New Romney Ad on protecting religious liberty

Romney came out with a new ad today highlighting Obama’s war on religion via Obamacare:

I love how the ad starts but the rest only generates a “meh” from me. Maybe I’m missing something?

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  • toongoon

    Wow. The fighting attitude he had in the primaries must be on reserve.

    Maybe he’s saving it for the 2016 primary.

    • Sandra123456

      Must be. With ads this mellow…well why run it at all?


      • toongoon

        Underwhelmed! That’s the word. Brings back visions of McLame.

    • las1

      What? Didn’t Sununu tell you that? Oh! He must have left out the part about Romney getting his mojo just in time for the 2016 primaries. And Sununu did this all the while impressing the talk show hosts with his clever smarminess. Sununu the fool… seems to like pulling the bow string while leaving the arrow in his quiver.

  • denbren52

    He needs to call a tyrant a tyrant! This is like a wrist slap with an empty velvet glove: “Take that you bad man.”

    • I too would like to see Mitt more forceful. However, if the plan is to win the Presidency, Romney has to bring more voters to his side. He already has Republican support. It’s the Independents and “reasonable” Dems the ads are designed to woo. Getting tougher makes it harder for them to cross over and support Romney.

      I wish it weren’t so.

    • KenInMontana

      He needs to upgrade that “empty velvet glove” to a chainmail gauntlet.

  • sDee

    I got the message. As a previous video (which TRS ran) made clear, the Church has told us under no uncertain terms that we are under direct assault by our government and better vote November to stop it.

    This is a “hint”.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Romney seems to be coming down with “McCain Syndrome”.

    This is an excellent point to attack… but Mitt’s spears could be a little sharper.

  • NCHokie02

    agree RS. Needs to start talking of his plans in some detail and keep using Obama’s words against him.

  • CPAguy

    weak sauce

    In fact, poor politics. He blatantly used the religion angle which will turn off some while he should have just stuck to the freedom angle.

    • That would mean denying that also Pope John Paul II was instrumental in the collapse of communism in the late 80s.

    • keninil

      He needs to use religion and the idea that religion flows into a daily life of good works. He needs to firmly convey that “Religion is not just on Sunday for an hour” like Pelosi has stated.

  • MiketheMarine

    Well, what can one expect of an Iranian trained hajji, muslim?

  • kamiller42

    This ad is about right. Its purpose is to court Catholics, not pander to them. Many respond better to positive, hopeful messages. The messaging of 2nd half of the ad is Mitt Romney will protect your religion from an encroaching government, i.e. he respects religious freedom.

    If you want to see pandering, view just about any Obama ad aimed at a segmented America. Start with the “WAR ON WOMEN.” Ugh.

  • anneinarkansas

    I think it is a great ad!

  • detectivedick

    Not a bad Ad, however,I will remain patient with 90 days remaining. It would have been better to state: Vote Romney; vote for religious freedom. The GOP has to hit the LIAR with a sledge hammer and not a tack hammer. I expect better Ad’s as we get closer. Attack, attack…charge!

  • las1

    It’s getting to the point that I won’t even click on the Romney ads. They are just so underwhelming.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Pope John Paul II is revered and missed by the most devout of Catholics. But the youth also loved him as well as most practicing Catholics who may not fall into the “devout” category. This ad was meant for them/us. I like it.

    It’s time to throw some cold water on Catholics who have fallen under the spell of the socialists who have been trying to take over the church for decades. Wake up people! Using a positive person like Pope John Paul II to do it, in my opinion, is very smart.

  • I like the John Paul angle alot. People have to remember John Paul was also a very historical figure in the battle against communism. He invokes a lot of love from many people. I love him in the ad. However, Romney must start calling Obama what he is….this nice guy but failed meme is getting old!! Sorry Mitt, it will not convince people. You had better wise up and start realzing that the more you act like McLame the more you will cement your loss. You will not be any different than McLame. That fact that we nominated another spineless coward is sad. Conservatives split the voter and again Moderate Mush wins. When will we learn to support One Conservative. Moderates like Romney do not have the backbone to win. They are advised by whimps and cowards…and I guarantee you this ROMNEY HAS NO WINNERS in his campaign!! They are as weak as he is! Hence things are not going well for Mitt. He is just too ignorant to see that!! But Whoopee Mitt keep telling us how nice Obama is but failed as a President. It has really moved your poll numbers…..NOT!

    • keninil

      Exactly. It is time to stop calling Obama a nice guy. He’s a agnostic (maybe Muslim) narcissist. Being a member of Rev. Wright’s church for 20 years does not mean he ever showed up; the number of appearances in church his first 2 years you could count on 1 hand. He seems to go regularly this year because he is running against someone who regularly attends.

  • nibblesyble


  • Nukeman60

    A mild ‘be not afraid’, that’s the message here?

    People are afraid. They need someone to tell them he will stand up for them, fight for them, reverse this onslaught against their freedom of religion and against their personal human rights. I want to hear someone tell me that they would give up everything, give their all, and not stop till the good fight is won – not a mild ‘be not afraid’.

    It doesn’t resonate with me.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Showbama’s take on protecting religious liberty? Arm the Pope.

  • Theconservativechic

    Maybe he’s asking The Late & Great Pope to intercede for him. 🙂
    A gentle giant he was & how I wish he were still alive. No offense Pope Benedict.

    As a Catholic, I will spending lots of time in Adoration praying to Jesus to take down Obama and all the Demonicrats.

  • kong1967

    It doesn’t say why Obamacare tramples religious freedoms. Nowadays we have to be a little more specific because the MSM surely didn’t present this side of the story well.

  • mder4thegov

    I never understand why the Latino vote is portrayed as being so crucial in this election.
    Romney should destroy Obama–with the catholic and libertarian vote.
    Where’s this story, corrupt media?