UMASS professor encourages OWS to overthrow Capitalism

***UPDATED: University corrected to UMASS. Wolff has only given public lectures at NYU, but is not a professor there***

According to the YT video this is a NYU UMASS professor who is explaining his socialist dream of America to these hungry OWS protesters, encouraging them to overthrow capitalism and telling them that the only obstacle is the minority of the one percent:


UPDATE: The professor has been identified as Richard Wolff who teaches Marxian Economics:

Over the last twenty five years…he has developed a new approach to political economy. While it retains and systematically elaborates the Marxist notion of class as surplus labor, it rejects the economic determinism typical of most schools of economics and usually associated with Marxism as well.

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  • Anonymous

    “Now go out and kill the Jews”.

    Sounds just like the Imam proclaiming Judenrein.

    Sorry ass sack.
    My friends, I’m telling you these useful idiots are emboldened because Ovomit otherwise they’d just shut their piehole and keep their feelings concealed. Admit it, you want them to start their “revolution” just so we can finally get it over with already.

    • “Everything you say to me takes me one step closer to the edge, and I’m about to break.”

      • and just like Linkin Park these people are a bunch of pussies

        • I posted the quote in agreement with ya, d00d. I do want them to f**k up; it’s way past time for them to learn that we’re not going along. Too bad the NG didn’t have permission to engage @ Kent.

      • Anonymous

        Interesting that the gov’t has been building a Domestic Army at the same time it is trying to take away our guns.Coincidence?

        Pro-Gun and Anti-War: The Only Position That Makes Sense

        Gun Control Does Not Reduce Crime

        Obama’s Gun Control Positions

        Glenn Beck & Wayne LaPierre ( NRA ) discuss gun control and the 2nd Amendment on March 18, 2009

        Wayne LaPierre sets CNN Straight!

        NIU shooting, Gun free zones enables massacres

        Freedom Under Fire – 2nd Amendment in danger? (part 2)

    • Anonymous

      It almost seems that OWS is just waiting out the Greek defaults and the Euro meltdown.

      They gotta be there for a reason.

    • Anonymous

      Why is anyone surprised about obama minions instigating a revolution?

      Obamas Domestic Army? 71910

      Health-Care Reform Will Set Up “Ready Reserve” Health Corps

      Obama’s National Civilian Security Force Propaganda Video Analyzed

      Browse Movies Upload Create Account Sign In

      Glenn Beck – Part 1 – Barack Obama’s Civilian National Security Force

      Mark Levin – Obama’s Civilian Army

      Obama Calls For Civilian Army

      Obamas Brown Shirts. Everyone Better Wake Up And Wise Up Fast.

  • Anonymous

    So many professors are CHICKEN ***TS..blathering to impressionable “children”.

    The “call and response” is blatant mind control technique for disabling any original, critical thinking activity. I bet that cheap “prof” could not muster any real force to even hail a cab on a rainy day if there was competition.

    • What would happen if 15 or 20 people went there and started changing the words they repeat? Have some fun.

      • Anonymous


      • Steve Martin on Sat Night Live: “Hi, crimestoppers!” (Hi Steve!) Let’s repeat the crimestopper oath. I promise to be different! (I promise to be different!) I promise to be unique! (I promise to be unique!) I promise not to repeat things other people say! (…audience laughs..) GOOD!

        • Another good Texan (Steve Martin) gone bad. He was conservative here. He went to NYC, and he rots Into liberal. Wha happen?

    • I remember viet nam. At UT the call to burn the flag, was answered by 6 males, faced off by us 30+ guys. No flag was burnt. The national news media showed up, set up, and left, without a note on network. I called local station, and was told we were irrevalent. A playboy bunny made a speech, and 50 guys showed up. Red faced, ranting off campus speakers, do not represent our schools. Why won’t the gov let us educate these bright people?

  • Anonymous

    Why is this not sedition?

    How is this not sedition?

    • Anonymous

      It IS sedition, by all established defintions within their own world of academia, of all places!!! Sedition in these times is provided cover by a bogus claim to free speech or “it’s just street theatre” or poetic license.

      • These marxist indoctrinators would change their tune quick if some were put on trial for sedition. They damn sure deserve to spend the rest of their lives making gravel out of big rocks. Or daisies out of dirt. Whatever.

        • Anonymous

          Too bad these undersized, catch-and-release, puke professors would just scream while on trial and have leftist lawyers represent them for publicity while the major league, regime players would still carry on ignoring the rule of law and working like the termites that they are. The “profs” and the bleeting children are wed as a singular useful idiot. If America had a truly inquisitive press/media with patriotic motivation I would see some light…but we don’t have that.

          Re; the “gravel”. How about we send it back as soon as they deliver it to us with their blistered hands and then demand that they convert it into sand?…with their teeth.

          • I wish people would go to Journalism depts, in most universities. Do not apply for classes if you are GOP, they will not let you in. Demmand the students be given both sides of an issue. Unless of course, O’s gov will pass a law banning that.

      • Did you know city cops are not allowed on campus? A dean approved speaker, can say anything. The Young Republican Party on UT campus tried to attend these maniac’s parties. U might be surprised at the outcomes.

    • Anonymous


      What it is is a lack of will… a lack of will to call it sedition.

      The moral decrepitude that media elites and liberal default lemmings, in America and Canada, now live by make them incapable of calling it sedition.

      At least Canada gets winter… so they can’t live in tents the next five months. Rshill… I’m telling you honestly… I’ve never been SOOOOO thankful for Canadian winters in my life as I am now. The Canadian manifestation of this Festival of Dumb is fast waning… even our commie state broadcaster CBC today reported that their numbers are thinning…. all the while filling the TV screen with the loving hordes of their great unwashedness to give the impression that the hordes are massive.

      But you poor Americans with your sunny climes… God! Please help our American cousins. Bring rain… and lots of it!

      • You misspelled ‘pain’.

        • Anonymous

          heh heh…

          you had me worried there for a minute… I thought my tele prompt… er my spell check had fallen over

    • Anonymous

      It is. In this country, sedition is tradition. They are all part of the dition family.


    • Anonymous

      In conflict-ridden America under dictator o,

      It’s only sedition if someone on the right says things like that…

  • How do you overthrow the natural way people live and interact? For thousands of years people would produce things and then sell them for a profit. Farmers would sell (or barter with) crops for an amount of money to ensure the continuation of the farm while also being able to afford other necessities like clothing or even luxuries, like jewelry for their spouses.

    These people cannot stand the idea of people engaging in commerce freely and naturally. They can’t stand the idea of people living freely and naturally. How unprogressive they are–trying to fight millennia of evolution….

    • Anonymous

      Natassia, you hit the nail on the head! Free-markets, and the free exchange of goods and services, by individuals, for their mutual needs, is inseparable from human-nature. Thankfully, our Founders understood human-nature, and created a system that allowed for the free exchange of goods and services, among the states, and the people. These people still have this belief that you can throw all resources into one pot, and somehow make all things equal. That mode of thinking flies right in the face of human-nature, and self-determination. And, as history shows, has some pretty ugly outcomes!

    • actually its ten millennia of economic evolution. crops were first domesticated about 10,000 years ago.

      • Millennia, (plural form of millennium), was used for an unspecified amount of thousands of years.

        But thanks for the trivia. 🙂

        • Did you know the great nation of China is rationing rice? How great Communism is. No capitalism. And, I say, to mainly the mostly wrong arciologist,(no speller), if you were not there, you are probably wrong. US Indians, ate wild corn, as they followed the buffalo. Inca’s traded gold for corn.
          Free trade= capitalism. Please guess how much gold Inca’s traded for a handful of corn. Answer. About 1/2 pound.

          • China is rationing pregnancies too.

          • @ Poe-people in China who are in those worker bee hives(they live above the factories) the authorities had to put up wire screening because they were jumping off to commit sucide-if there is no hope for yourself or the one child you are allowed to have you jump to your death. Is this what the mobs have in store for us-??

  • Anonymous

    Another fat leech living off the fruits of capitalism.

    • instead of laying the blame on the banks-why are the schools charging so much?-why borrow money you cant or will not pay back?-

  • If someone can identify this professor I’ll be really happy!

  • Anonymous

    If he were smart enough to be a teacher, he should know about the black market, which is pure capitalism. Whenever statists and totalitarians eliminate the free market, the black market grows to take its place.

    So in effect, these clowns are all in for the black market, which, for example is where you can go to buy an underage girl for your sex slave.

    • Anonymous

      You don’t mean a black market like the one that sustained the U.S.S.R. for lo so many years, do you K_Bob?


      • Anonymous

        It’s still happening!

        In Russia, government runs black market for you!

        • Anonymous

          I know. Just before the Internet went graphic (and ‘viral’), I met a fellow who had contacts in the U.S.S.R. He was buying cases of toilet tissue in Canada and having it shipped to the commies who were paying big bucks for that ‘taste’ of western society.


      • All Russia got for its 70+- years of communism was a Mafia that makes the Sicilian Mafioso look bland.

        • Anonymous

          Kathleen (one of my all time favorite lady’s names),

          For them, communism was a “step up” as open markets are starting to there. They, at least, seem to be “progressing,” while we seem to be regressing with our “progressivism.” 😉


          • I understand now, that the KGB has to stop for red lights. Dashas are now actually bought. Yeah to bonny Kathleen.

    • As a rich Muslim, then I can buy 12 girls? I can see why Muslims hate us.

  • Yes, yes. Please try to overthrow capitalism… Cellphones, Ipods, internet-enabled devices, and all touchpads will be collected the table to your left. All clothing must be removed as you sign up at the hunter / gatherer table as you exit the city. Best of luck to you.

    • scott johnson

      I liked the interview with the little hippie-chick on the subject of Hunter/Gatherer society:
      Interviewer: So you want to go back to a hunter/gatherer society. What do you do if you cannot hunt nor gather?
      Hippie chick: We’ll learn!

      I’d give them 12 hours in the wild at the most. the bears love the taste of hippie-chicks!

      • Even a Raccoon, like a bear, likes clean food.

  • Bring it, commie.

  • Anonymous

    How does this jackass think he gets paid? That is right! On the backs of the private sector your stupid asses! Put your hate down and understand that these people follow satan! How else can you explain when this man is an absolute liar!

    • Actually, twice a month, the magical Marxist money monkey makes a direct deposit into his bank account.

      • Magical Marxist Money Monkey is very alliterative. Also would be a great name for a band!

    • …And the debt-ridden students demanding that their massive loan burden be forgiven paid his this guy’s inflated salary. Oh, the irony.

  • Anonymous

    Like Rush said after the healthcare vote. “It is time to defeat these bastards!”

  • Does anyone else hear an echo when the guy speaks?

  • Anonymous

    Final exam given by this prof-true or false (T/F)

    1-ows represents 99% of the world (T/F)
    2-capitalism is bad (T/F)
    3-communism is good (T/F)
    4-TeaParty is racist (T/F)
    5-All bankers are evil (T/F)
    6-Greed is good (T/F)
    7-Jews are the root of all evil (T/F)

    ans sheet


    Now please write a short essay to justify of the correct answers to all of the above.

    If you got 100% correct, your indoctrination is now complete.
    You are ready to participate in the communist takeover.
    Welcome to the USSA -Union of Soviet Socialist Amerikkka

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I agree. We SHOULD overthrow capitalism. Just as soon as we can find something with a proven record that performs better in it’s place. Hey! That sounds like a free market system. LET’S TRY A FREE MARKET SYSTEM.

    Let’s get rid of all the onerous regulations, offensive tax loop holes and while we are at it, we can throw out AIDS – aids like food stamps and extended unemployment insurance and the minimum wage.

    I say it is time for a revolution like the one that people had before this land was a country. A revolution like… like… I KNOW! Let’s have a TEA PARTY revolution.


    • Anonymous

      Excellent post, A

    • We had one from 1776 to 1850. Wha happen?

  • Anonymous

    O.K. Let’s try communism. It worked so well for other countries.

  • Anonymous

    O/T: New radar detects people moving, behind concrete walls. Sorry for the interruption, but I thought it was cool.

  • The Peoples Cube – How to Overthrow Communism…

    Rise and fight back! with the signs of the times.

    >> See the signs at ThePeoplesCube –

    “In the glorious spirit of erstwhile Protest Warriors and Communists for Kerry, disorganized multitudes of pro-capitalist miscreants and saboteurs are getting organized again!”

    The signs are PDF and free to download.

    Right-click on the individual links to download, or get them all at once in a ZIP folder.


    “As you all may have seen over the last number of weeks, the seditious Left is attempting to strike at the heart of Capitalism itself – Wall Street!

    “We can no longer stand idly by while these radicals attempt to collapse our free market system.

    “Using the left’s own playbook – Rules For Radicals, we will “Infiltrate and Humiliate” the Marxist hoards.

    “We will NOT reveal ourselves.
    “We will NOT have a website.
    “We will not have any visible leaders.
    “Our goal is to humiliate and embarrass.
    “We will sow the seeds of paranoia and doubt among the left.
    “We will expose them for the fools they are.
    “Our plan is simple: Infiltrate and Humiliate.”


    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget the “Obamaville” banners. People should have to walk under them to enter the zone of protesting.

    • Anonymous

      Excellent but very distressing post, AT.

  • Anonymous

    Seems a tad early for the Democratice National Convention !???
    Obama folks . . . what morons !!
    There is no capitalism in North Korea. OWS folks should go there !

    • Anonymous

      My family comes from a Communist country and I am confident that these fools have no idea what is feels like to live under a repressive governmental system.

      If they protested in a Communist country, they and their families would be rounded up and they would disappear. And there would be no recourse.

      For Starters…
      These fools have no concept of how lucky they have been to live in a country that (until recently) offered everyone equal opportunity to succeed. If you worked hard and were diligent, you could make a nice life for yourself and your family.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you grace. I’m guessing they have never heard of Solzhenitsyn, much less read his work. Some professor of Marxism huh. Wonder if he has read the letters between Marx and Engels… they fully understood what their ideas would mean, the destruction, the killing etc. and were happy to encourage it.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you Grace. I’m guessing they haven’t even heard of Solzhenitsyn, much less read his work. They think that previous attempts at Socialism have just gotten the implementation wrong… of course they haven’t read the correspondence between Marx and Engels… they fully understood the amount of death and destruction they were encouraging.

  • But, but, but…they didn’t LOOK like communists….

    What we have here is a large group of unskilled, unfocused dumbasses who have achieved absolutely nothing in their life… And the majority are too stupid to realize they’ve actually become Communists.

    So crank up some “Cowboys and Communists”

    • Anonymous

      I love it… “No farm animals, lesbians or minorities were injured in the filming of this video.”

      Thanks JoeDanMedia. NOW I will go make some coffee, you have provided my morning meditation. ‘Tis a little twangier, but I take my coffee black, so it will spice it up some.

      I hope you have a wonder-filled day.



    … I do not want what you are preaching, guess what I have a GUN do you ? If you MARXIST SCUMBAGS come near my private property or my family I WILL SHOOT YOU IN THE HEAD . “(period)

  • Joe

    I guess he didn’t see this

    As I always say:

    Don’t bother trying to convert the “ghoul aid” drinkers –

    Get out the vote in 2012
    “The end of an error”

    Help GET THE WORD OUT – Send

  • rafjo82

    just a side point, what is with this speaking-repeating structure common to so many of these OWS speeches? The people sound like a bunch of blind followers who can’t think for themselves. You don’t see this kind of thing at a tea party. People at tea parties don’t just listen-repeat like robots.

    • Anonymous

      As I understand it, they can’t use an electronic broadcast system, (megaphone, microphone, etc) unless they get a permit to protest, so instead, they repeat everything the speaker says to act as a “human microphone.”

    • You don’t understand. This is basic for all,’orgainzed’ spontaneous riots, protests, and the like taught in USSR, Iran, etc. pay some people, use the loud speakers, and people must repeat. No yell, no pay. You know, like Hollywood.

  • What needs to be overthrown is cronyism. We haven’t had actual capitalism in the United States for a very, very long time. Perhaps when we actually have it again they’ll see how great it can be.

  • Anonymous

    So sad that families pay a small fortune or kids take out a loan for fools like this in doctrine their impressionable minds…. oh by the way enjoying a nice salery with tenure and benefits.

  • Whenn does this talk transistion from freedom of speech to revolution treasonous attempts to overthrow the U.S. government?

    • When…

      When the time is right, uh, I mean left, uh, I mean, when there is no more time left and “we the people” are weak and demand protection from the violence that is the natural result of the rancid rhetoric of the revolting rabble.

      Or, sometime near that time.

      I’ve been reading today, so, if the sarcasm doesn’t come across clearly, well then, I guess I need to read more there.


    • When their fist touches your nose.

  • I think there is a message here though, even if I think the whole OWS is fake. Capitalism doesn’t work. Sure, it may be better than other systems, but when you have central banks all over the world owned by two families and where the economy of the people isn’t even under their own control, it’s sad that some people think that capitalism actually works. It doesn’t. So people really are fed up with the current way of doing things. I don’t think a single one of them is at an OWS event. Still, if anyone thinks that capitalism is the end all, be all of prosperity, they’re as deluded as the OWS people.

    • Anonymous

      Yaawwnn. Communists bore me.

    • Anonymous

      You aren’t talking about “Capitalism”. You are talking about the “Mixed economy”.

      Get your facts straight, please.

    • scott johnson

      been reading “infowars” long?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, an NYU Professor advocating the overthrow of the system that grants him tenure and a $300K job brainwashing students whose parents are paying $40K per semester. Shocking…

    • I think you are a little low on class cost.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Ivory Tower Idiot Professor. In a Socialist system the ITIP would not be getting a nice paycheck, great benefits and an enormous retirement money from the American people.

  • Anonymous

    Capitalism isn’t perfect but along with Protectionism they have both created the economy history has ever seen. If we had capitalism with some protectionism we wouldn’t be in this position. We can see this in history. That’s how this country began America’s rise to world wide economic power. We wouldn’t have made it through the Civil War without those two. Anyway, with all the free trade agreements which have been anything but free for us we have been in a tailspin since. The Clinton White House and the republican congress at the time failed us immensely. They sold us a lemon like a used car salesman. All those involved in NAFTA, the beginning of the end, should be brought before the court system and prosecuted in my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      Also these professors may be book smart but they have no common sense or wisdom. These guys are locked in their little cliques and preach to their like minded colleagues. They refuse to think outside their little boxes. They aren’t honest enought with themselves to attempt to see both sides of an issue. Einstein said the true measure of intelligence is the ability to fit two opposing arguements in your head at the same time. That makes these people idiots. He doesn’t mind making his $300,000 a year though!

      • I don’t like all professors. Some of us actually teach, and fight the liberals. We do have common sense. And, No I did not get tenure, guess why?

    • For instance, since the gov will not protect us from dumping, we need a tarrif on all Chinese,and Japanese products. A Honda for $200 K, now that is a deal.

  • Anonymous

    Gosh, such erudition is hard to fathom. Oh please teach me more professor… when do we get to storm the Bastille and roll out the guillotine baby cause we’re gonna have us a PARTEH!

  • Anonymous

    Gosh, such erudition is astounding… When do we get to storm the Bastile Professor? Can we please roll out the Guillotine now cause we wanna PARTEH!

  • Anonymous

    Why are our tax dollars being spent on educators who teach students Marxism. I understand teaching elements of the political philosophy and how it relates in a historical context…but paying for it to be taught as the preferred political system for America and students should resort to anarchy IOT eliminate the constitution and destroy our system of government is treasonous.

    I think in actuality these recipients represent the 1%.

  • Anonymous

    What makes these folks think they are talking for anything close to a majority of Americans. Like most intellectual communists…they live in a bubble so far removed from reality that all that’s left to them is to believe in their own delusions.

    • scott johnson

      I went and did what the detractors of the TEA party movement wouldn’t do….I went down and talked to the “occupy” folks here in Columbia, SC. First of all, I don’t think these people are local. secondly, they are freaks and all they want is attention. when it gets cold they will go home.

  • Anonymous

    I was told they are totally rational non-political people … this video is a lie.

  • Anonymous

    Sieg freaking heil. Wow, these kids are just stupid. Don’t tell me about a human megaphone. If that were truly the case they’d be facing the opposite direction, outward. This is mindless indoctrination, end of story.

  • Overthrow capitalism? Fine, your new salary will be $20k/yr, sir. That will also apply to Dem. Senate candidate (MA) Elizabeth Warren, who is forced by our oppressive society to only make $350,000 per year as a professor.

    • Mark Urbo

      One would think the highest honor comrade Wolff would be teaching young people that socialism works (despite all evidence to the contary). In that regard I think he should be willing to do it for free…

  • Constance

    You know, I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that we don’t have anything to worry about. I don’t see the complete meltdown in this country that people like Glenn Beck predict. I see regular Americans like me and you stepping in and doing the job our government won’t do, and stomping out all of this America-hating nonsense. We aren’t going to stand by and watch our country be flushed, nor are we going to allow Marxists and freaks to get in our faces and decide for us how things are going to be. WE are the 99% here. Smile, people. We are stronger than they are, and we are the line in the sand. I know it as sure as I’m sitting here. Have faith in us. I do.

    • scott johnson

      truly so. these people are, more likely, the .09% of society. What I like is how certain Dem politicians are attaching themselves to the movement. i think that is called “political suicide”…..think the 1968 Dem. National Convention.

    • Yes, there is a light in the tunnel ahead, but it is a long way off. You gonna have to dig in. And, U are gonna have to get involved, locally.

  • jistincase

    How about if you gathered around where one of these commie professors was speaking and started asking them how much they make? Like “Hey professor I know that you are tenured and make 250 grand a year, where does that money to pay you come from”? “You know professor I think that you should give me some of your money because that would be the fair thing to do.” (As tone of voice rises you say) “I bet he has a big wad of cash in his pockets right now and that rightfully should be ours because he has done nothing to deserve it, LETS GET HIM!” The mob mentality takes over and the beating ensues and said professor gets a little glimpse into what a commie country would be like.

  • Marxian Economics?

    In other words, this thug lovin’, pointy-head academic’s bank account is enlarged with many pounds of taxpayer flesh.


    • Mark Urbo

      They teach socialism, but demand to be paid via capitalism.

      • Anonymous

        Socialism is for the people, not the Socialist.

        • Mark Urbo

          Like that… :o)

  • Anonymous

    You know what’s great about the OWS movement and Obama’s association with it? We can finally call these people out for who and what they really are? Marxists.

    They used to hide and say, ‘no, no, we’re just every day Americans with a Liberal view.’ And if you called them what they were, you were dismissed as being over the top or divisive.

    Now there’s no hiding. They’re weeding out the notions of moderate centrism within their own ranks. They are out and out Big Government Marxists. Not leftists. Not radical leftists. Certainly not JFK- or Reagan-Democrats. They are out and out Marxists, Communists, Socialists, and Anarachists. And Obama and the Democrat Party are with them.

  • Mark Urbo

    If the protestors (who have demanded free education) would just ask the professors like Wolff and colleges to work for free, they would finally get a lesson in capitalism. If the socialist educators would work for free and the university would provide free facilities and the NEA would allow accreditation for teachers coming out of free institutions, all would be great.

    Unfortunately, the educators would scream to their unions (would be funny because they are underwriting the protests) and universities would simply close down the facilities and the (NEA) matrix for pay and tenure would breakdown because “more education” which drives job parameters would essentially be free…

    It’s not free government education or loan forgiveness that stands in the way of their demand for free education; it’s the very people who have taught them socialism – adhering to capitalism.

  • Anonymous

    In fairness to NYU, the guy is a visiting prof. at The New School for Social Research, not NYU, and for anyone who knows anything about that institution, at least it practices truth in advertising. That place has been (“has been” in both senses) a hang-out for Lefty idiots for decades.

  • And so our wealth comes from the Beverly Hillbillies no mo?

    Old Jed was shut down when shootin’ for some food, he hit some crude!
    The EPA was all over him to clean up the mess. ÜberFührer Obamanstein declared them entire hills a “superfund” site. Well, the next thing you know Old Jed’s in jail for pollutin’ his own land and gettin’ hisself some o’that thar “black gold”.
    Nosirree, Bob, old Jed was born penniless hill folk and should stay that way!

    So much for good intentions gone bad – thanks to President ØbeyMe.


  • scott johnson

    I visited the “occupy” folks here in Columbia, SC this morning….all 22 of them. I seriously doubt this crowd is the “99%”…..they look like homeless people and represent about .09% of the population.

  • morganfrost

    Why do they just repeat what he says? Are they stoned, stupid or both?

  • Anonymous

    Listen to these f***king idiots following like kids in kindergarten. This shows the mentality of these commie bastards. How did this moron become a professor? He should be working as a sheep herder for mentally unbalanced sheep!!

  • Anonymous

    Human microphones incite thoughts of the utility of hand grenades.

  • Anonymous

    It’s the shotgun approach to business he touts, but businesses rarely thrive under that theory. Usually a business with a rifle approach has the best chance of survival as it’s got a more coherent marketing plan to start with. What a bozo, he seems to be after self-aggrandizement more than anything.

  • Anonymous

    Siding with OCCUPY also means all the liberals are siding with Violence Against Women, open displays of people defecating / fornicating, & socialism.

    Twist it anyway you want, the truth is harsh.

    The socialism reference speaks for itself. Here are some other links for liberals to review.

    Occupy Baltimore Doesn’t Want Police Involved for Rape:

    Downtowners Disgusted By Drumming, Defecation From Occupy Wall Street:

  • I wonder if this America hating marxist idiot realizes that his university is also basically capitalist in nature. Maybe he will be willing to work for free.

    What a worthless tool, he embodies all that is wrong with this country

  • Anonymous

    ummmmmmm,F.B.I. are you gonna do something……………..??????
    Don’t dare ask citizens to respect your badges,or warrants.
    Pick a side now.

  • Good idea Professor, the Govt. can start by taking your home and assets and turning them over to the State for distribution to the poor. Oh and forget that hefty salary your making the State needs that that as well for distribution.

    • Anonymous

      ha ha ha. Agreed. He would soon believe if he doesn’t already that “Socialism is for the people, not the Socialist”

  • Anonymous

    Do these people understand that many in the city and a great number more outside the city don’t agree with them and are lawful gun owners?? What about in states that have castle laws?? How is the mob going to take their property?? Not without some sacrificial sheep at least.

  • mradam

    The Prof says there is only a tiny 1% who oppose them. I beg to differ buddy boy, you’ll have to get through me and a whole lot more before you realize your Communist Revolution. If anything these nitwits are the 1%, the 1% of fools who would destroy the best thing to happen to humanity.

  • If you do, you may miss his brain completely. Just go for Biggest body mass.

  • If you would just go there, usually that will stop them. Really, most are cowards.

  • Anonymous

    I’m tired of the B******T. Let’s choose up sides and get it over with!

  • Anonymous

    So this is the product of our wonderful institutions of higher learning? This so-called professor is a direct result of the Saul Alinsky (Gee another American community organizer) beliefs to destroy the Republic from within. And all this stemming from the pages of the Communist Manifesto. If you look at the copy of the Manifesto you will see the blueprint of the social disorder now taking place in America today. With a follower of Alinsky in the White House our days as a free independent Republic may soon come to a close.. Wake up Americans before the sunsets on the greatest experiment in freedom is gone and replaced with a Socialist nightmare.

  • Anonymous

    Im a college student and this rhetoric is common and makes me want to quit my “education”.