaveII

      Make stuff like what? Did you see that interview where the late Steve Jobs explained why the Iphone could never be made in America?

      • AmyInWI(formerly just Amy..)

        No, no, that’s the small stuff. Think bigger. Farm Equipment, cars, ships, steel for infrastructure, paper (it’s used in EVERYTHING from toilet paper to boxes you ship in), Humvee’s, heavy machining equipment, textiles, electrical equipment (industrial not home), first responder vehicles, first responder equipment, equipment for food packaging, plumbing…

        That’s just my state. It not only takes a person to stand in an assemblyline, but an engineer to design the equipment used in the assemblyline and a few machinists to keep it all running. Truckers to get the product to shipping point.

        That’s where manufacturing is at. No, we won’t excel at making iPhones because those are expendable and get flushed down toilets and need to be replaced cheaply. But we used to excel at producing the big items and it will put a lot of people back to work if we pursue that avenue again.

        • SineWaveII

          OK. But I think we are the leader in most of those areas. I read about how during the building boom in Shanghai people were amazed at how much of the heavy equipment was made by John Deere and Caterpillar. We are the world’s largest maker of heavy trucks and aircraft of all kinds. And we are also the world’s largest manufacturer of automobiles by volume. It’s true that we’re falling behind in making steel but that’s mostly because steel is a relatively cheap product that’s not hard to make once the steel mills are built. But we don’t have a lot of new steel mills thanks to the democrats and the environmentalists. For the most part though, we are the leader for manufacturing the really big stuff. The main reason for the loss of jobs in those areas is due to the mismanagement of the economy by the democrats and King Putt. Once we get rid of them and get the economy moving again. I believe those areas will spring back to life.

          • AmyInWI(formerly just Amy..)

            We’re holding our own in some areas but that ground will be lost quickly if the EPA continues on it’s current path. It will also be lost quickly if the damn teacher’s unions keep poo-pooing blue collar jobs. If your business is in need of machinists, you are pretty much SOL right now. They are retiring and not being replaced. We will also lose ground if China keeps up it’s currency/trade policy. We’ve fallen quickly since they joined WTO. I’m for free trade, but not with countries that play dirty so they can keep their people from rioting.

            Funny fact: AP is reporting that a Chinese factory that produces iPhones & iPads has been closed due to rioting workers. Apparently, a worker was assaulted by a guard for not showing ID. Now, the iPhone 5 delivery will be delayed even longer…. China can pretend to be a capitalist country, but a tiger doesn’t change it’s stripes and it’s citizens are not as happy & sanguine as some would believe.

            • SineWaveII

              Can’t argue with any of that. We certainly can’t afford to be complacent.
              Although I would point out that for as much we have a government and considering its cost – it’s hugely expensive; we should demand that the government sit down with Apple and say “what do you really need to have to build the Iphone, Ipad etc here in the US? Then they should provide it.
              That means if they say they need a lower minimum wage they should lower it. If they need less regulation, then regulation should be reduced, if they need better trained workers. Government should let Apple design the training and education program they need and then provide the minimum amount of help needed to achieve it.
              If the government can’t do any of this, then what good is it? If that’s the case then the government should just shut down and get out of the way. To me, this seems basic, if this isn’t the first job of our elected officials (or maybe second after defending the country) …then what is their job?
              One thing about Obama. He has done a great job of showing the American people exactly what the government shouldn’t be doing.

              • AmyInWI(formerly just Amy..)

                Totally agree ~ Just gotta get rid of the dead weight at both 1600 Pennsylvania and K Street…

                • SineWaveII

                  Amen to that.

    • AmyInWI(formerly just Amy..)

      And then we have to get the kids on board so they understand that manufacturing isn’t beneath them… because as it sits now we have less than 10% of our people in manufacturing. Everyone wants that 4-yr degree and wants to wear a white collar. One of the things our public education system has done is to instill a sense of disdain for anyone choosing to work as a tradesman.

      • SineWaveII

        Not just manufacturing. But all manner of blue collar jobs. Mike Rowe and John Ratzenberger have started an organization to do exactly that.

        • AmyInWI(formerly just Amy..)

          I love watching anything either of those two do. I always learn so much & they both really love the blue collar roots of our country.

          I work for an electrical contracting company and we currently have over two dozen positions open for journeymen, about the same for apprentices and almost a dozen for foremen/superintendents. Our top guys make 60-80K a year – easily. Unfortunately, most kids out of HS don’t realize you can make a good living as an electrician as well as move up to management or even project management.

          • SineWaveII

            It’s sad fact, but true. I think that’s starting to change though.

  • AmyInWI(formerly just Amy..)

    I think it depends on your geographical location. I live in a heavy manufacturing area and the China ads have been airing for a few weeks – although I haven’t seen this one yet. The manufacturing area does pay close attention to where the jobs are at and it’s a point of contention that China is producing goods we could & used to produce here. Just a couple months ago Georgia Pacific pulled a contract back here stateside to produce an item that had been out sourced to China. It was big news here. People HATE that fact that ‘everything’ is made in China.

    • Great point…that is exactly right!! The ads play geographically and that is a major point to understand. To many China is a big deal….

  • JoeMontana16

    I personally care a lot about china. I wont blame them for the money we borrow but I will blame them for what they have done to their currency however. Devaluation of their currency has siphoned a ton of jobs from the USA.

    • AmyInWI(formerly just Amy..)

      Agreed – but it’s a tread carefully area. We’ve become a consumer driven society used to buying cheaply. The service/retail industry is a big employer because of it. I certainly don’t get the warm fuzzies from the Romney team on what their plans are for dealing with China despite the ads airing. I’m just going with the, ‘it’s gotta be better than Obama’ mindset with the knowledge that he at least understands the fundamentals of capitalism…

    • SineWaveII

      I agree with your point, but we are just as guilty of devaluing our currency. (QE3)

  • Army_Pilot1967

    obama wouldn’t stand up to Trinidad/Tobago, much less China. I’m afraid our fearless leader isn’t so fearless after all. But I’m just as sure that his apologist have an explanation for his indecisiveness…he doesn’t want the US to appear to be stronger than any other country. Oh, I also noticed his “bow” to the Chineses official he met. Way to go, Fearless Leader.

  • Nukeman60

    This ad is too soft and possibly in the wrong direction. I believe China is important, not only for the amount of debt we owe them, but also for what they have done and are trying to do with undermining our dollar. However, most Americans don’t really see it as the most important thing in their lives. They should, but they don’t.

    What they care about is the immediate impact on their lives – how Obama has affected their jobs, their income, and their livelihood. He has to be held accountable and Romney has a lot of ammunition to work with.

  • China is not stealing American jobs. China is not the reason America has high unemployment. Free trade doesn’t hurt the economy. [/repeat] [/repeat] [/repeat]

    • Patriot077

      China does steal our technology, however, both public and private. They do not respect patents or copyrights at all.

    • kong1967

      I agree with that in a large part. Free trade reduces the cost of products here in the states, that’s for sure. But they can’t steal jobs that are willingly moved there…(moved) for a reason. Jobs there create jobs here, too. It might not be in manufacturing, but it still creates jobs.

      I do think we need to crack down on them stealing technology. But I never agreed that we can do anything about China manipulating it’s currency. Do we not do the same with the fed?

  • While I DO agree that Mitt needs to take off the kid gloves, I also want to point out that china is as big of a threat in its way as the ME is, and even russia(under Putin).

  • kong1967

    That’s a pretty good ad. I’d like to know what the specifics are of the “seven times”.