Newt on his support of RomneyCare in 2006

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It was revealed yesterday or today that Newt had supported RomneyCare when it was passed in 2006. He was asked about this in his interview on CNN today, and he answer is that he concluded it didn’t work while Romney still defends it:


Here’s the full 30 min interview from today on CNN. It’s actually a very good interview as you might expect:

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  • He’s a snake charmer and I will never vote for him.

    • I made you a photo

      • Make the monster go away mommy!


      • Anonymous

        It just lacked the words Hope and Change!! Otherwise, that’s it!!

      • Anonymous

        I just can’t understand why anyone would get excited about Gingrich.

        Rush, Levin, Pam Geller, Beck, WND, and now the Teaparty express, while not directly endorsing her, have all said that they would all love to see Bachman as president.

        And they have all said that everyone running can beat Obama, including Michele.

        Levin said one day that he would vote for Bachmann, and the next day says vote your heart. Not to be fooled buy the establishment by letting them tell you who is electable.

        Who do you think he was talking about?

        You gave a loud voice here. You can help make sure we don’t end up in the same boat as in 2008.

        Bachman can win.

        • Anonymous
          • Anonymous

            Levin: “They can all beat Obama, vote your heart as to who you think would do the best job”… My gut says Bachmann

          • Anonymous

            The political class knows Obama cannot win. What we seeing now is Kabuki theater of an unfriendly alliance to place the dominoes so they can elect the most Progressive elephant possible.

            TRS posited while back an ordering the most conservative candidate to least. I cannot remember exactly but it was something like:

            Bachmann, Santorum, Perry, Gingrich, Romney. Those are the dominoes that creeps like Blitzer are all doing their part to line up in the minds of voters.

            Best case for them is that Romney is the last domino standing. If all that backfires and the elephants mange to wiling self destruct like McCain – the political class will be OK to let Hussein finish off the destruction of our Liberty.

        • StNikao

          I really like Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum as well. They both live godly lives, do what they say they believe and are running for all the right reasons.

          Their interviews with Dr. Dobson were great:

          Santorum got endorsements from key Iowa Christian leaders.
          Bachmann just got a Tea Party group endorsement.
          Newt was endorsed by the Family Leader group.
          Perry was endorsed by Mike Flynn of Breitbart’s Big Government…and Sheriff Joe.

        • Liberty Tree

          i think we sometimes eat up what these radio hosts say and believe it to be doctrine. If Levin, Rush, etc. says this then that must mean they’re right. It’s doctrine. These guys are like prophets or gods to some people. Worshipping at their altar. They have great things to say, but God’s thoughts are not always their thoughts. We must prayerfully select who we think is right. I just think it’s funny how they’re always saying don’t let the “establishment” convince you who to select, but yet the “Rush/Levin establishment” is doing the same thing. Think for yourselves. “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery”

          • Liberty Tree

            To me, IMO…Romney is the best person to lead this country unless others jump in that might be better, which i doubt will happen. I will be happy with my vote after studying out all the candidates and weighing both pros and cons. Thanks.

          • Anonymous

            I have thought for myself. I put together a Bachmann blog a long time before they made those comments. I have years of blogging to that backs that up.

            The fact that those big names came out in agreement with what I have been saying for months does nothing more than reaffirm what I have been saying all along.

            When someone well known falls into your line of thinking, feel free to come tell me.

            • Liberty Tree

              Okay great!..i know that not everyone thinks alike, if you think for yourself i have no problem, i was mainly referring to those who make their decisions solely because Rush/Levin said so.

          • Anonymous

            Perfectly said Liberty Tree. The radio talking heads are great and entertaining. They come up with insights and news stories that are equally thought provoking. But that is all they do. Provoke thought. And every thought they provoke is measured against its affect on their ratings. It isn’t that they are untruthul or corrupt. They all do believe in what they say. But it does mean that it is up to each of us to make our own decisions.

        • Darren Anderson

          I like Bachman in a lot of ways. I believe that she truly stands behind what she believes. But there is one thing that I don’t like. I don’t believe that she can communicate her beliefs in a manner that gives her the opportunity to dominate a debate or convince the American people that she is the one.
          Who ever is our nomination after all the primaries are over, is going to have to stand toe to toe with BHO and his BILLION dollar lie and smear campaign. We need someone who can stand up and shoot back with out stuttering. Between the lame stream media who has already cast their vote and the billions of dollars from the left, it gonna be one hell of a battle and we need our best on the front line.

        • Anonymous

          Just don’t agree about Bachmann. Doesn’t handle herself well in debates or with the press. Stilted language and way too many talking points when talking to issues. While we like the strong anti-Obama language, independents will find it strident and unattractive. She isn’t close to qualified as an executive leader. Here campaign is disorganized. If she wins Iowa, she has not plan after that. Finally, her really nutty comments under pressure (e.g. guardasil makes you retarded), and you have the makings of a land slide loss in the general.

          • Anonymous

            Independents? That was same line we fell for when we stuck in John McCain.

            If we put in another lukewarm conservative like Mitt or Newt, the outcome will be the same as 2008.

            We need someone who will fire up the base, fire up the teaparty, fire up the evangelicals, fire up the Reagan lovers and fire up the social conservatives.

            Newt and Romney will fire up no one but a few beltway RINOs. They would get creamed by Obama.

            Bachmann first, Santorum second and Perry as a third choice.

            The rest are not worth voting for much less fighting for.

      • Anonymous


  • StNikao

    Difference between Newt and Mitt:
    Mitt claims to be conservative, but he governed liberal left. (supported abortion, gay marriage, mandated health care)
    Newt listens/talks to the Liberals, but he legislated conservative right.

    He bucked Bush Sr. on that tax hike…and lost his endorsement.

    Still like Santorum, Bachmann and Perry too.

    • Anonymous

      Keep on believing that…

    • Anonymous

      A little off on the Mitt narrative. He supported Roe v Wade while campaigning, but did NOT support abortion while governing. He vetoed the legislation to develop then destroy human embryos. In fact, that was the moment when he changed to pro-life. Wrote the editorial in the Boston Paper on the change to bring home his change of heart. The gay marriage thing is not black and white. The mass supreme court was the source of gay marriage in Mass.

      Also, Not sure how you arrive at liberal left governance. Mitt governed as conservatively as could be done in Mass. Tax cuts, balanced budget, English immersion for immigrants (legal immigrants). 800 vetos of liberal legislation. Certainly did NOT govern liberal left.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what Herman Cain is up to…

  • Anonymous

    I would much prefer Newt as our next president over anyone else in the race. I’ve watched all the Republican debates and I think Newt has the best chance to beat Obama. This country needs a strong president.

    • cabensg

      I agree and would add he wouldn’t just be there. He intends with every fiber of his being to rid us of as much socialist influence inside of government and out as is in his power to persuade us to support. His power as speaker came from a 92% approval from the American people and it was this approval that forced Clinton, after two declines to finally sign welfare reform. We don’t just need a Republican in the White House we need someone who understands this is a fight for the soul of this country and intends to win it with our help. Of all the candidates running I feel he understands more thoroughly how the changes that must be made must first be understood and backed by a majority of Americans.

  • Anonymous

    Here is a tip if you are interested

    The Teaparty Express Is Backing Bachman

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      what in the world does this mean??

      • Anonymous

        Anybody But Obama…… which means some people have convinced themselves we would somehow be better off if we replace a closet radical Marxist who lied to us about his true designs, with a closet Socialist or Progressive who is lying to us about his true designs.

        • Anonymous

          Ha! That should have been easy enough for me to guess…but, ummmm, I didn’t! Thanks!

        • Anonymous

          Agreed! The ABO mantra is just as dangerous as Obama himself.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a problem with this. He’s right that it was worth trying. Everyone knows healthcare needs reforming, so there you have a test case. I appreciate his practicality.

    I see him and think, here’s a guy who can work with the left, make smart compromises where needed, and actually get good legislation passed that would do our country good – legislation we can all benefit from.

    Savior? Hero? Nope. But maybe a good politician. It’s an improvement from where I’m sitting.

    • Anonymous

      Well put. He’s not ‘my guy’, and I personally don’t care for the ‘good politician’ abilities of Mr. Newt – but it is probably a fact of life (even though I wish like crazy it WASN’T – being sick of the whole mess).

  • StNikao

    Newt was endorsed by fmr congressman JC Watts who gives convincing rationale – video:

    • Anonymous

      How come JC Watts is not running? I would vote for him in a heartbeat!

  • Speaker Gingrich has secured my vote. If we maintain the House, which we will, and controll the Senate, America will be back on track. I have started an online petition that I hope whom ever reads my comments through blogs will sign my petition: Congressman Allen West for Speaker of the House of Representatives. With him as Speaker and Gingrich as President America I have no doubt will be great again! Here is the link, thanks for your time and God Bless:

    • Anonymous

      I will sign your petition. If Gingrich wins we will need the Colonel more than ever.

  • Anonymous

    basically any argument against NEWNEWT is negative….
    BUT he could say whatever he wants about them ALL!!!!!
    What a Washington Washed out talker!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    No to Newt! Yes to Perry!

    • Anonymous

      No to both. Perry raised taxes billions of dollars in Texas, increased spending 85%, and the debt is now 4 times what it originally was.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe that’s the price of being the number 1 job creating state.

  • Anonymous

    The hard thing to determine is if Newt has actually changed his position or if he really did learn that it was a bad idea to support it the first time.

    I like his idea for insuring people that don’t insure themselves….take their tax deduction and put it in a pool for coverage. The left would never go for that because the poor cannot afford to give up that deduction. But, I would much rather see this than giving them thousands of dollars in refunds that they never paid to begin with. Yeah, I really like this idea.

    • Anonymous

      Tax deductions aren’t actually money.

      That perspective sounds like that of Democrats/Republicans who believe that all the $ you earn belongs to the government and that we should be happy with whatever they let us take home.

      • Anonymous

        Ok, I might be misunderstanding what he meant and misspeaking on what I mean.

        I know of people that get a lot more back in tax refunds than what they ever paid in taxes throughout the year. That IS actual cash. I don’t care how poor you are, if you only pay $200 in taxes throughout the year, you shouldn’t get any more of a refund than $200. This is a second form of welfare. Instead of giving them that cash, apply it to their healthcare insurance.

        However, this still doesn’t sound Constitutional. It’s forcing someone to purchase something, so it’s not much different than what Obama did.

  • Anonymous

    Like Stuart Varney said last night on Hannity – “it’s irrelevant”, because the most important thing at this time is the economy.

  • john smith

    So where is the video of Newt supporting Romneycare. It is dishonest to not post it it means hiding the truth in order influence others which is nothing more than Propaganda. This has been out for days I am very very disappointed in this site I always saw them as fair now I see they are In the tank , pity. For those of you still supporting Newt Gingrich what is going to be your argument for people who supported obama in 08 to not support him again when he claims to be a born again moderate in 2012. You all are unbelievable

  • Anonymous

    A question for the board members here who are now on the Newt bandwagon. What do you think of this 2006 endorsement of the Mass health bill and compliment to Romney for it. Make sure to consider it in light of Newt’s position that he only supported the individual mandate in the early nineties. Does he get a pass? If so why? Is it because he changed his mind in the right direction?

    Just curious.

  • Gingrich knows his goose is cooked when he openly admitted to Glenn Beck that he is proudly for the same big government progressive ideologies that Obama stands by.

  • No surprise here except how hard he’s been hammering Romney on Romneycare.

  • Anonymous

    Why do I feel that Obama will win this election ?

  • bobemakk

    Anyone can change their mind, “flip flopping” is just another political name for it. Gingrich for president, he will bring US back into prosperity.