NJ township forcing diner owner to remove American flags


The owner of the Four Seasons Diner in the Rio Grande section of Middle Township, NJ has been told by the township to remove his American flags which are hung by a string.

The township has an ordinance prohibiting any stringed banners. However, they also say the American flag may be flown or displayed without limitation. The owner, originally from Greece, said he would go to jail for the American flag.

The township is threatening to fine the owner $1000. Despite these threats, the owner said he will not remove the flag.

It’s like this keeps happening over and over. But I really like this guy’s spirit and I hope his business begins to boom because of this.

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  • Anonymous


    We have the libs decimating the economy. The fags taking over public schools in California. The jihadists holding NYC hostage with their “victory mosque”. And now commies in NJ ban the american flag. The voice of conservatism seem to be just a fart in the wind with these groups.

    Conservatives may soon have to choose between another civil war or allow the left to rename this country as the USSA (United Socialist States of America).

    • Anonymous

      A revolution is coming. It will be ugly. The nature of it rests upon on our leadership, or lack thereof.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you 14.6 trillion %. The day of reckoning is coming. This country is a powder keg ready to explode.

        • Anonymous

          Yes. It may be George being told he cannot display his flags.

          It might be watching cops shut down the neighborhood kids lemonade stand.

          It might be hearing your aging mother’s doctor telling you they will no longer accept Medicare.

          It might be your little angels coming home from their first day of school with arms full of gay sexual manuals instead of coloring books.

          What ever it is, each day Americans join the ranks. Each day our resolve grows.

          The storm brews.

          • Anonymous

            It’s going to happen just a question of when.

          • Congress and the Senate have been CLEARLY WARNED… by a BLACK American (his God-given tan level don’t mean jack-sh#t to me ~ but the TRUTH is different from the LSM mantra, for sure).

      • Berend Lienemann

        I agree 100%, but I would have thought it to happen already. I must ask, when is the breaking point? Every day that passes, my trust that it will happen wanes.

      • Berend Lienemann

        I agree 100%, but I would have thought it to happen already. I must ask, when is the breaking point? Every day that passes, my trust that it will happen wanes.

    • I was talking about this with my husband last night. I have been trying hard not to get so overwhlemed lately, so I’ve been talking a bit of a respite from all the crap (just reading the headlines and superb comments by y’all!) But late last night in comes my honey who made the simple mistake of turning on the radio during a rant about this debt ceiling crap. He knows I’ve been trying to stay away from it for a couple of days, but we talked about it anyway. I said, “Honey, all I see is everyone I know and love having their lives ripped apart and dear leader is there mocking and joking, and now whining. They seem to be pushing people towards another civil war.” He agreed, and we just sat sad thinking about the ruination of this country we both love. God Bless this man- and others who still hold dear the priniciples and ideals which made this country the greatest. I pray that it doesn’t come to a war, but I have to ask (as someone who loves America but still can not vote yet) what will it take for people to say “enough is enough!” Dear leader has broken faith with the Law of this land, has mocked her citizens, made deals with other countries, has sat on a knife edge of what is morally wrong- yet he is still there?

      • Anonymous

        Well spoken Jasmine. You are by no means alone in your feelings, those of frustration at seeing our once great country being destroyed from within. They will be very uneased WHEN they see it being saved from within.

  • Anonymous

    “The owner, originally from Greece, said he would go to jail for the American flag.”

    This man reminds me of my father, an immigrant after WWII. Not a stronger patriot could you find.

    Lunch in Jersey anyone?

    • Anonymous

      May join ya, but it’s quite a trip for me 🙂

      But you are right, this guy represents regular pre-Obama legal immigrants – they have come to the States because they know what the States stands for and they want a piece of it. These people, as you say, make the strongest patriots. If this guy wanted to live in a socialist craphole well, let’s be honest, he’d have stayed in Greece.

  • Anonymous

    I’d say he’s lucky he didn’t think of putting up crosses from the Eastern Orthodox church. They’d probably revoke his license to operate a restaurant.

  • Anonymous

    I love the attitude of this owner. We need more of him.

  • Anonymous

    Sir, could you move your business to Oklahoma? We can always use another Greek restaurant. And we fly the American flag here all the time!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Anonymous

    “Town Officials” ???

    Vote them out!!!!

  • There they go again. The American flag can be displayed in any manner except when the township needs more power and money.

  • This is the pertinent question, not just in, of, and for, the Township of NJ, but in Washington DC, and in every Rural Town, City, and State, all over America..  ” Why are there so many Enemies of America, in America ? ”

    No matter what and who, they are, it’s up to the People of any Town, State, and the Nation, ie; the Citizenry, to stand up for, and fight these Domestic Enemies of America, or they will lose everything, their Rights, Freedoms, Liberties, Towns, etc.. forever..  and then there will be solace, only, I told you so’s..  and extreme regret.

  • Anonymous

    Now what would Clint say to the Town Official……video attached

    • Anonymous

      remind me….

  • As soon as I can find a phone number, I will be ordering a deluxe meal for two… and sending him 200.00 (tip included).

    CM Sackett

    • Found it…

      3402 Route 9 S
      Rio Grande, NJ 08242-1622
      (609) 889-1666

    • Anonymous

      CM, when you find the phone @, post it up on TRS ,I will order meal from him too. I love the real Patriotic American Spirit. We may all live apart spread abroad on this vast continent,but I know most folks here on TRS forum pretty much adorned with same spirit.
      I only hope our Reps in office were as strong as this gentleman.
      I’m proud of you indeed CM Sackett, what a depth, This is WoRSHIP for me in highest form. GIVE !!!!

      • Anonymous

        ”We may all live apart spread abroad on this vast continent…”

        *cough* some aren’t even on the continent lol…

        • Anonymous

          But aren’t we just across the pond??

          IMO Our founders homeland is included!!

  • Anonymous

    That little twerp from the Town needs to be relocated to Cuba for a couple of years

  • Good for you George.

  • quite_rightly

    People in Middle Township, NJ, can display the U.S. flag “without limitation,” uh, except for a few $1,000 limitations.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they would be ok w a Mexican flag? We all know the kids can’t wear an American flag to school anymore. Guys, they r trying to destroy our American identity and sovereignty, once they do that, hello New World Order and a One World Gov’t. I am in support of this diner to keep the American flag up. I am sick of these whiny progressive One World Gov’t pawns who are being used by the Shadow Gov’t elite.

  • Anonymous

    What happen with our freedon… You can burn the flag and is is called freedom of speech. Display the Flag and your are in trouble.

    I agree with sDee

  • Anonymous

    bravo my friend. as a disabled veteran I too am saddened by the lack of care people seem to give our standard. I went to work on the night of july forth and found no flag on our pole here in texas. I asked my immediate supervisor to either get a flag on the building or I would go home.

    I refuse to work in a bulding that cannot fly a flag on the nations birthday.our manager told him the flag had been taken down on friday because it was torn. I asked if no one knew where a walmart was.

    the supervisor went to walmart and bought a flag from his own pocket. I risked my life in vietnam for love of country. the least I expect is a flag on every building that does business in this country on the nations birthday.

    so to you I salute, a man of honor, you are the kind of person we need running this country.

    • Anonymous

      I cannot thank you enough for you service and sacrifice for our country!

      You, George and the supervisor are all true Patriots and we need more like YOU in this country!!!

  • Persephone

    “I die an I go ta jail for that flag…an I wanna see who’s gonna take a thiss flags down.”

    Aw God bless him.
    I love this guy.

    Maybe Gov Christie can weigh in on this, if the township code enforcers proceed with any punishment for him.
    Hope so.

  • Anonymous

    What a bunch of malakas in New Jersey. I guess with so many people out of work and struggling in the private sector the public sector, union, city employees still cannot find enough things to do but harass hard working tax payers.

  • the restriction on stringed banners in general shouldn’t be in place!! that is a restriction of freedom of speech!!

    but yeah, especially not the flag

    as some people pointed out… burn the flag, it’s okay. hang a flag up, get in trouble.


    I spoke with a great young lady (the owner had gone to the store for more stuff for their lunch crowd).

    Here’s the gist of the conversation ~
    “Four Seasons Diner, can I help you?”

    “Yes ma’am, I’m calling from the Delta of Arkansas…”

    “From WHERE?!”

    “The Memphis, TN area.”

    “…O.K. What’cha need, Hun?” (love that honest ‘intimacy’ that REAL waitresses/hostesses have!).

    “Well, I was wondering if I could order your best dinner, for two… and have it shipped.”

    …silence. Then, “…O.K.”

    I then relayed how I’d seen her boss’s story, read all the honest ‘heart’ support, and decided “Hell with words… I’m gonna put some POCKETBOOK into this!”

    “Just a minute, Hun…”

    …another, much longer pause, with her talking to several in the background about “this guy” calling from “Memphis… yeah, MEMPHIS TENNESSEE!” who says he wants to order “dinner for two… and pay TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!”

    …that was an interesting conversation to overhear ( :O) ).

    After about 4 minutes (she had business to take care of as well, I’m sure) she comes back on and says “Hun, I don’t know if I can do that. We don’t know how we’d ship it.”

    I had overheard that bit of angst being discussed, and had already done a quick goople and found several “styrofoam shipping coolers” suppliers (plus, I knew it was possible… for part of my bride’s Christmas, I had ordered her pierogies, paluska, and a Kielbasa ring from MILLIE’S PIEROGIES http://www.milliespierogi.com/ . She’s originally from S.W. PA, and has often pined for the “Patch-hunkie” food of her childhood).

    She then told me how she had called “the boss”, and he had said he just wants everybody to know he will be on FOXNEWS (tomorrow, I think), and for everyone to watch.

    …but I wasn’t done yet.

    • I says, “Yes’m, I’ll pass the word. But I’m not gonna let this die. If those… ‘people’ are going to fine you for being proud AMERICANS, We, THE PEOPLE will offset the cost of making your stand… you got a pen and paper?”

      “Yessir. And I agree. My father was in the war ~ got shot, twice. If he was alive today… (I’ll leave that part of the conversation private).”

      I told her, “I know you’re busy as can be right now with your lunch crowd. But I want to do this, and I’ll be glad to help you find a good source for the containers… and I’m sure there will be at least 30 other Americans eager to do this too.”

      She took my number and name, and said “O.K. Hun, thank you. I’ll talk to the boss about this.”

      …and so will I.

      • KenInMontana

        Bravo Zulu CM.

  • Anonymous

    I can see the town’s side. It’s not the flag that’s the issue, it’s the stringed banners. They have a law that they need to enforce without giving favoritism. It just so happens that law is in conflict w/ another law about being to wave the flag without limitation.

    Couldn’t the guy just put up a flag outside his shop? Why does he have to have stringed banners?

    • Anonymous

      Untold numbers of patriots have died for our country and our flag and you hang your argument on a piece of string? What flag is hanging outside of your home,probably all white.

      • Anonymous

        Actually I still have the American flag up from the 4th of July. It’s not on stringers however, not because those aren’t allowed in my town (they are) but because I believe it looks more tasteful to old glory to have her hanging up there big and beautiful, all by herself.

        Plus it doesn’t distract motorists and cause accidents.

        Seriously, there’s a law, the town is enforcing it. He can fly the flag, but he can’t have stringed banners. It’s not that big of a deal. If he doesn’t like it, he can run for office and change the law, or move to a town that allows stringed banners.

        • Anonymous

          It might be an inanimate object but it is a symbol of our liberty and freedom.

        • wow, you are a true idiot quick, the flag is a SYMBOL of a nation that protects and defends LIBERTY.

          And just how is it stringed flags distract motorists?

          Why must we suffer idiots like you…………sigh………..

    • what is it about “without restriction” that you dont understand quick?

      • Anonymous

        What is it about ‘no stringed banners’ don’t you and this guy who owns the restaurant get?

  • Jim Kurdyla

    Lets really get the Liberals to have massive heart attacks and start flying CONFEDERATE FLAGS in that area !!!

  • Jim Kurdyla

    Lets really give the Liberals massive heart attacks and fly CONFEDERATE FLAGS in that area !!!

  • Jim Waite

    Would love to hear someone try to explain how “without limitations” really means “with limitations-as decided by some Town Official”. Because obviously I would have thought that the “without limitations” meant….well, without limitations. I hate it when what must be obvious to others, or at least one other, is a mystery to me. As for the gentleman who owns the restaurant….Good on you sir. Proud to call you a fellow American! Stnad strong and don’t let some self important “official” intimidate you.

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul 2012 is the answer to the beginning of taking America back.

  • Anonymous

    Why do the people who have been given the greatest county in the history of the Earth, hate it so much. There are troops over sees spilling their blood for that Flag! Can we raise the money to pay the fine for him?

    • …that’s what the buying of dinner (plus tip) is all about.


  • Anonymous

    Why do the people who have been given the greatest county in the history of the Earth, hate it so much. There are troops over sees spilling their blood for that Flag! Can we raise the money to pay the fine for him?

  • websearcher

    Wow! Guess any story can be converted to a Obama diatribe! What has this to do with Obama? This is NJ, which has a Republican Governor. The mayor of this township is Susan Delanzo, whose family owns a tavern. Not sure if she is a Republican but definitely not your typical lib.

    And did you guys even read the story? The township specifically says that the American flag may be flown or displayed without limitation. What they oppose is a stringed banner. And this is what the diner’s owner is doing.

    Seems like another typical right-wing nut job conspiracy story without any merits.

  • Constance

    Simply remove the flag banner, and put up 100 American flags on poles all over the property. Problem solved, if the problem is a banner. I’d have already done this instead of fighting this silly fight. And, if that didn’t work, I’d keep doing something new every single week.