New Romney ad hammers Obama for his apology tour

I love the fact that Romney has made an ad that focuses entirely Obama’s apology tour. I’d keep hammering that one hard for the next 2 weeks until election day:

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  • stage9


  • Rshill7

    The new President may need to go on another apology tour to apologize for the last President.

    • Betsey_Ross

      Bath House Barry has done much damage to our economy and our standing in the world. It’s easy to see Romney’s game plan. Get him on the stuff that has been nawing at our souls for the past 4 years. Everyone knows about it and was horrified that an American president would do this. It’s been hanging like a big matzoth ball out there giving people indigestion for way too long. Finally some relief.

      I would have loved to see Romney go after Hill and O for the Benghazi atrocity, but not that many people know the story as we do and it would just get the press all hyped up and make Romney look like a meany. When/if Obama pardons Hill, himself, and Holder on the way out we will know we are right. We will also know that all of them have blood on their hands and will eventually pay a huge price for it. But…’s not much comfort for those four brave Americans’ families. There seems to be no justice for them. At some point I am sure Romney will make it somewhat better for them. At least give them answers. Right now we think we have them, but we don’t.

    • denbren52

      Actions speak louder than words. The best thing Romney can do is to get elected. That will be apology enough, expressed by a majority of the American people.

      • Deb

        Nope. Poor Romney will be sitting in his wife’s lap crying and wondering why he couldn’t win the election even after 6 years of campaigning. He is an absolute goof ball with no plan and wants to start wars. Most Americans are fed up with wars. How has war worked for you? American’s are tired of having to fight wars and love the fact that President Obama is a mediator and has a level calm personality so there is not another war! I feel so sad for Romney, that he reminds me of Rick Perry in Texas…so sad.

    • That’s just to darn funny and too darn true!

  • ChicksLoveRight

    Obama out of ammo – unfortunately he doesn’t even have Bayonets anymore!

    • Rshill7

      He still has his own little ‘bay of pigs’ in the senate.

      A veritable sty where bills go to die.

      • BHliberty

        Yeah, the big sty is Harry Reid!

    • detectivedick

      Oh, give Cutter, Podesta and Axelrod time, because “man” behind the curtain will not give up power easily.

      • Don’t you mean that ‘woman’ Valerie Jarrett? Might explain why Moochelle is so grumpy.

  • Orangeone

    And look at who Barky Boy has removed from power and how he helped to instill, his Muslim Brotherhood friends, #WaronWomen

  • Romney should have shown
    those pictures where FuBar Ack is bending down to
    other VIPs, including the photo where he practically kissed the hand of a muslim ruler…..

  • justrighton

    Yes but he has that “Eye Candy” thing going for him still…LOL /sarc

    • detectivedick

      “Eye Candy” no, the LIAR is a lemon drop

  • detectivedick

    The Best post debate 30 second commercial so far. Keep them short and on target. Thumbs up!

  • BHliberty

    Wow, that was good! I didn’t watch the debate (watched SF Giants win!) but from what I can see and what I’ve heard Guv Romney hit him hard! This statement made by Romney was brilliant, just briliant! And truthful, (imagine that!). BO looked scared since he wasn’t going to be able to wrap some little lie around the fact that Romney speaks the truth. So…..if anyone is undecided by now then they have no business voting. But after last night, I don’t think there are going to be that many undecideds left!

    Romney/Ryan 2012

    • NHConservative0221

      Not nearly hard enough.

      The first question was an open invitation for Mitt to hammer obama on Libya and romney let it slide.

      Romney also never mentioned obama refusing to meet with Netanyahu.

      Romney played prevent defense instead of going for the knockout blow.

      I think that’s a shame, i don’t want this coming down to election night, I think it was huge lost opportunity last night.

      • BHliberty

        Perhaps you’re right! But it seems that the Romney message is resonating to registered voters. That is, the economy must remain strong in order for a strong military!

      • canscrap

        My first thoughts were the same as yours, LAST NIGHT. However, this morning the Rasmussen polls shows Mitt up in the Swing States and National…. so the kinder and gentler Mitt served a purpose and it was to show him very Presidential a total contrast to a community organizer over his head.

        • NHConservative0221

          When were those polls taken though?

          Hopefully Mitt’s going soft strategy works. I’ve heard all the arguments for it but I still disagree.

          How he let obama say that he improved the situation in Libya and that they’re celebrating America over there is beyond me!

          Why not say that ever since Reagan bombed Libya, kiling one of Qaddafi’s sons that there weren’t any terrorist attacks or dead ambassadors. It was obama that removed Quaddafi and put the radical terrorists in place?

          • canscrap

            I know, I’m finding myself saying “He should have said this and he should have said that”, but my much more grounded husband reminds me that whatever Romney is doing, is working…..Glenn Beck was funny this morning because he felt that he could have finished obama in last nights debate. I don’t think that Mitt needed to destroy obama last nite because he did that to himself. He really looked like an immature child, looking at the moderator for help and constantly injecting himself into Mitt’s answer.


            • Stephanie T

              I completely agree with your husband. I’ve questioned a few moves along the way during the Romney campaign, but it continues to work and the numbers go up. I have come from seeing Mr. Romney as a very smart man to thinking he is downright brilliant in this way he has handled himself throughout this grueling campaign. I trust him whereas I do not trust our current President.

      • wodiej

        why don’t you go listen to the clip of Krauthammer on why Romney did what he did and it will make perfect sense.

    • tshtsh

      The leftover undecideds are sly lefty b.o. voters. Maybe those who do not want to produce a picture i.d. are drinkers with suspended drivers’ license (not that it will stop them from driving).

    • Yeah, but in true Obama fashion, the day after the debates he’s got his man-jewels back on and slamming Romney, except, Romney’s nowhere nearby to defend himself. A sniveling pint-sized man-child full of courage when in no danger.

      • Stephanie T

        So true. When I listen to the soundclips from Obama’s recent speeches, he sounds as though he has spent too much time on the late night shows. He rarely abandons the snarky, get-a-load-of-this-guy tone, and approaches his rallies like an opening act comedian (no offense to good opening act comedians). He doesn’t respect his supporters enough to give them anything serious or concrete…but then they don’t demand it either.

  • Good, but should have left in the “we noticed” bit about NObama not visiting Israel.

  • PhillyCon

    The last sentence was powerful. I’m usually the first to criticize Romney, but that was really good. Almost conservative, LOL. 🙂

  • Knockout punch! That alone may win Romney the election right there! Get this ad on TV asap! And often!

  • Theconservativechic

    I am Mitt Romney and I will not apologize when I win the 2012 presidential election!!!

    Gooooo Romney/Ryan!!

  • BOOM.

  • wales777


  • NHConservative0221


    Romney should’ve said we had a drone giving us a live feed of the battle where our ambassador was killed. Romney should’ve asked obama if he saw it, if not why not? Romney should’ve said we didn’t we send help, we were in Libya to help, why did we leave a man behind?

    Me: I don’t like Romney playing prevent defense. Don’t be afraid to win, I’m still very upset Mitt let that piece of trash off the hook!

    • Bryan Ewbank

      I don’t think Mitt was aiming for your vote or my vote – he was aiming for those that are (believe it or not) still undecided, as well as those that are saying “better the devil we know than…”. Romney came across as the incumbent, and Obama came across as a footnote.

      THAT made the debate a success for Romney, even if he didn’t hammer every nail or win every go-round. He “lost” a few points in the debate, but he lost them gracefully. He “won” points too, and that was just as gracefully done.

      Lose the battle of the debate, but win the war at the election box!

  • 1vote

    Obowma needs to go on an AMERICAN apology tour. Oh, never mind, just go away !!!

  • Randy Leatherman

    Wow….what a spanking!!!!!!!!

  • colliemum

    Make it go viral – that look Bathhouse Barry gave Romney is enough to put anybody off their food. No sane person would vote for such a vindictive man.

  • keats5

    Good ad. I only wish some of the bowing photos were included, because some clueless people are still not aware of those.

    • TexasEnforcer

      Good point. The “bowing” photos would’ve been great in this ad. There’s still time.

      • keats5

        Maybe next week?

  • sjmom

    This was my favorite part of the debate and the expression on Obama’s face was priceless. IMO this was one of the reasons Obama got so angry because he could not deny nor defend what he had done but how dare Romney say it.

  • jdbaird

    Good stuff, time to WIN IT!

  • Sober_Thinking

    One of Romney’s finest moments to date. VERY Presidential!

    Keep beating this drum until the election.

  • Robert Kroll

    Obama chastised Romney with his horses and bayonets put down, suggesting Romney wasn’t paying attention to current military requirements. He also referred to submarines as “ships that go under the water.” As a point of information, horses have been used as recently as the war in Afghanistan, and the Marines still use bayonets. As far as submarines, they are boats, not ships. To wit: “Submarines are still referred to as boats not only due to the historical term, but the fact that they still require support from a Submarine Tender while in home port for repairs and maintenance.” So, who’s not keeping up with all things military, Mr. President?

  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    Romney’s calm presidental demeanor made ZerO look like a petulant street hustler.

  • wodiej

    Another good ad.

  • p m

    Rush is doing a segment right now correctly pointing out that it wasn’t an apology tour, but rather, a condemnation tour. Telling a Europe that wouldn’t exist if not for America, that it has been devalued by America. Oh yeah? Worth catching and I do hope Scoop will post it later.

  • Disappointing. It should have had pictures of Obama bowing and/or clips of him trash-talking America. People need to be reminded of what he actually said.

  • Susitna

    Obama visited as President Turkey, Egypt and bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore he has embraced the Muslim Brotherhood and is helping from Lybia to organize a “Benghazi Fast and Furious” to deliver arms to overthrow Assad. Obama is furthermore in favor of sanctions against Iran. The Saudis have recently visited the Gaza Strip and are planning to invest lots of money.
    Do you know who is Sunni or Shia Muslim?
    Sunni Muslim = Obama, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas / Gaza Strip, Kenyan Muslims and Indonesian Muslims.
    Shia = Iran, Irak, Lebanon and Assad ( represents a Shia minority in Syria).
    Does this make sense to you now? Tell me who are your friends and I will tell you who you are…….

  • bob bear

    Romney has abandoned all the Conservative positions he had before the Republican Convention, he has become Obama Jr., he is the liar Gingrich said he was, and has proven in his lies to the Right before the Convention that he is as Santorum said, the worst to run against Obama!
    He might be such a good liar because he a non Christian Mormon!

  • Man, Obama looks like a gargoyle ready to pounce! He is one creepy dude.