New Romney Ad: Where did all the stimulus money go?

Romney’s ad today hits two themes at once, cronyism and outsourcing, both answering the question of where Obama’s stimulus money went. The big thing for me that would make this ad better is to hear the narrator say “talk about outsourcing” right after the Schumer highlight. Otherwise I give this ad a solid B+.

Watch below:

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  • Sober_Thinking

    We are assailing an iceberg. I appreciate ads like this as they keep chipping away at this large, dangerous, cold-hearted thing known as Obama and his regime. As long as we keep things like this up and ensure EVERYONE knows the truths, it may begin to sink in.

    I can’t wait for some off-teleprompter debates.

    • WordsFailMe

      I think Obama will refuse to debate. He has nothing to win. He’s a yellow bellied, pork-rib-licking coward and his party knows that. He cannot handle even questions that are asked by reporters and he has no possibility of defending anything he has done with rationale–it’s all emotional.

      Romney’s committee should start right now to
      1. Collect Obama videos where he is stating his position, defending himself and his policies.
      2, Develop questions that could be used to elicit these response. e.g “Mr. Obama, what is your position on the free market?’ to which they could play the, “You didn’t do it, somebody else did it” speech.

      3. Then on debate day, when that scrawny commie, pot-head punk does show, Ask the Question, Play the Obama “response,” then allow Romney to respond.

      Neither a punk or a bully will ever show up for the showdown called for by one who is as strong or stronger. It’s not the nature of a coward to confront, express it dominance over or totally humiliate and devastate anything or anyone unless it’s the other pathetically weak, effete and drained of its manhood, you know, like the Republican controlled, House of Representatives.

      • Mark Smith

        Obama can’t refuse to debate. I actually wish he would do that. It would be winning the war without firing a shot. What’s he going to do, slo-jam on late night TV again?

        • WordsFailMe

          Man I hope you’re right. When asked a question even like, “When does the bus stop here?” Obama will go into one his “philosophical chooms,” where he drags and drones on an on and ends up far away form where he started and can’t remember how he got there.

          He cannot hold a thought and when one does finally run through his little pin head, he can’t concentrate on it. He’s like a crackhead in Time Square trying to reading the news on the marquee.

          (They still have that in Time Square, don’t they? I remember reading about the Victory in Europe…)

      • kong1967

        I don’t think he can refuse to debate, at least not on three of them anyway. Outside of that you might be right, but I kinda think he will be anxious to debate because he knows the MSM will ask softball questions and they will let him slide by with platitudes and feel good answers. The one debate he will definitely refuse to particpate in is when it’s hosted by Fox….unless it’s one of the few he must participate in.

        • WordsFailMe

          I didn’t think he could tell the ATF to let AK-47 and .50 Caliber sniper rifles go into Mexico, or tell ICE not to prosecute illegal aliens and ignore phone calls from local police or remove the work for welfare requirements from a law passed by Congress.

          I’m getting nervous about the power of this man. If I see him standing by a swimming pools at a press conference and he looks like he want to get to the other side, I’m changing the channel.

          • kong1967

            Lol, he makes us all nervous. He takes Presidential power to an all new extreme. Come to think about it, you are right. If this man can commit treason by peddling guns to the Mexican drug cartels, bypass Congress whenever he wants, and effectively ignore laws on the books and make his own….he can surely refuse to participate in the debates.

            • WordsFailMe

              in 2 words, “National Security.”

              • kong1967

                Excuse me for being slow, but I’m failing to see the connection you’re drawing with national security and the debates. You might have to fill in a semi-old man, lol.

                That does remind me, though, of Sheriff Joe’s investigation into Obama. He mentioned something about Obama being a national security risk and that there are many problems with Obama’s documents. I haven’t read the story that just came out, but I’m sure it’s a dandy that will be ignored by the media….other than to call the sheriff a nutcase.

      • keyesforpres

        That’s what I’m afraid of…it is my understanding that FDR refused to debate.

        • WordsFailMe

          Really? I didn’t know that, but BHO is every bit as arrogant as FDR. I’m betting he doesn’t show.

      • badbadlibs

        “pork rib licking”….shouldn’t that be “schnauzer” rib licking? 😉

        Btw, sure wish you were advising Romney’s campaign. !

        • WordsFailMe

          HAHAHAHHOHO I Like the way you think, BadBad!

      • Sober_Thinking

        I agree with your strategy but let me modify it a bit.

        1. Challenge Obama to a series of debates.
        2. Obama of course will say no… because he’s got NOTHING.
        3. Romney starts to collect videos of Obama’s “positions”.
        4. Post new ads where Romney plays the videos of the Obama position and then debates it.

        Then end each ad with something like, “A man who has done nothing to help America has a lot to hide. That’s why Obama won’t come out and have an open, honest debate. So I’ll debate his positions in this manner until he comes out of hiding and finally faces the issues in the light of public scrutiny.”

        Wouldn’t that put Obama and his campaign on their heels? Heck, they’re picking Romney’s tax records to death… turn the tables. I think this would be VERY powerful.

        • WordsFailMe

          I really like that! That’s what I call ‘Sober Thinking!*”

          (*When referring to the Obamanite, one should frequently precede hell’s bastard son’s name with an appropriate adjective: “slimy, snake-eyed, pimping mofo, Schnauzer-rib licking, depraved degenerate, effete mama’s boy, etc…” There may even be a website for Obamanoid descriptors, or there should be…lol)

          • Sober_Thinking

            ROFL! You are sooooooo right!!! Brilliant!

  • kong1967

    A ‘B+’ ? I actually thought that was really good. It’s unfortunate there’s not enough time to make it more effective…by listing more detail. Maybe he can extend on it in future ads. Keep hammering home that the stimulus did not save the country like Obama claims it did. It just payed off donors and special interest groups. Make sure the public gets the message because the MSM won’t do their jobs.

  • detectivedick

    Not bad,the producer should of added a clip of LIAR Obama and Immelt laughing about “shovel ready jobs” into the clip.

    Also by the way, where are all the ARRA signs these days?

  • FreeManWalking

    After Romney says he approve of this message, he needs to add but I Don’t Approve of the way 0b0 is ruining this country”.

  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    Where are the shovel ready jobs? How’s about GM bailout that screwed all the “little old lady” bond holders? How many oil rigs did Brazil run away with when Mastermind Obama stopped drilling in the Gulf? This list is very, very long. Don’t forget underfunded Union Pension funds.

    • kong1967

      We have a long time before election day. I’d be willing to bet all of this will come out in the open. The MSM won’t be able to hide the facts that come out in the debates or what comes out in ads. I can’t wait for all this crap to come down on Obama’s head.

    • detectivedick

      Well a few of the jobs jobs jobs, you know that three letter word have been found:

    • keyesforpres

      Yeah, they need to let everyone know that Obambam gave that oil company 2 BILLION of our tax dollars and that O’s main donor, Soros, owns 800 million dollars worth of stock.

      You know, Soros is a foreigner and I don’t know how he gets away with donating to O’s campaign.

  • Joe

    Good ad – but it lacks a good closing line like other have indicated

    For those on this thread who asked about the DEBATES – (which I can’t wait for) – >>>>

    The Romney camp called me last night and asked if one of Dogs would be the VP candidate to debate Joe Biden

    I trained my Dogs to bark at stupid things – Bring earplugs – PLUGS!

    • keyesforpres

      Oh geez! The dogs would be barking nonstop thru that debate! Probably baying at the moon too!

  • WordsFailMe

    The RNC ad, where in Obama croons how he is “so in love with you,” is back ON. Now copyright laws were broken by the RNC ad.

    The whining, copyright holder for the music was also the publisher of the Obamanoid auto-distortography, “Dreams of a really stupid, easily manipulated and thank gawd he’s dead so he can’t talk, African guy.”

    I’m still so in love with you too, barhack, you foul, desiccated demon from soviet Hell.

  • Orangeone

    Very good ad! I would have eneded it with “Obama – outsource in chief”.

  • anneinarkansas

    Great and True!

  • Look at them yo-yos
    That’s the way you do it
    Sit on your ass waiting for the welfare check!
    They ain’t working! They’re NObama supporters!
    Money for nothing and checks for free!

    We’ve got to go and earn a living!
    Pay for everything!
    They’ve got to sit and drink…
    They’ve got their welfare check!


  • stage9

    So much for the “outsourcing” attack angle, eh Obama?

  • keyesforpres

    80% of the stim-u-LESS money went ot Obama supporters. They need to keep hammering this and also let American’s know this bill was down for one reason…to bankrupt this nation and enrich o’s buddies….ok, that’s two reasons.

  • sDee

    What it will all come down to anyway: Judging Obama

  • Great subject, same lame ass presentation as usual; same somnolent narrator making it dull and removing all shock from the subject matter. I guess we’ll have to hope the Super PACs can bring out the necessary bile to get the job done. Mittens is far too genteel to take on the lawless maniac occupying the Oval Office, sadly.

  • 12grace

    Love it, keep going Romney.

  • freenca

    I’d like to more of this kind of ad! With emphasis on the 79% overseas aspect. Let the American voters know that over and over, they’ll get it that way. It’s a simple message that drives home that where we are borrowing $.40/$1.00 to send 79% overseas is the act of an insane congress and an insane POTUS!!!

  • Cstar3

    Obama bought change alright, barely spare change>> His is simply rearranging chairs on the Titanic , Oh look the ship is still sinking. It all comes down to one thing he had no resume’! America needs to wake up and pay attention! A brain surgery must at least have enough clinical hours in and have work on cadavers before his first real surgery. Simple economics can tell you that you can’t spend your way out of poverty. If we ran our households like this we would have no house to hold. There has also been no transparency to speak of, he spent and we are left wondering on what and what were the terms? Do the American people get their investment back as with any loan?? I think we all know the answer to that. We all need to get out and vote like flushing a toilet bowl, keep flushing un til clean. Throw them out of office until they get it, we need term limits for Congress, and their pensions needs revision. We need to close the boarders now! When you can’t take care of your own you can’t take in more. Each of us needs to hold everyone who is in office accountable after all aren’t we their boss? Many families don’t have jobs enough, food enough more importantly we need a government that is reachable, accountable, flexible, streamline enough if something not working to fix it. For God sakes the definition of insanity is repleting the same process and expecting a different outcome. We must do our part it is never alright to sit by and talk with out voting. Find out were all the candidates stand on the issues. If your going to vote study our process for yourself do your home work. Learn how our government is suppose to work and what the constitution is this from a daughter of the revolution whose 2 grandfathers where here in the the first landing at Jamestown. George Percy and John Martin.