Newt to Romney: We aren’t that stupid and you aren’t that clever

A preview of what you’ll likely see tonight: Newt gets tough with Romney for having the gall to call him out, suggesting he isn’t a Reaganite. Newt responds with a fair amount if indignation, noting what Romney was saying in ’95 about being an independent and not wanting to return to Reagan Bush. Newt said he won’t say that now because he thinks you don’t have YouTube. He says that we should tell Mitt that “we aren’t that stupid and you aren’t that clever.”


Here’s another good video from the same event that Newt’s campaign uploaded to YT:

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  • Newt “The Torch” Gingrich!!

    Mitt “Voted 4 Jimmy Carter” Romney boooooo

  • That whole Norm Coleman thing a few days ago really should solidify what many of us already felt. Romney believes none of what he says and is only “acting” like a conservative. Early on in the campaign Romney refused to say he would repeal Obamacare, and now he’s practically shouting it from the rooftops in the hopes that he could fool conservatives and gain their support now that he realizes he needs them.

    Fraud, phony, con-artist, scam….

    Hope Newt calls him out on those. Call a liar, a liar- Please!

    • Anonymous

      I hope he say to Mitt………liar liar pants on fire. It would make for good Friday morning headlines

      • Anonymous

        OOOPS. Newt didn’t have to do it….this reporter did…….at a Staples…bitch slapped in his own house

    • Anonymous

      Newt embraces the Tea Party. Romney tries to win in spite of the Tea Party.

      Call him out Newt. Show the world what this mushroom is really like (he’s a fungus, lives under a rock, and thrives on establishment manure).

      • Anonymous

        Not so fast my friend. Newt a Tea Party guy…not hardly.

        Newt supported the GATT treaty surrendering American sovereignty to the U.N. In 1996, he voted for the then-largest increase in federal education funding in history. This guy supported mandatory carbon caps. He proclaimed in 2008 he would have voted for the 700+ billion TARP bailout. He has endorsed manmade global warming as an existential threat. He in the past defended RomneyCare and he is a HUGE supporter of ethanol subsides.

        I do not like Romney either…but please don’t drink the Newt Kool-Aid yet.

        • Anonymous

          I’m sorry, you are right. I wouldn’t call Newt a member of the Tea Party.

          But I do applaud his current embrace of Tea Party values and he certainly is saying the right things. If he’s saying them to get elected… then that sucks and it’ll come out. If he’s saying them and believes them, then bravo! I also feel he’s not the most conservative candidate in this race. But again, he’s saying the right things…

          We may turn him into a Tea Party candidate yet. 🙂

  • Erik McA

    I’m getting sick and tired of having Willard stuffed down my throat. Thank you TRS for consistently giving us access to candidates that don’t completely suck.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t watch Canadian mainstream broadcasters anymore… but even our very beloved SUN News, which is very conservative, is pushing Romney down our throats. Why? Because there are a few at SUN who catch every word, coming out of David Frum’s mouth, with a catcher’s mitt. They think Frum is conservative… and therefore worth listening to. After all, they argue, Frum worked for Bush or something.

      • CDS in Manitoba

        There are some people at Sun News, like Brian Lilley, who are great. Unfortunately, Quebecor / Sun Media is run by pink Progressive Conservatives, namely Peter Worthington and Brian Mulroney.

        Peter Worthington, for example, said circa 2008 that Mike Huckabee lost weight for reasons of vanity (or something like that). If he had just taken the time to do a basic search on the Internet, then he would have found out that the reason Mr. Huckabee lost weight was because he had been diagnosed with diabetes and his doctor said that he might die if he didn’t alter his diet drastically.

        Not long after Sun News TV launced last year, Krista Erickson said that she thought that Brian Mulroney was the best Canadian Prime Minister ever. How could anyone from Winnipeg make such a statement after the CF-18 contract scandal?

        And then you have to wonder why Liberals like Warren Kinsella, with all the controversies that he’s been involved in, appear regularly on the channel. It’s one thing to have balanced coverage, but come on!

        • Anonymous

          Well Mulroney’s on the board at Quebecor, but I’m unsure of his role there as well as what influence Worthington has other than being an elder conservative media statesman who occasionally is brought out of mothballs to show that indeed there are old conservatives still left in Canada.

          Ironically I don’t mind Kinsella at SUN, which is surprising because he was such a putz on the other broadcasters. SUN has imbued him with a sense of almost respectability and level headedness. But he is used as the quintessential lib foil to Sun.

          David Aikin really drives me crazy.. He interviews and promotes lefties and liberals so often… I have to check indeed if I am watching CBC. The things coming out of his mouth makes me wonder if he’s actually ever met his colleagues Levant and Lilly or Adler, or whether he has a grasp of issues other than what he gets from his lib media colleagues.

          I was absolutely shocked… I don’t know if you saw it… but the other week Mark Bonokowski was subbing for Levant or Coren… can’t remember which… but he interviewed John Robson. Robson understands conservatism… and he gets American conservatism. Anyway.. Robson had to school Bono on what real conservatism was… not some warmed over squishy Canadian hazy mush from the Mulroney years. It was astounding.. If guys like Bonokowski are perceived as Canadian conservatives… we are in serious trouble. Bono was absolutely clueless.

          Just pray that SUN… in it’s short time on God’s great earth does not start going the way of FOX… that way would be left.

  • I cant stand Mitt Romney. He is down here in Fl blasting the airways with nonsense about Newt 24/7. I cant take it any more. You cant go one min without hearing these two go back and forth.
    I’m not even a Newt fan but , REALLY i cant take it any more. Mitt is looking desperate to me right now.

    Everyone is jumping on the Mittens bandwagon and torching Newt to the point that the are making asses out of themselves. S.E.Cup ran an article yesterday saying if Newt is the nominee the conservative movement is DEAD . and so is tea party. HUH? She must have crawled up becks ass or something, because thats crap he would say. GET a grip you all are looking like fools.
    If he gets the nom , we will all just have to live with it and MAKE it a WIN!

    NOW STFU about NEWT and lets get back to OBAMA and how he SUCKS !

    • Anonymous

      I disagree about the conservative movement being dead if Newt gets the nomination.

      But if Willard Mitt Romney gets the nomination, and conservatives quietly fall in line as the establishment string-pullers expect, then the conservative movement is sleep-walking off a cliff…

      • Carol Cook

        Spot on Major! Nicely said

      • Anonymous

        I’d take Newt over Mittens any day. At least he’s embracing and exhorting Tea Party ideals. The key is to put more Tea Party conservatives in power in the Senate, the House, the Judiciary and state legislatures. Then we will be able to fix things.

        If Newt wins and doesn’t follow through, then the Tea Party has some more work to do and they will again cross this nation like a brush fire and become even louder, more influential, passionate, and effective then they were in 2008-2010.

        The end of the world is another 4 years of Maobama. Having Mittens as POTUS would be nearly as bad…

      • Trust1TG

        I don’t know…the TEA Party will try to keep on… but if Romney is the nominee – it’s 4MOFOBAMA and America may not survive – and the conservative conscience and speech will not be tolerated.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe you should listen. Might learn something.

    • Trust1TG

      Cup works for Beck who works for that is why.

  • Anonymous

    An observation: There has been 16 debates total. Not including tonight’s debate. Romney has tried to keep his eye on the ball. Newt in the sixth debate started attacking Romney and other candidates. It was all OK until the last debate where Romney slammed the door in Newts face.

    The next day and all this week, Hannity and other talk show radio hosts have been saying what a distraction they need to stay on the issues. People calling up “Against” Romney for finally bringing some stuff up that most of us should remember anyway. So my conclusion is.

    It is OK as long as Newt attacks Romney.

    It is NOT OK when Romney attacks Newt.

    Meanwhile this week Romney has been keeping his eye on the ball and keeping the issues first. While Newt has done nothing but degrade and attack Romney left and right, all this week.

    This is exactly why people hated Newt the first go around in politics. He can do no wrong, even if he does. Newt does exactly what the democrats do, he can say or get away with anything and it is not his fault. Now if you know me I will be the first to yell out in excitement over the fact I want them to get a taste of their own medicine. Wouldn’t that be something? The bad part of that equation though does not come in until the end.

    People are leaving Democrats side in groups and are jumping ship. Because most of them think exactly the same way. This is the true reason why people hated him the first go around.

    • Anonymous

      I had heard Romney had his eye on some of those.

    • mitt romney; they call him flipper! flipper!

    • Anonymous

      Is it his pretty hair or his dazzling smile that gets you all moist in the panties for Mitt?

    • I haven’t seen any negative tv ads, received any negative phone calls or received any negative mailers from Newt’s campaign here in FL. However, there is a negative tv ad every 15 minutes or so from Romney, I get at least one to two negative calls from Romney and at least 3 negative mailers per day from Romney. And you think he has his eye on the ball?

      As Rush has said “People see Newt is fighting for an ideal, they see Romney is fighting for an election.”

      Newt Gingrich ruffles feathers, stirs things up, pisses people off. I want someone who the Republican establishment hates. I want someone who liberals hate worse than they did Bush. I want someone who nobody likes except for true conservatives. I WANT NEWT!!!

      • Anonymous

        I’m sure Newt would want you too

      • Anonymous

        I saw my first negative Romney ad last night. He’s been running ads here for weeks, but last night was the first negative ad I saw and it was the usual stuff about Newt.

        Right after it was the first Newt ad I’ve seen so far. It was a positive ad that didn’t mention any other candidate. It totally blunted whatever impact the Romney ad may have had. I’ve been following this crap and I found the juxtaposition to be striking. A really mean, nasty Romney ad about Newt followed by a positive, uplifting ad by Newt.

        I have no idea if campaigns can arrange something like that or if the station just did it on it’s own, but if they run Newt’s ads right after Romney ads everywhere their impact will minimized for sure.

      • Anonymous

        Well said. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      As long as the focus is on each other and not Maobama, then the liberals win.

    • Trust1TG

      You got that slap-dab backwards.

      • Anonymous

        Too all the ones who disagrees this is what the national news media’s are reporting. Including all the Radio Talk show hosts. I am just making an observation. Which is the Truth. I do not live in Florida so I cannot speak about the ads there but I am sure that there are both good and bad ads from both campaigns. To suggest otherwise would not be logical.

        Please tell me where I am wrong. I did not get any of that slap-dab backwards. That statement tells me that you are so closed minded and you have your mind made up on who you want in as the nominee. Which is fine it is not a bad thing. Yet you cannot make such a statement especially to me when I am just pointing out the truth of what the rest of the nation is seeing. not just Floridians…

  • Amen to that! this is about the ONLY place where its tolerable

  • Anonymous

    I am tired of the Newt and Mitty show. Come on Rick! Pull this together!

  • Dang it , just thought about something after being on Drudge AKA “The Newt Hit squad” As long as they have everyone talking about Newt , your not talking about MITT.

    • Trust1TG

      I hope someone starts a fair and balanced Conservative website that gives Drudge some (ok, a lot of) competition.

  • Anonymous

    great line:

    “Let’s be really clear. You’re watching ads paid for with the money taken from the people of Florida by companies like Goldman Sachs, recycled back into ads to stop you from having a choice in this election”

    • Anonymous

      The Man is out to get him. Saul Alinsky redux.

  • BeenSoup

    Look none of these plastic sold out big Government power hungry insiders can stand even close to Ron Paul in stature and dedicated principle. Romney insists having “the capacity to detain people” through National Defense Act without due process. Newt just won’t beat Obama because he’s ugly inside and out. If he does we’re in for more of the same that got us here to this economic slave prison. Ron Paul brings everyone together that appreciates LIBERTY. He won’t keep spending our CHILDREN’S MONEY. Stealing freedom from future American generations. Our troops, The guys on the front line? Remember them? support Ron. Our un-brainwashed youth recognize liberty naturally as I did growing up support him. Many democrats that realize Obama was a lair and wash out support him. Paul will get those votes and newt won’t. You people that followed Bush into wars on “principle” should be able to back up the word “Liberty” on principle just the same.
    Notice the internet people support him. Think about it. The internet people know how to dig up their own truth in media and bypass the MSM. We studied and listened and know that if we want liberty back, Only Ron Paul Offers that. Sorry to call you all wrong but I know I’m right. I’ve been waiting all my life for this man. Even if one of the others wins Ron’s Message will be heard and we will look back and wonder why we didn’t choose liberty and the constitution.

    • Ron Paul’s foreign policy literally matches the communist party USA’s platform. He is preaching an anti-American message that is full of lies. I like his domestic policy, but he is a puppet.

      • Anonymous

        Ron alterPaul was endorsed by the nazi party of America, David Duke, Storm, 9/11 truthers, oh yea Iran’s supreme leader LOVES him, the Ron alterPaul supports OWS, endorsed Cynthia McKenny…….Ron alterPaul is a fraud.

        • BeenSoup

          Most weirdos skinheads and racists are Right wing but we can’t help that can we? OWS is just another Tea Party but with lost liberals. They can’t help it. I support all protesting like we should but not the bias that has occurred in it. The Tea party was bipartisan before the republicans bought it. The cheap little conspiracy stuff being charged is so childish and superficial. Like sure, he’s a KKK truther that will sell us out to Islam and we’ll all die with towels on our heads or Nazi marks on our heads. Uh huh. He’s libertarian close to abolitionist. We NEED this. Nothing else will do. Out of the 4, He’s clearly the only one out of the conforma-box.

    • Anonymous

      Really you have been waiting all your life for a guy who blames America first for nearly every ill. blames Israel for the middle east, is supported by the nazi party of America, David Duke, Storm, racist, anti-Semite, 9/11 truther, ear mark king of congress, supporter of Iran’s nuke build up……..gee beensoup, if you are supporting Ron alterPaul people just have to wonder.

      • BeenSoup

        I see you’ve done your research. His foreign policy is common sense. We’ll be much stronger if we stop being empirical. We WILL fall as history has proven. I don’t feel he’s capable of being racist. That takes a simple resentful mind to hate another race. He voted for MLK day. His only pro government vote really. I haven’t looked up truther or earmarker but i would not be surprised to find logical common sense and or principle behind what MSM publicizes. They have a lot to lose from his win. It’s why we are on our own to find the truth of this man.
        remember that the alterpauls booed “The Golden Rule”. A rule I base all my decisions on.

    • Trust1TG

      Ron Paul’s foreign policy is not the biggest problem with him. (I agree with him and the video above on foreign bases and foreign aid for the most part)
      His desire to end the war on drugs and to legalize drugs and prostitution… is DANGEROUS AND UTTERLY IRRESPONSIBLE when Islamic terror organizations have taken over global drug, sex trafficking and porn cartels including the ruthless Mexican, European, Asian syndicates.
      Under this policy, the US would become like Mexico.

      Already people are being kidnapped, and beheaded bodies have been found in the US over the last several weeks.
      Unless he changes his stand on drugs and prostitution, I (and many others) will continue decry his candidacy.
      Paul won’t change his mind for fear of losing his druggie youth support.

      • BeenSoup

        The war on drugs is a failure and steals our freedom. Go study our incarceration rate. It’s the highest of almost any country ever. He(we) wants to get the fed out of peoples personal lives. As it should be. As it is we are being poisoned by the pharmaceutical companies in mass. Our children are even being put on psychological drugs they don’t even have scientific proof of diagnosis, by money influencing the FDA. A federal bureaucracy. Billions in profits annually to corporations that have no intent of healing you because there is no money in healthy people!
        States can dictate prostitution and the control of substances and nothing Ron Paul is going to do will happen overnight. I don’t think it’s weed you need to be afraid of. Besides it is impossible to overdose and has killed 0 people. And was smoked by many a wise man in the past. I don’t smoke but I do have a tin foil hat.
        “druggie youth support” Tell that to the Marines.

    • Anonymous

      In general, I’m starting to see your points about what Ron Paul stands for and feel better about him. He absolutely has some excellent points and would really shake up Washington in a positive way. I hope all the candidates embrace his economic views and attack the bloated government the way he would. End the Fed!

      But I’m stunned that he’s running in a Republican election… not as a Libertarian. I honestly don’t believe he has a chance to win the GOP nomination. No insult intended my friend. I’m pleased that we’re talking about some of these ideals.

  • Anonymous

    Newt! You need to start that third party called the “Conservative Party” because neither the Dems or Reps have a clue and the Libertarians are too willing to hand us over to the enemy.

    • Trust1TG

      GREAT IDEA! Email him at

    • Anonymous

      Newt is not a Conservative.

  • I would advise everybody to keep tabs on which conservative sites are involved in this co-ordinated take-down of Newt.

    its fine to critisize, but the orchestration is worrying.

    Thanks for keeping it real TRS!

    • Trust1TG

      This campaign is separating the sheep from the goats, pundit-wise.

      I’m proud of Michelle Malkin for refusing to endorse or to enter into the smearing and attacks. She’s standing on her principles.

  • @lapitup

    Are you kidding?

    I think the attacks have been 3-1 against NEWT and stupid unfair like we won’t look it up!

  • Wow. Looks like the gloves are off.

  • I want to adopt Newt. Whether the adoption papers go through before the Arizona primary is held or not I will still be voting for him in 34 days.

    I’m so proud of this young man!

  • Anonymous

    Newt: “don’t look over there, look over here”.

    Total charlatan.

  • Carol Cook

    Newt has more balls than anyone in D.C.,,INCLUDING Michelle!

    • I think this is probably wrong-

      ……she has her’s and Barack’s

      • Anonymous

        If that’s wrong then I don’t want to be right! Check her purse…

  • Anonymous

    Nice try. I saw lots of people not even clapping. The guy is a liar!

    • Trust1TG

      Cite your evidence. Waiting….

  • Anonymous

    Newt is really saying all the right things. I love his facts and delivery.

    Romney is a weasel and will say anything he can to dethrone the new GOP leader. Mittens is like a canoe attacking a battleship. And what’s even funnier is that he only has one oar in the water.

    I hope and pray that Newt kicks Mitten’s lying butt in Florida!

  • kim

    The Great One is taking the Establishment to task tonight.

    He said, “If this is the conservative movement, count me out.” I’m with him.

    • Anonymous

      This is why The Great One is the best host on the radio. He calls it the way it is and stands up for the truth. Not afraid to take on the establishment hacks.

      Rush danced around it, but Levin will not put up with this garbage.

      I hope Newt hammers Mittens a new one over this tonight. Sickening that Mittens got a bounce for saying the Newt was only in Reagan’s Diary once. As Levin said, if Newt was such a problem, he’d be mentioned in it all the time.

      No mention of Mittens in the Reagan Diary. Mittens was on the other side back then.

  • Anonymous

    I have a dream—10,000 patriots.

    It’s election night in November and Obama is defeated. I picture young, unwashed, homeless and union members and hired commie protesters converging on the State Capitol building , screaming “Election Fraud! Fascists! Right Wing Conspiracy!” etc., to get maximum LSM coverage on the day the arch bed-wetting, thumb-sucker is deposed.

    If the commie democrat bastards can get 150 dirt bags in front of the state capitol building in ten states, the LSM can make it look like a revolution and scare the s*** out of the rest of the nation. We must get ready for success. Winning the election may not be enough. We must be prepared to counter any communist attempt to generate momentum toward another OWS “spread chaos, intimidate citizens” movement.

    10,000 patriots, organized in every capitol city in the nation, who promise not to be in their pajamas on the night of November 6 2012 could head off the initial charge.
    10,000 patriots, watching TV that night, seeing the commies start to gather, load up with neighbors, go to the capitol and surround them. Build a human wall of men and women who love the country through which none shall pass.
    10,000 taxpaying, decent patriots surrounding the communist stooges, silently and non-violently, will make a nice background for the local NBC affiliates, provided the 10,000 will allow the fouls media whores to get close to their fellow trough mates.

    It’s just a dream, now.

  • Anonymous

    The Great One set the garbage attacks of Newt being at odds with Reagan as pure crap. Many of these experts were on the other side when Reagan was in office. Mittens was supporting Paul Tsongsas and ran as “independent during the time of Reagan-Bush”.

  • Anonymous

    Mittens = Newt = Progressive

  • Anonymous

    This is why Newt will win. He is expressing what so many of us think and feel about Washington and the establishment. Newt really hit out of the park.

  • All RINOs think Conservatives are stupid.
    Will we prove them right by nominating Mitt?

  • Wow, powerful speech all the talking points there to take down Romney in the debate. The mendacity of Romney to criticise Newt for being on the Freddie Mac pay roll when his snout is even deeper in the trough. Newt will pull another Lazarus …count on it!! The base is with you sir!
    I’ve had enough of the befuddled, stammering, pivot head Romney Ken Doll.
    Newt 2012

    • Anonymous

      I dislike both Newt and Mittens because neither is conservative, but both will say any sweet lie to get elected.

      However, it is unfair to compare Mittens legitimate business activities to Newt’s crony capitalism/lobbying activities.

  • Anonymous
  • Really, he ought to make a commercial out of this.
    I think Romney has serious money reporting issues and everyone coming out against NEWT at one time seems
    quite dirty even though we knew it was coming.

    May be big fire storm Friday about these issues.

    I don’t care what he has and makes, but DEMS will be all over this Friday.
    Polls will/SHOULD drop for Mitt.

    All that lying about off shore money and acconts looks BAD.

    I mean, the Financial reports were not even accurate for 2008 run !!!!!!!

    What an idiot !!!!!!