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This is a particularly nasty hit piece by NPR on Herman Cain. It sounds like something you’d hear from radical leftist cable network MSNBC. Their premise is that Herman Cain isn’t winning the black vote, and then they explain why by taking his words out of context and quoting leftists who believe Republicans are racist.

They misquote him early on: “Herman Cain says poor people are poor because they want to be.” That’s not even what he said, and a gross misinterpretation of what he actually said. He was speaking in the context of those on Occupy Wall Street who blame the banks, Wall Street, and greed for their poor lot in life. He was saying to them that they should only blame themselves if they aren’t rich, not others. He wasn’t referring to people who are legitimately out of work, who are trying to better themselves.

Then they had the audacity to quote Jeff White from the saying this:

“Basically Herman Cain tells them what they want to hear about blacks and in turn they embrace him and say ‘see that proves that we aren’t racist’. He’s even willing to be a minstrel for them, referring to himself sometimes as cornbread or quoting his father as speaking ungrammatically as saying things like “I does not care”

Not only does NPR use this quote in their hit piece, but they even legitimize it with what they believe is an example of what White was talking about by quoting Cain at the “ultra conservative” Koch brothers Americans For Prosperity event, saying “I’m the Koch Brothers’ brother from another mother! And I’m proud of it!”.

There is absolutely no balance in this report whatsoever and it only seeks to destroy Herman Cain support. Here’s the audio:


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