Newt Gingrich nominated for Speaker of the House

Gotta love Louis Gohmert. He stuck his neck out and nominated former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to replace Boehner as Speaker of the House today. Sadly, not a single Republican seconded the motion and it died. And so did our hopes of ousting Boehner:

THE HILL – Former Speaker and failed presidential candidate Newt Gingrich was nominated for the position of Speaker on Wednesday by conservative Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-Texas). There was no second.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) was nominated for another term by sometime-rival Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.). Boehner in turn nominated Cantor.

The Republican conference formally then elected Boehner as its leader and Cantor as deputy by acclamation.

As GOP leader, Boehner will formally get a second term as Speaker in January.

Mark Levin cheered on Rep. Gohmert:

I have no doubt Rep. Gohmert will be attacked for this by Speaker Boehner and the rest of the Republican leadership and their mouthpieces. Please contact Rep. Gohmert and tell him THANK YOU! The Capitol Hill number is 202-225-3035

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  • poljunkie

    Thats pretty funny right there.

    I would have loved to have seen an all in Newt.

    • Darkbella007

      I would have gigglesnorted all day!

  • FreeManWalking

    It is sad that NOT ONE GOP Representative would second the motion.

    It appears they are all in BawnYer’s hip pocket…

    I don’t know if I will ever bother with voting again.

    • Sandra123456

      Yes, a House full of gutless wonders.

      • Don

        The great thing about the House of Representives is they serve two year terms. Flush these gutless RINOs and elect those who will represent the American people. The RINOs are what killed Romney’s chances. Romney got 3,000,000 votes less than McCain. Obama got 10,000,000 less votes than 2008 and still won. The RINOs are officially the third party and need to get out of the way.

        • But where are the true “conservatives?” Can you name one?

    • Where was Paul Ryan?

      • mike3e4r7

        Good question.

    • warpmine

      You can bet I won’t bother ever. I will declare my independence from the USSA. Blow it out your azz, Congress. When the people have had enough, you will realize your mistake(s) as the sound of 10 rifles in unison discharge with the barrels pointed at you.

      • We are wasting our time…”live in hope and die in despair.” I am so upset by this fixed election and now the republicans are caving in and going to reach across the board. Give me some “real conservatives” who can run this country.

    • re-‘if i will ever bother to vote again.

      That’s what the Ron Paul pukes did … they sat out the election, and look what we’ve got now.

      Instead, since Mr. Boehner is a Representative of the People, I suggest being the dirty diaper for the remainder of this ‘long fellowship’ with this lizardspoor. Call his office, WRITE – yes, in ink with postage, email his website, with every turn of the page, until the next four years, or his next bid for election, whichever comes first.

      Would that be harassment? NO! I am old school. He was elected by regular old human beings, NOT the GOP.

      • FreeManWalking

        Regan tried to rescue the GOP, his fatal error IMO was selecting and leaving an establishment GOPer to succeed him. They have pushed squeezed marginalized and minimized conservative ideals and those that came along championing them.
        BUSH 1, DOLT, BUSH 2, McCaint, and Romney all on the Establishment band wagon, as well as McConnell and BawnYer.

        I have stayed loyal hoping a for a conservative comeback, it ain’t happened and it ain’t gonna happen.

        Jen Kuznicki explains this much better than I.

        I just know if there is a TEA Party or a Tea Party conservative running I will vote otherwise why bother.

        If no one will oppose a wimp weasel lilly loving liberal BAWNYER, or even second opposition the GOPe is nothing more than Dem lite.

    • Ya know I am also wrestling with the voting again thing. If they are going to cheat anyway why bother?

  • johnos2112

    Gingrich is a hack too!

    • Indiana

      No he wasn’t. He actually got things done against Bill Clinton.

    • nibblesyble

      uhm…oh no you didn’t!

  • Chris Witham

    Why was there no second motion? Why didn’t they call me?

  • keyesforpres

    Why didn’t they nominate Bachmann or West?

  • “and it died” So hopefully will the old guard of the Republican party.
    While I’d rather see Allen West or Michele Bachmann as speaker, I have to cheer Louis Gohmert for trying. Good for you sir! Well done. But now, I think you’d better watch your back, I imagine the establishment is not pleased with you now.

    • pmb88

      I would not have been as bummed out after the election if some one who has a backbone was leader. i encourage Gohmert and many other conservatives to speak out more and and speak loudly in Congress. You know you’ve done something right if the establishment is not pleased with you.

      • Agreed. We need to know who’s got the steel in their spines now, because we all know everyone who is up for re election will insert some steel before they start campaigning.

  • pmb88

    I would have been shocked if it went through and somewhat cheery if Newt actually won.

  • publius1969

    what a sad, pathetic group…these people don’t represent us, they represent their own self-interests. How can these fools be satisfied with those 2 rinos boehner and cantor in leadership positions?! We needed strong, principled conservatives…we got hacks. We are going to be in for a rough time.

  • hramirez18

    That was a joke. WHY not nominate any of the conservatives who are currently serving?

    • SineWaveII

      Exactly. These kind of stunts don’t help the repub image. No wonder people are thinking of leaving them and starting a new party.

      • mike3e4r7

        It’s not a stunt. You can actually serve as Speaker of the House without being a member.

    • mike3e4r7

      It’s apparantly hard to convince any sitting member of the House to challenge the existing speaker. Just look at the fact that there was no one to even second the nomination as proof of that. If a sitting member of the House had been nominated, they would have faced even greater payback than Gohmert is likely to face.

      As an outsider, Newt had nothing to fear or lose from Boehner. The only one who stuck his neck out was Gohmert. If someone had seconded the nomination and maybe 20 people voted for Newt, Boehner wouldn’t have been able to punish all of them.

  • jaym68

    So it’s official then…

    The only way this country gets salvaged and

    restored is if ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ do it ourselves.

    • warpmine

      Told you I did for the last dew months. You’ll need a civil war to get them all out.
      When the system collapses we can take care of bizniz.

      • jaym68

        Was hoping we could avoid that – it’s what the leftists have been working hard to bring about… and they have their very own ‘plan’ for post-collapse.

        This is going to get very, very ugly.

        P.S. Are you related to Yoda?

        • warpmine

          Worry not, it will be eye opening and we too have a plan to rebuild. The left have never won any wars without God fearing people fighting along side to support them. In this case they won’t have us to help them fight their little war of conquest over capitalism and they will learn what it is to be the enemy of God.

          P.S. I Related to Yoda, I am. Short legs but long torso but my skin shade is gone so I appear white. LOL!

    • SineWaveII

      Yep time for a constitutional convention while the constitution is still in effect.

    • crosshr

      “WE THE PEOPLE” Amen !
      Lets’ put FAITH and WISDOM into ACTION, no one else will do it for you or for me or for our children and their children’s children.
      God is Helping us.

  • Rshill7

    Newt would’ve been Grrrreat!

    But they picked John huh?
    But they picked John…huh?
    But…they picked…John?


    Is it because he has the ability to get Obama to roll over no times out of 100?
    Is it because he is master of his emotions?
    Is it because he only drinks between the hours of 7 Am and 12 Am?

    Maybe it’s because he’s neither black nor white. I’ve heard that orange is the new tan.

    All I know is this. I’d follow that guy into any battle, anywhere, anytime, for any reason…

    …so long as someone else were in command.

    Someone like Newt!

    • crosshr

      I shout a Huge frakin AMEN !

      Someone like Newt !

    • SineWaveII

      It’s because he has seniority in the republican caucus. (rolls eyes)

      • Rshill7

        Rolling ones eyes could cause further blindness friend.

        How’d that “seniority” work for him in the primary?

        • SineWaveII

          Sorry I wasn’t rolling my eyes at you, I was rolling them at the ridiculous republican seniority system. And to answer your question I’m talking about how positions of authority are assigned after the candidates are elected.
          Boehner moved up after many of the repubs were voted out in 06 and the others (like Dennis Hastert) retired.

          • Rshill7

            I thought you were talking about Newt. Sorry Friend. Non-sarcastically this time 🙂

            • SineWaveII

              It’s all good, man. :–)

    • p m

      As Dennis Miller called him tonight, Tammy Faye Boehner!

      • That’s priceless!!! I love Dennis Miller!

      • nibblesyble

        I sooooo laughed at that one! Laughing as I post this as well!

    • Dukehoopsfan

      Now that’s funny right there!

  • NoToTyrants

    Gohmert is my Congressman. He is a great guy. I have talked with him at Tea Party rallies and other events. He is as solid as they come.

    It is sad to see that no one would step up and second his motion.

    Thank You Congressman Gohmert for your unwavering commitment to the Constitution, Liberty, Limited Government, and Truth.

  • warpmine


  • jrt1031

    They are all afraid of the truth that Newt would blast in their faces. SHAME on them all…. get rid of them all!!!! They should be so lucky for Newt to step in and save their sorry soles

    If you listen to Newt he is the only one making sense……..wth is wrong with the GOP!!!

  • Newt would’ve been the best person for the job…

    • white531

      Did you mean for Pres, Brian, or Speaker?

      • In this instance I meant for Speaker, but I personally liked him a lot for President as well! I was a big Newt fan for Pres during the primary!

        • white531

          I share that sentiment with you, Brian. Newt’s a fighter. We don’t have enough like him in the Republican Party.

          Just like Allen West, he has a photographic memory. He can tell you what happened on the House floor, on this day, ten years ago.

          You can’t debate someone like that. You simply can’t.

          He was, and still is, a giant on the political landscape of America.

          And yet, so is Allen West, and Sarah Palin, and a new member to that club, Mia Love.

          Why do we allow the media and the Left, to tear down and denigrate the best we have, among us? Why do we do that? How do we stop it from happening?

          Sarah Palin was the best thing that ever happened to this country in recent times. She was pure. Wonderful family. Believed in this country. Believed in The Constitution.

          The media ripped her guts out. They’re still doing it today, to keep her away from Washington, and their precious territory, that they claim for themselves, on behalf of Obama and the Progressives.

          Pigs at the trough. I was raised on a farm. You can beat them in the head with a stick, and they won’t move an inch. Their snouts will remain in the trough, until there is no more food.

          Maybe that’s what we have to do. Take away the food. The first American Revolution was us against them, meaning the British. It was military, in nature. Guns and bullets.

          What feeds the current pigs at the trough? Our tax dollars, that they spend freely, because its not their money.

          If there is to be a second American Revolution, I believe the best method, would be to just turn off the spigot. Stop paying your taxes. If that scares you, then get with your accountant, and delay payment. File for an extension. When that extension expires, file for another.

          There are plenty of legal ways to do it. Corporations do it all the time, and no one raises an eyebrow. But, if we all did it, that would be quite a different matter. Because the Pigs depend on it.

          Believe me, they depend on it.

  • jrt1031

    Who ever the dingbat was that nominated Newt should have had a second lined up………..
    Newt would have been awesome as speaker. He has been there and handled the Clintons when they are over the edge WTH……. what is wrong with the DC beltway crooks.

  • jrt1031

    The conservative cant catch a break……….we cant win for losing. How stupid they are to nominate Bohner or what ever the guys name is…………NEWT would have been awsome!!! he would have fought for our freedoms……Boner is an obama brown-noser.

  • BHliberty

    I just heard this and thks for the number! It’s clear that conservatives are fighting two fronts: the R establishment and progressives!

    Just heard from the Mark Levin show that Jeff Landry is running against a phony republican in the 3rd district of the state of Louisana. He needs support from conservatives across the country to help win his re-election. After listening to him, he is the type of politician we need on our side!


  • tjomac

    At least someone recognizes we need a bulldog in the House, much like we needed a bulldog for the election, and all we got was a chihuahua. This move would have assured that we would get some conservative business done, but like the politicians they are, they wouldn’t even second this move. Cowardly, shameful and pathetic.

  • jrt1031

    WTH WTH WTH WTH WTH WTH………… WTH IS WRONG WITH THESE BOZOZ…Newt would have cleaned house like he did in the 80’s WTH!!!!


    …Rep.Louis Gohmert (R-TEXAS) the start of a TEA PARTY PATRIOTS as a THIRD PARTY ALTERNATIVE for the 2014 Mid terms !”


    Wow, these guys are too far gone.

    Even Allen West and Michelle Bachman did not try?

    Wow, lost repect for them all.

    I would have nominated WEST, but now I am not so sure?

    • Constance

      Agreed. Where was Bachmann and West here? We just bent ourselves into pretzels to get Bachmann re-elected, and we are still fighting like hell to get West’s vote count correct… and they supported Boehner again? Really? I am not amused. There better be a good explanation for this forthcoming, or I am done.

    • jrt1031

      Newt would have been for the people first and those Rhinos know it………they are all a sack of wet sand………….. shame on them all… now we know we have no one in dc fighting for the constitutional rights. they are all brainwashed by obama and his machine.

  • Sinsonta

    For sure, Newt will handle the Speaker possition with more dignity & will not allow the Obamas to get away with his massive radical agenda. Boehner has already dropped his pants during the debt ceiling deal & now he is willing to pull his pants again. At least Rep Gohment has courage to called for a new Speaker. The others are a bunch of cowards.


    Third party time!

    Tea Party needs to step up or we start a NEW REPUBLICAN PARTY.

    I have been hearing some bad things about Lincoln lately. Seems the CIVIL war was a lot like today where the President started attacking his own people and GENERALS.

    Sound Familiar?

    States wanted to secede to escape the massive taxes going to central GOV in DC????????

    Seems OH-uh-oh has more in common with Abraham than we thought.

    Seems all the “RICH” people are taking their money out of the Stock market, and
    O-BLAME-O just stands there and beams when people praise him in his only propaganda press conference.

    Nice hair O, shoe polish?

    • jrt1031

      any media/entertainment outlet will use a movie like this to sell liberalism. dont buy the garbage and boycott all forms of entertainment

  • toongoon

    Louie Gohmert has said some great speeches on the floor, but nominating Gingrich when he had to know he wasn’t going to get any support from anyone else seems to me was an attempt to minimize Gingrich and fly over conservatives. I do not support what he did.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    Rep. Gohmert had some cajones . ok so no one else wanted newt,I would have liked newt. why no other nominations?? anyone almost be better then boehner, he is a joke.

  • tvlgds

    So, we’re stuck with an amoeba as speaker of the house. Awesome!

    • Linky1

      Correction: a crying amoeba. Remember his river of tears when he was elected as Speaker?

  • NJK

    Oh good grief. I just can’t stand it anymore. I hope Boehner dies. I’m sorry, and God forgive, me, but I hope he gets sick or something, if we’re to save this country.

    • Indiana

      A little to far

    • jrt1031

      i understand your frustration. These lawmakers have our lives in their hands and they spit in our faces. To hear Boehner say obamacare is the law of the land and not so much as put up a fight makes me sick to my stomach. His constiuents should be ashame of what they put forth to represent us as conservative. He needs to be taken out and your right unless its health related but even he wont have to be subjected to what we do now with zero-care …… we are stuck with this baby traitor

    • tvlgds

      You’ve got to be kidding me. Sure you’re not a liberal wishing death on people?

  • Gtrjag

    If I lived in Boehnor’s district I would have voted for the democrat just to get rid of him.

    • pdxlady

      He runs unopposed, each election.

  • 1tootall

    Anyone out there willing to start a PAC to remove Boehner in his next election?? I’m going to start one for the record.

    • pdxlady

      We first need to find an opponent to run against him. He runs unopposed!

      • 1tootall

        understood. I’ve secured the domain name:
        I have to plot how to use it…I’m not living in Ohio. But this affects all Americans. More to follow.

        • pdxlady

          I bookmarked your new site. I’ll be curious to see how you proceed.

          • 1tootall

            thank you. I need to think it through before starting. The person is clearly the goal.

  • rca5645b

    Thank You Louis Gohmert, I was hoping you would run for Speaker.

  • Linky1

    Forget Gingrich. Trey Gowdy would make an incredible Speaker.

    • toongoon

      I second that nomination!

      • Indiana

        They could have had Trey Gowdy, Jason Chaffetz, Darrell Issa, Michele Bachmann, Paul Ryan, Allen West or Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

      • PVG


  • Failed government on every level…. USA is becoming a joke, rapidly.

  • Indiana

    It would have been cool to have nominated Mitt Romney. God knows we still need him.

  • I guess nobody in the House has a sense of humor. I see that Pelosi won another term as minority leader. I guess she had to beat a few Democrats in line with her broomstick.

    • toongoon

      The fear of being turned into a toad makes people real compliant.

    • Indiana

      Luke Russert of NBC asked her today in a press conference if she would step down and let someone younger in the party step in. Apparently that is what some of her colleagues told him they had hoped would have happened. She looked like a robot about to break after that.

  • SineWaveII

    That was stupid. He wasted that opportunity on a stunt. He should have nominated someone who is actually in the house like Paul Ryan. He might have gotten a second.

    • kim

      Might be wrong but I don’t think the speaker has to be a member of Congress?

      • SineWaveII

        You’re right, they don’t. But nobody is going take a nomination seriously, if that person isn’t currently serving in the house. And that’s what happened.

    • mike3e4r7

      Just because Gingrich was nominated didn’t mean that somebody else couldn’t have nominated Paul Ryan or Trey Gowdy, or whoever.

      If no one was even willing to nominate Ryan or Gowdy or Bachmann, etc. I think that tells you what their chances of winning probably were.

      Believe me, I would have loved Paul Ryan as speaker, but the problem is, as you obviously know, we have too many timid Republicans. Nominating an outsider was probably the best shot we had.

  • Constance

    Where were the other Tea Party conservatives we elected here? NOBODY else did anything? They all overwhelmingly voted for this putz again? What a joke. Please, somebody needs to tell me why I should support anyone in the GOP, including so-called conservatives. I’m about done with this game. No subpoena yet for Hillary. Closed-door hearing with Petraeus that we won’t hear. Nothing of substance regarding the fiscal cliff and immigration other than complete capitulation by the very people that these jokers just gave another Speaker and Speaker-Lite position to. I’m not seeing anything here except the same old crap I’ve been seeing since we swept these people into power in 2010.

  • TJinNJ

    Louie 2016

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    The circle is almost complete… This election truly had for the first time in our history absolutely no meaning or value… And Constance is correct the Constitutional representatives elected to the House in 2010 did not even attempt to remove this pathetic useless speaker Boehner.. 2012 is a disgrace for this country as is our Government…….

  • Martin2717

    Just form a new party that doesn’t have to answer to the idiots in both corrupt parties.

  • Thank You Rep Gohmert for your courageous attempt to right that disgusting spineless gutless weasel RINO Boehner wrong.. But like all powers that be, ie; Obama and Boehner, they always get their way, via, corruption, coercion, intimidation, threats, even the mere appearance- implied insinuation of it, is enough to force the GOP sheep to fall in line…

  • Something’s gotta give…

    Mark Levin, founder of Landmark Legal Foundation, has been saying for a year or two that someone other than an elected Representative can hold the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives.

    It is not prohibited by the U.S. Constitution, although it has not been done… yet.


    … an iconoclast like Newt Gingrich or… even Mark Levin, definitely an iconoclast, or Israel supporters Allen West or Michelle Bachmann, would get my support.

    Iconoclast –


  • ASR

    I would love to see Newt as Speaker. He would be brilliant. I’m contacting my rep. here in Texas as to why he didn’t second Rep. Gohmert. I’m pretty pissed.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Louis Gohmert is now just one notch below Joe Wilson on my list of favorites. Only thing better would have been if he did this after a Romney victory.

  • aussieguy64

    So this fight to restore USA appears not just against the Left, but with the control of the Republican Party.

    Doesn’t this remind you of the Rocky movies? One can’t be successful until they have reformed themselves first! (To resolve whatever internal conflict they have).

    Its the same with the GOP. The GOP is failing because it doesn’t have a single coherent message. The Establishment is doing everything in their power to prevent being toppled…And everyone knows they need to be toppled to restore the country.

    …I guess this “Cultural War” is a lot more complicated than I thought!

  • dave kenny

    Reelecting that spineless cry baby Boehner guarantees Obama gets everything he wants
    Boehner justs wants another golf game with the prez
    We need to boot the corrupt GOP to the kerb and start a new party built around the truth and the Constitution
    Then let the chips fall where they may

  • I’ve been a big fan of Louie Gohmert since he introduced the American Jobs Act of 2011. I would LOVE to see Newt Gingrich as speaker of the house. Wish I could have seconded it.

  • Why in aitch-ee-double-hockey-sticks are the current members allowed to elect a speaker for the next congress?

    Oh well, at least we’re off to a rousing start, with the house Repubs showing tremendous backbone in re-electing a backbone-free suckup as speaker.

    Time to stock up on booze.

  • nibblesyble

    I second, I second!! Heck, if I had my way, I would be saying President Gingrich! Oh well…I love me some Louis bad the rest of his co-workers don’t have his cojones.

  • kong1967

    Lol, that’s funny. Not even in Congress and he gets a nomination. He would have been the first non-member to ever be Speaker. Fat chance of it happening now, not when the establishment RINO’s are trying to squeeze out any influence by Tea Party representatives. Gotta go along to get along, and Newt would be the last person they want in the game.

  • Americans, time to go Galt en masse. Quit your job, leech off of the government. The only way the decline, the cliff and responsible government will ever return is if things collapse. Do the right thing and join the leechers now. Grease the skids.

    No, no sarcasm here. Should the Liberals win the next Canadian election, I will quit the next day.

    • Terrenceor

      Galt did not quit to become one of the parasites. Left perfectly happy to have you join in helping them destroy America.

      • No, he didn’t do that to become a parasite but I can’t find Galt’s Gulch on any map or anything coming close to it. The decline needs acceleration at this point.

        I’m Canadian, that’s why I posted about the Lieberals.

  • celestiallady

    Wow what a let down. I was so excited to see that headline and then to find out it will not happen! Should just go back to bed – ugh. That sure would have been great. What is wrong with those people???

  • Rocco11

    Boehner is walking blind without a cane, we are so screwed.

  • NCHokie02

    I wrote to my congresswoman, Elmers, the day after the election and actually urged her to nominate Louie Gohmert as the speaker. Obviously she paid no attention. I asked for a reply back but haven’t gotten one yet. Not surprising.

    Boehner is SO WEAK!!! No spine at all. Any hint of blaming republicans and he caves. News flash John. THEY ARE GOING TO BLAME YOU ANYWAYS!!!! Ughh!!

  • Constitution Lover(underconsta

    Lou Gohmert has been sticking up for the good things for a long time now. Ive been watching him for awhile now and like his words, style and backbone. He hasnt shown fear as long as Ive watched him

  • bornfreeamerican

    God how I wish Newt had won! I would feel much better with him helping us than Boehner. Boehner is a nice guy, with no backbone. He needs to speak out for us. Boehner needs to be the people’s voice…defend us, tell people what obama’s agenda will do to us. Tell the people…explain what he’s saying in real terms…listen to Newt…take help from the many conservatives that would love to help you respond to the BS the WH is saying!!!!! SPEAK FOR the PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • notebene

    Here’s precisely what needs to change in the GOP….kick out the RINOS! These are nothing but Democrats, claiming to be Republicans. Cantor and Boehner are spineless, crony, twits…nominating each other?…How nauseating! Too bad it wasn’t Gohmert because he is exactly what we need! Four more years of failure and destruction…neat.

  • wodiej

    That would have put the brakes on obama. I can’t believe not one other single person voted for Gingrich. What a bunch of idiots. Thank you Mr. Gohmert for trying. The well intentioned gesture is duly noted.

  • jrt1031

    STupid is as stupid does…………. To have someone with the best interest for america and not their own agenda would have saved us. Now the coward republicans have shown their true colors. Newt would have been the voice of reason. Now we are stuck up a creek.

  • jrt1031

    Shame on all the republicans that differed this !!! Newt would have been great!!! a traditionalist and a constitutionist at best.

    Texas is the only state that lives by the constitution!!!! Thank God for them. I am stuck here in liberalville and doomed

  • virginiagentleman1

    Boehner and Cantor seconding each other to stay in their respective ‘leadership’ jobs? This do nothing pair of spineless jellyfish are the ones who have presided over the demise of our freedoms as well as that of the repub party.

    Has anyone thought to check the color of their noses? Betcha both are a dark brown!

    • jrt1031

      how can the people that elected them to office sleep at night

      • virginiagentleman1

        I hope they are asking themselves that question my friend.
        In Richmond, Va., folks had a choice of Cantor and a socialist democrat. They totally scorned a TP conservative.

        It seems that in each successive election, the choices are continually between the ‘lesser of two evils’.

        Surely this isn’t the outcome the Founders invisioned!

  • Sarahistheone

    Just called and a very pleasant woman answered and I said thanks.

  • trouble06

    Not one more cent to the RNC. Too bad more Rep. don’t have the fortitude of Gohmert! Don’t understand why he didn’t nominate someone else tho.

    • mike3e4r7

      Apparantly it’s very hard to get someone to challenge the existing speaker, because there are things he can do to make life difficult for anyone who challenges him. It took guts enough to nominate someone else. If that person had been a sitting member of Congress, they would probably face even greater payback for having the temerity to challenge Boehner.

      With an outsider like Newt, Newt had nothing to loose or fear from Boehner. The only one who stuck their neck out was Gohmert in this case. Whatever else you may say about Newt, he knows how to negotiate and use what leverage the House Republicans still have, whereas Boehner is a total joke.

      • crosshr

        too much wisdom in you mike3e4r7. Yes, Newt is a strategical warrior and very technical when comes to the Constitution. Newt can savagery further his cause (belief) forward, while Boner talk a pep about it , than cry ! I’m sicken of this surrender early and often from these rinos.

        Gohmert have balls, rest are slimes w/sleeze

        • mike3e4r7

          Thanks for your kind words, and you’re right about Newt. He thinks strategically which is why he would have been so good as speaker. He prooved he knows how to get things done in 1994 vs. Clinton.

  • MominNV

    What WE NEED, is a TEA PARTY TSUNAMI, to hit the house.

  • Kelly60

    I’m proud to be from Texas. I know we’re a strange bunch but that’s just the way we roll.

    • crosshr

      lovin it ! roll on !

  • artilleryman

    Doesn’t anyone see that Newt was partially responsible for Romney’s loss. His vitriolic diatribes against Romney’s wealth and business experience was great ammunition for the lying, spinning Obama campaign. Even if he were still in congress, he would not deserve any honor like this.

    • mike3e4r7

      They were involved in a primary. There were attacks going both ways. I’m sure if Newt had won the nomination, Obama would have borrowed some of the attacks Romney had used against Newt. Once Romney received the nomination, Newt supported him fully.

      And do you really think Obama wouldn’t have thought to attack Romney for being wealthy on his own? That’s what Obama does. He didn’t need any help from Newt.

    • crosshr

      NO I DON”T !

      I voted for Romney, Lets put this in it’s rightful perspective, shall we ? R/R ran their campaign not to loose ! Obama on the other hand committed himself for the FIGHT of his LIFE

      Please don’t bring knife to a GUN FIGHT, BRING A DAMN BOMB !

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      If I recall, Obama implied the Clintons were racists during their primary, and look how they made nice afterwards, in both 2008 and 2012. That was one of the nastiest primaries ever (because Obama Chicago thug machine was involved, of course).

      Class warfare is Socialist/Marxism/Communism 101. Obama would’ve attacked Romney for it anyway. He’s spent the first 4 years of his presidency expressing hatred for the rich. Do you think Romney would’ve escaped the obvious during the election if it hadn’t been for Newt? C’mon.

  • artilleryman

    No one seems to remember that Newt’s vitriolic attacks against Romney, gave Obama all of the ammunition he needed to run his campaign of lies and insults. Ronald Reagan always said you should never trash another Republican.

    • Learnedsmtn2day

      True, but the point remains that congressman Gohmert is trying to fix this country and not follow the rest of our representatives always trying to get along instead of doing whats in our nations best interest.

    • mike3e4r7

      They were involved in a primary. There were attacks going both ways. I’m sure if Newt had won the nomination, Obama would have borrowed some of the attacks Romney had used against Newt. Once Romney received the nomination, Newt supported him fully.

      • Learnedsmtn2day

        With all do respect I believe you’re either forgetting or you’re one of Gingrich’s guys but he (and Perry) was very bitter and nasty in his attacks of Romney and I was no Romney supporter. Santorum and Romney on the other hand was what you call a tough primary which got personal but stayed on the level of a primary.

        • mike3e4r7

          Newt wasn’t my first choice, but once the field had narrowed to Romney, Newt, and Santorum, I was for Newt, so I guess that makes me one of Gingrich’s guys. I do agree that some of Newt’s criticisms of Romney regarding Bain were over the top, but Romney was also very tough on Gingrich and Santorum, albeit through his surrogates.

          I don’t think any of Gingrich’s attacks on Romney had any effect in the general election. Obama didn’t need any help from Gingrich to attack Romney for being wealthy. That’s what Obama does, and he would have done it regardless of what happened in the primary.

          • Learnedsmtn2day

            I don’t disagree with you that Gingrich’s attacks had no influence on Obama since Obama has no rules or limits and would have done what he did regardless, but we can agree that there is a way to play the game and there is a line not to cross and Obama and Gingrich both crossed that line in an effort to get the results they wanted and that is my reason for having no respect for Newt. That being said Gohmert’s move in my view has nothing to do with Newt but rather a fighting spirit to save this great nation and no a go along to get along attitude.

    • cabensg

      BS. You really think liberals needed Newt to give them ideas on how to attack Romney? Pleeeeeeese!!!!!!!

  • mike3e4r7

    I just called Gohmert’s office to thank him. His secretary seemed pleasantly surprised by my call. I hope more people call to thank him for being the only Congressman to have any spine.

  • Learnedsmtn2day

    I called congressman Gohmerts office and my congressmen as well to let them know that i appreciate someone trying to shake things up and fight for conservatism instead of always trying to get along.

  • was john boner crying when they re-elected him?

  • was john boner crying when they re-elected him?

  • was john boner crying when he was re-elected?

    • crosshr

      boner cried for joy that O got re-elected for 2nd term

  • Louis Gohmert is a Texan so they are going to find out first hand you don’t mess with Texas. It might just be Texas that saves this country from itself.

    Cantor is another one I would like to see go and replaced with a conservative.

  • emory557

    We need a third party. The Republican party is dead.

  • DebbyX

    I called to thank Gohmert and a real live person answered the phone. Gingrich should have been our nominee. He would have handed obama his butt on silver platter during the debates!

    I’m keeping my yard sign, maybe there will be a next time.

  • jlbs

    How sweet…….Cantor nominates Boehner and Boehner nominates Cantor……back in junior high again. AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  • SKL53

    We need to get Speaker Bonehead out of the House!!! He is a total JOKE! What an absolute LOSER!!! Now Pelosi is making fun of him. Hey Ohio…WAKE UP!!!!