New Romney ad attacks Obama’s leadership of his own party

Mitt Romney has a new ad out today attacking Obama’s inability to lead his own party called “Mute Button”:

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  • Joe


    • Cindy09


      • Orangeone

        Cindy, mute isn’t good enough, I turn off the TV and pick up one of the latest greatest books like “Throw Them All Out”, “Culture of Corruption”, “Injustice”, “Fast and Furious”.

        • Cindy09

          You’re right!! But it is fun to see him look to the left and look to the right and again to the left then to the right! He never looks straight at the camera! 🙂

          • Orangeone

            There are telepromters on the left side and right side and he would frighten himself and go off-script if he looked at a camera!  Besides, viewers would be able to see right up his nostrils since his nose is pointed towards the sky.

          • piperlord

            Liar’s can’t look ANYTHING straight on.

          • ncvet95

            because the empty suit reading his teleprompter because can’t put three words together without getting lost,

    • Jaels_Song


  • 911Infidel

    Well I hit the mute button everytime Zero is on. Pelosi, I just laugh at. And Hairy Weed…well look at how I spell his name. The three losers…frick frack and stupid couldn’t lead a boy scout troop across an open field in broad daylight; let alone an entire country.
    Its time to fire them all.

  • Useless commercial. We have a dead ambassador and three more dead Americans and all you’re worried about is what Nancy Pelosi thinks about Obama? Obama has been bragging since the convention about how “great” he’s been doing on foreign policy. He talked about killing bin Laden and a renewed relationship with the Muslim world. Now we have a dead ambassador, riots all over the Muslim world, and we’re about to lose in Afghanistan and Iraq. Doesn’t sound like much of a success to me, does it? Time to hit Obama on the important stuff, NOT whether or not he’s getting any respect from Democrats. Obama isn’t getting any respect from the Muslim world, and that’s A LOT more dangerous than not being liked by Nancy Pelosi.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      And what was the top story on the morning talk shows today, with everything that happened this past week in the ME, and Obama’s LIES to us since? Romney’s “bad week.”


      My husband likes to watch this propaganda to see what the enemy is saying. Today I insisted he turn it off. I REFUSE to give them the ratings.

    • T Pixidust

      I hear ya Libertyship.
      Still, advertising is never intended to sell the sold; all advertising targets those not yet a buyer.
      Remember, the Romney campaign has to attract those who are, at a moment such as this, completely apathetic; the lowest common denominator indeed. I can promise you that such people… this very day… really could care less about anything more than buzzwords. In fact, they don’t even care about them, either. However, such people are incapable of BEING UNAFFECTED by the sound bites, even when not consciously listening.
      Here are the buzzwords: right up front… Watergate and Woodward; then, stimulus negotiations; Obama calls(out); leadership; mute/button; ignorance; not listening; lead party = lead America. Message delivery at its most basic level and completely tailored to 30 years of earlier mass messaging that once was in the balliwick of the demotards, yet today fits perfectly into ours. Especially in the minds of those that aren’t paying any attention.
      It has literally now come down to sound bites that flow easily into and out of the mind of the apathetically unconscious sheeple who remain incapable of making a rational decision without being lead by the hand.
      War; attacks; foreign involvement; suicide; mobs; rioters; dead Americans, etc. don’t make good buzzwords and it’s really hard to write an ad that would tell the correct story without using them to a degree entirely detrimental to the potential message.
      You and I and most everyone here knows what’s what and the campaign isn’t worried about us.

    • las1

      Useless commercial.

      Absolutely! Bang on!

    • Disagree 100%. This is not a commercial for those that will never vote for Obama. It’s for those that voted for him last time and might reconsider. It’s saying his own party shut Obama out, so it’s ok for them to do the same. This ad doesn’t preclude Romney producing other ads on Lybia.

  • conservative58

    I too hit the MUTE button every time Obama speaks!

  • poljunkie

    We’ve been muting him since about day one.

  • keyesforpres

    I think we should start running an ad on this thing tucked into the ObamaNOcare bill:

    • sDee

      the article gives good insight into the mind of the left. Whether or not all that stuff is really a problem, whether or not anything needs or can be done about it – it all points back to the same thing – the role of central government. If we give them the power to “fix” these prob lemswe have given them power of every single aspect of our lives. Totalitarianism.

      So no surprise another brick of totalitarianism is found in the “heath care” bill.

      We now have given the 0.1% of people who get depressed at holidays, to control the speech of the 99.9% who do not. The Founders were right – Democracy really is the last step to tyranny.

      I get depressed when my college team does not make the BCS bowls. Can we amend Obamakare to stop BCS pools and game day celbrations?

      • keyesforpres

        They are trying to eliminate the 1st Amendment and Christianity. It won’t be illegal to talk about Ramalongadingdong because they fast and “that is good for you”!

    • kong1967

      Sorry if I barfed on your shoes. I tried to hold it.

      This is ridiculous. More PC bullcrap that needs to be shut down. You can’t speak out against Islam because it hurts people’s feelings. You can’t show joy over a big Thanksgiving feast because a lonely person gets upset. PC limits go on forever.

      Yet, say whatever you want about Christians, and even dunk the crucifix in a glass of urine. That’s art.

      Libs are a bunch of self involved retards. If it doesn’t offend them it’s ok. I’ve got a few choice words for them that I wont’ repeat here.

    • T Pixidust

      Its a joke… the article begins with the heading “SATIRE”. This provision is not in Obamacare, for Pete’s sake.

      • keyesforpres

        Oops, I missed that. Well, it is the way we are heading.

        • T Pixidust

          Was… the way we were heading.
          Semper Fidelis Vigilare

          • keyesforpres

            I pray you are right!

    • Rshill7

      OMG Keyes(!)…Here’s the applicable First Amendment sulfuric acid right here:

      “Tucked into Section 8, Paragraph 6978.3A of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a provision banning favorable media coverage of activities enjoyed by groups of people, such as holidays emphasizing family and friendship. The provision was included to safeguard the mental health of single people, who often suffer feelings of loneliness on holidays.

      Section 8 also regulates workplace conversation. Beginning in June of 2014, it will be a federal felony to discuss outside activities within sixty yards of any workplace.”

      Dear Obamacare (and every Representative and Senator who voted for it. That goes for any American fool who still supports it):

      Go to H#ll! I will say what I please, when I please, as often as I please! F#ck you!

      With Vehement Disdain,


      • keyesforpres

        It was just pointed out to me that the article starts out with “satire”. I missed that! It wouldn’t surprise me though as this is the way we are headed.

        • Rshill7

          Yep, I edited my post too. You almost gave me a heart attack…sinner 🙂

          • keyesforpres

            Yeah, I missed it! Well, as I said, it is the way we are heading!

      • keyesforpres

        Good point. Because of everything he’s done…it is totally believable.

    • wodiej

      I thought I had heard it all. Letting people play victim does not help them.

    • Landscaper

      I thought the faux article was hilarious. Thrown in were; Article Section 8- military for mental discharge. Individual Nani- nanny….clever writing.

      • keyesforpres

        What’s so sad is I thought it was real at first…that is how bad it has gotten with o…that this kind of things sounds like something he would do.

  • White dems have been using blacks for 80 years . Here is the latest example …

  • Meh, they have had some pretty good ads, but this one falls flat in my opinion.

    I just had a thought. Could Romney’s team simply be going after Obama’s personal narcissism? If I thought I was the most brilliant guy in the room and I found out that people were not taking anything I said seriously-to the point of actually muting my phone call while I blabbed away-it would certainly piss me off.

    What do you think? Would they waste time and money on a campaign ad aimed at just one person or is that tinfoil hat territory?

    • kong1967

      I liked the ad. It raises a great point, but I don’t know how effective it will be.

      Obama is going on “The View” instead of meeting with world leaders and that is more effective at showing his lack of leadership than anything. An ad about that and Netanyahu would be better.

      • Landscaper

        Good point kong1967. Clips from The View appearrance joking it up combined with still photos of Netnyahu sitting at a desk by a phone……. with some line about “a world leader waits, embassies burn.” Is this who YOU want in YOUR White House?

        • kong1967

          I’ll be surprised if they don’t make an ad with this soon.

    • wodiej

      Personally I think Romney and company are treading very lightly because obama is aching to play the race card again. They’ve got nothing heavy on Romney so they are nit picking trying to get him to crack. I say let heavy hitters like Palin, Gingrich and West lambast obama and Romney can stick to the most important issue that will decide the election-the economy.

  • wodiej

    they need to hit obama in the gut. These kinds of ads aren’t doing it.

    • freenca

      Maybe a good one would highlight who BO is keeping company with these days. Instead of world leaders, that is his job to see and converse with, he prefers the hollyweird and talk show circuits – ad nauseum!!

      It’s who he chooses to spend time with- rather than do his job, which he seems to believe is on auto-pilot, No Budgets- ever, No negotiating WITH congressional majority – it is he that refuses to reach across the aisle for ANY reason, No accomplishment that he can honestly take credit for that the American people even come close to approving of- perhaps the OBL kill, but then GWB set that in motion years before. Romney’s camp needs to hit them with these until the cows come home. BO the horrendous failure message.

  • kong1967

    Pelosi denies it, but that’s a given.

    This is hilarious.

  • WhiteGuy2

    Apparently the Romney camp thinks they can win this election by just running ads.

    Dont be such a slacker, get out there and get your hands dirty! fight damn you,fight!

    • BHliberty

      Ummmm…..that’s how he won in the primary! It was the Ads! And he managed to raise more money than any of the other candidates. But he was running against fellow Republicans not ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and every other liberal media base you can find. So now he is running against Barack Obama, unions, liberal media ( newspaper, TV, Social Media, etc….).

      And in my opinion, he is now taking criticism from conservatives. If conservatives want to help, they can start by hightlighting Mitt Romney’s attributes, accomplishments, and successes AND start criticizing Barack Obama’s record thus far in the office of the presidency.

      • BHliberty

        One huge accomplishment that comes to mind with Mitt Romney is how he starting up what is now one of the largest Asset Management Companies in the country. Now worth $65 Billion! I think he understands what it takes to struggle and build a business. He understands how government can either hinder or foster the growth of any small business. And it is smal business that creates the most jobs in the country.

        He knows how important it is to be energy independent from foreign oil companies. I have heard him say as much in a speech. He also realizes how important it is to to look to alternative energy sources. I think Governor Palin could help him out immensly on this very critical issue.

        Please Governor Romney, reach out to Governor Palin for her expertise on energy issues. She’s a champ at it. Tell the American people that you know how to bring down gas prices while at the same time will create an environment to allow companies to be innovative with alternative energy products.

        Man, I could go on and on!

      • WhiteGuy2

        What works in the primaries will not necessarily work in the general election. The target audience in the general election is a completely different animal. One that is not necessarily concerned or invested in the issues us normal conservatives are concerned with. In short, ads wont work with these people. There must be a personal connection to gain their attention. Romney just can’t achieve this with his current strategy.

  • T Pixidust

    Woodward actually serves the 1st Amendment for once (maybe twice).

    Hammer down, team ‘o Mitt.

  • and when they pressed the mute an hour later he was still yammering, “One thing I know for sure, fairness is only fair to, and…,and… ….blah, blah, blah.

  • smmy33

    Why are they so weak… Dead ambassador, dragged thru the streets, no Secruity on 911… Cover up… Lies, Bama campaigning with celebrity’s instead of dealing with the middle east

    That’s why I feel defeated , almost everything off the table, and it’s not only Ronmey camp, were are the outside groups ads hitting Obama and democrats .

    The surge troops are coming home from Afghanistan… 3 years 1700 lives and how did Obama Afganstan surge go… Lives wasted

    IF WE HAD A REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT, THIS WOULD BE A BIG STORY: Walter Russell Mead: Afghan Surge Ends: Not with a Bang but a Whimper.

    We should all be very glad that we have a Democratic president right now; otherwise the news would be terrible. We would be seeing a rash of horrible and depressing stories in the newspapers about strategic failure, with unremitting second guessing and belittling of a president who agonized for months before the surge and then saw his plan fail. We’d be hearing non-stop reports in the media about the incompetent and klutzy leader who torpedoed his own policy by announcing a withdrawal date; the man who tried to please everybody and do everything—and failed at all he tried.

    The press would be jumping on this narrative. There would be continuous coverage of the disarray in Afghanistan: the soldier’s we’re training are shooting us, the corruption is intensifying, and the opium trade spreading. There would be story after story about how Afghanistan seems little changed after the surge, and how peace is still not at hand. These stories wouldn’t be on the back pages; they’d be perceived as major news with profound implications for America’s global position and the Sunday shows and nightly TV news round ups would be full of talking heads endlessly analyzing each wrinkle of the failure.

    There would be bitter, wounding comparisons between the president and LBJ in Vietnam. If we had a conservative Republican president right now, we’d be hearing him compared to the noble Duke of York, who marched 10,000 men to the top of the hill only to march them down again.

    And we’d be hearing all kinds of damning stories about the failure of the U.S. government to deal with the chaos in Pakistan.

    We’d also be reading stories linking the apparent U.S. failure in Afghanistan to the empowerment of anti-American movements throughout the Middle East. The recent riots would be used as a stick to beat the president with—his weakness, indecision and strategic inconsequentialism in Afghanistan would be endangering our interests all over the region. Instead of concentrating on the real terror threat, the press would tell us, this hypothetical clueless Republican president wasted time, treasure and attention on a failed strategy in Afghanistan. The press would try to hang the corpse of the U.S. ambassador in Libya around the neck of a Republican president, if we had one right now.

    But thankfully we have a Democratic president, and in an election year the normally feisty American media—the same media that worked night and day to expose every flaw and contradiction in the Bush policies in the region (and they had plenty to expose)—is too busy reporting the flaws in the Romney campaign (again, there’s much to report) to pay attention to anything as insignificant as a comprehensively failed presidential strategy in a foreign war.

    Yeah, we’re real lucky that way.


  • marketcomp

    I think Romney can do better than this. This commercal neutralizes the complete lack of leadership with this President. I can see mounting the evidence to not only question his leadership with congress but his lack of leadership in foreign affairs, domestic energy production with the keystone pipeline and so much more.

  • AbdulBX

    They need to start using Obama’s words against him. By the way, when I am watching the USA network, TBS or ESPN I see Obama commercials. Is the Romney camp not using the cable networks to air commercials?

    • Landscaper

      I agree. I’ve watched football all weekend and have only seen Obama ads. What’s up with Romney, college games saturday, NFL on Sunday?

  • Sober_Thinking

    Nice ad… of course, I’m also grateful for the Reid/Pelosi smackdown too. Those are the kingpins of this villainous regime.

    I think many of the Dems quite frankly, see the chinks in Obama’s facade and are realizing that he’s not only mortal… but beatable too. I’d love to see all of these corrupt devils out of office – Lord willing.

  • scrubjay

    Some good old-fashioned brawling. I like it.

  • graywolf4life

    Now that is a good ad……Keep it up and oust the Fascist from office.

  • Yazz55

    the mute button and the empty chair

    perfect together!

  • All ads are local. I live here in Orlando and I see all kinds of Romney ads. They are only going to play ads where they feel they need to hit. I know some people do not like this but I have been watching the PGA on NBC this weekend and Romney has several ads. Last week the Superpacs had several ads against Obama here in Orlando. I know people get frustrated and feel like they do not see the fight but believe me it is there. I cannot address how Romney’s team decides where to run the ads but it will be in swing states in areas of that state where they feel it is effective. I know many do not like this but I can tell you here in Orlando…Romney is running ads and so are the Superpacs…they are on CBS, NBC, HGTV, BRAVO, FOX NEWS and ABC….but I can only speak for my area but I just want to let you know Romney and Superpacs are running ads. In fact, we are bombarded with all ads here.

    This ad is interesting I think it is laying the work for the problem Obama has with leading and being in touch. Do not be surprised if you see more ads along this line and on Obama…not being able to change Washington from Inside and about redistribution. Romney’s Daughter ad runs here alot and that goes right at Obama and his effect on jobs and income for women.

    I am not sure if you will see ads though with the Libyan Ambassador but I would like some on the foreign policy lying. I know the EIC group played a brutal ad against Obama all last weekend in South Florida for his ignoring Bibi from Israel. That ran during the Miami/Oakland game but that was local only to go after the large Jewish population in South Florida!!

    • indthinker

      I think Romney’s targeting swing states with ads.

      • DebbyX

        I hope so.

    • Landscaper

      You are spot on right and so is indthinker. My state has voted red for the last 30 years in presidential elections. I have been watching football all weekend. All we are getting is Obummer ads. They know they have lost the state but want the faithfuls to still get out and vote so they will be counted in the popular vote catagory. Florida is up for grabs so they are going to see a storm of a different nature come their way all up to Nov. 6.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        11 Connects is airing medi-scare ads… Obama ads out in force and apparently no Romney ads. And that tri-cities tv station targets not only east TN, where I live, but parts of Virginia as well.

        • I can only address my area. My guess Gal is that Romney does not see the need to advertise in that part of VA? I could be wrong I am just thinking aloud. All I know is that I have seen several ads in my part of Florida which is Orlando area and indeed plenty of Romney ads. But I have a feeling come this week and Oct 1 we will be seeing more in different places. The 30 day home stretch is where Obama pulled away from McCain in 2008 because McCain ran out of money to run ads….that will not happen with Mitt and the Superpacs….

          • Galatiansch2vs20

            I would think Romney/Ryan would want as many as possible in VA to come out and vote for him, including those in Bristol?

    • AbdulBX

      Well, that’s good to hear. The only ads I see here in New York, besides Obama’s ad on cable are Linda McMahon’s ads where she is savaging Chris Murphy.

  • GuessWhoFan

    I have an idea: Let’s confer Obama with the title “Honorary President”. That way he can do all the cool stuff like hang out in Hollywood, meet with Beyonce and JayZ, and appear on Letterman; all the while still being called “Mr. President”. Then we can elect someone – anyone – who actually cares about America, its citizens and its standing in the world.

    • sDee

      Isn’t that pretty much what he does while Valerie Jarrett runs the syndicate?

      • GuessWhoFan

        EXCEPT – She doesn’t care about America, outside of her little sphere, any more than he does.

  • las1

    This ad is weak weak weak.

    When the hell it that milquetoast campaign going to get on real substance of who and what Obama is? When?

    You gotta be kidding! With piffle like this?

    And Sununu told us… just wait till the convention is over and they will unleash an unstoppable storm [paraphrase]

    Well… we’re waiting.

    • It’s not weak at all. What are you talking about? His own party is shutting him out. Romney is going to ramp things up. He wants to control the message for the last several weeks. Before then, he wants to set a tone of how Obama is aloof.

      • las1

        vorlath.. Seriously? Do you believe that?

        The message had to be out months ago. It’s marketing, and marketing principles dictate a period of time and repetition before the target audience gets the message. Ramp things up! Well he better get on that then. Romney is way too late. And these pro-forma ads on the economy, and piffel like this ad shows just how weak and un-serious his campaign brain trust is. Obama is a formidable enemy and they are using pop-guns.

        • proudhispanicconservative

          Excellent, we are not going to win like this, Mclame tried this and how did it work for him.

    • freenca

      That’s my thought too, las1!

  • this ad is kinda lame but I was thrilled this weekend to start seeing Obama ads in my market, if he’s running ads out of Philly TV he’s in trouble in Pennsylvania. If he has to spend money to defend PA, this race is on. The anti Romney ad was also pretty lame hitting Romney on China/tires

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Again I ask the question when is the Romney Campaign going to get their act together and start advertising here in florida, (this ad is lame)I have been watching football all day, not one commercial. While Obama is all over the place. I am beginning to wonder if they really want to win this.

  • DebbyX

    Where the hell are his ads? Not ONE here in CT. Our Republican candidate for the Senate is the first shot I’ve seen in a long, long time that has a chance. These candidates cannot give up on these “blue” states. I know a LOT of pissed off people just waiting to see the Conservatives bring something to the fight!

    • Luker410

      You gotta save your ammo for the firefight. While you are waiting loadup on Romney/Ryan posters, and get the word spreading. The fight is coming and every vote counts.

  • BHliberty

    BTW, have you checked out the crowd at the Romney Rally in Ohio today? It is AWESOME! A huge crowd! You have to see the picture! I think Romney is doing great!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Great ad, but when/where is it being played? Like some other commenters on this site I haven’t seen any political ads yet. Time is running out and these need to be played and replayed right up until election time….it might sway some undecided voters to vote for Romey/Ryan. I sure hope so.

    • hbnolikeee

      What State are you in? I have been trying to explain the lack of apparent ads by suggesting (without proof) that perhaps Mitt is deluging places where he needs and has expectations that he can achieve the State’s win.

      For example, he need not waste a whole lot of time and cash in NY or California. It wouldn’t matter if Obamby said he plans on sinking our Navy and donating the Empire State Building to the M.Brotherhood. He’ll still get the mindless drones from NY and California that will vote for him in the face of his failed record and evidence that clearly show how he has no business in the Oval Office.

      • Army_Pilot1967

        I’m in Georgia. I don’t watch a lot of TV, maybe a couple of hours a day, but I haven’t seen ANY political ads on TV from either candidate. Time is running out and Romney needs to get his message out NOW. Hopefully he’ll flood the airwaves soon.

        • Georgia is red. Here in Virginia, I see a political ad every 5 minutes. All of them are bad at getting their message across too, IMO.

  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    He has never been the leader. We’ve been governed by a politbureau comprised of: Pelosi, Reid, Axelrod, Jarret, Holder, Holdren, Andy Stein and Soros.

  • ncvet95

    even his own party know obama is a empty suit and his Chicago cronies are playing on the american people stupidly in politics ,he will deceive the people with persuasive TelePrompTer speech that somebody else wrote will promises false hope and will destroy our nation while power

  • hbnolikeee

    I’ve just gained a bit of respect (only kidding) for the Botox Queen. Whenever Duh Bumbler talks I press the mute as well.

  • bobemakk

    Keep it up Mitt, and you will win the election, great video.