Newt torches Romney: It isn’t good enough for the Republican party to nominate Obama-lite

This is a slam dunk for Newt. He goes after Romney, the Soros-approved candidate, on his comments about the very poor and torches the idea that the ‘safety-net’ is anything but a spider web that traps the poor:

It isn’t good enough for the Republican party to nominate Obama-lite. Now, let me tell you what the difference is. If you’re a genuine conservative, first of all you don’t say that you don’t care about the poor. If you’re a genuine conservative, you believe that we are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

And we think it is the left which has abandoned and betrayed the poor because its safety net is actually a spiderweb and it traps people in dependency.

My goal – the exact opposite of Governor Romney. My goal is not to ignore or forget the poor. My goal is to turn the safety net into a trampoline to allow the poor to rise and be like the rest of us and have a job and buy a house.

He even refers to Romney as “Little Food Stamp”:

We now know from Governor Romney [that] he joins Obama. Obama is Big Food Stamp. He’s Little Food Stamp. But they both thing food stamps are OK. I don’t think food stamps are a future for America. They are a necessary bridge back to getting a job and back to being independent of the government.

Here’s the full clip and it’s excellent:

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  • Anonymous

    Kinda like the “little Satan” and the “big Satan”

    The Big Food Stamp… The Little Food Stamp.

    Definitely has a ring to it.

    • I was thinking that too.. but you know.. used for good, not for bad..

    • Anonymous

      “Big Food Stamp” &
      “Little Food Stamp”
      That is rather FUNNY !!

    • Anonymous

      Its like a value meal!

      • Anonymous

        double like there mjs

  • Anonymous

    I love it! Little Food Stamp … brilliant!

    Go Newt!

  • Anonymous

    He needs to focus on the 2nd half of Romney’s statement and always quote the sentence in its entirety lest he sound like one of the liberal journalists who love to just take one part of a sentence and conveniently leave off the rest. I’m glad he focused after that on the safety net, because that’s the part that reveals so much about Romney, but I can see Romney’s campaign calling it a cheap shot for him to say that Romney doesn’t care about the poor.

    I really want Newt to rise above stuff like that and just keep it really true. Romney gaffed enough with the safety net statement; no need to make him sound like he doesn’t care about the poor. He DOES, but in a very liberal sort of way, and that’s the point.

    • Anonymous

      1 AD and 1 ad only lead in
      Romney telling a reporter that if a parent tells there Minor child that she cannot have an abortion, then such minor can have a judge overrule the parent.
      Romney introducing Ted Kennedy as his good friend and the biggest help to him in passing Romneycare.
      Romney saying they have tight strict gun laws in MASS and he reallly likes them
      George Soros Obama/Romney same thing
      Very poor, no big deal
      automatic minimum wage increase.

      END WITH ::: Thats Mitt and he would love to be your Democratic nominee for president !

  • Maxsteele

    As an aside, I like the part where his wife says “Yeah” and he turns to her and asks, “You liked that huh?”
    It’s cute when he flirts with his wife like that 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Yes indeed, she is a sweetheart,she has grace and style of which reminds me of Jackie Kennedy!

      • Anonymous

        I said the exact same thing the other night. A blonde Jackie O.

        Very classy lady and a breath of fresh air unlike the stagnant smell coming from Washington now.

    • Anonymous

      I am coming into this discussion late, but I am so glad you noticed that too and brought it up! I think Callista is a big plus to Newt’s campaign. I’d really like to see a sit down interview with Newt and Callista by someone like Greta so that the public can get to know her. Too many people consider Callista the “trophy wife” and they need to see the real, human side of her. She looks like she has a good sense of humor and would be a lot of fun to know.

      • You must all be joking about Callista, right? I have another name for her I can’t use in written form. I can say she is a plastic Barbie who had a 6-year affair with a much older married man! Come on, people – just who we need to represent conservative women???? Duh – stupid!!!!

  • I loved it when the guy yelled out “he’s the devil!” referring to George Soros. That was hilarious.

    • Anonymous

      He really had that crowd fired up!

    • KenInMontana

      Soros Antipas.

      • Anonymous

        Schwartz Antipater.

    • Anonymous

      Well, damn, I thought he was too!

      Hilarious? Are you saying I’m funny? Like I’m a clown, I’m here to amuse you? Funny how?


  • “My goal is to turn the safety net into a trampoline to allow the poor to rise and be like the rest of us and have a job and buy a house.” That is just Awesome!

    • I like the overall parable – the idea of removing the spider web, a concept with which I totally agree, but the word “trampoline” was like fingernails on a chalkboard for me. It conjured an image of giving an extra boost, which, in government terms, always equates to spending. I’m sure that’s not what he meant, but I’d like to see a plan to back it up.

      We’ve already proven that the government can’t spend the poor into prosperity. I want someone to show us how we’re going to wean the poor off the the $1T they suckle annually from federal and state budgets’ proverbial teat.

      • jedijones77

        Newt already did welfare reform. Do some research into what that entailed. I understand Obama has rolled most of it back in the last couple years through regulations.

        • I’m aware of that, and welfare rolls leveled off for a couple of years afterward. They began climbing again during the Bush administration, so it wasn’t enough. We need more sweeping regulatory reforms that will infuse opportunity into the economy to go along with sweeping entitlement reforms which help and encourage people to get off welfare.

  • We don’t need another organizer(2002 Salt Lake Olympics) in Washington. I think the “Contract with America” was a lot more beneficial to this country and why is no one talking about Mitts dismal record as Gov.


    • Anonymous

      Love your name! I’m from Newt Jersey too! 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Me too!

        I really like the idea of our state being a Newt state too.

      • jedijones77

        I’m from Newtsylvania.

      • Anonymous


    • Rob Bryant

      Yeah, that was good.

    • Anonymous

      Yep. It was very appropriate. The poor get caught in the web and the spiders like Obama, Sharpton, Rev. Wright, Nasty Pelosi, ACORN and the democrats are just waiting to wrap them up and suck out their life’s blood (ambition).

  • I’m so sick of GOP candidates who are afraid of telling the truth… I love Newt when he’s on his game..

  • This is where Newt shines. As long as he stays positive and draws a contrast between the big-picture, conservative vision and everything else (it gets so muddled that many people are confused, nowadays), I think he will keep gaining support.

    I think any candidate who wants to win needs to run with a vision that goes beyond his primary opponents and takes aim at Obama.

  • Persephone

    Well said, Newt!
    He really is an eloquent speaker.

    It is good that Newt is bringing up Romney’s ‘electability’ with regard to what Romney said about “the poor”.
    The question that Soledad asked Romney…which resulted in him saying what he did…was a question about him being able to appeal to voters in the general.
    It was a question about his ‘electability’.

    So in reality…Romney’s answer of “I’m not concerned with the poor…” is even worse than it is being portrayed afterward.
    Romney was basically saying that “I’m not even going to try to get poor people to vote for me”.

    Newt is smart enough to realize that we need every single vote we can get, to win this.

    • Anonymous

      You’re absolutely right. I didn’t even see it that way. Thanks persephone!

      • Persephone

        You’re welcome, Rosie.

    • Anonymous

      It is hilarious really really hilarious. So when Romney next calls Newt an “influence peddlar” in Washington Newt should simply say “whats that your saying little food stamp?

      • Persephone

        Hmm…I dunno.
        Would addressing him as “Lord Willard the Clueless” be more polite?
        Newt always tries to be very polite, you know.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly Persephone! Good point.

      The first thing I thought of was all the women who were getting ready for work who may have heard Willard’s comment on their way out the door. They may be women who are receptionists, secretaries and assistants to big shots like Willard.

      How many of those women earn “just a little too much” and are dangling just above the safety net? How many of those women have been caught in the “safety net” over the years as single moms and want so much more for themselves and for their kids? It really came across as a “you should be happy with what you have” dismissal and it was like a slap in the face to them.

      • Persephone

        It also revealed that Romney views people in terms of how they can be of use to him.
        Just like KingBarry does.

  • Rob Bryant

    “It’s safety net is actually a spider web…” Wow, that’s very well put! Has he used this line before, or has anyone else? That’s clever and concise as all get out.

    • Rob Bryant

      er… I guess that would actually be “its,” not “it’s”.

      • Anonymous

        Please don’t be such a pedant….

        • Rob Bryant

          I had to look that up haha My bad!

    • Persephone

      I’ve heard him say things like that before.
      “Quicksand of dependancy”…”wearhousing our poor”…”trapped by the safety net”.

      But calling it a “spider web” is a new variation.
      And a good one.

      Another good one was…”Drill Here, Drill Now!”
      A lot of people have forgotten that that one came from Newt.

  • Anonymous

    Great post RS

    Getting his groove back quick, CAN’T WAIT for SuperTuesday

    Operation STOP ROMNEY 2012

    • Anonymous

      Santorum will oppose the TP Ouch! Ouch! Get out Rick!

  • Anonymous

    I’m voting for Newt. He is the only one who’s spoken out against the attacks on the Catholic Church. The left is all about pro choice. Only choice for death. They don’t believe the Catholic Church should have the choice though. Keep on this path. Romney needs to have the debate. If he doesn’t he is a coward. Newt is the only one who can articulate hope. I know that Santorum is a good person, but I just can’t feel this with him.

  • Anonymous

    This video should give those who still believe that Mitt is electable some pause and question their own intellect on why he would be a better President than BHO. The conclusion should lead you back to what Newt has just explained – Obama lite.

    On another note, I haven’t heard much about Rick Santorum; very little is said about him – to the point that he hasn’t really gotten any traction of the late. I mean, Mitt has sucked the air out of him and to some extent Newt. Why is he still hanging around?

  • That’s my candidate.. Clear, concise, drawing big contrasts just like he will do against Obama. Newt2012!

    • Anonymous

      As I said ! ad

      Judge can overrule a minors parent for an abortion
      Mitt loves strict gun laws
      Mitt pro gay marriage
      Mitt introducing Teddy K. as his good friend and most instrumental in helping pass romneycare
      The Very Poor is no my concern
      Raise min wage auto
      SOROS Obama/Romney same thing
      He likes firing people
      Mitt saying that he is a progress/mod that doesn’t like reagen/BUSh

      ENDING >> Thats Mitt Romney and it appears that he wants to be your DEMOCRATIC nominee for president

  • Anonymous

    Obama in the General is going to put his foot on the gas of the classwarfare semitruck and use it to drag the empty suit around this country. How does no one see that?
    “Oh well Newt has baggage” We all have baggage, but I gurantee we could all do a better job than Obama. The easy rebut to any past personal “baggage” for Newt is to simply state the fact that the country is going to hell in a handbasket, and Obama wants to drag up crap from 20 years ago, that should neutralize the negativity and force people back onto Obama’s record.
    If Romney is the nominee, you’re gonna see the “I like to fire people”, “I don’t worry about the poor”, and him standing with Trump played over and over and over. If i were Obama I’d be prying on my knees everynight that Romney got the nomination. He’s not a conservative, he can’t even fake conservatism well enough to draw a clear distinction from Obama, and the most important weapon we have, the anger over ObamaCare, is neutralized thanks to RomneyCare.

    • Unfortunately I am not certain more of the country wants someone like Newt or Santorum or even Paul and I would rather Romney get elected than Obama…unfortunately it is still more about electability-maybe some have awakened to what America needs but I am not convinced all or the majority has awakened to this.

      • Anonymous

        Half of the Tea Party will absolutely not vote for Mittbama. If you cultists persist in this matter Obama is re-elected. That’s okay with the Republican machine. They want 8 years of Obama so America will be ready for another Bush, Jeb. That isn’t happening either. Proceed at your own risk. Mittbama can’t win. We are prepared to go to the mattresses.

        • Anonymous

          Correct, and Kamikaze Conservatives like myself with vote for Obama IF NEED BE, to ensure Romney is defeated. We need to root out RINO-cancer.

          The establishment will crap there pants if Romney is the nominee and loses and it will result in a solid 3rd party in 2016.

  • Newt is very very good, even too good for America, but I am not sure that average voter John Smith or (HusseinBarackObama) understands what Newt are saying.
    After 17 000 000 usd worth brainwashing in Florida, average voter John Smith want to eat own excrement, because on airwaves someone are saying, that in reality it is sweet ice cream.

    Sad realpolitik, but The Little Food Stamp was perfect term for Rmoneycare

  • Its speeches like this that brought me to Newt from Perry. I loved the spider web analogy, what a perfect visual that EVERYONE can understand. Newt needs to stay on his strength of TEACHING Conservatism to the electorate. It wins every time it is tried as Rush is famous for saying. And I believe using the entire Romney “boo boo” actually makes what he said even worse. And the funny thing is that this statement is in Romney’s stump speech! He has said it over and over so it is not a “slip of the tongue” type gaffe. It is how he sees things and will be a disaster in the General Election. Please keep it coming Newt, we need these solutions to save our Country.

  • wodiej

    Excellent! Little food stamp….turn the safety net into a trampoline…lol

  • Anonymous

    Very good. Newt is firing on all cylinders here…

    I’d like to see him focus on the nation and Maobama too…

    Newt is saying all the right things and doing it in a great way. He’s a top tier candidate…

  • Anonymous

    how do i get to watch the whole thing ?.

    • Anonymous

      I think it is all at

  • Anonymous

    He has found his stride. Now, Newt, remain consistent and even keeled and it will carry you to the White House. Then you need to get busy.

    • Anonymous

      Now, Newt, remain consistent and even keeled

      Yes please!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I am an Ultra Conservative. I am being chased out of the Republican party and all of sudden I am a Fringe Radical.

    Economic, Social Issues, and Foreign Affairs matter to me.

    I don’t separate them because they all affect one another.

    Economy affects the international, and if we get the house in order the social issues come into play.

    Social issues and getting our families right play into our Economy, because how can you get the Economy right if your will to let the family fall apart and die to every person who is making up a Right about everything now a days.

    I will NEVER vote for Mitt Romney. I don’t care who the nominee is with him to be VP, because they DO NOT run the country, (at least that is the assumption), if he picks Marco Rubio he doesn’t qualify. If he picks Chris Christie, wow two liberals running against two liberals, if he picks Michelle Bachmann or Pam Bondi for instance we have been sold down the river and I will never trust anything Michelle Bachmann says again. Pam Bondi already sold out to be on his Health Care Task Force, and what does she know about Health Care she is a lawyer, oh yeah lawsuits.

    romney will lose, because people like me will never vote for him. I get a pit in my stomach just thinking about it.

    I can vote for Newt. he isn’t perfect, But I can vote for him. I can vote for Santorum, he isn’t perfect but I can vote for him.

    This is going to sound nuts, but if for some unexpected reason Ron Paul becomes the nominee I could vote for him. (don’t want to make that choice, but I could because of fiscal sanity here)


    • Let’s see: Reagan one of the more conservative Presidents in US history:

      abandoned his desire to have Jack Kemp a true conservative as his VP and took George W H Bush- a moderate and abortion rights supporter,

      Reagan when given the opportunity to have a conservative on the bench picked Sandra Day O’Connor -who was more the voice of moderation-which didn’t go well for all the aborted babies during her time.

      Let’s not forget Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982, which was described by his own economic advisor, Bruce Bartlett, as “the largest peacetime tax increase in the nation’s history.”

      MY POINT-Even one of the greater Presidents in our history still couldn’t do everything the way conservatives wanted… still didn’t follow through on all of his campaign promises…Gingrich won’t do all that he says, nor will Romney-but we DO KNOW the path Obama is taking and he needs to go!

      • Obama certainly does need to go. We DO KNOW the path Obama is taking because he has been doing it. We also DO KNOW the path Romney is taking because he has been doing it. For all the same reasons, Romney also does need to go.

        Given that we still have an opportunity to vote for a conservative, though none of them is perfect, we should not vote for a candidate who is not at all conservative and for whom it is impossible to distinguish himself from Obama.

      • Anonymous

        No Romney the “Bailout King” needs to never be elected.

        Oh how about this:
        “In the general election I’ll be pointing out that the president took the reins at General Motors and Chrysler — closed factories, closed dealerships, laid off thousands and thousands of workers — he did it to try to save the business,” Romney said in a recent interview on CBS, prompting outrage among conservatives and ridicule from the Left. Even more astounding: A spokesman for the Romney campaign told the New York Times recently that the GOP contender had been advocating the Obama plan all along.

        You can keep him. We don’t want him.

      • Anonymous

        You Don’t think I know Reagan’s record? I do know his Record and I know for a fact at the young age of 18 and the first time I was voting for President, that it wasn’t the best choice, but he thought he had no other. Read what he wrote about the choice he made.

        Also too, ROMNEY is not even close to Reagan with all his faults. Reagan never did half the garbage that Romney did, and yet vote for Romney. NO I will not do that. I will never do it.

        Just remember one thing, IT WILL NOT BE MY or other People’s FAULT if Obama is re elected, you can thank the people who Voted in Romney for that. I WILL NOT hold my nose and say it is okay. NOT a chance this time.

        by the way not yelling I am emphasizing when I type in caps.

      • jedijones77

        Which basically tells you that Newt was MORE conservative than Ronald Reagan, since the agenda was more conservative when Newt was Speaker of the House. The Congress really has the most power and Reagan was hamstrung by the likes of Tip O’Neill. But I am sick of the bashing of Newt as somehow not being a true conservative, when the results he got in the House were often more conservative than what we saw under Reagan.

  • Go Newt 2012 !

    • Anonymous


      Powerful Speech. Forget the baggage–he is best equipped to get the job done.

  • Newt’s trampoline comment…

    Real time proof that Gingrich speaks as the spirit moves him is his comment that surprises even his wife, Calista.

    At 2min. 16sec. – Calista approves –

    After Gingrich said

    “My goal is to turn the safety net into a trampoline …”
    Calista said, “That’s good,”
    and Newt turned to her and asked, “You like that, huh?”

    Real time and “real guy” comments like that are vintage Gingrich.

    His wife, Calista approves… and so do I.

    -“manage the decay”
    -“safety net … spiderweb … traps … dependency”
    -Obamney is “big food stamp”
    -Romama is “little food stamp”

    I wonder.

    Is anybody writing a Gingrich phrase book yet


  • Anonymous

    Go Gingrich; Reagan II

  • Anonymous

    Go Newt! Keep showing us what you are for, what you believe, what you want to see happen for the country…let Mitten’s defend himself and his stupid, non-conservative, gaffes!

    • Anonymous

      let Mitten’s defend himself and his stupid, non-conservative, gaffes!

      Yeah! Especially since he always makes things worse when he tries!


    • 100% Dittos – “Forgiven of past mistakes”…

      HE is Risen
      We are “a new creation” in Christ… reconciled… forgiven…
      “We” is all of us

      – – – – – – – –


      What exactly is Gingrich’s position about his pro-mandate support.

      We know there is an “old” position.
      Is there a “new” position to contrast himself with Obaney and Romama?

      1 –
      Here is Gingrich’s “old” view.

      This article is short and succinct – David Harsanyi | February 1, 2012

      “The GOP’s ObamaCare Problem
      “Romney and Gingrich have both supported an individual health insurance mandate.”

      ” … The Republican candidate, after all, can’t effectively attack what he supports.

      “Today both leading contenders for the nomination have defended the idea of government’s forcing all consumers to buy something in the interest of the common good.

      “… Yet Newt Gingrich has supported some variation of a federal health insurance mandate going as far back as 1993.

      “… a conference call from May 2009 … Newt says
      he believes that “everyone must have health insurance.

      “Or if you are an absolute libertarian,
      we would allow you to post a bond,
      but we would not allow people to be free riders,
      failing to insure themselves
      and then show up at the emergency room
      with no means of payment.”

      2 –
      What is Gingrich’s “new” view about the ObamaCare vs. the RomneyCare healthcare individual mandate and HOW does it differ with his previous 2009 comments?

      Does anybody know what Gingrich’s position is today?


  • Anonymous

    Excellent….. now that’s what I expect from Newt! He can be so inspiring, which the others lack. Hope he stays on a positive message for the balance of the campaign.

    BTW – Hannity is going to have another hour. 20 min. separate interviews with Mitt, Newt & Rick tonight. Topic is foreign affairs. Should be another good show.

  • Is_Sense_Common

    I was listening to a local radio guy (Greg Garrison) the other day who was discussing all the requirements of people who are in public housing and on any other gov’t assistance programs. They are not ALLOWED to have money in their savings accounts or any assets at all or their “assistance” gets taken away. Tell me, please, how does this system encourage independence? How does this philosophy encourage temporary assistance? How in the world does this system do anything but institute the Caste system & keep them poor for generation after generation? Does ANYONE other than Newt have the ba77s to bring this out into the light?? Go get ’em Newt! Keep talking!

  • Anonymous

    It wasn’t just that Romney stepped in it but that the mixture he stepped in was quicksand. If he is the nominee the Dems will play what he said over and over and over again.

  • Taking on Obama and the Flipper simultaneously is superb. Thank you, George Soros.

  • NorCon

    Damn, that was good!

  • Van Grungy

    Lincoln/Douglas debate challenge

    will Mitt decline? he won’t even answer…

  • NorCon

    Hi RS, how about you add a function where we can tip about or ask for certain videos to be posted? Just now I want to view the Wolf B. interview with Newt but can’t find any?

  • PFFV

    This is why he has been my guy since Cain got rail-roaded. I have always been impressed with Newt, then like many true conservatives was turned off when he made his mistakes. I have since forgiven him because he was a man and admitted he was wrong. Newt is going to be the next Reagan, maybe even better. He knows what to do to get this faltering nation back on the right track, Go Newt!

    PS – What other candidate fires up a crowd like Newt does….. yup none of the above.

    • wodiej

      I agree-I could care less about his personal indiscretions from 15 years ago. We’re not electing Jesus Christ and we’ve all made mistakes. We learn from them and move on.

  • Anonymous

    Last real hope for this country… And he is getting smothered in negative factually false ads. Shame on Romney, you deserve whatever is coming to you if you win the nomination. But our job is to use whatever ways necessary to ensure that NEWT wins the nomination, and that WE take back our country!!!

    • wodiej

      Gingrich is right and keeps telling us-it’s going to be people power against money power. Gov. Palin warned us months ago that this would be what we would be fighting against-the powerful establishment.

  • Linky1

    This is the kick-butt Newt that got sidetracked in Florida. On to the rest of the primaries and caucuses, the Republican nomination to take on Barack Obama……

  • Ana

    Just saw the poll that Mittens is leading 2-1 in Nevada…I just want to rip my hair out. What the hell is wrong with people!? Let’s hope it’s tactic to sway popular opinion…Grrr – God help us.

    • it’s not winner take all at least…

    • Anonymous

      Well, they keep putting Harry Reid back in office… what does that tell you?

    • wodiej

      I wouldn’t use Nevada as a measure for other states. Lots of Mormons and they elected Harry Reid. They apparently like liberals.

    • Anonymous

      Aren’t those the people who “vote” for Reid? His mental health issues are rubbing off onto his constitutents.

  • Anonymous

    Good Mornin’

    In conversation this morning with one of my spiritual advisors it came to pass that we discussed how our times were told about in a story told long ago.

    The story was put to song.

    The title of the song is ONE TIN SOLDIER. Some may remember it. Others, who do not will probably have little trouble seeing the occupy movement as the “valley people.”

    “One Tin Soldier” tells the abstract story of a hidden treasure and two neighboring peoples, the Mountain People and the Valley People. The Valley People are aware of a treasure on the mountain, buried under a stone; they send a message to the Mountain People demanding those riches. When told they can share the treasure, the Valley People instead decided to take it all by force. After killing all the Mountain People, the victors move the stone and find nothing more than a simple message: “Peace on Earth.” Ironically, the valley people destroyed the treasure in pursuit of it.


    • Anonymous

      It’s the theme song for the movie Billie Jack. Good story.

  • Anonymous

    Hahahahaha! The idea Romney would debate Newt 1on1 is quite laughable. Go get’em Newt! Romney is this elections Empty Bucket Award Nominee. Previous EBANs include Dole and McCain. The EBAN is awarded to the nominees who believe they can win a national election without a motivated base….which is like a man standing in a bucket trying to pick himself up by the handle.

  • Anonymous

    Why Newt?

    “The buzz in Washington now is that the Republican Establishment fears Gingrich will cause them to lose the House and not get the Senate. Put another way, the current Republican leadership fears that the man who helped the GOP take back the House for the first time in 40 years and his allies in the tea party who helped take back the House in 2010 will cause the GOP to now lose.

    They’ll lose alright — they’ll lose power to others. That’s their real fear.”

    “The establishment is right to be worried about a Gingrich nomination….We are going to make the establishment very uncomfortable. We are going to demand real change in Washington.” –Speaker Newt Gingrich about the establishment (on Meet the Press / quoted in the NYT Michael Shear article)

    Feb 1980: Reagan 32% – Carter 64%

    “We had rabbits when we needed tigers” -President Reagan

    • Anonymous

      Put another way, the current Republican leadership fears that the man who helped the GOP take back the House for the first time in 40 years and his allies in the tea party who helped take back the House in 2010 will cause the GOP to now lose.

      Good. Grief.

  • Anonymous

    Romney fires new debate coach after Romney and top staff were angry about how much credit he was getting for the Florida victory. This is the guy who coached Bachmann this year, and McCain and Palin in ’08.

    What an arrogant POS this guy is. I can’t believe we’re about to nominate him.

    • Anonymous

      When I read that, my only thought was ‘how is Mitt and his people any different than Obama’s campaign in 08?) He truly is Obama-lite!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not giving up on Newt, even though most of the talking heads would have you believe he doesn’t have a chance.

  • Anonymous

    “little food stamp”…that is hysterical! LOL I like it.

  • Anonymous

    Mitt Romney’s Deception
    How “Gay Marriage” Came to Massachusetts: Gov Romney’s Failure
    Romney vs. Family Values
    all at amazon

  • Anonymous

    The Comrade George Soros endorsement is far worse for Willard “Little Food Stamp” Romney than the endorsement he got from Donald “birther” Trump.

    Haven’t Americans learned with Obama that associations matter!

  • Ron Paul’s Disturbing Gaffe That is not making news.

    • wodiej

      I think he’s just disturbed period.

  • Anonymous

    Shining City on a Hill

  • Anonymous

    Conservative porn, yeah baby!

  • Anonymous

    Where I come from that is what is called a ZINGER ! George Soros said it first however.

    • Linky1

      Not the kind of ringing endorsement that will endear you to “We, the People” ……….

  • Anonymous

    Clinton, “little adulterer”, Newt, “big adulterer” yep nice ring to it.

    • Linky1

      Obama-lite (meaning Romney) has a nice ring to it, dontcha think?????

  • romney’s slip this week showed us that he does not understand free enterprise or small business employers who provide majority of the jobs in America!

  • Anonymous

    Newt’s gonna lose the vote of all the check collectors on that one. They’ll probably vote Dem to preserve the dole anyway.

  • Bob

    Till now I was a Romney fan, now I wonder? Will The Gop Survive the next election?

  • Bob

    If Newt’s friend had a missing daughter, would he shut down his company fly all the staff to the area that the daughter was and spend a week calling in hundreds of people and favors to find his friends Daughter? Mitt did, so please attack him if you will but don’t portray him as not caring!!!

    • I read that Romney’s PR guy exaggerated the story. She was not “about to die”, and she was the daughter of one of his fellow Mormon employees.

      He is hopelessly corrupt.

    • Anonymous

      My thoroughly reasoned counter-argument:

  • Anonymous

    Boy Newt, you are a piece of work. He has no shame whatsoever. Hey Newt, conservatives don’t throw away wives like trash. They don’t destroy their families. At least they aren’t supposed to. You failed twice so far. Conservatives don’t work for Fannie and freddie. A new story I just read revealed that Newt had quite a bit more to do with them than he let on. Newt would do something like that? Noooooo, as Newt fans will point out that the story must not be true or Romney secretly planted the story as far back as 1995. Conservatives don’t elect people who helped lobby for a disasterous policy that caused the housing bubble. I’m sure Newt had a good reason though.

    • Anonymous

      Conservatives don’t say this:

      “In the general election I’ll be pointing out that the president took the reins at General Motors and Chrysler — closed factories, closed dealerships, laid off thousands and thousands of workers — he did it to try to save the business,” Romney said in a recent interview on CBS.

      Even more astounding: A spokesman for the Romney campaign told the New York Times recently that the GOP contender had been advocating the Obama plan all along.

      Conservatives don’t vote for Mittbama! Conservatism isn’t a CULT!

  • I think I’ve changed my mind. Newt it is. Newt just said that Santorum isn’t big on space exploration, and I have a lot of problems with that.

  • I’m absolutely convinced that Newt Gingrich is the junkyard dog we need to rip Obama a new one and send him running back to his Chicago slime pit with his tail between his legs. Newt has plenty of DC experience as Speaker, executive ability from his many enterprises, and a silver tongue that’s razor sharp! He’s fast on his feet, delivers it straight up with no hemming and hawwing, and is often witty. His work with American Solutions was very impressive and as we’ve seen recently, he is able to put into words what the vast majority of Americans really believe. His fevered brain also has plenty of ideas for making government work better for taxpayers. Is Newt pure as the driven snow? No – none of the presidential candidates are in line for sainthood. Whatever Newt’s much-touted “baggage”, it pales next to Obama’s habitual lying and outright corruption – and unlike Obama, Newt is 100% American. Newt is like Larry the Cable Guy: send him to DC and he’ll “Git ‘er done” for all of us. Junkyard dogs are not show dogs, but they’ll save your bacon! Go git ‘im, Newt!

  • Gingrich is correct about romney being a soros preferred and also about the dependency on the gov for everything, that is NOT the American way. Sure the poor need a lift up sometiimes, but to make a living out of it is WRONG! Have had members of my own family and friends that have needed a lift but only as a short time fix. Everyone must pull themselves up by their bootstraps and make a go in life that they want! Not the federal gov! Are people getting dumber or what has happened to the American spirit???