NO APOLOGY: MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell refuses to acknowledge they misled their viewers over Romney’s Wawa comments

This is pathetic. MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell refused to even apologize for misleading their viewers yesterday by distorting and mischaracterizing Romney’s comments yesterday. Instead Mitchell simply said there was more and “we didn’t get a chance to play it”, and then played a few more seconds adding context to Romney’s comments. And then they quickly moved on:

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  • Ok, NO they didnt play the whole thing! AGAIN! What a bunch of ….

    • One of the virtues of the left is you never have to apologize. – Dennis Prager

      • las1

        … being left means never having to correct the record.

        • hbnolikeee

          … being on the left means you’re never wrong (rim shot).

  • Joe
    • kong1967

      That was a great clip. Usually an edit will just show a portion of the clip straight through (and leave out context), but they actually spliced different parts of the clip together (and left out context).

  • Congratulations to soopermexican for breaking this story yesterday. Shame on Andrea

    • hbnolikeee

      Who care about Andrea? She is a skank, yes?

  • I defer to The Band Perry to sum up what the MainScream Media does

  • Did we expect anything less from MSNBC?

  • I have ordered fajitas at Sheetz many times and I am still amazed with it. This is actually East coast elitism showing through because there are not any stores like that west of the Mississipi.

    • steprock

      Good point. Even if their lying story was true, so what? It’s cool. Are we not supposed to be impressed by exceptional inventions?

      “HDTV with surround sound? Pthhh. Satellite telephones? Meh. Automatic transmission and A/C in my car? Yawn.”

  • tularockstar

    Andrea Mitchell is just as biased and corrupted as the entire NBC/MSNBS losers! This so-called news organization is no more than just a bunch of liberals carrying out George Soros’ ideology of communism! They want to be able to control what people see and hear. Communism at its best. Go NBC! You’re on your way to become extinct. You might as well call yourself Al Jazeera USA!

    • kong1967

      Liberals will bail them out. They were going to bail out the New York Times, too, with taxpayer dollars. If it was Fox they would help burn it down.

  • kong1967

    “We didn’t get a chance to play that.”

    Oh, I believe you…..NOT!!

  • Jason Kenney

    And of course they ignore the front half to give it full context. Sheesh.

    • kong1967

      “We didn’t get a chance to play that”.


  • WordsFailMe

    Liberals all share the mentality of 14 year old American girls and the 31 year old perverts who lust for them.

  • poptoy1949

    Like her husband Alan Greenspan she refuses to acknowledge her mistakes. Now there is something new. LOL.

  • Jon

    Andrea wants viewers to believe they just stopped at some arbitrary point in Romney’s address — which just happened to be the exact point that, when the rest of the address was cut out, allowed Mitchell and Cillizza to both laugh and act as if this was a telling indicator of how out-of-touch the candidate was with the American public.

    What it really shows is that Mitchell and her producers are still living by the old standards that only they have the ability to video a candidate’s entire speech and only they then have the ability to air it for a national audience. They cut the clip there because they believed no one else except for the other sympathetic TV networks would either have the full video and/or be able to post the video in a timely manner, before the “Mitt’s out of touch” meme became the official big media talking points for the second half of June.

    • steprock

      They are all about telling a story – not THE story of what happened, but the story they wish to craft.

      And they sure didn’t just stop the video. They chopped and spliced and diced to get it to say what they wanted. Next, they’ll just compile a bunch of words and phrases together. Oh, wait. They did that to Zimmerman already.

    • hbnolikeee

      Which is suggesting that she does a crap job (not hard to believe) and just throws together enough crap to fill her broadcast time (sounds about right as well).

  • Pablo

    So, they note that the Romney campaign and the RNC reached out to them, but not what they had to say?

  • bricko

    That old harpie skag should be drummed out of the buisness.

  • NHConservative0221

    So no one’s getting fired over this disaster??

    Andrea Mitchell should resign in disgrace! No apology!!??

    I’m almost speechless. All I can say is to forward this onto any liberals you know to show them what the left is doing. Prove to them how dishonest the left is.

    They did it to George Zimmerman and now to ROmney. They were trying to paint one guy as a racist and are trying to ruin Romney and the fate of the nation.

    One more thing: although the Morning Joke may be funny to laugh at, enough’s enough. Please don’t give that disgrace of a network any ratings. Take a page out of Rush’s book, boycott those smear merchants.

  • I keep picturing “Saturday Night Fever” when John Travolta tells Donna Pescow’s character after her back seat romp: “OKAY, now you’re a pig” (TV version)

  • NortheastLiz123

    It wasn’t that he simply “had more to say”, it’s that what he said (both before and after his Wawa comment) utterly destroys Andrea’s earlier false narrative that he was “out of touch” for seemingly expressing amazement at an automated sandwich dispensing machine. Why didn’t Andrea repeat her claim from the previous day to explain why there was so much buzz about it? The complaint was Zimmerman-esque deceptive editing, not that MSNBC just didn’t run enough of his commentary.

  • Amy

    I do hope no one was holding their breath for this #realreporter to admit wrong doing and apologize…

  • mder4thegov

    What did we expect?
    There hasn’t been ANY accountability–when it comes to this administration–or the corrupt, liberal media (NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, NYT, LAT, WaPo, Time, Newsweek), who every day passing day–prove they are the American version of Al Jazeera.
    I hope all those “George Bush protest votes” in 2008 were worth this disgrace.

  • What a joke…they took about 2 minutes to yuck it up after they played the deceitfully edited one.

  • NHConservative0221

    Very Nice!!

    Rush just said this is NOT the McCain campaign:

    Reporters asked Romney if he would condemn his supporters heckling Maobama and Romney declined. Mitt said that there’s always been a long history of heckling during presidential campaigns and if his supporters want to do so then he’s down with it!

    Romney responded to some hecklers himself by saying “you can stay over there, those that want jobs will stay on this side of the street, those that don’t will stay on your side of the stree!”
    Keep giving me stuff to get excited about Mitt, I like it!

  • steprock

    No, it was NOT a talk about a visit to a Wawa, Anrea. You’re still lying. You know you’re mischaracterizing him. I am beginning to think that this is a typical editing practice of MSNBC and they’ve just gotten caught a few times recently.

    As I heard on Laura Ingraham this morning, do Dems even know that they are being misled? That they are being lied to instead of informed? Even if they don’t agree with policies, they at least deserve reliable information. We all deserve better than MSNBC.

    Good work by the “not real journalists”. WTG!

  • Guest1776rcp

    Could swear I heard Rush call her Angry-ah Mitchel. LMAO!

  • Great example of how a computer can do a human’s job taking an order. “I like to fire people”

    • rosetta_stoned

      Ah. Still bummed because your horse-and-buggy stock got crushed when the automobile came along?

  • Don

    If Andrea Mitchell was relevant, she wouldn’t be on MSNBC. They are not a news organization. They are in the same classification as Sesame Steet, Nickelodeon and Sponge Bob. Their message is designed to be received by the age classification of under 10 years of age.

  • Boris_Badenoff

    As the years catch up with the leftist skanks they just get uglier and angrier with each passing day ..

    Probably mad as they realize they have wasted their life living a lie.. makes them lash out to protect what they have invested their whole lives in, a lie .

    They can’t handle the truth… Their whole existence is based on lies..

    When a person hates so much on the inside it makes them ugly on the outside..

  • 5466ron

    Andrea Mitchell / MSNBC biased ? Naaaaaaah.

  • ff2009

    did romney ever apologies for smearing Santorum, Gingrich and Perry?

    • kong1967

      Sour grapes?

  • Nrand

    When are they gonna get it through their thick skulls that they can’t get away with this crap anymore? THICK. SKULLS.

  • Nrand

    THICk. SKULLS. When are they gonna catch a clue that they can’t get away with this crap anymore? It’s a new day and a new media, liberals. Try to keep up.

  • Marxist Socialist Nobama Broadcasting Channel

    If you see anyone’s lips moving on screen, you’re being lied to!

  • kalilover

    @mitchellreports needs to be challenged until she apologizes..or NBC News is purged from top to bottom.

  • How many more times are these people going to be caught lying with their film editing? It’s a wonder ANYBODY watches this network anymore. They may as well just re-name MSNBC “The New Pravda.” This really is pathetic.

    • I don’t know… Pravda had professional propagandists… MessLSD is full of bumbling idiots!

  • Rocco11

    Mitchell is a Leftist Whore.

  • msnbc is soooo out of touch with the average everyday american its quite sad. i remember the days back around 2000 when they were halfway credible, they had brian williams, lester holt, imus and some half way decent broadcasters. as a moderate i would watch them with a passion. Right now i wouldnt watch this crap if the only 3 shows i could watch were golf, the movie ground hogs day and msnbc….ide rather watch the awful movie ground hogs day than watch this msnbc commie crap….amen

  • MSNBC: Apology? We don’t give no stinkin’ apologies!

    Substandard “news” channel for substandard liberal minds!

  • trophy

    Romney could sue her and the network for manipulating his comments and distorting his image but she’s not worth it. Anybody that looks like her needs to be pitied.

  • DebbyX

    She should lose her job as a wing nut for the Democrat party. They are looking pretty pathetic since they can’t even keep their deceit under wraps.

  • DavidScottMasiwchuk

    .Good thing she isnt just a blogger but a real reporter.

  • Why should the Obama pravda propaganda network – MSNBC say and do anything different from what they always do and say, as they have already proven to the public they are without credibility, let alone without any actual journalistic integrity, since their conception and outright declaration as a puppet media propaganda outlet years ago..

    They should get the Joseph Goebbels award for most blatant propagandist lies and denial of those lies. If MSNBC had any actual shame and self-respect to and for the truth, they sold that off long ago.. What else is new..

  • Here’s what may have happened.

    A low-level over worked staffer charged with monitoring the presidential campaigns got wind (via texting or a Twitter feed perhaps) of Romney’s remarks about new technology at Wawa’s deli.

    With no intent to deceive he/she simply located the pertinent portion of the video without watching the entire video to provide context.

    Of course that is one of the pitfalls of being partisan – when we see what we think is a gotcha moment we are all too quick to go with it and forward the edited clip to the producer — often times with the expectation that an “atta girl” or “atta boy” is sure to follow.

    As the old saying goes, “Haste makes waste.”

  • RecklessProcess

    NBC routinely lies to their watchers. Every single day.

  • Just more of the Obama pushing crap. Liberal bias beyond belief. MSNBC has no credibility in the news business and the bottom of the barrel “journalist”.

  • Why even bother watching this douch bag!

  • Gary Alan Adkins

    Is she the one that was engaged to Bill Mahr?

    • NotfooledbyRhetoric

      Married to Allen Greenspan

  • TequilaGeorge

    Andrea Mitchell and MSNBC somehow remind me of the media as portrayed in the movie, “Mr. Deeds”, with Adam Sandler. Unfortunately, I am not sure if there are any, good, old-fashioned journalist styled reporters employed in big media, today. It is becomming way to obvious that news reporters in today’s world view themselves as another form of entertainment, not journalists. More folks will watch a made up short story, like Andrea Mitchell’s “report”, than actual newsworthy events. I find it really sad that a majority of the general public accept and believe what they here.

    Tequila George