New unreleased Mitt Romney ad hits back at Obama over auto bailout

For some reason the Romney campaign hasn’t posted this ad running in Ohio on their YouTube channel but it has still found its way into the news. It’s an ad where Romney is hitting back at Obama’s attacks on the auto bailout and suggesting he has a better plan for the auto industry.


“Who will do more for the auto industry? Not Barack Obama. Fact checkers confirm his attacks on Mitt Romney are false. The truth? Mitt Romney has a plan to help the auto industry. He’s supported by Lee Iacocca and the Detroit News. Obama took GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy, and sold Chrysler to Italians who are going to build Jeeps in China. Mitt Romney will fight for every American job.”

(h/t: ElectAd)

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  • blena

    For those that are interested there is considerable evidence that since the rise of the automobile industry some companies survive others do not. Those that survive do so because that are adaptive and innovative in response to changing economic and technological circumstances not political will, mandates or ideology.

    • SKL53

      Yes like Ford Motors!!!

    • Here is ABC’s attempt to discredit the ad

      “It’s true that Chrysler is now largely owned by Fiat, an Italian auto company that purchased a large stake in Chrysler when it was going through its bankruptcy reorganization. Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne gave Chrysler management expertise and technology that has helped the company make a comeback.

      It’s also true that Chrysler is looking to produce some of its Jeep product line in China.

      So the Ad is 100 percent true. but still ABC seems to think its a “discredit” cus someone might think it means something else .

  • detectivedick

    I will buy a used Yugo before I purchase a GM or C/Fiat product.

  • Obama is a liar

  • kong1967

    Pretty good ad, but I want to see one that talks about how Obama bailed out the unions and gave them the spoils first and left out the stockholders….in contradiction to the law. It needs to mention how the union workers kept their pensions while the non-union workers lost theirs. Yeah, Obama’s out for the people my @ss. He’s out for the big unions that stuff his pockets full of money, and if you didn’t volunteer to be a union member he will screw you big time.

    • badbadlibs

      Well said.

    • BMinPA

      How do you say that without pissing off union workers? All they see is that they have their jobs. How it happened is immaterial to them. I still haven’t heard a satisfactory answer to Obama’s claim that there were no private funds of the scale that was needed to save GM.

      • kong1967

        I don’t care what the union workers think. I understand they are just happy to have their jobs, but as a voter I have to look at the bigger picture.

        Filing for bankruptcy does not mean the company would have shut down. Obama is a freaking liar. It would allow GM to restructure and the unions would have to accept adjusted contracts in order to fit into a profit making model. Obama prevented that by bailing out the unions. What did it solve? Nothing. GM will be right back with their hands out again because the unions didn’t have to budge.

        By the way, Obama claims that GM paid back every penny, and technically it might be correct but at the same time it’s a bold-faced lie. GM got another government loan through a separate progrram which paid off the loan. GM still owes the money, but it was shifted to another program. Obama lies lies lies lies lies.

      • kong1967

        Oh, the Volt is losing $40,000 a car. I’d have to look up the exact number, but Obama’s project that he pushed with them is going down the toilet.

  • indthinker

    A few years back, Lee Iacoca wrote an intriguing book entitled “Where Have All the Leaders Gone?’ Looks like he fund one!

  • sDee

    I am glad the campaign is blunt about Chrysler bring sold to Fiat.

    GM situation is no better.

    General Motors is becoming China Motors

    To sell there China requires plants and R&D be moved there. Once there, China always steals the IP of anything built there.

    • wodiej

      I can hear union workers singing the Chicago song “If you leave me now.”

  • Nukeman60

    It would be laughable what Obama and Biden say these days if it weren’t for the fact so many people believe them at face value and then throw it up as talking points in an argument.

    Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive and well‘ – Biden

    My a$$. Show me proof bin Laden is dead (ie, Al Qa’eda) and then show me proof that GM is doing better than Ford right now (the only big-three auto company that refused the bailout money). Any auto company ought to be able to look like it’s doing good temporarily if you throw billions of free taxpayer money into it.

    Give me a billion dollars and I’ll show you how good I’m doing, too.

    • detectivedick

      Plus don’t forget all the GM Bond holders that were told “you lost it all” but the Union and pensions were preserved!

      • badbadlibs

        Not to mention the dealerships that were forced to close and people losing their life savings and jobs.
        My husband worked for a GM dealership at the time and we were sweating it!
        From even before, but from that time especially I found a level of contempt for bo that I didn’t think possible to hold towards another person.
        He had/has no right to make people live in fear and fear is exactly what I felt.

        • sDee

          “He had/has no right to make people live in fear and fear is exactly what I felt.”

          That is the design of tyrants. The “natural slaves” comply and take comfort in the protection of their master. Free men take up arms.

      • freenca

        Yes, over 200 years of contract law, out the window in one fell-swoop!

    • sDee

      Speaking of BinLaden, here is one scenario on what happened in Benghazi which seems to fit much of the behavior from Hussein and Clinton.

      “It was all supposed to be easy in Stevens was to be taken, secured in a safe house, a few demands made, Obama would send in the surviving SEALS, and shoot the kidnappers on a Monday and for two days before the first debate, Obama would preen in the Rose Garden before taking stage and all the bows for his new chest thumping, which Mitt Romney would be made to kowtow to, sealing Romney’s defeat.

      What Obama ran into was a double operation, in which his “bad terrorists” who were upset over his targeting them, obtained direct intelligence of the Obama hostage scenario, and took over the 150 terrorists who Obama and Soros had been using since they let them out of prison to murder Col. Khadaffi and his followers.
      Chris Stevens honestly thought he was among friends. The reason Hillary Clinton and no one offered up Marine security is because the Benghazi terrorists ARE THE OBAMA HIRED SECURITY THERE.

      When this erupted there were live feeds off of drones as this blog pointed to early and everyone in DC in the loop knew exactly what was taking place, but the Obama inner circle was not worried as they thought it was just a show.”

      Obama’s “October Surprise” gone terribly wrong?

      • thk

        I’ve seen similar posts the past few days. It would explain why BHO is so hell bent on covering it up. I saw a post that claimed Ambassador Stevens was set up to be kidnapped and exchanged for the release of the blind sheik. Another claimed that the consulate in Benghazi was participating in an operation like Fast and Furious. I pray we will find the real truth and those responsible will be tried for treason.

        • montereyyjack

          And the fact that Stevens died of smoke inhalation could leave one to say it was unintentional…accidental…which gives this theory even more cred.

  • Yvette47

    Great ad! I’ve been trying to find Mitt’s ads that were run in swing states over the weekend, no luck so far.

  • klaffner

    Such a tough issue to address in a 30 second ad. I guess he did it as well as it can be done.

  • sjmom

    I’d put my ad money into the Dephi scandal because it once again shows the corruption in this administration and that’s something, union or not, every American should be concerned with.

    • smmy33

      Actually your wrong, Sergio Marchionne, the head of Fiat and Chrysler was quoted in Bloomberg News and Italian Newspaper , Il Sole 24 oreil , that the company will be moving their Jeep line production to China, so the ad is correct on every fact, but that wouldn’t stop the Obama camp from saying it’s a lie or their media helpers from going along with it, just like the media out right lied about Obama not allowing the work rules to lapse in welfare …

      The ad is great needed to hit back a the a obama lies and ai like the sentiment vibe to it , I hope Romney camp air it until the election, remind those union idiot’s that Obama actually put Chysler and GM through bankrupty and sold Chysler to a Italian car company for peanuts while the American tax payer are still on the hook for both Gm and Chysler.

  • auldsailor328

    GM and Fiat/Chrysler are not the “auto industry”, but my guess as tto why this has been limited is that Fiat, who said they were going to build Jeeps in China now says they didn’t say it.
    Sounds like the administration might have gotten to them. But it gives Obama another “Romney Lied” wedge.

  • Orangeone

    No open thread yet so please excuse O/T but this is great.

    Breitbart has MN moving from solid Obama to in play and voters identifying as Republican soaring

    Daily Caller inquires if MN is now in-play.

    We need to take the senate and Amy Klobuchar (who wants to run for Pres in 2016) is amidst scandal over Billion Dollar Ponzi Schemer Tom Petters.

    • Ooh, ooh that smell
      Can’t you smell that smell?
      Ooh, ooh that smell
      The smell of death surrounds you!

      • Orangeone

        And we also have this 21-year Marine veteran running against mooslem Keith Ellison.  Ellison hurled nasty slurs at this man during a debate!  I’m not in his district but am supporting and tweeting for Chris Fields!

  • wodiej

    Even though I am very optimistic that Romney will win Nov. 6th, it sickens me literally to think how easily someone like obama was able to infiltrate our election and poison our government, legislation and laws. I hope to never again see a Republican stay home because the GOP nominee is not “pure” enough for them.

    It’s true Romney is not far a right conservative. But how much of the electorate is? Maybe 30%. The country is full of a vast array of different people and we are not always going to agree. The question is, will we do what is best for the country and society as a whole?

    • sDee

      This is my greatest fear as well. I have long assumed Hussein was a one term president. Even the powers that put him there could never have imagined the pace at which Hussein would dismantle America. But it is the pace toward globalism they will correct, not the direction.

      A gargantuan pink elephant has crashed through the roof of our Republic, setting it on fire, and now stands in our living room floor, leaving heaping piles of stinking dung. Yet everyone sits around sipping tea and wondering if it might be better if they invite Romney to the party instead. This is INSANITY.

      I fear it runs far far deeper than Republicans staying home. The marxists, communists, progressives, unions and media have spent decades planning and executing. They have infiltrated both parties and are still here….so is the voter ignorance, apathy and misinformation they have carefully cultured.

      The Federal government is easily 3 times larger than a free Republic can survive. We, the People , must abandon these corrupt political party machines and declare war on government and media. They are true enemies of Liberty. If we do not, all we accomplish with Romney is the first rinse cycle in preparation of the next phase of dismantling the Republic.

  • SKL53

    Obama and more LIES!!! He did not do Americans any favors with his GM bailout/Takeover/Give it to the Unions!!! Millions of people lost money on their GM stocks! Many lost jobs! Then he adds insult to injury and plans to build a GM plant in Mexico…talk about 0utsourcing jobs!!! Now he wants our money to bailout GM once again because the company is going down the bankrupcy path! He promised Wisconsin that he would not close their auto plant, but did anyway! So much for Obama’s word! Keep digging yourself deeper into your lying hole!

  • This is a touchy subject for both Obama and Romney. They had a small exchange on the issue in one of the debates, and I think that neither one of them want to go to far with this issue.

  • ThinkProgress and The New Republic attacked this ad as “misleading.” It must be working.

  • jimmie smith

    I’m sure everyone remembers (cash for clunkers)? A certain amount of the auto industry, known as used auto parts and auto parts stores felt that policy was a winner…not…Alot of business’s struggled through that debacle and still do today…Not to mention taxpayers funding people to buy a new vehicle, and as a taxpayer, “that could not afford a new car”, I’m glad I had the opportunity to help someone who could…ya…right.

  • bobemakk

    Obama is allowing GM to build numerous plants in Communist China even before they pay US taxpayers back the $80 billion they owe. Chrysler paid it all back and Ford took no stimulus. Chrysler and Ford are the ONLY American car brands to buy if you want to buy American.

    AND, this is taking jobs out of America as well. Obama must go!! Great ad, Romney for president.

    • havetoask

      I agree with you on Ford but I question Chrysler which is owned by Fiat. With the latest announcement of moving production facilities to China by Fiat and the fact that non-union employees and bond holders of Chrysler were cheated by Obama why would you not include Chrysler under the same umbrella of Government Motors like General Motors?