Newt Gingrich’s Super Tuesday eve appearance on Hannity

Well, earlier today I posted about Bad Newt so I guess now it’s time for some Good Newt. I love Good Newt! Here he is on Hannity tonight, and I have to say this segment has me daydreaming of Good Newt eviscerating Obama in the general election debates. It begins with Newt commenting on his brilliant smackdown of David Gregory regarding the Sandra Fluke fiasco, then the discussion turns mainly to Israel/foreign policy and Super Tuesday.

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  • destroyer_of_moonbats

    going for broke.

    • PVG

      You betcha!

  • PVG


  • cabensg

    There is no perfection. I do not expect perfection, but Newt is as close as we’ll ever get in the situations we’re going to need to handle in the near future and I know he will do well and live up to most of my expectations.

    I wonder if Romney and Santrum know Netanyahu?

    • nibblesyble

      Romney said he knew Netanyahu and worked with him in the past. I don’t know about Rick.

      • 3seven77

        Oh yeah. Who could forget Willard desperately saying “I know Bibi too!” during one of the early debates? It was pathetic.

        • nibblesyble

          so true!

    • TJ

      Rick on same page as Netanyahu when it comes to Iran:
      “Under a Santorum administration, we would find no gap between Israel and the United States because our interests are united in stopping the world from having the radical terrorist administration which governs Iran from having a weapon that would destroy the opportunity for peace and prosperity for the world.”

  • CaseyGeorge

    Newt’s my #1, but I had decided if he didn’t win anything other than Georgia on Super Tuesday, he should drop out. But after seeing him the past few days really annihilate the press, we NEED him to be our nominee….Mitt and Rick fall into the media trick of sidestepping the important issues and are easily diverted. Newt won’t get off topic and will expose the media and Obama for what they are.

    • sandynsavannah

      I just hope…no….PRAY that millions of other people have seen the recent interviews and decide that Newt is the one as well.

      He is great at defending conservatism and has the best ideas as well.

      Plus he has a record of balancing the budget and entitlement reform.
      (And for those that refuse to give him credit for the balanced budget…tell me why it has not been repeated since he left?)

      • 3seven77

        It hasn’t been repeated because the pigs are too busy feeding at the government trough. Newt will smoke them hogs…. mmmm…. ham.

        • StNikao

          GA BBQ!

      • W.

        I just discovered some neat Newt sites.

        First and foremost, there are Intercessor groups praying for Newt all around the country and online. Prayer was a major emphasis of the founders in the Revolution, in the events of the eight year war against the British, in the forging of our Constitution and Bill of Rights and WWII.

        Here’s the link:

        There is a site called Conservatives 4 Newt, that has stories about his life, his coming to faith, etc. (scroll down on right to Newt Gingrich Information) AND they have a list of the major bloggers for Newt on their blogroll so we can find friends all over the country.

        AND more, here’s an archive of Newt News that has lots of stories and videos:

        And if you need still more Newt-ness, here is a source for speeches and interviews:

      • Michael Casella

        Exactly my sentiments!! I have said all all along that there is no perfect candidate but Newt has the knowledge and experience to get the conservative job done. He has done it before and I really see a change in his demeanor and thinking and I have know him ever since he led the charge with the Contract. Go Newt!! Mike from South Carolina

    • Agree 100%. Conservatives may want Rick, but we NEED Newt. There is a difference.

      • Santorum isn’t remotely conservative or principled. He is a myth, like Romney, except he has a “conservative” myth, whereas Romney has the “electability” myth. I’ve disliked the mass delusion that people have had with Santorum. They’re projecting their hopes and dreams, ignoring his campaign tactics, union support, even his endorsement of Arlen Specter for President or adding an amendment with a Kennedy forcing a nearby home (owned by a Veteran’s group) to sell to a nearby Catholic church. A close look at Santorum doesn’t justify conservatives’ infatuation with him. I count Santorum as in the same league as Romney. A victory for either of them is a loss for the country, and a guaranteed path on the status quo. He doesn’t even understand conservative philosophy and denigrates what he calls “Libertarianism,” which is actually his confused vision of conservatism. Check out his book “It Takes a Family” and prepare to cringe. It’s confusion, half-assed politics, and simple opportunism.

        Conservatives always do their best to ignore the truly great candidates and good men. Tom Tancredo was a good conservative, Herman Cain, Rick Perry. God help us if we fail to appreciate Newt, who has turned out to be the best out of them all!

    • capelady

      It is all about delegates and even Mitt is well shy of the 1140 needed to win. Newt doesn’t have to win more states than Georgia, he only has to get enough delegates from all of these states that are proportionally assigned to regain some momentum. You are right, we need Newt and whatever he can do to stay in the race he should do!

    • Spartan1975

      Yes, we need a pit bull against them… Newt is always on the offensive and not defensive against the lamestream media!!!

    • Conservative_Hippie

      I have to agree, Newt is a master at playing the media like a stradivarius!

  • chuck jenski

    Speech after speech debate after debate Newt Gingrich continues to dominate the narrative manipulated by the liberal media. He is the most experienced and most articulate person in any room that he walks into.

  • cabensg

    I went back looked at the entire “Bad Newt” (not provided) and I’ve decided instead of a “Bad Newt” and “Good Newt” we have two “Good Newts” which = “Great Newt”.

    • tag4189

      Totally agree….no “Bad Newt” here, what he said was spot on!! Those who view it that way are just looking for any gotcha that might stick.

    • las1

      Your “likes” are pretty high there cabensg … I don’t think the meter registers much higher.


      Rating the confidence factor.

      Paul (the good Paul = 7 the bad Paul = 0)
      Romney 4
      Santorum 6
      Newt 9

      No doubt whatsoever. I’m confidence Newt has what it takes… and he’s proven it.

    • Yeah, this Dan Clearly guy is clearly hallucinating the bad Newt. As long as Scoop himself provides good balance and doesn’t prejudice the posting of videos, I’m fine with it.

  • nibblesyble

    hmmmm still don’t know if I have forgiven you for your earlier lapse Dan Cleary; but this is a good start!

  • 3seven77

    Don’t you just love that impish grin Newt gets on his face?

    I soooo want to see the press roll over and pee on themselves every time Newt walks into the room.

    • W.

      Bet they have to draw straws to see who’s gonna get ‘Newt Duty’….

      or they get extra pay.

  • wodiej

    Go Newt….”if you are getting kicked from behind, then you’re still in the lead.”

    • 3seven77

      wodiej, is your avatar that neat picture of Palin at the door of Air Force One?

      • wodiej

        indeed it is.

  • wodiej

    Gingrich to Newsmax….looking like more than a win in Georgia

  • W.

    Heh – still don’t think his dig at Romney after being accused of pandering was bad – not at all!

    Newt knew exactly what he was doing. If there is any person alive who knows how to plan a winning campaign…he does.

  • Been_There_BT

    Newt is on message and focused on the issues that the people care about. He offers solutions and communicates them effectively. That’s all good to me.

    So if you think there is a Good Newt/Bad Newt,

    My reply is: There is only one Romney and it’s all bad.

    Newt 2012 – On message and ready to lead on day one.

  • I’m a NEWT FAN…..forget Newt’s pimples and blemishes at the end of the day he is one of us. He would pummel Obamas smug face in a debate any day.

  • sandynsavannah

    What a beautiful day!
    I FINALLY get to go to the polls and vote for my NEWT!

    • Been_There_BT

      Wish I could vote today, don’t live in a Super Tuesday state, but one of my kids does and will be voting for Newt today!

      Go Newt!

      • sandynsavannah

        smart kid!

    • nibblesyble

      I share that in spirit with you. Have fun!

  • sandynsavannah

    Newt is the most electable of all the candidates.
    He is uniquely skilled to accomplish this, his MOST inspiring comment……..

    Two hours after I am sworn in as President and by the time obama lands in Chicago, I will have 40% of obama’s government dismantled-Newt Gingrich

    • StNikao

      I hope Newt will also have the Bust of Winston Churchill in the air on the way to the US and in his hands the day he moves into the Oval Office to personally replace it to the place of honor where it belongs.

      • nibblesyble

        I have a feeling he will do all that you hope….

  • Karl Rogue

    Newt really is good on his feet. That is an important skill set, critically important in view of the hostile media environment.

  • StNikao

    Here’s a pre-Super Tuesday interview in which Newt lays out his strategy/hopes for today:

    Pray God’s will be done. Always the best prayer.

    Pray Newt will stay on message – Truth that sets people free, that will set America free.

    John 8:32, Genesis 42:16


    I get up a 4:30am for work, however, always catch up while coffee is perking. I just want to thank RS for this post and all the comments so far have made my day. Hope & pray that this will be a great day for Newt & America.

  • denbren52

    I voted for Santorum last Tuesday to give Newt a chance this Tuesday. I’m praying for a super-Tuesday miracle! Newt is sounding more presidential all the time.

    He just needs to stop talking about Romney’s riches no matter who starts the conversation. He comes across as being petty and liberal and we know he’s not.

  • gothicreader

    Why even consider any other candidate when you have Newt?

    He was the only one to respond to the media about flukegate. He’s the only one to handle them and the left.

    As for him saying that Romney doesn’t care about the gas prices because he is rich – can you prove it isn’t true? I mean didn’t he tout his wife drives a couple of Cadillac? Newt’s message was intended to bring doubt about how Romney is out of touch with middle America. BTW, who cares if he says that he believes Romney doesn’t car about gas prices because he is rich. That isn’t the issue.

    I will say once again. Why is the MSM and the establishment are so afraid of Newt? That is the real question that needs to be asked.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    I have to vote today. I’m still waffling between Rick and Newt. On the one hand Rick is the more conservative of the two, but on the other Newt would slaughter Obama in the debates, which may sway independant votes. I don’t think I’ve ever been this close to flipping a coin on primary day. On the flip side, my wife says she’s probably voting Rick.

    • cain999

      I just don’t think Rick has the spine that Newt does not to cave in to the GOP or the establishment…that’s my only concern about Rick, Newt I respect him will stand up for what he believes…

      • Conservative_Hippie

        I have no question Rick would stand up for what he believes. My concern with Rick is that he has enough “fight” in him to stand up against the Obama machine. Newt has just enough ruthlessness in him to give Obama problems. But on the other hand, Rick is the more principled of the two and the one with less “skeletons” in his closet.

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          I think we’re about to find out about Obama’s skeletons, thanks to the folks over at Breitbart, and Hannity himself, who indicated in this interview that this time, Obama WILL be vetted, MSM be damned. As skeletons go, I wouldn’t worry about Newt’s!

          • Conservative_Hippie


        • cabensg

          Please CH where do you get that Rick is more principled than Newt? I know you’ve been around here for a long time and I’ll bet you’ve done a lot of homework so after comparing over time I really don’t see how you could say that. Ricks record is far from principled on many issues. Having said that if Rick was the only one running against Romney I’d be for him but he’s not. Rick in spite of his improvement in speeches and interviews is not ready to lead this country out of the morass we find ourselves in. Newt not only had conservative principles he actually made those principles come true when he was speaker. He’s ready for the job on day one and has the courage and knowledge to help pull us back from the abyss. Rick is still learning to run and has no experience governing. We need someone who already has the training wheel off.


          • Conservative_Hippie

            Hi cab, thanks for your response! Please understand I am not trying to say that Newt is not principled. It’s just been my observation that all in all Rick appears to me have the more consistant conservative record. But they are both excellent conservative choices and the differences on prinpled conservative records, imo, are minor. I’ll be going to vote within the hour.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      As Andrew Breitbart has reminded us, it’s the MEDIA that is the biggest enemy. We are practically living in Communist China when it comes to the propaganda the masses listen to via the MSM, who we now know gets its talking points straight from the W.H. via Media Matters. This is the most dangerous form of government that exists — when it owns the airwaves, so to speak.

      For that reason alone, please vote Newt. He understands their strategy and knows how to expose it. It is the only hope we have in returning this nation to its conservative roots.

      I will be fine with voting for Santorum if, in the end, he ends up being the nominee, but we still have a choice right now. Santorum is not quick enough on his feet and often falls prey to the leftist’s entrapment questions. Neither or perfect, and both have different strengths, but in THIS election, fighting this level of liberal progression, we need Newt’s strengths.

      • Conservative_Hippie

        You make a good point.

      • cain999


      • GraceKnows

        Thanks for your posts – they’re right-on. I wanted to put this link up because it’s another very serious reminder to all of us that we’re in a war that’s bigger than a lot of people think. And an awful lot of people aren’t thinking at all – that we are becoming more engaged in not a battle, but a horrendous war for our and our children’s hearts and minds, and a war for our freedom. This comes from Breitbart’s Big Hollywood:

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          That was AWESOME Grace! Thanks for linking it!!

    • sandynsavannah

      I have 22 and 20 and 15 year old children….I want Newt because of his Social Security idea to allow them to choose a personal account.
      His plan is so much better than Santorum’s cut benefits and raise the retirement age idea.

      • maynardb50

        I have a 28 year old son living at home again. Hope and change?

    • chuck jenski

      nah, I think Newt’s more conservative. thanks

      • Conservative_Hippie

        you’re welcome.

    • wodiej

      Gingrich has been there and done it. Gingrich all the way.

  • cain999


  • RosiesSeeingRed

    That was a great interview, and I hope it helps Newt in a big way today. I think it could because we know only a small percentage of people are actually political junkies or are paying close attention to the primaries, and of those conservatives who are paying attention, it is likely they get their news from FOX and are fans of Hannity. Which means this interview was seen by the people who will actually be voting today, and with any luck, if they were unsure about who to vote for, this sways them to vote for Newt.

    He is so confident and cool, because he’s not making this up as he goes along like Romney does. This is the real deal.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Good Newt, Bad Newt – LOL!

  • WordsFailMe

    How could there be more than one conservative candidate under consideration? If you beat Obama and put in the Obama Carbon copy-Romney the Rat, how do you benefit?

    There is one man who, as President can protect this country and its culture and that is Newt.

    Any other would be no more than another Bilderberger cardboard cut-out, and empty suit like Bush and Obama. Jeez– Romney’s a typical lunch-mate of Soros. Santorum would be like a puppy at Soros table, begging for hand outs.

    We need a break, Newt/ West

  • Guest1776rcp

    Romney says “I’m not going to call the President outrageous names” which translates to “I’m a John McCain redux.” Call me silly but I don’t think labeling Obama a socialist – which is exactly what he is – I don’t think that’s outrageous like Romney apparently does.

    If Romney is the nominee Obama gets four more years so I hope people are taking names of those who supported him.

    Newt 2012!

    “We had rabbits when we needed tigers” -Ronald Reagan

    • cabensg

      Great quote by Reagan. I never saw that one before. Oh gosh!!! Now I’m going to have to start calling Romney and Santorum rabbits. The reason I hate that is because Bugs was always my favorite cartoon. I loved those cartoons because they were aimed at adults as much as kids. Maybe I’ll stick with Newt’s description of Romney as “Timid”. I really loved that. Timid Romney. Somehow it just fits.

      • 3seven77

        Newt is the Honey Badger. Romney is a Mynah bird just reciting what he’s been taught.

  • Trust1TG
    • wodiej

      I see a future in politics for his daughter-wow, powerful speaker.

    • GraceKnows

      Thank you, Trust1G!!! More good stuff! I’m getting the word out on FaceBook, or anywhere I can. I’m eternally grateful for TRS, too, allowing us this forum. Thanks, Scoop!

  • cabensg


    President Gingrich in his first press corp interview, since being elected, welcomed press members back from their four year vacation.

  • GraceKnows

    Excellent video that packs a wallop! Newt Gingrich: “The Truth”.

    And if you’ve been wondering where either Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity stand, I think I Know. 🙂

    • StNikao


      Thank you for posting it. I didn’t know Sean Hannity and Rush had given him the OK. And so many others.

      • GraceKnows

        It does seem to be that way. If so, it is wonderful news!

    • Been_There_BT

      That was terrific – Newt NOW!

      Thanks for link.

      • GraceKnows

        AMEN! And amen. 🙂 Newt for President 2012 – 2020!

  • I don’t think he’ll make it to the nomination. But in my estimation, Newt is the most qualified person in the race to take over the helm and navigate this ship of state through some very treacherous waters.

    • NJK

      I agree, he’s the warrior we need right now. The media and the left are intimidated by him, and that tells me, we need him. I want someone who isn’t afraid the rub their faces in the dirt when they need it, which is all the time.

  • W.

    I found a few Newt talks on issues that might be on people’s minds:

    Talk on the history of the 2nd Amendment to the NRA –
    Judiciary –
    Security –

  • StNikao

    Here’s a Super Tuesday list of Newt endorsers – in no particular order (Please feel free to reply and add any people and links I have missed):

    Governor Rick Perry
    Todd Palin (Sarah?)
    (Allen West?)
    Senator Fred Thompson
    Chuck Norris
    Sean Hannity
    Rush Limbaugh
    Michael Reagan
    Art Laffer
    JC Watts
    Herman Cain
    Bob Smith, US Rep. (R)
    Rev. Michael Youssef, PhD
    100 Tea Party Leaders
    SC House Speaker, Bobby Harrell
    SC House Majority Leader Kent Bingham
    Maj. General James E. Livingston
    Congressman Trent Franks
    Tim LaHaye
    Thomas Sowell
    Sheldon Adelson
    DeMoines Union Leader
    NewsMax –
    Rev. JIM GARLOW –
    Cornell Law School Professor, William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection – “Why I support Newt Gingrich”:
    Politijim – “Dear Speaker Gingrich” –
    Hannity and Rush Limbaugh on Newt –
    Thomas Sowell wants Newt for President:

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Tim Lahaye? Really? I did not know.

      btw, thanks for the list!

  • nibblesyble

    Going by the latest polls, looks like Newt is rising in Ohio too..up to 24%..which is great because he needs to gets as many delegates as possible. Plus I read that people in Oklahoma are turning to Newt as well! I pray that at the end of this night we all will be looking at a stronger, undefeatable Newt going forward!

    • StNikao

      Please keep praying. Pray God’s will be done. Pray for America.
      Pray for Newt and the other candidates…that they may all please God and speak, protect and defend the Truth, Love and Life. John 14:6

      • nibblesyble

        I am, if I could annoint Newt’s head with oil I would! LOl

  • Sparky5253

    Romney vs Obama….Newt vs Obama?

    The choice is a no-brainer!

    Unfortunately, in US elections it is he who has the most money, the most powerful backers, and is a member of the elite, who will always get the prize.

    Romney is buying the GOP primary. Obama got Soros to buy the Oval Office for him!

    And, neither care one whit for “we the people”!

    • NJK

      I agree with you. The money Romney’s spending is a real turn off. It’s sleazy. I hope toward the end, either Newt or Santorum give one or the other their delegates to defeat Romney.

  • NJK

    If you put an old military uniform on Newt, he would look like a General in that photo above. He looks like he’s ready to kick someones butt.

  • Gloria

    Vote Newt!

  • davidrugenstein

    GO NEWT!!!