Newt Gingrich blames Chris Matthews for his viewers thinking that Romney’s ‘birther’ joke is racist

I love this. Chris Matthews is trying to take Newt to task for his so-called ‘racist’ lingo (food stamp president, etc) during the primary, but Newt won’t even accept Matthews’ initial premise, saying it’s so absurd that he doesn’t even know how to answer the question. Later in the interview, after playing Romney’s joke about being born in Michigan, Matthews says he’s had African Americans emailing him saying that they feel it’s racist and asks Newt if he can understand their position. But Newt turns it around on him:

“I think there are a lot of people in America who listen to people like you who tell them all day, who tell them all day every day how racist everything [is]…”

There’s much more in the interview below:

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  • I’ve always hated to jump on the ‘CM is drunk on air’ bandwagon, but it sure looks like it in this clip. Newt should have just let CM talk. He’s really making an arse of himself the more you let him talk.

    • he already made himself out as an ass many times…even today after that Reince Priebus explosion.

    • “Free Beer!” Just like a democrat to offer to buy everyone a beer… oh, wait… offer Newt to buy everyone a beer. What a joke!

      • 3seven77

        See, they just can’t help themselves. They always, always, always want to redistribute wealth and spend *other* people’s money.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Okay, Chris Matthews is a hopelessly lost idiot that wouldn’t acknowledge the truth if it hit him in the face full force!!! He is sooooooooo repugnant and disgusting and is a loud mouth to boot. He is a LIBERAL HACK!!!!

    • theneighborhoodguy01

      AP1967: For the love of Pete…stop holding back! Just tell us what you really think.

      • Army_Pilot1967

        tnhg01: I wish I could using good old fashioned Army lingo, but Scoop would have my hide if I did that. I’m confident that you understand I don’t care for CM even a tiny little bit.

        • theneighborhoodguy01

          Just having a little fun with you, and your remarkable restraint, sir. I couldn’t help myself.
          I’d prefer to pour a can of verbal whoopfanny on him, as well.

          • Army_Pilot1967

            LOL……hey, Neighborhoodguy, it’s all good!

    • bobemakk

      With some of his idiotic remarks I don’t even know why he was never fired.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    What an a.s.s wipping, Great absolutely great…….Love Newt

    • Rightstuff1

      Agree – they realllllly hate Newt because he just trounces them.

      Matthews = lib sore loser.

      Don’t ya love it when Newt says, wait a second Matthews…..

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Lol, and he just completely trounces him with a smile.

  • Chris Matthews really, really, really needs to let people answer his questions. He truly is the worst interviewer.

    • Spartan4Palin

      I wish Newt would’ve kept hammering Mathews on the Depression chart. He had him right there in the choke-hold and Newt let him spin out of it.


    • Patriot077

      He doesn’t want an answer, he just wants to make his biased statements without giving anyone a chance to get a word in edgewise. Newt is the best one to deal with that loudmouth. I hope Newt gives Reince some pointers …

  • DebbyX

    Why the heck did I just watch that?

    • Jaels_Song

      Ehhhh… you saw an Obama dungtonguer who is emotionally upset and imbalanced because the truth about Obama is finally getting out and Obama is getting his skinny arse kicked.

  • Sandra123456

    Diabetic dementia.

    It will be interesting to see if he gets so bad this week that MSNBC will have to remove him from the air.

    • Betsey_Ross

      It’ll never happen. He’s all they’ve got.

      • Sandra123456

        Pretty pathetic isn’t it.

        • Betsey_Ross


        • FreeManWalking

          It like having a two party system with a independent or two thrown in from time to time, and in the end there is really only one person in each race I can vote for, and I still have to hold my nose while pulling the lever.

          For once I would love to have a difficult decision deciding who to vote for in a GENERAL ELECTION, National, State or Local…

    • Joe

      Sandra – I would love to agree with a fellow Scooper BUT

      Lets’ face it – He is just plain delusional – period

      Unless he increases his MEDS – there is no hope for this nutjob!

    • Rightstuff1

      Over and over….oh and over and over until November…oh and beyond… 🙂

    • p m

      He’s acting up worse even than ususal because his contract is up in 2012, and what with not getting his interview with zero AND the ‘new’ management at NBCNews, he’s trying to prove he’s relevant.

  • Someday I hope the GOOD LORD will explain to me why people from the GOP have anything to do with NBC News or MSNBLOONEYC?? I just do not get it…maybe they just love to be on TV….I am so sick and tired of it. What is the point?? There is nothing gained and nobody swayed. Put your efforts into productive meetings and activities. I mean Tingles flipper this morning…He should be canned but NBC is run by the same left wing kooks like Tingles….But I digress….waste of time….

    • Joe


      I agree – They should boycott MSLSD and let them swing in the wind
      and let them talk to themselves

    • theneighborhoodguy01

      Michael, I personally prefer to see the enemy playbook. But, I can only see it a couple minutes at a time…

      • Conservative_Hippie

        My feelings also.

  • Wow, Newt for press secretary!!!

    • I knew Newt could make Chris Matthews looks like a fool..and my prediction came all in one day! lol

    • nibblesyble

      Although I would have liked to say President Gingrich..he would kick ass as press sec..wouldn’t he?

      • 3seven77

        Yep. Wouldn’t you just love to have the Depends concession after every Gingrich press briefing?

        • theneighborhoodguy01

          VERY well played threetripleseven.

        • 3boojums

          awesome !!!

        • nibblesyble


    • 3boojums

      we needed someone with B A L L S to solve some of our country’s problems..instead, we got someone with grapes. PLEASE, press secretary—- every day will be fun

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Agree Steven, Newt would be awesome!

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Mathews is still hurting that he was never invited to a rose garden beer summit.

  • I really like Newt…sure he’s done some bad things in his past (which I truly believe he’s made amends for), but he is one smart guy, and quite charismatic too! He really seems quite like-able!

  • 99% of all racism in America comes from the left.

  • Michael Dowling

    CM – Total Loss From Holy Cross

  • Jaels_Song

    Does Matthews have diabetes?

  • Joe

    Chrissy the Clown is really losing it

    MSLSD CANNOT defend anything ZERO has done

    The ONLY reason that I watch these videos is that

    I want to witness the moment he finally loses his mind and is carried away in a “jacket”

    The acronym MSLSD is very fitting!

    THIS IS GOOD >>*CdnvnSbwaYVqDNrNTHc5TJjMs1whNG4CXnclDrf*PoQAp0XUqHMt5*fzJwy8Rt8MxYr0EiEpuQiv4tV-8KfWpI4xJEvR8t/ChrisMatthewsPreparesforStateoftheUnionaddress_thumb.jpg

    • Rightstuff1

      That reallllly made me chuckle…the moment he finally loses his mind and is carried away in a jacket. Perfect picture….

      • Joe

        I aim to please !

        (That may be a recent photo – not sure)

    • FreeManWalking

      You’ll want to tune it election night even if Romney barely squeaks through.

      I hope he is broadcasting from the top of the SEARS TOWER…


    notice as soon as newt starts talking about the economy crissy changes the subject

  • drphibes

    Matthews is such a lap dog. Obama turns down interviews with Matthews and he’s still a dutiful little dog.

  • jackl92

    No Balls is a fat, stupid, drunk, moron, did i miss anything?

    • Joe

      You’re kidding right ?

      You didn’t even scratch the surface !

    • Luker410

      Pretty good, but I would add, loudmouth, blowhard, fatass. Oh, sorry, you said “fat”.

  • MikeBri527

    This is all coming from Matthews now because he knows Barack is in trouble in the polls. He knows that there’s a good chance that Barack will loose the election. If Barack looses, Matthews credibility (what little he has), the credibility of MSNBC, the Democratic party, liberalism, anti-capitalism, anti-colonialism, etc. goes down with Obama (at least for a while).

    People, these are the actions of a desperate man trying with all his might to save a sinking ship. He’s throwing every possible pile of crap at any perceived “enemy” of Barack out there to see what sticks in a vein attempt to defend his precious Barack. I have just one more comment to make…


  • freenca

    Newt-Your absurd Chris, nuff said!

  • Pyrran

    There’s 6 minutes of my life gone forever.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      I think I accidentally copied your sentiments. Sorry. I felt the same way. Someday I’ll learn to quit watching messnbc clips. I was weak for a moment by the prospect of watching Newt neuter Thrills Matthews. (which he did)

  • Suzyqpie

    Pres 0bama’s budget was so unserious that it was voted down in the Senate 98-0. The democrats could not even vote for Pres 0bamas budget??? Nor could the Senate Democrats present another budget proposal? Help me out here, no budget serves our country?

  • brendawatkins

    The African Americans I’m hearing from think it’s Chrissy who’s being racist. They don’t appreciate it that Chrissy automatically ASSUMES it’s ONLY black people getting food stamps. I CANNOT stand his whiny voice!

    • FreeManWalking

      I know they use a 6 card deck in Vegas, but I thought they only used one deck when playing the race card.

      Maybe those extra decks hiding in his britches is what’s giving Crissy a thrill up his leg.

  • BabyMal

    Only Democrats assume that welfare= black people. Racists.

  • nibblesyble

    Looove Newt…Poor Tingles has no chance…what a prissy idiot!

  • nibblesyble

    I know you think you are winning…yeah because he is!!

  • conservative58

    I wish someone would flush Matthews down the toilet with the rest of the sewage!

  • FreeManWalking

    GO NEWT GO!!!

    Mathews, Blitzer, Madcow and all the rest can’t get Newt off point or topic, I just love to hear him take them on, how Reaganesque.

    I couldn’t think of Madcow’s name so I googled ‘msnbc liberal female host’ it worked. 🙂

    • nibblesyble


  • brendawatkins

    Someone started this hashtag #ThingsChrisMatthewsThinksAreRacist on twitter.. Go to twitter and have your say. Poor Chrissy, makes him look so stupid!

    • bayway48

      #ThingsChrisMatthewsThinksAreRacistwhen Obama grants an interview with Glamour Magazine and tells PrissyChrissy to KMA!

      Here was my tweet! Thanks for sharing the hashtag!

  • BikerHoop

    Point … set … match! Slam dunk points to Newt.

  • MaroonRepublic

    More proof that Chris is a buffoon.

  • Gee Chissy….you seem so hot and bothered…is it because your guy and his campaign has been calling Romney a felony…a liar….a uppy rich man…..out of touch with mainstream America. And after all that and after the media being his hip pocket…he can’t get a beyond the margin or error lead…how about President Obama…talk about how the stimulus was suppose the sink the unemployment rate when it raised it. Talk about how you said that this health care law wouldn’t raise the debt but it likely will by all reports out there. Tell us Mr. President how is cutting 710 billions dollars from medicare is saving it??? Chissy how about two weeks ago priorities usa calling Romney a killer on a company that closed down SIX years after Romney left!… what about that lie!…you are so in the tank for this guy its not even funny…And excuse me but why is it that anyone who opposes this president, that they are racist! No…when a idea doesn’t work…you call it out! As for calling out people denigrating the office of president…what about those who called President Bush a Nazi! Chissy, where was your outrage and calling out a person and acting like a complete jerk on national TV…When Mika on morning joe turns on you…You gone too far!….To quote the late great Juan Epstien from “Welcome Back Kotter” fame…It doo doo fooo fooo time Chrissy! Time for you to take a nap!

  • Rshill7

    Matthews is not a newsman. He just isn’t. He’s like Obama’s concubine. Like Jay Carney. What an Obama, colon-dwelling, kiss-ass. I got a thrill up my leg just listening to Newt school this polyp polisher.

    Should a “news guy” be spewing democrat talking points? Is it his job to be antagonistic to every Republican, and an ass kisser to every democrat? If this were a “Mission Impossible” episode, I’d fully expect this tape to “self destruct in 30 seconds”.

    Is a newsman, openly campaigning for Obama on television, his mission? Is it impossible? Who pays this guy, a network or Obama’s campaign? If I were Obama, which I’d never be, I’d have to say, yo dude, calm down…and watch out for that hemorrhoid. You can rail against Mitt when he’s President, in opposite fashion to what you now do, thrills and all.

    In November “The Thrill Is Gone”! (BB King)

    • 3boojums

      why would you want to “polish a polyp”? 🙂

    • 3boojums

      why would you want to “polish a polyp”? 🙂

      • Rshill7

        I wouldn’t. Chris would.

    • kong1967

      In all fairness, Tingles literally is not a news reporter. He’s a pundit and he gets paid for his opinions, just like Hannity, Limbaugh, Huckabee and others. Is he a lying Obama ass kisser? Of course.

  • tinker_thinker

    *sigh* love Newt!

  • leel004

    hey chris….’wacky tobacky’ ring a bell??????????????????

  • Is_Sense_Common

    I love Newt on Offense, but that’s 6 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Not sure I can forgive myself for giving those minutes to Thrills Matthews. Ugh. I just threw up in my mouth a little…

    • theneighborhoodguy01

      I know…it’s like watching a rabid dog get hit on the highway…you want to turn away because the dumb mongrel doesn’t have a chance in Hades of walking away unscathed…Damned unfair, if you ask me.

    • kong1967

      It’s not really wasted time to see what tactics they are using to get the worst President in history back in office. We know what we have to expose. 🙂

  • I do not understand why he is so worried about the birthcertificate? Is there something there that we the people should know about? Those who yell the loudest must have more to hide.
    I did not know that receiving food stamps was a black thing. I must be the wrong color because I get $49, a month in food stamps and I am white, I am also on social security retirement. So I am 67 and exempt from the work requirement any how.That is under the old law of 1996, that obama is messing with.
    I am not going to get any more money from the republicans, but atleast I can feel like my government is being run honestly. My grandchildren will have a chance to make something of themselves.
    My 11 year old grandson has been talking about going to West Point for four years, now that is a dream, and he gets strait As in school. He might just make it.
    I do not want his dream destroyed because we have a incompetent, and corrupt president in there.
    Lets vote for the Americans Romney/Ryan, and keep my grandson`s dream alive!!!!!!!!
    I am an Army veteran, grade E-5, Veit Nam.

  • hongryhawg

    I watched the entire clip. I’d say Newt whipped the common lib’s ass.

  • Chris Matthews is stupid.

    • 3boojums

      ? oxymoron 🙂

    • 3boojums

      ? oxymoron 🙂

  • theneighborhoodguy01

    Why in the Hell would Matthews be STUPID enough to goad or mentally spar with Newt…on live TV…at his convention…in Newt’s preferred element?

    Never mind. It was a rhetorical question, anyway.

  • Luker410

    CM has turned into a pathetic character of his former self. He will try to cause a race riot just to keep from losing one of his six viewers. I think it is more than obvious that he is hitting the bottle in his depressed state of mind.

  • badbadlibs

    The only thing the left has are attacks. matthews couldn’t and wouldn’t debate anyone on bo’s economic failures, so he takes the time to do another attack racist smear job instead.
    I really fear this country is done, I don’t see the polls or opinions changing fast enough to stop the downfall and the sharp left turn took in ’08.
    I just hope matthews, his ilk and all they love are the first to feel the pain of the sharper left turn just ahead.

  • What a hateful person Matthews is!

  • Wrong Tingles. Before Obama made his ILLEGAL change, you either had to be trying to find a job OR be undergoing education for a job/new career. Obama did not add this.

    Stop lying!!!!!

  • GoodLuckAmerica

    People don’t like dependency? Does aunt Zeituni ring a bell? She expects America to care for her while she does nothing to care for America. AND she’s an illegal immigrant to boot!

    Only the honest, hard working families and disillusioned uni graduates who are out of jobs or working whatever they can find don’t.

    Someone should school Matthews on how to conduct interviews without the mental processing of a schizophrenic. He asks questions he doesn’t want answered, thinks everyone has a (secret) agenda to push and views his guests as the enemy he must “win” a fight against. He should up the dose of his medication.

    • kong1967

      “He….thinks everyone has a (secret) agenda to push…”

      Don’t you just love the projection? The left cannot sell an honest product. If you want to sell poison you package it up with bows and perfume and tell them you’re giving them a beautiful gift. This is the way they think, so they either assume we do it too or they take the public’s eye off the ball and point at us. There has to be more responses like Newt’s to expose their sleight of hand.

  • PFFV

    Typical liberal tactics “Racist!” “Racist!” “Racist!” Newt hammers Tingles with facts and figures and he is repeatedly cut off from giving any answer and called every stereotype in the Alinsky play book. They have nothing positive to run on so they demonize their opposition.

    • kong1967

      Your comment was racist, lol. — sarcasm against tingles

  • bobemakk

    Newt you were my first choice to become president, but the media ruined you. I hope you get a big cabinet position. God bless you.

    • chatterbox365

      It wasn’t the media that ruined Newt (or Santorum) this election cycle.

  • Nooooooooooo….oooot!

  • chatterbox365

    Typical liberal rabid dog…another one who should put an Obama/Biden bumper sticker right on his head.

    I love Newt…he doesn’t let these liberal clowns get away with anything.

  • Kordane

    It’s self-evident that the Left are the racists, since they’re the ones who embrace collectivism and reject individualism. Racism is, after all, just a form of collectivism – of always thinking in terms of the collective, the group, society, etc.

    Chris Matthews is just projecting his own racism onto the Right, since it helps him evade the reality of his own collectivist prejudices.

    It is absurd to say that a side (the Right) that embraces individualism, capitalism, individual rights, and which was responsible for emancipation, is somehow the side that has the most racists of all – rather than a side (the Left) that embraces collectivism, communism, government privileges, and which fought (bitterly) to keep slavery alive, is somehow the side that has the least racists of all.

    I don’t think that Chris Matthews will ever face reality – He’d either go insane, or become one of the most egregious racists there ever was, if he did. Currently, there are too many walls built up in his mind; layer upon layer of protection from reality. You could probably argue with him for hours, even get Newt to do it, and it still wouldn’t do the job. Some men are just lost causes – Better to move on to people not so thoroughly corrupted.

    • kong1967

      I vote that we throw him in a padded room and lock the door.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Between this interview (and I use that word loosely) and the one with Reince Preibus, it’s pretty evident that Chris Matthews is really mad (and I use that word literally) that his guy is going to lose the election in November.

    And Newt made him even madder, and I loved it. Diabolical grin, Chris?

    That is one frustrated loser.

    • kong1967

      He’s looking quite pathetic while he goes down with the ship, too.

  • Mathews is a Professional Penis Pump

  • Gingrich reminded me a of a cat playing with a mouse. Apparently Matthews now think she cans read the minds of all Republicans and tell exactly what they are thinking and of course he concludes that it is racist.

    We need to bring back the stage hook from vaudeville and just drag these guys off stage.

  • GEDouglas

    Tingles is old and fading away. He makes these ridicules comments and has begun showing his ass on TV in an attempt to remain relevant. Rather than remaining relevant though he is going out looking like fool. Not that I really care how he goes…just that he goes!

    • kong1967

      I love how the liberal pundits come out all the time and say “most Americans” this or that. Yet, everyone I know says the opposite. Tingles is a joke and it says a lot about the IQ level of anyone that watches him.

  • I so wish Newt would have said, “Wait? Let’s see who’s the racist here. You’re telling me that when you hear “food stamp president” you think of black people. You tell me when you hear “welfare queen” you see a black woman. So tell me Chris, what about that makes you think I’M the racist? It’s crystal clear that YOU, in fact, are the racist! Neither Mitt Romney nor Ronald Reagan said anything about race. You, on the other hand, have just sat here putting your racism out here for all to see.”

  • GEDouglas

    OH, don’t forget, Chris is an old time democrat who supported the George Wallace’s and Robert Byrd’s of the world. All were racist…just like Chrissy

  • kong1967

    Lol, Newt said exactly what I said yesterday in a pi**ed off rant. Why do they associate food stamps and welfare to blacks? What kind of racist thinking is that? I love it when that happens.

    I don’t like lifting the work requirement for welfare so people can go to school. That’s not my responsibility to worry about. First off, people that have no education and are on welfare are there for a reason. They didn’t have the drive or the brains to go to school and they probably didn’t do well in high school. Second of all, you can work and go to school at the same time. Many, many college kids do it all the time. In the same manner that we had professional students in order to avoid the draft, we will have professional students to avoid work.

    But, all in all it’s not my responsibility to pay for someone while they live it up in school. You can work walk and chew gum at the same time. Go to work.

  • greatj

    Chris Matthews and the rest of M.S.N.B.C. are mentally and emotionally disturbed.

  • DINORightMarie

    The full interview shows much better how Newt cleaned his clock.

    LOVE it!!!

  • redheadgrl

    i love that Newt calls out the media and their stupid/biased questions.