Newt Gingrich defends Bachmann and others asking questions about Muslim Brotherhood and Huma Abedin

Newt Gingrich told Politico that the questions raised by Michele Bachmann and the other 4 GOP Congressmen about the Muslim Brotherhood and Huma Abedin are valid and worth investigating. He also says the attacks against Bachmann and others coming from Boehner and the GOP leadership are wrong and suggested the elite culture in Washington is far too politically correct.

Watch below:

(h/t: Walid Shoebat)

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  • truthequals9

    Oh, every time I hear you Mr. Gingrich I think of the world that could of been if you would have won the nomination.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      There’d have been a bunch of dictators quaking in their steel-toed boots, that’s for sure. {sigh}

    • 3seven77

      Newt gets it. And if Romney is smart, he’ll put Newt in his administration and Listen. To. Him.

      • KAB

        Lets hope Mitt does this, what a team. A good economic guy & a walking encylopedia! Sounds good to me!

      • I have a feeling that a few of the former repub. pres. candidates will be in his administration, all of them, I feel, despite their cons have some pros that they can be of use in the Romney Administration.

    • It was great to see Newt in an interview at all. He was out of the spotlight for too long. I hope he gets more interviews across all the networks. I know Rick has family concerns with his little Bella, but we really need to see him on the interview circuit as well.

    • FreeManWalking

      Ditto’s, Echo Echo Echo… a thousand likes.

    • It’s not over til the convention and Newt is still on the ballot, he only suspended his campaign. And Newt would be the best choice so I’m praying for a contested convention.

      • bobemakk

        You mean we can still have a miracle and Newt can become VP? Wow, that would be terrific.

    • capelady

      Amen! I really miss the man, and I am sad for the opportunity that was missed to have Newt lead a second conservative revolution in Washington!!!

    • kessi7

      We miss Newt

    • bobemakk

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Funny how the Obama team “just asks questions” about Romney/Bain, but Bachmann et. al. are MAKING ALLEGATIONS about Abedin.

  • FutureOnePercent

    There’s my first choice…

    • nibblesyble

      Still is my first choice….a girl can dream can’t she?

      • p m

        Thought I’d see you here nibbles – can I join your dream please? Must be something in the water in BC – or just too many years of Trudeau the commie and his like!

        • nibblesyble

          With you pm..all the way!

      • KAB

        Was my first choice, lets dream @ brokered conv.

      • REHLV

        Mine too, however, if he finds the right spot in the cabinet, he will be a powerful tool for the new administration.

      • FreeManWalking

        Still Mine TOO. NS 🙂

        What should have been will haunt me every time he addresses an issue.

        Newt does it just like Rush, After he addresses an issue all that can be said is said.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      First choice of the last 4 standing, that’s for sure! About 1000 x’s better than mittens.

  • 4Hoppes2

    Every American darn well does have the right to know where the loyalties lie when it comes to our security. God Bless you Newt, our defense can never be negotiable and there is more than enough evidence to have MS. Abedin scrutinized along with anyone else sympathetic to sharia law.

  • sDee

    By making this about Huma and Bachmann instead of our islamic sympathizers, John McCain has done a great service of distraction for Obama and islamic supremacy.

    As usual Newt brings it all back home.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Well, he stands by those (5 Republicans) who are being brave to bring this up and he makes some good points… I’d take Newt in a heartbeat over Romney.

    It’s a shame that this will continue to be an issue for years… and just like Iran and a nuclear weapon, nothing will get done and we’ll just let them have more time to creep in, whisper in ears, exchange money, and corrupt… until it’s too late. This is what politically correctness gets us.

    I thought we were the land of the free and the home of the brave…

    • sjmom

      It’s just that the free and the brave’s voice is not as loud as the others, but they’re still here among us. You’re here aren’t you?

      • Is_Sense_Common

        So true SJ. So true. The weenies are the ones in charge right now. What would Patton say about these ridiculous panty-wastes who are running the show right now?

        • sjmom

          The Founding Fathers should be rolling over in their graves right about now. If those in charge today were in charge then we’d still be living under the “crown” or who knows by now because the Brits “ain’t what they used to be” either.

          • Is_Sense_Common

            They’d have never had the ba77s to leave Britain to begin with. Did you see the shirt advertised on Facebook last week with a picture of the Founding Fathers and the statement, “The Original Right Wing Fanatics” – I’m thinking of ordering one…

            • sjmom

              If it were not for those “right wing fanatics” of long ago those imbeciles of whom you speak would not have the privilege nor the “right” to denigrate such great men. How soon some forget all which those patriots did for each of us. Buy the shirt and wear it proudly.

      • Sober_Thinking

        You’re sweet. 🙂

    • freenca

      Newt knows that you cannot solve a problem that you refuse to recognize and shun anyone who wants to discuss it. Our “leaders” have done exactly that, neither displaying any bravery nor sensibility in dealing with the radical islamists. They just go after any of our own, that WANT to find out and deal with it.

      • Sober_Thinking

        True 🙂

    • capelady

      Newt and Allen West are two leaders who are not intimidated by political correctness and are willing to say what needs to be said. Newt did an interview with an Israeli journalist and explained that the “Palestinians” are a made-up people and gave the historical explanation for that statement and the liberal media went wild! I just read a leader from Hamas was in Egypt and announced on Egyptian television that the Palestinians are actually Arabs from Egypt and Saudi Arabia – they did not originate in the area called “Palestine”.

      Political correctness is the social application of Marxism and was used by every totalitarian government in the 20th Century to suppress free speech. It is destroying this country and must be eradicated!

      • Mtncougar

        I’d love to watch that interview with Newt if you can point me in the direction of how to locate it…

      • truthequals9

        Imagine a Newt Gingrich – Allen West ticket in 2016. Oh my, that would have every conservative salivating and every liberal panicking.

        • capelady

          That would be the ultimate dream ticket for the future of America… can you imagine the left’s response? (They would probably feel a bit of what we have been feeling for the past three years!)

          I am so saddened by the fact that more people didn’t recognize that Newt has the substantive solutions to the challenges America faces and the experience and courage to make them happen. Such statesman are so rare.

      • Sober_Thinking

        I agree. The right is expected to show tolerance even though the left never does. Good post.

  • Don

    When Newt makes sense, he is at the top of his game. That spot with Nancy Pelosi when Newt was sitting beside her agreeing with her point of view will be etched in the mind of conservatives forever. It was the closest thing to political suicide a politician could ever do.

    • wasn’t etched in my mind..or else I wouldn’t of voted for him. Maybe a wishy washy RINO might be obsessed with that….but true conservatives knows Newt’s convictions.

    • And that is too bad, Don, b/c we were duped for so long that it was difficult to wade through the hype to find the truth. Actually, it has been in the last few years that the scientific “facts” have been revealed as scientific fiction. Ya know, when I see that picture it reminds me that Newt got the Democrats, Clinton and the RINO Republicans on board with the Contract with America…whether they liked it or not.:) by using his statesmanship and diplomacy…too bad he is not our nominee!

    • Newt cares very deeply about this country and no one can factually dispute that. I personally believe the vast majority of conservatives give him a pass for the Pelosi boondoggle. I do. What really matters is that “we the people” deserve to know how deeply the Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated our Natioanl Security. They damanded that counter-terrorist language in all training materials for Defense, FBI, DHS, etc. be “purged” from the databases. Obama’s minions quickly began the purge and now they are going after counter-terrorism trainers. This is the wolf in the henhouse folks.
      Read the 16 page letter Bachmann sent to D. Ellison when he inquired about the basis for the letters being sent to the 5 IGs. This is not just heresay, this is researched and cross referenced information.

  • Stehekin912

    Boehner and the GOP leadership/elites are not demonstrating “political correctness”. They are demonstrating political cowardice. They sit when they should stand.

    Shamey Shamey Shamey

    • KAB

      They have to be P.C , If they inves. anything it will expose all the corruption in congress & senate. They are a part of all the corruption. They would rather save there ass than save our great country!

  • Rocco11

    Politico? That’s like the farm system for Ezra Klein journoLists…

    • Patriot077

      But a good place to plant the seed in minds of people who are not aware of the threat. I liked the way Newt brought Tony Blair’s comments into the conversation as this threat isn’t Just in the U.S.

      • p m

        Will have to check on what Newt said Blair said – keep in mind that’s the SOB who allowed the muslim influx into the UK and put their values above the British – who were consigned to the hell they still have to endure. Until they finally rise up, if it’s not too late. Blair has no standing on the evils of i-slam, except as an enabler for their barbarism. A**h***.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Unfortunately for our country, few other places in the media are willing to give him a voice. He scares the [email protected] out of them so they just keep listening to the PC crowd. (political cowards)

  • marketcomp

    Furthermore, they are so politically correct that they are out of touch with reality. I do understand John McCain because he is the Mr. walk across the idle RINO which is a joke and so is his daughter, Megan McCain. But I don’t really understand Marco Rubio! I mean what’s his excuse and only one thing explains this and that is he came to Washington as a RINO. None of the other recently elected conservative senators such as Mike Lee, or Rand Paul supports John McCain in his efforts to demonize Michelle Bachmann and the others, but the Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio does.

    • NYGino

      His stance on this has destroyed his credentials as someone I would vote for, for anything.

    • sDee

      “I mean what’s his excuse”

      Money, power, lust. Pick your combination. They sell their souls even knowing one day the chit will be called in.

    • KAB

      Marco is waiting to see if hes picked for V.P He cant blow it now. He has already been drinking the Kool-Aid. I wish V.P. could be Condi. or West!

      • marketcomp

        KAB for most of us he has already blown it!




    …Drill Baby Drill and tell the Middle East Muslim Nations TO GO TO HELL .”

    • keyesforpres

      Once we get the oil flowing, pull up our oil wells over there and tell them to figure out how to get the oil.

  • That is OUR MAN !!!

    NEWT are not taking prisoners, Correct shooting in the head of islamofascists=socialists

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    Newt should have been our presumptive nominee. GO NEWT!

    Tell it like it is!

    • WhiteGuy2

      Agreed, Newt was my first choice.

    • keyesforpres

      Except that Newt supported amnesty. Remember, Reagan’s amnesty led to the first World Trade Center bombing.

      • KAB

        No he doesnt support amesty, He supports a good plan to help people get legal & pay taxes, you know like we do!

        • keyesforpres

          That’s amnesty. Allowing a thief to keep what they stole is amnesty. You reward law breaking you get more of it. More people run for our border when we give illegals legal status…amnesty.

  • G_unitttt

    thank you Newt…..100% on the mark

  • It was refreshing to hear that. I hope more politicians come forth to support Bachmann, who’s doing the job the others are afraid to do.

  • Spot on, Newt. I think (or at least hope) he’s educating Romney in the ways of the press and the establishment GOP.

    • Linky1

      As the presumptive Republican candidate, Romney should be stepping up to the plate to defend Bachman and the others.

      • Is_Sense_Common

        Agreed Linky. If he can’t even step up to lead his own party with courage, how the heck is he gonna lead a severely divided nation? Yikes.

  • p m

    Thank you Newt.

    George Gaffney has a piece out right now referring to Michele Bachmann as America’s ‘Iron Lady’. Very good article. His website also has a report on a book published and translated by Abedin’s mother, here

    In February, the American Conservative Union blocked Gaffney from the CPAC stage after investigating and dismissing “infiltration” charges he’d made against board members. He meant Grover Norquist, and the year before, David Horowitz actually succeeded in speaking on that very subject at CPAC. Hasn’t been asked back. Before 9/11, Norquist was funded by the ‘General Masul’ of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood — Alamoudi – al-Qaida’s top bagman in America.

    Want to know about the MB in America? Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy has a 10-part, 8 hour documentary on it, available on youtube. Just found it so will start watching it tonight.

  • JamesMA

    I stand with you Rep. Bachmann. Thank you for your courage!

  • Unbelievable that the RINO’s would cry foul on just asking legitimate questions about how some people got security clearances & into positions when it appears they would not meet the requirements. This Fabulous Five are doing their duty and due diligence. The only McCarthyism is coming from McCain, Graham, Cantor, Boehner (and unbelievably from Rubio of all people). It’s obvious the critics did not even read the letters sent by the Fab Five.

  • Newt has had his own blind side to this problem, but at least he gets it.

  • Nukeman60

    Back in the ’90s, when Newt was being skewered by the likes of Pelosi on the Ethics Committee (gag), Boehner was right there, in the shadows, helping to get him to resign his Speakership.

    Today, while the likes of Bachmann and West are being skewered by the media, the left, and the RINO’s, Newt stands tall once again to defend and support what is right, in spite of all the BS by the likes of the still PC Boehner.

    It makes me sick when I see Boehner sitting in the Speaker’s chair, a chair stained by the likes of Pelosi – a place where good men like Newt should be.

    Thanks, Newt, for all you have given for your country.

    • nibblesyble

      And thank-you for what you wrote Nuke.

    • Terrenceor

      Newt handed the Bush wing of the Republican Party the sword to end his speakership and then we ended up with the big govt Republicans running Congress and the White House and a tarnished party in 2006 that is still damaged 6 years later. I am not sure it will survive.

      • Nukeman60

        I’m counting on it not surviving and from the ashes will spring a Phoenix, a new party, a better party built from the combination of the Tea Party and good solid constitutional conservatives.

        We can repair this country.

    • p m

      Thanks Nukeman – didn’t know Boehner was in on that. Maybe when he cries, it’s for his lost honour.

      • Nukeman60

        There was a small cabal that tried to oust Newt before he decided to resign. It was led by Dick Armey, Tom Delay, Bill Paxton, and John Boehner. In typical fashion, years later, Boehner denied that he was involved. Some people never change.

        • nibblesyble

          Also Lindsay Graham, who later said he regretted it, as nothing has been accomplished since.

          • Nukeman60

            I wasn’t aware of Graham. I knew there was a good reason why I despise him.

            • nibblesyble

              Yes, he said it all started in his office. At least he realized his mistake, unlike the rest that refuse to see what they did, or do see but remain cowards with their silence.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Excellent post Nukeman. It’s good to be back & reading your (and so many others’) insightful thoughts.

  • drphibes

    We live in an upside down world, folks. Any question about Republicans is fair game, but question whether there are enemies among us, and you are branded a nut.

  • Newt is absolutely right, and that’s what is so terrifying about this. Political correctness has already gotten many soldiers killed and wounded at Ft. Hood. How many more Americans need to die before the Federal government, the military, politicians, and the American people will admit that we have a serious problem with radical Islam? If we get hit by another 9/11 attack, we could lose an entire city instead of a few thousand people. When are we going to admit that there are radical Islamists out there that are willing to see that happen? People need to understand that the struggle with radical Islam is a generational war that could certainly last longer than the Cold War. Are we prepared to fight that war?

    • p m

      Generational and civilizational war against islam – not radical islam, just islam.

      (Wow – Mark L is on fire right now – has been since his show started.)

  • wodiej

    Good grief, I can’t stand to listen to an interview where a guest is invited, asked questions and the host is too arrogant and full of himself to even let the guest speak and answer the questions. What an *&&^%$#

  • ppcab

    Political Correctness will bring us down to the commode… to hell with the Muslim Brotherhood

  • sjmom

    The wrong man is at the top of the GOP ticket and it is a shame.

    • nibblesyble

      So frickin true sjmom…when I saw that Newt was up on Scoop…I was so thrilled and then sad at the same time..sigh what could have been eh?

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Gee, who in our government said we couldn’t talk about radical Islam? Was it the muslim in the White House? Just wonderin’…………..

    • keyesforpres

      You mean islam. It is radical by its very nature.

    • sDee

      It runs deep.

      Very different intentions than the usurper-in-chief, but listen to the words of the speech writer – they are essentially the same narrative.

  • keninil

    Newt it right; MB is right… but I thing the whole Muslim question is a “third” rail topic which can only loose Romney votes. It needs to be dealt with after the election — like declaring CAIR and its subsidiaries a terrorist organization and deporting all the members and their families to a nice Shari’a compliant country.

    • sDee

      Of course the elephants are always demonized and mis-represented by the press, at will. However, you assume his silence is crafty defense, and that he has not been bought as well – but it is only an assumption. The islamists have a powerful alliance with the globalists.

      Bush brought a great many of these islamists into his inner circle – not with the same intent as Clinton and Obama – yet he did it none the less.

      Allen West has proven that a politician can stand, tell the truth, and survive. That is the courage and leadership America needs to lead us back from the darkness. Obama has inflicted great damage at a pace no other could. We have few time or options left. Now is no time for sugarcoatings and a timid leader.

      • keninil

        You are right, I assume he hasn’t been bought, but that may be an advantage of his Mormon religion.

  • nibblesyble

    Neeewt! Thanks Scoop!

  • nibblesyble

    Why is this man not our nominee??

    • 3seven77

      Short but sad answer: because Newt speaks the truth and has a LOT of RINO enemies who were intent on getting even. Never trust a RINO. They are always looking for their chance to gore you.

    • Linky1

      Because Mitt Romney’s negative ads and bigger bank account forced him out of the race.

      • stage9

        NO, because Obamney was “next in line” after McCain. There’s a pecking order and those who are as useless as the GOP establishment is get the nomination.

        A Conservative will NEVER get the nomination from the GOP elites. NEVER!

        They didn’t even want REAGAN! But now they can’t talk about anyone else!

        “We need a REAGAN.”
        “REAGAN was an exceptional president.”

        Reagan this…and Reagan that. But yet they REFUSE to nominate a Conservative LIKE REAGAN!

        So they nominate the BIGGEST LIBERAL GOP RINO they could find. And you can only find one of those in Massachusetts.

        Obamaney is going to be a DISASTER! He may be a stop-gap candidate, but he is just as useless as the rest of them.

  • Joengima

    This was the person I voted for in the primaries and it’s a damn shame the so called Conservatives on our side (Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin for example) call him a progressive and bash him, but I digress.

    I strongly feel, Newt is in the best spot. Romney can’t say stuff like this because lets face it, while we would love it, Obama and the MSM will butcher him.

    When Newt suspended his campaign, after all the debates and really being able to listen to him, I must say he should be the RNC Chariman.

    Newt Gingrich should be given a leadership role in the Republican Party, period. Because we need people willing to speak the truth.

  • jedward1000

    Hi! I am a American I am willing to die to defeat radical islam!

  • sDee

    Mohammed Morsi has pardoned 25 convicted Egyptian terrorists:

    Mohamed al-Zawahiri, brother of Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, has said that the 572 military detainees pardoned by President Mohamed Morsy on Thursday included 25 leaders of Islamic Jihad and Jama’a al-Islamiya [the organization led by the “Blind Sheikh” Abdul Rahman, convicted of the first World Trade Center bombing].

  • gothicreader

    What are they afraid of learning?

    We all have our doubts that BHO citizenry. Congress knows this and chooses to ignore this, because of the embarrassment this would cause. Nothing more, nothing less.

    They would rather ignore the obvious, than to admit the truth.

  • Is_Sense_Common

    I miss his unique ability to break down situations and call them what they are in plain English. He needs to have more of a voice in our political discussions.

    • He will but remember, Newt is a member of the CFR — Council on Foreign Relations which is a think tank that aligns more with New World Order & Rockefeller philosophy that we are all too stupid to govern ourselves.

  • stage9

    It takes a CONSERVATIVE to defend a CONSERVATIVE! The GOP is useless.

    And there is NO SUCH THING as “radical islam”; IT’S ISLAM!

  • Landscaper59

    Who are the two Bozos interviewing Newt? Where they passed over at ABC in the Weather Dept.

  • Here is the letter that was very well researched, had footnotes and was not accusatory. Our country needs more patriots NOT politicians.

    Louis Gohmert supports Bachmann..
    “Well, it’s obvious that John McCain didn’t even read the letter because of what he said in accusing Michele and us of making these horrible accusations,” Gohmert said on the Dennis Miller Show. “And I wish some of these numb nuts would go out and read the letter before they make these horrible allegations about the horrible accusations we’re making. But we also know that John McCain himself had said back in the early stages of stuff going on in Egypt that he was, in his words, ‘unalterably opposed to helping the Muslim Brotherhood.’ Well, obviously the unalterable person has been altered, so he is OK with it now.”–rep-gohmert-calls-mccain-critics-of-letter-numb-nuts

  • Mike Lee

    Bingo. A spy or enemy of the USA would have no problem infiltrating given the bizarre need for some of our leaders to prove to everyone that they aren’t racist. Very dangerous for us all. I have no idea if this woman is a threat or not, but to shut down any investigation merely as if it’s taboo is frightening. If she has nothing to hide, then fine. Let’s examine the facts and see what comes out. McCain is a jerk.

  • kong1967

    Very well said. Our “elites” had better come to grips with reality or get the hell out of office. The future of our kids relies on them stopping the strangle hold PC has on our government. The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qeda and whatever other muslim groups are relying on the “elites” to stay complacent and allow creeping Sharia.

  • ryanomaniac

    What is the deal with treason these days? Can you imagine what the forefathers would have done with this mess? That’s when treason was a punishable offense though. Not anymore.

    As far as the Republican leadership. What an embarrassment. Who cut their you know what’s off? I’m tires of hearing boehner and McConnell. They are just as responsible as dictator Obama. Disgrace!

    • CheetoBuster

      True, if they don’t want to do anything about the mess in the Obama administration and just turn a blind eye, they are just as guilty.

  • Like him or not Newt was the man to take Obama and his devious,lying,vile,contemptuous,liberal machine and their media hacks. He took no prisoner and smacked their smug faces all over the TV for all to see what they are made of.

    It is a pity that too many Conservatives have become too complacent to care about what is happening, in earlier days Newt would have been regarded as a mild conservative. Now unfortunately Conservatives have let Liberals set the narrative of how a Conservative should behave and what he should say.

    Thankfully from what has come out of Romney’s last two speeches….he seems to have stepped up to the mark, not quite a Newt but he is hitting where it matters.

  • bobemakk

    Being “politically correct” has always messed up this country. Gingrich and Bachmann are 100% correct.

  • EchoMike

    “..everything’s negotiable”
    That’s the key phrase to label the weak GOP establishment, and their constant buckling under pressure. I expect the Dems to hide in a corner with their heads in the samd on Natl Sect, but not the Republican party.
    Funny, but I found Red Dawn on Netflix this weekend, and when I saw the part where the Mayor of the town basically threw the “troublemakers” under the bus, it made me think first of a libral, and then secondly about an establishment Republican.
    I’m assuming this is McCain’s last term. But we need to do something about people like Graham, and Boehner to show that this party will stand just as strong and united as the Democrats, only we’ll stnad on principles instead of empty rhetoric.
    We have to clean house.
    Allen West for Speaker!

  • 4joachim

    With Newt You Know What You Are Going To Get!
    He’s Proven. New Mint, PROOF!
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ NEWT GINGRICH 2012 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  • GigaNewt

    Newt may say things that are batty, but he has a great intellect and uses it frequently. Just listen to his word constructs! But this gov is totally NOT prepared for what the MB can bring! Either the elites are in on it (totally illogical), or they’ve got their head in the sand (just call ’em ostriches). Or, it could be a little bit of both! You decide. But

  • GigaNewt

    You probably won’t like what you find!