Newt slams Harry Reid for leaving DC amid Payroll fight

This whole clip is fabulous, full of great jabs at Obama, Harry Reid, and the Senate as Newt weighs in on the Payroll fight. But the part that I thought best encapsulated the arrogance of what is going on right now in Washington was when Newt characterized what Harry Reid and the Senate has done by passing the Payroll Tax bill and then leaving Washington:

Harry Reid is a totally partisan Democrat who arrogantly leaves – they pass a bill and leave the city! By what right does the Senate decide that they are the definers of America’s future and they leave?

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  • Bam!! Way to call ’em out Newt!

  • The liberal viewers will never see this clip.

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      The liberal viewers will never *understand* this clip.

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    well said

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    GO NEWT!!!

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    Newt is going along to get along with the republican establishment here. Rush is right when he says that the republicans should call this cut of the FICA tax a theft of the social security trust fund. Raising a new tax on mortgages is not exactly a tax cut either. Having said that I agree that this clip is awesome.

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      I don’t think people know that they will be paying a new tax on their mortgage. I herd it will be about $17.00 more a month. Hows that hope and change working out for you?

      • Anonymous

        And it is just as likely they don’t know about the 3.8% tax on home sales either – compliments of the “affordable health care act”.

    • Anonymous

      If they don’t want to call it theft of the the trust fund, they should at the very least point out that the Dems want a 2 month reduction in contributions and the Reeps are fighting for a whole 12 months. But I’m amazed that they are saying nothing about the mortgage fee. That will hit everyone who buys or refinances and it won’t be temporary. ‘

      The Reeps absolutely must start taking lessons in positive messaging from the Paul Ryans in the party. And they have to expose the specific lies in the Dem’s message and not just take pot shots for soundbytes.

  • That was great! I would like to hear something similar from the other candidates though- but this is classic Newt.

    On a different subject- I do believe someone got their wish, if they wanted to shut me up. My hand has been killing me all day, and now I have a bag of frozen broccoli on it… I can’t type like this!!! arrrrggg!!

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      ABC, I’m sorry to hear about your hand (get it caught in the Christmas cookie jar perhaps?) but ,if I may suggest, try frozen peas instead of broccoli, works better. Being of Italian heritage, notice I didn’t say Italian-American, I’m AMERICAN, I can empathize with you. Whenever one of my hands is hurting when I speak it’s like I develop a stutter. Anyway Merry Christmas to you and your’s.

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        What a coincidence. One of my hands has been hurting for a couple of days. It is my LEFT hand. Something that is happening to the whole country. The LEFT hand is hurting all of us.


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          • You mean, “Right ON”…kinda like The Human Torch (“Flame ON”)! hehehe!

          • Oh…you DID mean that!?! I was just trying to keep the joke goin’! Hehehe! Think like me you much grasshoppa! LOL!

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              Brian, wipe the blueberry off your lip.

              • I’m glad you got that! I tried to mix Yoda, Mr. Miyagi, and Al Sharpton in that one! Haha!

                Blueberry Pie Nazis! LOL! “Sharpton-Hi”! “Some of our most prized Prizorities!” “Payroll-Tax Hollaback”! HAHAHAHA! LOL! I just have big ole’ rolly-polly rocks in my head (Stonewallin’)!


                • Sharpton Hi! That made me laugh even more!

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                  You found the Glenlivit.

                • Hahaha! Sure did! Gotta take it easy though…Oxycontin and Scotch…Not the best combination…

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                  Think soldier.

                • I only poured half a glass. Not trying to die any time before Obama is gone!

                • sip it slow dear Brian. And read that verse I told you about. It’ll settle you down. I’ve got to get some sleep. Good night friend 🙂

                • Sleep well! I’ll be going to bed soon too. Ahhh…sleep…my favorite pasttime!

                • Don’t make me come out there!!

                • Haha! I’ve got some bags of corn for your hand if you do!

                • lol! but if I come out there to do what I said, I may need it for my foot! Good grief, I’d be a walking veggie stand!

                • ROFLMAO!!! A walking veggie stand! LOL!

          • Ooo, ooo, I just thought of another one! When Obama is speaking, use RIGHT-ON…apply directly to the forehead, RIGHT-ON…apply directly to the forehead, RIGHT-ON…apply directly to the forehead! LOL!

      • “Whenever one of my hands is hurting when I speak it’s like I develop a stutter”

        Holy-Freakin’-Crap that was hilarious!!! I talk with my hands too (and I CANNOT speak without them)! LOL! Oh man, basic training was SOOO hard for me, trying not to use my hands when I was reporting to the T.I.

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          Got some Italian in you Brian or just naturally demonstrative?

          • Oh man! I’ve got mostly German (probably around 75%), and some Scandinavian and French, so I’m SURE there’s some Eyetaleein somewhere in there! LOL!

            I think I talk with my hands so much because my mom’s from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan, and they use their hands extensively in speech! For instance (if you’ve never heard of this, you’ll laugh your ass off): When people from Michigan talk about where they’re from, or where they’re going, they point to their hand like a map (like this: It’s hilarious!

            Pretty sure that’s where I get my “mouth” from, too (the German side)! LOL!

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              You’re too much man. Always great to read your thoughts, thanks.

              • Hahaha! Thanks man, I’m really trying! I’ve been a real Sourpuss the last few days. I’ve been in HORRIBLE pain for a few weeks, and it’s just getting to be too much lately, so thanks for letting me know that it’s working! I’m sure the painkillers are helping my humor as well! LOL!

            • ROFLMBO! I GOT THAT!!

      • LOL NY! Thank you! I was telling my husband that I needed to buy some peas just for this kind of thing- broccoli is good (better than nothin) but still kind of bulky. Seems to be helping, lol on the stutter- I’m freezing over here! God Bless you my Italian brother! You and your family Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

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          And Scottish, don’t forget the Scotch. After all it’s the season to celebrate. Of course maybe your husband has some connections for some good ‘shine’.

          • Ey! Dona want to forget me Scottish laddie! 😀 LOL I don’t know about the shine though NY, the closest thing we had to that here was a couple of years ago he made a nasty stuff from fermented corn, to trap varmints. It was far from the good stuff lol! If we hear of any from his “back home place” I’ll be sure to give you a yell and the both of you can sit on our porch and get silly! 🙂

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              I’ve always found the best way to trap varmints is to put up a sign saying “Democrats Welcomed”

            • I wonder if High Fructose Corn Syrup can be fermented to make Moonshine, or do you have to go through all the effort with the real corn? Seems much easier using Corn Syrup! But I can’t even drink Bacardi 151 (not a drop), so I don’t see Moonshine ever being in my future!!! LOL!

              • I’m not sure Brian, but I have chickens here, and we keep the feed in a metal garbage can to keep varmints from getting at it. Well the year we got a couple of tropical storms and Hurricane Wilma, it was flooded here big time. Water got into the can (even though we have it up on blocks just for that purpose of keeping the feed dry) and WHOOOO BOY! NY might have been able to smell it out his way if the wind had have been right. It smelled about 200 proof! Lord, it stunk! So I do believe you need real corn.
                I went through my young and stupid phase, and thank the Lord He put up with my stupidity and still kept me from killing myself being a stupid drunk. I can’t stand the smell or taste of anything much anymore… makes me sick. But once in a blue moon I’ll have a drop or 2 of Jack Daniels with a Dr. Pepper. I’m sure I just about made a bunch of the guys here gag with that combo, but it’s not half bad. I can’t take the stuff much at all though. So you’re good with me staying away from it.
                Growing up in the country back in Canada- drinking is one of the few activities left during the cold winter lol- speaking of Bacardi, there was a Bacardi plant not too far away from us, so we got it fresh 😉

                • Yep! We had a Budweiser plant in Grand Forks! And boy was there a LOT of drinking! My favorite was Crown Royal and Coke, and my buddy always drank Jack Daniels and Coke! I can barely tolerate the smell of alcohol anymore, but for some reason, this Scotch seems like a splendid idea…with a Coke chaser, of course! I’m such a wuss! LOL!

                • LOL- The thing I loved about Crown Royal was the little purple baggie it came in! Those made GREAT bags for holding toys in! It’s funny that you mention that. I used to work at a dirt pit and one of the truck drivers was originally from Canada. We got to talkin’ about “back home” and he mentioned Crown Royal, and he always brought back a couple of bottles when he went up. The next time he did, he gave me the bags!! It was so sweet and funny! They were the first one’s I’d seen since I was a kid and pestered my dad to give me them.

                  I really never was a scotch drinker- mine was the rum and wine coolers (OH YUCK!!) and when I went to university, I used to drink kamakazes. Those were good!! When I moved to the states, I drank the odd Bud (US beer is less alcaholic than Canadian beer) and Jack Daniels. But, like I said, I can’t barely tolerate any alcahol anymore, which is a good thing..

                • I was a bottle collector! In that picture of my dorm room on my facebook page (those are only half of the bottles for that month or so), there was 3 bottles of Crown Royal (2 BIG bottles)! And I also loved the bags! I never figured out why though! Hahaha, I just noticed I had a bottle of Mad-Dog up there too (I have NO idea how that got up there :-D)! Oh man…memories (or lack thereof)… 😀

                • LOL!!! The memories… or lack there of… exactly! I think the time I truly knew I had to stop drinking was when I drank myself sober one night. Oh man…
                  That bottle collection looked a little like mine! 🙂

                • My turning point was a HORRIBLE night after drinking. You know those nights where you’re really sick, the room’s spinning, and you’re puking. And between heaves you cry out “Oh Lord, please help me! Please help me! I promise…I’ll never drink again…*heave*…Oh Lord, Oh Lord, Oh Lord, Oh *heave*…” LOL! Well, I meant what I said! I haven’t been drunk since! LOL!

                • I know that all too well.. Good for us! You’d better not get drunk anymore either or I’ll come out there and kick your hiney! 😉

          • Oh man! I forgot…we just picked up some Glen Livet the other day!!! I will be RIGHT back!

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      Bring it right over here and Akabosan will kiss it all well.


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        • Hahahahahahahaha! You may want to edit your post and remove the space between the “o” and “ne” in “one”! Otherwise, the whole sentence comes off kinda…wrong! LOL!

          • that’s the best I could do right now 😉 took me about a half hour to type it already! LOL

            • Hahaha! It’s a dirty phrase right now though! ROFLMAO!!!

              • K. I caught it LOL. THank you for saving me massive embarassment !! I had to refresh to see what you were talking about. DOH!!!!!

                • Hahaha! Wouldn’t have bothered me, but I figured it might be a bit awkward for ya! LOL! Oh man, that was hilarious! I can’t stop giggling…like a 10 year old boy who heard a NEW swear-word for the first time!

                • knock it off! you’ve got me giggling like a school girl for the same reason ROFL!!

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                  But, ABC, you look so good in pink…


                • aw shucks!!

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          Remember with which hand to catch it… ***MMWWAH!***

          … and many happy and painless returns.


          • There it is! It feels better already! Thank you sweet Akabosan!!

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              Aw, shucks! Gosh… Golly… (index finger in dimple)… toe in the dirt… ‘Twarn’t nuthin, jus a little Love of God smack.

              Y’all rest well now and try not to sleep on that hand for a day or two.


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      Hope your hand feels better soon!

      • Thank you C_ I’ve been baking like a fool this week– probabaly strained it, but the frozen veggies seem to be helping! Hate typining with my left hand though!!

    • If you’re anything like me, you probably got your hand caught in the swear-jar! People have been getting on my last freakin’ nerve the past few days…

      Get better soon AbC!!! If you want, I can email some of my pain-killers to ya 😉 And try frozen corn…everyone likes corn more than brocolli, so it MUST work better!

      • I love corn so much, I never have extra lol! Broccoli I buy frozen for when I don;t have any fresh in the garden. Try not to let folks get to you too much Brian- but I know what you mean. Look up Psal m 37. It’s been helping me a lot lately. 😀 Keep smiling you! And Blessed Christmas to you and your family-and many Blessings (and healing) in the New Year!!!!

        • I’m a big corn fan (as long as there’s tons of butter)! And you grow brocolli? I don’t know what a brocolli-tree looks like (they do grow on trees right)! And I’ll have to look up Psalms 37, because I’ve been choking my mouse all day.

          And most importantly, Merry Christmas to you too ma’am (and to everyone else on here as well)!!! I’ve got my Ortho appt Jan. 6th, so I’m pretty excited! No Christmas present could possibly compare to getting this taken care of! Thanks for the prayers!

          • Broccoli looks a little bit like loose cabbage with a big stalk in the center with the broccoli flowers growing out of that. I am not a huge fan of it, but fresh broccoli is VERY good and tastes good raw or cooked. I use it in soup when it’s not as fresh and that tastes yummy!
            I am SO glad you’re getting that appointment!!! I will keep you in my prayers- and Here is a link to that Psalm. It’s a longer one, but VERY inspiring, especially these days!!!

            • MUST WATCH Patriotic Christmas Lights video display! REALLY REALLY AWESOME, and it WILL bring tears of pride to your eyes! Plus…it has my Air Force Song!

              • OK NOW THAT’S AWESOME!! I do love the airforce song Brian, and although I married into a Navy family- I LOVE the Marine song!!! But this was great and I thank you for sharing it- I am SO posting this one on facebook!!! Even if you beat me to it! 😀

                • I love ALL the military songs! I just thought it was really nice to see!

                • I love all the military songs too- but I have a spot for Marines lol! But yes it was a great thing to see!!

              • Anonymous

                Most excellent!

  • Anonymous

    That cheered me right up. Way to go Newt!

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t made a decision yet, as it’s too early. Right now, Bachmann, Perry and Santorum (not listed in any particular order) are on the top based on their values and other factors. That being said, if one of the 3 gets nominated, I would love to see Newt in the VP slot. He can really call out the BS as BS in DC, he knows his way around the political minefields and could be very helpful to the next POTUS in finding ways to get things done.

    • I REALLY like your list! For me, Santorum’s on top of the list, but I also feel as if he sets his sights too low.

      • Anonymous

        I thought he did a fantastic job in the last debate when he raised the issue about Venezuela and Hezbollah (via Iran) being in Mexico and other countries close to us. He knocked that one out of the park! No one seems to want to talk about who is coming across our border. Santorum is the only one that has raised the issue. (I think Perry did as well.)

        I think he gets stronger in each debate, and has moved on to other important issues other than family values, etc. We all know how strongly he feels about that topic. Glad to see he is stepping up the discussion and showing he has insight into other important issues.

        • Couldn’t agree more! Honestly, his biggest selling point for me IS his position on family values and pro-life. And I LOVED how he addressed the terrorists coming through Mexico. But at the same time, he is a bit whiny sometimes, and he needs to start coming off as being more…involved (that’s probably not the word I’m looking for). Most people don’t want a one-trick pony (I personally just want a president that gets rid of abortion and restores family values), so I really hope he begins to elaborate on ALL the things he wants to do, not just one or two.

          • Anonymous

            Hopefully, he will step it up, because I think he probably has some great ideas on all of the major topics. We’re already sold on the family values, and his pro-life stance, but that is equal to Perry and Bachmann. He really needs to start shining in other areas, then I think his campaign has a chance.

            The last debate he sounded more “Presidential” rather than a cry baby, although I must say, I get really ticked off when they don’t give ALL of the candidates equal time.

            • Seems like we’re on the same page then! Can’t wait for his STELLAR performance! It’s coming…I can feel it!

  • Anonymous

    Does this not demonstrate how and that Mr. Gingrich understands the American Government?

    His explanation in this clip shows one reason he is singularly the most prepared person to lead this country. His rehashing the non-accomplishments of the current (how did the American People ever elect him?) thing is superb with a capital S and a capital B (though when describing the current administration are in the reverse order – BS).


  • Anonymous

    He would be the best press secretary Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, or Rick Santorum could ever ask for.

    • Anonymous

      I still miss Ari Fleicher…


  • Anonymous

    Newt analysis of Obama’s experience is spot on!

  • Judyann J

    Those who are trying to denigrate this man is so far off course. With the understanding there is no such thing as a perfect candidate, Gingrich got the ball farther down field than any other and I have no doubt as president, change would occur in a hurry. And not the Obama brand of America hating change, but change the people will thrive with.

  • Anonymous

    Damn! Double Damn! This guy knows how to communicate my anger, my frustration and my thoughts better than my wife!

    Way to go Newt!! Cheers!

  • And this is who Ann says is liberal? Maybe she has be sampling Ron Paul’s legal stash.

  • That’s amazing….they went home early and the bill they want so badly hasn’t even passed. How is this not all over the media….the Democrat Senate has gone home for the year and there is still no extension of the payroll tax cut. The House should revise the bill and send it over to the Senate as quickly as possible. They should demand that they come back and do their job so that the POTUS can sign the bill. It’s in their hands and they still have the power- they had better not fold.

  • Anonymous

    There is no doubt that Newt is the top intellect in this battle for the nomnation…..

  • OK if this doesn’t make one need some duct tape to keep their head from exploding… The 2011 Waste Book is out from Sen. Tom Coburn

  • Anonymous


  • Steven

    When Newt is on, he’s on. It’s this potential in Newt that makes him head and shoulders above Romney. Again, Newt is certainly not my first choice, nor my current choice, but he is certainly not my last choice either! I will take Newt Gingrich, baggage and all, before I vote for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama!

  • Anonymous

    the question is newt and who???

  • “[Obama]’s had no government experience.” Awesome.

    • Anonymous

      His name is obamamao and Newt is awesome:-)

  • Anonymous

    Newt knows who to attack and who to compete with. Here , he’s in attack mode in a very effective fashion.Reagan iith commandment is for competition among your fellow soldiers, and really allows to attack your enemy from the other side of the isle.

  • Dan

    even after all the attacks on him…sorry i want a leader and i think Newt is it…a bad leader destroys everything below him…a good leader elevates everyone below him…hows that hope and change thingie going for us..

  • Anonymous

    From The Blaze: “Gingrich Reportedly Tells Gay Iowan Voter He’s Better Off Supporting Obama”

    What a distortion! Blaze is becoming (?) a propaganda machine. Blaze twisted this story, I believe, to paint Gingrich as a bigot when the facts were, in deed, the opposite.

    What Gingrich said to the man was that if the gay marriage issue is more important to him than jobs, national security and the future of this country, then he should support Obama. Simple as that.

    The title of the Blaze article should have been, “Gingrich Body Slams One-Trick Gay Voters.”

  • I was still on the fence before this clip.

    Warts and all, i want Newt.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Mr. Speaker:

    You sir, are 100% correct, God Bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Constance

    This was very well stated by Mr. Gingrich.

  • Anonymous

    Great clip!

  • Anonymous

    Too bad Newt is a Progressive…or this might be an interesting clip.

  • Way to go NEWT!!!! Go Newt Go!!!