NYC Council Speaker failed to keep promise, churches that use public schools wait in limbo for resolution

Churches in NYC that use public school buildings on Sundays are still under threat after NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn didn’t keep her promise to bring a resolution up for a vote that would protect the right of the churches to use public school buildings.

In a nut shell, the churches are currently meeting in schools based on a temporary injunction by a federal judge this mongth after the NYC Department of Education evicted over 60 churches in Feb.

CBN NEWS – New York City congregations are stuck in limbo over the right to keep using public school buildings for worship services.

The case has taken another twist after New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn failed to keep a promise to the churches.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is fighting to evict the churches based on an extreme interpretation of separating religion and government.

The churches were kicked out earlier this year and the issue went all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The case continues in a New York federal court after the churches were allowed back in when a federal judge issued a temporary injunction.

The New York Daily News reported Quinn backed out on her promise to bring the issue up for a vote. Earlier this year, Quinn said while she backed evicting the churches, she would allow a resolution to come to the floor for a vote.

The resolution would make the temporary injunction permanent and would allow the churches to continue holding services in the schools.

The city council has no more scheduled meetings before the Albany legislative session ends this week.

It is now unclear what will happen now.

One of the pastors involved in the fight said he believes gay activists are behind the push to oust churches from public schools:

Pastor Dimas believes homosexual activists are behind the push. He said leaders from the gay community revealed their opposition during a hearing at a meeting at city hall.

“It was quite evident that the LGBT community stood up and said you guys are preaching a doctrine that’s against gay marriage and that’s why we’re coming against you guys,” Dimas explained. “We don’t want you to have churches in schools. We’re coming against you.”

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  • keninil

    This is the school district that has yet to figure out how to fire a teacher.

    • Nukeman60

      With the power of the Teachers Unions, no district fires any teachers anymore. They just put them on paid leave till any problem is solved, if ever.

      This is a major problem with the public sector unions. They need to be taken down.

  • WordsFailMe

    I guess the pastor can be glad those LGBUTT guys were not carrying heavy purses at that meeting. Sounds like they got a little hot.

  • No surprises there given that I just read about some transgender person proposed to his mate at the white house reception in honor of LGBT Pride Month.
    Can you feel the love and eminent collapse of society?

    Where the head goes, the country will follow.

    • las1

      If Zero’s head is up his butt… logic says his only next destination is the crapper and the sewer. Pray that the rest of the country does not follow.

  • NYGino

    Knowing Bloomberg there will be a Muslim exception in our near future.

  • 12grace

    I guess Bloomberg better go after all the houses of American Asian people as well as illegal Asian people in NYC that have churches in their homes. It is a notorious practice that most New Yorkers are fully aware of but don’t know who will act on the illegal practice. Note the churches are not really churches even though they offer weekly services, their churches are banks. They like to deal in cash with-out the oversight of the gov’t.

    Bloomberg seems to always stand on the side of corrupt and shady people, groups and organizations.

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  • 12grace

    Bilderberger Bloomberg To Ban Soda In NYC

    Alex Breaks Down Video of Bilderberg Members


    Mayor Presents American Dreamer Awards to New Yorkers Improving the Lives of Immigrants aka illegals

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  • 12grace

    Perhaps Boomberg’s record on Amnesty and illegals should be examined before he and elites go after churches.

    Look at the number of Americans that have died, been brutalized or impinged upon due to Bloomberg’s policies.

    Faces of hate

    1.January 2012 NY ICE Member, Ruthie H., informed us of what happened. This case is duplicated on NY ICE’s Special Victims Page, and the face of hate, of course, belongs to JUAN GALINDO, the illegal alien who had no qualms about brutalizing a baby this way. Pass along this Link, FOR THIS ONE MONTH OLD BABY GIRL, who died after being raped by an illegal. The illegal’s name is Juan Galindo. Here is the Link that includes the face of hate of Juan Galindo: , but here is his face of hate in the photo below:

    25 Americans are killed every single day by someone illegally in our Country. (AND, no, NY ICE does NOT believe that another amnesty should be offered to the non-murderous illegal alien trespassers).

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    The cost of amnesty: $999 billion.
    The cost of attrition by enforcement: as little as $14 billion.
    Amnesty would cost up to 70 times as much as enforcing existing law.

    $999 billion cost of Amnesty (Mass Legalization)

  • Sober_Thinking

    Getting harder and harder to enjoy God-given and Constitution-supported freedom in this nation. I never thought I’d see Christians becoming 2nd class citizens in America… even though the bible promises us things like this. Christ was persecuted, so will we be.

    Department of Education… hmmm… unions again?

  • New York has King Bloomburg, and a school system that saids No Christians at School, So New Yorkers are waiting for an Ok from a NEA owned council school board. Sorry but you get a F.
    You should know you can’t trust a perverted democrat party, that’s better known as the party of death, and the sex ed promoters of the perverted NEA Union.

    Tea Party Patriot
    Vote them out 2012,….THINK! …..Wisconsin!