NPR fires Juan Williams over O’Reilly appearance

***UPDATE: Full segment at the bottom***

Juan Williams is a regular guest on the O’Reilly Factor. This week, the topic for he and Mary Katherine Ham was his view appearance and Juan said this:

“I think, look, political correctness can lead to some kind of paralysis where you don’t address reality. I mean, look, Bill, I’m not a bigot. You know the kind of books I’ve written about the civil rights movement in this country. But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.”

Here’s the video:

via Johnny Dollar, NPR fired Juan because of his statement on Muslims:

Kinda ironic. I guess Juan was right after all because it looks like political correctness paralyzed NPR. Eh, he’s better off without them! Besides, look at the bright side. Now he won’t be getting any of that Soros/NPR money.

Also if you haven’t visited Johnny Dollars site, he has great links everyday! Go check it out!

UPDATE: Here’s the entire ‘controversial’ segment from the O’Reilly Factor:

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey has a great writeup on this over at hotair. Be sure and read it!

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  • Bimmcorp

    So much for freedom of speech in liberal land………

  • tess

    He probably is out because of the new Soros money, I don’t think Juan Williams would go along with the game they want to play with FOX News @ NPR. Maybe Juan will have a new outlook now that he was singled out. Awaiting to hear his comments.

  • Julia

    I don’t like Juan, but he was wronged by NPR. The speech police have struck again. Next thing you know, it will be the thought police.

    • John

      There already is thought police. Given what happened to Juan Williams, other people will think twice before saying anything critical of, in this case, Islam. As such, these people who censor their own speech will increasingly censor their own thoughts that are contrary to the establishment’s approved thoughts.

      I guess you could say that the thought police is simply the collectivist mindset, where individuals sensor themselves out of fear of rejection or criticism. Kinda say really.

  • They probably have been itching to get rid of him since he is a regular on Fox News. I hope Juan has learned a lesson about his liberal “friends” and co workers…There should no longer any reason to support NPR.

    • jaymay

      What gets me is NPR is funded by MY tax money…..and yet they are free to enforce this highly political policy on their employees. Williams was not treated rightly.

  • Denis

    JW is one of my favorite libs, and one of the few people on NPR who isn’t an arrogant buffoon. NPR is clearly run by idiots. Not surprising–it’s government radio, baby!

  • I couldn’t care less. He’s nothing more than an overpaid lib in an empty suit. The less people like him talk, the better. Maybe they’ll hire him as the token male on the View. Williams harbors some truly reprehensible, indefensible political positions, and I won’t be sorry to see him go. I hope he won’t get picked up by FOXNews, and they get rid of Powers, too.

  • Anonymous

    It’s been noted that a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged. Juan, welcome to conservative America.

    • Goldni007

      Ha you sir are correct! I love your point!

  • Lumpy

    Juan may be a liberal but I do enjoy hearing his point of view. Rarely are his thoughts the insane and logic-defying talking points of the far left wackos. He seems honest even though I rarely agree with him. He does better than most at defending the left’s point of view and is a happy person, a far cry from the normal bitter dems you see on tv. Sad to see him lose a job but he will do much better than NPR in the future. Good luck Juan.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, but I disagree. Juan Williams epitomizes the stupid liberal. I’ve seen him on Special Report and Fox News Sunday and you really can’t get much dumber than Juan Williams. The fact that the man is treated seriously while sitting next to Charles Krauthammer is comical.

      Celebrating an idiot like Juan Williams because he occasionally states the obvious is pathetic. His firing from NPR means nothing because he’s been a marked man ever since he started subbing for O’Reilly. That’s why they fired him.

  • Heartlandconservative

    Hats off to Juan for speaking the truth. Political correctness is undermining this country and preventing us from taking on the real issues. It’s because of PC that whenever I see someone of Hispanic heritage, I wonder if they are illegal, and not the fact they there family has been here for generations. It’s because of PC that whenever I see a black person in a management position in the workplace, I wonder if they got there because of Affirmative Action, and not because they are the best candidate. If I got on a plane and saw people in Muslim garb, I would be nervous, precisely because of PC, because PC has taught me that the PC crowd is more worried about not offending them, than they are about me and my well being.

  • Joy D. Brower

    I listern to NPR occasionally in the car; and, for the most part, their “soft” news stories are excellent. But when they stray into the world of politics, they leave part of their brains behind somewhere else. It only confirms to me – after angering me, of course – just how witless and stoopid these libtards really are. And they have re-defined the word “bias” to a fare-thee-well!! Their regressive progressive assumptions defy reason, common sense and decency. I hope that some of them will wake up; but my greatest desire is to see them suffer – and, if possible, see their heads explode – when the current Conservative Movement becomes the wave of the future and begins to dominate (probably not in my lifetime, but I can dream…) the social landscape – when WE will be in the majority and THEY definitely in the minority – for at least 2 or 3 generations. Let ’em suffer and suffer hard, I say!!

  • dawg tired

    Isn’t NPR government funded? It seems to me that our government is squelching the First Amendment rights of Williams. That’s hypocrisy, if not unconstitutional.

    • Puma for Life

      NPR says only 2% of their funding comes from the government. So, why are they called public radio?

  • I don’t know who or what NPR is but I now know they’re afraid of “radical” Muslims.

  • M Cooper

    I am surprised that you commentators know so little about the first amendment. The right of free speech doest not apply when you are a paid employee and your employer doesn’t like what you have said.

    • Snake Plissken NYC

      Like the mosque at Ground Zero, I don’t think anyone disputes NPR’s right to let someone go whose remarks don’t reflect the corporate viewpoint, but when, like PBS, they have their hand out for tax money to “continue their public service of unbiased reporting” they might be a little more respectful of differing opinions. Additionally, Juan simply spoke what everyone thinks, and those making comments here are fooling only themselves if they believe they could sit on a plane ready and casually dismiss as simply “different” a group of people attired and acting in a manner commensurate with Muslim fundamentalists.

    • jaymay

      But the problem is, his employer is funded with MY money. That’s why they were wrong. And, I do not agree with Williams most of the time.

  • Mediaaccess

    He’s out for that? Probably George Soros, or I’ve heard an Arab has FOX stock.

  • Political correctness has it roots in marxism it’s meant to stifle free speech , we need to stop it . That will require people to grow a thicker skin !
    Being Political correct keeps us from having honest conversations .

  • Coralchristie

    I like Juan…don’t always agree with him but like him. Too bad that NPR doesn’t have a clue. He made them look good and they show that they don’t know how to accommodate free speech.


    Remember NPR is supported by taxpayers dollars. I am not a fan of Juan Williams by any means but this is America and we do still have Freedom of Speech and it seems that NPR have violated Juan’s right to express his feelings. The Statement that Juan made about his thoughts when aboard an aircraft is exactly what most people feel when flying.

    • Apparently only 2% of the funding is Federal. Not chump change, but it should still probably go. With that ratio, they should want to break the federal funding anyway, and go full on liberal like they really are.

    • Don17k

      The thing is, most people may feel that way, but they aren’t paid to be news analysts. (Talk show hosts are paid for more for their opinions than for their objectivity, so for them it doesn’t matter.) But analysis requires a certain objectivity, and someone who has those fears really can’t be objective enough for NPR’s purposes.

      I don’t think freedom of speech has much to do with it. If it did, they would have fired him the first time he ever appeared on Fox, and they certainly wouldn’t allow him to be a regular on both.

  • Juan once called Palin a “centerfold.” The left had no problem with that. Do any other FOX contributors insult other fox contributors in such a fashion? NO.

  • Anonymous

    I actually agree with Juan Williams – I think, whether or not we’re willing to accept or embrace it, since 9/11, people – particularly young men – in obvious muslim garb on airplanes inspire a measure of concern in most passengers. This is 999,999 times out of 1,000,000 wholly unjustified, but it exists nonetheless.

    Look at the huffingtonpost boards. People on both sides are actually pretty pissed off about this.

  • Aramy964

    Sadly, I cannot hide my satisfaction because this two bit phony carried on like he was some big shot, Mr. Essential! He was a key water carrier for the 12th Imam Obama. The misfired, but for those on the sideline, those that on occasion hear the hateful reports of NPR, against Christians, Jews and conservative thinkers, cannot but cheer every time another – mini me – gets taken out. This popinjay never said anything worth listening too, which also goes for everybody at NPR.