New Romney Medicare web ad: Our Generation’s Time

The Romney campaign has put together a web ad from the Medicare event yesterday and it’s very good:

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  • Army_Pilot1967

    I agree Medicare shouldn’t be used as a piggybank for obamacare or any other project. And I don’t think Social Security shouldn’t be used as a piggybank either…that’s a big reason why SS is going to be bankrupt in the near future, unless something is done to save it. All politicians need to quit spending, spending, spending money like there’s an endless supply because there isn’t, and all of us are going to find that out sooner than later.

    • librtifirst

      SS has always been bankrupt, technically speaking. From day one, it was just another tax used for discretionary spending. It has been based on IOUs from the beginning. There simply is no way to fund SS liabilities. 4.8 trillion of the 16 trillion dollar national debt is SS debt.

      It needs to go away.

      • Army_Pilot1967

        So it has been mismanaged from day one?

        • librtifirst

          I tend to think that it was created to be a slush fund.

          • Goldni007

            It was, is and always has been a ponzi sceam.

        • freenca

          SS was set up for a populations life expectancy of only 2 years past the retirement age at that time, so the pols thought they were safe in mainstreaming the revenue flow into the general fund. There never was a fund, it always depended on the FICA taxes that all working people paid into it. In the 60s there were 6 workers paying in, for every retiree, right now I believe the ratio is about 2:1 and soon it will surpass 1:1, then what happens? I remember when Al Gore campaigned on the lockbox concept, like there really was a trust fund in place, I laughed every time he spoke those words. O’care is the same kind of smoke and mirrors, IMHO.

          • Army_Pilot1967

            Sounds like a lot of people would be left twisting in the wind if SS was curtailed without an ample amount of lead time. I believe a staggering amount of people have to depend heavily on SS to get by month-to-month, so what would replace SS? Nothing?

            • keyesforpres

              Yes, it should be replaced with nothing. It is unconstitutional. The federal gov’t has no business in the retirement business. Folks need to take care of themselves and their families. If that means having one’s elderly parents move in with them, then that is how it should be. Families used to take care of each other, not the gov’t.

            • freenca

              SS is going to have to be reformed as well as Medicare, b/c it is on a downward trajectory and the lily-livered congress has known it all along. I personally would like to see SS, over a period of years, be converted to individually owned retirement savings accounts, (NO CONGRESSIONAL or PRESIDENTIAL RAIDING- E V E R!!) It wouldn’t be available to them under OUR private ownership. In the mean while, present retirees and soon to retire people must be guaranteed the safety nets continued use until such time as SS could be unwound and returned to it’s true owners(the people that have paid into it and their widows/widowers) Much the same concept as Paul Ryan’s plan for Medicare. I do think it could and should be done, and soon.

              • keyesforpres

                Well said.

              • Army_Pilot1967

                Didn’t George Bush offer that and the Dims, as per usual, ridiculed it and him and the suggestion never had a chance?

                • freenca

                  In a word. YES! Unless it is presented as their program, they will always put it down and denigrate the idea. Until, that is, an opportunity to present it as Their idea presents itself, then they will be for it. Watch the other hand!!!! How many in congress have been against something , before they are for something. If you tally up the reversals, the Dems have far more of them than the Reps!And, yes GWBush did offer that idea up, in his campaign. If it could be spun as their idea, they would be all for it. It’s all political spin, all the time, during this administration anyway! This president has NEVER stopped campaigning, IMO!!!!!!!!!!!

                  Once , long ago, someone told me that the opposition will do what you win the argument on, if, they can turn it into their feel-good issue of the day. Maybe that’s true, and maybe it’s not, today. It all depends, I think, on the American people’s voices. Loud and Strong, Brave and Free, Unified, and not Divided. !!! WE ARE AMERICANS FIRST!!! Not the elites and the serfs, or any other division that the libs Want to assign to us!!!!!!

            • librtifirst

              A volunteer privatized system. I believe that the people of this country would step up if the federal government were to back out of regulating the private sector and switch over to a sovereign currency with non-debt based budgets. Especially if the 16th amendment were repealed, and fair trade came back, along with our industries.

      • keyesforpres

        I’m with you. I’d give up everything I’ve paid into it to have it ended and help save our nation. Of course, I would no longer want to pay into it!

        • librtifirst

          As long as I was gainfully employed, I would volunteer to help the people dependent on it, but not through a government agency. It would have to be privatized and regulated separately from the national budgets. The private company would have to be non-profit, and have very limited financing for its management.(no 1M dollar salaries) I don’t mind giving to the poor through volunteerism, and this would be a necessary step in transitioning out of socialism. The federal government would have to quit most of its regulating to get the country back to work, so that these kinds of programs could funded this way. Naturally, we would need a sound, sovereign currency for any of it to work.

          • p m

            Self-managed plans are far preferable, agreed. Just make sure they are impregnable – there are still plans to grab our retirement funds via UN/IMF machinations, hand in hand with socialist governments. It already happened, in Hungary IIRC.

            • librtifirst

              The IMF and the UN are terrorists, both financially, and militarily. (NATO)

  • PicklePlants

    I predict a blowout – Obama’s going down!

    • p m

      Yep. A total eclipse of the One.

      The refrain from an old song has been going around for weeks now in my head, hear it every time R or R get huge crowds. Finally tracked it down. Was often played by request on the BBC in the 60’s, when we were kids. When I hear it, I hear ‘landslide’ instead of Shrimp Boats:

      Landslide is a-comin’
      Its sails are in sight
      Landslide is a-comin’
      There’s dancin’ tonight

      Always liked it. Anyway, be sure to hurry, hurry home on November 6th. to start your own parties!

      Real thing here

  • kong1967

    Pretty good ad. Very positive.

    • 3seven77

      Yes, indeed. Paul Ryan has that “common touch” that so many politicians and elites sneer at. He connects with everyday Americans. I am so glad Romney choose him.

      Romney wasn’t my first choice, but I have to say he’s making great decisions and taking the fight to Obama like I never dreamed he would. Who’da thunk the straight-laced white guy could kick ass like this?

      • freenca

        Romney wasn’t my first choice, this time around. Last time he was.
        About Paul Ryan, I believe he is as honest as the day is long. One of my absolute tests of the mettle of a man is, if he treats his mother well, not fawning mind you, but truly, as equally respectful and cheerful to the woman that was your champion and mentor through your whole formative part of life. Through good and ill, your MOM is there, and a man that is there for her as well, is a GOOD MAN in my eyes!!!!

        • kong1967

          I never thought I’d say this about Romney, but I have grown to like the ticket.

      • kong1967

        Bachmann was my #1 pick. Romney wasn’t even close. But, as the primaries went on he moved up. Cain answered 9/9/9 for virtually every question and it wasn’t enough. Santorum couldn’t get away from social morality and was all too happy to let the media focus too much on it. Gingrich had too much baggage (some major things that angered me), although he was great in the debates. Perry was dead and a major disappointment. Bachmann couldn’t climb back in it. Pawlenty was overpracticed and always searched for the perfect political answer (and highlighted himself too much) instead of just answering the damn question honestly. Ron Paul was a joke, and the remainders weren’t even on my list.

        I voted for Gingrich because the other two were Santorum and Romney.

        I still love Bachmann but I think she might have been too hard nosed to be a successful pick. I think it might have turned Independents away…maybe.

        So maybe the best man won. He’s doing really well so far.

  • Don

    The positive energy of the truth will beat the hate and vitriole of the left everytime. Their lies and deceptions become so obvious when they are confronted by the truth. Obama is going down because he should.

  • WOW!!! Now THAT was the kind of ad I like to see!!!

  • poljunkie

    Get it on the tube.

    • You’re absolutely right. That ad is too good to just be a web ad. Should be shown in Florida every day.

      • keyesforpres

        ….and Ohio, Virginia (or as Biden called VA…North Carolina!), NC, PA, and heck, throw in California for fun!

  • conservocop

    Ryan is a class act – a tremendous asset to the GOP ticket.

  • joyfulgiver

    Great ad! now to be a little off subject, have you ever noticed how the people who attend Romney/Ryan campaign events are always dressed very patriotically? Red, white and blue everywhere the eye can see.

    Not so with O events.

    • That was the first thing I noticed. This was a very positive, honest ad. Let’s pray it gets seen by the right people……….fence walkers!

    • I noticed that with our side the people always look mannerly and pleasant.

      • Ever notice too that the cops at Tea Party rallies are relaxed and happy enough. While at the Occupy rabble they need to be in riot gear and expect (and get) trouble.

        Not to mention the amount of garbage the left leave behind. Remember those pics of the National Mall after Occupy Vs Beck’s rally? The Tea Partiers have respect for this country and picked up after themselves leaving the Mall beautiful and clean. The Left, having no understanding of the word “respect” left it like a trash help.

        • And they don’t have respect for our flag. They were lying on the ground and tossed into trash cans after the inauguration.

        • keyesforpres

          Yeah, I went to the 9-12 rally and the number one thing I heard was, “Excuse me.” We all thanked the police for being there. I only saw one piece of trash on the sidewalk. It was a little flyer that someone was handing out and I’m guessing it probably slipped out of the persons stuff and they didn’t realize it had dropped to the ground. The rest of the trash was in the trash cans, in tied up bags around the trash cans, or folks packed it out (that’s what we did).

  • Pretty powerful ad. Could still use a “Vote for Mitt Romney” or at least a “I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this message.” kind of kicker in the end thought.

  • Smith Smith

    best ad I have seen so far and the best in a long time. There is buzz in the air that Ryan wants a 1 on 1 debate with Obama…O that would be the best thing ever. Obama knows he has to debate Romney and Ryan, because Biden is just his clown that he sends around to make people laugh.

    • Orangeone

      O’Bambi would never do that. Take a look at Ryan taking down O’Bambi with his ObamaTaxes.{B9DE445C-C4EF-4DA0-B0AF-49EC52EF1D80}&title=Flashback-Ryan-Destroys-Obama-In-6-Minutes

    • conwis

      Since Ryan was announced as the running mate, I’ve thought that Mitt should call in sick the night of one of the debates. At least if it is on the budget.

      • keyesforpres

        That would be hilarious! Better yet, have Ryan walk out for the debate and say, “We are so sorry, but Mitt got sick at the last minute and we didn’t have time to let you know!”

  • Joe

    Thank You !!

    I thought it was just me realizing there is never a “closing statement”

    or as they say in the sales business – a “call to action” or “close”

    I am convinced there is a law against saying “VOTE for Romney”


    the staff must consists of the biggest bunch of knuckleheads ever

    I don’t get it

    Does anyone now if there is a law that says you can’t say “Vote for Romney”?

    • There seems to be by the way the ads avoid it. But you’re right, you need to associate the message with the cause. If people like the message, at least let them know what they can do “vote for Romney” to support it. Some might say it’s obvious and doesn’t need to be stated, but I like a strong “if you agree with our message, do something, vote for (insert candidate)” kind of ending as a message reinforcer.

      • Joe

        WW – This was meant to complement YOUR comment

        Disquis is screwed up

        • N.P. Joe.

          “Disqus is screwed up” – Just like the NObama chances of getting re-elected. He’d deliberately limiting crowds indeed. Either he’s an idiot, or he thinks we’re all idiots.

          • Joe

            Obama is no idiot – he knows exactly what he’s doing

            BUT His ideology seems to be clouding his strategy by lying constantly

          • librtifirst

            He knows, as many politicians do, that most people aren’t really paying attention. (ignorant) Sometimes we like to think that most people have our level of awareness, but it just isn’t true.

          • keyesforpres

            He doesn’t think we’re all idiots….just his base.

      • p m

        I was thinking the same, when it just petered out at the end. Thanks to Joe raising our awareness – was hoping you would comment, Joe.
        Would like to hear “I’m Mitt Romney” “I’m Paul Ryan” and “we absolutely approve this message” spoken together. Then MR could ask for your vote and a donation.

        Edited to add: Maybe they can’t do that until he’s confirmed as the nominee – in fact, that must be the reason, no?

      • NYGino

        The other side of the discussion would be, as you point out the aim of the ad is obvious and does not need to be hammered home. When you allow someone to form their own opinion it is more powerful than telling them yours and asking them to think like you. Acknowledge your audiences intelligence to know the purpose of the message. Kinda like one of our TRS posters writing a sarcastic post ( a truly great form of humor) and feeling like you have to tell them that it is sarcasm rather than leaving it up to the readers to understand where you are coming from. Just my opinion.

        • freenca

          I agree with you Gino, Making the decision themselves rather than having someone cram it onto everyone IS more powerful. Just like the O’care, we despise having it trample on our own decision-making processes.

        • You’ve got a good point. How about they say “vote for Romney” on at least some of the ads. All the ads I’ve seen so far leave it to the viewer to make the assumption, perhaps some should just state it, no?

          • NYGino


    • freenca

      At this point, Romney is the presumptive candidate, but it’s not considered official until after the convention, if I remember right, and therefore cannot make the closing pitch line yet.

  • Again…I like this because it shows Paul connecting to and with Seniors which I think is critical. As well, having his mother to me is just plain brilliant. When women see a son with his mother and telling her how special and important she is that just opens women to look at him in a much different way!! This is so important and critical. When you see his mother you see the person who had the greatest impact on the man he is!! I loved it and I like so much seeing Paul talk with and to the people NOT AT THEM!! When you deal with Seniors the best way is to share there concerns and address them head on in a very easy and informative way!! He did that!! GREAT JOB!!

    • Good points. Ryan shows respect, Obama shows resentment. Ryan shows decency, Obama shows disdain.

      • Rightstuff1

        Perfectly put. We have the candidates who inspire real hope vs the rantings from the Failure-in-chief and his god-awful surrogate.

        • keyesforpres

          …and his First Wookie.

    • p m

      Agreed and well said, Michael. Hope this ad blankets the airwaves in Florida in September, October and early November. I like to think many Dad’s feel the same appreciation for PR expressing his respect and love for his Mum, too! I know mine would. Love that you like it.
      Romney’s speech to the miners in Ohio was excellent and I think he connected with them well, too. God knows they need to vote out Zero and the awful things the EPA has in store for them in 2013.
      Thing is, R&R do connect well with all Americans who love their country, that’s why Zero is holed up, away even from his fawning, traitorous press. Their internal polling is showing blue states turning red: and here, a site that has some good stuff to complement TRS:

      • conservative58

        p m

        Just read the article about the internal polling showing blue states turning red: http://frontlines2011.blogspot… This article was written BEFORE Romney announced Ryan as his running mate! Wow! Way Cool! 🙂


        • p m

          YW:)) Yes, pretty good eh? The other one is from just a few weeks ago, and is even better!

          • Rightstuff1

            This is great news….

          • conservative58

            p m – Thanks for the reminder. I was so excited after reading the first article, I forgot to read the second one.

            Now that I’ve read them both, let me just say, ‘AWESOME!!!!’


  • Yazz55

    I understand the political need to support medicare to win the election, especially seeing as how obamacare trashes it. Several generations of Americans have become dependent on it. Sometimes, I feel the word addicted might be more appropriate.

    Having said that, medicare is a wealth transfer ponzi scheme. No wealth transfer ponzi scheme is viable in the long run without perpetual massive tax increases. Each generation will pay in proportionally more than they can ever expect to collect. They will become more and more reluctant to participate. A rebellion against medicare is not out of the question sometime in the foreseeable future.

    • The problem is that when medicare was first devised, people weren’t living as long as they are now and it was probably expected to pay for itself. NOT. With the advances in medicine and doctors/hospitals using all of the equipment and medicines available to them to keep people alive (even those who really in the real world would have died months or years earlier) because they get paid by the government to do so, the cost of medicare has gotten completely out of control.

      Something has to be done and Ryan’s plan brings in competition, as well as the decisions and visibility of costs back to the user…………which should help keep the costs down.

      • It is hard to take politicians like Ryan seriously on controlling costs for Medicare when they previously authorized massive expansions of that entitlement such as the prescription drug benefit (Medicare Part D).

        • keyesforpres

          He should own up to it and admit it was a mistake.

          • I don’t think he wants to bring attention to it, although he could pander to a lot of voters (in places like The Villages) with it.

    • Those perpetual massive tax increases will take place in the form of tremendous dollar debasement. That is how the ever-increasing deficits in expenditures like Medicare will be “paid” for by politicians unwilling to risk their futures by following through on real sacrifices.

  • puma_for_life

    Gingrich balanced the budget on the back of social security; Bush funded his wars on the back of social security; now, Obama is planning on funding obamacare meaning health care for illegals, on the back of social security. There would be no problem with ss if the trust fund was untouchable for any other reason.

    • librtifirst

      What trust fund? The trust fund is a room full of filing cabinets that have IOUs in them.

      • puma_for_life

        Those IOU’s are from Gingrich, Bush, and Obama.

        • Terrenceor

          Raiding of the SS Trust Fund started with Johnson in 1965 so he could fund the Vietnam War without running a huge deficit. Democrats changed the law with their huge majorities in Congress in 1965 after the JFK assassination.

          • puma_for_life

            Ok. add Johnson to the list. It’s bi-partisan.

          • librtifirst

            I think that the word “budget” often gets confused with “financing”. Budgets don’t reflect the realities of financing. Gingrich is credited with helping to balance the “budget”, but that budget could be full of debt spending and fund raiding. That is why I largely ignore the budget debates. The politicians, and media, that want to make the budget the big issue, seems to be unwilling to parallel the financing issues with the budget issues in these debates. That is one reason that Ron Paul is so appealing to some people. He doesn’t ignore one thing, while talking about the other.

            If the SS fund consists of just treasury bonds, what does that mean concerning its value? With the rest of the world pulling out of US treasuries, it means massive devaluation of the Fed Note. (treasury bonds) SS is already many trillions of dollars in the hole, and completely insolvent. The future of SS is absolutely solidified in collapse, right along with the Fed Note. When the Fed Note fails, in the global financial collapse, all retirement funds will evaporate. The only way to hedge against this is to cash in your 401k, take the penalties, and spend the money on silver and gold. ( I have tried, but I have to quit my job to get it)

            When the Fed Note was tied to gold and silver, treasuries were secure, but since 1973, it has been known that the collapse of the Fed Note was inevitable, and therefor the rest of the system, since our government won’t allow competing currencies to take hold, would fail along with it. Kennedy tried to combat this with executive order 11100. He died shortly after this, and it was never carried out.


            The bottom line is that SS cannot, and will not, be sustainable for generations to come as GOP politicians are telling us right now. This is the establishment GOP, and not the guys like Rand and Ron Paul. Jim Demint is pretty good as well, but I don’t put as much trust in him. Paul Ryan fails miserably at exposing these realities, and is basically sugar coating the whole thing for election purposes right now. I hate to put a damper on the GOP upswing, but truth is truth. The social systems will fail, and if not reformed on the short term, and abandoned on the long term, we will go down with them.

            • Good post, but the bit about Kennedy is not true. G. Edward Griffin, author of “The Creature From Jekyll Island,” has debunked that often repeated notion. Kennedy was a Fabian Socialist with no intention of bringing down the Fed.

              • librtifirst

                You know, I recently read that executive order, and I didn’t get out of it what people said about it taking down the Fed. It did cause the treasury to issue silver money, but I didn’t see a clear path to it replacing the Fed. Though it is a bit legally complicated, so I thought that maybe I just wasn’t getting it all.


        • librtifirst

          Here is a link that largely explains how they have been able to use the money. Basically, it was set up to be manipulated by the treasury and mostly consisted of treasury bonds. (or debt) As far as “budgeting” goes, it is a little less simple, but there is a chart at the end that tells us when they were “on” or “off ” budget.

          • puma_for_life

            Thank you. Very educational.

        • GeorgiaPeachie

          The blame is on ALL POLITICIANS. Especially those who set it up with NO INTENTION of doing what they stated they would do. Of course, a commie lib was the one that started it all.

  • NYGino

    Ryan shows pride in and respect for his mother. Obama refers to his mother as a typical white woman and shows no class towards her or his brother living in a hut in Africa or his aunt or uncle who have shown to disrespect our laws. This may sound simplistic but at the base of it all it does reflect on the moral character of both men.

    • badbadlibs

      I never thought of it that way, good observation. I’ll remember that and point it out to those who tell me again what a “good guy” bo is.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I hate to admit this… but I’m willing to be that a lot of people will vote for Romney/Ryan because of Paul Ryan. He really inspires.

    • conwis

      I also like how Romney had enough sense and is confident enough to make Ryan the center of an ad. Do any of us think Thats-Just-Joe will be front and center of an ad for BO?

      • Sober_Thinking

        Lol… could you imagine that? 🙂

    • Betsey_Ross

      I know I am a lot happier about it. Paul Ryan was my choice. I didn’t think who the VP was would make much difference anyway. But Paul Ryan’s choice just showed me that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are serious about fixing the mess that past Presidents and Obama have left for us. I am getting the feeling that Romney’s tsunami is going to be a righteous one. Deep, widespread, and overwhelming. We have to be ever vigilent to make sure that what we expect comes to pass.

      • I admire your optimism about the future under a Romney/Ryan administration, but what exactly do you expect?

        • GeorgiaPeachie

          We expect the things we didn’t get from obama.

          * Rule of Law, not a president deciding which ones he will follow
          * Putting a break to the INSANE SPENDING
          * Being HONEST to the people
          * Ending obamacare before it ends our NATION fiscally
          * Returning the stolen money obama STOLE from Medicare
          * Changing Medicare for anyone under 55 so that it will be there for them

          That’s a start.

          • ggswede

            You forgot one very important one : Defending our borders .

      • Sober_Thinking

        Agreed. That’s why we must win the Senate and the House too.

  • It is our time. In the old days, revolutions were settled by guns and bullets. In many nations around the globe, they still are. Fortunately, here in the United States we do it through elections. But be aware that this is indeed a revolution. It started in 2010 with the midterm elections and it’s going to continue in 2012 with the presidential election. People have had enough and they know that this is our last chance to stop this country from becoming a complete socialist welfare state. Make it count. Vote. Throw Obama out of office. The country literally depends on it.

  • Rightstuff1

    One word… “inspirational” !!

    Love this ticket, Ryan is a breath of fresh air and is putting fire into Romney’s belly. Romney has changed in the past week, he seems to be more passionate and convincing than he has been hitherto.

    Keep it up !!!! Let’s take the country back. It is our time!

  • GeorgiaPeachie

    Wow! With tears in my eyes and inspiration in my heart I can say, I believe Paul Ryan.

    IT’S OUR TIME!!!

  • drphibes

    Pitch perfect.

  • xueli676