NRA: Meeting with Biden was a dog and pony show. They weren’t interested in what we had to say

This is a great interview with the NRA’s chief lobbyist, Chris Cox who was at the meeting yesterday with Biden and said, quite frankly, that it was nothing more than a dog and pony show. He added that they just wanted to check off the list that they had invited the NRA but weren’t interested at all in what they had to say.

He also mentioned a couple of times how Bill Clinton’s own Justice Department said that the 1994 ‘assault weapons ban’ didn’t work. It simply didn’t work.

That reminds me, what’s the definition of insanity again?

Watch the interview below:

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  • Orangeone

    Thanks Scoop! This is an outstanding interview and I LOVE the great comments made by Mr. Cox. Twist the knife Mr. Cox on the findings of Clinton’s DOJ :):):)

    BTW Scoop, the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting a different result (I know you were kidding, you know we all know the answer)

    • A short and sweet (in Layman’s term’s way) definition that unfortunately dumbfounds the bottomless feeders and Jesters in congress (hint: all of them!)

      • Orangeone

        But if they repeat it their donors will benefit 🙂

  • JeffWRidge

    Why am I not surprised?

    Since it’s been shown over and over that gun bans don’t prevent violence, why don’t we try the opposite? Let’s make it easier for citizens with no criminal record, or mental illness background to buy and carry guns.

    I can all but guarantee that there would be fewer shootings if the criminal/crazy person doesn’t know if the people they’re shooting at are armed and able to shoot back.

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      I was just as surprised as you were. Did anybody think that the Crazy Joe gun grabbing show would be nothing more than a gun owner bash fest? Upholding and defending the Second Amendment or for that matter any other amendment in the Constitution, is far from being in the little minds of global authoritarians like Crazy Joe.

  • Like these meetings matter. We all know Obama will pass gun control via executive order. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does by the end of the month.

  • sjmom

    What a great interview and Mr. Cox gave reasonable answers to every question Megyn asked. It is my understanding both Holmes and Lanza were on psychotrophic drugs and too often the drugs given are worse than the illness. There has to be better treatment options for the mentally ill.

    • Nukeman60

      Any drug you see advertised on TV has far worse side effects than what they are trying to cure. Take Psoriasis, for example (there are far worse ones, of course). Take some medication for this to clear up your flaky, red spots and the side effects are a breakdown of your auto-immune system with possible cancer and death. But remember, it clears up your flaky, red spots.

      We are a society addicted to drugs, both legal and illegal. It is an epidemic, but it makes the drug companies a lot of money, so let’s just ignore it, blame the consequences on some other thing (perhaps a gun or a misguided parent), and just move on.

      • sjmom

        How true! I don’t watch much TV and very little attention to ads but when they are for pharmaceuticals I pay absolutely no attention to because what the drug causes is worse than the initial disease. The list of side effects are usually enough to make anyone shudder and then months later there are the attorney commercials asking if you or anyone you know has died or been injured by a certain drug contact us about joining a lawsuit. Pulheese!

        • Orangeone

          The pharma ads are quickly followed up with the attorney ads offering to sue the pharma companies. We can thank MN attorneys and a SC Justice for permitting attorneys to advertise. Interesting article.

          • PatrickHenrysBody

            We live in a sue happy country. That’s why we need tort reform. The leftists don’t want tort reform. I wonder why? Tort reform would solve a lot of issues involving frivolous lawsuits. I’m sure many firearms and ammunition manufacturers would have been quite at ease if we had written sensible tort reform into law.

      • I have seen those ads. Every time I see something like that I look at the K-Missus and we both make a WTF? face. Is it really worth dying to look like a photoshopped model? I like looking like I have some miles on me. I paid for every dang one of ’em.

        • Nukeman60

          Yep, the hair dye commercials are the same. I earned those white hairs, and I’m not about to give them up.

  • sDee

    If Boehner was there, he’d have asked if he could be the pony this time.

    • aposematic

      Oh wow, can’t stop laughing…

      So glad I read this tonight instead of in the morning with coffee, keyboard saved.

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      Oh man, you reminded me of this:

      Gotta love Dirty Harry and Mr. Eastwood!

      • sDee


  • notsofastthere

    Our enemies see right through Obama and how weak he is. Obama sees right through the Republican leadership and sees how weak they are.
    About 48% of us see how corrupt our government is. We still have a fighting chance to turn things around.

    • mark1955

      The republican’s aren’t “Weak”, they are complicit traitors, who are fully onboard Obama’s and the Rockefeller/Rotschild NWO agenda. They are only pretending to be Conservative. They could have stopped all of Obama’s initiatives in Committee, including Obamacare,but instead some repub alway’s steps forward to Bail Obama out. That Ain’t No coincidence.

  • clockwindingdown

    We all know gun control is not about protecting children, or stopping another shooting. It is about disarming the populace.

    We also know that everything this regime does is a dog and pony show.

    We should be pushing for passing a law that requires every citizen of adult age to own a gun. We should always push the argument of what they are doing and attack, make them defend their argument!

    I’m tired of hearing the “mental health” concession, sorry! Even those suffering so called mental health issue’s that committed these crimes knew enough to go to gun free/defense free zones. It isn’t a mental health issue, it isn’t a gun issue, it is gun free/defense free zones issue, and lack of allowed citizens carrying!

    I can see the definition of mental health, the reason for denying gun ownership, being manipulated by the left. I see everyone arguing the “mental health issue” playing into the lefts hand. “You want to own a gun, check, “Mental health issue”.

    Once labelled with “Mental health issue” one can be denied all kinds of things. Its for the individuals and societies good, including certain medical procedures, travel, events, various freedoms, see people with “mental health issues” are not “stable”, they are a burden to society, unpredictable… Or so will go the argument!

    • notsofastthere

      Their ultimate aim is for total confiscation – this provides a compliant society of worker bees.

      • clockwindingdown

        Their ultimate goal is total submission!

      • Orangeone

        That’s why mooochier says 4 more years isn’t long enough… the rate Barky is going ticking off the military, thankfully looks like failed attempt.

    • aposematic

      Good points. DHS already thinks Conservatives are a threat to National Security. Many on the Left already lable Conservatives crazy, deranged, out of step, and/or worse. Stalin was famous for tossing some opposition into loony bins, etc. Could be another one of those slippery slopes.

      • clockwindingdown

        Exactly, making concessions of gun ownership based on anything less the complete description (and more) of what constitutes “Mental Health Issue” (MHI) is giving free-reign to those in charge, and to decide what constitutes MHI, and to whom it will apply.

        The left have already made clear they think anyone wishing to own a gun is crazy.

        Veterans have been mentioned as possible threats, sighting PTSD and its delayed on set, as reason for blanket denial.

      • sDee

        The press will craft the narrative – they’ve perfected the state of the art in modern propaganda.

        • lilig

          Has anyone here heard of the Dick Act of 1902?…(I know…it sounds awful, but it was named after a General or something named Dick!)…in which it states that the 2nd Amendment CANNOT be repealed!! Even by the Prez or Congress! Or is it just wishful thinking? Anyone know?

      • Jay

        That etc. would include the 20 million killed under the Stalin regime.

    • sDee

      Tactically countering a diversionary attack is one thing. Mistaking it for the frontal assault is another.

      • clockwindingdown

        Not sure I follow where/how you are applying this line of thought, but then I have a headache and I’m tired… I’ll check back another time, hope you care to elaborate.

        • sDee

          Just saying that…. the statists and their propaganda outlets are creating a diversion with the false narrative that gun control is needed to protect us from violence, while their real objective is obvious: the second amendment and tyranny over us.

          The counter argument, that the real problem is mental health and medications, only counters their diversion with another diversion – it does nothing to head off their real assault.

          Maybe the NRA has no choice – people want to be fooled and not told the truth about the Second Amendment or why politicians must destroy it.

          • StrangernFiction

            The best response to this is three words: FAST AND FURIOUS. Rinse and repeat. Nothing else needs to be said. If there was any real opposition, these three words would be drilled into the heads of every American.

            On second thought it’s really 5 words, Fast and Furious should be preceded by two other words. I’ll let you guess what they are.

          • clockwindingdown

            Yes they are distractions. Distractions they know will get an appropriate response. They really aren’t seeking anything, they’re just getting us to look the other way while doing something undercover. Still they know at the worst they get nothing and things remain the same, if they get any concession it’s a bonus!

          • mark1955

            I think most people know Obama’s “Real Agenda” with a Firearms Bans is a marxist/islamist slave state and not protecting the citizenry.He and the Establishment are not fooling the vast majority of people. That’s why approximately maybe 100 people are dominating the increasingly unwatched lamestream screaming about why we supposedly need an Assault Weapons Ban,while Million’s upon Million’s of other people,are quitely putting their money where their mouth’s are in a Brutal economy and purchasing firearms and ammo they can barely afford. I think that speaks alot more to the sentiment of the Country. Either way,as a Constituitional Republic and not a Democracy,we don’t rule by polls and the minority have permanent God given Right’s and Chiefly among them…The Second Ammendment.

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      In the fantasy world of Zero:

      ObamaCare has nothing to do with the health and well-being of Americans. Stimulus had nothing to do with stimulating the American economy, decreasing unemployment, and creating jobs. Taking over GM and Chrysler had nothing to do with saving the jobs of the workers in the automobile assembly plants or with building more fuel efficient cars. Taking over portions of the American financial sector had nothing to do with making sure investments were secure and that the American economy prospered. Gun control has nothing to do with protecting children or ensuring public saftey. Does anybody see a pattern here?

      • clockwindingdown

        It’s about “Transforming America”.

        O told people what he was going to do when he ran for election in 2004. People were not listening, they heard what they wanted to hear, not what he said, the media helped him. Those paying attention heard O loud and clear.

        • PatrickHenrysBody

          Which as we already know, those who voted for Zero the first time never did their research and were ill-informed. They were caught up in the moment of voting the country’s first “black” President into office and the successful propaganda campaign regarding the mess that the “evil” G.W. Bush and his administration got our country into. Some Zero voters were brain dead to begin with. The second time around, again ill-informed voters and a larger percentage of Zero’s voting base being brain dead. The promise of “free” government goodies was also a factor in Zero’s re-election.

  • Orangeone

    One of his statements I truly appreciated was the reporting of “mentally adjudicated by a court as mentally defective”, not someone else in the family making that determination. Now if we could only trust the courts…..

    • aposematic

      Frankly my dear, I trust no one until they earn it and even then I keep one eye open.

      • Orangeone

        I’m absolutely with you on that.

  • Nukeman60

    Obama putting Biden out in front to lead a charge is called a ‘dog and pony show’? Say it ain’t so, Joe. That has never happened before. Wait, let me think. Mmm, nope. Can’t think of a single time this administration has run a dog and pony show.

    Well, except for that time….

  • wadnnit

    Rally in Washington w/signs outside WH and Capitol bldg in days leading up to inauguration:

    “Stand off on ‘Stand Down'”
    “Social Security Scammer”
    “50 Impeachable Offences”


    He gets away w/it no longer:

    The corporal who called into Rush Limbaugh with inside information about absolutes in military protocol made clear there is no way:

    1) Obama didn’t know
    2) any military would have elected to not respond because of standing protocol to “protect life,” without being specifically ordered to “stand down.”
    3) such order was given by anyone but the president.

    Why has this been overlooked?

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    This bunch of lunatics in the whitehouse did not care what anyone had to say – the whitehouse already has a plan period and are using NRA – Walmart etc as theater props…

    But had the NRA Walmart etc. not responded to the invite they would be portrayed as evil – so damned if you do or don’t

    Liberalism is a disease that needs a good southern cure……

  • aposematic

    Good interview. Never been a big Cox fan but he did well here.

  • white531

    You are watching a charade. You are watching ordinary Americans losing more of their freedom.

    You are watching your own government take advantage of a horrible tragedy, and use this tragedy against you, to take away your right to bear arms. Because they don’t want you to have the right to bear arms.

    Because they can’t do what they want to do, if you continue to bear arms.

    • Marridge

      Correct. So we all hang on to our guns, no matter what. 1. Because it is our right, and 2. To stick it to them.

  • Ray

    Really? Not interested? The NRA should have asked Biden what he thinks the voices of those buying weapons was saying to him? Guess what, there is no cheating in the gun buying vote!

  • Orangeone
  • fishmonster

    A dog perhaps, but that clown will never be a pony. More like an ass, I’d say.

  • StrangernFiction

    In a free country, why would any decent person even meet with these villains?

  • The reason there is a second amendment is in case the government fails to follow the first one.

  • colliemum

    Good interview – but also skirting the issue, which is that criminals have far too easy access to guns.
    Don’t believe it? Go to Chicago!
    Wasn’t there a news item very recently of a manin chicago trying to attack his landlord – and he had an AK-47 in his possession. Aren’t these guns illegal, and have been since 1934? So where did he get than gun?

    The elephant in the room is the DOJ, which instigated F & F, which aims to allow illegal immigrants to get guns after being in the USA for 90 days – and which, together with the POS, blocks any initiative to control the borders.
    Holder’s aim is to disarm all US citizens – while obviously letting criminals keep their guns.

    Shouldn’t the NRA and other gun owner associations, and the Congress, demand that the LEO everywhere go and disarm the criminals first and foremost? And keep them in jail?

    • maybe the “Civilian Army” will do to us what Pol Pot’s thugs and criminals did?
      AFTER (some) gun confiscation. :-/
      Didn’t you hear from the top: “it’s payback time!!!”
      And how prezzy can “drastically change the country” (say, into N. Korea)?

  • BikerHoop

    The only way our kids are going to be safe at school is to allow the teachers and administrators to be armed. And let the general public know they’re armed. The reason these lunatics pick schools to shoot up is because they know they’re not going to be confronted with a weapon. If they knew they would be they’d pick someplace else, like maybe a police station or the VFW.

    • Yes, the killers are crazy but not stupid….
      and our officials know it – and towing the official line, they do not see it “officially”

  • Well, what did you expect from the Obama administration? You really didn’t expect it to have a genuine debate with anybody that didn’t agree with it, did you? Give me a break. Always with Obama and his minions it’s “My way or the highway.” But this is one issue Americans just are not going to budge not, not until the government begins to address all of the many other issues that contribute to gun violence, like violence in movies and in the media, violent video games, mental illness, to name just a few.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I mean no disrespect… but this whole “panel” thingy is a ruse (I think most of already knew that), a false sense of “doing something”. The timing was the first suspicious thing. Obama timed it with a tragedy while emotions were high and when he felt he had the moral high ground. What a parasite. And the placement of Biden as the head of all of this was simply ridiculous. Obama is a buffoon on anything of substance… but Biden is even worse… a floundering git in a room of Einsteins. The fact that he was placed in charge of this prooved they weren’t serious. And frankly, because they’re flipping liberals… they’re not credible or serious anyway. Oh they may truly want to remove guns from America… but their “solutions” are often the very worst possible.

    The one group (NRA) that offers REAL “solutions” (not there needs to be any changes) is dissed and ignored… amazing.

    I don’t own a gun (yet) but I will be joining the NRA. I’m amazed that they, who are doing so much good, are being demonized as “the bad guys”. But of course… so are the Koch brothers, Rush, and anyone else who can demonstrate that they are effective and offer something valuable, relevent, logical… oh, and happen to be conservative.

    Watch the piece on TRS with Krauthammer again. Note that whats-her-name… someone who is moderate, that she blames ONLY the NRA. It’s sickening.

  • James1754

    This whole idea of the Vice-President looking for a way to curb gun violence it the biggest lie Obama has told since taking office. This in nothing but smoke and mirrors to cover up the next wave of gun control legislation.

  • NJK

    This is why Walmart didn’t participate. These people need to be cut down to size.

  • mikeinidaho

    Of course they weren’t interested in the NRA’s ideas! As “Tutu” Rahm Emmanuel once opined, “never let a good crisis go to waste”. These thugs are looking to go gun-grabbing
    but have run into a buzzsaw of irate gun owners who will refuse to knuckle under to the communists in DC. Lock and load, folks it looks like American Revolution II may be here soon.

    • notsofastthere

      Who said Obama can’t grow the economy? I went to a gun show today; price of hollowpoints up to $50 bucks now and most of the gun cases empty owing to vibrant sales.

  • physicsnut

    I already guessed that it would be a dog and pony show. Feinstein already has her agenda, they think they have the wind in their sails.
    The NY Times is AGAIN reporting the surge in gun sales – so all the libs know all about it.
    Mother Jones is questioning whether Hitler was for Gun Control (duh). Total distraction.
    if you want to see the lib mind at work, check out the comments.

  • Biden is a disgrace, and proof our country is lost. I wouldnt trust him to pack my groceries.

    Im so disgusted by the corruption, and selfish elitism that has become our federal government. I dont know how we fix the built in cancer that plagues every level of the bureaucracy that doesnt change no matter who is elected.

    GRRRRRR….im just so angry at the state of our nation.

  • It is very simple, “Don’t Bury Your Guns, Boys ! Bury those that come for them ! Then we’ll hang the Criminals who sent them !”

    Sic Semper Tyrannis !

  • Rocco11

    Leftists aren’t interested in solving problems, they wouldn’t have crises to exploit…

    • marvgoux1

      It’s all about seizing power. Libs always tell us what they are about to do ahead of time and they are telling us now they are going to get rid of the Constitution.

  • 2hairs

    What did you expect? Biden, Obama and liberals are lying sacks of sh*t. The Only reason Biden wanted the NRA there is to say “see we ask pro gun people, but they didn’t have anything constructive to help the crisis.” Pull your heads out of you a**es. LIBERALS FIGHT DIRTY!

  • fishmonster

    Joe Biden is an ass. It is a waste of time to comment on anything he says or said. As a former vet I can only say one thing bothers in arms, lOCK AND lOAD.

  • bobemakk

    Biden, the “gaffe king” has stuck his foot in his mouth so many times, that I don’t even listen to him and he sickens me. Great interview with Meghan Kelly.