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  • Bill Redder

    Gingrich tipped as VP pick?

    Could happen.

    • John Bohler

      Why would Romney ever do that?

      • Linky1

        Why would Newt ever do that??

  • ApplePie101

    If so, it appears his main object was to keep Rick Santorum from winning the nomination.

  • Alan

    I’m not so sure about this. He has a full slate of events in North Carolina this week.

  • Linky1

    Don’t ever count Newt out.

  • marketcomp

    Could this be a publicity stunt to get some attention?

  • Zeeshopper

    Another controlling piece from MarxistNBC. They will analyze every word you say and twist them around so speculations can start and people won’t vote.

  • Zeeshopper

    So this is what I read on a Fox News article today:

    Asked for comment on the looming contests, the Gingrich campaign gave no indication it was considering an exit from the race.

    Gingrich is conservatives’ last hope in this primary. He remains committed to the conservative cause and this election,” spokesman R.C. Hammond said.

    The Gingrich campaign hopes the delegate numbers reported in the AP tally are fluid — the campaign, for instance, challenges the awarding of all Florida’s and Arizona’s delegates to Romney despite their violation of party rules in holding early elections.

    So which is it?

  • GraceKnows

    “I think we need to take a deep look at what we are doing,” Gingrich told NBC News in an exclusive interview on Monday. “We will be in North Carolina tomorrow night and we will look and see what the results are.”

    He acknowledged that he would have to “reassess” his campaign depending on how he fares in Delaware, a winner-take-all state with 17 delegates at stake.

    How do they get from there to dropping out?

    The lefty NBC is at it again.

    See Newt’s latest endorsements in Delaware. One of them dumped Romney!

  • GraceKnows

    NEWT’S new ad! H/T Gretawire:

  • Steven Valdez

    sooner or later.