Obama admin. lowering expectations on 7 million target for Obamacare signups

Biden says that they might not get to 7 million signups for Obamacare, but they’ll get to 5 of 6 million which he calls a ‘hell of a start’:

Not reaching their target number of 7 million is bad enough, but the demographics of that 5 or 6 million they do sign up is where the big problems are going to be, especially given that we already know they aren’t getting young people to sign up like they had hoped.

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  • Conservator1

    Biden at the end of the clip mentions that the problem with not meeting the targets of Obamacare was because of the botched rollout.

    Maybe I’m living in a parallel universe, but isn’t he and Obama and the executive branch responsible for the BOTCHED ROLLOUT? When Republicans wanted to delay it, King Barack said no albeit everyone in the WH involved in the rollout knew of the problems with the website.

    • badbadlibs

      You are living with both feet firmly planted in reality. It’s the left that has created an alternative universe and forcing the rest of us to deal with their idiocy.

      • Conservator1

        Thanks I needed that; the news since the beginning of the year has made me question it.

  • Paul C.

    Still an idiot!! All they do is spin.

  • lawngren

    6 million/317 million = 1.89% of the population. Unka Joe thinks that’s good? Or even acceptable? Unka Joe must be using Common Core math.


    • Sandra123456

      …and still unknown is how many of those 6 mill have paid for the “insurance.”

      What happened to the 30 mill that didn’t have insurance that this was supposed to cover?

      • badbadlibs

        I thought the number was 45 million. Of course facts, like the actual numbers are elusive and unnecessary things to the dummies like Biden.

      • lawngren

        Maybe Clint Eastwood will make a movie about them – “The Undecovered”.

        Seriously 😉 they’re no problem. They will be fined and auto-enrolled.

  • John

    Me thinks the website roll out was intentionally messed up so they could blame the website as the reason they couldn’t meet the goal.

    They never expected to meet any goals!!

    President Scape Goat in action!

  • Sentinel

    Biden and the rest of these lying, twisted hyenas can spin and deny all they want. It was lawless and a bad law to begin with… and their incompetent rollout of it was comical. They rushed so fast and furious (I intentionally used those words) to ram this through and now they are desperately trying to salvage something from it… It’s like they refuse to acknowledge it’s sickly or dead and they refuse to bury it – even though it has started to really stink (and people are now starting to notice it). The gall and arrogance of these jackals is appalling. The only excuse seems to be that this was simply turning up the fire a little more… and then they’ll implement single-payer when we are left with no viable healthcare.

  • timsrighty


  • Philo Beddoe

    Having ACORN sign people up is one thing.

    I’d like to know how many will pay their first premium.

  • Chester Simms

    I am wondering when they come out and say it, a la Mao’s Gang of Four (that included his fourth wife) who is known to have said (I paraphrase). “So what if people (of the People’s Revolution) died, their (decomposing) bodies would provide manure that would nourish the soil for the People.”


    Joe , obamacare is your fault just ask your boss .

  • Scott Snoopy

    now we have Uncle Joe out there back pedaling and trying to put a happy face on the face of failure.

  • Alice Boxstrom

    Since equality before the law is the only kind of equality compatible with liberty, it is the only type of equality that free countries should pursue.