NOT GOOD: IDF confirms rocket fired from Gaza struck outside Jerusalem

@IDFSpokesperson on twitter has confirmed that a rocket fired from Gaza has reached outside Jerusalem:

Just so you have an idea where Jerusalem is, I’ve added it to this handy map by the IDF that is currently out of date with recent rocket fire hitting close to both Tel Aviv and now Jerusalem:

Hamas appears to have all of Israel in it’s target range which isn’t good. Here’s more info on the rocket Hamas used:

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  • Darkbella007

    Locally made….sure. Prayers going out to you Israel!

    • PovrlaChasse

      they only say locally made to get Egypt/Iran off the hook. The Pallies are stone age savages and couldn’t make a box car much less a rocket.

  • Sober_Thinking

    And Israel is the bad guy? I hope Israel crushes this evil.

    God bless you Israel. America is with you in spirit at least and you remain in our prayers.

  • 911Infidel

    Like I said previously…do what you gotta do. Forget the Usless Nations and the Punahoe Choom Rider. Kill Ham-a$$ early and often. Just do it.

  • KenInMontana

    Someone in a previous thread was musing about the possible consequences of one of these rockets striking the Dome of the Rock/ Al Aqsa mosque.

    • Israel would still be blamed. “They provoked this attack so no matter what atrocities we commit or what damage we do, the Jews caused it” – Their probable press release.

      • KenInMontana

        Sadly, you’re likely correct. They’d probably claim it was an errant “Iron Dome” missile.

        • Ah yes… You are right.

          • bbitter

            The fact is that if they did hit the dome, it would be because they were firing at the wailing wall. They’ve wanted and pushed to destroy that for a while… I can totally see them shooting at that.

      • mikeinidaho

        Yes they would, but it would STILL be gone! God bless Israel!

  • colliemum

    According to muslim lore, Jerusalem is the third most important city in all muslimdom. (yes, I know they have a name for that, but I’ll not use their muslim names. So there!)

    Firing rockets at such holy site is just another fine example that for the jihadi terrorists anywhere, it doesn’t matter if they also kill some of their own co-religionists. The main aim is to achieve destruction for destructions’ sake.

    • sjmom

      Isn’t that always Satan’s goal?

      • colliemum

        Indeed – and doing so while hiding behind a saccharine smile …

    • Jerusalem is never mentioned in the Koran… not once.

      • colliemum

        Ah, you know how the muslims argue: it may not be in the quran, but it is in one of the hadiths, and anyway, mohamed died there, so there! Don’t you dare doubt the word of the prophet – or we’ll cut your head off, infidel …

        It’s been going n for centuries, and the stupid left take it all for truth.

        There’s a pretty good book by Robert Spencer: Did Mohamed exist? – he shows all the latest research, showing the whole thing was made up, for political power.

      • bbitter

        Yes… the question I’ve asked muslims is; WHY is Jerusalem ‘sacred’ ? Never had a good answer. Usually they have simply lied to my face about Mohammad living there or something… which is rubbish.

        Jerusalem had no religious significance for them until the mosque was built… and now suddenly it is one of the most sacred sites? If it is, it is only ‘sacred’ to them in that it is a show of dominance over the Jewish faith. No other reason. So, essentially, it is ‘sacred’ to them because it is sacred to their enemies; Christians and Jews.

        Claiming it as ‘sacred’ is an intentional spit in the eye to the rest of the world… and that spitting is incredibly sacred to them.

        • Anwar Ibrahim

          Jerusalem is as Holy to Muslims as it is to Jews ..”Don’t Be Confused”
          Muslims believe in “ALL” the Prophets the Jews and Christians Believe in!
          The Muslims Believe JESUS peace be upon him WILL RETURN near THERE!
          The JEWS DENY JESUS! (((((REMEMBER))))))) Christians And Muslims Await The Messiah! JESUS!
          THE majority JEWS Deny HIM!
          WHO DO YOU THINK WILL BE TRICKED BY THE DEVILS PLAN? Who will be the ones tricked by the false messiah? Maybe the ones staging his temporary throne in the HOLY LAND!.
          BE careful Be careful! reality is backward…..The media is the theater. Repetition is a form of brainwash, if you say it or see it enough it becomes reality!
          Think about This……..(((Love all the CHILDREN of ISRAEL!)))
          and they lay on BOTH sides!
          Prophet “Abraham” may GOD be pleased with him.. is the father of many. Orthodox JEWS deny the military current state of Israel!


          Islam means Peace……PEACE is the way.

          Don’t be fooled BY THE ANTICHRIST!

          His methods and ways are peaking.

          Love one another …..

          learn the truth …..

          May our creator forgive us all! AMEN

          • The Religion of Pieces! The Cult of Death! The religion that was created to justify the sick antics of a wicked pedophile!

            • colliemum

              Aw, don’t be harsh on Anwar Ibrahim, wolfie – he’s only doing his religious duty, which is teaching us kuffirs or dhimmis about his religion.
              It’s called ‘dawa’, and they all have to do it.
              Well, it’s better than just cutting our heads off, I suppose …

              • ….only because he can’t I suspect.

                • colliemum

                  Thank God for that – the thought of some muslim jihadist reaching through my PC screen, sword in hand, to do me in, that puts me right off my dinner!

                • 🙂 Pork Chops per chance?

                • colliemum

                  No – the housewolf can’t have the chop bones, so chops are out.


              • PovrlaChasse

                Convert, submit, or I will rape your wife and daughter and then slit your throat. Which do you choose!

                This message is brought to you by the religion of peace.

                • colliemum

                  Ahem – you forgot that he’d not just threaten to rape wife and daughter, but son and husband as well.

                  Given the choice, I’d go for the Masada option.

                • Masada option? I tried to look it up, but I’m getting links about visiting Israel. I know from context that you couldn’t mean that.

                • tinlizzieowner
                • Thank you tinlizzieowner. That was very helpful! Now I understand the comment by colliemum.

                • Marky_D

                  A good choice – accompanied by pillau rice and washed down with a pint of Kingfisher. 🙂

              • PovrlaChasse

                BTW everyone, Now he can legally kill us. He has warned us. He has offered us Islam. In Islamic law once they do that, if we refuse what he says, he can kill us legally with no penalty at all. In fact he will be a hero in his community.

                • Only if his skin is impenetrable. Body armor only stops a few rounds, here and there.

          • PovrlaChasse

            You are full of crap. Islam claims every religious site of any kind to be theirs. If the muslims could build a dome on the Vatican they would do it. Any Church or or temple or holy site in any land of any country taken by muslims, is destroyed and a mosque is built on top of it. This is to show that Islam is superior to any other religion. The only reason the muslims are interested in Jerusalem is because it is holy to Jews not to muslims. That story about muhammed riding his horse to heaven is a modern fable to give muslims an excuse to have a claim on Jerusalem. That story is mentioned nowhere in the Koran or any early muslim writings.

            If the Jews were not in Jerusalem it would be a garbage dump for the Arabs as it was before the State of Israel. Look at any picture of what Jerusalem looked like before the Jews returned. You will see nothing but filth, garbage, and wreckage.

          • Marky_D

            Your Jesus is not the same as the christian Jesus. The names may be the same but the characters are totally different. According to Christians for example, Jesus doesn’t at the end of time celebrate the death of all the Christians and then lead an army of Muslims to eradicate the Jews. Something the Muslim Jesus will do according to your ‘holy’ books.

          • Stop trying to kill Israelis and your lives will be greatly improved.

            We might even stop laughing at your so-called way of peace.

          • bbitter

            A bit passionate, lots of caps-lock, but I’ll give you a rational and calm response.

            believe in all the prophets?
            …I don’t think muslims do. Due to the doctrine of abrogation – IE, what was said by the latest prophet nullifies everything before. If you don’t believe that what they said is still valid, how can you claim to ‘believe in’ them? –This is what I mean by ‘spitting in the eye’ of the rest of the world. You tell us that you believe in our prophets without believing ANYTHING they say, and then lay claim to holy sites which have nothing to do with your religion, as you have left behind everything that made them holy. Surely you can see how that upsets the rest of the world…

            Who do I think will be fooled by the devil’s plan? People from every group, every race, every creed, and every religion. If God is the universal and ultimate power for good, then the devil is the universal power for evil.

            Christians would agree with you that the Jews denied Christ… because we believe Christ is our savior. How about Muslims? Do they view Christ as the savior? No. Absolutely not. Islam waits for “Christ” to lead the slaughter of all infidels… not a messiah for their sins; it is insulting to compare that ‘messiah’ to what I know Christ to be, you don’t believe He is half of what He really is.

            “Islam means Peace……PEACE is the way.” –You are joking, right? right after you try to drive a wedge and inflame anger/hate on the Jews for doing the EXACT thing islam does, you then tell me that you are for peace? Are you for real?

            Don’t be fooled? I see… please re-read what I just said.

            Love one another ….. –except those awful jews, right? I still can’t believe you said this again. You do know that Christ was a jew? That the jews follow the religion of Abraham, and as islam has abrogated everything since then, you could easily say that islam doesn’t?

            learn the truth ….. I did. I learned about taqiyya and kitman.
            I learned that islam teaches followers to lie about islam if it makes islam look better.

            You want to talk about love and peace? Stop the wholesale slaughter of people in the name of Islam. Stop raping and murdering copts in Egypt, the persecution of anyone who doesn’t dress the way you like, do business the way you like, and teaching that taking slaves during war is encouraged.

            I’ve read and own the Quran. I know what is in it.

            Have you read other religion’s scriptures? You should.

            I would encourage you to read the Bible, read the Gita, read Confucius, read the Book of Mormon, etc.. read every bit of scripture from every religion out there, and find out for yourself.
            Take your own advice, “Learn the truth.”

            “May our creator forgive us all! AMEN” —Amen my brother. Amen.

          • clb

            I love how you tell us to be careful of the Jews….First of all, the Jesus Muslims believe in IS NOT the Christian Jesus! We DO NOT believe Jesus was a prophet! Let me ask you this…Do Muslims believe Jesus died on the cross for our sins? Let me answer that for you…NOPE! And as for the Jews denying Jesus…SO DO THE MUSLIMS! When you don’t believe he dies for our sins and was resurrected then you are denying Jesus! The thing is yes the Jews will deny Jesus as the messiah at first, but in the end they will know he is the ONE!

  • colliemum

    This is a beautiful blog: where I learned something new today:
    “There is a concept, in Judaism, of an “obligatory war” (known as melchemet mitzvah, in Hebrew). It means a war that must be fought, one where there is no choice. In Biblical times, the term was used most often in connection with defensive wars, when vital interests were at risk. …” – and do read on, it is excellent!

    • What a great post! If anyone has not read it, do yourself a favor and do so. Sometimes children can make startling observations of the world because their minds are not yet stuffed with prejudice and the cynicism born of experience.

  • aZjimbo

    Why is Israel playing games with these terrorists. Unleash a holy hell and wipe these bastards into yesteryear.

    • bbitter

      because of us, erm, the U.S., the U.N, the E.U., RUS., etc… and the rest of the middle east. It is actually because of international pressure that the Palestineans have a home/nation in the first place. The conduct of Palestine is a Colossal failure to govern peacefully, a colossal failure of international planning, and a colossal failure of vision and understanding. Israel didn’t have to deal with these problems this way, it was forced to by the rest of the world.

      By people like our ‘dear leader’ – who demand that anyone who can protest and wants their own nation should get it, as long as they don’t hurt the totalitarian worldview.

  • tinker_thinker

    Prayers for Israel! Do what you have to do, Americans stand with you!

  • Rocco11

    So soon after Obama’s re-election? I’ll be darned…

  • Islam_Sucks



  • sjmom

    Coming close to Jerusalem Hamas? Heaven is watching and the fiery chariots are ready to go just like they were when Elisha and Gehazi saw them. God is the same yesterday, today and forever and will always protect His Holy City and His People.

    Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

  • Maybe they will take out their own mosque! Ooops!

    That would open the way for the tribulation temple to be built on the TEMPLE Mount!!!

  • cain999

    Where is Obama? Is he condemning his fellow muslims?

    • Ha! Good one! You jest of course?!

    • hbnolikeee

      He’s calling Israel to “STAND DOWN”.

  • We’ll probably know what happens in the next day or so. Hope for Israel’s sake Hamas backs down. But I don’t think so. At the very least, we’re looking at a ground war with Hamas in Gaza. Hope it stays that way and doesn’t turn into something bigger.

  • mikeinidaho

    God bless and please help Israel as they attempt to defend themselves with absolutely NO help from the US due to the muslim-in-chief.

  • TJinNJ

    Obama has Israeli blood on his hands…

    • He can’t feel it, because of the American blood on his hands from Benghazi.

  • PapaLouie

    Wouldn’t it be tragic if one of those long range missiles fired toward Jerusalem hit the Dome of the Rock by mistake?

  • Marky_D

    The Israelis should burn down the Al-Aqsa mosque and blame it on a rocket from Gaza…

    ”and oh look, the rocket ricocheted off the mosque and landed all the way over on Mecca. And Dearborn MI”. 🙂

  • Anwar Ibrahim
  • Anwar Ibrahim

    I only spoke the truth!

    don’t believe me? Believe your Christian brother.

    or maybe you will believe the True Jews!

  • Anwar Ibrahim

    Are these GODS chosen people to inherit the land?
    2012 GAY parade Tel Aviv

    remember the people of Moses?

    Prophet Moses (peace and blessing be upon him) taught the people the truth of Gods Message and his plan. Shortly after leaving them, they returned to false images of God and wrong doings.

    Remember Prophet LOT (May God be pleased with him)? What happened to the city when the majority of the city was in a state of homosexuality?

    Oh those who believe…((Think)) and fear our creator as he should be feared. And know that we will all rise for his judgement.

    Be Kind to your neighbor….love one another, show compassion….give charity..respect your elders….and know that a good intention is the best intention.

    and that Judgement will be based on intention.

    When Jesus(THE Messiah) returns, those who believe while join the same path..Those who deny will be confused and follow the ways of the false Messiah.